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June 08 Parents # 64

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#26 sun_kissed

Posted 02 March 2011 - 09:48 AM

Bec: Good luck going back to work! 3days no reports sounds great. Sorry to hear about your DH its good that you are so supportive.

Shell: Sounds good however we have heaps of 30th's and weddings in the next few weeks so maybe after April. Including DH's 30th next week.

Family stuff: Unfortunately we have had to cut ties with some parts of our extended family for a while. Hopefully when the grieving process is over we can get back on track but they have been saying and doing some horrible things to my immediate family (not me) and on my Dad's death bed I promised him I would look after my little brother and that is what we are doing. It is very sad and I am really dissapointed. But people forget that I will find out what they do to my little brother and I love him so if they are picking on him they are picking on me!
I really can't believe people think that I wont be affected by what they do?? It's weird.

On a lighter  self indulgent note I have a new photo of Addie in my sig, super cute if I do say so myself LOL original.gif

#27 Summerlover

Posted 06 March 2011 - 01:43 PM

Hello all

J - families never cease to amaze me as mine is so dysfunctional its not funny and yet my parents think they are the most 'normal' perfect people around amazes me.  Sorry to hear its happening not long after your dads death - just what you don't need and you sometimes need to cut ties even if for a short time.  Cute pic of Addy.  Hope its going well - I see your posts on facebook sometimes about tiredness and I so hear you - having 2 has been a huge transition for me especially with all of Isla's probs

Bec - thanks for all your info you are sending me on foods etc for Isla, she is still off her solids so am waiting for a tooth but we have all had tummy bugs too in here and she is not 100% with a small cold too.  You are amazingly strong too with what you are having to go through with hubby.

Hayles hoping things are improving with your DH too

Urs - whats happening girl??  hows life, what you been up to?  Miss some of your stories - we don't hear from you enough.  How are you and hubby doing these days?

Shell hope you are well.  How are the kids health these days and things with your DH??  Man we have all struggled with our partners in some way or other.

Simone how is life in Townsville?? Enjoying the heat?  Have the kids settled in?

Ok we are all ok - hubby and I are getting along amazingly these days.  Yas has settled down and is interacting more with Isla as she has started moving and grabbing now - I think it amazes Yas more than anything.  Isla is still struggling and tests have come back to indicate still a lot of inflamation in her gut so we have an appointment with the speech path to check out her throat area and swallowing on Tuesday morning.  She has also started daycare on a Monday and will get another day in 6-8 weeks so I am starting to do my cv and a letter to try and get 2 days work in the coming month or so - need to get out of the house and spend that time with adults.  We go out a lot and I find I am not at home a lot of the mornings but its always to do kiddy things with friends so now I want some time without kids and try and get a balance for my sanity.  

Oh well both kids in bed - don't know how long Isla will last and I don't know if Yas is asleep or not, she didn't sleep yesterday but I won't go and check until she has been in an hour as if she is awake she may as well not bother - she did well yesterday but at least getting an hours rest in her bedroom as there are no toys in there is better than nothing.

Take care peoples
luv Helenxx

#28 TrickyRicky

Posted 07 March 2011 - 07:44 PM

Hi Everyone,

Bec - Good Luck tomorrow! I was happy to go back to work after almost 2.5yrs off, I was so ready and the money has been great! mind you I still feel like we are struggling as we save one month then its gone in the next with bills huh.gif Who has the kids when your at work?

Helen - thats good that you and DH are getting on, DH and I have had our moments lately, not good... sad.gif you will have to update some pics on FB of the girls!

Hayls - How are you??

J - Death brings out the worst in people, when my friend past away his ex when all crazy and now we still dont see the kids and she still goes on about it, so we have just cut ties and I will not speak to her until she will calm down! I miss the kids alot but there is not much else I can do. I do hope it gets better for you. Addie is so cute and I'm so jealous!!!

Casey - Well he is just great, fully toilet trained now since Xmas, he has never let me wipe his bum tongue.gif, he is this little man who still has the occasional tantrum, he is so cute, when he asked me for something and I say no he says aaaww? but in this cute little voice, the other favourite word is I can't, I cant mum, I cant do it... I much rather that than but why? or No! he is still only little still in size 1's and small 2's. He idolises his brother and they have a great relationship. I love him to death!

Ricky - he is in kindy and loving it!!! he literally skips up the path to class, he has his first project on our pet so thats been fun so far. He gets his home work every monday and hands it in on Thursday and the home reader, he loves his homework & I feel he is doing so well and I love how I can already see him trying to read. He got his first Merit Award last week, I was so happy for him!

Me - Well I've been busy, doing the morning drop off, then off to work, pick ricky up at 3pm, then travel out to my mums to pick Casey up, home, cook dinner, gym, then finally settle down, thats pretty much about it!

ok I gotta go, Ricky has a planter wart on his toe and is being a pain in the ass and wont settle down till I go in there, so I gotta cut it short.

Bye xx

#29 ohsotired

Posted 11 March 2011 - 08:40 AM

Hi Everyone!

Urs: Issy and Ben go to creche Tuesdays, DH has them at home Wednesdays ( he loves spending time with them and I think it gives him a much needed mid week break from working with his dad!) and Thursdays they go to family day care, to a parent from my school. Handy because she lives just across the road form school also. Yes the money will be great. Not bad money either for working just three days, its still more than DH makes for the whole week!

Hayles: Thinking of you hun. hoping that you are okay. It was quite a while ago now, but remember I have been there and can tell you first hand, that you and the kids come first. Anything or anyone else that demands less of you or treats you less than you deserve is not worth your precious time. It does get better. xx

J: Addi is just gorgeous. Sorry to hear about your extended family, Urs is right death does bring out the worse in some people. Half my mums family still don' talk after my grandparents died almost 20 years ago! Sad, but sometime you have to look after those closest to you and they come first for sure!x How is Eli going with his new sister?

Well I survived my first wee back at work. Not particulary happy with a few things at work,  but for this year its easy money so will stick with it. DH seems a bit better. We are both doing the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge. In three weeks I have lost almost 5 kilos, going to the gym also so feeling quite good. I think diet and exercise is also helping DH. Not so sure he is depressed as such or just stressed about living life so close to his parents. Hmmm.... am just watching his reaction to things and trying to work it out. He is happy around us, but as soon as something happens with his family, he seems down. Have not seen or heard from his mum in the last few weeks although had a good chat with DH's aunty ( his mums sister) who is lovely. As I suspected MIL thinks I am a bit hard on DH when I don't let him or make it hard for him to just lie in bed all day when he is down. Apparently I should be cotton wool wrapping him as she did his whole life! DH actually thanks me though.

Ok better go, got palygroup then heading away to stay at my sister for the weekend. Got the Wiggles concert Sunday! Yay!

#30 TrickyRicky

Posted 11 March 2011 - 04:49 PM

Hey Bec, I'm glad you survived your first week back. I have a friend who just recently moved to orange and is just working casual and he is getting 350 a day! that is tops money I say. I wish I could earn that!

Well done on the 5kilos! I so need to lose 5kgs! where can I find this 12wk diet?

Ricky had his first day off school today, he has had a 40 temp since yesterday afternoon and after being up all night with him I decided to keep him home. He has soccer at 9am tomorrow then 2 kids parties, which he really wants to go to. I just dont know if he is up to it.

I am so bored, I love being home Thurs & fri with Casey but I really want to be doing something, I've been applying for bookeeping temp jobs and never get a response, I'm thinking emailing some Accountants in the area to see if they need a bookkeeper, I'm not good at calling them as I am so nervous of being told no. So I was then thinking of buying some jumping castles and hiring them out, though you need money to start out, which I dont have, I'm trying to think of ways that we can earn an extra living but its not generally hard work, ifykwim?

I should really be cooking dinner, eggs on toast for dinner tonight, I really just could not be bothered!

I hope you are all well xx

#31 Summerlover

Posted 22 March 2011 - 06:04 PM

Been a long time between posts for me girls.  How is everyone?  Are we still keeping this little area going? or are we all just preferring keeping in contact on facebook?

Urs I am always updating pics of the girls onto facebook - you will have to go in to my pics and have a look, I have a new section just for Yas and Isla 2011 but I have a couple of new ones on my phone I might go and put on now as Isla has just gone to bed early and Yas won't be far behind because of no day sleep!

oh no Woolies delivery has just turned up!

ok hope you are all well and I'll post some pics on facebook


#32 TrickyRicky

Posted 01 April 2011 - 02:59 PM

Hey Girls,

Its been ages since anyone has posted and alot has happened since I have last been in.

I got a new job!!! I'm bookkeeper/adminstration officer the money is about the same, I do though get holidays, loading, super a car spot etc and its actually doing what I want to do!!!! Its for an association that runs events to help businesses in Western Sydney, they have major speakers like the Premiers, billionaires etc, so that will be interesting. Its not always busy though so I might manage to change my hours depending on if there is an event or end of month reports. So much to learn though so hopefully the old bookkeeper will come back in on Tuesday and teach me:) she had been in the position for 3yrs and there is no one else that knows what to do.  The GM wants it to be a bit of supervisory role aswell as the other 2 ladies are only 21 and he is out of the office a bit so needs someone to keep an eye on them as such.

I have had to change everything around ie put Ricky into after school care Tues/Wed and have FIL pick him up on a Thurs as I have to work 8.30-4pm, of DH had an issue with it, but I told him I dont care, I want to get back to working on my career and the money is more secure and its really what I want to do.

Ricky came home with another award today, I tell you this kid is either the class nerd or he is ligite (sp) lol I think age is a huge factor, he will be 6 in June and most of the other kids are only turning 5, so I feel that I made the right decision by holding him back, some of the other kindy kids still talk like babies.

Casey chucked a tantrum in woollies today, I just smiled at everyone when they looked at me freaked.gif

So how is everyone else going, I'm too busy ravelling on about myself...

#33 sun_kissed

Posted 05 April 2011 - 12:23 PM

Congratulations Urs!!!! Great news on your job and your gorgeous school boy getting his award. God I remember when we were talking about him toilet training and now he is in school.

Not so good about Caseys tantrum lol.

Hel I love your new sig original.gif

Me: Just loving addie more and more each day she is a delight even if she does keep me up all hours. Eli is definately found his attitude not impressed with that much but I guess its the age and he is testing boundaries. hmmmmmm
xo to you all xo

#34 Summerlover

Posted 08 April 2011 - 04:25 PM

Hellllloooo girls

J so glad to hear your love of your daughter  wub.gif - BTW my sig is old I need a new one really but thanks anyway

Urs - very happy for you, well done girl  cclap.gif and well done to Ricky thats a great start to schooling for him.  Yes you are right in telling your DH to go jump and just deal with it as if you are not having any more kids at all or for a while at least then you need to do what is right for you - the kids will just go with the flo.

Hayles - whats happening girl?  all ok at home now? hows the new job going?  I know you answered me it was telemarketing or something - what are you actually doing?

Shell - hello lovely, how are you?? We have not caught up on Skype for a while.

Simone hows life in the North? Actually do you still post in here anymore???  I see what you are up to on Facebook anyway but its nice to catch up in here every now and again.

Us - well you all know from facebook that I have a part time job also.  Man my first interview and I get it and its not even in Real Estate!!!  I wasn't going to take it but they are just so so flexible that I am going to give it a go.  It is my first 'real' job after having both kids and I think it is the best choice for that reason and they said so too themselves.  Basically its doing what Urs is doing Admin/Accounts/Payroll for a Restaurant in Palm Cove.  The owners rent a house at a place called Clifton Beach which is about 10mins from Palm Cove and 15mins from Cairns and the work is done from the house.  The owners are the lady that runs the restaurant who is about my age and the Chef who lives there too but never there as he has a girlfriend in Palm Cove and stays there a lot.  So the job is Mond to Wed.  Monday and Tues are set but I can come and go with Wed which is great.  I got a call that day after the interview and she asked how I felt I went and I said pretty good and she said that she really liked me and wanted to offer me the job.  I was gobsmacked as I was not going to take it but we had a talk about a few things as I was concerned about the Wed and she said Wed was flexible.  She said there were a few others that were a bit more qualified but she had a good gut feeling about me.  I decided to give it a go.  I need to - I need the stimulation, Isla and I need to be separated a bit as we are very attached due to all her probs and really an extra $1000 odd dollars a month in our pocket is better than nothing.  So Isla will go to daycare the Monday as normal and the Wednesday and DH is going to look after both kids on the Tuesday which will be funny but its only 1 day and as he gets more comfortable with Isla we can take her out of the Wednesday and I can change that day to either a Thursday or Friday and DH can look after them both the 2nd day.  Well at the mo doing the 2 days in daycare is fine until the end of this financial year but then we can look at it after 3 months.
I have been crying a lot - its really weird though because Yasmin was just my gorgeous little first born that I thought I would never get and when it was time to put her in daycare I was upset of course but really looking forward to her independance and mine but with Isla I think because she has had soooo many problems and still has that its much harder to let go - but its for the best for the whole family and its only 3 days.

So thats our news - loving our little life and just hope it can only get better now grin.gif

Take care everyone

Helen xx

#35 sun_kissed

Posted 23 April 2011 - 01:49 PM

Happy Easter June Mummys and babies xoxoxox
Hope you are enjoying the long break xoxoxo

Or for me just enjoying having hubby home and help for a few days lol biggrin.gif

#36 sun_kissed

Posted 08 May 2011 - 09:12 AM

Hmmmm ladies we are getting slack cool.gif ?? Are we still using this forum??

Happy Mothers day girlies xoxox biggrin.gif

#37 MrsHayley

Posted 09 May 2011 - 02:42 PM

Hey Girls wink.gif

I really really want to keep using this forum, but find it hard to get motivated to come in and post - my depression is such a b**ch like that!

Life has been good. Hard but good. DH and I are trying really hard to work through our problems. So far, so good. He has made a few really good changes, and we have found a fantastic marriage counsellor who is really helping us. The kids have been great too, since we started making these changes wub.gif

- is crazy! She is definitely going through the "terrible twos". She has such an attitude, and she is so stubborn. We have some really wonderful days, where she barely does anything wrong, and then there are days where she seems like she is spending half the day in her bedroom sad.gif But we will get there - it only takes a "sorry Mummy" and a giant kiss and cuddle and life seems better again wub.gif She is only wearing a nappy at sleep times now, so we finally got back on the TT bandwagon. Speaks no jibberish whatsoever anymore. It's still spinning me out to be able to talk to her 'properly'. She has been doing dancing since the beginning of Term 1 and absolutely loves it. She is dancing with the same teachers that used to teach me, and it is so cute to watch her learning all the things that I loved.

Harrison - OMG! He is such a boy.....and a super handsome one at that laughing2.gif He will be 2 in 3mths - crazy!!! He is running around everywhere he can and really interacting with everyone now. He is talking a little more (nowhere near as much as Amelia did at the same age), but enough that he is starting to converse a little bit. He has such a deep voice - it's weird to think how much deeper it will be when he is a teenager and his voice actually breaks laughing2.gif He loves playing with Amelia, it absolutely melts my heart how much they love each other.

Uuummm, what else......am still working at K-Mart, and also doing the call centre work from home (which is super busy and decent money - all while being able to work in my trackies and ugg boots laughing2.gif). And my sister and I have started a dancewear business, that we are really trying to get moving. There is only 1 dancewear shop in geelong, so there is definitely a market for it - but just need to get word of mouth moving.

Anyway, better get moving, to go and pick my kidlets up from daycare

Love you girls xx

#38 TrickyRicky

Posted 13 May 2011 - 07:51 PM

I know Hayles, I feel so guilty I say I will come in and post and I dont, why dont we use the EB June FB page more seeing as we are on there more.

What a great idea with the dancewear, have you found a cheap wholesaler??

My new job is going well its all bookkeeping and I love it and I have managed to pick up a new client on a Monday, so theres some extra money there cause we need it right now, just got to sort Casey out.

I just had an operation yesterday to remove pollops from my uterus, you girls would know how bad my periods have been well the last 3mths I have not actually stopped bleeding and the pain and clotting is so bad that sometimes I cant even leave the house as I'm constantly changing, so I've had the Mirena inserted aswell, feeling a little swollen and sore but otherwise ok.

Casey - is full on crazy he still has a very bad eating habit, likes to go nude as soon as we walk in the door and is king trantrum thrower he is growing up too fast though.

Ok well I hope I'll be back shortly.

URs xx

#39 Summerlover

Posted 22 May 2011 - 03:15 PM

Well girls 2 months since any of us posted in here - we are all on facebook together, is this the end of this thread now the kidlets are turning 3 ????


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