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#76 SportySpice

Posted 27 December 2010 - 04:06 PM


Bout to board!

Aloha lovely ladies!

mwah ! biggrin.gif

#77 *Caro*

Posted 27 December 2010 - 04:22 PM

Have a great time SS!! biggrin.gif

Well, we have just converted Gus' cot to a toddler bed.  I don't think we'll be getting any sleep tonight rolleyes.gif But it had to be done, as he was learning how to climb out.  It's amazing it has taken him this long, as he has been able to climb onto the kitchen bench for about a year now! Tounge1.gif

After some seriously huge meltdowns from Em lately, I have just started re-reading How to Raise Your Spirited Child.  I'm hoping to refresh some of the strategies in my mind, to make things a bit easier for her, and for DH and I.  There is no halfway point with her - when she is good, she is very very good, but when she is bad, holy cr@p, I want to kill myself!

hope you are all having a good break!

#78 dippinsniffer

Posted 27 December 2010 - 05:14 PM

Caro, same here, we had two melt-downs from DS since last night which were probably two of the worst he's had. I'm putting it down to tiredness which is to be expected though it's still annoying.
The first was last night (as I mentioned in your status on FB),  screaming like a banshee, high-pitched, kicking the seats, screaming and screeeeeaming, I threatened to stop the car and put him out and he stopped after another minute or so.
The second was just this afternoon after a bush-walk, he got his finger stuck in a toy, DH had to stop the car to get it out and it hurt, so same thing, screaming, screeeeeaming, kicking the seat, becoming hysterical, flailing around, reassurance given many times till eventually DH stopped the car on the side of the road (major road but not a high-way or free-way) and walked away. He ended up in a Woolies getting stuff for dinner rolleyes.gif . I had to do lots of talking, cuddles, etc by the side of the road till finally DS stopped but was a bit cranky for about 30mins after. He's not had his full 8pm-7am sleep the past 2 nights so I'm putting it down to that.

And 10mins after DS had his melt-down this afternoon, DD simply HAD to go do a poo in Woolies and there was no toilet within 10 seconds that we knew of, she'd already had a teeny accident as she couldn't hold so I had no choice but to take her out to the bushes at the very back of the car-park. Thank goodness for:
1. no people coming or going in the cars next to us
2. plastic bag in the car
3. soap-free hand-wash in the car
4. tissue box in the car
5. leaves and mud to cover up the evidence.

We're ready for proper hard-core camping with no toilets within 2hrs drive of the tent now tthumbs.gif

Other than her accident and his melt-down this afternoon, we truly had a lovely and memorable walk original.gif . Will put pics up in FB soon. Enjoying the most amaaazing rice-paper rolls made by DH as I type original.gif .

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#79 pixiefish

Posted 30 December 2010 - 04:07 PM

Just popping in to wish you all a belated happy holidays... we are on our last few days in the USA and its been the most amazing trip! Most of you have been catching up on FB with me so I am happy about that as I havent' really had time to come in here but I have missed you all!

I have been surprisingly well and not tired at all really - lots of big kicks going on inside which is so lovely and I really am on such a high right now. The kids have coped amazingly well although it was a real shock for all of us spending so much actual face to face TIME together (aka nowhere to escape!) so the first week coupled wtih jet lag was ummm interesting lol... but then it all settled down and we got into a good space together.... thank goodness! I was in despair that first week as even DH and I were spatting which is unheard of *sigh* but I guess we did really well considering the fact we juggled jet lag/hormonal pregnant mum/different country/3 kids under 9 in small hotel rooms/ long car trips, and half of the trip wtih 3 other cousins same age - ever tried Venice Beach with 6 small children??? ummm yeah its not the best idea we had lol!

Best place so far for me has been San Fran and Big Bear Mountain snow resort... although I have loved it all. My least fav was Las Vegas but I guess it was my pregnant state coupled with 3 small kids and lots of pokies around which I loathe.... maybe another time with just the hubby.

Last minute shopping and packing being done tomorrow before we leave on Friday Dec 31 and back for Jan 2 so apparently we completely miss New Years Eve? Or celebrate it twice?! lol who knows!

We are back for a week then off to Melbourne for 10 days so if anyone is around then, would love a catch up. Hope you have all been well and will update more once I get home and get over jet lag.

#80 mamabetty

Posted 31 December 2010 - 07:09 AM

PIX - great to hear from you and that you are having a blast.   biggrin.gif

DIP - saw your DH on Medical Emergency but bugger that it was so brief.  His patient was one lucky guy.  

Well the sun is finally out here - what a miracle!!  rolleyes.gif  MIL arrives today - I think she's brought nice weather from Melbourne with her.  She's only here for a few days but better than nothing.  

Havent been doing much as it's been to miserable.  Took the boys out to a playground yesterday for a run.  They have been great considering.  The X-Box Kinect has been a god send as they can still get some energy out inside.  I've order the fitness and sports games from Amazon (half the price of here).

We don't really get into the whole NYE thing here so a quiet night at home more than likely.  I hate crowds so would never consider going to the public fireworks shows - besides the kids wouldn't make it to 9pm!!   tongue.gif  Next year I might book us in to a beachfront apartment so we can watch them from our balcony.  wink.gif  


#81 SportySpice

Posted 01 January 2011 - 05:28 AM


Guess you guys are having sore heads!  Happy New Year to you all.....

bout 930am here and we're heading off onto Atlantis today - a 45min submarine ride!!

DH has hired a mustang convertible for the next couple of days aswell - sgee is loving it!

shopped out - sales are on and with $$ good, I've been a little silly!  oh well!

weather has been rain for first few days with flash flooding but it's sunny now until tues and all is good!

had a rest day yesterday at the beach and by the pool

the food is ridiculous - serving sizes are huge - which I knew from previous trips - but i don't think any of us have eaten all that was on our plate!!!

not much planned for NY, just head down to the beach and watch fireworks, our room has great views of the beach and city so we'll head back after the beach this evening and try and stay awake!!

better get going - will be checking FB soon, but don't want to put much on there.

love to all and happy 2011 xxx


Guess you guys are having sore heads!  Happy New Year to you all.....

bout 930am here and we're heading off onto Atlantis today - a 45min submarine ride!!

DH has hired a mustang convertible for the next couple of days aswell - sgee is loving it!

shopped out - sales are on and with $$ good, I've been a little silly!  oh well!

weather has been rain for first few days with flash flooding but it's sunny now until tues and all is good!

had a rest day yesterday at the beach and by the pool

the food is ridiculous - serving sizes are huge - which I knew from previous trips - but i don't think any of us have eaten all that was on our plate!!!

not much planned for NY, just head down to the beach and watch fireworks, our room has great views of the beach and city so we'll head back after the beach this evening and try and stay awake!!

better get going - will be checking FB soon, but don't want to put much on there.

love to all and happy 2011 xxx

#82 mamabetty

Posted 01 January 2011 - 08:22 AM

Happy new year everyone!   biggrin.gif

SS - glad you're having a great time.  

I went to bed just before 11pm but ended up watching Scream.  I fell asleep about 11:40 but woke at 12:05  laugh.gif  then couldn't sleep for a little while.  Do you think that meant my body slept in?  Nup, woke at 5.30 and tried really really hard to go back to sleep but Zac came in and had his legs all over me.   rolleyes.gif   I dozed but gave up at 7.00 and got up.   rolleyes.gif   Even after 2 vodkas, half a bottle of Moet and a scotch I have no hangover - yay!  I don't think it's possible to get a hangover from such delicious real champagne!  wink.gif

Anyway about to hit the treadmill.  Oh I made the 100 kilometre challenge for December!!  biggrin.gif  I had to do 6 k's yesterday but I did it!  Yay for me.  I'm aiming to do it every month as it makes me push myself.  I'm not doing the Running app anymore as I really hate running and have no ambition to run for 30 minutes straight anymore.  rolleyes.gif  However I can now do the programs on my treadmill which are mostly interval based running and walking whereas I couldn't do them before so I can definitely run for longer than I used to.  It was a good app to start with but got too ambitious with the running times too quickly.  Like one day it was run 5 minutes, walk 3 inbetween, the next one, run 8 minutes with 5 minutes inbetween then the very next class run for 20 minutes straight!  Yeah right!!   laugh.gif

MIL arrived yesterday - great to see her but she's only here until Tuesday.  

Have a good NY day everyone!   original.gif xxxxx

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#83 *Caro*

Posted 01 January 2011 - 09:21 AM

Happy New Year everyone!!!

#84 dippinsniffer

Posted 03 January 2011 - 05:36 AM

Hey original.gif .

Good to read your baby/holiday news Pix original.gif . Yes, you guys definitely did well original.gif . We are free almost all this last month of the hols so PM if you'd like to catch-up original.gif .
You guys are in Melbourne for a holiday?

Jodie, yeah, it was so brief yyes.gif . Apparently the photographer was there 4mths but sooo many emergency cases have 'unhappy endings', they had to cull all the exciting trauma stuff and decided to show this small case which had a happy ending original.gif . Well, small for DH but not small for the patient, you know. But we were all so excited and the kids were over-joyed to see it original.gif .

original.gif oops, just noticed we have a new page. Jodie, yeah, a bit of sun-shine is wonderful between these down-pours for you guys! We had rain last week then the gods were smiling on us from the 30th and the weather was gorgeously warm and balmy. Then it bucketed down again yesterday afternoon but I was happy with that good run as sooo many thousands of people are holidaying here or locals off work so I was very happy everyone got to enjoy a dry last few days original.gif . Supposed to be on/off rain this week so might be a few days before we see a full day of sun-shine again.
You're doing very well keeping up the exercise original.gif . I've let myself go the past week but back into it from tomorrow as today is the last of our 10 parties so after today, I'll have no party-food temptations and more time to exercise. Have put on a grand-total of 7kgs in 4yrs (2kgs of which were since October at the start of our b'day party season!) but I know I'll drop it off with my 'more veggies' resolution smile1.gif .

SS, yes, great time to be in the US with the $ the way it is yyes.gif .Your trip sounds good!

We're fine, we're mostly doing holiday stuff the past few days ... walks, work, reading, party, clean-up, beach, catch-up, party, party ... the usual laughing2.gif .

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#85 mamabetty

Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:39 AM

DIP - you should get yourself a treadmill then you can just jump on any time instead of trying to fit in a walk around the kids etc.  Works great for me.  I get up and it's the first thing I do before anything else.  I've managed to keep my weight down amazingly.  I have been eating a lot of crap food as usual and drinking more than normal.   rolleyes.gif

Off shopping today and the sun is out again.   biggrin.gif

#86 pixiefish

Posted 03 January 2011 - 04:09 PM

All landed and happy - serious nesting going on and am cleaning out the whole place original.gif will take me all week but it feels so good!

Strangely I feel no jet lag at all.... I thought it was worse on the way back??

#87 mamabetty

Posted 05 January 2011 - 09:11 AM

Welcome home Pix!   biggrin.gif

Quiet in here.  

Weather still fine atm but more rain on the way.   sad.gif   Chris went back to work yesterday.  Took MIL to the airport yesterday and then we met up with some mums and kids from school at the pg.  Was nice.  One mum has moved back to Melbourne but comes back to their place they built here every holidays so it was great to catch up with them.

Cleaning today.  The boys have gotten into skateboarding so every arvo about 3 or 4 we go off for a skateboard around the streets for an hour.  We all come back completely exhausted.   original.gif Max took a big tumble and is missing half his skin but this doesn't seem to deter him.   rolleyes.gif

OK back to it..................

#88 dippinsniffer

Posted 05 January 2011 - 05:34 PM

I'm here Jodie, popping in for news many times a day but waiting for a new thread to post any particulars of my own original.gif . More rain! I was listening to the BOM guy today and he said it's gonna get worse for parts of Qld this month and next. Are you guys under threat of flood/isolation/evacuation at all?

We've had two 'home days' where I only had to leave the house once to get some groceries as the fridge was almost bare smile1.gif ! We were hardly home between the 29th Dec - 3rd Jan so there was no point having food in the house as we weren't really home to eat it and when we were home, we were too full after each of the 4 parties smile1.gif  .
I spent most of the time organizing holidays for this year especially our big trip, wandering the house aimlessly, cleaning, washing, reading, just nice, lazy, holiday stuff original.gif .
My period arrived yesterday and for the first time in probably 2yrs, my hormones affected me BIG time, at the smallest things! Child would ask a question, I'd get irritated, kids were being noisy, I'd be irritated, someone would dob on someone, I'd get irritated,  ... glad it's just one day, I was getting irritated at myself for being so short-timpered, impatient and annoyed rolleyes.gif . Looking forward to being back to normal tomorrow original.gif .


#89 pixiefish

Posted 06 January 2011 - 10:47 PM

Arrghh heartburn I hate you.... anyone have any miracle remedies?

#90 manhattan

Posted 07 January 2011 - 07:47 AM

Vomit?  Always made mine go away.  tongue.gif

Dip, I just got AF too. Knew it was coming as I can tell but still a relief as I was slightly worried to think I'd just gained a heap of holiday weight or something instead. Now I can fit into my summer wardrobe again! original.gif

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#91 Snagglepussed

Posted 07 January 2011 - 12:14 PM

Hi girls! Back yesterday from our Adventurous road trip to QLD. We didn't get up to Agnes (they were isolated from the floods) so we had to improvise a lot being gypsies searching out accom in Bundy and Hervey Bay until we could match up with our standing bookings for Hervey! It was sad not to be able to get to my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins ..... we got within 45 mins but the water was 3m over the road! Oops!
We got to Plan E LOL.....got flooded in in Bundy one night which was adventurous. We were in the Shopping Centre when an announcement came over the PA that if anyone had cars in the car park to move them hasta pronto as the river was rising! Gulp! Even Dan Murphys was flooded! Now that was sad!

It was fun though (expect for the unexpected costs of 6 nights accom not accounted for - yikes) and now we are home with QLD wunderlust! I think a move up is up there on my priority list! Ideas of Bribie Island and commutes to Banyo!

I actually fell in love with Hervey bay but think work for Dh would be a problem! Love, love love it!

Went to Fraser Island which was just MAGIC and the weather was beautiful! BUt we have had our fair share of rain and we even managed to bring it home with us! Ugh!
Off to the beach now to feel some ocean water seeing as we couldn't in QLD (it was brown sludge)......

Highlight was hooning down the Fraser Island beach highway! So liberating! A unique experiene absolutely!

Happy New Year to all! MY resolution is in my sig! LOL

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#92 Snagglepussed

Posted 09 January 2011 - 09:52 AM

First day back at the gym. 35 mins on treadmill, 15 on cross trainer and then some lunges, weights and abdominals. Ouch!

Eri were you at DY beach on Friday by any chance?

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#93 dippinsniffer

Posted 09 January 2011 - 11:25 AM

Hi there,
Kim, your trip was certainly exciting and adventurous original.gif . And after all that flooding out, to think you're considering a move! That's amazing original.gif !
Yes, a fair bit of rain predicted for the next day or three here ...
No, on Fri we were at a beach at Kuring-gai. We will get to the northern beaches in the next month or so as there are some walks up there we've never done.

#94 SportySpice

Posted 09 January 2011 - 01:17 PM

Settling back.......

arrived home Friday arvo and all is good.
Finished unpacking and loads of washing and ironing all done.

sgee off with KHFHDH tomorrow till Thursday

DH popping into work tomorrow and then we may be going to have a bit  "us" time with an overnght in a city hotel with dinner and "adult" speak!

Waikiki was just lovely and we all relaxed and had a great time. Lots of shopping original.gif

Pearl Harbour was amazing and I got quite emotional when we were on the Memorial over the Arizona - which still has over 900 men entombed.  The smell of diesel and oil is strong and they have decided not to do a salvage.  The last attempt was in 1962 when a diver lost his life and as there is still so much explosives within the battleship, for many reasons they have decided to leave it asit is.  The aviation museum and submarine as well as Missouri are impressive and the still the feeling of anger towards the Japanese seems to be continually underlying while we were there.  Everytime time we went on any day trip or cruise they always asked if there were any military personnel attending and we always were asked o acknowledge them with a round of applause.  Everytime we went on any trip there were always vetrans of those still in active service on leave - there are 17 military installations on the island Oahu alone.

Our sub ride on the Atlantis was fun and we passed a few wrecks, saw some sea life and enjoyed the ride!

Wet'n'wild - just like our one on the Gold Coast - maybe a litle smaller as it's a little older.

The mustang was great and we explord the east coast of the island just driving the coast road and stopping at small and pristine beaches, sgee loved it  but not keen on the convertible!

Sunset cruise, aquarium and the Polynesian Cultural centre were great.  I loved the cultual centre which details the main ethnic groups which made Hawaii their home.  NZ, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti make up the main groups of people that settled Hawaii (pronounced Hav-y-ee it's the only time the W is pronounced as a V).  If you attend the Uni of Hawaii and work at the Cultural centre to promote your culture and lifestyle your tuition and board are paid for by the Cultural Centre -it's a not for profit and it esures that traditions are not forgotten - they also pay the students $50 US per week. Not bad.

I loved learning about the differen traditions and cultures and loved our day at the centre  sgee loved it too - obtaining 3 "tattoos" representing different cultures that settled there.

Most arvo's down to the beach and then dinner.  Dinner was usually followed by stop at ColdStone Ice Creamery..... it's an amazing ice cream shop and sgee just loved that!

We're all a little tanned and relaxed.  Our accom was great and just what we needed - we did however say that next time we may stay at the Royal Hawaiian (the pink hotel), we walked through it a few times and you could just picture it in the 1920/30's being THE place to be, it was amazing.

One more week off which will see me do Bondi/Bronte everyday and shift a few kilos.  Just gotta eat "clean" again and walk a lot more!

Hope everyone is well and happy - will download some pics in the coming weeks - I only have my work lap top now so not sure about how to get the pics on as there are "blocks" and security settings seeing it is Council's.

One more little trip - next w'end down to Stanwell for best buddies b'day and a couple of nights with them.

love to all xx

#95 manhattan

Posted 09 January 2011 - 02:06 PM

ColdStone Ice Creamery

Love that. But I thought we had something similar here now, though the name escapes me -- the smash-it-up style, I mean. Sounds like a lovely trip. original.gif

#96 Snagglepussed

Posted 09 January 2011 - 03:57 PM

Cold Rock! Gee that was unique of them wasn't it? LOL

Hey Nic - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Hope it's a good one!

SS - sounds divine! I would love to go to Hawaii but there are so many other destintations that precede it on the priority list! Sigh!

Dip - that's funny as there was a family there that could have been you guys only that there was a little baby among them! Hmmmmmm, I thought you had all held out on us somehow! LOL

Am sooooooo tired this afternoon! How am I EVER going to get up for work tomorrow? Waaaahhhhhh!

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