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#26 KylieB

Posted 13 December 2010 - 11:20 PM

Hey there original.gif

Dip - Christmas do-dad looks good. I didn't take any photos of ours! Silly me.

Caro - MMm, don't think amazing is the word. Honest, I look back at it now and realise that though things are still difficult sometimes, that part of my life for about 6 months was really, really difficult. The kids, negotiating things while DH was at work (2 of you trying to work things out with no language was difficult enough).
BTW, how is your sis going? I've just seen this really funny thing about Belgium and how it is governed and how no-one really knows what is going on. 4 different government/councils to interact with. Is she learning any language yet? And what, pray tell, is she learning, given it can one of about 3 things rolleyes.gif

SS - UN  laugh.gif  Enjoy your part-ay!

Kim - No, I think that quite an appropriate question and not shallow at all! Wouldn't say cute but his wife was with him (I'm sure it isn't that she doesn't not like us, I think it is that she speaks only Hungarian  unsure.gif ). But he is nice and obviously not short on brains. His 2 boys are nice. So what I am trying to say is, me being a fellow perve of men of that calibre (ie pilots), not overly lol

Actually, Hungarians are such nice people as a generalisation. Quite laid back, ready to laugh. Not so rigid in everything. Mike really enjoys working with them. They have a good laugh at themselves.

Jodes - Ahhhh  happy.gif  I love my pointy nosed jets. I swear I would have been in the forces if Mike hadn't decided he wanted to get back together lol

I keep thinking of Pix having a blast over in the US of A.

Hallo to everyone else X

Righto. Done a heap of housework in prep for going away (still lots to go) and must go pick up number one child from school. I caught her up at 1115 last night reading by the light of her Ikea night light lol Mike calls her mini Kylie. I used to do that.


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#27 Snagglepussed

Posted 13 December 2010 - 11:31 PM

I caught her up at 1115 last night reading by the light of her Ikea night light
Bless! My girls are mad readers too! I love that they are! I am still a book worm and always have about three going at one time! It's really cute as the girls share a room and thus share one bedside table (in the middle of the beds) and it's piled with about 3/4 books each on their respective sides! Drives me balmy but I can't really berate them for the clutter seeing as my bedside table has 5 on it at the mo! oops!

#28 dippinsniffer

Posted 14 December 2010 - 11:26 AM

Hey waves.gif .

Jodie, yes, it's so hard not having your mum around at Christmas, isn't it mellow.gif sad.gif . Do you find your feelings getting easier or are your days as sad now as in the months after she passed? Just something I've been wondering the past week.

Kylie, yes, that IS diverse original.gif . I'm happy to hear you had such a fun time at your party original.gif .
-11?! Crap glare.gif !

Good to read everyone's festive/holiday news original.gif . All well here, doing nothing much except a bit of cleaning and lots of relaxing, visiting, working  original.gif .

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#29 SportySpice

Posted 15 December 2010 - 07:22 AM


sgee's last day of school today....... mixed feelings as I'm excited for her but my bubba is getting bigger......

Jodes - S is getting involved with Dumbrell Motorsport and GulfWestern Oil - they have a day on tomorrow with 3 other teams at Eastern Creek - so I'm taking the day off and taking sgee with me and the big big boss and Xav are coming too - should be a bit of fun! wink.gif

Kim - Clontarf was really lovely - great for the kids, they all had a paddle and then a picnic and it was just perfect - went on the bus there, but home with me wink.gif

Dip - alohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  leaving very soon after Chrissy Day and off to Waikiki for 10 days...... I know the shopping is GREAT but tbh I just want to STOP!  I want to learn to surf and not do much!  My only shopping quest will be to update my MAC makeup.... but I'm sure the "bug" will get me! biggrin.gif   sgee then goes with KHFHDH for a week  ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif  down to sussex where they have their little holiday house and then I'll be shuffling her for 2 weeks huh.gif  she'll spend some time in at work with me, with some school buddies and grandparents......

better get cracking lots to do today!

love to all xx

#30 mamabetty

Posted 15 December 2010 - 10:21 AM

Headache....... sad.gif

DIP - it really does get easier as time goes by but Xmas/birthdays are hard.  I just associate Xmas with mum being here for at least a month.   sad.gif   For me though, even though she was my BF and I miss her so much it is natural ie I'm supposed to bury my mum and dad.  However to lose a child - I don't think you would ever be truly happy again.  Even worse - when you haven't even had the chance to bury them and you're not totally sure how they died.  The Daniel Morcombe inquest is on at the moment and the stuff coming out of that is scary, scary stuff.  Every time I see those poor parents it breaks my heart, partic Denise, his mum - she may smile but her eyes are haunted ya know?   sad.gif  The amount of paedophiles roaming around the place is just mind boggling.  I think I told you they come up from Brissie in a group to perv on the Nippers - one actually admitted this in the inquest ph34r.gif  rant.gif  My kids will never do that sport after reading that.  Seriously it sickens me.  

On a lighter note we met some friends at the beach yesterday arvo.  Perfect Noosa day and the beach wasn't too packed.  I think tourist numbers are down for this time of year but pretty booked for after Xmas.  I came home with a killer headache though.  Not used to so much sun!  laugh.gif

Off to the markets later on.  I go for the last 30 minutes so everything is cheap and most tourists have gone.  tongue.gif  You can't get a park near the place during the morning, so glad we're not at school.  So really enjoying our holidays and glad the BOM got it wrong - they told us probably only 3 fine days before Xmas and we've already had about 6!  Yay!  

KIM - Aussie dollar has surpassed the US$ - get yourself a Kindle from Amazon.com.  You'll love it!  I love mine.  Most I've paid for a new release is $14!!!  

Have a nice day.......xxxx

#31 manhattan

Posted 15 December 2010 - 12:13 PM

Jodes, I was talking to a grandmother at school and she told me she lost one of her daughters to breast cancer at 32 8 years ago. She apologized for getting a bit emotional about it, which I thought was silly as I imagine that kind of pain never goes away. sad.gif On another note, did you decide what to do about your house yet?

Kim, I can't believe you only just found Clovelly! In saying that, I know there are heaps of places back home that I've never discovered as my family and friends and I already had our favorites. shrug.gif

SS, you must be counting down the days to your trip now -- very exciting!

No huge news here. DH came home from work in tears yesterday and my heart still aches just thinking about it. sad.gif Today is P's last day of kindergarten and I am feeling oddly emotional about it, which is strange as I was nothing but jubilant when he started. I suspect it's just a stress hangover as I am pleased as punch with the way school has gone this year. We all just love it there so. wub.gif J has his last class day at PS but will be going back tomorrow for his end-of-year party.

Oh, I did have some good news to share: L is now TT'd! ddance.gif We had a shocking night a week back and the next morning DH put L in undies and I was thinking, "Seriously? Today of all days you want to try TT'ing?!" but L took to it like a duck to water this time and after only a few very minor accidents, he is officially wearing underwear. He's even gotten the hang of doing poo on the toilet, which took my other 2 a while longer to get comfortable with. So yeah, pleased about that. original.gif Now will think about night-training sometime I guess...

And M is regularly up on all fours rocking now, so should be properly crawling within the next couple weeks. original.gif

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#32 dippinsniffer

Posted 15 December 2010 - 12:47 PM

Jodie, thanks for answering and nice reading your beach and market news original.gif . Noosa is still caaaalling me original.gif .

Nic, oh no sad.gif , what happened? Is it that work is really, well, no work at the moment and the financial stress is so upsetting? Or did something really awful happen to someone, like a tragic accident or something?
L toilet trained in the day, excellent! Not long till you have just one in nappies original.gif . I was thinking about M today, wondering all those baby things, how often is he wanting feeds, does he need entertaining every 30mins to keep from being grizzly or is he content just looking around for ages, how long does he continuously sleep for in the day, how long does he continuously sleep at night and so on. But you probably don't have time to answer so I thought I'd just put it out there original.gif . Was thinking the same with CARO and MALLI's babies too, if you guys want to satisfy my interest as I am interested original.gif .

SS, aloha!

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#33 *Caro*

Posted 15 December 2010 - 03:20 PM

wow, that is great on the TT, Nic.  Angus is making some headway, but its 2 steps forward, one step back.  Sorry to hear things are so grim for your DH sad.gif  Hopefully things will look up in the new year.  I know my DH needs a good break over Chrissy - his work is a bit toxic at the moment... unsure.gif

Jodes, hope your headache goes away.  I really feel for you at Christmas.  We are having Christmas with just our little ( biggrin.gif ) family this year, and I'm a bit anxious about how I'll be on the day - I'm used to sharing it with my parents.  It doesn't matter how old we are, Christmas can still make us feel like a little kid, and want our mum.  mellow.gif

Things with Hugo are going well.  We've just had another chiro appt.  It has made such a difference to his temperament!  He is happy 99% of the time again! It's great.  His sleeping leaves a bit to be desired, but it is slooooooowly improving and I predict he will be sleeping long stretches soon.  He is rolling all over the place and getting very interactive with the kids - who all love him wub.gif  They fight over who gets to kiss him hello and hug him goodnight.  It's really cute!

well, that is my 5 minutes of peace and quiet!

#34 Snagglepussed

Posted 16 December 2010 - 08:59 AM

SS - I hear you! I just want to STOP too and can't wait to kick back in Agnes with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins, sipping wine and wiling away the hours! wink.gif
Have a great time in Hawaii! I am dying to go there one day! Among a million other places (like Clovelly Nic! LOL)

Christmas can still make us feel like a little kid, and want our mum
Oh yeah! It is very bitter sweet! With no parents when we still feel so young and vulnerable is foul! It's 7.5 years since Mum died and with Dad it's now 3.5!!! It only feels like yesterday that we came out to spend time with him! sad.gif

Today is a beautiful summer's day! The cicadas were going wild this morning (I could hear them as I was driving to work) and it was 27 degrees at 8.30!!!! Woot! The kids are up at my sisters and as DH is at a work do on the harbour (poor thing) I may stay with her for dinner! See how I go! The beach may be calling me!

Really annoyed at the Italian Consulate as I am waiting to hear back about an appointment for citizenship that I HAVE to have before we go away next week as one of my documents is no longer valid after 7 Jan and we aren't back until then! Admittedly I left things late but had no idea it would take so long to get an appt! Apparently they have nothing until Feb 11 but told me to write an email explaining my situation! Obviously they don't give a hoot so I may have to plead with one of my GFs on Milan to jump through hoops for me to get me some more docos! Grrrrrrrr
Bureaucracy at its worst! Or best - depends how one looks at it!

Nic - sad.gif How awful for DH! What is going on?

Have a good one!

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#35 dippinsniffer

Posted 16 December 2010 - 10:13 AM

Things with Hugo are going well. We've just had another chiro appt. It has made such a difference to his temperament! He is happy 99% of the time again! It's great.
That's good to hear, Caro original.gif .

Today is a beautiful summer's day!
Well, as they predicted, we're experiencing a beautiful, thundery, rain belting down, rivers on the side of the road day today biggrin.gif .

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#36 mamabetty

Posted 16 December 2010 - 10:15 AM

NIC - forgot to reply about the house.  We're still not sure.  This place isn't perfect but what place is?  It would be nice to have our neighbours a bit further away (one side is quite close to us).  And I would really like an artesian style home (small buildings connected by breezeways) and this block is a bit narrow to do it.  We would really have to go 2 storeys here.  Ah decisions.  We're not going to do anything until 10 years (2 to go on April next year) so we'll look at all our options then.  The market is crapola here atm so wouldn't think of selling.  However our awful neighbours across the road just put theirs on the market - yay!  Chris is very happy about that lol.

OK off to pay my boys.  Day home today.  Still have my headache.  sad.gif

#37 Snagglepussed

Posted 16 December 2010 - 11:09 AM

Yeah Dip! I totally jinxed that one didn't I! Oops! Well....this morning WAS glorious!

#38 dippinsniffer

Posted 16 December 2010 - 11:41 AM

Kim, but we now have glorious blue skies and sunshine again, so nice original.gif !
And on this wonderfully relaxing day, I'm running out of things to read original.gif .

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#39 *Caro*

Posted 16 December 2010 - 02:07 PM

I really must remember not to tell anyone when things are going well - I always jinx myself! ddoh.gif  Hugo has sent most of today screaming.  He is tired and just will.not.sleep.  

I was just holding him as he screamed, and said to Zahra "you were like this as a baby - any idea why?"  "Well, mum I was just always hungry and I didn't want to go to bed".  Sounds pretty true to me! rolleyes.gif

#40 dippinsniffer

Posted 16 December 2010 - 03:05 PM

Yup, sounds pretty true to me too yyes.gif  . That's amazing she said that, it's like she really remembers being a baby original.gif !
It's amazing how many babies are hungry so often isn't it. I remember being so annoyed reading a free pamphlet on feeding, it said that newborns "should" be fed every 2hrs then by 6mths they "should" be fed every 3-4hrs ... in the meantime my newborn would scream unless he was fed every 50mins and at 17mths, he was still screaming for feeds every 3-4hrs wacko.gif ! And they're not alone. Those poor babies who just wanna be fed every hour, being forced to starve and feed every 3-4hrs ... used to make me quite sad sad.gif rolleyes.gif .
However, they are all different, I know ... DD only grizzled to feed every 2-3hrs in the day as a newborn and only every 5-6hrs at night from like 14 days shrug.gif .

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#41 mamabetty

Posted 17 December 2010 - 11:36 AM

We didn't get all the storms just one late in the day.  I thought I better put my car under cover and was freaking out that a branch was going to land on me while i was running to the car.  ohmy.gif   We lost quite a few big branches on the driveway and a big tree out the back went.  Our big gum tree up the front worries me the most as it will kill someone if one of its branches goes.   ph34r.gif  I don't mind a rain/thunderstorm but not a big fan of the windy storm purely coz of where we live.  You should see the dam and the pool.  Leaf city!  rolleyes.gif  

Ended up having a friend over for a swim yesterday.  My headache has finally gone.  I even got a run in this morning.  I'm on Week 4 of my running app.  So I'm running for 3 mins, then 5 mins, 3 mins, then 5 mins with walking inbetween.  32 minutes all up.  I still really struggle though - I can't see me finishing the app and running for 30 minutes non stop.   rolleyes.gif  

OK have to drop Max to his friends.  Zac has his friend over too.  Fun fun!

Ciao for now......

#42 Brat

Posted 20 December 2010 - 09:01 AM

Hello!!  biggrin.gif  5 sleeps to go!!! I love Christmas  cool.gif

Jodie, I have been meaning to say for awhile, that I tried that running 'plan' a while back. It stuffed my knees!. I just cannot run outside. at all!  I can run now on the gym treadmill for ages (20mins is the gym limit but if it is quiet I have gone for 40 mins before!!) this is on about 8.5 - 8.8. BUT I have started trying to run outside and can only last 10 mins or so before dying!!! so weird. I NEED aircon  biggrin.gif I do recover quickly though so  walk for a bit then run again. Wish I lived somewhere cold!  Wish our awful neighbours would put their house on the market  dry.gif

Nic, How great you'll only have 1 in nappy soon. Makes a huge difference. I cant believe your baby is crawling wub.gif Hope DH and yourself are well and not feeling too stressed bbighug.gif

Caro - Yes, never mention sleeping babies dry.gif Hope he is improving. xxxx

I cant finish sorry, my kids are starting to wake and i have the kids I look after in the front room being quiet, so they don't know they are there (they only wear undies to bed so will get a shock)  wink.gif

Back soon

#43 mamabetty

Posted 20 December 2010 - 04:20 PM

JULIE - all those kids  unsure.gif wacko.gif   Yeah I don't run outside as I get shin splints regardless of how good my shoes are.  I need soft spongy grass or the treadmill.  I can't even go for a walk on my own unless I go at like 5am before Chris leaves.  Which would be fine in the summer but I must admit I like seeing how far I've gone and how many calories I've burned on the treadmill.   And I don't have to worry what I look like and often go on in my pj's  tongue.gif (with sports bra on of course).  I run on 9.0 at this stage but would need to get up to 10.0 to do 5 k's in 30 minutes.   ph34r.gif

About to drop Max to his mates place just around the corner for a sleep over.  He's so excited (first one for about 12 months).  Him and another good friend are going to the other friend's so 3 10yo boys.  I've actually never met the mum (single mum) but I know the dad and other mums who know her and apparently she's lovely.  She actually cuts hair from home and heaps of people I know go to her and rave about her and how good her prices are so I might get her to do the boys and maybe try her for my hair next time.  Anyway he's got a big bag of snake lollies and crunchies in his bag and is raring to go!   biggrin.gif   Zac's little friend is coming over tomorrow so he doesn't feel left out.  Worked out well as his mum has to work so she doesnt have to worry about a babysitter for him.  He's the most gorgeous little guy and lives only 1 street away.  His mum is a midwife.   original.gif

Went to Futsal Xmas show yesterday and it was rainy and cold (19 degrees!!) so a bit of a bugger but we just camped inside the house and the kids still swam.  The chocolate fountain kept us warm too!  laugh.gif  Gotta get one of those things - yummo!!

OK ciao for now.............

#44 Snagglepussed

Posted 20 December 2010 - 08:17 PM

Girls all your running is making me feel VERY lazy! I haven't run for 6 months almost and am beginning to feel it and SEE IT (more importantly)....Jan is the big get fit campaign YET AGAIN! Ho Hum!

Off on our road trip on Friday early early (5am departure hopefully) so may not get in here much over the next few weeks so.....Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR and I'll check back in then!!!!

#45 dippinsniffer

Posted 21 December 2010 - 07:32 AM

Hey original.gif

Jodie and Julie, sounds like the running is going ok original.gif . Julie, if the humidity is the same this year as last, it's NO WONDER you can't run out-doors original.gif ! I remember even some mornings at 8:30 were too warm to walk pushing the doubles pram original.gif .
Jodie,  nice reading your news about catch-ups and all that original.gif .

Tombi, how's life with your mum around?

Kim, Friday! Exciting original.gif . Is this place a beachy or bushy area? Is the plan to just relaaaax or will you guys being going for walks or sight-see? How long are you'll gone for? I can't remember exactly, meeting relatives there, an aunt?

All well here, loving no school original.gif .

#46 *Caro*

Posted 21 December 2010 - 08:00 AM

Hey guys!  

busy busy busy!  Don't you just love this time of year!?!

Boy i am loving school holidays though!  so much more relaxing in the mornings.  ask me again in a few weeks wink.gif

right, got to get this lot to swimming lessons. waves.gif

#47 mamabetty

Posted 21 December 2010 - 09:42 AM

CARO - I too love not rushing in the mornings.  The only time I've left the house early is Mondays when I go to the shops nice and early before the crowds, although I don't think there are really crowds this year.  unsure.gif

RUNNING - well today I did 3 x 5 minute runs (with 3 mins walk inbetween) and I made it without stopping or dying!  laugh.gif tongue.gif  However I'm supposed to do 2 x 8 min runs next session but I might just repeat the 5 minute one this week as it really ramps up the running times (too quickly imo) from now on and I'm in no rush.  rolleyes.gif   I'd rather increase the running every WEEK not every SESSION.  wink.gif   (I think it would be better to do 3 x 6 minute runs; then 3 x 7 mins and so on instead of jumping up so quickly).   You can tell I'm not really a runner hey?  laugh.gif

well I survived without Max for the night and only thought about him about 1,000 times.   biggrin.gif  I'm leaving him there until 4pm ish so he gets a really good play.  The mum is working until 7pm (in her hair studio) so the longer the boys are there to entertain her boy the better for her.  But i miss him.  Zac has his little friend Isaak here who is the most gorgeous little boy.  So quiet and good.  Kind of friend I love.  wink.gif

Just doing a big Coles Online order for tomorrow arvo. We're having our Xmas work booze up on Thursday so I need heaps of food for that.  Chris has been stockpiling cartons during the last few months from customers and has about 20 for the boys.  wacko.gif  

OK getting back to it........xxx

#48 dippinsniffer

Posted 21 December 2010 - 12:22 PM

I'm thoroughly enjoying not hurrying up the kids in the mornings too original.gif .

Jodie, any reason for less crowds this year? I'm assuming it's a combination of GFC and weather?
Yes, it's nice when kids make friends with kids we like as well, isn't it original.gif , just makes things easier and less bothersome.

Edited by dippinsniffer, 26 December 2010 - 05:15 AM.

#49 SportySpice

Posted 21 December 2010 - 01:44 PM

ahhhh Christmas time..... family.......

folks looked after sgee this morning while I went into work to finish off bosses mailout - he's left yesterday for Denmark with his partner (his partner is Danish) and they are back mid Jan.  Off to other boss work Xmas party tonight - the big fella - so looking forward to that.

had a massive migraine attack on Sat which entailed the doc coming over on Sat night for a jab in the butt - Dip/caro/jodes - had a shot of fernergen (or however you spell it)..... worked - put me to sleep like anything and had 2 x codeines for the pain.... pretty much in ga ga land.... and I didn't know that it is also an antihisamine..... cleared up the nose too!  brill!  was ok on Sunday - bit of a "hangover" migraine.....

did last nippers - and of course it was races for the mums and dads..... couldn't resist could I..... did the flag race and while we were doing "sprints" I was basically winning the whole time (yes I'm bragging.... but at 44 - i was beating the "younger" mums!) ...... did a massive "dive" for one flag and I just loved it!! biggrin.gif  but of course it all came to an end when they started doing "hops" and "jumps" and all that - so I bailed out - much to sgee's displeasure!!

work tomorrow - sgee with KHFHDH which just means he'll take her to his sisters.... she'll come in with me on Thurs, haircuts in the arvo - Friday we have Christmas....have some waxing to get sorted wink.gif  for the holidays.... pick up cupcakes for dinner at bro's place...

dip - this is for you as I know you'll be interested in our timetable wink.gif
Fri (Xmas eve) 9am - waxing  biggrin.gif  then pick up cupcakes, and other cakes for bro's place
12noon - yum cha with DH and his kids....
5pm - family Christmas dinner at bro's with pressies etc

Sat - (Xmas Day) open pressies
sgee goes with KHFHDH from 9am to 6pm
me and DH off to best buddies for brunch then home/beach

Boxing day - clean and start to organise packing... biggrin.gif

Monday evening - fly out (our time)
Monday morning - fly in! biggrin.gif  (their time!)

not fussed with the lunch on Fri with DH and his kids - I may still NOT go as I've just had it with them and the last stunts they pulled with DH a few weeks back.  they are all just horrid still and continually put their hand out and they just don't seem to get it - I have trouble looking them in the eye to be honest coz you just can't believe anything they say.... sad really.  Well sad for DH moreso.

ok - sgee driving me crazy with a new DS game......

love to all xx

#50 Snagglepussed

Posted 21 December 2010 - 03:20 PM

have some waxing to get sorted
Egads! Shiver me timbers.....I forgot about that! Dang! Need to get an appt in hasta pronto!

Dip - we are going to Coffs for 2 nights Chrissy Eve and leave Boxing day.....then driving to Pelican Waters for another stoppover then onto Agnes Waters (Aunts)....Leaving there 2 Jan to go to Hervey Bay (2 nights) and then Ballina and Port Mac on the way down - getting home on the 6th I think!!!!

Can't wait! Am madly trying to find an auto electrician to connect the head rest DVD player than DH bought.....may have struck lucky with a last minute appt on Thur (talk about cutting it fine)....

Hubby has just informed me that he is going out tonight with work (like Thu and Fri nights were not enough for him with work colleagues).....and I had bought meat for the BBQ......it's not like I can keep it as we are leaving Fri so I have invited my good mate and her daughter over (her hubby is going out too) and i have told her to bring the vino! So sod the men in our lives tonight! Grrrrrrrr!

The girls DO Like a girly evening though! As do I!!!!! Pity I have to work tomorrow and Thu! Grrrr!

Girls I promise to try running while away! Beach runs are always a lot more fun! Jodes are you doing the Couch25K programme?

Adios! Making Lasagne for family Chrissy tomorrow night!
Panettone and marscapone cream for dessert and yummy salads and then cheese and dips first with pressie opening and lots of vino! Can't see much work being done on Thu!!!!! Only me and one other guy in the office on Thu so I think we may get takeaway and relax and hope no-one gets stuck in a lift! LOL

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