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September 04 Parents # 107

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#26 sallan

Posted 13 January 2011 - 05:57 PM

Oh no Michelle., thats terribly sad.
Im so sorry.
Be thinking of you and wishing you well
Sal xoxox

#27 littlemumma

Posted 17 January 2011 - 10:33 AM

Michelle -  sad.gif I am so sorry and saddened to hear your news. Thinkyou of you,  DH and the girls. Sending you strength and love at this sad time. We are all here for you. xxoo

#28 RiverOfDreams

Posted 18 January 2011 - 05:51 AM

Thanks guys, your support and beautiful words mean a lot to me. x

#29 bearboy01

Posted 18 January 2011 - 06:02 AM

Michelle - Ive been thinking of you ALOT love - we all have - dont know the right words to say though - but we all send you love - take comfort in hugs from people around you that love you - take comfort in the two miracles that you have with you now - we are here for you always XXXX

Caleb gets assesed today at the local health clinic - I had a meeting yest with one of the heads there for 1.5 hours - its so hard to know exactly what is up with the little guy -
he has been so well behaved all holidays its incredible & he and Amy get on so well - so well ?
we havent been doing too much - I go to the gym each day at 9am & they go into the kindy creche for 1 hour - they love it - loads of kids in there too -
we have a pool in our units & there has been other kids around & friends so we spend heaps of time in there original.gif we are friends with some neighbours & they have little kids also so its very good - there has been 3 bday parties for kids from calebs school class these holidays & he hasnt wanted to go AT ALL  sad.gif ........i was surprised at that - he doesnt want to know AT ALL sad.gif
Amy has started at her next level at kindy 3-4 years  yest - she was a little nervous yest but after a while they said she was fine original.gif

Caleb gets assessed 2day at 10am for 2 hours - hope my little guy goes well X

much love to you all X

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#30 sallan

Posted 18 January 2011 - 10:01 AM

Jayne, what is he being assessed for?

#31 bearboy01

Posted 18 January 2011 - 11:32 AM

His issues with anxiety & learning etc - he did really well =   2+ hours - loads of testing - LOTS of questions - i wasnt with him -  i was honestly napping on the sofa in the waiting room - we go back FRI for an hour - then a week later I meet with the head to get the feedback but he was so happy - hilarious original.gif
Much X

#32 bySteuer

Posted 24 January 2011 - 09:36 AM

Hi Everyone,
sorry I haven't been around, I have not been getting notifications again!   mad.gif

Firstly would like to say to Michelle I'm so sorry for your loss sweetheart.  All my love, strength and thoughts are with you and your beautiful little angel will not be forgotten amongst us.  Let us know how you are when you can.  XOX

Jayne - wow you guys have been in the wars with the bugs lately!  And no, you're not the only one who has had that little visit by the cockroaches!  LOL  It is so disgusting!!  Great news that Caleb was happy and relaxed at his assessment - it will make such a difference for his evaluation, and hopefully it puts his mind at ease that he can do lots of different school work, and that he is smart, and he KNOWS lots of things.  And also that the results will put your mind at ease too Jayne, whatever results may come you will get information that can help you.  And beautiful little Amy, I hope she has a fantastic first year at Kindy. XOX

Bec  You sound tired, I hope this week is better for you. xoxo

Sal How are you going, any news of jobs at school?  You sound very busy on FB, lots of activities with the boys etc...  xox

LM - hope your trip to QLD is safe and full of fun! xox

Helly - hoping you had/having a great time in NZ!! xox

Here's wishing all of our little ones a happy and wonderful year back at school!

Well for us... Mum and the family in Hervey Bay have been flooded twice since Boxing Day, they were lucky in that their house itself did not flood as they were in the only street in their little village that didn't!  But they have been cut off from town and supplies twice now, and it got worse after Brisbane, Marybourough and Gympie flooded because the highway got cut off, so no food or petrol was getting through.  But they made it the few weeks ok and Mum was able to get her plane down here the day before Brissy went under, a couple of hours later and she would have been stuck.  So we were very lucky.  Of course she was worried sick the whole time she was here.  But we had a great time, it was hard to say goodbye.  She loved the girls and they loved her too.  

I'm trying really hard to get CJ into some sort of routine before her school goes back on the 4th, enforcing her daily routine board with simple things like getting dressed, brushing her hair and teeth etc which most of you probably don't have much trouble with, CJ will not do at all unless I do it for her.  So I'm trying really hard to get her to grow up.  And write her own name before school starts as she still cannot do that.   She's been so aggro and short tempered lately, last night I cracked it and took all the games off of her computer, and every time she yells at me or DH she now loses one of her precious beanie kids.  Once they are gone she will lose an animal from her collection of figurines.  I don't know what else to do with her.

Natalie has been a challenge as well.  She has bad reflux and colic, I've got a script for Infant Gaviscon and the AR reflux formula but neither is helping much.  So she sicks up a lot and we have screaming fits every evening for hours on end.  DH has no patience for her lately so I'm trying to cope as best I can.  But otherwise she is fantastic, sleeping through the night and trying very hard to giggle at the moment.

Lots of love to all of you.

#33 xaylmz

Posted 26 January 2011 - 09:35 PM

Hi girls original.gif

Bridge you sound similar to us, C getting back into routine for school, Q with colic & reflux!  We finally got a 5hr sleep out of him last night and about a 2.5hr one today!  Glad your mum & her place were ok through the floods.

Jayne hope the results from C's testing were ok?

MJ hoping you are doing ok.

Hi Sal, Helly & LM original.gif

We are all good.  C & K have both been to the movies recently, C saw Mega Mind and Yogi Bear and K saw Yogi Bear.  They still share a room but are a nightmare to get to sleep of the evening, they just muck around so much even when you ignore them you can hear them sh*t stirring each other it's frustrating because they still wake at the same time each morning but are tired from not enough sleep!  Q has rolled a couple of times from front to back now and makes a teeny giggle attempt but not full giggles yet.  

We might be getting new neighbours soon.  There are 4 houses in our little cul de sac and 3 of us are originals but the other house has so far had 3 different families in it in less than 3yrs!  The first family were renting to buy and their finance fell through or something like that so they moved out.  The 2nd family bought it and moved in but then moved out again to their previous family home but kept it as a rental.  The 3rd family moved in but have now relocated due to work.  2nd family who still own the property are not sure whether they will move back in, rent it out again or sell it.  Sigh.  I hope whoever it is are nice and if they have kids similar age to ours that would be a bonus.  We remained friends with the owners so if they move back in that would be great.

Bec xox original.gif

#34 bearboy01

Posted 27 January 2011 - 06:35 AM

Bridg I just read your bit on poor angel reflux etc - My mates two sons has terrible terrible reflux & she had to see a specialist - I will text her now & see what they used - back soon - sorry I havent read everyones blurbs yet XXXXXXXX


#35 helly

Posted 29 January 2011 - 10:43 PM

Hi guys,
I’m back biggrin.gif  Happy New Year everyone (must be almost too late to say that, lol!)

We had a great trip but very full-on – N  started crawling early on and was just dynamite, so there wasn’t too much R&R for poor harried mumma wink.gif   A lost a tooth (N got 3 new ones), went boogie boarding almost every day, tried climbing and all sorts of other things, though I think got a bit bored as there weren’t that many kids his age around (and I had to spend so much time with the baby we had some jealousy issues)   Running around after the 2 of them meant I lost a couple of kg and am now pretty close to what I was when I fell pg with A (which I haven’t been since) ohmy.gif  Must say that I think we’re all looking forward to school going back on Monday a bit!  I’m also back to work this this week - DF (yup, I got a ring on Xmas morning completely out of the blue  so he’s not DP any longer!) takes over at home for term 1 as he gets paid leave, little bit of worry about the transition but I’m also looking forward to some aspects of it (not hearing “mumeeeeeee” and “why?”  or being squealed at 1000 times a day being up there wink.gif)  

Michelle cry1.gif so so sorry to hear your news. Hope your physical recovery was not too hard and that you have got lots of love and support from your DH and people around you.  

Bec  Go Q! Can’t believe how quickly the baby phase has gone this time – we were at a crossing the other day and there was a 1 month old in a pram beside ours. N looked such a grown-up giant comparatively (even though he’s way smaller than A was)

Bridget Hope things are settling down for you and Natalie and that CJ has a smooth transition back to school. We’re trying to get A to do more for himself too, it’s a sometimes a hard line to judge with the baby in the house – don’t want to push him too hard in case he feels pushed aside or that it’s because of the baby and his needs but at the same time do those things he’s well capable of

Jayne  good to hear the testing went well, how were the results?  Hope there’s some good tangible stuff in there to help Caleb have a really good year.  Wow, you’re great with the gym, I’m looking forward to reinstating my membership though I’ll prob only get there a couple of times a week

Better get to bed - waves.gif to everyone else and I hope that we’ve all had/have a great start to school


#36 xaylmz

Posted 30 January 2011 - 07:32 AM

oohhh congratulations Helly, that is fantastic news!!!!!!

#37 RiverOfDreams

Posted 31 January 2011 - 06:52 AM

Good morning!

Helly - Congratulations on your engagement - what great news!  Go DF with the surprise!!

Are the NSW kids starting back today?  We start back on Friday - which seems a strange day to start back to me, but might be good for them to have a 'catch up' day with their mates before the real works starts!  Who knows??    

Helly -your holiday sounds great - boarding every day - fantastic!!    I took the kids down the coast the other weekend but got really nervous every time Carli went out a wave in front of me... I think her boarding days are over before they started!!   Go N with the crawling - will keep your DF on his toes!  Good luck with starting back at work, hope it's an easy transition.

Bec - Sounds like the boys are keeping you busy... but oh no on the limited sleep with Q - hope you have some extra support around, particularly if DH is away working.

Jayne - your last message was really positive about the tests and how Caleb went.  How did the interviews go?   Hopefully you feel reassured.

Bridget - Good to hear your family were safe through the floods.  How's the routines going with CJ?  Does she have any beanie kids left?!      

Sal - what's the word with your role this year?  

LM - Hi there!   How's M going with the new routine?

Good news story... we went to a Family Fun Day in Geelong on Australia Day.  We were there for a few hours and took lots of photos.  As we were leaving the Roulettes (6 planes) were flying over doing tricks, so we parked up on Western Beach to watch and I went to grab my camera only to find it wasn't there.   We all got back in the car and drove back to the park where we were, retraced our steps and asked all the officials etc but didn't find the camera.  Felt sick as knew I still hadn't downloaded the Christmas photos. .... I gave it away that this is a good news story, so you know how it ends.. but let me explain..
I sat down to read the local paper on Saturday afternoon and there in the classifieds under FOUND was "Camera found at Rippleside on Australia Day".   Yes - the person who found my camera went to the trouble of putting an ad in the paper (it helps that with this paper it's free to put a found ad in).  So we gave her a ring and after proving it was ours, we were reunited!  

AFM Carli starts school on Friday and is looking forward to it and then Hannah starts kinder next week.  Still struggling a little with the 'other stuff'!  Physically fine (except the extra kgs!) but still think a lot about what if.. etc... which I know is pointless what is .. is.   Been more focussed at work, so that's a good thing!    Meant to be planning a holiday, but somewhere in the very back I'm still asking myself if we should be saving our money for .....  Anyway, I'll work it out.  We'll win Tattslotto and then everything will be solved!!!

Well I might venture to FB, it's been a while since I've been on.  Time to end my self imposed exile and join the world again!!

Talk soon
MJ x

#38 RiverOfDreams

Posted 31 January 2011 - 07:35 AM

Post quick read of FB

Jayne - Oh no for Caleb not looking forward to school today.  Perhaps it's just the unknown, once he knows who's in his class and what his teacher will be like he'll be back.

Sal - Oh no for you too (on a less serious note!)  for Andy being runners up in the Oz open!

#39 littlemumma

Posted 31 January 2011 - 09:48 AM

Hi just a quick one girls.

Michelle - You poor luv, have been thinking of you alot and wondering how you have been going. Do you think DH would like to try again?

bridget - hope C goes ok back at school. Poor Natalie and poor mummy with the reflux. I remember Kai went on the infant gaviscon..helped a little but his reflux never went until he went onto formula...must have been something with my milk with him, strange. M never had an issue though.

jayne - let us know how C's results go.

Sal - you back at school luv???

Bec - hope the boys start to behave sharing their room soon, hopefully getting back into routine of school and kinder and things will tire them out.

Helly - big congratulations on your engagement, what wonderful news!!! Hope all goes well going back to work, how many days will you do???

All ok here....we didn't end up going to QLD...cancelled at the last minute due to the floods. Luckily we were able to postpone the date, they were very good about it actually.

Max bawls his eyes out every week at daycare...third week today, cries on drop off and on pick up but seems ok during the day as long as he is kept busy and given reassurance cuddles they tell me...not eating alot there though, pigs out when he gets home!!!

K back at school today, should be interesting!!!

#40 bearboy01

Posted 31 January 2011 - 11:37 AM

hey team xx caleb didnt go well at all with the results from the assessment he went ALOT worse than I could have ever even imagined - I just sobbed and sobbed sad.gif
they recommend now that he see a speech pathologist  - reports are being sent to many at his school - it scares me terribly that he is at such a large school and if nothing else they better shell out some support - Im shattered guys - my heart is broken X

#41 bySteuer

Posted 31 January 2011 - 12:17 PM

Hi Everyone,
Natalie laughed for Caitlyn this morning for the first time!  eexcite.gif   So exciting, wish I could get her to do that with me.

Our hot water unit has died, so we are having a new one installed today.

Bec  You are so amazing, managing the 3 boys with DH away and the reflux, colic and no sleep on top!  I'm in awe I don't think I could do it.  I hope you'll get some more peace at home during the day when Corbin goes back to school. xox

LM Thanks.  We've tried a number of formulas but nothing is helping, I'm going to go the GP this week and see what else I can do, or get a referral to a specialist for some Losec or similar kind of thing.

Michelle  Yeah Caitlyn has about 10 beanie kids left, she lost another 7 yesterday.  We aren't having much luck with the behaviour yet.  Hopefully back to school will help.  So glad you got your camera back, what a lovely person!  

Helly your trip sounds great!  Congratulations on the engagement, how exciting!!   ddance.gif   I'm so happy for you.  

Jayne I feel for you, there's nothing like the news that your child needs help.  Did they give you any idea what's wrong?  I hope that the school will come through, as soon as you get a definitive diagnosis they are obligated to do so, if you don't feel comfortable with how the school is managing Caleb I definitely would look elsewhere.  We are all here for you.  Stay strong and keep looking forward, I know it takes some time to process it all...  That's how I get through it, and looking at my child and seeing all the positives in her, and how special and beautiful she is and what she will be like after all is done.  And most importantly it's nothing you have or have not done, don't blame yourself!  

Lots and lots of love to everyone!

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#42 bearboy01

Posted 31 January 2011 - 12:37 PM

Thanks Bridg your words as always bring me so much comfort XXX
No they couldnt really give me an exact ansa as they themselves are not 100% sure as to what is going on in his little mind as he is too young for a lot of testing however they assess the learning etc & he did so poorly - really shocked me how bad he went - like below low averages etc ..i just sobbed - - they wont know if its a learning disability as such just yet - speech therapist seems a good way to go & I understand that he needs that - i just got a shock & my heart is broken for him sad.gif

#43 helly

Posted 31 January 2011 - 10:23 PM

Thanks for the congrats biggrin.gif  Big project for this year will be buying a new place and then we’ll look at weddings after that. With family and friends widely spread I must say we’re tempted to do a small wedding overseas somewhere and then have parties here and for the family.
A’s first day back was good – seems to like his teacher and have had a fun day

Jayne  Really sorry to hear the results of the assessment weren’t what you hoped. I really hope that the school will step up and make some tangible steps towards helping Caleb – have you made an appointment with someone from the school?  A speechie is a really good place to start – they do so much more than just articulation.  A good one will make it really fun for the kids too – A absolutely adores his and really works hard at the same time as having fun.   I think in a lot of ways the upsetting part of a diagnosis is for the parent – our kids don’t know any different, they are who they are.  One thing to be aware of is that the school might not provide much support or access to speechies – we have had to go private even with A’s hearing being so bad. When we moved from EI to school I rang the local area centre and they said that they had a long waitlist for assessment and couldn’t provide much more than that (of course your area may differ).  From your GP you can get an enhanced care plan that gives you 4-5 Medicare-subsidised sessions a year (not much but better than nothing) and if you have PHI you may also be able to claim on that.  

Bridget  Isn’t sibling laughter wonderful?  N laughs harder for A than for anyone else here, I’m jealous sometimes too!  I hope CJ settles down soon, I think transitions can still be so hard for them at this age.  We’re having some bad behaviour here too, I’m crossing my fingers that once school gets into a routine it will all improve

LM Hope K had a great day. Glad that you were able to postpone your trip – will you go next hols? Still a shame after having got geared up for it

MJ  Yup the NSW kids are back, hope the girls enjoy the last few days of their hols. Great news about the camera (which reminds me I need to make a full backup of mine as well as my laptop’s playing up at the moment)  How has your DH been about the m/c?  

Wish me luck for tomorrow for my first day of work –I must say that the thought of being in aircon on a day with a 36 degree forecast is very nice wink.gif  I’m doing 4 days with Wed off for now, think I've timed it right with all the hot weathercoming up!


#44 bearboy01

Posted 01 February 2011 - 05:38 AM

Helly biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif huge congrats to u on the very special news XXXXXXX  

lovely news X

Yeah its FREAKING HOT in sydney town original.gif

I havent really spoken with anyone at Calebs school this year - I met briefly with his new teacher yest - she is young & I have to say looks pregnant and my first though was " jeezuz another disruption to the year " and i know i know i know ... this is all part of life .....Im trying to calm down - she seemed very concerned about the report findings & then asked me what reading make ups Caleb did in kindy and im like ?? NONE!!! and she looked owrried and I am standing there thinking WTF is going on ??
Caleb was happy as and seemed to like the teacher ( she is very pretty original.gif   and the new room is very nice its a brand new building ...........he can only name ONE child from his kindy class last year that is with him & I hope that isnt correct there are meant to be 3 at least to help them settle - however a boy that was bullying Caleb in term 1 last year and i went and saw the deputy head about him - he is in calebs class ??WTF ? anyway caleb is twice his size now so hopefully if anything happens caleb can sort it out original.gif

the school wont receive the reports til tomorrow so I guess next week I meet with the new teacher & then the principal - i dont know what they will do to be honest - i havent found them very helpful - i mean Calebs teacher last year had me in tears in the classroom & all because I was worried and knew something was missing here - and now I get this report - i could ****ing swing -

i keep thinking that a smaller school would have been better sad.gif X

#45 RiverOfDreams

Posted 01 February 2011 - 09:29 AM

Oh Jayne, you know you have all our support, plus, even better, you have first hand advice from Bridget and Helly on their experience with the health professionals.  What Helly said made me think, C hasn't changed from yesterday / last week, but the diagnosis (although confronting) is probably your step forward.  You'll be his advocate to make sure the teachers recognise he needs additional support and follow through.

As for a smaller school - I remember Bridget was anxious about changing schools with her CJ last year, but it seems to have been a positive move.  I would still look at your alternatives for schooling if you're unhappy with their approach.   Otherwise, what about an aide in his room for him? I don't know how is actioned, but I'm sure the school (or Sal) might have more info.

Helly - woohoo wedding plans AND a new place!!  That will keep you busy!  Hope your first day back is nice and cruisy!!


#46 bearboy01

Posted 01 February 2011 - 10:36 AM

thanks guys so much for the support esp when u have your own lives going on etc it means alot to me to have this support please know how much it means to me X

I copied the report & gave it to his yeacher this morn & I am meeting her next week after school one day - Im not going to take any prisoners so to speak this year - I tip toed around & did the right things last year and where did that get me - SWEET FA!

Caleb has some nice kids in his class - classic one of the boys is from our mothers group - im not close with the mum but she is nice & I see her around etc & I Know that her son is a nice boy - found that amusing that 6 years later they are together again

Im off to call speech therapists now XX

If i could get caleb into that small school that I first tried then I would tomorrow i just wish that I could ......

onwards ladies X

#47 bearboy01

Posted 01 February 2011 - 11:17 AM

Just spoke with a fab speech therapist that a friend of mine recommended unfort she doesnt do school age but she was fab to talk with & she is going to get her business parter to call me later as she specialises in Calebs age - however she has said that at this stage I would have take him OUT OF SCHOOL - ie appointments at like 2pm -
they will give me a before or after school time slot when one comes up - i have no isse with this but I can see the school having an issue with this - what do U guys think ?

#48 bySteuer

Posted 01 February 2011 - 12:04 PM

Hi Everyone,

Helly I hope you have an amazing first day back at work!!

Jayne So so glad Caleb had a good day back yesterday!!  I'm sure Caleb will buddy up easily with the new class mates in a jiffy.  

As to the reports, obviously it will take some time for Caleb's new teacher to get to know him, so you may not get much help from her to start with, but the good thing is that now she is aware of the issue with Caleb so she can handle him properly from the start - even if she is going to leave due to being pg.  And I think it's very reassuring that she has taken the time to talk to you already and asked you questions, that means she is open to talking to you at the least and you can go on from there.  

And I agree with Helly that if you can find the right ST to get along with Caleb you'll be in great hands, it is very confidence boosting for the kids once they do make that rapport with the child they do go forward in leaps and bounds.  And yes, not many ST's actually treat kids over school age, I have to find a new one for CJ because we have come to this wall too.  But it does take a few sessions to get there and for the ST to get to know your child and assess what they need. I think even seeing a child psychologist will be a good step for you as well, if you are concerned that he may be dyslexic or whatever they are the ones to go to. I am thinking of going back to the one we see for CJ as we are not getting anywhere with her literacy and I am so frustrated, the school can only give you so much help at the end of the day, and I've tried everything they are suggesting.  But I have been told that it's almost impossible to diagnose dyslexia before the age of 8-10.  :/

As to taking time out of school, you'll find that hardly anywhere offers appointments outside of school hours.  I've had to do this with CJ too.  But honestly the benefit of the therapy by far outways the small amount of time off of school, and the schools rarely have a problem with it when it is for therapy, because it is benefiting your family and taking pressure off of the school to handle the issues.  It's not like you are taking him home to play computer games or go to the movies.  It was something I felt concerned with at first too, but once I thought about it I realised it is for the best.

Love to all of you!

Edited by bySteuer, 01 February 2011 - 12:07 PM.

#49 RiverOfDreams

Posted 01 February 2011 - 12:31 PM

Came in to add a reply Jayne, but Bridget has summed it up beautifully!   As for time out of school, my initial thought was how often are the appointments?  If they are as regular as weekly, maybe ask his teacher if there are certain times of the day/week you should try to avoid (not taking him out) because that's the time they set aside to learn a new idea / task.  Not sure if it's that easy, but doesn't hurt to ask.  If the appointments were not as frequent as weekly then wouldn't have a problem at all.

Cheers MJ

#50 bearboy01

Posted 01 February 2011 - 12:35 PM

u guys ROCK XX thank u so much

As to taking time out of school, you'll find that hardly anywhere offers appointments outside of school hours.
  i didnt know this - shame that they dont .......................

Thanks so much XXXXXX

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