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#26 winelover

Posted 06 February 2011 - 08:56 PM

Guess what girls??????

I have some news...... cool.gif

Maybe I should come back tomorrow and tell you...... ph34r.gif

nah! better not leave you in suspense for that long

I'm going to be a Grandma!!!!!!
and my daughters are going to be aunts
(well step Grandma anyway.... how does Nana Kath sound?)

Yes that's right ...
My hubby's oldest daughter is due in August.
Sssshhhhh girls it's still a secret so no references on facebook just yet please.

#27 winelover

Posted 07 February 2011 - 12:45 PM

Nana Kath checking in!

I still haven't told anyone in real life yet.

Think Hubby is dealing with it a little better today, he has been kind of quiet since his daughter rang and told us Saturday.

OMG i will be a step-grandparent before I am 40!
My daughters will be aunts at 1 and 3!!

What is really ecpected of a "step-grandma" anyway?
If she has a girl at least I know where I can unload all my girls clothes etc to!

#28 adelaryln

Posted 07 February 2011 - 12:55 PM

QUOTE (winelover @ 07/02/2011, 01:45 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Nana Kath checking in!

I still haven't told anyone in real life yet.

Think Hubby is dealing with it a little better today, he has been kind of quiet since his daughter rang and told us Saturday.

OMG i will be a step-grandparent before I am 40!
My daughters will be aunts at 1 and 3!!

What is really ecpected of a "step-grandma" anyway?
If she has a girl at least I know where I can unload all my girls clothes etc to!

congrats!!! how cool. it's my biggest fear to become step grandma any day lol. tha'ts so exciting

#29 KnightsofNi

Posted 07 February 2011 - 07:50 PM

Congrats Nana Kath! You would be an awesome Grandmother!

How old is your SDD? Your DH doesn't look old enough to be a grandfather.

DH, I and the kids went to the museum on Sunday. It was a lovely day out, but Annabelle asked lots of questions, and it is a little difficult to explain to a 2yo about stuffed animals and skeletons etc. Oh well, all in the name of education.

Annabelle is sitting next to me watching Glee randomly saying colours, number and letters she sees on her book. Owen is sleeping soundly. Life is good. original.gif

#30 winelover

Posted 07 February 2011 - 09:02 PM

Thanks girls. SDD is 20 now, and will be 21 in May.  I kind of imagined she would have kids early in life... I would have guessed 24 if you had of asked me a few years ago.  DH turned 43 at the end of last year.  I will be 40 in September.  When we were pregnant with Tayla we kind of joked "imagine if Karla had a baby similar time as us...."

adelaryln - how old are your stepkids again? (I seem to remember boy who would eat you out of house and home I think) Any chance you could join me in the Grandma ranks?

Hope - I love the inquisitive nature of kids asking questions like that.  A is so clever.  How is that Tag reader thing going?

Us - Tayla is off to the dentist in the morning, then swimming lessons.

#31 kgbird34

Posted 08 February 2011 - 10:22 AM

Kath congrats to you and DH on the grandparents thing!  I have just found out that I'm going to be a great aunty again, that'll be 4 times now!  I was an aunty at the age of 5  biggrin.gif .  My niece who is pregnant now is a real cutie, I have a bit of a soft spot for her.  My cousin has become a grandmother this year at the age of 35!!!  How is Tayla enjoying her swimming lessons?  Bella is starting them on Saturday... should be interesting!  I have finally booked the kids into creche for this afternoon and am dragging myself back to the gym.  Instead of whining about myself I should try to do something!!  Wish me luck!
HOPE your night sounded nice last night  biggrin.gif . I have just got Ed to start sleeping without his wrap now which is nice, have to put him in a sleeping bag though because he wriggles out of everything!
KALITA what vegies are you growing?  I had grandiose plans of a vegie garden when we moved here as there  is already a few established beds that were all weedy... and all I have managed so far is 2 zucchini plants!!!! I go and check them all the time and it is so exciting.  Must get motivated to plant some more stuff.  I did have a seedling tray full of little tomato seedlings but Bella plucked them all out and threw them all over the place so they are gone  rolleyes.gif .  
I am getting so over this staying home and attempting to clean and grapple with children all day every day!  I think I am ready to go back to work but I'm not till May - have the fat surgery first and recover, then get on with it.  I hope they can fit me in in March but they say it will be April.  I just want it over and done with so I can get back to work!  Nothing stopping me going back casual now but I'm a bit shy of the weight I have put on, even though I shouldn't care, at the age of 38, what people think!  I just find it hard because although I was still 20 kg heavier than I am now before I had the band people commented all the time on how good I was looking when I was losing and now they'll see in one hit how I've gained half back and I don't want to!!!!!  Pathetic, I know.  Ah well, hopefully I'll feel a stirring in my loins when I go to the gym today  rolleyes.gif .  xxxx me.

#32 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 09 February 2011 - 03:04 PM

Nothing happening here. Uni started back this week and my brain is completely out of shape lol.

Rach: I had tomatoes, capsicums and zucchinis, but only the tomatoes flowered and grew. We replaced the zucchini with strawberries and I got a few off it but after the flooding last week all the plants drowned rolleyes.gif Shame! E is very sad, she loves tomatoes. happy.gif

WL: Grats Nana Kath! My mum keeps telling people she's getting another 'step-grandchild' this year, it's a bit weird. She has been with her man for nearly 5 years but they don't feel like family to me IYKWIM? I have met her man once and haven't met her 'step-daughter' at all. But if she's a part of the baby's life, good for her. She won't be getting more grandchildren out of her own kids!

#33 ToodlePopsMum

Posted 14 February 2011 - 04:05 PM

Congrats Nana Kath original.gif  How cool is that!

Nothing much going on here.  Just popping in to say hi original.gif

#34 KnightsofNi

Posted 14 February 2011 - 06:02 PM

Hello All!!

Just thought I would pop in and say hi.

Both of me kiddies are asleep (have been since 5.30pm). I picked the kids up from FDCV at 3pm and they were both exhausted. I didn't even get any dinner into Annabelle before she went to sleep. It is nice to have some time though.

I am very busy applying for jobs. I have an interview this Saturday. And I actually found a job in my speciality in Adelaide today. I have never seen one before. It is not a field where there is jobs in Adelaide. So, maybe that will be my job. There can't be many financial fraud investigators specialising in fraud detection in Adelaide.

Hope everyone is well.

#35 Cantankerous

Posted 19 February 2011 - 07:16 PM

Hello all haven't been in for a while.

I wish E would TT we get success ever now and again but she aint really interested.

I have to enrol her for kindy next year already apparently she is just before the cut off so I dont know if she would even be ready but I better enrol just in case. I cant believe its that time already!

Not much else going on just kids and work.

I did my entrance test for my medication endorsement dont think I did well enough find out first week of march. I missed out on a Uni place for RN1 too so kinda sucky all round

#36 winelover

Posted 22 February 2011 - 01:17 PM

Hope - How did you go applying for the job? Fingers crossed for you

Rach - Wow, you were an aunt at 5! You make it sound pretty cool, so I am sure it will be cool for my girls too!

How is everyone going? Is it just quiet in here.  Or is it just because I haven't been here for a while?

Thinking of all those people in Christchurch... what a horrific thing to go through

#37 winelover

Posted 24 February 2011 - 08:59 PM

Hello!!!!! Where is everyone?

#38 kgbird34

Posted 26 February 2011 - 09:27 AM

I've been here Kath but my computer is having issues and when I try to post it takes soooooo long I give up.  Fabs has been at it this morning and seems to have half fixed the problem but it's certainly not running to its optimal capabilities and the phone joins in on and off, all very fun!  How is it back at work?  All good I hope.  And good girl with the exercise!  I've been at it a bit for the last couple of weeks, couple of walks around the lake (6km) and two pumps a week with a little bit more cardio thrown in on Tues and Thurs so okay!  Still eating a bit though, the kids are driving me to the food!!!  Well to be honest it's really only Bella, she's a bloody shocker.  
LISA sounds like the moons were aligned for Ellie and the toilet training!  YAY!  They just seem to get it when they are ready!  It's such a relief when it's done.
Just a quickie from me as I'm supposed to be cleaning up while DH takes the girls to swimming lessons.  MIL is coming to stay with the kids tonight and DH and I are staying in a motel for the night and I am soooooo excited!  We might go out for tea and the movies then bonk all night.  Sorry if TMI but there it is!!  I hope the vasectomy has worked; even though it's totally the wrong time of the month and we have 'issues' I feel I would go insane if we had another baby.  Bella is the most demanding one of all, always getting into trouble and pushing all our buttons.  Yesterday was horrendous all afternoon and I am almost bursting vessels in my brain when I yell.  I am going to buy the kid wrangling book by Kaz Cooke; even if it doesn't help I should at least get a laugh!!!  Not tonight though, not tonight!  NO reading about kids tonight.  OOOOH Bring it on!!! xxx

#39 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 26 February 2011 - 10:26 AM

Rach: Your night out sounds great original.gif We are kid-free this weekend, it's excellent for catching up on sleep! Except it doesn't sound like you'll be getting much sleeping done Tounge1.gif

We are all good here, lots of doing other things besides EB. E is almost day-TT (she won't poo in the potty/toilet but generally holds out of a nappy so not so bad), no accidents at daycare either which is great original.gif

Hope everyone is having fun original.gif

#40 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 05 March 2011 - 09:34 AM

Love Tim Tams you don't have to share original.gif

It's so quiet in here! I've been busy, uni and DH has to work overtime Saturdays now so we only get one day all together sad.gif

E has a cold that she's given to me and DH. My voice has gone this morning, and she thinks mummy is playing a fun whispering game lol. I have anaemia again, so back on iron supplements, vile things.

LAM: I am studying history original.gif No ideas on the poo front, E isn't a fan either but I think that's more because poos take up too much playing time whereas weeing is really fast Tounge1.gif We've had a couple of successes (on the potty) but more often she holds out and does it in her night nappy rolleyes.gif She just takes herself off for wees now, doesn't need our help original.gif

#41 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 07 March 2011 - 06:40 PM

Looks like it's just me and you LAM Tounge1.gif

Well we had toilet-poo success today and yesterday, but out of the blue yesterday she also peed all over the carpet rolleyes.gif She has been completely dry during the day for over a month, no idea what happened there. Probably too busy playing.

My degree will be Ancient and International History (probably), which is basically everything original.gif Doing 2 units a semester through UNE, they are very good for distance apparently (and I've had no issues with them so far), although a PITA to get to for res school (I am trying to pick subjects that don't have compulsory res school happy.gif)  ATM I am doing a foundation course but the units I do there will count toward my degree anyway. I wouldn't like to do more than that off-campus but I don't do well with stress Tounge1.gif If I am still plugging away when E goes to school (!) I might ramp it up a bit.

E goes 2 days a week and I would love to increase it to 3 (she would love it too) but no money in the budget ATM. Daycare runs a preschool program so I might put her in that more days a week once all our loans are paid off, if we are still living here.

It's my birthday on Thursday biggrin.gif MIL offered to take E for the night so we could go out and I said no! Wondering if I will regret that decision Tounge1.gif

#42 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 09 March 2011 - 07:27 PM

Yep I was at UNE last year too, the foundation course is two semesters but I took a LoA for the second semester last year because of DH going into hospital and related stuff going on. I really missed it though, glad to be back into it original.gif

#43 blessedwithblueandpink

Posted 10 March 2011 - 02:51 PM

Hi All

Sorry been away for so long!
Everyone seems to be busy

Kalita : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you haver a lovely day/night

All the same ole ding dong here.
will come back to do a proper post soon

#44 kgbird34

Posted 10 March 2011 - 09:43 PM

Just a quickie, should be in bed!  Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to young Kalita  biggrin.gif -- and why the **** did you say no to a night of babysitting!!???   laugh.gif blink.gif   Hope you had a fabulous day xxxx
BWBP nice to see you!
LAM hello petal
I'll be back for a better one one day xxxx me.

#45 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 13 March 2011 - 10:27 AM

Thanks for the birthday wishes original.gif We did end up getting babysitting and going out for the night original.gif

#46 KnightsofNi

Posted 13 March 2011 - 06:37 PM

Happy birthday to LAM and Kalita! I hope you both had fantastic days.

Again, sorry for my absense (I seem to say that every post).

I found a job and started last Monday. So things have been very, very hectic.

I am working full time (well for the first month or so during training, I am working 30 hours per week). Normal business hours. I am working in Insurance, which is a bit of a change for me. But there wasn't many Fraud jobs in Adelaide. I was offered a job in fraud, but it seemed crap and was crap money. I work in Claims, basically I assess liability. Different.

So far it seems like a nice place to work, with nice people. I am enjoying being back. It suits me much better.

The kids are coping really well with full time care. They are in FDC Mondays and Fridays and LDC, Tues - Weds. They love FDC and don't mind LDC. They do have to change LDC though. Their current one is too far from my work and too short hours. The one they will be going to doesn't open to May though.

It just means that I am go, go, go from 5am until 9pm. And it is only going to get harder in a month;s time when I go full time. But it is nice to work, and it will be nice to be able to pay the bilss without worrying.

The kids are good. DD drives me mad, but she is really amazing and so clever. DS is the cutest thing ever! He has just started crusing and his dimples would melt your heart.

Well, that is as much as I can manage. I will try and get back in soon, as time allows. I hope you all and your lovely kiddies are going great.

#47 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 15 March 2011 - 10:40 AM

Congrats on the job Hope! I am kind of looking for a job, although it doesn't really seem worth it: with the hours I can do, minus associated costs and loss of FTB it works out to be pretty much the same income, so unless something perfect comes along I'll still just plod along with uni I guess. Until we move back to town, at least, which should be before E starts school.

Happy birthday LAM! I should have realised it was your birthday as well original.gif I knew it was close.

#48 ToodlePopsMum

Posted 15 March 2011 - 06:26 PM

hi all,

sorry for being so mia lately.  things are just a bit hectic around here, as usual!

am reading but am finding it hard to find the time.

quick update....j is settling into full time school really well after a few rough starts but now things have started to click and fall into place.  A is a dream boat.  pretty much toilet trained now for wees.  he will even pull down his pull up, do wees and then pull it back up. we are having a few wins with poos as well so hopefully he will be all trained in a few weeks.  he is also waking up day about 7/10 mornings so i am thrilled about that!  it looks like he will be starting a 3 year old kindy program in term two at the same school as j.  have an interview for that next monday original.gif  he will be one of the first kids to start here as it is a brand new program so thats pretty cool being in the first ever class wink.gif

me....well it looks like i have a job original.gif  my old boss, and good friend, emailed me the other and asked me if i would consider coming back to work for him.  i will be able to do it from home, doing presentation design and financial graphic reports.  EEEEEK!!  I haven't done this stuff in about 6 years.  i am meeting with him on monday morning to discuss exactly what he wants and what i can do (i can work at night as well so its the perfect job I guess original.gif ).

ummmmm what else....oh my MIL is having open heart surgery to replace her pulmonary valve next monday (busy day next monday around here!), my SIL is coming home from America to be here for the surgery.  she is only coming for just over a week but it will be nice to see her again - its been over 2 years since we saw her last!

think that's about all original.gif

#49 KnightsofNi

Posted 15 March 2011 - 08:08 PM

kalita - I was looking for a job around childcare etc etc as well. But the need to pay the bills started to outweigh the need to not disrupt the children. And it is all working out for the best anyway.

I have worked out it actually costs me $26000 to work. Between extra childcare costs, loss of FTB, CCB and extra costs associated with working. Add tax on top of that and I don't get a lot of money, but what I do get will hopefully make a lot of difference.

TPM - The job sounds great! It is nice to get such a flexible boss. Sorry about your MIL, I hope the op goes well.

DD is the funniest thing ever. We were driving along and I told her she was silly. A few minutes later she told me all seriously 'I have turned the silly off mummy'. She is such a gorgeous girl. I was watching the TV and one of the charactors on the show had fallen and hurt herself and DD said to me 'She's not very happy today'. She is just wonderful. She annoys me no end some days, but oh my she is wonderful.

DS sleep has gone back to crap over the last few nights. I got about 3 hours sleep last night. It is very hard to go to work on 3 hours sleep. Coffee is my friend. I think he just wants cuddles at night because he misses me during the day. I miss my Owen cuddles all day to, but we have extra special ones in the evening instead.

#50 kgbird34

Posted 16 March 2011 - 09:41 PM

Hello Chickens
LAM Happy (belated) birthday - it sounded great... not!  Did you sort out the uni money issue?  Hope it went in your favour!  You do have a lot on your plate.  How are things with DP?  
HOPE you also have a lot on your plate.  How hard to go from SAHM to full time mum.  I take my hat off to you; you sound like you're coping admirably.  I am going back to work in May 2 days a week and I just know I will be stressing but I'm sure it won't take too long to get used to.  Bit sad too when you know it's your last baby; there'll never be another years 'holiday' for me!  Boo hooo.  Is little Owen sleeping better yet?
TPM Bells is starting kindy next term also, for a day a week - well actually just 2 hours on that day!  I'm sure she will love it, she so loves 'playing with the kids' at creche at the gym.  She's always asking if she's going to play with the kids today!  So what's happening about your job?  Started yet?  Good luck to your mummy, hope it all goes well  biggrin.gif .  Enjoy the SIL visit.
KALITA hello Petal, how's uni?  My brain hurts just thinking about it, I've let it go for too long.
ME Bells is going to a speech pathologist on Friday.  She says lots of things quite clearly but a lot of things all gibbledy gook.  She often starts of by saying 'mum' then just rolls her tongue around making wordy sounds.  DH went to a speech pathologist as a child too although he and MIL are very vague what for!  Tonight I said to her "so Bells we're going to see the speech pathologist on Friday" and she looked at me with huge blue eyes and spat NO.  Should be fun!  I had her at the medical centre today to get a referral for Friday to make it cheaper and she was a nightmare, running around everyone and sitting in all the chairs.  To her credit though she was reasonable for about half an hour but we had to wait an hour and it all got too much!  She is rather cute but still very naughty.  Well must be off for bed xxx Rachel.

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