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April 09 Parents # 42

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#26 lou-t

Posted 14 December 2010 - 08:07 AM

Hi girls,

Thanks for all the well wishes for Anders. He's doing really well. it's been a roller coaster ride in his short little week of life. He got through his surgery ok (almost 5 hours!). He was put into an induced coma, and when they tried to wake him on Saturday, his little heart stopped beating and needed to be resuscitated. They put him back into coma until last night. Thankfully this time he woke up without any drama's. He's just had his first cry, and he's opening his eyes and looking about. Unfortunately the right side of his heart is completely useless, so they have put in a stent (or something??) that bypasses the right side. He'll need more surgery at 3 months and again at 4 yrs, and they will still need to come up how to fix the right side... But for now he's stable and doing ok...

I'll be back later for more personals. I'm at work, so am feeling a bit guilty having EB open!

I hope there are no more sad stories from this group. I think we've had our fair share for this Christmas... Take care everyone!

#27 rachelle2

Posted 14 December 2010 - 02:40 PM

Thanks for the update Lou, have been wondering how your little nephew is doing!  He sounds like a little fighter.  My thoughts are with all in this group going through a hard time at the moment.  Hope things start to look up for everyone.

#28 MySpunkBubbles

Posted 14 December 2010 - 09:39 PM

Lou - sounds like your little nephew wants to be with us - and that, although it's been a bit of a rocky road, for the moment, he's going in the right direction.  Good news!  Fingers crossed he continues to do that.

Us - Mum had surgery today.  Am a bit all over the place, emotionally.  Doesn't sound too flash for her results tomorrow - but am doing my best to keep a lid on my anxiety.  Fingers crossed.

Sorry for the short (and selfish) post - I've just got nothing else in the tank at the moment.

Am thinking of all (and sending well wishes) to everyone with relatives with health concerns - not at all what anyone needs this close to Christmas... or ever.  Sending a great big group hug out there....!

#29 rachelle2

Posted 15 December 2010 - 04:41 PM

Amanda sorry to hear that yesterday was such a tough day  sad.gif hope that today brings better news than anticipated.  Will be thinking of you and yours today  bbighug.gif .

#30 debs79

Posted 16 December 2010 - 03:03 PM

Hi Girls,

Lou Great news on Anders. Hope they are able to come up with an answer for his heart. He sounds like a real little fighter. Thoughts are still with your family.

leanne Sorry to hear about your mil. Hopefully she can be treated. Goodluck with TT

be-e bummer about AF. Never know you may have a xmas surprise!

Jo Sorry to haer about FIL. Hope they can work something out. Congrats on making 20 weeks!

Jess Hope the surgery went well. Happy Birthday to your not so little girl. Sounds like a big bub you have, hopefully they will let you go early.

amanda How is your mum doing? Thinking of you also.

AFU Well my dad is now back home after a week. he had a few stints put in. The dr said that it was a early wake up call as it luckily didnt affect his heart. So things are starting to look up again.
We still went to my work xmas party on sat night, mum came up to babysit and i think it was a distraction she needed because when she left she was in a more brighter mood. Thankfully Elizabeth was a little angel for her.

Thats basically all from us.

Hope that good news starts spreading into this little group and we can all have an enjoyable and uneventful christmas


#31 happymonkey

Posted 21 December 2010 - 06:24 PM

HI girls

Sorry I havent been on here for ages! Don't have much time now (I tend to keep up to date with some of you on fb via itouch...but I know some of you are not on there!)

I'm sorry to hear all the sad news!! Hopefully the new year will bring happiness and drama free for you all.

Deb - How's your dad doing?
Lou-t - Great news on Anders. Sounds like he is a brave fighter. Hopefully he will make quick recovery and they will find a solution, so that he can spend time with his family!
Amanda - How's your mum? How are you feeling?  I guess tired and stressed. I hope the boys and hubby are taking your mind of things.
j-lo - I hope things will pick up for you too!!

sending a big hug to all of you.

well, I'm by myself this xmas as they have gone to NZ to see family. I can't travel during 3rd trimester so I'm staying put. I'm actually enjoying it, chilling out and living without a routine. been washing baby clothes too, i haven't really done anything for this baby yet so it's a start (due end of jan!).

Anyway, if I don't come on before xmas.......have a wonderful xmas and may 2011 bring you much happiness!

#32 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 22 December 2010 - 05:56 AM

Hi happymonkey- nice to hear things going well for you although it will be a lonely Xmas... How are you feeling being on your own? Can you adopt a family for the day?

Well everyone it's tine for some good happy news this close to Xmas. Anyone got any to share, sounds like quite a few of us could do with it.

A baby perhaps???!! Love hearing about you preggie girls, I'd love to be pregnant again. We just need to wait. Little longer to give DH the opportunity to finish studying, find a job and ramp up so we can survive on his wage. Looking forward to not working FT again, it's hard to think and do much else vim much lessorganised. Work is good, very busy, but I do like the sense of tangible achievement and Career progression.

Dh's mum started radiation this week. She's ok it's so different to what happened with my mum when she had leukaemia. Seems like we'll have a semi-normal Xmas.

Anyway if I don't get in here again beforehand - just want to say hope everyone has a happy Christmas and safe holiday season. You are all wonderful women whom I genuinely value as we've shared. Lot over the past couple of years. Xxxxx enjoy Xmas with your family especially your 09 bubbs who will be much more into it this year!!


#33 ronnyandcharlize

Posted 28 December 2010 - 08:59 PM

Hi everyone
I havent been in for ages, hope everyone had a wonderful xmas ours was just great!

Seems a lot of people have some tough things happening atm in their families sad.gif  thinking of you all.

Lou-t- glad to hear about your nephew, he has a nice name i havent heard that before.

Sleep- Cohen sleeps beautifully thank god! he didnt sleep thru until 13months old but now is a dreamer. He and Charlize go down at 7 each night and sleep thru until 7-8. He has a 1-3hour nap each arvo after lunch, which is a great time for me and Charlize to have one on one time or me to do some cooking or even take a nap.

Toilet training- Charlize wasn't trained until 3 years old, she wanted nothing to do with it until suddenly she clicked and bang was trained in a few days. Cohen however has been using the potty for a few months now, he goes before and after his morning and night time baths. He sings twinkle twinkle to himself its rather adorable. He knows its coming because he looks down but im in no real rush to train him, im just pelased he is happy to sit on the potty and will follow his lead when i think he is interested in using it more., After each bath however he has a nudie run and im alwasy saying dont you do a wee/ twinkle so he looks down and i can tell he knows what i mean.

He is growing so much and turning into quite the little monkey, he copies everything his sister does and has such a cheeky personality. He has this fake cry thing he does well he pretends to drop his lip and go to cry but we laugh and say oh are you going to cry and he smerks at us  wink.gif he is getting so fast now, you cant turn your head for a minute outside now  as he's gone. He is really good at taking instructions though and im teaching him car dangers etc, basically scaring the crap out of him so he doesnt feel the urge to step on a road or driveway etc... Charlize used to run when she heard a car coming up our drive straight to the door step, she was so funny but it worked. I would say to her see that dead bird on the road well if you go on the road that could happen to you wink.gif

Cohen is putting a  few words together now, he has so many words now ive lost count he can pretty much repeat any word we say to him. He loved xmas so much and couldnt get enough of opening all the prezzies.

Im 22 weeks now, man times flying feeling great and my bump is getting quite round now. Cohen came up to me the other day pointed at it and said BALL!  rolleyes.gif hehehehehe! it does look like a ball.

Charlize has been unwell with a yukky cold and cough but she started antiboiotics yesterday and is looking and feeling heaps better. Poor mite had a fever and ot got to 39! not very nice!

DH has gone fishing for a few nights so its just us, going to take it easy and enjoy all the lovely gifts the kids were given.

I bought a new camera today biggrin.gif Canon EOS 60D , ive been having a bit of a play with it its bloody awesome! We got 800$ contributed towards it with gifts so we only spent the extra 900 or so, totally worth it and i plan to add to it in the next year or so, bigger flash, longer lense etc..

Well enough from me, i hope everyones going well and all the best for a happy and safe 2011!!! OMG im going to have another baby in 11, scary stuff wink.gif

#34 rachelle2

Posted 02 January 2011 - 08:49 AM

Happy New Year to all of the April 09 mummies!!!  It has been very quiet in here so hope that everyone has had a wonderful festive season surrounded by those you love the most!!!

We had a wonderful christmas - went by so fast though!!  Xavier was super spoilt and had a fab day!

ronny:- Enjoy playing with the new camera!!

leanne:- Hope your MIL is doing OK after her radiation treatment!  Hope you are enjoying all the public holidays and extra time at home with Tara and your DH.

happymonkey:- Hope your christmas wasn't too lonely and someone adopted you for the day.  How exciting to be in your 3rd trimester - not long to go now!

debs:- Glad to hear that your dad is doing better!

ninjamummy:- How is your mum doing???

Lou-t:- How is little Anders doing??

AFM:- My exciting news is that I FINALLY got my BFP - still very early days yet and nervously awaiting 7 week scan and hopefully see that little HB but will be due in sept.  So super excited but def a facebook secret!!  Hope everyone is enjoying 2011 as much as I am.

#35 lou-t

Posted 02 January 2011 - 12:17 PM

ddance.gif  Congratulations Rachelle!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything goes well for you over the coming months! What a wonderful Christmas present..

Ronny - It was so nice to read your post. It's great hearing what all our Apr 09 bubs are up to. It sounds like Cohen's a real little boy now. So cute!

Leanne - I hope you had a nice time down in Rye for NYE. That's where all my grandparents/aunts/uncles etc are, so I always love going down there. It's nice to hear your DH's Mum is going well with her treatment. I hope she continues to improve.

Becky - How's things going? I hope you're having a peaceful time. When will your family be home from NZ?? I hope you and your bundle of joy are surviving these warm days!

Debs - How's your dad going since his surgery? I hope he's resting and taking it easy. I had a peek at your pics on facebook. Lizzie is so cute! It looks like she enjoys her 'pool'... Water and toddlers - a great combination...

Amanda - How's your mum going? I hope she's recovering. How did your two little boys enjoy their Christmas?

Jess - How is the GD going? Are you having to have insulin, or is it diet controlled? I had GD with Callum (diet only). It was a bit tricky managing meals, etc, but it certainly helped keep me healthy and my weight down. I hope these last weeks go as smoothly as possible. How is your mum going? I hope she's doing ok...

AFU - We had a great Christmas down in Numurkah (vic). The boys loved being in the country and having rides on tractors, motor bikes, lawn mowers, and even a motorised shopping trolley (my bro's are mechanics, so have fun making things)... We had our nephew Anders home for Christmas day on day release from hospital, and was then released properly on the 30th. Well, sort of. They are staying at my parents house, which is only 20 mins from a hospital, and they have to go back for daily check ups. He's next scheduled to go to Children's hospital at 3 months for more surgery, but all is as well as can be expected.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I'm dreading the fact that work starts again in only a couple of days .. Oh well, all good things must come to an end..

#36 bron23

Posted 02 January 2011 - 08:24 PM

Congratulations Rachelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#37 debs79

Posted 02 January 2011 - 09:31 PM

Congratulations Rachelle
Hope the coming months are kind to you!

All good on this end. Will do a proper post tomorrow.


#38 MySpunkBubbles

Posted 02 January 2011 - 09:46 PM

Rachelle - that's such wonderful news!!  Congratulations!  I hope the next few weeks go quickly (until the scan) and you get to see a strong heartbeat.  I'm struggling to keep my excitement for in under control - so I can imagine how you must be feeling..

I hope you all had a nice Christmas.  Ours wasn't too bad - stressful with Mum being in hospital, though.  Was looking like we'd have to take Christmas to her in the hospital - but she ended up being allowed home on the night of 23rd Dec.  I'm fearful that's more to do with wanting to empty the hospital then her physical condition (she had been moved twice in the last 36 hours because they were closing the ward)  but, in any case, I think she was very happy to be allowed out. Not sure what lies ahead for her - am almost certain there's more hospital stays, though. Still, it was SO good to have the day together as a family!

Our boys were just gorgeous over Christmas - seems like they were the source of joy for our entire extended family (there are no other little ones their ages, so everyone seemed to go beserk on gifts and wanting to soak up the spirit of christmas through the eyes of children).  I was obviously going through a bit of a 'nurturing' moment - as I tried out some new recipes and managed to conjure up some yummy treats - was loving myself (and my domestic goddess skills) completely tongue.gif

We didn't do anything for New Year's Eve - was so tired, I was lucky to make it to midnight.  

Then got news from a friend on the morning of New Year's Day that her DH had passed away (7:30 pm NYE).  cry1.gif He lost his fight with cancer.  He hadn't been well - and everyone knew it was going to be his last Christmas - but so SOON!!??   cry1.gif They have 2 young sons.  I just feel devastated for her and the boys - and helpless.

Will end this post on a positive note, though.  It seems both my boys have picked up on my sadness - they are being especially loving.  DS1 has started to tell me he loves me all the time wub.gif, gives me kisses and, tonight, he said that he wanted me to get in bed with him 'for a snuggy'.  OMG - melts my heart.  DS2 has started to come over to me with his little face turned up, lips ready for a kiss - and he makes that "Mmmmmm-wah" noise to tell me he wants a kiss.  Bless their little hearts!!

waves.gif to all - I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity in 2011

Edited by ninjamummy, 02 January 2011 - 09:48 PM.

#39 ronnyandcharlize

Posted 03 January 2011 - 07:25 PM

Congratulations Rachelle, that's awesome news  biggrin.gif  i hope the next few weeks fly by quickly for you.

Ninjamummy- so sorry to hear about your friends loss how truly terrible sad.gif .
Isn't it beautiful how much joy small kids bring to Christmas, it's all about the children and it melts my heart to see how excited they get about santa etc.
Thats a shame your mum is getting shifted around but nice you got her home for the day.

We went to Phillip island for the day on Saturday we had so much fun and saw the penguins as well Cohen was so excited.

Cohen did his first poo on the potty the other day biggrin.gif  He wees on it every day before or after the bath. I just sat him on straight after the bath and got the suprise then, we were clapping and cheering i'm not sure he even realised he had done one.

Heading to Melbourne tomorrow to spend the day with my sister and niece, and heading to Healseville sanctuary Wednesday with MIL as she's been wanting to go for ages so that should be  a great day out  biggrin.gif

Yay to 2011 my baby is due this year yikes! We didnt do anything NYE i was fast asleep before 11.

Hope everyone has a great week
p.s i just read on face book Carry Bickmores husband died after a 10 year battle with cancer sad.gif  there sons only 3. Just so super sad especially when there are young children.

#40 debs79

Posted 03 January 2011 - 09:16 PM

Hi Ladies,

Ronny YAY to saying your having your bub this year. Sounds like you have a few busy days ahead. Hope you have fun.

Amanda Sorry to hear your Mum is being moved around everywhere. It must have been nice to have her home with you for christmas. I completely understand with kids and christmas, since Lizzie came along I have once again got the excited christmas bug.

lou That must have been nice for your family to have little Anders home for christmas. And good news about him being released (even if he still has to go for daily checks).

AFU We went down to Sussex Inlet (Mum and Dad's) on boxing day for a few days for my family christmas. It was great and my Dad is doing really well. Still taking it easy and complaining about all the tablets he has to take, so he is good. We went to the beach and down to the lake and Lizzie loved the water (have pics on FB).

Otherwise all is good. Quiet New Year, watched the fireworks on TV, only because people across the road set of some at about 11 and woke up the little one then I ended up camping out in her room till 2am before they(and other parties going on) quietened down enough for her to fall back asleep.

Hope everyone else is good


#41 me-mum

Posted 03 January 2011 - 09:28 PM

Congratulations Rachelle!!!! What fantastic news. Hope that the next few weeks fly till you get to see the HB. What a great start to 2011 for you

Lou - Sounds like you had a great trip in the country, fantastic to hear that Anders was able to join you. GD is going OK, I'm diet controlled and sugars seem to be pretty much under control. Hope that you have managed to enjoy the last few days of the holidays before work starts again.

Amanda - How awful for your friend, I couldn't think of anything worse. Hope that your mum is on the improve

Ronny - Cohens seems to be doing fantastically with the toilet training, I'm impressed. Sounds like he will be most of the way there by the time bub arrives.

Becky - You must be very close to due, hope that all is going well.

Us - Harrys bed was delivered before christmas and so now he is doing about 50% of his sleeps in it. He is a cheeky little bugger as he is completely aware that he can just get out of it when he wants so we often have to lay in it with him to settle him. He has started appearing in our room anytime between 2-4am as he crawls out from the blankets so we still have the portacot set up for him for this time. I'm discovering so many changes at the moment with him, "mine" is his new favourite word, he has just started getting his own back by belting his sister when he gets frustrated (not so good..) and is super affectionate to most members of the family. He seems to have grown up so quickly and I can't believe that he won't be my "baby" for much longer.

Next few weeks are going to keep us busy, he is starting childcare 1 day a week next week and I can't wait for the time off before #3 arrives. I think that he will settle in well as he doesn't seem to have too many separation anxiety issues.

Mum is doing well, her surgery went well but no found cause for anaemia. Her blood counts have since improved so I'm feeling much better about everything. Hopefully it will all turn out to be nothing  but I'm making sure that she checks in with all her specialists before I breathe that final sigh of relief.

I'm feeling like the size of a house at the moment. I finish work at the end of the week so that will be a relief come friday when I can walk out of work. I'm 33 weeks on thursday so feel like this pregnancy has flown. Seeing OB tomorrow so wanting to discuss an induction plan as I don't see him again for a few more weeks and he had previously said that I would be induced at 38-39 weeks which would be nice as I don't really want to have another big baby.

Hope that everyone is having a great start to the new year

#42 rachelle2

Posted 05 January 2011 - 05:19 PM

Thanks for the well wises ladies - it is all sinking in still.  Think it feels even more surreal this time around!!

Mr X is going great guns ATM I do think we are going to have start tackling TT though as he now pulls off his nappy as soon as he wees/poos - didn't want to do it so early but don't think I can/should ignore signs either.  I guess we will tackle it when we get back from holidays in Melbourne at the end of this month.  Big boy bed - ugh another issue I was hoping to not have to think about LOL.  I think if we TT we will inevitably HAVE to put him in a big boy bed, but guessing dry nights will be further down the track - maybe after his second birthday??  He is doing really well otherwise with this development and really seems to be enjoying his one day a week at daycare which is a nice break for both of us - not sure if it was an extra day apart or what - but he seems happier and so am I!!!

me-mum:- It does seem as though this pregnancy has flown - you must be looking forward to maternity leave!!  I finished at 36 weeks last time and only had 2 weeks before X arrived - won't be making that mistake again LOL.  As for the big boy bed and Harry needing to be settled and coming into your bed - that is what worries me the most, and waking up and thinking it is playtime.  Glad to hear that your mum is doing so well!!

debs79:- What a nice break for you and your family.  What a relief that your dad has recovered so well!!

ronny:- Would have been awesome seeing the penguins!!  Are they there year round (prob stupid question??).

Amanda:- That is nice that your mum was out of hospital for christmas etc.  Not so nice feeling like she was being booted out though - hospital's can be a bit like that at this time of year  huh.gif .  Your boys sound so sweet, don't they just melt your heart sometimes.  Also sorry to hear about your friend's DH  cry1.gif life seems so unfair sometimes.  I guess times like these are a reminder to cherish what you have - every single day!

lou-t:- Glad to hear that Anders is doing so well and got to spend some time at home for christmas.  Christmas sounds like lots of fun and heaven for the boys with all those tractors, bikes etc!!

Went back to FS yesterday and Hcg at 17dpo was over 700, so things seem to be going up nicely!!  Will have a scan at 7 weeks and hope to see a nice strong HB - now to not worry myself inside out until then.......

#43 debs79

Posted 06 January 2011 - 09:24 PM

Hi girls,

Well the little one has the chicken pox (we think). She has come out with little bites that have blistered all over her legs, 3 on her arms. Though none on her body. Dr thinks it may be but only a very mild case. She had her vaccination in november so the poor thing has had a double hit of it.

Looks like an extra week off work for me.


#44 rachelle2

Posted 07 January 2011 - 08:07 AM

Oh Deb that is terrible  sad.gif hope that she is soon on the mend and only gets a really mild case.  Take care of yourself, it is hard work looking after a toddler who is feeling miserable.

#45 be-e

Posted 08 January 2011 - 07:53 PM

Hi all,

We are just back from a few weeks at the beach which has been nice.

Rachelle - YAY!!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you!!!!  Hope you can keep yourself busy enough not to worry too much.

Debs - oh poor Lizzie with the chicken pox hope she recovers quickly.

Jess - Lincs favourite word for a while there was mine although with a few weeks away from childcare and mums group it hasnt cropped up as much lately. Glad your mum is doing well, hope she gets the all clear soon.

Ronny - How was Healesville Sanctuary? We love it. Have been a few times as is quite close to Shannons family and is free with the zoos pass.

Ninja - lovely to hear about your sweet boys. Linc is also the only grandchild in my DH's family we have just spent alot of time with them at the beach and Its lovely to share how fun and cute he is with My MIL FIL and BIL, they loved it. So sad to hear of yoru friends loss.

AFU- Linc is going well, he is so much fun talking so much and copying everything. I was in the car on the phone the other day and I spelt out my middle name to the person on the phone J.A.N.E and I hear this EEEEE pipe up from behind me, so funny.
Still wakes up often but while we were away one of DH or I slept with him so tonight is the first night back on his own, will see how long that will last.
Had a lovely day yesterday for my birthday yesterday, my mum, dad, sister and BIL joined my Dh's family where we were staying and we had a lovely BBQ dinner. They also had a disco at the caravan park. We took Linc and my nephew and niece (Darcy and Alana) they loved it. Was sooooo cute watching them dance.

Still TTC#2 fingers crossed for next month as AF turned up yesterday (on my birthday)  sad.gif


#46 lou-t

Posted 11 January 2011 - 12:42 PM

Hi Girls,

I've just been watching the awful floods on tv. I see they have started evacuating Caboolture. Tracy (bluebird), I hope you and your family are doing alright and are not in any danger. Thoughts are with you..

I hope all our other Qld'ers are not being affected by this either.. It's just heartbreaking.

#47 happymonkey

Posted 11 January 2011 - 01:18 PM

I think I have to stop watching the news. The floods crisis really is getting out of hand now. I think Tracy is in one of the suburb with warning?! Hope they are ok!

Congrats Rach!!!! Very excited for you.

I'm going now. Over this pregnancy and I can't wait! (my 30th party this sat so better not come then)

#48 *~Bluebird~*

Posted 14 January 2011 - 03:21 PM


I am fine, thanks for everyone's thoughts.  original.gif But it did get very close. The flood was only just down the road so if it rained for a few more hours I reckon it would had got us.  We were told to evacuate but it was to late when they told us as we couldn't get out of here, ever way out was flooded so we just had to sit at home and prayed the rain would stop.  Its been the worst flood here in history. Our river got to 10 meters. Its only ever reached 9 meters in the past. Quite a few shops got flooded.  Now there are two cyclones hanging around off the coast. A way out but they are saying that they won't come anywhere near here. The last thing we need atm. Thankfully we weren't effected buy the River Flood in Brisbane. Luckily our river isn't connected to that.

Glad that school holidays are over soon. Its been a long holidays this time with this crazy weather. Willow is off to prep this year so I will only have Declan home. :0

Hope everyone is well. Will do some personals next week once everything has settled back down again. Dh wants to go down to Brissy this weekend to take some food to his sister. They have run out of food and by the sounds of it food its a ridiculous price. Up here we are running out of milk and vegies. Hope there isn't a food shortage up here for too long as Declan drinks a lot of milk, he loves it.

Well better go and put this washing away.

Bluebird.  original.gif  

#49 Juni

Posted 20 January 2011 - 01:27 PM

Hi ladies, I thought that I would stick my head in and see how you are all doing.  Its great to hear about little brothers and sisters on the way for our group of kids!  

Bluebird - glad to hear that you are OK and haven't had water in your house.. must be very scary up there at the moment.

Jem is doing really well at the moment - he's a bright little thing, very funny and very cheeky - loves to have a laugh and get about with his big sister and cousins.  He's not quite walking yet but we've had a little problem with his foot and with his hearing, so he's been a bit delayed.  He's just started taking a few steps on his own but he won't actively walk about on his own yet.

His big sister is very grown up now that she's 4 and surprises me with all that she can do!  She's also very cheeky and starting kinder this year and I can tell that she needs it and is going to really love it original.gif

#50 debs79

Posted 21 January 2011 - 12:43 PM

Juni Good to hear from you. Sounds like Jem is doing great. It must have been a relief to have a few answers.

Tracy Glad you were ok during the flood. How scary being told to evacuate then cant and just having to sit around waiting. Sounds like a quiet year for you with both girls at school.

Becky Hope you are feeling ok and this little one doesnt make you wait around for to long.

lou-t How is Anders doing?

bec goodluck this month!!!!

Rachelle How are you feeling? Have you had your scan yet? Goodluck with the TT

Jess Wow from your last post you must only have about a month to go before your next little one arrives. Were you able to look at getting induced early?

AFU Lizzie has been given the all clear and returned to CC this week. After 3 weeks off she was a bit unsure day 1, by day 3 she was waving bye to me (she never did last year).

DF has decided that yes he is ready for number 2 (or at least he feels like he should as he cant keep putting it off), just after I went back to Dr for a script on my pill. I think he worries how I will be able to cope with looking after 2 during the day. So I will finish the pill for this month (2 weeks) and then we will see what happens. We have decided to just stop the pill and doing the deed like normal for a few months before actively trying.

Hope everyone else is well


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