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October 09 Parents # 46

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#51 jemsoli

Posted 16 February 2011 - 11:38 AM

raky huge congrats to you on your pregnancy. hope this little bubba is a sticky one. it does sound a bit nerve racking for you that ollies donor is moving closer. has he even said he wants to come and see ollie? i really hope it all works out, and that he doesnt make things difficult for you.

kylie hehe to baby brain. i would guess sleep deprivation wouldnt make it any better LOL. i think running is a boy thing mainly, emily has only just started running and has been walking since october and even then i dont think its really running. running = injuries so i am glad she doesnt really do it! sounds like N has been your saviour. awesome news you are off your ADs, i would be willing to bet it will stay that way too. i cant believe evan was sleeping 8 hours at 2 months old! i remember being really annoyed cos at 3 months emily stayed at my mums overnight and slept 7 hours - when the most she had ever slept for me was 5!

lisa oooh, unpacking sucks sad.gif i cant believe you get to find out the sex of your bubba so soon. i am SOOOOO jealous. i have to wait FOREVER till we find out!

afm not much has really been happening. just keeping on top of the cleaning, and doing some cooking occasionally when aaron chucks a hissy fit that he hasnt eaten a proper meal in a week.

i am getting really nervous about weaning emily  cry1.gif  i keep hoping she will stop herself, but i dont think i have ANY chance of that happening. i just feel so terrible about it though.

other than that, NT scan friday. aaron is taking the whole day off work so i told him i am turning it into a family fun day. not sure what we will do yet, i would love to take emily to the aquarium but its just so expensive ($35 each for adults) there is this petting zoo thing at fox studios and entry is only $5 but only runs on wednesdays and weekends.

#52 MrsGiggle

Posted 16 February 2011 - 12:42 PM

Hi Ladies :-)

Kylie - Congratulations thats such fantastic news :-) Ollie will make a fantastic big brother. I too hope having his Dad around is a positive experience for you all and not too overcrowding. I haven't had anything to do with anyone using donors before but is there things in place where by u get some control over how much the "Dad" plays in the bubbas lifes?

Kylie - I just have to say I am so happy for you. Everything has turned out so well for you and it just makes my day to hear that everything is going well for you...except the lack of sleep. lol. Fingers crossed Mr N does soem big stretches for you soon.

Jess - Good luck for your scan on Friday. I'm glad everything is going well so far with bubs. A family day out sounds like fun :-) Good luck weaning Emily....i think it most cases it's harder on mum then bubs. She will prob cope with the transition fine it's just your mother guilt making u worry...it's a wonderful thing that seems to haunt us all at some stage lol

Lisa - Hope all the unpacking is done or at least almost finished. Have u picked the bubs room at the new house? What will u be doing to decorate as it's a rental? Wall decals? I haven't planned anything yet for bubs room will start to think about it this weekend.

AFM  - Well things are going well here. I have moved Tom & Belle in to the same room and that is going really well so far. Fingers crossed it stays the same.

We have our 18 week scan tomorrow woo hoo. So excited :-) We get to find out if bubs is a little prince or princess. My guess is still girl but Paul thinks boy...he is just saying that to be different to me hahahaha. Otherwise the pregnancy is going well. I'm pretty tired but who isn't with 2 kids to chase around. I was on craft at playgroup today and it went really well and the kids loved it so i was very happy with that.

So tomorrow once we find out what bubs sex is my cleanout begins where i can get rid of all the oposite sex's baby stuff...very excited to pass lots of stuff on to other family memebers and friends yahhhhhhhhh

Kat :-)

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#53 koiles

Posted 17 February 2011 - 06:21 AM

Kat yyyaaayyyy exciting!! Good luck for the scan today, come back and let us know how it goes and whether you've got a blue or pink one! biggrin.gif So glad the transition to sharing a room has gone really well for T and A, that's great. I can't wait to get N out of our room but he needs to be sleeping longer stretches first or he'll constantly wake E up all the time - he sleeps right through but if he does happen to wake during the night he's a bugger to resettle.

Jess have fun tomorrow, sounds lovely to have a weekday just for the 3.5 of you to spend together as a family. Have you decided what you'll do yet? Yep, silly boys and their running lol, although E just face plants then gets straight back up again so at least he's not a sook about it hehe.

I can see how that would be unsettling to have him so close when you probably didn't think it'd be an issue. Was there some sort of agreement in place from the start about contact? Ouch to the blood noses, but yep typical boy haha.

AFM N has done 5.5hr stretches overnight the last 2 nights YAY!!! Although I still feel bloody exhausted in the morning, body is getting greedy with the extra sleep. I gave E a haircut the other night...eek! It's shorter than he's ever had it and he's just lost all of his babyness now, he looks like a proper little boy. I have my appt this morning with the neurologist to follow up from the blackouts I had while pregnant. Is probably going to be a huge waste of time and money, the heart echo and all the tests came back fine so I'm sure this will too. Fingers crossed I at least get a neuro who looks like McDreamy, that's only fair surely? grin.gif

#54 **Foxy82**

Posted 17 February 2011 - 11:56 AM

Hi Girls!
Haven't been in for a while!

- Congrats hun!That is wonderful news! ddance.gif

Jess-Goodluck for your scan on Friday!

Kat-Goodluck for your scan today!Hope bub gives you a good flash lol!!!

Kylie-That is wonderful you are off your meds! It's so good to hear how great things are for you now!

Lisa-Oh how great that you are feeling bubs! There really is no better feeling in the world  wub.gif

AFM-H is a handful....super cute and I love him to bits but that boy gets into EVERYTHING laughing2.gif

So DH and I had a huge talk last month and decided we would have a 3rd,starting ttc this month and then we both changed our minds  roll2.gif blush.gif  At this point in time we are super happy with our 2 and are leaving it at that at this stage though there is nothing to say we won't make a snap decision and change our minds again  blink.gif
We just bought a new car,picked it up yesterday and I'm sooooo in love with it  wub.gif

Anyway I have some clips i need to attach to my tv unit to stop H pulling everything out so I'll talk to you all later xx

#55 Stargal

Posted 17 February 2011 - 12:26 PM

Hi All,

Another major slack ass here! Haven't posted in a million years – so I’ll take Ali’s lead and remind you – I’m Anna, my little man is Nathaniel born on the 14th Oct 09.  Since this group has slowed down a little I’m finally able to keep up with everyone, but I must say I only pop in from time to time – I keep up with many of you on FB though…

I cant believe how many pregnancies we have at the moment! Congrats to everyone – especially the more recent ones – Jess, Lisa, Kylie, Kat etc! Sorry for those I have missed, but I am enjoying your ride and excited for all of the new arrivals. Am a little jealous - I am starting to get clucky, but have decided not to TTC until later this year, instead I’m going to go back to the (paid) work force for a while – only part time, but still looking forward to the interaction. NOT looking forward to leaving the little guy in care, but I know lots of people who don’t have a choice and don’t get 16 months at home like I have, so I am grateful for that.

Quick attempt at personals since I have made the momentous effort to post  laugh.gif

Ali – hi! Tantrums are in full force here too.

Kylie (Koiles) – I’m also stoked at how great things are for you at the moment. Nash sounds like a little gem and after the ride you’ve had, you deserve it. Those feeds suck, but if he’s anything like his brother, he’ll be clocking up the zzz’s in no time.  Just saw on FB about your tests – fingers crossed they are being overly cautious and just testing you for everything in case.

Kylie (Raky) – Congrats again on the pg. Am crossing fingers for a sticky one. Hopefully your donor will give you the space you need.

Alisha – don’t think I have you on my FB friends list, but found your entry and voted – although it pained me to do it – you are gorgeous! No need for any work!!!

Jess – yay for the heart beat. Such an awesome sound and relief. Hope the weaning goes ok – I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Lisa – congrats to you too and good to have you back in Oz! Do you have a preference with gender or totally happy with either (I’m sure everyone is giving you the ‘going for a boy’ line).

Kat – cant wait to read what colour you’re getting!!

Jo – gotta love that you and DH were on the same page on the TTC decision!  Congrats on the new car – ahhh, the new car smell.

Well, I think I have about 20 minutes of peace left (sleep time) so I really should get up and do something productive.  Xx Anna.

#56 mummyto3tobe

Posted 18 February 2011 - 08:48 PM

Hiya Ladies original.gif

im so sorry its been so long. i never get the chance to get on here anymore. i hope all that are pregnant, your pregnancies are going well, and all that are trying, hoping you fall pregnant soon original.gif

quick update, we are going well. Loh is 15 months now (baby of the group) and Cruze is 7 weeks today. time is really flying, i dont get time to scratch my ass anymore lol. i love it though,

i do have a question though. loh is very agressive towards Cruze sometimes. its usually when she is tired. but she hits him and its always on his face. and its always hard. i cant ALWAYS have my eye on her so she manages to get around me and smack him sometimes. other times she smothers him is kisses and says "my brother" to everyone. i have tried yelling - which doesnt work she jus tthinks its funny, ive smacked her hand (pretty hard) and it just doesnt affect her - she just looks around as if to say "hurry up mum i want to go play". tonight i thought i would try the "timeout" though i had no where to put her for time out....im angry to say i put her in her cot with no toys or dummies. i know this is a bad idea because i dont want her to associate bed time with time out time...she HATED it. so for her i think time out is the way to go...but where? i have a play pen but it blocks off her toy area and i dont want to put her in there for time out...i dont really have any other space for another play pen to put her in for time out. i was thinking of getting a lilttle chair and putting it in the corner?? and then me just staying there with her until she knows she cant leave until i say so??? does this work or does anyone else have suggestions? im at a loss ladies. its getting a bit rediculous and i cant discipline her at all.

any and all advice is very much appreciated
love to all
shell xo

#57 MrsGiggle

Posted 19 February 2011 - 06:39 PM

Hi all :-)

Leish - So glad your feeling better and are going so well with the weight loss :-)

Shell - I had 16.5mths between Tom and Annabelle and it was hard at times as at around that age they still don't understand everything all that clearly dicipline wise. I used to use the porta cot alot out in the loungeroom and place Annabelle inside it either under her playmat or in her swing/rocker. It didn't take long for the novelty to wear off and now be have it all happening again but at least they can fend for themselves now lol. In relation to time out we just have a place up near the dining table near the bufft and hutch and i make Tom sit there if he has been naughty. The other day I yelled out Belle for touchign something and she took herself into the naughty corner hahahaha so she has obviously learnt what it is from Tom going to it. So i think your idea of a spot or chair is good and initally you will just have to sit there with her until she is older and understands to saty put. Good luck!!

Anna - Goodluck going back into the workforce and with TTC later in the year.

So all of those on my facebook would know that we are having another beautiful baby boy in July. So our little family will be complete with 2 x DS and Miss Annabelle....somehow i think she will be very spoilt by her brothers growing up.

#58 koiles

Posted 20 February 2011 - 01:51 PM

Shell Loh and E sound exactly the same when it comes to discipline, he doesn't listen to me at all, laughs when I yell, thinks it's a game if I keep moving him away from something he wants, if I smack his hand it doesn't even register and if I say no he just looks at me, grins and says "no" straight back at me smiling the whole time ARGH!!! He was very aggressive towards N at first but has settled down a lot more now. He still occasionally lashes out, usually like you said with Loh, when he's tired. But he also is constantly pulling N's dummy out of his mouth and has started wanting to 'share' everything with N...which is lovely but I can't get through to him that N doesn't need a water bottle shoved in his face, or a spoonful of dinner put in his mouth! I love Supernanny and the whole naughty chair idea, apparently she's got a book out and I'm leaving the boys with Tony to go sit in Borders and have a flick through it tonight (in peace and quiet on my own OMG!), if it's any good I might even buy it. I have no idea at what age they start to 'get' the whole time out thing. I'm positive if I put E in a naughty corner and sat with him he'd either a) think it was hilarious or b) scream the house down and try to climb all over me. Will let you know what Supernanny recommends laughing2.gif.

Jo lol at the change of mind, I don't blame you at all they are really full on at this age, it would be a big decision to voluntarily add to the chaos! E is into everything too...he's broken 2 safety locks even! Can't turn my back on him for a second and since he's started walking more he's really trying so hard to get the door handles...luckily he's just a smidge too short but it won't be long...then I really won't know what's hit me! Ooo congrats on the new car hheart.gif.

Anna good luck with the return to work, hope you get lots of enjoyment out of some adult interaction! Am sure N will love daycare and all the new friends he'll get to make.

Leish so glad you're feeling better on the ADs...they are wonderful things aren't they, they really make you sit up and take notice of just how crappy you were feeling before you started them! Hope the psych appointments make a big difference for you. Good work with the weight loss - I had a squiz through the diet you're on while I was at Borders last night and it looks pretty good, fingers crossed you get to the weight you're happy with. You SO do not need surgery, but good luck with the comp! I haven't voted yet but will do.

Kat another little prince wub.gif. Did you get any pics from the scan?? Everything looks good? So exciting. And you're right, Miss A has it made wedged in between two protectors biggrin.gif.

AFM went to the neurologist on Thursday...talk about a kick in the guts, after expecting it to be a standard waste of time appt I was a bit shocked when he said he thinks there is something wrong and has referred me on for brain scans, blood tests and some other test where they listen to my brain. It still could be absolutely nothing, which is what I keep trying to tell myself, but he looked quite serious about the whole thing. Now I have to wait for a notice for my appt date.

Am having big problems with the feed before bedtime, N spends so long going back and forth between each breast then the last 2 nights I've had to top him up with formula and he's drank nearly a whole bottle. I don't have issues with any of the other feeds, it's just that one big feed before his longest sleep - he's now going 5-6hrs in that first stretch which has been great. He's not in a growth spurt at the moment so I don't know why my supply is dropping so much in the evening, it's becoming very frustrating. Am off to see a LC on Wednesday but will just get DH to give him formula for that feed until then and I'll use that time to express and hopefully finally get some EBM stored - expressing is not working for me this time around.

#59 satiress

Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:45 PM

Hi ladies,

excuse my emotional me vent... some may have seen my status on FB in the last day sad.gif

My Bella boo loves watching her daddy cook dinner each night and usually sits on her stool a safe distance from the cooking and chats/watches. Well last night she was doing this, but stood up on the stool for some unknown reason, then quickly lost her balance and fell, in falling she reached out to save herself and grabbed the pot of boiling spaghetti off the stove, Dad seeing this grabbing her however the water hit her arm and upper torso. We ran her into the cold shower (me in there with her, imagine my scare, I wasn't in the kitchen just heard the screaming), striped her down whilst she cried the most horrible cry.
We called our friends who live 5 mins away, they raced over and took care of Audrey whilst we got a bucket of water and raced Bella to the hospital. They took her straight through and put her arm in water and water pads on her chest. After an hour (seemed an eternity) of her screaming, panadol, nurofen, screaming, passing out, screaming, a doctor knocking off for the day asked on his way out if we were being seen, we said no and he (thank god) took over our case.
He quickly gave her morphine, got a nurse in and they dressed her burns for the night, referring us to Westmead Childrens in the morning.
She slept quite well, woke once in tears but after some meds was asleep again.
Westmead assessed her burns and cleared all the blisters (more screaming), it turns out it's 99% superficial (1st degree) burns with a few small spots of 2nd degree burns. They put silicone dressing on and bandages on and we will see them next week to make sure it's healed properly. They expect it to be mostly healed by then with no scarring in the long run.
She came off the drugs they gave her around lunch and although tired she is a trouper and just fine. Says her arm doesn't hurt at all, bless!
DH however does not forgive himself, blames himself and has been a mess since it happened. He stayed home from work today and spoilt her rotten, she had a slave for the day. We need some sleep I think.

Sorry for the wah, had to get it out.

It could've been so much worse, we were told by all doctors/nurses that our first aid stopped her from having more severe burns and perm. damage/scarring. So we have something to be thankful for.

I'm exhausted, but bubba has been kicking up a storm to make me smile.


#60 koiles

Posted 23 February 2011 - 09:44 AM

Oh Lisa you poor things, how horrible. So glad to hear that she's ok though and wonderful that there won't be any permanent scarring. Accidents happen, that one on one time while she watches you guys cook is so lovely so I hope DH doesn't freak too much and stop her...I'm sure she's learnt her lesson and won't be standing up on that stool ever again! Big hugs to both of you, hope you can catch up on some sleep and hope DH doesn't beat himself up too much bbighug.gif

#61 honeyfly

Posted 25 February 2011 - 03:24 PM

Hi girls,

I am still around sorry have been slack, but my Grandfather had a massive stroke a few weeks ago and then passed away last week, so I haven't been thinking too much about playing on the internet lately, it's been so sad and seeing my wonderful GF (my Papa) in that state was heart breaking.  Strokes are so nasty, wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

In other news:

I think I just got a  BFP.gif , I don't know how, I had pretty heavy what I thought was a period bleeding starting about the 8th Feb.  For some reason, I thought I'll just do a preg test just in case as I am off to Melbourne tomorrow for a week for a work conference (lots of booze there!). Thought lets waste another test why not. I'm happy obviously, but still unsure if it's real. I have run out of pee so I can't check yet!

The second line came up immediately, I am so shocked, and I just noticed it's the dark line and the control line is the light one! If it's from my previous cycle I am worried at how much bleeding there was then. If it's true I don't even know how far along I would be, how strange.

I will pee on another stick as soon as I can!


Sorry that's all about me..... bbl

#62 koiles

Posted 26 February 2011 - 10:16 AM

Brooke so sorry to hear about your grandfather sad.gif terrible news. But OMG WOW BFP.gif biggrin.gif I still got my 'period' the first month I was preg with N, I didn't know I was preg and was still on the pill at that stage and it arrived smack bang on the date it was supposed to! Let me know if you're free to catch up while you're in Melb, send me a msg on FB, I check that more regularly original.gif.

Leish the discipline thing is so hard! I still have to lie down to get E to sleep, but after having a really good long chat with the MCHN yesterday have decided it's best to leave it for now - he gets too worked up and vomits then gets the shakes if I leave him to cry or self settle and she thinks he needs to develop more emotionally before we try to play with his sleep too much. The lazy part of me was relieved because it means I don't have to do anything yet! We did talk about me starting to gradually move further and further away from him to get him to sleep and see if that works. He can tell us now when he wants to go to bed, so it's no longer a fight to get him to sleep, he knows bath, bottle, book, bed and will say each step out loud as we do it, so he knows the routine and goes to sleep easy, I just have to lie with him. Have been trying some Supernanny techniques with the discipline and am seeing small changes which is good!

AFM as you've probably seen on FB my neurology tests came back normal and I got a phone call from the doc yesterday confirming everything is fine, phew! They were looking for seizures...why the hell couldn't they have told me that before I started conjuring up a cancerous tumour the size of a golf ball in my head? Had a MCHN appt for N yesterday and we've sorted out the early evening feeding issues - I'm not making enough milk at that time so formula is the way to go. I usually let him go on the breasts as long as he wants before he screams in hunger, then he has formula, then has each side again before he's out, but she's said to limit it to 10-15mins each side, then offer formula, then offer each side again and it worked well last night, he went to sleep an hour earlier than usual.

DH has taken N to go pick E up from his sleepover at the IL's so I'm off to make the most of this time alone and sew! I need breastpads desperately!

#63 honeyfly

Posted 27 February 2011 - 03:21 PM

cry1.gif  I think I'm losing this bub, I woke up this morning and have had severe adbominal cramping all day. I am in Melbourne and we went to the markets but I could hardly move or walk so have come back to bed. I had a bit of bleeding early while having a bowel motion, then nothing, and now just had more darker with another bowel motion. I had bleeding with DD1 but not with the cramping.

I would say the pain is more on my left and up around my hip region almost, wondering if I should be concerned if it could be ectopic?

I've never had a miscarriage before so not sure what it should feel like or what to do.

#64 jemsoli

Posted 27 February 2011 - 04:36 PM

Brooke: I was coming in to say congrats on your pregnancy but saw your latest post. I really hope nothing bad is happening. For me, with this pregnancy I had bad bleeding every poo I did (and no it was NOT coming out of my bum) from about 5 weeks to 8 weeks. If there isn't any in between bleeding then I would take it as a good sign.

If I were you though, I would be taking myself off to a hospital and seeing if they can give you a scan to check. It sounds like you would be far enough along for them to see something.

I really hope it all works out ok  bbighug.gif

Eta: just want to add that my bleeding even had little clots in it, and everything has turned out ok.

Edited by jess869, 27 February 2011 - 04:38 PM.

#65 satiress

Posted 27 February 2011 - 05:02 PM

Hi all

Brooke: from the cheat sheet on ectopic in the pregnancy the pain in the left side is a symptoms, if the pain worsens or you get a fever then I would certainly go to the doc or ER... take no chances! Good luck hon x

Kylie: so happy nothing is wrong with your brain!! how relieving that must be and also to have sorted out the night feeding with Nash.

Shell: I hope the jealousy settles down with Loh, it's hard. Bella was older so much easier to discipline when she was rough with Audrey, time outs are a fav in my house and work a treat. We have an old chair we use for them and it's in the hall so she has to sit away from everything... which she hates!

Leish: I don't blame you wanting a 6 yr old out of your room, Auds shared with us as a newborn and I couldn't wait for her to get out!! Good luck with all the rearranging.

AFM: we had the big scan yesterday and it's a BOY!!! We were so shocked and surprised we just stared at the screen... now we are so excited, i was sure DH only made girls now lol

good luck again Brooke xx

#66 koiles

Posted 27 February 2011 - 07:57 PM

Lisa WOO-HOO!!!!!!! Wow that's so exciting!! babyboy.gif ddance.gif I'm bias but boys are ace!

Brooke big hugs bbighug.gif things can go downhill very quickly with an ectopic, so if you're feeling unsure, just take yourself to the hospital to be on the safe side. Really hope it's nothing out of the ordinary and everything's fine.

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