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February 07 Parents # 392

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#1 Sandra

Posted 25 January 2011 - 09:09 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 heidistar

Posted 26 January 2011 - 07:55 AM


Morning all waves.gif

Wow Mel, things are looking up for you guys. Well done on selling the house, good luck for buying a new one & Congrats on trying for #3 eexcite.gif  & Well done on the study, i want to do it also but will wait until Nitara's in school before starting.

Nitara is the same in thinking that Birthday's need to celebrated with a party aswel.

Chris is away for 10wks, 1 down 9 to go  sad.gif  he called last night & got to talk with girls as we had been out to the Wiggles Australia Day Eve concert at parliament house, so they were still up. It was really go for them to hear his voice. But alas they head out 'Bush' today so no calls now for 4wks.

Yep Mum is here until Saturday, been good to have her help. But i'm sure i'll be ok when i'm alone. Nitara has been really hard lately , but i just will avoid the shops with her & at home we will be cracking down. We start gymbaroo on the 7th of Feb, i have got the girls into a combined class original.gif Then Nitara will start preschool on Thursday & Friday.

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#3 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 28 January 2011 - 11:15 AM

Hi all,

Did the Ikea thing on Saturday and so impressed with the organisation it has brought to our house, especially the boys rooms. We got the largest expedit for Jack's room and it now looks like this:

Love it because there now isn't a single toy on the floor in his room. Hamish only got the smaller one as he has pretty good inbuilt storage in his room, plus he owns a lot less stuff than Jack and most of the toys are stored in Jack's room now regardless of who they really belong too. I really have to stop buying them stuff though as we have four full tubs of Thomas track plus a full tub on engines.

Mel - Wow that all sounds really exciting. I hope you find the perfect house! And how wonderful to be heading towards TTC number 3! I hope it all happens easily for you. We have left number 3 to the universe, given how long it took to get Hamish though I'm not expecting it to happen any time soon.

Heidi - I hope the next 9 weeks go quickly for you. It's amazing what you can cope with though when you just have to. I would miss Ben terribly if he was gone for so long. But it is a really positive thing Chris is doing to give your family security in the future. I would have loved to come across to the Australia day concert, my boys would have loved it but as it was we had to go across there on Wednesday to pick up a couple of tandem bike attachments from Target.

Amber - I am loving your new schoolbag/camera bag! Very funky indeed. How long to go until D day?

Tess - The hugest congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of Mila. She is devine! I hope you are recoverying nicely.

A couple of questions:

- Does anyone still use their Diva Cup? Are you still in love with it? I am thinking about getting one so am interested in knowing what you think about them a couple of years down the track.

- Also does anyone have Angeltear nappies? What is the sizing like? I was lucky enough to win a 2 pack in a raffle and need to decide what size/style I would like.

Jack is off the movies with my mum this afternoon, and I am so hoping that I can co-ordinate Hamish's sleep for then so I can have a little down time myself!

Have a good weekend all.

#4 *maddierose*

Posted 28 January 2011 - 08:03 PM

Looks great Ally. I love our expedit, just need another one now. I hear you on the stuff, especially Thomas, we have so much.

Angeltears nappies. I have had all sizes at once and they all fit at the same time. Small were perfect for Jai only a month ago and were so trim, i found the medium and large much the same just bulkier but still a very trim nappy. I really like them.

As for the diva cup i haven't used mine since the cycle between having my last mirena out and falling pregnant with Jai. I am getting the mirena out soonish anyhow so hoping to use it. I would give it a go.

Only noticed there was some action in here, so will try and have a read and a bigger post later at some stage.

#5 heidistar

Posted 29 January 2011 - 07:46 AM

Happy 4th Birthday to Michaela, Thomas & Nitara

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#6 Mum2JackMatt

Posted 07 February 2011 - 03:46 PM

Happy 4th Birthday to my baby son Matthew !!

And to all the Feb 07 babies original.gif

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#7 ~gaby~

Posted 09 February 2011 - 07:06 AM


I can't remember the last time I posted in here! Facebook seems to take over & keep me updated!

I jumped on last night & discovered a weird pm from a random. This person told me Liza is pig ugly, I should give her to her real father & it's no wonder I hate her. WTF??? I have no idea who this person is. It's just so weird & random. I'm assuming this person doesn't have kids & does not understand how frustrating kids can be. This person claims I have said I would disown Liza. Weird

#8 *maddierose*

Posted 09 February 2011 - 03:09 PM

Wow Gaby, that is absolutely disgusting. Did you report it to mods. Who was this member?

Don't take it to heart, Liza is an absolutely beautiful little girl.

#9 ~gaby~

Posted 09 February 2011 - 05:32 PM

I sent one of the mods a pm last night but no reply. I'm definitely not taking the messages to heart. This person doesn't know me. I'm assuming they don't have kids so can't understand how frustrating they can be

#10 JeLi

Posted 12 February 2011 - 06:10 PM

Havent been on here for a while but just wanting to wish all the Feb Babes
Happy Birthday

#11 asignatureofthings

Posted 12 February 2011 - 06:29 PM

Hey Ally, the Ikea thingy looks awesome! Do the tubs hold much? We've been looking at them as well, the kids toy room is getting out of hand, lol! But unsure of how much each tub/shelf thingy would hold. Haven't used my Diva cup in ages, but I love it! Really hope I don't have to use it for a while, not ready for my period to come back just yet as I've enjoyed it being gone.  happy.gif Thanks! Yep feeling really well, having DH home the last 3 weeks has helped immensely. But I hate not being able to do much, I'm hanging to be able to start doing 'normal' things again. But it's worth it as I have Mila wub.gif

Gaby, that's terrible!  ohmy.gif  You should name & shame  dev (6).gif

Amber, hope Tafe went well!

Wow 10 weeks Heidi, that sucks!

#12 heidistar

Posted 16 February 2011 - 07:20 AM

Morning all,

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS Tess on the birth of Mila, she is beautiful

Gaby: Wow that is horrible  sad.gif  Liza is a beautiful little girl & yes parenting can be very frustrating. I had someone on my face book put a link to a child protection page & tell me that threating my child even joking on FB is not ok (i had said i was going to hit Nitara over the head with a frypan if she woke me up in the middle of the night looking for Teddy's again), you can guess she's now been deleted laughing2.gif... Good to know you have reported the person & i hope the mods deal with it asap.

We're going along ok here without Chris, 6wks & 3 days to go. It has been a little hard with Nitara & not being able to send her off with Daddy for some time out, but she starts preschool tomorrow for 2 full days so that will be very good.

Hope everyone is well, also that all the big 4yr olds have been having lovely Birthdays.

#13 ~Heather~

Posted 16 February 2011 - 07:50 AM

WOW! And HI!!

Good to see people in here. Even though Facebook keeps me pretty updated, its nice to actually see some proper conversation happening. Only gets tidbits of info from facebook statuses.

Heidi I really do feel for you, and every other mother/wife whose husband is deployed for extended periods of time. It must be terribly hard, and to be honest, i dont think i would be strong enough to cope as well as you seem to be.

Gaby I cant believe soemone would be so malicious. Sounds like someone who knows of you, not knows you. And they just want to hurt you!? Nasty Nasty Nasty! I find Eliza very pretty indeed! We all have our moments as Heidi has said where we dont cope so well with being a parent and the stress and trials our children put us under.

Ohh your brave thinking of TTC#3! But whilst your studying, soonish is a good time, so the new bub is here and ready for care for when your ready to take on a new career.

Ally Love the expedit! I need to organise my boys rooms better, their toys do my head in but i juts turn a blind eye.

How are you finding study.. i know its only day 2 today though! Sounds like you need to be super organised!

Bel How did you go with Ryan at the Paed? Must be so frustrating for you!

As for us: we are going well. DH finally got put on fulltime in his new career, with exactly the same pay he was earning before, just that he now does a straight 38hr week (previously minimum 45hrs) and no weekends or public holidays. This past christmas was the first christmas he had off work in 16yrs, so it was just lovely!
Studying is going well, picking it up to fulltime at the end of this month. Am a little nervous about that given how demanding Thomas is and with work etc. But it should be ok, i have GREAT support people in Mel and Paquita.
The boys are doing great. Thomas is just so boisterous and full of energy he is just naughty because he is bored and cant contain himself. Spoke to the community nurse about him at his 4yr old needles and we are looking into his behaviour further. But he is the sweetest boy, just naughty! I started him on fish oil and have seen some difference in his concentration levels so hoping that might start to cure his boredom when he can actually focus on an activity. He is now in preschool 2 days a week also, which is just lovely for me LOL, but he loves it too, and hope it allows him to start formning some friendships as he was one of the only children who attends only 1 day a week.
Jackson is turning into the terrible 2's LOL. But he is still my smoochy cuddly boy. He has a temper which drives me insane.. think he is quite similar to me really LOL! I am really lucky that both my boys get along quite well together, we are only just starting to see the snatching and jealousy issues coming into play, but its a rare thing.

What is everyone doing for school? Are you all enrolling your 4yr olds into school for next year? (Kindy for NSW'ers) I am stuck. Thomas needs it, he really does. But he will likely be one of the youngest in his year, and it means he wont be 18 by the time he completes school. I plan on getting preschool to assess him for me to see how he is tracking, but just not 100% sure, i dont want to disadvantage him.

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#14 heidistar

Posted 16 February 2011 - 11:25 AM

Hi Heather waves.gif

Thanks for saying i seem to be coping well. I think i'm doing ok, but there are some really trying days with Nitara where i wish there was someone here to help me out with her.... We too have started Nitara on the fish oil Tabs, they seem to be making a differance & i can really tell if i have forgotten to give it to her in the morning, as by 10ish she becomes a nighmear, if i have given it to her with breakfast she is so much better & can focus on playing her little games by herself.

4yr old needles & check up: We have our needle appointment for both Nitara & Sianna tomorrow afternoon. The the following Wed we have their developmental checks, i will be talking to the nurse about Nitara's behaviour, although i really think the fish oil is helping & also feel Preschool will be a god send for her aswel. I also need to ask about her right foot, as it turns in when she's walking/running, it has been like that since birth & is getting worse not better IMO, she often falls when running too.

School: Here in ACT they have the 'preschool' program which is attched to the primary school your child will attend. They can attend for 3 half days or 2 full days per/week if they turn 4yrs before May that year. It is part of the schooling system & you only pay $200 per/yr school fees. So that is what Nitara is starting tomorrow, which means she is enrolled for Kindergarten at the Primary school for next year. She will be one of the youngest as she will only turn 5yrs just before school starts, but i think she needs it & will be fine. I guess the preschool teachers will tell me if they think she's ready or not towards the end of the year. If not she'll just go to preschool for another year.

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#15 *maddierose*

Posted 16 February 2011 - 02:00 PM

Heather, regard school we are playing it by ear and will not make a firm decision about sending Ryan until late in the year. We were definately not going to but have now decided to wait and see.
Working in childcare in my area i have seen many children start school and then come back to us in term 2 as they just were not coping.
My friends son is in kindergarten (where Ryan will go) and he brings home a fair bit of homework and they do now have very high expectations.


#16 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 17 February 2011 - 08:09 AM

Tess - They surprisingly hold quite a bit. We thought we would have to do a major cull and then still not have room for everything but it worked out that we didn't actually cull much and all the toys fit in to it and Hamish's is still rather empty. Definitely worth the cost and definitely worth the trip to Ikea. Just a shame there isn't one in Canberra!

Heidi - I hope the next 6 weeks go quickly for you.

Heather - Sounds like your DH's new career has many positives for your family. I am sure you will handle full time study fine. I actually miss study and am always thinking about what else I could study! Just not sure I could put my family through it, as I am an obsessive nightmare while studying.

Fish oil - I have had Jack on this for over 12 months, primarily to assist with him getting a more restful sleep. It has definitely helped with this and I also feel it helps with his concentration and has 'slowed' him down some (for want of a better description), like this morning has spent an hour doing a puzzle book and colouring in. He is always on the go (not naughty just very very active). I even try to take it myself because there is good evidence to suggest it helps with adult moods and thought processes.

Four year old checkup - I was slack and didn't book this in before Christmas so we are still two weeks away from Jack's. Not expecting any issues, he has seen Hamish have his and didn't even phase him.

School - We have been discussing this a lot! We always thought we would send Jack next year for sure. We are now reserving our decision until later in the year. Academically we know he will cope fine as he is doing well at preschool and is naturally progressing in his learning, ie with writing, recognising words etc. However I have been doing a lot of reading/discussion/research and there is a lot of evidence to suggest not sending kids to school early is beneficial and actually helps them achieve better in the long term, and that it is very much the emotional and social ability to cope that determines how well they go at school. So we have decided we will not risk Jack's ability to thrive at school by sending him if he is not 100% ready. 12 months is nothing in the scheme of 12 years of schooling plus potentially 3-4 years at university. And we feel it is silly to make the call now when he still has almost 12 months of development to undergo before school starts, which at 1/5 of his life will be an amazing amount of change and development.

I loved every minute of school and I really want to make sure Jack has similar positive experiences. And Jack certainly isn't a kid who has tantrums or meltdowns or anything (you can discuss/reason most things with him, although he may argue his point) but he does need to understand that a part of life is doing things that are sometimes boring and mundane, and that sometimes you have to comply and participate in group activities regardless of how much you really would rather not. Jack has very strong opinions and ideas already (family trait I am certain from Ben's family - disproportiate number of lawyers amongst his grandad and great uncles), and while this is a fabulous trait to have as an adult Jack (and us) need to learn how to manage it in the context of a school environment.

AFUS - Jack continues to thrive, he amazes us all the time with how much he remembers and the concepts he puts together. We are now back into the swing of all our activities and we officially enrolled Hamish in music lessons last week (although he has been attending since birth). We have swimming lessons this afternoon and it is just amazing to see how he is progressing (we will start Hamish in the spring). It is expensive but so worth it, as we were discussing this at work the other day and I was alarmed at the number of children who simply do not know how to swim (the example was 30 kids out of several hundred participating in the school swimming carnival).

Hamish and Jack are also starting to play together more, which is just so beautiful to see, I think they are going to be great mates.

We recently invested in a tandem bike attachment (best $20 at Target I have ever spent) and bike trailer so we can now go on family bike rides. The boys both love it! I am also hoping to grab sometime to exercise more and am even thinking of investing in a treadmill. Not worried that I wouldn't use it because I have a tendency to become obsessive about these kinds of things and can imagine myself on it after the kids go to bed.

Hamish is almost 15 months old and it is such a beautiful age. He is able to understand a lot more of what we are saying to him and he is also very effective at letting us know what he is after  biggrin.gif

Anyway best get going I have so many things that need to get done today!

#17 ~gaby~

Posted 17 February 2011 - 12:43 PM

Just quickly from me as im at work ssecret.gif

School, Liza will be enrolled for school next year. I think she will be ready. She won't be 18 when she finishes but i don't see that as a problem. I started school when i was 4 & would've been 17.5 if i had completed year 12. While im working full time Liza is doing 2 kinder sessions a day, 5 days a week at day care. She absolutely loves it & is so excited to be going to school next year. I think emotionally, Liza will be ready

Needles, I really need to find the time to go. It's hard working full time & finding time to do the extra stuff!

Tess, I haven't congratulated you on Mila's arrival. Congratulations, She's gorgeous & looks just like Neve and Marley!

Heidi, People are crazy hey. Not everything has to be taken in the literal sense. Kids are frustrating, plane & simple. People who say otherwise are lying or in complete denial

Me, I started boot camp for roller derby the other week. The first week was brutal. I was so so sore. I'm loving roller skating, it's just so much fun & retro! I strained my quad muscle at the first session but overlooked it & strained it again on Sunday. I had to miss the last 45mins, the session goes for 2hrs & is full on.

#18 *~BSJ~*

Posted 18 February 2011 - 06:01 PM

Gaby: I cant believe someone would say Eliza is ugly. She is one of the most gorgeous girls I have seen. Still think shes beautiful. Yes kids can be frustrating but thats a part of life. That lady needs to keep her opinions to herself.  rant.gif

Jazlyn will start school next year Pre primary. Shes doing 2 days a week at daycare in the preschool room. She cant wait to go to school.

Better go find something for dinner.. So not organised today

#19 asignatureofthings

Posted 21 February 2011 - 10:30 AM

Thanks Ladies!

Ally, ta. Might pick one up in June when we are in Sydney. Tis a shame they don;t have one here in Canb, but probably also a good thing wink.gif Wow 15 months already, wow!

Gaby, oh roller derby sounds so cool! I have a friend in my DIG that attends that. After seeing the movie 'Whip It' I've thought it looks so fun!

Heather, great news that your DH got fulltime! Wow must be such a relief to have a set amount of hours and weekends off for him!

Yep Neve will go to kindy next year (here it is the year before grade one and she is more than ready for it), her Pre-school is right next to the primary school she will go to (pending that we are here, which I'm sure we will be for one more year). Although she has only been twice, she loves Pre-school. Cried on the first day when we left her (despite her walking in excited and so very confident) , but was fine after we left which I knew she would be. She goes Thurs & Fri 9-3 both days.

Ooops better run, Mila is calling.

#20 heidistar

Posted 23 February 2011 - 02:46 PM

Took the girls for their health checks today. Nitara is now 15.1kg & 99.6cm tall, which makes her on the 50% for weight, bit suprizing as she hardly eats & she's a little on the short side lol. They tested her eye sight & she did really well, was able to point out all the letters the lady held up on the card they gave her, both eyes she has very good sight in & they said her concentraion skills are well developed to be able to do the activity as well as she did also. So i'm stoked about that biggrin.gif I asked about her turned in foot & they have given me details to a drop in clinic to have that checked & also there is a 'Behaviour' workshop on as well as a 'Fussy eaters' one that i can attend.

#21 mychubbybubbies

Posted 03 March 2011 - 09:52 PM


I still haven't taken Charli to her 4yr old check or for her needles yet!

Charli will be doing preschool for 2 days a week this year too, I'm going to miss her so much  sad.gif She has grown up way too quickly. I'm going to miss Zane too he will be at school everyday  sad.gif But they both desperately need it so that makes me happy! Zane starts school in about a week the school he is going to has very strict zoning rules so we can't enrol him until we have 3 forms of proof of residency  rolleyes.gif

We get the keys to our new house tomorrow, we decided in the end to stick to our original plan and settle in Brisbane. We almost decided on Newcastle then Coffs Harbour but they both weren't what we were after in the end.

Mel Sorry I didn't get to catch up with you in the end, we plan to visit Sydney in the near future so will have to then for sure! Congratulations on selling your house and how exciting you are thinking about TT3 wub.gif

Heidi I hope the time is going quickly and Chris will be back before you know it, I can't imagine how hard it must be on your own it sounds like you are doing fantastic!

Gaby OMG that is disgusting, I can't believe someone could be that horrid to send a pm like that to you, how creepy! The rollerderby sounds like fun!

Ally I love the storage thing you brought, we need to make the trip to the one here soon and get a few things! I think I will go when Zane is at school and Charli is at preschool though  wink.gif We will send Charli to school next year as they all start at 4.5 here, if we had of been living in Melbourne still I may of waited another year as I know it can impact them later in life if you send them too early and it is more common in Vic to send them at age 6.

Taren I bet Jazlyn is very keen, she must miss her sisters when they are at school, I know Charli will be very lost without Zane since they are so close!

Heather Thats great news about Dale, good luck with the full time study! If anyone can do it, you can!

Bel Did I read on FB that you are back at work???

Amber I hope Tafe is going well and the kids are doing well at CC (which I'm sure they are!) Looking forward to seeing lots of photos  biggrin.gif

Tess I'm having withdrawls from Mila pics, so take some more for me please  biggrin.gif

Hmmm what else!

Willow is 18 months old now and flying along! She has started talking so much now and even says little sentances and is so cheeky! She isn't walking yet but is soooo close its more a confidence thing (plus being in the hip brace for such a long time has set her back). I'm amazed at how much she has grown developmentally since we left Melbourne! All 3 have learnt so much since we have been away.

#22 *maddierose*

Posted 05 March 2011 - 08:29 PM


Roz, you are not alone, i still haven't taken Ryan for his 4yr check or needles. Our Dr actually recommended waiting until closer to end of year as she doesn't want Ryan thinking every time we see her that he will get needles. He has had to have blood tests a few weeks ago and will need follow ups every few months.
However i have already recieved a letter from centrelink stating it needs to be done by April or i'll lose my CCB, no biggie though as i don't get much.

How exciting Roz that you now have  the keys, i hope you are settling in well. I bet Zane is getting excited about starting school.

Heidi: That's great that there is some work shops you can attend to help.

Heather: That is great that Hubbie is on full time. Best of luck with full time study, i bet it'll be crazy and full on but all worthwhile in the end. Both of your boys sound completely normal and gorgeous to me.
Oh the paed went ok, Ryan is on huge iron doses a day to try and get some iron stores into his body. Unfortunately no magic cure and we have had a very bad few weeks of eating.

Mel: When do you guys move?

Taren: How are you settling in? How is your Mum coping without you?

Ally: Your post regarding school is exactly how i feel, you have just written it so well.

Gaby: What hrs are you working? Heard any more from the weirdo who messaged you?

Us: A bit has changed. I decided to go back to work and it is full time. It was such a hard decision but i made it basically because the centre is a high quality centre and is on my street, it's a lovely working environment with great children and families. I was going to wait another year or two before going back but it is hard to find such great centres and close to home, once people find a centre that is great to work at they generally don't leave.
I am loving having a second income although most of it is all going into savings atm as we are so use to living on Matts wage. I am however missing the boys, much more than they are missing me. Lol.

Jai is turning two on Monday, where the last two years have gone i do not know Lol. He is doing extremely well and shows great development in his physical activity and gross motor. His language has picked up so much and his talking in quiet a few sentences. He loves talking to himself in the mirror.

The girls are doing well too. Jess works at maccas after school and weekends and is 16 in december, so grown up it is scarey.
Maddy is still my feisty full on child, I can see the teen years with her will be hard after a breeze so far with Jess. However she is a beautiful big hearted child.

Oh and i'm going to have a new niece in june and nephew in july.. so excited.

Well i think i dribbled on enough.

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#23 BlueEyedBeauties

Posted 06 March 2011 - 09:29 PM

Well hello original.gif

I honestly thought this thread was a total dead zone now....

#24 *~BSJ~*

Posted 10 March 2011 - 08:18 PM

We are settling in OK. Brooklyns fitted in really well into school. Shes made alot of friends. Sienna she gets upset when I drop her off at school. Her teacher doesnt seem to be the most friendly person. I really thought she would be the first to settle in. Shes normally so outgoing and confident. Jazlyns doing preschool 2 days a week. Shes such a mummies girl and cries when I drop her off. The director says shes fine after a few minutes.

Me: Well who knew trying to make some friends could be so hard. Been at the school for 7 weeks and I get an occasional hello and thats it. I went to join the P&C. I got to  their meeting on time and they had locked the doors, it was in the middle of a storm well I knocked and someone looked but they never opened the door. So I left, I felt so disheartened. Joined Weight Watchers again. Thought that could be a way of meeting people. Anyway 2 old ladies talk to me. Would like to meet people my own age though.

Mum misses the girls so much. She went from seeing us daily to nothing at all.  Mum came over for Jazlyns birthday. 24th-3rd. We didnt tell the girls so they had a huge suprise when they saw mum in the driveway. Jazlyn couldnt get down the stairs fast enough. All she could say was "how did you get here" over and over. Sienna ran inside screaming.. I think to get Brooklyn. It was pretty priceless. She had a good time here. Showed her around,she took the girls on a rollercoaster at movieworld. It was sad to see her go home. Miss her alot. She told me she was proud of me. I cant remember ever being told that.  We will go back in april for a few weeks.

cry1.gif   feeling a little emotional ATM.. Miss having people to talk to.  Sorry if their are 1000s of spelling mistakes

#25 *maddierose*

Posted 10 March 2011 - 08:29 PM

Oh Taren  bbighug.gif , I can only imagine how hard it is for you. We have seriously considered a move to both qld and more recently adelaide but i just couldn't do it, i couldn't leave my family. I hope things get better, well easier for you.

Have you tried maybe making some friends in the state forums on here or bub hub?

I have to go, crazy tonight but really felt your pain in your post so wanted to say i'm thinking of you. Will pop back tomorrow to post properly.

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