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December 09 Parents # 20

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#1 Sandra

Posted 25 January 2011 - 09:08 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 Mercurial

Posted 25 January 2011 - 02:36 PM


And I had the last post in the last thread so should prob re-post here!

#3 Dirtsa

Posted 25 January 2011 - 03:06 PM

Third place!
hope you guys are all going well

#4 Caitlin Happymeal

Posted 28 January 2011 - 09:50 AM

waves.gif Hi all! Nothing new here.

#5 *skyblue*

Posted 28 January 2011 - 02:51 PM

Hello ladies,

This will be my first time to visit this group but I was on DIG Dec 16- 31, 2009 before! I can't guarantee that I can update and visit that often that's why I sort of didn't join this group... anyways, I just want to say hello! And looks like everyone is doing well!

@ Wendy, love the photos!


#6 Caitlin Happymeal

Posted 28 January 2011 - 07:15 PM

Hi Skyblue nice to know you original.gif

Today's news is that Annika finally is walking properly! YAY! She walked all the way from one end of the room to the other today. Jules had been walking since 11 mths so Anni is a bit behind her sis, but has finally got the hang of it. Hurray!! Other than that, we are very very boring LOL.

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#7 Sancti-claws

Posted 30 January 2011 - 08:28 PM

My goodness - I hardly saw the last thread, so hello to all here - I will try and do a little bit of personals while my precious one sleeps.

and 8 hours later, obviously that window has long closed - too tired now, so hey everyone and one day I will return with them!!!

#8 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 31 January 2011 - 07:23 PM

hey Ladies all is well here!! Lachlan has just gotten a new tooth and suffered with hayfever on these bloody hot days so he's been rather painful!!! Oh well.

Yay Anni!!! I love it when they just get walking down pat it's so cute. Lachie loves to spin now and spins all the time and then laughs!! His other new trick is drum roll please...the actions for twinkle twinkle..The other day I started singing it to keep him distracted while I got his tea sorted and was doing some actions and next min he' doing them too. When I stopped singing the song he laughed and clapped and then said up a and pointed to the sky!!!

Thanks Mary and Welcome back!!!

Hello to everyone else!!!

Here is my page again just in case you missed it heheheh!!

#9 Sancti-claws

Posted 07 February 2011 - 09:47 PM

Lord - I thought another thread where I wasn't getting updates, but everyone else is apparently a wee bit busy.

We are currently testing a mystery rash - diagnosed as allergy on Friday and followed that line on the weekend at my sister's, as she has to get her BAS up to date before heading os for a month...

Today, rash has spread and we had blood and swabs taken for a mystery virus - it could be chicken pox or hand foot and mouth (as both have been reported in her c/c room - I got told AFTER I had been chasing them about allergy stuff and finally got the "could be a virus" theory) but some major symptoms - like feeling unwell and where the rash is - aren't following true...

Guess who isn't favourite sister right at the moment...

My poor husband gets the guilts because he is at home looking after the kids instead of bringing home the bacon - and I am wallowing in the guilts because I have to leave my sick baby at home to go out to a 12 hour day tomorrow at the frontline.

Congrats to our expectants, good luck to all our new business ventures - and hope everyone (and their babies) are going well.

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#10 Mercurial

Posted 08 February 2011 - 09:13 AM

It has been so quiet in here.  

suziej - no good at all about the rash.  Hopefully they can work out what's going on.  Sounds like guilt is visiting your house big time.  It's always a really hard call who works, who doesn't and I know I feel sometimes I'm not contributing enough and feel guilty spending money (even though I do work from home and bring in enough to cover our rent payments).  The focus just has to be on doing what needs to be done to keep everyone fed, housed and clothed.  He is also getting a great experience with his daughter that most men miss out on.  

mummy2ali&lachie - that is so cute about twinkle twinkle actions.  Amazing how much they're growing and learning what to do now.  

Kitty-n - Go Annika!  Gosh I can imagine the fun they'll have now racing around together.  

Skyblue - Hello and welcome.

AFUS - been a busy few weeks with lots on.  February is birthday month for us.  DH had his on Sat, mine is on Friday and then DS has his at the end of Feb.  Spent most of last week making cakes as my family celebrated 5 birthdays on Sunday.  

Caitlin is going really well.  About to start her in swimming lessons as she is of the mistaken belief that she can swim.  She loves the water and wants to be in the pool the whole time we're anywhere that has a pool but she doesn't want holding, wants to jump in from the edge etc.  Have our first lesson tomorrow which should be good.  

Caitlin weighs 9.8kg now.  She still wears mainly size 0s but size 1 tops don't look too big on her now.  Size 1 pants fall off her though!  She is very energetic and is always running around the place.  She loves her big brother so much and is constantly laughing at him.  She loves tackling him if he's lying on the ground and has a habit of trying to stand on his back when he's watching tv.  We're starting to get a few words now like moosie (her cuddle toy is a moose/pillow thing), pretty, bye bye (with a wave), will call out weeeee when you throw her in the air and says ready, set, go.  Not quite the words for that but makes noises in the rhythm for it.  

Definitely mischevious and her favourite trick at present is pulling all the books out of the book case and leaving them on the floor.  Also a fan of randomly emptying any drawers, container, boxes etc and then just walking off.  

Still having two good sleeps a day though will look at moving her to one sleep a day in 2-3 months.  Hoping to start her in daycare 1 day a week in May and they only do one sleep.  She loves it when we drop DS off at daycare and she races off to play with the kids and climb all the equipment.  She climbs up our slide at home get to the top, stands up, turns around, sits down and slides down.  

Usual wake up time is 5am still but the last two days she's woken around 6.  Fingers are crossed very firmly that this continues.  

Here is a piccy of her taken on Friday.

#11 snoopytj

Posted 08 February 2011 - 12:39 PM

Hi Everyone  waves.gif

Well what an eventful 4-5wks we have had! First we spent 2 days evacuating all our belongings from our rental with the flood waters creeping underneah the house. We ended up losing all our outdoor furniture and BBQ, but the waters missed the floorboards by about 2-3cm so we didn't lose anything inside. Shock horror though...the moisure must have somehow got into the foundations anyway and every single wall and ceiling was covered in dangerous black mould oomg.gif Thank goodness my kids didn't show any serious effects from it. So we have had to end the lease, spent 2wks with my parents with 8 of us in the house and all our belongings and have just moved into our new rental. Still trying to unpack and get organised, but it is so hard with two crazy toddlers lol. Adding to the pressure is that we stupidly have our first inspection this Thursday and we only signed the lease 3wks ago and moved in 2wks ago sad.gif Mum is coming this afternoon to give me a hand.

Otherwise, not much other news here. I will do Indy's stats:

At 13mths
Height: 80cm
Weight: 10.3kg
Head: 47cm
Feeds: 3-4 (2-3 cow's milk, 1 formula) I gave up bf at 12mths.
Walking: Confidently since 10mths
Climbing: on absolutely everything copying Casper.
Talking: mum mum, dad dad, nan nan, no (fav word lol), car, ta, park and lots of babble
Daycare: 1 day a week (2nd time going tomorrow)
Sleeps: 7pm-8am and 2hr day sleep

Just a few personals:

Biene: Congrats!!!I have my fingers crossed bub stays sticky. Sorry to hear about your mother and I hope your results are fine.

Mercurial: Gorgeous photo of Caitlin! Nice cake you made for Hayden too (it looked familar and I had similar issues with mine too...hence mine didn't have wheels lol)

Suziej: Rash does not sound good at all. I hope you find out soon what you are dealing with and that is isn't too serious.

mummy2Ali*Lachie: Congratulations on your news business. The photos are lovely original.gif

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#12 katiebelle

Posted 17 February 2011 - 09:40 AM

Hi ladies

Hope everyone is going well.

We are back from our camping holiday, it was fantastic. Wish we could go back as this hit, humid weather is horrible and really knocks me around and makes my MS worse.
Finally got to have my first OB appt this week and she did a scan and we could tell the secx, so after 2 gorgeous girls we are having a little boy : D very exciting. (will need to get the nurses to show me what to do for nappy changes, no idea)

Alyssa started taking a few steps just before we went away and really started walking properly on the holidays, so cute.

Not much else happening at the moment.

#13 snoopytj

Posted 18 February 2011 - 11:18 AM

Congratulations katiebelle! Little boys are adorable. The most important thing for changing them is to remember to point their boy bits down...my parents were the worst at remembering when mine were newborns and we had many wet clothes in the early days  laugh.gif

#14 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 19 February 2011 - 08:26 AM

hello everyone wow tis quiet in here!!!

Yay Katiebelle congrats a little man about the house...After having the most placid content little (not so little now) girl and then having a little monkey of a boy I can't say I would be able to choose which I wanted if I was pregnant again. Little girls are so precious and boys are so much fun and well Lachie is so cuddly and my Ali is such a girl...loves shopping with me!!!

well I must head off another shoot today!!! Yay building my biz as we speak!!! Love it!!

#15 Mercurial

Posted 19 February 2011 - 09:02 PM

mummy2ali&lachie - your business seems to be going so well (judging by Facebook updates!), glad things are going so well.  

snoopytj - that is certainly the truth.  I don't think DS ever got me but DH wore a few.  Always good for a laugh - when it's not you of course.

katiebelle - congrats on your little boy news.  Yeah Alyssa for getting walking mastered.  They're so cute when they work it out and get so proud of themselves.  

snoopytj - definitely a rough few weeks for you.  Hopefully things are starting to resemble normal again and some of the pressure is off.  

Hello to everyone else - pop in and say hi and let us know you're all doing!

AFUS - plodding along well.  Caitlin is such a delight at the moment, it's such a beautiful age.  She has oodles of personality and has constantly got us laughing.  Pointer finger is getting heaps of work at the moment and she loves presses buttons for the dishwasher, the garage door, lights etc.  Not to mention pointing out my nose which she thinks is hilarious.  No more words but she's great at communicating what she wants.  She was cranky with me today becauae I wouldn't share my lunch with her.  Obviously standing on my feet and trying to get hold of my plate wasn't obviously enough so she grabbed her highchair and pulled it over to where I was sitting and tried to climb in.  Still doing two BFs a day though my milk is disappearing quite quickly now so don't think that'll last much longer.  She eats really well though so no concern there.  

Still heaps of problems with DS and constipation and soiling.  Have an appointment with an occupational therapist next week who specialises in toileting problems so fingers crossed she can help.  So aware that this has been going on for 2 years now and he starts school next year and we'd like to have it sorted by then.  It's his birthday in a week and he'll turn 4 - turning into such a big boy now!

Work has been crazy busy with loads of urgent work which pays better which is nice but really hard to squeeze it all in.  

Caitlin, DS and I all have the sniffles at the moment.  Not too bad just enough to be irritating.  

Take care all.

#16 Caitlin Happymeal

Posted 23 February 2011 - 11:13 AM

Hi all!

We have been struck down by the dreaded GASTRO!!! ARGH!!!! Fortunately we are all pretty much over it, Jules was the last to get it, and she still has "unpleasant" nappies, but at least she isnt spewing everything up now... We have been through a fair bit of gastrolyte lately LOL.

I spent Sunday night in the bathroom - it was the kind of gastro where you didnt know which end to put on the toilet (sorry for the TMI!!!) so I had a pretty rough couple of days, and with DH down with it as well, it was like having 3 sick children to take care of.

Anyway, we are ok now thank heavens. Apparently its going around (isnt it always! rolleyes.gif ).

So the girls missed out on their second week of daycare, but never mind, it happens.

Other than that, Anni has learned the word "no" (although it sounds more like "dough"... but it definitely means NO!) and Jules has learned the word "yes". This says soooooooooo much about their personalities LOL. Cute.

DH just got a payrise today (finally, he was being grossly underpaid..) and we are now looking at moving to a bigger house, with a bit of a backyard. My poor babies are sick of their concrete jungle.

Anyway, thats my news - nothing that exciting! Hope you are all well.  wink.gif

#17 Sancti-claws

Posted 09 March 2011 - 04:29 PM

Man, we are <strike>slackers</strike> busy, aren't we?

Today, I decided to spend my day in bed tossing my biscuits with a migraine, hence the ability to surf!!!

Still, I didn't have twins and a house full of gastro, so grass is greener!!

Not going to do personals, as that is the reason my window here stays open for days and never gets done.

We have a walker here, still only a handful of words but gets her point across.

Mercurial - I hope the issues with DS get sorted soon.  Isn't it lovely being in love with at 14 (or in some cases here, 15) month old?  Their development is huge.

M2a&l - congrats on the business - I see also from Facebook that you are doing quite well.  If you want another promotional opportunity, if you have sneaker shots of your work, you could do a blog and link it to your facebook, that way when you update the blog, automatically a post on Facebook (and Twitter) and it could give you the frequency of notice?

Katie - congratulations on the new one developing well.

snoopy - scary stuff, mould and floods - I hope your new home has none of the horrors!!  eexcite.gif   (My older daughter is helping me and wanted me to put in an emoticon for you)

I hope everyone has a great March - off to do quiche!

#18 Dirtsa

Posted 14 March 2011 - 08:32 PM

Hi all, long time no post

DH had to go to Hawaii for for a few weeks ago. He was gone for 6 days and since his return, Adam has become his number one fan. I'm now ranked 2nd in the pecking order, unless he wants a BF. I have to say, DH is probably getting sick of my naughty little "hehehe" laugh every time Adam wants him over me and I do the hand over with words I heard so often over the last 3 years "sorry, he wants you, not me". and then i get to toddle off and get something or other done.

In other news, well there isn't much. I'm having a bit of trouble typing properly since today Adam attacked my laptop and pulled a few keys off. I need an expert to put them back on for me. He is starting to say a few words. One of the most popular words is "share". I think it's one that I have to repeat often throughout the day with the boys. Adam's been walking for a few months but these days he likes to RUN everywhere. Full speed ahead.

Have had a great start to the year with Lucas. He's turned a corner with the tantrums and so on and we've hardly had any. He's also a lot better now at just mucking in and just doing what needs to be done without a battle every time. It's made life a lot easier. The only thing is Adam is now entering this stage ...

speaking of Adam he's just woken up... hope you're all well!! take care

#19 Mercurial

Posted 20 March 2011 - 06:57 PM

45TRID - there is definitely a certain glee when you can pass over care to DH with a cheerful they want you.  Love it when that happens.  Pretty rare unfortunately.  Good news things have improved with Lucas and tantrums.  We're definitely much better with DS in that respect.  Still get the occasional one but seems to get over them much faster.

suziej - no good about the migraine.  Read your blog when you update and it's always good for a laugh.  

Kitty-n - gastro is bad but gastro in two kids would be horrid.  How's the house hunting going?  Hope you find something you love and the girls have plenty of room to run around.  I know how much my kids love racing around in the afternoon.  

AFUS - life is plodding along.  15 months old now and is 81cm (90% percentile) and 9.6kg (40th percentile).  She looks tiny generally.  Especially as she's so active and can do so many things, looks too little to be doing it all.  She's an absolute monkey and can climb anything.  When I drop DS at daycare she climbs all over the forts that the 4 year olds are playing on and she holds her own.  

Just a couple of words we here regularly - mummy, daddy (most frequently used), pretty.  She's said quite a few more one off but can't be persuaded to say them again.  

Toileting is improving with DS - 6 days now accident free and I really hope we've turned the corner.  Still medicating to manage it but that'll happen for at least 6 months to get him in the habit of going normally.  

Caitlin and DS play really well together.  Favourite game is playing on DS's bed which unfortunately results in lots of bumped heads and falls off the bed but they both keep going back for more.  DS gets really upset if Caitlin won't come and play with him.  

Work us been pretty busy but have had nothing this weekend so have had a great weekend.  DH couldn't play golf because of the weather so I got out of the house a few times to do some bits and pieces which was lovely.  Took DS to see Gnomeo and Juliet yesterday which he enjoyed.  First trip to the movies for him and he's already asking to go again.  

Caitlin is weaning herself from breast feeding now.  Down to only one feed a day and I even got my period back so the end is close now.  But 15 months is a good run so not worried at all.  She eats so much food anyway!

Take care all.

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#20 larms1

Posted 21 March 2011 - 12:48 PM


I haven't posted in this forum for about 8 months!!!  It may even be longer.  Very slack.  I was originally in the 16 -31 Dec forum and had DS 'Archie' on 8 Dec 09.

I have tried to pop back occasionally to read up but haven't been too successful.

This is mostly because I returned to full time work in June 10 and my DH became a primary carer which initially made for some interesting times.  45TRID I can definitely relate to being passed over.  Last week I went with DH to pick up Archie from daycare (which I don't usually get to do) he saw me & walked over then completely by-passed me for DH when he saw him.  I felt a little rejected but it was quite funny.

Anyway I will try and pop back in more frequently and catch up.  I'd forgotten how nice it was to read about everyone else's parenting triumphs and woes.  It makes you realise your trials and tribulations are part & parcel of being a parent, which for me is a good thing.

Hope that's okay.

I'll try and upload a picture of my cutie.

Edited by larms1, 21 March 2011 - 12:49 PM.

#21 Sundayj

Posted 01 April 2011 - 10:15 PM

Hi everyone,
I haven't been in for a while either. I hope you are all well and that your bubs are thriving. From the little bit I've read all seems well with you all.
Katiebelle: congrats on the boy news.

Banjo is well. He has only just taken his first tentative steps at 15 and a half months and still isn't confident yet and prefers to crawl.
He says so many words, we counted about 50 and has begun to put two words together such as Mama-milk and Papoose-down and down-down (and he sings "down, down" when he sees those hands in Coles, from the add-the power of advertising).
Banjo also sings songs like his Carga (which means tiger) song which goes "Carga, carga, carga, DOWN!" Very cute.

I am still breastfeeding and Banj doesn't look like stopping anytime soon, so that's fine, as I'm not working this year.
Banjo is still a baby, yet so many of my mum's group mama's are pregnant with their next bubs already! It seems so soon.

I will also try to pop in more often, but it does get busy and as I said, facebook is my main connection so if you would like to add me I would be really happy to do so.

SundayJ and Banjo.

Edited by Sundayj, 01 April 2011 - 10:16 PM.

#22 Sancti-claws

Posted 12 April 2011 - 09:43 AM

Lord aren't we all slack busy!!!

Sunday - obviously standing still has worked well for Banjo with the vocab - very impressive.  Josette probably has about 12 verbal, but they all sound pretty much the same.  Goodness knows how much she understands, though, because she is very switched on to what you say!

larms - Josie is home with Dad most of the time - but I am definitely the flavour she wants when I am present.  You have to peel her off me.  Archie is extremely gorgeous - look at those eyes.

Mercurial - sad.gif about self-weaning - even if it is what you want, there are still pangs, aren't there.

45tr1d - I have to laugh at your loss of keys (in a sympathetic manner) - I regularly go without my D

#23 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 15 April 2011 - 09:53 PM

hello...quick visit while I have no editing to do!!

Well the house is on the market and we are having our first open on sunday...not looking forward to that one!!!

My brother, Sil and niece are down for the weekend and thankfully after a few hiccups a few weeks ago all is well and I can't wait to see them tomorrow!!

Hiccups being...my sil defriended me on fb because she too is starting her own photography biz and didn't want to be compared....me being me took it to heart as I felt as though it was more than that and I mean really I am the first person to promote and support the ones I love and care for so wtf...anyway after issues and nasty phone calls, me in tears etc it is pretty much sorted (put asside) thankfully. Still not friends on fb, but hey she can be that way I am going to be the bigger person here!!!

wow Banjo what a vocab!!

I am with you suzie lachie moves way too much and too fast to bother with having a big vocab!!

Lachlan well....little monkey, he is climbs everything that is still for a few seconds!! The couch, flights and flights of stairs, chairs, boxes, our bed (very high) his sisters desk arghhhh he's fallen once and split a dummy in half with his eyebrow and head but just climbs everything.

Weight ....went up to 10kg...got gastro ended up in hospital on a drip (nasty stuff)...dropped to 9.6kg still 2.5 weeks later 9.650kg's poor little man. Wears size 0 tops 00 pants some 0 pants but has no bum or waist to keep them up hehehe!!

words: cat, dog, car, bird, jess, me, yes, mum, dad, bub, nan, gwanma (grandma), ta, nah (no), aww teddy (said with a sweet tone), esha (aleisha), eyes, ears and lots of gibberish...talks all the time just not words we understand hehehe he understands a lot and is very cheeky.

Body parts, can point out eyes, ears, nose, willy (oh yes), toes and hands still working on the rest heheheh.

physical development, runs non stop, jumps, dances, climbs as mentioned before, crawls backwards for fun (laughs his head off), throws the ball (watch out has bloody amazing aim and will get you in the eye if he wants to!!! Can kick the ball still hit and miss but more hits these days. loves to head bang....loves metalica etc (scary I know hehehe)!!!

Still has 4 bottles a day...I know must wean him but he's so little I figure what the hey he obviously needs the extra!!!

No more reflux...totally off meds now for 2.5 months which is brilliant!!!

Prefers home cooked foods to any tinned/jar/packet foods which is great but also bad when I can't be stuffed cooking for a few days and eat into all our stores!!!

As for me...Biz is doing ok...slowly building but starting to put my name out there more with a little advertising etc and will be doing a few markets in the next few months. I can see an improvement in my pics from when I started my training to now which is good!! I need to upgrade my camera already though which is p*ssing me off and so I will have to do some more relief work to buy one!!!

Aleisha is back to normal health and being a usual teen (13 in June)!!! Driving us a little batty with the attitude and knowing everything...but really we have it easy! She is a great kid and honest which is a lot more than I can say for some of the kids we know!!!  

well that wasn't so quick had two times seeing to the boy a bottle and sorting the animals while trying to type this...not to mention a few emails heheheh!!

I hope everyone is well and babies are all growing beautifully and being good for their mummy's.

P.S I noticed jamie - Rykers mum had another little boy the other day!!!

#24 Sancti-claws

Posted 14 June 2011 - 04:02 PM

My goodness ladies - its been a month!!!

Quick update:

Eating: On a booster at the table now - Josie loves porrige for breakfast, mandarines by the bucketload, about 75% of what is presented - and ABSOLUTELY loves it at about 4 in the afternoon when her dad asks if she wants a cookie (he is originally Californian - forgiveable) (about the wording).

Drinking: Still occasional breastfeed, still using a bottle to settle for naps and sleeps - not looking forward to changing that scenario.

Walking: Or rather, running!!

Talking: Getting more intelligible - but also getting more tantrum-y when you don't understand what she wants to get across.  Adorable when she runs into the kitchen to "beep-beep" to the microwave when she hears it going.

Sleeping: Getting better - since we have pre-empted the midnight wake-up and just chuck her in our bed when we retire for the evening!  Still can't bank on more than 40 minutes during the day at home.

Other than that - all going well here - we will be heading down to Brisbane in the first week of the school holidays, so see how she goes when her world is turned upside down!!

Wendy - how is the house selling/building going?

#25 okcomputer

Posted 14 June 2011 - 10:24 PM

Hi  blush.gif  remember me, lol.

Goings on for Mia -

Eating: Will try most things once, anything that doesn't pass the test is spat out in disgust. Apples are a favourite and vanilla custard.

Drinking: A bottle in the morning and another about 5pm while watching ABC kids.

Walking: I hear you suziej - Mia doesn't walk either!

Talking: Lots of words and lots of babble, she gets a very serious expression when she's trying to tell us something - we just nod and say "is that right"

Sleeping: About 1 to 2 hours during the day and sleeps like a gem most nights.

Temper - Have had a couple of foot stamps, very funny to watch and have had to turn my head to hide my smile.

Update on us -

I am working 4 days a week, Mia in FDC 2 days/1 day at work with me and I work the other day from home. Starting next year my gorgeous FDC mum will do IHDC (in home daycare) 3 days and Mia will come to work with me or I will work from home for 1 day. Financially it will be tighter due to childcare costs but boy will it make life a little less hectic, I'm willing to trade off the bucks!

DD1 finished YR12 and is currently working like crazy in the big smoke so she can "travel and party" while she has a think about the future, what a life...

DD2 has settled into high school, she gets great grades but talks a little too much according to some teachers (gift of the gab, never shuts up)

DD3 is loving Grade 1, according to her school is cool!

DH and I are like ships passing in the night sometimes but life is good.

Anyway, hope everyone and families are doing well.


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