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#1 Sandra

Posted 24 December 2010 - 09:37 PM

New thread time ladies


Merry Christmas

#2 tortagianduia

Posted 29 December 2010 - 07:13 AM


Hi girls waves.gif!  Sorry I have been so slack about posting.  Elise is over 6 weeks old already!  I have been reading along and wanting to post, wanting to talk about how the birth went, etc., but just either got upset about it all and would give up, or called away to tend to the little ones here...

Coen is really sweet with his little sister, and gives her kisses and cuddles, but he is so boisterous, he wakes her a lot during the day with all the noise he makes.  DH went back to work 2 weeks before Christmas, but DS1 is home on school holidays, so at least he is able to help keep Coen entertained.  I don't know how I am going to go on my own once he's back at school, but I guess I'll cope.  Coen always seems to be getting into mischief while I am feeding and can't do much about it.

Elise is going really well, feeding well, has been sleeping through the last couple of weeks.  I expect the sleeping through might not last as Coen started sleeping through from about 5 weeks, and then around 5mo start demanding feeds during the night again, but I am enjoying it while it lasts.  She feeds a lot during the day - usually between 10-12 feeds, which considering she sleeps at night from about 9pm - 5am means I am feeding fairly frequently during the day!  Coen was the same at this age.  On the whole she is a very happy placid little baby.  She has started smiling in the past couple of weeks, which is so sweet!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!  We had my mum and DH's parents over here for lunch and it all went well.  The kids got thoroughly spoilt!  Everyone seems to be going mad buying Elise dresses and pink stuff.  She is so long, she is already into 00 stuff without much room for growth if she has a cloth nappy on.  She can still squeeze into some of the bigger 000s if she is in a sposie.  So there are some clothes she's barely gotten any wear out of.

Hope everyone is going well.  Wishing you all the best for 2011!  Promise to try and post more regularly from now on original.gif

#3 Tetinks

Posted 30 December 2010 - 12:41 PM


It's been so quiet here, I miss you girls!

Did everyone have a good xmas? We had a lovely time. My brother was here from O/S and we spent the day with family. Heaven. the kiddos were spoilt rotten and everyone was healthy on the day - can't ask for more than that.

Rebecca how are you going? Hope bubba is hanging in there for a bit longer. How's the name search going? what about Damon?

Lauren, I love your new sig! Such cute little guys, and they're so similar. can't believe you are moving again too, it feels like you only just moved.

Sary I can't believe Macy is about to start prep. it only feels like a few months ago you were telling us she TT'd! is she excited about starting? can't wait to see pics.

Fern i have a blog, a bit boring though, just sewing  original.gif  link in my sig. Amanda and Megan have one too, cooking blogs. i think Brooke has one but i can't find the link.

Amanda it doesn't sound as though you had the birth you wanted? i hope you're okay. I've seen your pics of Elise on FB and OMG she's lovely!

Holly did you go to the wiggles concert in canberra? we were there too! damn, we need to catch up. did you know they're playing another concert here on 25 jan for australia day?  Can't believe Preston is 4 months already. we need more photos! And are you on facebook?

Megan - 21 weeks already??!? jeebers, that has gone so fast. are you having another gender surprise? how are you going with names?
Mimie is getting a scooter. I've also got her a playdough set and a doctors kit

snap, snap, SNAP! DD got those as well. plus a dolls house from my folks, which she adores. she especially loves making the kid dollies jump on the parent dolls while they are in bed  Tounge1.gif

my two are doing really well. DD is shooting up, 99cm now!!! she's turning into such a little girl, even though to me she will always be my baby. i feel sad she is growing so fast but then again it's lovely to be able to do more stuff with her. her sleep has gone sooo downhill. she is in our bed most nights now. she gets scared there is a man in her room which freaks me out.

DS is 16 months next week. he's talking a lot (adding 2/3 words together now, which DD didn't do for ages) and still not walking!! he can take 5-6 steps when he wants, which is not often. he's lovely, we're really getting to see his personality now. he has a filthy temper though, and is prone to bashing his head on the floor/wall when he doesn't get what he wants!

We're officially TTC #3. i feel excited but apprehensive. i want another - i feel like there is someone missing - but i also think how easy it would be to stop at 2. i find the newborn stage hard, and i worry about having even less time for DD and DS. apart from that i am dreading getting MS again, and don't want to leave work. but overriding all that is the wish for another child, so that trumps everything.

better go, i promised myself i'd clean out the kids' wardrobes while i'm on leave.

hope you're all well, write if you have time! x

#4 babybump2

Posted 30 December 2010 - 01:33 PM


Oooh the Santa hats are still here!

Hope you are all well and had a wonderful time with your families!

We have had such a busy time.  Camping at Wilson's prom the week before Xmas and arriving home xmas eve.  Then we had family from Exmouth WA here with their 9 month old baby.  Nothing like seeing a baby that age to realise how MONSTER big my two are now!  wink.gif And tomorrow we fly off to Perth!  Ohhh and Macy Moo is sick... on antibiotics and close to pneumonia!  Eek - poor sweetie.  She is on some really strong antibiotics - so hoping she improves quickly.  

Claire - saw some of your happy snaps of your gorgeous family on fb.  You all look wonderful and your kids are growing so quickly!!!  And wow - congrats on TT#3!  Exciting!

I hear you on the sleeping front too... Beau apparently has a witch in his room!  rolleyes.gif

Amanda - Elise looks so sweet!  Love seeing her snaps on fb.

Rebecca hope all is going well with Baby bump!

Holly - hope you had a wonderful xmas with your lovely boys.

Megan - can't wait to see some belly snaps!

Well wanted to make mention of more of you but already I have been interrupted 5 times - and I SHOULD be packing!

Happy New Year girls!  Look forward to chatting more in 2011!


#5 moo~tickle

Posted 04 January 2011 - 05:58 AM

hey all
havent even been in here for ages, as you can tell by the sig - need to get a new one organised hey? lol
chrissy was good here, santa brought the kids a jumping castle which has been a hit!
hope everyone is great and that the kids are too. im on hols so will hopefully come back a little more frequently

#6 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 05 January 2011 - 07:30 AM

So not many posts in here anymore?  sad.gif

I have 27 days to go, exciting and scary at the same time. I see most of you on fb anyway, I'll be posting baby news in there from the hospital original.gif

And still no name  rolleyes.gif

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#7 mygorgeousboy

Posted 05 January 2011 - 10:12 AM

I post in here sad.gif ...................

Just popping in to say hello to everyone. Not much has been happening here just plodding along.

P has turned into an awful sleeper though and so most days my eyes are hanging out of my head. Last night he woke every hour and he does this even is he is in bed with me. I'm not sure what to do now. Hoping it will pass.

Miss you all xox

#8 tortagianduia

Posted 05 January 2011 - 11:15 AM

Hi girls!  Santa hats gone sad.gif

Claire, glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas.  Must have been great to catch up with your brother!  Coen often ends up in our bed too in the middle of the night or early morning.  He was convinced there was a blue monster in his room - turned out to be his name on the wall so he is fine with that now.  But Jordan's room apparently has a white monster according to Coen.  Good luck with ttc - how exciting!  Hope it doesn't take long original.gif  My birth with Elise - I still cry when I go into too much detail.  I really wanted two more kids after Coen was born, but after my experience with Elise, I am wavering now on whether to go back for #4.  Supposed to be trying to lose weight at the moment before making a decision, not doing very well with it though.

Sary, sounds like you had a great Christmas!  Hope you have a lovely time in Perth!  Poor Macy - hope ABs have kicked in by now and she is feeling much better.  Is she excited about starting prep?

Brooke, a jumping castle!  How cool!  Santa gives the best pressies  biggrin.gif !

Rebecca, only 27 days - how exciting!!!  Can't wait to see your new beautiful boy wub.gif!  Have you had any more contractions?  That must have been scary.  How are you going with picking out names?  I still want to post in here (but love seeing everyone on FB too), just hard at the moment because Jordan is home on school holidays so I am competing with him for computer time, and the computer is in our bedroom, as is the cot, so if I am in here while Elise is asleep, Coen inevitably comes in, makes a lot of noise, and wakes her.  It is better for me to stay away from the bedroom if she is asleep, as Coen usually stays where I am, but that means less computer time cry1.gif!  I am hoping to do some furniture rearranging sometime soon and get the computer into the lounge room, which will be better for everyone.

Megan, yay on being well past the halfway mark now!  When are you planning to finish up work?  I agree with you that it would be less disruptive to Mimie to stay in her own room rather than move to another room so the baby can have her room.  How was your Christmas?  So you escaped seeing the ILs?!

Holly, how are you and Hudson and Preston going?  Did you get to have a swim Christmas day?  Is Preston sleeping any better at night for you?  Oh no, just read your post sad.gif.  Any chance of going to sleep school with him?

Lauren, hope everything is okay at your place.  Sounds scary getting that much rain into the roof  ohmy.gif !

Fern, nice to see you posting again!  All your boys are gorgeous!  I have a blog, but it is just a cooking one - link in my sig.  Good luck with your studies this year - mid is lovely.

Ramona, it is good to see you posting again too.  Wow on Sienna TTing so quickly!  And that's fantastic that Hudson is still BFing!

DH started back at work again yesterday after having a week and a bit off over Christmas / New Year.  Coen cried this morning when he woke up and discovered Daddy had already left for work sad.gif.  

Jordan will be in year 11 this year and turns 16 in 10 days!  He is already talking about when he can go and get his learner's permit  ohmy.gif .  He's going to need to shave his chin and sidies before he goes back to school!  Definitely not a little boy anymore nno.gif.  He's starting a Cert III course at TAFE this year, so he'll do 1 day a week at TAFE, 4 days at school.  Can't believe he'll be finished school at the end of next year.

Coen is going well, but still hasn't TTed.  He did successfully do one wee on the toilet a couple of weeks back, then had several accidents, and hasn't seemed interested since.

Elise is going to be 8 weeks old tomorrow - time is going too fast!  She is a sweet smiley little girl.  Sleeping through the night, and mostly very placid.

Hope everyone is going well!

#9 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 05 January 2011 - 11:48 AM

Oh Holly I know, I'm sorry, I just mean it's so quiet in here now and I just miss it that's all.

Amanda yeah I get contractions everyday now, they just don't seem to amount to anything. And no names yet, I'm sure when I see him we'll know.

#10 tortagianduia

Posted 06 January 2011 - 07:28 AM

Morning lovely girls waves.gif!

Miss Elise is 8 weeks old today!  Time is going too fast.  Must try and get in to the local child health centre and weigh her today.

Holly, how was your night last night?  Sounds exhausting for you sad.gif.  Is P wanting to feed all night, or is he just generally unsettled?  How are his sleeps during the day?  Does he like being wrapped?  Elise is in a Grobag at night time, so I don't wrap her at night, but she is wrapped for day sleeps.  If it might be wind pain, have you tried anything like Brauers Colic Relief or Infacol?  Also, has he been checked by a doctor to see whether he might have reflux?  Do you have anyone nearby that could watch H while P has a day sleep so you can get some sleep too?  I wish I could do something to help sad.gif.  I hope it gets better for both you and P soon. bbighug.gif

Rebecca, do you have a shortlist of names?  I am sure once your little boy has arrived, the right name will come to you, and you have a bit of time to decide before the birth needs to be registered.  Are you taking this year off uni?  How are things with your MIL?  Was there any contact over Christmas?  

Okay, don't really have anything new to say, just thought I'd jump on while the kids are asleep  happy.gif .  Have a great day, everyone!

#11 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 06 January 2011 - 09:41 AM

8 weeks already Amanda! Time just flies doesn't it.

We don't really have a shortlist, we just say to each other what about this and it's either no or I don't not like it. Nothing is jumping out at us though.

I decided to be the bigger person and around to the ils on Christmas. It was very awkward with everyone just pretending nothing happened.

I've taken the first semester off uni but leaning towards taking the whole year now.

We are just having a lazy day today, still in pyjamas.

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#12 babybump2

Posted 06 January 2011 - 10:14 AM

Hello gorgeous girls!

My last day here in Perth and touch wood, and fingers crossed and all that it has been smooth sailing so far.  Today being the last day of our trip I am preparing for a few tears and maybe even a cross word from some... the emotions will be running high today!  So wish me luck!

As I said once before I will try and pop in here a bit more this year.  I have so enjoyed being a part of this site and being able to say things to you girls that I might not say to people in the real world.  Thanks for all being there for WOW nearly 3 years!  Can't quite believe it!

Will post properly when back in Melbourne... but just wanted to pop in and say have been thinking of you all and wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!  

Speak soon


Ps personals when I get back!   wink.gif

#13 mygorgeousboy

Posted 07 January 2011 - 05:10 PM

Hi girls,

Amanda, P was sleeping really well. Most days he was having 2x 2hr naps and then a 40min late afternoon. He has never been a good night time sleeper. I think his longest stretch is 4 hours.  huh.gif We still don't have much of a routine because his sleeps are a bit all over the place. His day time naps are normally 40min cat naps these day unless I'm holding him.

He is chewing anything he can so i was thinking teeth maybe? But yesterday he was really miserable and then i noticed he had a runny nose and watery eyes. Today he is a grumble bum and very clingy.H has had a cold so I'm assuming P has it too. Oh the joys!

He is still wrapped for every sleep. He has crazy arms flying everywhere if i don't. Although here's my dilemma, if i put him down to self settle he immediately gets out of every wrap we have tried. (we have tried everything) and then of course he wont settle because he is chewing, scratching his face etc. So i have been rocking him for most sleeps which i don't mind. It normally only takes a few minutes.

Night times are a bit tricky. I cant get him down for the night until about 9pm. He then wakes at 11pm-12am and will not go back to his cot. So to get any sleep at all i have been co-sleeping. He still only sleeps for 2 hours though before he wakes for a feed. I don't think he is hungry at all just a comfort thing.

I have been reading a bit about 4mth sleep regression and hoping when he is better he might settle down a bit.

I had an awful time with H sleeping and went to tresillian when he was 6mth old. It was controlled crying and just awful. I'm hoping we don't have to go down that path again.

OH WOW, sorry for my ramble!!!! happy.gif

Rebecca, I'm sure you'll find a great name that goes perfectly with your boys names. Whats about Miles?

Sary, Oh you poor thing. I hate leaving family, its such a crappy thing. I find it harder now i have babies. Hope your all okay original.gif

Claire, Yes we were at the Wiggles in Canberra! I actually was sitting there waiting for it to start and wondered if you guys were there.  wink.gif And wow Miss E is tall.

Anyone having a 3rd birthday party for babes? I'm not sure yet.
H is going great. After reading Claire's post i had to measure him. He is 90cm tall and 13kg. I still fits into some size 1 clothes. P however is 8kg already and in 00.  biggrin.gif

Hope you are all well.......Off to get some dinner started xo

#14 tortagianduia

Posted 08 January 2011 - 07:47 AM

Rebecca, that does sound like Christmas must have been awkward sad.gif.  Hopefully you won't have to see the ILs too often.  A whole year off sounds lovely!  I guess you wouldn't have to make a decision about whether to defer for second semester as well until the middle of the year?

Sary, hope you're settling back in at home now.  Must have been hard to leave Perth sad.gif.  

Holly, I know you said you've tried every sort of wrap, but someone recommended these - might be worth a try?  P would have to be a serious Houdini to escape!  I remember you went to Tresillian with H.  Sounds like teething might part of the problem - I seem to remember H got teeth quite early too, didn't he?  Sorry to hear both the boys have colds - hope they're both feeling better soon.  Wow P is a good size already!  Elise is in 00s too, though I can squeeze her into some of her larger size 000s if she is in a disposable, but most of them are too short in length so I think I will pack them away soon.  I measured her yesterday and she is 62cm long.  There seems to be so much variation between different brands, as I was shocked to find she is getting too long for some of her 00s too if she is in a cloth nappy.  Some things she has barely gotten any wear out of sad.gif.  A lovely family friend sent a pressie of clothes over for her just before Christmas - three adorable PP NB size bodysuits, which probably would only have fitted her for the first two weeks after she was born if that, and definitely would not fit by the time we got them as she was already 6 weeks old, and two 00000s which would never have fit even when she was first born!  We measured Coen a few weeks ago - he's 98cm tall and 16.5kg.  

Not sure what we are doing for Coen's 3rd birthday yet.  Thinking maybe just a BBQ here with the family.  I can't believe he's turning 3 cry1.gif!  We have Jordan's birthday first though - he turns 16yo next Saturday!  And my SIL's birthday is the day before his, so we'll probably do some combined celebration with SIL, and go out to lunch with DH's parents separately.  We bought Jordan a 32G iPod Touch for Christmas, but because that is a lot more than we'd normally spend on a pressie, I told him it was also his birthday pressie and a reward for doing well at school last year.  We did get him some other stuff for Christmas too - I thought about waiting and giving some of it to him for his birthday, but decided to instead give it all to him at Christmas time so that he could get more use out of the stuff while he is still on school holidays.  We bought two $30 iTunes cards for $50 before Christmas - gave him one at Chrissy time to use with the Touch, so we'll give him the other one for his birthday.  Not sure if I should get him something else as well for his birthday - doesn't seem like much even though the Touch was a pretty generous gift and is technically part of his birthday pressie.  Maybe I'll get hime something practical like a shirt.  We bought too much stuff for Coen, and I did decide to keep some of it aside to give him for his birthday, so we won't really need to buy anything for him.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

#15 Tetinks

Posted 08 January 2011 - 01:46 PM

Thanks for all being there for WOW nearly 3 years! Can't quite believe it!

Wow, when you think of it like that it seems like ages. you're going to make me cry!! Actually it's been more than three years for most of us, with the DIG in 07 too.

Sary how's Macy? did she end up developing pneumonia? hope she is okay and you're having a good holiday.

Amanda i would probably buy something else small for Jordan's b'day (but that's just me!). A shirt is a good idea, or maybe a book?

Holly have you tried this wrap? We used it for DS and loved it. I'm happy to send you ours if you want to give them a go.

I think 4 months is just a notoriously bad time. I have a book on the wonder weeks that explains it all. Hope it gets better soon for you.

And yes, DD is super tall! DH is 6'8" so it's in her genes. DS isn't as tall, he hovers around the 75%, like his mum  original.gif
Anyone having a 3rd birthday party for babes?

I've been lucky this year that another mum has organised it  tongue.gif  DD is having a joint party with 3 other kids from MG. We're going to a petting zoo. should be great! the zoo provides all the party hats/plates etc, and a function room and BBQ facilities. We bring the snags and snacks. It about $15 per person but divided by the four families it's cheaper than having a party at home.

Rebecca what about Micah? Rafferty? Felix? I love boys names, could name a whole footy team of them! Our top boys picks are Archie, Henry, Owen and Liam... time will tell if we get to use one of them. Still no sign of  BFP.

Hello Brooke! Good to see you in here again. Jumping castle sounds brilliant, wish DH would agree to buying something like that.

Well I go back to work on Monday, I actually did a day this week but it was only a day so i've been pretending it didn't happen. we've had such a good two weeks off. lots of splashing around the paddling pool with the kids, and picnics in the backyard. DH and i managed to get a whole lot of stuff done (those annoying jobs you always put off, like washing the windows) and it was so nice to relax in the evenings without worrying about packing bags, making lunches etc. bliss. we took to kids on a day trip to the coast yesterday and had a great day. Both kids loves the waves and it felt good to be out.

Only other real news from me is that i've hurt my back. may have mentioned it before, it's been niggling for a few months, but it's gotten really bad. to the point where i can't lift the kids and have had to crawl rather than walk at times. i've started seeing a chiro though so fingers crossed. i really want to get it sorted before we get pregnant again.

FIL arrives this week. cross your fingers for me!


#16 mygorgeousboy

Posted 08 January 2011 - 03:51 PM

Good luck with FIL Claire!! A day trip to the beach sounds great. We went to Wollongong on Tuesday for a bit of shopping and a picnic on the beach. It was great fun.  original.gif

Thanks for your wrap suggestions. We actually own both of these. Although the "wrap me up" is too small. I think its the newborn size. Might be worth getting a bigger one.
The Swaddle me wrap is the one we use for every sleep. He can get out of this in 2 seconds flat.  glare.gif
He has just started rolling too so I'm a little worried about wrapping him. Has anyone continued to wrap bubs after they could roll. He rolls from back to tummy but cant get back yet. He hasn't rolled while wrapped though.

Claire, E's party sounds fab. What a great idea. biggrin.gif

Baby names: I love Rafferty. Love the NN Raf too.   wink.gif

#17 babybump2

Posted 08 January 2011 - 06:43 PM

Heya lovely ladies!

Back in the land of Vicco and geez it is hot!  cool.gif We got home yesterday afternoon and trying to adjust to the time change.  First night we were in Perth the kids woke at 2:30am ready to start the day!  Can you believe that?!!???

Now back in Melbourne the kids woke this morning about 10!!!!  I had to jump up and race - as Macy had a birthday party and I had to race out the door and get a present before the party.  Then got her dressed up as a little bumble bee for the party.  She looked super cute!

Macy is all better now - the a/b's seemed to work.  Unfortunately Beau has now been running a temp for a few days and got a cough.  rolleyes.gif Hoping he will kick it - as Beau had a bad reaction to a/b's in the past and I don't want to give them to him unless absolutely necessary.

Claire - you're right - it has been more than 3 years.  I did join when I was pregnant - wow that time has    F-L-O-W-N!!!!   So excited for you TTC again! So sorry to hear about your back... with DH and all his back problems at the moment I can really sympathise.  It is terrible when you can't even pick up your kiddliwinks - and there really don't quite understand do they?  DH struggles with not picking them up.  Hope the chiro gives you some relief.  Yesss and good luck with FIL - eeekkk - memories of the past things you have written are coming back.  

You never know though - I had a good time this time with my IL's this time - maybe people can learn and improve?!  Well wish you luck anyway  wink.gif And the party sounds great!!

Amanda - does sound like all your lovely kids got spoilt for Christmas!  I am the same as Claire - I can never resist - I would buy something else too!  rolleyes.gif

Holly - I remember vividly the 4 month mark with Beau - I found this a terribly tough time!  All of a sudden it is more of an effort to get them to sleep.  They sort of wake up a bit.  Fingers crossed you get some joy from Claire and Amanda's advice.  I don't really have any - only to say that I am thinking of you and hoping it improves quickly!  Always here if you need a vent  bbighug.gif

Rebecca - good on you being the big person at Chrissy with the IL's.  Bet it was awkward pretending nothing had happened - but I think it was fantastic you did.  Christmas can be such a pressured time at the best of times.  Hope all is going well with your pregnancy... not long now!!!!!!  Sounds good with taking the year off study too... I am impressed that you have been studying with everything you have on already!

TT - well Beau has had all dry nights since Christmas and has been asking and asking to wear his Wiggles undies to bed.  Well last night we tried - and HE HAD A DRY NIGHT!   ddance.gif tthumbs.gif  Still amazed at my little boy.  Macy wasn't anywhere near TTing at this age.  I tried - but she was adamant about staying in her nappy.

DREAMING DREAMING DREAMING - Going home to Perth really stirred up a lot of emotions in us all.  Hmmmmmmm.... will we go back to the West Coast???... we so so soo miss our families. I feel such terrible guilt all the time about our parents missing out on their grand kids.  And I worry about my aging parents.  So all this afternoon we have been looking at property and jobs over there and brainstorming.  Hmmmm...

So much that I would miss in Melbourne too though.  And our independence.  We were thinking possibly Margaret River - that way we are still a distance and people have to organise to come over and not just drop in.  But we are close enough to see them when we need/want to. Ahhhhhh.... sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball!

Stayed off FB a bit as we have a lot of friends in Perth and I didn't let many know we were going.  It was challenging enough trying to spread ourselves between the two families.

Hope the New Year is starting off well for you all!  Glad to see a few more posts happening in here.  I really do enjoy our chats!  Happy weekend girls x

#18 Tetinks

Posted 09 January 2011 - 02:15 PM

Has anyone continued to wrap bubs after they could roll.

Yup. I wrapped DS until he was six months, and then kept wrapping him but with his arms out til he was 8 or 9 months. He started rolling at 13 weeks. He never rolled when wrapped. If he did I would have unwrapped him I think.

Holly one thing that worked really well for us with DS was patting. He was a shocking catnapper and would rarely sleep anywhere other than on me. At about 4.5 months I decided enough was enough! I put him in his basinette one day and patted his chest til he fell asleep. When he woke after 40 mins, I went back to the patting. Often he would go back to sleep. Even when he didn't, i would keep patting a shhing him for 20 mins or so, before we both needed a break! It took a while but by the end of the first week he was settling within a minute, then about another week later he would self settle. Not long after that he started doing 2 sleep cycles - Hurrah! The method we used was from a book called Sleep Right, Sleep Tight, by Tweddle. It's the 'method' for babies from 3-6 months, although I used it on DD when she was much older.

Sary, you sound great! Yay to Beau for dry nights, that's wonderul. DD is day trained but nights are a long way off for us I think. She still wakes with her nappy sodden. She takes a sipper cup of water to bed with her and drains the whole thing each night. i want to take it away but she sucks on her security blanket so gets a dry mouth.

The Perth talk sounds exciting! I can see you guys going. it must be hard without family in Melbourne. good luck with whatever you decide!

I'm TTC obsessed today  rolleyes.gif . Yesterday was 7/8 DPO (not sure exactly) and i started spotting in the afternoon. I normally don't get AF until day 11 or 12. So i'm not really sure what's going on. The spotting is still there but still no AF today  huh.gif . I've read it could be implantation bleeding but I've never had that before (with the kids or the failed pregnancies). I tend to think AF is on the way but am unsure why it is starting with spotting (haven't had that in years) or why it's so early. sigh. time will tell. i figure AF will show her head over the next couple of days and if not i'll POAS.

#19 Tetinks

Posted 09 January 2011 - 03:53 PM

ETA: meant to ask if anyone here had had implantation bleeding/spotting and what it was like?

#20 Tetinks

Posted 10 January 2011 - 05:17 AM

Think I just got a BFP?! Well, it is a BFP, but so super faint - 9DPO. not really sure if I am pregnant though, with all the spotting. Will try to get some bloods done this week.

#21 babybump2

Posted 10 January 2011 - 08:38 AM

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  happy.gif biggrin.gif   eexcite.gif ohhhhhh have my fingers, toes and everything crossed for you!

I never had spotting with either of my pregnancies.


#22 RedsGirl

Posted 10 January 2011 - 08:53 AM

Oh Claire!!!! Very exciting!!!!  With Jemima I had a bleed at around 7weeks and then again at 14 weeks.  The 7 week bleed would have been implantation and was largely browny discharge.

On the subject of wrapping - we stopped wrapping Mimies at around 8 weks I think, she seemed much more settled when we didn't wrap her - just a suggestion - some bubs don't like it!

Sary - what is actually holding you in Melbourne? It sounds like you so much want to go home.  I know the feeling, but for s its not practical to go to NZ and I am not sure I could get Red to go there permanently.

I am very jealous of the toilet trained little ones.  We gave Mimie a go before Xmas and while I know she knows what to do, she just wasn't interested so we gave it a rest.  This time, seems more interested but she still hasn't got the hang of telling us BEFORE she wants to go.  She either doesn't tell us at all (I think because she is in the middle of playing and doesn't want to interupt to go toilet) or as it happens.  Ahhh!!!  She is a smart cookie, I know she knows what is meant to happen, its just about her wanting to.  We have instigated a star chart which she seems quite kee on and when she does go she is so pleased with herself, so I guess we just perservere and hope for the best.

Had a hideous birthday thanks to Red who always finds it in his heart to pick a major argument with me - I've told him next year I wnat him to work as its best we aren't around each other. I give up. I have asked him what he would like to do for his so I can plan something nice and then ruin it for him in the nastiest way possible  ph34r.gif

Edited: Sorry this shoudl say for MIme's birthday..... We are having a BBQ at home.  Iam debating whether to even invite kids for her 'work' as she only mentions 2 other kids and we may be moving her anyway given we have so many issues with the place. But, she wants a Dora party and is so much more aware this year of it being her birthday so I am in two minds as to what to do.

And we are planning our last trip as a family of 3.  Roadtrip to Melbourne, but I am demanding a few days beach-side somewhere along the way.  Told Red to figure an iterary and I will approve it.

Anyway, that was largely about me - sorry! Promise to be less selfish next time!

Edited by RedsGirl, 10 January 2011 - 11:56 AM.

#23 babybump2

Posted 10 January 2011 - 09:30 AM

Oh Megan - you sound like you need a big  bbighug.gif !  Men can be so silly sometimes!  How are you travelling with your pregnancy?

Don't stress about TT - although I know we all do.  happy.gif I tried probably 6 times with Macy Moo and she didn't do it till 3 and a half!  But then it only took one week and she was day and night trained.  They are ready when they are ready I guess!  And they are all different.  

Melbourne.... what holds us here?... great friends, things to go and see and do, culture, DH's now established business.  Def not the weather though!   wink.gif

Birthday party - haven't really thought too much.  Thing we might do a bbq too.  Being no.2 he doesn't really have a heap of buddies, more siblings of Macy's buddies or family friends.

Well off and racing again.  Woke at 9 today!!!!  Got to get back to this time zone!  Macy has yet another party!  The girl has such a better social life than me!


#24 mygorgeousboy

Posted 10 January 2011 - 10:54 AM

Megan, Sorry to hear you had a crappy birthday.  sad.gif I swear men just don't think sometimes! Your holiday sounds very exciting. I have heard Merimbula (South NSW) is very pretty. I love Kiama too!!

Claire, Sooooooo exciting!! I didn't have any bleeding with my two. Hoping its a BFP for you wink.gif Oh and thank you for the Sleep Right Sleep Tight suggestion. I had a talk with DH last night and we are going to give this a go. I am going to my parents house for 10 days, leaving this Friday so we are going to wait until we get back. P will be sleeping in a porta cot and i think it would break my back trying to pat him off to sleep.
When you did this with T did he protest, cry, scream, wiggle while you were patting?

Sary, You made me laugh when you were talking about moving closer to family but not too close!! hehehe. DH and i say this all of the time. We would love to live about an hour away. That way people have to ring before they just pop over... Ahh family! Macy is a social butterfly isn't she!  wink.gif

H is day TT . Night times are a long way off here too. Some nights he wets through his nappy they are that wet. He still refuses to do a poo in the toilet though. Anyone else having this problem? I have tried every bribe under the sun.   huh.gif

Hope you all have a easy Monday xo

#25 moo~tickle

Posted 11 January 2011 - 06:25 AM

ohhh claire fingers crossed!!!

birthday party - think we might be getting a fairy to come and do face painting, games etc. maddie loves being a fairy at the moment so thought it could be fun

has anyone ever had a biter? cameron is terrible and hurts me daily, not to mention madison and other kids at daycare (much less frequently than he bites me thank goodness). i have tried lots of things like isolating him, smacking his hand, naughty corner but he just thinks its a big joke! help if you can !!!!!

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