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September 04 Parents # 107

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#51 bySteuer

Posted 01 February 2011 - 01:02 PM

No worries.

Good point Michelle made.  original.gif

And yeah it is annoying Jayne.  I know in my experience I haven't been able to get appointments after 2.30 because the speech therapists have their own families to take care of, picking kids up from school etc...  And I haven't found a single one that does it on weekends.  But I have no doubt that you will find it will help Caleb so much.  xoxo

#52 helly

Posted 01 February 2011 - 05:42 PM

Had great day at work and so did N and DF at home biggrin.gif  Was great to be out of the heat too wink.gif

Jayne - here's some links I was given/used last year - the first is not your area but you might be able to find something similar, plus it gives you an idea what may be available
Sydney South West Area Health Service.  

As for private services, try Speech Pathology Australia at: www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au.  You can access their “Find a Speech Pathologist” service. (this was how I found our speechie)

Some information on the possible rebate for therapy services is here: http://www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au...nts-and-parents

I think it's well worth trying a ring around.I was given a couple of suggestions but had the problem with school hours/availability too. We found someone who did have after school times though - and she comes to the school straight after school finishes and works with him in his classroom for half an hour.
If you can't get someone after school, what about seeing if she/he can make a school visit during the day? This cuts down on the pull-out time of course. We have also been wonderfully lucky in that A's teacher and speechie worked with each other, reinforcing what was being done in class etc.

original.gif helly

#53 xaylmz

Posted 01 February 2011 - 09:01 PM

Helly glad your day at work went well original.gif

Jayne sorry that C's assessment results were not what you expected.  At least you have something concrete to work with for now even if he doesn't have a diagnosis of anything specific it doesn't matter.  Can't believe though that with all your concerns last year that you told us about and the school seemed to do bugger all despite you trying to get their help and it's only now that you finally find out that C does need some extra assistance to aid his learning!  Helly & Bridge have def given you some great advice!

Schools are weird places though, was talking to a gf of mine last week, her DS same age as C and in grade 1 this year too.  Her DS struggled with reading last year, she thought he was on a higher reader level until he was reassessed at the end of the year only to be told it was far lower than what she thought and that he will need reading recovery assistance.  She was then told that he will not be able to get any reading recovery assistance for most of the year because their are other students in grade 1 this year that are worse than he is and older than he is, but he is way below average and needs the help but there is no place avail for him and the school wont get in any extra aids to provide more reading recovery so he just wont get the help he needs.  So much for early intervention.

#54 bearboy01

Posted 02 February 2011 - 05:50 AM

Schools are weird places though, was talking to a gf of mine last week, her DS same age as C and in grade 1 this year too. Her DS struggled with reading last year, she thought he was on a higher reader level until he was reassessed at the end of the year only to be told it was far lower than what she thought and that he will need reading recovery assistance. She was then told that he will not be able to get any reading recovery assistance for most of the year because their are other students in grade 1 this year that are worse than he is and older than he is, but he is way below average and needs the help but there is no place avail for him and the school wont get in any extra aids to provide more reading recovery so he just wont get the help he needs. So much for early intervention.

thats AWFUL sad.gif
I find that DISGUSTING - can your friend go to the principal about that ? thats POOR FORM sad.gif
sounds very very familar though .......... and so sad sad.gif
I feel for your friend x

Only just spoke with DH about this - as its so hot in sydney and he is a builder he comes home so tired - takes the kids out for bike riding etc they were out til 8pm last night original.gif then he has tea & crashes out - we havent had time to talk & I didnt want to in front of Caleb - he took it better than me - he is super p*ssED at ths school though OMG .......... but he is positive and onwards attitude etc ...............he is strong - i get more emotional X

#55 littlemumma

Posted 02 February 2011 - 09:12 AM

HI girls

Jayne bbighug.gif - sorry to hear Caleb's testing didn't go as well as you hoped. Its great you are getting onto the speechie quickly...A few kids from K's school have speech, the lady actually comes to the school...this is the same for Occupational therapy, they also come to the school...I wonder if this would be an option for you, if they would come to Caleb's school for him??? K goes to a smallish shool though, might be different. If you are not happy with Caleb's school I would call the small school again and see if any spots have come up and/or see if you can get Caleb on a waiting list?? One positive is I think the teacher Caleb has this year sounds more switched on then the one he had last year, that's got to be something.

bridget - I have heard losac (sp) is excellent for reflux..poor Natalie, I hope you get it sorted quickly for her ( and you).

helly - glad your first day back went well, yes, good to be in the aircon.

bec - that is dreadful about your friends child, absolutely disgusting and I have never heard of such rubbish, not getting a child help, in this day and age I think that is terrible...so what, he just struggles along, that's sad.

Michelle - thinking of you, we are all here if you want to chat luv.

K went ok on his first day back, he is with his besties so is happy and he has a good teacher so I hope he likes him.

#56 bySteuer

Posted 02 February 2011 - 10:00 AM

Hi everyone,
just popping in quickly to say that yes you can sometimes get a therapist to come to the school if they have the time and if they are willing to do so.  However they usually do charge extra for this.

Have a great day everyone I'll pop back later if I get the time.


#57 bearboy01

Posted 02 February 2011 - 11:18 AM

hi ladies - just had a long chat with the speechie and we are booked in for assessment on the 14th FEB - i feel ALOT better now XX thanks so much guys for all the support - i dont know what I would do without U all X

Michelle - I second the words above - we love you & we are all thinking of u in this hard time - hugs to u angel X

#58 RiverOfDreams

Posted 02 February 2011 - 11:22 AM

Me?  I'm all good!!  

#59 sallan

Posted 03 February 2011 - 12:21 PM

Hi Girls,
So releived that the poor Queenslanders made it through yet another catastrophy.
They are pretty tough up there arent they?

Hope everyone is doing well.
We have come to the end of the school hols. Kids go back tomorrow sad.gif Ive loved having them home and being able to have long lye ins and just muck about during the day.
Tomorrow will be reality hitting home thats for sure. Owen is quite excited about going back to school, but Liam is a bit nervous. He seems to be changing and gets quite embarrassed about certain things and is quite sensitive to what other people say to him.
I was like that at school in particular, very self conscious. I hope he doesnt go that way because I missed out on so much because of it.
Owen is completely the opposite and so I have no worries with him. He also has Liams teacher from last year and is very excited about having her.
He will be in a Prep/1 and Liam 3/4.

I still havent heard if my postion is up for grabs again. I really hope I get something, even if its casual.
The position was made for me last year because of needing 2 aides in one room, now one child has left the position may not be open anymore.
Im just going to take the boys tomorrow and if nothing is said then Ill approach them on Monday. I am looking elsewhere too but working at the boys school is soooo ideal.

Im going to have to come back to do personals, running out of time now - sorry :S

#60 sallan

Posted 04 February 2011 - 10:31 AM

Wow I made it back. biggrin.gif
Both boys at school now sad.gif
It felt quite weird leaving them and not going to another classroom to work. I saw the aide that I worked with last year and nothing was said.
I dont know if the aide who has been there a bit longer than I have, is working yet. Sometimes things all happen around March.
Unfortunately for me I cant really wait that long, so am beginning to get sorted to apply to other local schools for casual work.
Thats the only problem with this kind of job, when the contract ends you have no idea if it will start again, unless your lucky like the 3 aides at our school who have long term contracts.

Anyway enough about me.
How is everyone?

Jayne I have been reading all the posts and trying to keep up with whats going on with Caleb. Sounds like things are turning out for the better.
It is so good that he is getting the help now, early intervention is the key.
I proud that you are able to see he needs the help and are doing everything you can to assist him with his learning.
Some parents are in denial and that doesnt help the child at all.

Michelle- how are you going? How are you feeling now? It sounds like from your last quick reply, things are looking more positive.
Take time to heal.

Well Id better go and get some resumes together
Hope you are all good

#61 xaylmz

Posted 05 February 2011 - 09:03 PM

Sal what a shame there doesn't appear to be any work at your boy's school atm, good luck with your job hunting.

Jayne glad you got an appointment, 14th isn't far away.  And my friend did have a chat to the school principal about her son, didn't make any difference!

LM glad K enjoyed his first day back at school.  C went back yesterday and told me it was both good and bad - all to do with playtime outside, he couldn't tell me about anything he did in the classroom other than it was boring because it was work!

Hi Helly, Michelle & Bridge original.gif

AFM - lovely freak storm we had here last night, I got home just in time as the storm was at it's worst, had to climb up a ladder and pull man hole cover out of the ceiling in the garage because it blows out in the wind and I didn't want it to fall on my car, then rain starts dripping through one of our central heating vents, then I notice lots of water on the floor which had come in under our sliding doors to our living area (tiled thank goodness!).  Run around the house checking other doors and windows, rain coming in under front door, everywhere else ok.  Go back to garage, nearly entire floor from front to back covered in water that had come through under the roller door.  All happened in a matter of minutes and was just from the sheer volume of water in such a small time frame.  Used up all our towels to mop everything up.  No major damage luckily.

Bec xox biggrin.gif

#62 RiverOfDreams

Posted 09 February 2011 - 06:38 AM

Good morning  original.gif

Bec, I hear you with that down pour.  Incredible how fast it came down.  We didn't have damage, but my mum did ring at 6.30am the next morning to check if we were flooded.  She had been listening to the radio and had heard reports of flooding in our area.  DH went and checked the river and came back with suit cases from the garage to start packing... just in case.  The water was just coming down the river with so much force.. if the banks break then our place is gone.   Luckily for everyone it went down as fast as it came up, so the Little River is back to being a little river!!

How is everyone settling back into school routine?     Q for everyone.. what time is bedtime for your 6 year old?    I try for 7.30 but by the time we read and I walk out of the bedroom it's closer to 8 and sometimes 8.30.    Carli had a meltdown the other night and came out with "no one else at school goes to bed this early".  I really don't think she would know what time other kids go to bed, but did get me thinking - what time do 6 year olds go to bed?

Hannah started kinder yesterday!  I had to work sad.gif but DH said she had no problems, was a bit shy at first as there was some kids she didn't know, but as soon as the teacher said it's time to go outside she was off without a backward glance (or so DH says!).   There's 20 kids in her kinder class (this is huge for our kinder!) so starting them off in 2 groups, she only goes 1 day this week, 2 days next week, then all the kids together in week 3.  

Jayne, how's everything going with C and his new teacher.. and of course your meeting with the principal?  Hopefully you are feeling confident everyone is on board to help C.

Talk soon
MJ x

#63 bearboy01

Posted 09 February 2011 - 07:10 AM

guys quick Q -

Have U had the sex talk with the kids yet ?
The other day on the way to getting Amy from kindy Caleb comes out & says " how do u make a baby " and I replied " Mummy & daddy do " and he says " yeah I Know that but how mum ? How do u make a baby ? "
we got around it and I spoke with DH about it - he still thinks that Caleb is too young but i think I was told BASIC facts at around 6 as mums mate had a baby and i was all like what the ??

much X

#64 sallan

Posted 09 February 2011 - 07:41 AM

Hi Michelle,
Bedtime here is around 8pm for both my boys.
Well it starts then :S
They both have to brush their teeth and get into bed then. Owen is allowed to read until 8.30, then main light out for him.
Liam reads with a small desk light until 9pm.
I think it really depends on each child and how much sleep they need.
Liams light goes out at 9pm but he isnt asleep until around 10.30 - 11. He does have some issues though.
He just lies in his bed for that time.
I know if we have a few late nights with Owen it does show, especially at school time.

Jayne- we had a bit of a similar conversation the other day with Owen. I have explained what the women have and the men have, ie: eggs and sperm, but we havent discusses how they come to be together to make a baby. He has been happy with what we have said.
I do think 6 is too young to get into all that. They dont really understand it.


#65 bearboy01

Posted 09 February 2011 - 11:33 AM

I met with his teacher yest for 1.5 hours & she I have to say is lovely - unfort for all of us she is preg & leaves in 2 months OMG !
Anyway hoping that in 2 months time we are moving along a lot more -
He needs to go into a special literacy class at school that starts 2day
He is HOPING to be accepted into reading recovery classes however she couldnt tell me if he will be or not yet - HE BETTER BE was my response & also his private lessons -
Last year I  tip toed around that bloody school & his teacher - not this year - I am not taking ANY crap from anyone thats all i can say & they let him down last year - not this year!!
  his teacher though honestly is lovely as - she has him sitting right near her & he sitswith no one right near him & she sits with him at least 6 times a day ( he has told me this also ) i REALLY Hope that by the time the new teacher arrives things are more in place for my little man X

#66 xaylmz

Posted 09 February 2011 - 08:18 PM

Jayne I am so pleased that the school year has started on such a positive note in terms of the support from the teacher.  Even if she is going on mat leave in a couple of months then whatever is already in place can be continued with the support of the next teacher.  And good for you for standing up for C's needs.

We haven't done a specific birds and bees talk just yet, but being pregnant with Q, both boys asked lots of questions, as did C when I was pg with K, so they have been told some general stuff but nothing detailed, C hasn't been interested in anything more than eggs get fertilised to make a baby, baby's come from man + women, babies grow in women's belly, baby is birthed either via vagina or belly cut to take out baby.  
I remember my mum sitting me down with a book she'd borrowed from the library about the human body and she had a big detailed chat with me that way, it was embarrassing laughing2.gif  I think I was in grade 3, one of my friends got her AF so the mums decided we should all know what was going on (didn't single out the child but I knew anyway).  So it wasn't because I asked about it, it was because of the situation and that potentially it could have been any one of us girls getting AF in grade 3!  I didn't get ine till late teenager, a bit delayed in that area compared to my friends!  Don't know that the chat was successful either from my mum's POV as she never sat either of my younger sisters down and explained things to them!  They did have sex ed class at primary school however I didn't.

MJ bedtime here is 7.30pm, though we tell the boys it's 7pm then they think they get to stay up till 7.30pm, sneaky :lol  but they have to be in their pj's and have brushed their teeth by 7.30pm.  They are allowed to read until any time between 8-8.30pm depending on how tired they are and what we think is suitable.  Generally they are awake chatting to each other or annoying each other in their room until anywhere between 9-10pm!  Glad you guys didn't get flooded.

AFM C is doing ok at school so far.  Both of his class teachers were there on Friday to greet the children, the one that doesn't work on the Friday stayed for a couple of hours and then left.  I think that was really nice of her.  So far C likes both the teachers so that's good.  He rode his bike to school for the first time today, he has ridden his scooter but not bike.  K rode his 3 wheeler trike while I pushed Q in the pram.  When we got to school I was surprised how many bikes were not locked up, actually there were only about 3 bikes that were including C's, I just thought everyone would have a bike lock??  K was far to tired to ride the trike back home so he went in the front of the pram, I balanced the trike on the back seat and put Q in the ergo carrier which I had taken as I anticipated that he would cry in the pram (I was right).  It was a bit of an effort, uphill to get home and it's 45mins walk each way with the kids!  Anyway, agreed to meet C at the bike cage at the end of the day instead of his classroom only he forgot. I'd been waiting for him for 10mins after the bell had gone and I was hesitant to go to his classroom in case he was walking to the bike cage but a different way, it's a big school and there are several ways he could have gone.  One of his friends got called to the office and I saw C go with the friend to the office so I went down there and asked him if he forgot where we were meeting - yep he forgot.  So next time we will meet at the classroom so that he doesn't have to worry about meeting elsewhere and forget.  I was really proud of him though as I asked him what he did when I wasn't there.  He said he was worried and wondered where I was, that he stayed at the class with his teacher, then he went to the office and let his teacher know where he was going.  So I told him I was very proud of what he did and that he did the right thing by staying with the teacher.  Then we had to go back to the class to get his bike helmet as he left it there, thankfully his teacher was still there so the classroom was still unlocked for him to get it so he could ride home.

#67 helly

Posted 13 February 2011 - 07:05 PM

Busy busy here, but good. The transition back to work has gone really well, the baby seems to have adjusted really well to having Daddy as his slave wink.gif   ‘Twas so nice to get paid this week too – I went and treated myself to some new clothes biggrin.gif  

A has settled down really well this year, they don’t have homework and readers haven’t started so he’s getting to play with Lego in the evenings. Bedtime – well we try and get him in his room after 7pm, then there’s some reading and mand maybe we let him read to himself a bit. Usually lights off around 7.30 –he really needs that bedtime even though he sometimes finds it hard to sleep as it’s still light. We’ve tried a later bedtime but during term it just doesn’t work, we get meltdowns and tiredness

As for the questions about the birds and the bees – with the baby he asked a few questions but didn’t really follow up so we didn’t get into the nitty-gritty wink.gif  He was more interested in learning about when he was in my tummy (and where N was then, lol)

BBL for personals, Jayne hope the assessment goes well tomorrow!

#68 bearboy01

Posted 14 February 2011 - 05:52 AM

hi guys - anythere there I need some advice - Caleb is so upset about school - i could see this coming yest as him mood is so sad.gif
this morn at 6am as soon as he wakes up he is sobbing - i mean sobbing to the point that he vomits sad.gif its bloody awful
I was just talking with DH about letting him have the day off today as Im picking him up at 1.30pm anyway for the assessment - DH hasnt got one issue with me doing that however naturally this may make tomorrow worse for him when he does have to go back sad.gif
he says to us over the weekend that the teacher counts down ( like 10,9,8,7,6,5 etc ) when the time is up for their work to be completed and Caleb isnt completing his work in time & he is shattered & so stressed - I remember that feeling from school however I was sure I was older than 6!
oh guys help X

#69 bySteuer

Posted 14 February 2011 - 09:16 AM

Hi Jayne,
sorry I just saw your message when I got home from school.  I've messaged you on Facebook.

All the best for the assessment today, I'm thinking of you and Caleb.

Lots and lots of love. xox

Big Hi to everyone else, I'll be back a bit later for a proper post, Natalie is hungry. xox

#70 bearboy01

Posted 14 February 2011 - 10:33 AM

Bridg as always u send me so much love & words of true support THANKS XX

Well to be honest Caleb got himself together all on his own - he is a tough little thing -  he knows that Im picking him up at 1.30pm & also I let them have a paddlepop after their breakfast ( yeah i know mother of the year lol ) and they were so happy -
whatever works - so many of the kids this morn were crying its dreadful to watch & I am not the only mother that is losing my mind with this - i wrote a note this morn & handed it to the teacher to let her know what was going on here with him - he breaks my heart sad.gif

Much love guys - back soon for all your personals XXXXX

#71 helly

Posted 14 February 2011 - 09:47 PM

Jayne  hhugs.gif and a really hope that the assessment went well for you today.  My heart breaks to hear about how Caleb was upset.  This link might have some info that can help (there’s links on the bottom right to parent support groups too) with the school
one thing I would suggest is to do as much information gathering that you can – as parents we are *the* best advocates for our kids and what they need. I know it’s a huge learning curve at first but I know all the things I made myself read about language development and development and hearing stuff seemed overwhelming and new at first, but it all slowly sunk in and I now feel like I’ve known it for ages. With that info I can really advocate for A and argue if necessary – the professionals you might see only see one part of the picture even though they have the specialised knowledge, as parents we are the experts in our whole child!  

Bridg How’s Nat going?  Are you getting big gummy smiles all the time now?  How’s C gone back at school – is she liking being in a class with the other girls?

We’ve got a tired little boy on our hands, he’s sooo tired in the evenings. I’m glad we don’t have homework this year (readers haven’t started yet either)  After lots of begging we let him have a little go on the Wii after dinner - bad mistake, even though we had over half an hour of reading and quiet time before lights out I think he was still hyped by it and we had scenes before he crashed out really hard. I *knew* it wasn't a good idea but he'd been so good before.  I know one thing, he won't be having a computer in his room when he gets older!


#72 bearboy01

Posted 15 February 2011 - 05:12 AM

helly thanks os much for that link - I have saved it will read this later as Amy is in kindy today so I have more time.

Caleb did very well on the assessment the speechie was well pleased with him - there is one area that he did very very poorly in & the speechie wasnt concerned as now she knows how to help him she is only booking him in for 1 term & then see how we go so I was super pleased with that result.

Broke my heart when we were walking in there though & Caleb looked up at me & said " mum do you think Im dumb?"

oh man sad.gif
I just said Nope i know that you are smart mate you just need some help now thats all - loads of kids get help buddy - u will kick butt soon .......

I told the speechie & she just smiled - it is so hard -

I spoke with his teacher yest also & she was surprised to learn of his level on anxiety as she said he is completing the work & he is doing well - she said that he is a little behind on some areas but nothing that she is extremely worried about - she sits with him 6 times a day & helps him all day long - i cant ask for more than that & I felt a little silly to be honest being so upset when I walked in there sad.gif

lordy guys XX

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