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October 09 Parents # 46

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#26 barx_twins+1

Posted 03 January 2011 - 07:15 PM

Hi Girls waves.gif

Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is a great year for everyone.  biggrin.gif

Foxy Jo - Harrison & Piper will have great time chasing each other around at the Park.  She is almost running at times.  Don't you just love this toddler stage, the girls are also very vocal, our house can get very very noisy!

Jess - Glad you like the ipad.  Think I will have to work overtime to convince DH, he's like you have a macbook, why do you need an ipad too wink.gif.  Hope your bleeding has settled down.

Shell- Congrats on the birth of Cruze - love the name original.gif

Kylie - That is so awesome that feeding Nash is so much better than with Evan.  Glad to hear you are having a good time with both boys. Great work with losing weight also cclap.gif

Jo - Nope Scarlett isn't close to walking, think she is awhile away yet.  Loch didn't walk till he was 16.5 months so I wouldn't be surprised if she was the same.  Is Hannah close?

Jayne - Good luck with the lapband surgery hope it all goes well.

AFM - We had a lovely new years with friends.  The kids swam & played, which gave us all time to talk, which was great.  Have had a quiet few days since then with Loch at my parents house.  So it has just been DH & the girls.  It has been nice to have time to spend with just the 4 of us.  Piper is now getting very confident with her walkng, she hardly crawls now and when she does it is usually when she is really tired.  At times, it is like she is almost running.  cool.gif Scarlett doesn't seem bothered by her walking is still very happy to crawl around and cruise the furniture.  I don't think she will be walking anytime soon, I wouldn't mind guessing that she will be like Loch & it will happen around the 16 month mark.

It must be the year of loosing weight & getting healthy.  I am also going to try to loose some weight, have quite a few kgs to loose.  The aim is to start to eat much healthier & go walking.  Hoping to alternate the nights with DH so he can still go for a run & play squash etc.

Not much else happening last day of DH's hols tomorrow, so not to sure what we will do besides going to his sisters to celeberate her twins turning 4 biggrin.gif

Sydney Girls - will send msg via FB in the next few days so we can organise a catch up soon.

Mel xx

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#27 satiress

Posted 04 January 2011 - 06:39 AM

Hi ladies,

Shell: wow, home already. Don't overdo it, remember you are recovering from major surgery! Take the drugs original.gif Glad Cruze has settled into home life well and Loh is being a doting big sister.

Mel: How funny that Piper has taken off (so to speak) and Scarlett is happy to cruise around, it's amazing how different each child is. I bet your house is noisy original.gif Good luck with the weight loss and toning up.

Jo: An iPad is a large iPhone, essentially, you download apps to it and you can connect it to your Wi-Fi or used 3G mobile (expensive!). My DH refuses them, I have a Macbook and an iphone so he just looks at me like I'm insane.. I really don't need one, I just love playing with him original.gif Good luck with the toning up too!

Leish: so good to hear from you, I was wondering where you disappeared to!! So happy you are getting some assistance and have someone to talk to, hope to see you around more often (and your gorgeous boys too)

Kylie: so happy BF is working out with little Nash, it makes life so much easier. Don't forget to find some time for yourself, but so glad you are feeling great x

Jess: I hope the bleeding has settled down completely for you and you can get a chance to relax. I know what you mean about taking our toddlers anywhere, it's full on! DH is also hopeless when I leave her with him, she ends eating something wrong or filthy hehe

Jayne: good luck for the surgery hon, not long to go now! how exciting for you original.gif

Sydney meet up: oh sad.gif I don't move back to Sydney until the 28th, so please keep me down for a catch up in Feb, I will definitely be there with the girls original.gif

AFM: DH went back to work today after the holidays, so we're having a home day, I can already see Bella and Josh arguing over the TV.. one wants Nick Jnr, one wants Disney channel... and Audrey is still asleep.. it's 940am!!!!!! I said to DH, she'll wake up 3 inches taller at this rate wink.gif

take care xx

#28 jemsoli

Posted 04 January 2011 - 02:39 PM

Could you trap him up in a highchair or playpen while you hang washing/do dishes? or tell your DH to help you more, LOL or pay for a cleaner. Wouldn't a cleaner be awesome? Sounds like this is adding to your current stresses sad.gif

I'll be back later to post properly, having some me time while Emily is asleep and am crashed on the lounge with donuts and a book.

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#29 koiles

Posted 04 January 2011 - 02:57 PM

Leish I just take him outside with me anyway lol. Our backyard is mainly dirt and weeds but he loves it and as long as it keeps him happy and lets me get something done I don't mind the filth. The other day we had a rare hot day and I just put sunscreen on him and let him cruise around out there in a nappy, then just hosed him off before bringing him inside. He's been really hit and miss with his naps lately, some days he'll only have 45mins-1hr in the morning, then other days he'll just have a short afternoon nap...yesterday he had neither which was the opposite of fun wacko.gif. I'm scared about DH going back to work, but in a way I also can't wait because then I can get into a proper routine, I think he's just confused with DH being home so much! I'd be telling DH to go jump if he had a go at me. Wish I had some more suggestions on how to get L used to you leaving!

Lisa a 9.40 sleep in...bliss!! Is everything organised for the big move home?

Mel aww well done Piper! I love the fact that each of the girls is doing their own thing when they want to. Great plan to alternate with DH with the exercise. Not sure how we're going to fit it in here...DH has always gone for a run every night when he gets in from work so I know he won't want to give that up...and I don't want to get up early to go before he leaves for work, ick! I think I'll have to try and walk during the day with the pram - I'm lucky that we live walking distance to most things so that should encourage me - and then do things like exercise dvd's and things I can do at home...E would get a massive laugh watching me do zumba or something similar lol.

Jo ooo I keep seeing the cardio twister and wondering whether it's something I would use or just sit there like a few other things I've bought. Would love to hear what you think of it when it arrives. H sounds just like E! Can't leave him alone for a second he always finds something to get into even when there's nothing and he's just started doing this frustrated yell/growl thing at us too like an arrrrgghhhhhh really loud! Oh the night waking sucks sad.gif he's not getting any more teeth is he?

Shell naawww zzz so cute wub.gif.

Naomi sounds like a good plan!

AFM E will now walk around the room holding the walls rather than just the furniture. He seems so close yet so totally far lol. A while ago I was hoping he'd walk early or much later, just to avoid the 'just like his father' comments from MIL rolleyes.gif but I've changed my mind, I just want him walking to save my back instead! DH walked at 15.5 months and E's now 14.5m - I think he is probably a good month or 2 off walking yet.

Had N's home visit check up today, he's put his birth weight back on already and another 45g so he's now 2.9kg. The feeding is easy but hard at the same time...hard because it's all down to me, whereas with E DH and I shared the load, but I really don't want to get in the habit of expressing. Am finding that a bit of an adjustment. I think he might be having his first growth spurt too because he was feeding constantly last night, I had 30mins sleep til 7am blink.gif am so not used to that, E was never like that...night sleeps were the only thing he was good at tongue.gif.

#30 honeyfly

Posted 05 January 2011 - 03:36 PM

Hi girls,

Just have a few minutes so thought I would pop in and say hi!  Hope you all had a lovely New Year's, we went camping and had a great time.  Hard work with a 13 month old that can now practically run!

Congralations Shell on the arrival of Cruze!!!  Such wonderful news, you have done very well with a pigeon pair  biggrin.gif

Leish - as Jess suggested the high chair and a cruskit or something?  Sometimes I will put Hannah on the deck in the high chair and she can watch me while she munches on a biscuit or some fruit.  But usually she just runs around the yard picking up pegs (which has been pretty sloppy and gross lately).  Otherwise just let him cry inside with his torys, I have no problems doing that if Hannah is being unreasonably sooky, it won't kill her!!

Kylie I hope everything is going well for you, as I said in my last post, you are superwoman!! I remember the early days of breastfeeding it just took FOREVER!!!  But it got much quicker and easier, you're doing a great job.

Well we decided to start ttc, now I haven't really been temping or anything been a bit slack, so no idea where my cycle is at.  I am still breastfeeding Hannah morning and night (I don't think she will ever give it up, loves her boobies!!)  But have done the BD a few times and fingers crossed it's good timing!  I would love to fall pregnant now so then it would be a Sep bub before the Nov/Dec rush of birthdays and Christmas!!  Anyway, fingers crossed!  DH is very keen on getting a boy and has been reading up on the internet and telling me "we need to do this and that" haha quite amusing.  I don't like his chances as his family is full of girls.

Anyway, will pop back later on if time allows and catch up properly!

Luv Brooke

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#31 raky

Posted 06 January 2011 - 07:22 AM

Hi EveryoneI haven't been in here for ages.. Kind of forgot about EB until I had something on my email.

Congrats to Jess and Lisa - how exciting..

Honeyfly - we are starting to try again too this month after m/c in october and with the xmas rush out of the way. I am very excited!

Kylie - glad you are having a better experience this time round!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Mel - Congrats to Piper - no stopping her now..

I shall be around more often now!!

Kylie & Ollie

#32 honeyfly

Posted 11 January 2011 - 12:45 PM

Oooh it's very quiet in here, where is everyone?

Hi Kylie!!  Nice to see you in here again!  So sorry to hear about your m/c, hope you're ok.  Good luck with TTC, maybe we will be in the next DIG together!  biggrin.gif

Leish - I've been onto that one then, been eating crap for the past few weeks!

AFM - I have a feeling I *may* be pregnant, but only 7-8 DPO so don't know for sure.  Had some spotting exactly like I did when I fell pregnant with Hannah at the same DPO and that has only ever happened when I was pregnant.  So fingers crossed!!  Will do "the test" later in the week.  Hopefully we did manage to catch that egg!

I'm sure you have all seen the crazy weather we're having up here in QLD.  The rain is just constant and so heavy, blows in all directions it's mad!  Thunder and lightening all night and continuing now, work gave us the day off pretty much to stay off the roads which is good.  Hope all the Brissy girls are safe and dry, not really much chance of flooding on the coast where we are which is good (apart from our backyard which is a lake and the side of the house is a river to the front).

Luv Brooke

#33 satiress

Posted 11 January 2011 - 05:53 PM

Hi ladies

OOooh Brooke: Good luck for the testing later this week, sounds promising though, how exciting!

Kylie: sorry for your loss hon, good luck TTC, I hope you have a sticky one soon. How is Ollie going? How is his blood work?

Leish: how's it going with the house work and Lucas? I eat junk food all the time and keep getting girls hahaha.. well we shall see in 7 weeks if it's another girl. And when this one is born, we are SO DONE!! no more babies here original.gif

Kylie: glad everything is going so well with little Nash, he sounds like a dream baby. Can I ask what brand of sling do you have? I"m thinking of getting one for the new bubba and don't know where to start..

Shell: Cruze sounds like a dream too, pity about the hot weather making everything a challenge though, hope you get a break soon or an air conditioner to walk around with when you feed hehe

Mel: well done to Piper, she'll be teacher her sister tricks on walking in no time.

Jess: how's everything going with your pregnancy? I hope no more bleeding for you hon.

AFM: Flew into Sydney on Sunday night and out on Monday evening just so I could have my NT scan and see my ob. Good news, bub is perfect, growing right on track and everything where it should be for this gestation... NT risk was really low so we're super happy and as most have seen we announced on FB and told all our family. Everyone seems so happy but if I hear "so trying for that elusive boy" one more time I might scream! Is it so far fetched that we don't care about gender?
Other than that, girls are great, Audreys babbles all day long, rarely says mum but says Dad constantly... she's the sweetest creature on earth, just adore being around her.

We move back on the 28th, I took 50kgs of stuff over on Sunday so I'm hoping we make the luggage limit for the final trip, so excited, can't wait to get home and settled!

take care ladies xxx

#34 jemsoli

Posted 12 January 2011 - 09:04 AM

Kylie glad to hear Nash is well and feeding good.

Raky sending you sticky bubba vibes.

Brooke so exciting you are TTC already and that you may be pregnant! Can't wait till you test and let us know!

Lisa was wondering how your NT went. Glad to hear you had awesome results!

Chantal I can't believe Emil is going to school already!

Afm I am feeling so crap. I had a huge meltdown last night, and I cried to DF about how sick I am feeling all the time, and how I treat emily like crap, and I treat him like crap and how I am such a terrible mother. I have had constant all day nausea, and while I haven't vomited yet I still feel terrible all the time. I am not spending any time with emily, just leaving the tv on all day while I lay on the lounge. I am not doing any cooking or cleaning. I wanted to be pregnant again so bad, I just didn't realize it would be so hard sad.gif

Not much else is happening, emilys top molars have broken through a bit on the sides but that is pretty much it.

#35 helenn82

Posted 12 January 2011 - 10:50 AM

Just a quick post....my head is not up to personals.

Just wanted to post and hope the girls in the SE Qld corner are safe.  Also for any others who have family and friends this area of the country.  Stay safe.  My head just can't get past what is going on.  Seeing Monday's events unfold here in Toowoomba were just insane and extremely scary and just watching it all slowly unfold down in Ipswich/Brisbane is so sad.  I have friends who have been affected by flooding here and also down there.  You feel like you can't do much when you have children.

#36 jemsoli

Posted 18 January 2011 - 08:03 PM

cant be bothered writing much, but wanted to let you girls know everything went fine with our scan today. according to OBs old ultrasound machine we could be due 29/08-2/09 which is pretty spot on with my dates.

we couldnt see much, just a blob but we saw a heartbeat flickering  wub.gif  and OB can only see one in there (at the moment...LOL)

told our parents tonight, and they were all really happy for us and excited!

#37 satiress

Posted 19 January 2011 - 08:30 AM

Yay Jess that is so fantastic, glad everything is well 'in there' for you. How are you feeling? Have you thought about taking an iron supplement? I know that I suffer from anemia at the best of times so take extra iron when pregnant and once my levels are low, I can not do anything.. I'm exhausted 24/7... might be an idea original.gif x

Well, we've told everyone, and after the joke "trying for a boy hey", "get a hobby", "get a tv in the bedroom" jibes, everyone seems really happy for us which is great. I'm starting to get some energy back, don't feel like I need to sleep all day which is a plus.

just over a week until we're home, I can't believe it's actually finally happening, so excited!!

take care ladies xx

#38 Guest_mummy4eva_*

Posted 20 January 2011 - 04:42 PM

That's great news Jess! Hope your pregnancy goes really well. I love that initial finding out your pregnant and having the first scan and telling people. So exciting! Are you still breastfeeding Emily?

Good luck for the big move, Lisa. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well aswell.


Just looking at part time TAFE courses. Enrolments are next week so weighing up my options. Not sure if I'll be able to start this semester or wait until next semester. Depends on care arrangements. Daycare will be a bit pricey until end of June but MIL may be an option to look after the boys.

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#39 koiles

Posted 20 January 2011 - 10:12 PM

Brooke what's the latest, have you tested???? happy.gif

Helen glad you're ok, it's just been terrible to watch, can only imagine what it feels like being so close to it all bbighug.gif.

Lisa I have a no-name brand sling lol, I stalked a woman around a baby market when I was pg with E because I loved her sling and she gave me the number of a woman who made them locally. It's just a plain old ring sling, but I just loved the fabric wub.gif. I like the ring sling because you can adjust it heaps, they're cheap (I've got a few links on how to sew a really easy one if you're a sewer or know someone who is), I've also got a mei tei which is good for when they're a bit older. I can't believe how clear your u/s pic was, gorgeous! Lol @ the comments, I'm still getting the 'gee you didn't waste any time' or 'do you know what causes it yet?' comments rolleyes.gif. A week, yay!!!

Jess woo-hoo congrats on the u/s results. So exciting telling your folks, I bet they were over the moon for you! Hope your ms is easing now.

Chantal love the new sig wub.gif

AFM has been a bit up and down this week...you forget how much sleep deprivation sucks! N is feeding 3hrly overnight and takes 1hr to feed so it's just a massive PITA at the moment...I'm not used to it at all, E was on formula from about a week old and fed 4hrly and was quick so it's an adjustment, I think I have to throw all my expectations out the window when it comes to bf'ing...they don't call it 'demand' feeding for nothing I have learnt! He's a little gem though hheart.gif.

E is quite a challenge at the moment. He's well and truly hit the terrible 2's and coupled with that the jealousy towards N has started this week. Lots of hitting, pinching, squeezing and what looks like he's doing a lovely kiss only for him to pull away and there be teeth marks on N's head, little bugger. I'm sure the jealousy will fade quickly (he does have the attention span of a goldfish), but the ATTITUDE is here to stay for a while me thinks! Am getting quite sick of being told no for everything, and it's not his cute little singsong 'no no no' voice anymore it's a NO, and getting sick of hearing 'go away' everytime I ask him to do something either. Oh and the attention seeking squeal...thank god I have boys, that's all I'll say laughing2.gif.

Much love xx

#40 jemsoli

Posted 27 January 2011 - 03:18 PM

Thought I should come in and do a proper post, it's been awhile LOL.

Lisa hope the move goes well. Did you have much stuff to bring back to Australia, or was all your furniture and big stuff in storage?

Chantal yes, still breastfeeding Emily. I know I have to wean her, cos I'm not cut out for tandem feeding but I don't want to stop. I am hoping the milk starts to taste funny and she weans herself. What are you thinking of studying at Tafe?

Kylie hope things are getting easier with N at home now. Is the feeding any better, or does he still take AGES to feed? Hope E gets over his tansies, though I don't like your chances LOL.

Afm not really had much going on. I got some sea bands which seem to be helping, though some days they don't do anything where others they are great. If I didn't wear them I would pretty much have all day nausea, and I have vomited a few times now, but usually at night after I have taken my vitamins.

I am pretty excited (yes, very lame) cos I just won an enjo mop plus a cover thingy for it for $51 on eBay. They are close to $200 so I am pretty stoked! I got a shower mitt the other day, and had my shower not been completely and disgustingly covered in crud it would have cleaned it awesome.

#41 satiress

Posted 28 January 2011 - 09:37 AM

I'm moving today!!! woohooo!!! Almost finished the packing, girls organised, just waiting on DH to finish his work goodbyes and come home to we can head to the airport this arvo. Can't happen soon enough, there's a cyclone warning off the north coast of the north island here with heavy rain for tonight and tomorrow plus an earthquake this morning (we weren't affected but did both wake up at the time of it!)... get me off the island of NZ! ha!

Jess: glad the sea bands are helping you hon, all day nausea is the pits. So glad mine just disappeared around 10 weeks, hope yours does too.

Brooke: have you tested woman? don't leave us hanging!! hehe

Kylie: hope Evan has started settle down to life as a brother and not the centre of attention 24/7, I know Bella had a huge adjustment period but is fine now (apart from being 3). Glad Nash is feeding well for you, he's such a cutie.

Chantal: love your sig pic, so sweet.

ok.. off to finish the packing and throw crap in the bin original.gif xx

#42 helenn82

Posted 28 January 2011 - 01:49 PM

Glad the ultrasound went well Jess.  So many girls due again!  So exciting!!  I am still resisting the urge! lol

I think I've missed something Brooke??!!  I knew you were starting TTC but nothing else.  Fingers crossed hun xx

Jess we're still feeding here.  Is Emily feeding much?  She could wean herself before bub.  Is she having any other milk if you were wanting to wean?

Lisa I have a no-name brand sling lol, I stalked a woman around a baby market when I was pg with E because I loved her sling and she gave me the number of a woman who made them locally. It's just a plain old ring sling, but I just loved the fabric wub.gif.
  You're a dag!! hehehe  
I hope Even starts to settle into the big bro role soon.

We're going well ATM.  Samara is being a bit clingy which can be painful.  Her way of saying she doesn't want to do something is by shrieking and swiping her hand! lol  

Question for the mums with girls.....what do you do with their hair?  Is anyone cutting or trimming or just letting it all grow out?? I'm a bit clueless here original.gif  I haven't cut it yet but just bought some of those lil' rubber band type hair ties and have started to do pigtails at the back to get the hair off her neck.  I can't use clips (even though I have a pretty hairclip board full of pretty clips!) as she just rips them out.  How are you keeping the hair out of their eyes?

Enjoy your trip home Lisa!

#43 jemsoli

Posted 28 January 2011 - 03:09 PM

Helen I have started weaning her to two feeds a day, and when I start on the morning/night feeds I will replace BM with cows milk. Emilys hair isn't really long enough to have to think about cutting it yet. The back is long but the top/front is still pretty short and doesn't go in her eyes. I have put a mini ponytail in the back once, but she really doesnt need it yet. I don't know how I will ever be able to cut her hair.

Lisa LOL looks like you are moving at just the right time! At least you know this time you are back in sydney for good.

#44 honeyfly

Posted 28 January 2011 - 09:09 PM

Hi girls,

Sorry sorry, I've been a slack a*se!!

I did test and it was negative, then got my AF 10 seconds later  rolleyes.gif .  It was very strange for me to be spotting like that for so long before it came, was exactly like the implantation bleed I had with Hannah.  Anyway, I didn't know if we missed the important time last month as we only decided to ttc half way through it.  So either my made-up counting was out, or it tried to implant and didn't stick.  Strangely I have had a lot of cramping since then all through the last couple of weeks, so tested just to make sure there wasn't an ectopic one in there, but that wasn't it.  Who knows?  Hopefully there isn't anything wrong.  Feeling a bit better now though, Hannah has been a bit off doing a bazillion poos a day so maybe we both have a bug.

Helen - I have the same problem with Hannah, her hair is so long already!  I don't want to cut it though, so at the moment I do the same with the pigtails, or sometimes sweep it to the side and back with one little pigtail to keep her fringe out of her face.  She is usually ok with clips though.

Lisa - just saw on FB you have arrived!!  Hooray!!  Hope it all went well, put your feet up for a bit!

Kylie - sounds like you have everything under control!  I remember those early days, the feeding just took so long, I felt like I was sitting on the couch most of the day.  Oh and those night feeds, ouch, the head nod trying to stay awake at 3am.  I can imagine the jealousy would be happening, does E say no a lot?  I haven't had that from Hannah yet, not looking forward to it!  Hey, where do you live in relation to Melbourne city?  I am coming down for a conference end of Feb but Sam and Hannah are coming too and we are going to be there for the weekend of the 26th Feb (Sat-Mon), then I will be working, but if you're not far away would love to come meet you and your boys!  I was thinking of taking Hannah to the zoo there, I have heard it's really good?

Jess - oh you poor thing, sounds like you're having a rough time with morning sickness.  That feeling was the pits, like a constant hangover without the fun before!  I remember just having to eat all of the time to make myself feel better, and bad foods usually too.  Hope it eases soon, how far along are you now?  I am still BFing Hannah too, she's still keen for it and it's our special time, so I will keep going for now (I am having Sam and Hannah come to our work conference next month seeing as I am still feeding, so I get a room all to myself - usually we share with a colleague - usually my best mate so all good anyway!).

AFM - we are all good, finally getting some sunshine here in QLD which is fabulous!  Hannah is great fun, but I can see her temper coming through now, not so fun.  She has learnt to point where her nose, ear and mouth are when we ask, she picks stuff up so quickly, it's really cool!

Anyway, gotta run off to bed, it's time to make a baby hopefully. hehe

Have a wonderful weekend!

Luv Brooke xoxo

#45 thetuckers

Posted 10 February 2011 - 01:08 PM

Hi everyone

It has been ages since I have posted and not sure if most of you remember me?  I am Ali I had Benjamin (Benny) on 29th Oct.  I just wanted to pop in and say hi and catch up.

Congrats on all the Bubba's that are due, there are so many it is awesome news!  We have put out TTC plans on hold a few time now.  We were thiknking around Benny's birthday, then we scrapped it and then we were thinking New Year by April and considering that is only 8 weeks away I don't think that will happen either.  Maybe towards the end of the year we will think about it.  

Ben is a handful as I guess all toddlers are, the tantrums and the temper are in full swing now and just a daily occurance in our house.  So can't wait for this phase to pass laughing2.gif

Anyway I hope you're all going well, hopefully I will pop in on a regular basis for a chat cause God knows I could use some company.


#46 jemsoli

Posted 10 February 2011 - 04:38 PM

i just voted for you leish. and i know you think you look terrible, but honestly i dont think its that bad. there are some pretty undeserving people on there though.

i would do personals but i cant be bothered and i have been on the computer for AGES now (had to fill in a mystery shopper survey)

anyways, had my OB appointment today, i changed it cos i had my next OB appointment the day before my NT scan, and seeing as i had to pay $120 for the NT bloods to be processed (which need to be taken 1 week before the NT scan) i wanted to make sure my bubba was actually alive before i forked out $120 (sounds terrible i know) so saw bubba today and nice and healthy, little heart beating and dates SPOT ON for what i calculated. so very happy. cant wait to get some proper pics from the ultrasound place next week.

#47 raky

Posted 14 February 2011 - 11:18 AM

Hi Girls
Just wanted to pop in cos Im not announcing it on fb for a bit...

But Ollie is going to be a big brother in October!!!

hoping this one sticks as i had a m/c in november..

Congrats to everyone else that is UTD too!!

#48 satiress

Posted 15 February 2011 - 10:49 AM

Woohoo Kylie, that is fantastic news!!! Congratulations!!
Will it be a full blood brother? i.e. same donor? so exciting..

Jess: woohoo to little bean being perfect in there, good luck for your NT scan!

I just got broadband on in the new house, still unpacking.. I feel like I"ll be doing it forever!

Just started to feel baby move around in there, the best feeling in the world and can't wait for my scan on the 26th to find out the gender original.gif yay!

Hope all is well xx

#49 koiles

Posted 15 February 2011 - 12:36 PM

Brooke sorry I've been a slackarse only just read your message now. Are you still coming to Melb this month? I'm 20km south of the city, would love to meet you and Hannah! The zoo is awesome E had a ball last time he was there but now he's a bit older I think he'd love it even more so I'm sure Hannah would too!

Ali good to have you back posting lovely original.gif it's tantrum town in our house too, ugh!

Jess YAY!!! Great news on your scan.

Kylie CONGRATULATIONS!!! Exciting!

Lisa nawww little bubby movements wub.gif. Yuck to packing, why can't it put itself away!

AFM had my Mirena put in yesterday...total baby brain moment I was so embarrassed. Before you have it done you're meant to have a blood test the week prior to confirm you're definitely not pregnant and then you're given a script to go and collect the actual Mirena. I rocked up to my appt, walked in there and as soon as I sat down I've gone ddoh.gif omg I totally forgot to go get my bloods done AND I forgot the script...so I'm there to have a Mirena fitted without actually having gone and got the damn thing blush.gif. Luckily the doc was awesome and laughed my stupidity off, I did a pee preg test and she wrote the script again so I could go get it straight away and come back doh!

The boys are well, E took his first steps last week YAY!!! He's walking around 90% of the time but only about 30% not holding on to anything, but he's coming along really quickly! The silly thing is trying to run though, I keep telling him to slow down and learn to walk before he runs! We really need to watch our language at home now, he attempted to parrot the word 'sh*t' after DH said it the other day eek and he's pretty much attempting to say everything even though it doesn't always come out right. His vocab blows me away. N is a little gem although I am really over the night feeds. E's only saving grace was that he was sleeping 8hrs overnight by this age, whereas N is still 3hrly as a standard, 1.5-2hrs during a growth spurt and 4hrs is a luxury...so so tired, I've never experienced this amount of broken sleep for this long a stretch ever.

I've been off my AD's since the week prior to N's arrival and haven't taken them since and apart from the tiredness I'm feeling fantastic mood-wise, N was the cure I needed I think!

E's up from his nap gotta run.
Much love xx

#50 raky

Posted 15 February 2011 - 12:49 PM

Thanks Ladies

Lisa - yes same donor so full blood bro..

Very excited got my hcg results today Fri - 61 Mon - 367

So happy there's a rise!!

We had a few blood noses over the weekend. Ollie thinks its hilarious to climb up on the chairs and jump of it to the ground, smacking his nose on the way down.. Typical boy!

He ran off on me the other day in the shopping centre, he ran so fast i had to run too.. was not good with a full bladder... gosh nearly peed myself! haha.

Ollie's dad is moving to the goldcoast so not looking forward to that. it's always been good and comforting to know that he was 1700km away and couldn't ust pop in whenever he felt like it. grrr... not happy jan..

have a good day ladies

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