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October 04 Parents # 217

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#1 Sandra

Posted 10 December 2010 - 08:04 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 littleman

Posted 10 December 2010 - 08:28 PM


#3 Pam*B

Posted 12 December 2010 - 06:34 AM


#4 Winnie The Pooh

Posted 12 December 2010 - 05:56 PM

BRONZE original.gif

#5 GIO

Posted 14 December 2010 - 07:47 PM

Oi you lot - come in here with nothing to say.

Well we are winding up here.  Last day of kinder today, playgroup party Thurs, last day school Friday etc etc.

I got another reply to my au pair ad, a woman in Korea wants to come and pray for my wounded children.  I think something got lost in the translation there.

#6 littleman

Posted 15 December 2010 - 07:51 PM

lol amanda - interesting au pair!!!

all good here, just busy as per usual. Have done all my shopping for xmas bar one more gift for rick and thats it...oh and two small gifts for some friends kids. SO happy its finished, although we only did it over two days so was happy.

work tomorrow, going rather well, but just goign to play it by ear see how each day goes at this stage:)

okay better get moving, need ot put some clothes away.

#7 Pam*B

Posted 18 December 2010 - 02:37 PM

laughing2.gif I'd love to see your ad Amanda.

#8 GIO

Posted 18 December 2010 - 09:12 PM


My mother said she'd run for her life if she saw that ad!


#9 Pam*B

Posted 19 December 2010 - 08:52 AM

laughing2.gif Is the $ bit meant to be blank? Had many apps?

#10 lostmyid

Posted 19 December 2010 - 07:27 PM

I know that she has had at least one applicant...I start Thursday, lol.

#11 GIO

Posted 20 December 2010 - 09:13 AM

Yeah, I had one all set up, young Korean girl.  Then I told her she had to give our names and address and phone number to her family back in Korea, so they knew where she was and told them they were welcome to phone any time they wished.  And they told her to come back to Korea.  LOL.  

Oh, and Nikki said she can come and bake cakes.

I will bump it back up after we get back from holidays if we don't find anyone in the meantime.

Hey, FIL's girlfriend is still on the scene.  They aren't a couple or anything official, just using each other for mutual benefit.  LOL.  Anyway, FIL has been doing this nice Christmas thing for a couple of years now where we go around there a few days before Christmas, the other grandkids too, and have a meal and then the kids rip into their presents that he goes totally overboard with.

And two years back he gave me and SIL a lecture on what a good hearted person she really is, and that we have to respect her.  I just giggled away, because I knew my much more fiery SIL would retort that.  And so she did.  But then FIL said that he's going to phone her to come around as the presents are from her as well.  So he did, but she said that she had to set the table for Xmas Day and was far too busy to bother with his grandkids which cracked me up even more.

And she didn't give a gift to J when she was born.  I didn't care, but I do care that the two times she's seen her she asks what her name is, just to prove that she cares so little that she hasn't bothered to know her name.

So now FIL has phoned Ty and asked him to go and buy a gift for her so that he doesn't have to put up with her moaning and groaning that "Those grandkids of yours didn't even bother to get me a Christmas present"

Now I'm just horrified.  I find it impossible to be the better person and just do it and shut up.  LOL.

I'm sort of thinking maybe we should also give a card saying "thank you for all you have done for us during the year"  or something equally sarcastic.  Hahahaha.

OK, that's my winge for the day.  I'm a bit grumpy as I had two kids in bed with me last night, so I'm rather sleep deprived.

#12 Mum to Thalia and Dylan

Posted 20 December 2010 - 02:13 PM

Hi Ladies!

Yes, yes it's slack a*se me..... unsure.gif

Hoping I get time to post while Thalia and Dylan are occupied with a movie and Amelia is asleep...

Sharon - glad to hear that the new job is going well.

Amanda - love the ad! When you finally get someone I think your state-of-mind will improve 100 fold! (Not that there's anything wrong with how you think, I just mean it will be nice to be able to carry a thought the whole way through...god I miss that!!)

Well done on the weightloss everyone! I've lost 9.5kgs and feeling fantastic for it, still have another 5 to go before I'm within a healthy weight range and then of course I'd like to lose another 5kgs after that - but at least I'm halfway there!!

We've been busy, busy, busy...but I'm not 100% sure what exactly we've been busy at!?! Am glad that school is over. The last 2 weeks has been extremely emotional for me, I've been a blubbering mess half the time, it's not like me at all. Cried at Thalia's presentation (and that was even before Thalia had come out  wacko.gif ), cried when I read her report (was so sweet), cried so much at Dylan's presentation/graduation concert that I couldn't talk, then again the next morning at daycare and that night when I picked Dylan up. It was his last day there last Thursday...the beautiful women there have been looking after him for the past 4.5 years...I'll really miss them.

Almost all ready for christams, just have to finalise wrapping. We're heading off to Young tomorrow (about a 4 hour drive out west). Mark was being sent out there for a contract job and our old neighbours moved out there about 8years ago, so I volunteered us to go with him  tongue.gif Really looking forawrd to them meeting the kids.

One of my really good gf's is moving to QLD in 2 weeks time...I'm so going to miss her. We've been spending heaps of time together trying to soak up as much of each other's company as we can before she goes...I think it's going to make it harder lol!

Well I think I'd better get off here before my luck runs out, see if I can do a quick sweep of the house before they trash it all again  laugh.gif Will try to get on again before christmas!!


#13 lostmyid

Posted 20 December 2010 - 06:44 PM

Amanda, can I suggest a hard boiled egg serving plate?

#14 Pam*B

Posted 21 December 2010 - 01:43 PM

Oh Bi you're not pregnant are you? laughing2.gif that was my first indication when I was preg with Jed...crying tears of joy at a Hi-5 concert.

Congrats on the weight loss that's fantastic! Though I can't imagine you'd be much more than a wafer if you lost 19.5kgs.

Sorry to hear your friend is leaving, where is she off to? Think of the ongoing excuse for a hol to Qld you'll have.

laughing2.gif at Nik coming to be Amanda's au pair. With or without your own children Nik?

I'm cleaning today, house is a filthy pigsty (and it's only day 2 of hols). Only bothering because I have mum's group coming here tomorrow one of our girls is turning 50, and Christmas here too, hopefully I can keep it cleanish for 4 days. Ha, just re-read that. Yeah, sure that will happen.

Amanda, don't blame you. I'd find it impossible to shut my mouth and be the bigger person. I think the card is a great idea. Actually I've seen great xmas cards at Typo, they say "Happy F*ken Christmas" and on the front Santa is giving the bird roll2.gif

Oh have to say Bi, I was teary myself the last week of school. Jed had such an amazing teacher. We mums think of her as ours, it was really hard to say goodbye to the best school year I've ever had with one of my kids. Plus I'll never have another preppy again, so there was the bittersweetness of that too.

For the last couple of months I've been trying to get my kids in a shoot in order to design a sample gallery album. Except they crack the poos before it's over, or won't play nicely. It's taken me ages but I'm nearly there. In the last 24 hours I've bribed them with more Mighty Beanz than I can count. Here's some fun shots I got so far...

Jump by Pam Bradford, on Flickr

_MG_5247-Edit by Pam Bradford, on Flickr

_MG_5243-Edit by Pam Bradford, on Flickr

E&J by Pam Bradford, on Flickr

Edited by Pam*B, 21 December 2010 - 01:50 PM.

#15 GIO

Posted 21 December 2010 - 02:16 PM

awwwww, Jed is so cute.  He lost a tooth!  So sweet.

Bi - LOL at all the crying you and Pam are doing.  It didn't occur to me to cry.  but then I was the rotten mum with the sour look on her face at the first day of school too!  

So sorry your friend is moving away.  At least with facebook and email these days it's relatively easy to keep up to date with each others lives.

Nikki - LOL.  I'm doing a soap (which I actually bought for nice people) and a scented candle from the $2 shop.  I have to do two, coz firey SIL would refuse, so I have to do one from her but just not let her know.  Hahahaha.

PS - I think you'd make a great au pair.

Pam - one of your mum's is turning 50?  Wow, she must have been an oldie.

Well, actually I have a real au pair starting in Jan.  Just confirmed it then.  Would you employ a drop dead gorgeous, blonde, 20 year old German backpacker?  I've actually had to think "Hmnmm, do I trust my husband enough?"  LOL, and I never have trust issues (I just assume I'm the hottest chick he knows, but this chick is definitely hotter than me).  Now to see if she turns up.  Hahahaha.

#16 Pam*B

Posted 21 December 2010 - 04:03 PM

Amanda, Jed's had the hillbilly look for 3 years, he lost that tooth under GA when he was 3yo. laughing2.gif

But he does have a loose tooth, his first, and boy, is he whinging about it. And yet, I'm surprised.  blink.gif

I'd trust Ty, and he's not even mine.

So, how does this work? Do you get a police check?

#17 GIO

Posted 22 December 2010 - 10:00 AM

Oh, Yeah, LOL, sorry, I forgot about that.

Lydia has a molar coming through at the top back of her mouth.  Anyone got any idea what it is?  Is it a two year old molar that came slow?

Well I suppose I could get a police check, but given that she's only been in the country a couple of months, it's unlikely that she'd have a record.


I have the before after photos for you.  To be honest I can hardly tell any difference.  It's now 60 days since I started counting calories and working out.

I've lost 5-6kg, but the photos don't really reflect it.

Plus they really hurt the eye, Ty must have shook the camera when he took them.

Before: 1

After: 1

Before 2:

After 2:

I can see a bit of difference in my thighs but not much else.  Bit disappointed - still got a way to go till I get my sexy hot body.


Have shaken, not have shook

#18 Pam*B

Posted 22 December 2010 - 08:25 PM

Did he use the same focal length when he took the shots? That makes a difference. If you want an accurate reflection of your width you need to be at around 60-70mm. A longer length compresses, a wider focal length elongates. Just a thought.

BTW, your before looks like my after rofl...

#19 LouiseT

Posted 22 December 2010 - 09:14 PM

Oh Amanda!  You look fabulous before And after, you cow!  I can't stand to look at myself in my underwear yet.   sad.gif   Please tell me you have some bad habit, so I know you are human!

I have gifts to wrap, cards to write, mail to post and I just can't bear to touch it.  I am in holiday mode.  We have been at the beach all week, I've been sleeping like a log, and Imogen had a pedicure with me today!  

biggrin.gif   Due to rain we are back home tomorrow, but will come back Boxing Day most likely.  

Nik, if you are running away, can I come too?   biggrin.gif

#20 GIO

Posted 23 December 2010 - 08:07 AM

Hi All

Pam - LOL - I have no idea what it means, but thanks, I'll blame the focal length.  To be honest there should be a difference, when I started I was pushing a size 12 (though too vain to buy anything) but I'm back into a comfortable 10 now, smaller down below, bigger up top.  I bought a pair of size 8 "incentive" jeans yesterday, that I can just squeeze into, but let lots of belly flop over the top.  hahaha.

Louise - How nice to get a pedicure together!  So cute.  Enjoy your second holiday of the summer!  Hahaha.  We leave for Bright on 27th, Ty desperate to go to Boxing Day cricket.

Yes, I have a very bad habit.  I keep leaving J on the bed when I get up in the morning and she keeps crawling off when she wakes up and today she has a massive egg on her head.  Perfect, we are getting Santa photos today - hopefully a hat will hide it.

Well we had Xmas at Ty's father's the other night.  The kids got spoilt rotten as usual.  Lydia got a doll house that we put together last night and it's taller than her!

Henry and Bram got a Thomas train set thingy, and I've managed to win a used extra Thomas set on ebay that will help them make more bits and pieces for it, so will pick that up this afternoon.

Santa is bringing a trampoline this year, so we will put that together tomorrow night.  Fun!

My family are doing this family tradition of Leslie,s this year, to help make her feel better as she's a bit down in the dumps about having to spend Christmas with us, LOL, rather than her own family.  Anyway, everyone buys a generic $50 present and then you put it in the middle of a circle.  Then everyone takes one, kind of like Kris Kringle, but you can see what the gift is.  I haven't explained it very well, but it sounds fun.

Anyway, so the gift I bought was perfume and aftershave.  I intend to tie them together so it shows the perfume one side and aftershave the other, so it can be for male or female.  Ty went and bought a set of 6 wine glasses with wine tags.

Only problem is, of course, that Leslie has a very quiet, civilised family, and their baby son was the only child.  I have a noisy, brash family (mum was one of 5 so you had to yell to get heard) and then of course I've bred four yellers who will be overstimulated, overtired and out of control.  Hahahaha.  I suspect it will make my poor SIL more homesick than ever!

Oh, so FIL gave me some money, so I had a lovely time at DFO shopping yesterday.  

Alrighty, I think that's enough blabbering.


#21 joshie

Posted 23 December 2010 - 03:17 PM

Hello Ladies, remember me?!?!?!?  Have been lost in the real world for a few months, but just couldn't get so close to Xmas without saying a big fat MERRY XMAS to all you lovely ladies!!!

Amanda - LOVE your add!  So has the German hottie turned up??  Are you going to be in Bright over the hols?  Might see you there!  (just re-read that you are - I'll look out for you!)  I love your description of your family - give me that over a "quiet, civilised" one anyday!  Sounds like us when we get to the farm, with my Grandmother belting out a tune or doing a dance to boot!

Pam, love those photies!  I check your website often, loving it!

Bi - oooh where in Brissy is your friend moving to?  Does that mean Louise and I might sneak in a visit when you come to visit her!  You know my Melb friends and I are as strong as ever, only every now and then does the distance bother me - but that's when we do things like go to Vegas together!!  Well done on the weight loss too!  I'm still trying........

Oh Amanda - that's a 4-6yr old molar - they're permanent so look after it!  Cass has just been to the dentist - 1st filling - she has QLD teeth - weak enamel so we've had to overhaul our diets to the point of we're nearly as cautious with sugar as Paul is (being a diabetic) and I have to floss & scrub them daily.....we may still have to see a Paed Dentist - wait and see!  Oh joy!

Work has been super busy - quieter now, just doing bits from home now that kindy is closed.  Next year I'm doing 3 - 4 days a week perm part time!  Yay!

Josh and Cass did really well with their reports, we took them out for dinner to Thai to say well done on surviving your 1st year at a new school!  Josh came in at 4th in the class - they have the top 3 receive an academic award - he missed out by .2% - but we were just as proud!  Cass can sing in tune now so phew!  wink.gif

We're off to Melb on Xmas Day night, can't wait!  I haven't seen my grandparents all year and at their age, it's quite a stretch - must rectify that next year and get down there a bit more often.  Looking forward to a possible "white xmas" up at Bright - WTF is going on with the weather!!???!!!???

I have been busily gardening this last week - cursing myself for starting such a huge project just before Xmas!

Louise - which beach did you go to??  How has this rain been - crazy!  

Nik you can be my chef if you like!  biggrin.gif

Oh well, think that's me updated!  Glad you're all doing well - miss getting on here more regularly!


#22 Winnie The Pooh

Posted 23 December 2010 - 03:27 PM

Gosh I've been so slack ohmy.gif

Yep, kindy is finished and I have 6 weeks of holiday to look forward to, oh joy, oh bliss, lol.

Well done Bi on your weight loss.  And Amanda, yeah, you cow as Nik said, lol.  You look fab and a size 8  oomg.gif , well, I guess I can dream.

Great pics Pam, your website is fab too.  I must send you a pic of hte kids for an updated sig.  the children look so young in my current one, lol.  

Just been mega lazy about getting my butt on here, but yep, I'm still around.  I had a few tears at the end of kindergarten too.  they had a very short and sweet graduation ceremony where they were presented wtih their certificate.

Everyone is coming here for chrissy lunch, they'll be 9 altogether, so not too bad.

Sherryn, I can see you posting down there and I hope you are well too.

Louise, how is your card making going???

Good news that Claire is home safe and sound with little Miss J.

Lainey, where are you hon?  Thinking of you heaps and hope that your beautiful family are well.

OK, better choof off, so much to do, so little time.  Sigh.......

Take care everyone and i hope you and your families have a wonderful festive season, ho ho ho!!!!!!

#23 GIO

Posted 26 December 2010 - 07:11 AM

Hi All

Did you all have a nice day yesterday?

We did.

I forgot to tell you that Ty had decided to have lunch with his family, for the first time in a few years.  I refused, not coz I don't like them, just coz I'm too old to be traipsing around the country to two different families with a trail of kids behind me.  No malice, just "don't want to".  So he took all four of the children there, and my parents picked me up and took me to my aunt's, and then Ty & kids joined us for dinner.

Anyway, it was nice.  The present swap thing was really funny, coz there was one present left on the table that nobody wanted, so we were all stealing each others presents.  Oh, and you are supposed to be able to see what all the presents are, but somebody had wrapped two of them, so they were mystery prizes, and they were very popular.  I ended up with a 10 pack of beers from around the world.  I'm not a beer "drinker" as such, but since having Jemima, I've been able to have one or two.  So I'm looking forward to savouring them.

Bi - I forgot to tell you, I have your Xmas card from last year up.  It was too cute to chuck out, so it's up again this year.

Sherryn, LOL - I don't know if we'll even see the German hottie, she may get another job and decide not to join us, but I'm still getting people applying, and I've heard about a migrant woman who needs a place to stay, from my missionary neighbours, so we're not stressed.  Plus it's not like I have a job and need someone to mind them, I just would like some help around the home, and if I don't get it, well I'll survive, just as I have done up til now.

Hey, I will have to check if I still have your mobile number.

Vanessa - How did you go hosting?  Didn't burn anything?

I guess Miss E is old enough to know who Santa is this year, so it would have been nice for you.

#24 littleman

Posted 26 December 2010 - 09:04 PM

hoping you all had a lovely christmas and got spoilt.

pam - the photos look great, love the red. Aww at teh crying..i didnt do the same although i know Miss E had an excellent teacher and i couldnt have asked for anyone better for her year in kindy:)

bi - sorry to hear your friend is going away, excuse for a holiday in the near future hey:)

amanda - lol at the au pauir...have you seen Sex in the City 2..theres reference to that:)

amanda - 5 - 6 kilos is massive, and i can tell a diffference in thighs, arms and tummy for sure, you must be feelgin alot bettter. i must admit i don tthink my tummy will ever be fflat agaon, jsut ones of those things have o deal with, plus age is not exactly helping me lol. I tend to go to the gym now for fitness, i still would love to lose another 5 kilos, so bloody slow. I havent weighed myself during this xmas perios, just gettign back into it now.

hi lousie and sherryn - we jsut had a bog dose of rain tonight after a hot christmas day:)
sherryn - have a safe trip.

v - how did the lunch go.

we had christmas mornign here and then went over to manly for apicnic and beach swimmign , was nice. it sort of feels liek an anti climax though today, was ranign and we decdided to take the kids to the movies. Rick has until the 10th off, so we ahve a few things planned. Have also promised etana to take two of her friends to the movies in jan.
not relaly much else happening, i must have been good as i did rather well form santa:)

okay off to go to bed i think:)
night all x

#25 Winnie The Pooh

Posted 27 December 2010 - 09:02 AM

Nothing burned on Christmas Day smile1.gif.  It was nice.

Sounds like everyone had a nice day original.gif and that all the kiddies were thoroughly spoilt by Santa.

How humid was it here last night?  Yukky yuck yuck.  We got some rain, but no storm thank goodness.

Have been to K-mart this morning to exhange 2 gifts, 1 for a smaller pair of PJ's and a DVD that the case was cracked in.  They had 1/2 price decorations and I just picked up 2 lots.  No point cramming the trolley full of stuff for next Christmas.

I've been a real fitness freak lately too.  Since seeing a pic of myself on Hayden's 6th b'day I've pulled the finger out and have been walking EVERY morning, rain, hail or shine.  Won't give away too much here, but I'm going to join up the next 12 week challenge that's run here on EB and we'll see how we go.

Not long until the New Year, sigh, they're coming around too quickly ohmy.gif.

Take care everyone

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