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#76 dippinsniffer

Posted 02 February 2011 - 02:42 PM

Oh yes Kim yyes.gif , vent away, down-load, express your thoughts about anyone and anything, then delete before 70 posts and it's all like it never existed smile1.gif . I used to hardly say anything personal till I found out I could delete stuff.

#77 *Caro*

Posted 02 February 2011 - 03:36 PM

I just vent away and then leave it for the world to see! laughing2.gif

How scary is it in Qld at the moment?  Poor people in Cairns etc sad.gif   And all the emergency services people, Anna Bligh etc, who haven't had a chance to catch their breaths after the floods.  

Hope all the kids are settling into school ok.  We haven't even started yet rolleyes.gif  Em starts next week and Zahra the next.  I've actually enjoyed the holidays A LOT more than I expected and I'll be sad to send them off to school.  Having just Angus and Hugo two days a week is going to be really weird!  

DH is thinking of applying for a job in Darwin  ohmy.gif  I've never been there, and last time he was there for work he came home complaining of the humidity, so I'm not sure quite what to think.  I'm a bit bored being home with the kids, but I'm not ready to go back to work really either, so the idea of a move to a new place is appealing for the excitement factor.  But I'm also a bit skeptical too, seeing as it's a long way away, the weather is so different, the only person I know in Darwin is Jules ( waves.gif ).  What do you think, is it worth pursuing, or are we mad?  Is it a nice place for families?  Is it welcoming?  Are the schools good? Will I be able to stop Angus drowning in a backyard pool? Will Hugo be taken by a croc??? So much to think about!  wacko.gif

#78 KylieB

Posted 02 February 2011 - 08:10 PM

Hey there.

Caro, if it was a choice for our family, we would be up there in a flash. The weather in the dry is absolutely lovely. We loved the wet, but we really like electrical storms and the thrill of cyclone watch blush.gif We are weird and weather nuts, though.
Yes, it can get really humid. And takes a bit of getting used to. And I remember wading to work with my trousers rolled up.
It is isolated and takes lot of money for a large family to travel down south. And it would cost for your family to come up. That was the downside for us. Rents are what I would consider expensive but I'm sure if you did a house check, you could see what portion of income would go to that. Shopping wasn't great when we lived there but I'm sure that has improved since the population has gone up.
I really, really like the relaxed atmosphere. The food was great, especially at the markets. Fantastic variety and the asian was great.
You have to take note of the signs for crocs. We didn't get complacent because only lived for 3 years lol but I did see one freshwater croc while swimming. But there are fresh water swimming holes you can swim in. Jules can tell you all about that. I think it is a wonderful part of Australia to live in. But you either love it or you don't. Any chance you can do a reccie before you make the decision?

#79 dippinsniffer

Posted 02 February 2011 - 08:18 PM

Agree with Kylie yyes.gif .

What do you think, is it worth pursuing, or are we mad? Definitely worth pursuing and not mad. A change is as good as a holiday. Lots to see in the NT too original.gif .

Is it a nice place for families? Is it welcoming? Yes, just like many places in Australia original.gif . Nice tropical environment original.gif .

Are the schools good? I'm sure they are original.gif .

Will I be able to stop Angus drowning in a backyard pool? Yes!

Will Hugo be taken by a croc??? No, just don't go close to where crocs will be original.gif .

So much to think about! Yes but it's fun thinking and planning and doing original.gif .

Why is your DH thinking of going? Is it something his work has offered or is this just something he wants to do for a change?

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#80 *Caro*

Posted 02 February 2011 - 09:23 PM

thanks  - I knew you guys would help! original.gif   A job has come up at DH's work.  It's a transfer to Darwin for 2-5 years.  Apparently they are having trouble filling the position.  I don't know if that is because they want someone/something really particular, or if people have been scared off.  DH has been talking to the person who has been doing the job up till now, and some of it less than reassuring.  But he is still thinking about applying and I'm still interested, so your views are really useful!

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#81 Guest_Mini-Grey_*

Posted 02 February 2011 - 09:36 PM

OMG! Yes Caro! Yes!!!! Although not technically in the NT, we are so close to the border, we might as well be! LOL I'd be your down the road neighbor!! Darwin is lovely, I like it better than Perth. Rent out your ACT house so you can come back to it. Regarding crocs, just don't swim where they are, I'll admit it does worry you when out swimming but you just become more vigilant watching the kids. We are more social up here than we have ever been. I went for a walk tonight at twilight, ipod plugged in with the dog, was struck by how much I love it up here, walking past beautiful landscape, waving to people in the street I know. Knowing DH is happy at school and the girls are settled and I have a job I wouldn't have in Perth. All good stuff! Seriously think about it, I don't think you'd regret it. If DH has a job to go too and a house is supplied, perfect, do it!! Then I can come up to meet you! Or you could come the 834kms down, or we could have a road trip and get Jules in and meet at Katherine!!! Very exciting! Here's my sig to tempt you! That was taken in the NT!

#82 dippinsniffer

Posted 03 February 2011 - 06:27 AM

Aw Helen, I thought I'd completely recovered from FB deleting you from my 'friends' list as I haven't been feeling anxious/upset at all the past 3 mths (compared to the 24/7 anxiety/sadness I felt when it first happened), but just seeing your post made me feel a little sad again and I do wish the glitch would go away mellow.gif . I sent a friend request last month I think but it still says 'Awaiting confirmation'.
I gather your biopsy results were good? I am glad to hear you guys are loving life up there original.gif .
We are more social up here than we have ever been. I went for a walk tonight at twilight, ipod plugged in with the dog, was struck by how much I love it up here, walking past beautiful landscape, waving to people in the street I know. Knowing DH is happy at school and the girls are settled and I have a job I wouldn't have in Perth. All good stuff!
That's wonderful original.gif .

Caro, what kind of not-so-reassuring things did the colleague cite? I would guess that less reassuring aspects can be 'put up with' when you know a post is temporary original.gif .

Edited by dippinsniffer, 03 February 2011 - 06:33 AM.

#83 KylieB

Posted 03 February 2011 - 07:51 AM

Caro, I'd think they'd have difficulty filling the position for all the perceived negative reasons of living in what is regarded an isolated community. I think 2-5 years is good, it gives you the knowledge that it isn't forever. But it isn't Canberra. So I think you have to be prepared for a large change. We were just a couple at that stage, free.
But the really cool thing which I just about miss the most are the military exercises  biggrin.gif I have been up in military aircraft and everything but almost nothing gave me more pleasure than sitting at the end of the runway watching the american jets doing simulated carrier arrestor cable landings, or formation splits. Very exciting stuff for a little boy, too original.gif
I always had bad hair days during the wet, though sad.gif

#84 KylieB

Posted 03 February 2011 - 07:54 AM

Or Helen, you girls could all meet at Cable Beach or somewhere for a girlie weekend of bubbles and giggles!

#85 KylieB

Posted 03 February 2011 - 07:58 AM

Oh and I can put you on to a friend who has just moved up with twin boys and  a girl. She has just done the whole school thing and is very happy with the school she has her kids in wink.gif

#86 KylieB

Posted 03 February 2011 - 08:01 AM

And the reason I say that about the perception thing is that when we went up there, no-one else wanted to transfer either. They couldn't fill the spots that were being left by people retiring. So they were really happy to get 2 for 1 with us lol I'd be encouraging of a move because I really like the NT.

Edited by KylieB, 03 February 2011 - 08:06 AM.

#87 KylieB

Posted 03 February 2011 - 08:03 AM

So after my many little fast reply posts, I'm going to bed. Yasi really took it out of me this time. Plus still getting over being sick/another ear problem and DH being really, really crook.

#88 Snagglepussed

Posted 03 February 2011 - 08:57 AM

Caro - how exciting!
I always had bad hair days during the wet, though
though Kylie brought me back to reality with a bump! That would do my head in! LOL!

I think it would be a lovely change for you guys! IF the "not so reassuring" aspects could be dealt with!

Looking forward to the next thread so Dip can bare all about her experiences!  wwhistle.gif

Went out with some Mums from Bec's last school and had a great old evening! About 10 of us at the local pub having beers and schnitzels! Cool! Nice night to be out of the house too! So hot!

#89 *Caro*

Posted 04 February 2011 - 02:01 PM

Regarding crocs, just don't swim where they are, I'll admit it does worry you when out swimming but you just become more vigilant watching the kids.

This still makes me nervous.  Like an icy feeling in my belly.  Must learn to relax!!!!  

QUOTE (KylieB @ 03/02/2011, 07:54 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Or Helen, you girls could all meet at Cable Beach or somewhere for a girlie weekend of bubbles and giggles!

Yes please!!! yyes.gif

QUOTE (KylieB @ 03/02/2011, 07:51 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I always had bad hair days during the wet, though sad.gif

Bad hair days are my biggest worry laughing2.gif  I have cowlicks and curls all around my temples that go mental in the humidity - I may have to shave my hair!!  rolleyes.gif

Well, DH took over the computer for a day or so while he did his application. It's in now   ohmy.gif  wink.gif  He is convinced he won't get it, that they are looking for a particular person, but we'll see.  As you say Kylie, i t would be a huge change, but I actually think it would be really good for us all.  Get us out of our comfort zone.   original.gif

At the moment DH is out in the driveway swapping car seats around, so I can go away for a girls weekend wub.gif  Actually, I'm not going far.  Two girlfriends are flying into Canberra and we are staying at a hotel together.  Should be great fun - lots of choc, wine, nice meals out, I've got some mags to read so we can laze around.  Only downer is that I have to take Hugo - he isn't ready to break the booby addiction yet! - but he likes company and late nights, so he should be fine! Tounge1.gif

Kylie, is your house over sickness yet? I hope so!

Kim, your night out sounds fab.

Thank god no lives lost in Yasi - I am just amazed, but so relieved.  I felt really anxious in the lead up to it  mellow.gif

#90 Brat

Posted 04 February 2011 - 11:03 PM

Oooh I never check here anymore and look how much I have missed!!

It's late and DH is waiting for me in bed lol (i just got home from work though so need to unwind a bit!)

Cool Caro!! Yes, come and visit me original.gif Kylie is right you either love or hate this place, no inbetween!  I, obviously love it and will never leave.  Very relaxed (maybe too much??) you'll become an alcoholic in no time wink.gif (it comes with the Territory mate).

Kylie, Dip and Helen have answered all your questions, but anymore you want to know fire away! Oh and you NEVER get used to this stinking heat, but everything has an aircon so no problems original.gif

Enjoy your girly (plus booby addict) weekend.

All well here. Kids have settled perfectly into their new school, Iam VERY impressed! Kasey has amazed me, she is the clingiest, sookiest, naughtiest kid you could know, but has been perfect !!!!!  Infact all 3 of the girls personalities have changed HUGELY and all for the better. Amazing what a different circle of friends and teachers can do.

I have a huge weekend organised this weekend. It was organised FOR me from a bunch of mates, I received an email saying that dinner has been booked at Hogs Breath tomorrow night, then over to a nightclub for a male revue night PMSL and I'm staying in a hotel, all for my birthday in 2 weeks - weird huh! Lovely though.

Other big news is I gt my nipple pierced on Wednesday! I know how weird hey! Because it was horribly inverted I always felt self conscious that one was IN and the other OUT (I noticed it in some clothes) anyway Google told me this was an easy fix. So done! lol. I love it actually and it doesn't hurt at all. My Mum and the kids are horrified and disgusted (yes Sarah said that!) but Iam very happy.

I will try and come back soon, I think Dave is getting sh*tty.

Nice to 'catch up' briefly.

Take care xxxxxx

Edited by Brat, 04 February 2011 - 11:05 PM.

#91 mamabetty

Posted 05 February 2011 - 12:46 PM

I nearly lost my mouthful of coffee JULES when I read about your nipples  laugh.gif   If it works, why not?  Not a fan of body piercing myself but don't begrudge others.  Also tattoos.  I just don't get it.  I don't mind a small one here or there on a woman but he big ones like whole sleeves do nothing for a woman (in my opinion).  My friends sister has her whole arm done and I didn't even know until one very hot day as she totally regrets it and lives in long sleeves.   sad.gif  Not good for Qld weather.  I think I am probably the only woman I know here on the Coast without a tattoo.   rolleyes.gif

My boys are loving catching the bus.   cool.gif   I am very proud of myself for letting go enough to let them do it.  I walk them to and from the bus stop as I'm not ready to let them go alone - maybe high school.  tongue.gif  Anyway it's given them some independence.

They are both settling into school.  Zac is loving it and Max got Student of the Week for his class.  Got to wear a cool black sparkly hat.  laugh.gif   I found out his teacher is only 22 (she looks older, wears trendy glasses and looks mature).  Anyway he told me he thinks she may be as good as, if not better, than his fave teacher from year 3.  She makes learning really interesting and fun particularly Maths.  So I'm expecting a good year from him.   original.gif

Both boys signed up for soccer this year so Saturdays are looking pretty busy for us over winter.  biggrin.gif   Zac was going to try tennis but changed his mind.  I only want him doing one after school activity while he's young so he can concentrate on his schooling.  

I've been umming and aahing as I do about study.  Spoke to our local resident writer about doing an editing course (thanks Nic) but may go another way.  Looking at doing a Cert III in IT as I love mucking around with the computer and I have done basic programming at Uni.  I like the TAFE courses as they are self paced so no deadlines and exams, which is the main reason I don't really want to go back to uni.  So that's where I'm at atm.  I'm such a Gemini!   tongue.gif  

YASI - that was some scary stuff.  ph34r.gif  Our friends in Cairns were quite worried but they were fine but how was poor Tully?   Thank god it wasn't as destructive as they were preparing for though.  Now hopefully mother nature will leave poor Qld alone for a while but I did read according to the long range forecaster another big cyclone is likely next month to hit the SE!   cry1.gif   Man I hope he's wrong.   We'll be packing up and heading to Adelaide for a bit if one comes I think.

CARO - I hated living up north but everyone is different.  It wasn't the weather it was the whole atmosphere of the place (Cairns).  It's a sleazy crime ridden little town when you live there.  I never felt completely safe and would never live there with my kids.  Darwin may be completely different.  Cairns is more tourism based than Darwin - completely different dynamic.  Julie and Helen love it and Dip loved her stay there so it may be great for you guys. However I loved Port Douglas and could have happily lived there.  Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday they say.   original.gif

OK supposed to be working.  It's soooooo humid here atm.  Really wish the pool wasn't green and full of leaves!!   sad.gif

#92 dippinsniffer

Posted 07 February 2011 - 05:47 AM

Hi original.gif .

Caro, I'm gonna see if they lock this today but if they don't, I'll pm you our experience of living up north which is really almost all positive and good original.gif . And your DH has put his application in! Cool yyes.gif !
I hope your week-end with your friends was a nice one original.gif .

Julie, good to hear from you after so long and that all the kids have all settled into school very well original.gif . Ahhh, so your birthday is in 2wks! Ignore my pm then biggrin.gif . I hope you also enjoyed your week-end away with your friends original.gif .
You're brave getting a nipple piercing original.gif . I often contemplate just walking into a piercing place and getting a second hole in one of my ears, but the pain puts me off. Though almost everyone says that it only hurts for a few seconds ... I just can't seem to get it done rolleyes.gif .

Jodie, next time I come up to the coast, there can be two of us with no tattoo biggrin.gif . I don't have a desire to get one which helps but even if I wanted to, my dad would be terribly upset as I'll never forget how he warned me against them when I was in my early 20's. It would make him sad and I don't want to make him sad. But hey, lucky I'm scared of pain and won't get one done original.gif .
Yes, your boys (and you) are doing a good job catching the bus original.gif .
Yeah, nothing much happens in these southern states in terms of 'weather'. We've had some hot recently (nothing terribly unusual but it still makes the news laughing2.gif ) and a real storm last year and that's about as 'extreme' as it gets rolleyes.gif . Once, just once, I'd like some real extreme weather, ya know laughing2.gif ! Yeah, I could always move up to the far north during the wet season and maybe experience something big original.gif .
I liked reading all your news too, about the kids schooling and your possible study original.gif .

That's all for now, will put up pics of our mini-break in fb later ... bye.

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