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February 2009 Parents # 64

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#51 White-Lily

Posted 25 February 2011 - 12:17 PM

Robyn that answer is awful, if she wasnt going to be helpful then why post it  nno2.gif

Dont all leave me here, i dont do facebook

How is TTing going? for anyone that is up to it Shae is 90% wee trained  ddance.gif BUT wont poo and when she does she is so possesive of it 'my poo, my poo, dont touch it'. Its would be hilarious if i didnt have to protect her poo from the dog and anyone else who is in the area... So mums that have been there and done this - How long will this last?

#52 leita

Posted 25 February 2011 - 02:35 PM

Ha ha ha,  Whitelily, I worked in daycare for 8 years (that's a lot of poos) and I never yet met a child who was protective of theirs  roll2.gif What a classic!!

I don't do facebook either... well, I do have an account, but I don't like it, it seems to just be full of drivel, maybe I have sad friends!!

Jo, what a scare your little man must have given you= I hope your heart rate has gone back to normal after that. Gosh. They are so fast aren't they now??

he he he, Mali is pulling my hand and saying "I help you Mum" which means I need to go and play. BBL


#53 leita

Posted 01 March 2011 - 12:46 PM

D'oh! Killed the thread!!

#54 White-Lily

Posted 01 March 2011 - 01:58 PM

leita its pretty funny but she is freaking out! I think she is getting a tad better but she is so grumpy because she needs to poo but wont! and its all 'yucky poos' but you cant go near it coz its hers  roll2.gif

#55 White-Lily

Posted 02 March 2011 - 11:37 AM

Totally over this TT Poo business... we tried to does her up on prune juice last night "yucky, me no like it" and scratched it off her tounge  rolleyes.gif

She is so miserable because she is afraid to poo  sad.gif

#56 tinkster23

Posted 02 March 2011 - 08:04 PM

suzanne- you wanna put a stop to that pretty quick, try some lactulose or movicol from the chemist. the movicol is better but they need to drink more, the lactulose is less but not as quick to work.

And then, once she has poo'd I'd back off completely from the poo training, i've seen so many issues of ongoing constipation I'd not be wanting to push the issue


hi everyone else, sorry, but the poo talk will always get me outta the woodwork!

#57 summerbub

Posted 02 March 2011 - 09:02 PM



Good luck Suzanne - good advice from Theresa there.

Theresa, how is you house going?

Leita waves.gif

Who is TTC next. Not I!! But will be living through the rest of you to get my baby fix!

AFUs, Noah is just the best little boy. He is so cruisy! We finally took the side off his cot a couple of weeks ago and he only got out once! I quickly turned him around and told him to go back to bed and he did! Then last night my sister came over and we were a cot short... so I just put a mattress on the ground in my room with his pillow on it, and said good night.... that was it from him! We transferred him from the ground to his cot once Emma left so that was great.

Next on my list is to toilet train. Does anyone have a book that they have used SUCCESSFULLY? I need a manual laughing2.gif !!!

Eden is coming along in leaps and bounds - she pulled herself up to stand today against the beanbag  ohmy.gif I can't believe it. you should have seen her face! She was very pleased with herself. She sits unassisted and is going to be crawling in no time. Very damned cute too! I should post a pic here soon. Each day she looks more and more like her gorgeous brother Noah. wub.gif

Off to the Sunshine coast for a wedding tomorrow am. Not taking Noah, just Eden so I should get some time alone which will be glorious. In saying that though, I will miss the spunkrat like crazy!

Ok I'll be in soon. I'm reading all of the time though biggrin.gif

#58 White-Lily

Posted 04 March 2011 - 01:50 PM

Thanks Tinks. We dosed her up on prunes and they have worked, nice big softish poo last night, so we will keep the prunes going to keep things regular. I was going to head out to the chemist to get something to help her so thanks for the tips on what to get. Yeah backed off on the poo training, she can do them in her nappies

Who is TTC next.
in a few months we will be original.gif

Robyn Eden is growing up so quickly! Way to go with her pulling up to stand already!
What a champ Noah is with the bed original.gif Shae is still in the cot/cage, we might think about putting her in a bed in a few months as she will probably sleep on a mattress on the floor while we are in Bali

As for TT we are 99% done with wee's after only about 3-4 weeks, all the accidents are daycare accidents and its just not getting her there on time when she asks. All we have done is follow her cues and its worked brilliantly. When we started we would just let her walk around with no pants on and we spent a fair bit of time outside. Asked her every 30 mins if she needed to go and before we wanted to go out. We have a book that only gets read when she sits on the potty so it keeps her sitting down and we high-five after we have success.
Once we took the nappies off we didn't put them back on again. If she has an accident, then so be it, she learns from it. We didn't want to confuse her with using nappies sometimes (only used for sleep now). we used training pants at the start but they are a bit of a PITA to get on and off quickly so just went to knickers. Training pants are good for long car trips/outings as they much more absorbent.
For boys i think you can get 'wee targets' for aiming, when they get to that stage.
Cant recommend any books, didnt read anything other than something about TT in the huggies newsletter

AFU we got the drawings for the house and we ahve pre-start next week!! YAY!!

Has you block been titled yet Tinks? When will they start building?

#59 tinkster23

Posted 04 March 2011 - 06:07 PM

No titles yet, the latest update say withing 2 weeks tho, so thats promising!

I just want them to start!

Toilettraining- I will wait until he is ready, we waited with Hannah (until she was nearly 3 ) and never had accidents/wee on the floor/etc, she just was ready and started weeing on the toilet, and I'm more than happy to do that again!

TTC- us, in may! biggrin.gif

suzanne- would love to see your drawings and what you pick at prestart!

#60 July Baby

Posted 06 March 2011 - 04:25 PM

Hi ladies,

It's been ages since I've been on here... I've had a few things going on and just didn't get round to turning on the computer. Having and iphone with unlimited facebook doesn't help either. But here I am and I hope everyone is well.

Tinks and Suzanne exciting stuff about your houses. I loved building our house, or should say loved watching our house be built and even with the associated stresses it's still the best! I hope you have smooth experiences once they start because you have both faced a few hurdles to date.

Robyn - Wow to Eden pulling herself up!

Jo how did you go at the doc with Jack? I hope you get some answers to put your mind at ease.

TTing we have a seat on top of our toilet but Wil isn't interesting in the slightest so we have put it off. We do sometimes put undies over his nappy and make a bit of a fuss about him wearing big boy undies but he just thinks that's cool and hasn't made any connection. God love him

TTC - part of the reason for my absence. Nothing happening so we are a bit down about that! Our time will come, but I do have a gut feeling that perhaps Wil was a special gift!!

Cot vs Bed - We are still in a cot. I would love to move him but given he's as happy as Larry in his cot and never tries to escape I don't see the point rushing it.... Plus I have to buy a doona and I can't decide what to get? Wool, feathers, dacron??? Any suggestions thoughts??

Wil's 2 (plus a few weeks) stats
Weight 12.3kg
Height 84cm
Head 49.7cm
a massive improvement on the 18month check up! Few

What else - Like Mali, Wil says "comeon mummy" and pushes me off the chair and we go and play or he walks me to the play area and pats the floor beside him and says "sit down mummy". He loves singing happy birthday and it goes something like.... Happy Birthday to Wil. Happy Birthday to Wil.... Happy Birthday to Wil..... Daddy. Happy Birthday to Wil.... Daddy Hipray hipray.... And if it's someone else's birthday then it is still Wil then a pause and then slots in correct name too!! He loves singing and we sing any chance we get. We have a very happy delightful boy who (as she leans in and whispers so as not to jinks herself) has not found the terrible two tantrums YET!!!  blush.gif

Oh and he loves the Coles ad... Down down prices are down and will walk around the house singing it... Disgusting!!!!  sick.gif cry1.gif  

Better go... I am meant to be studying cry1.gif

I'll pop in a bit more regularly as I'd miss this if they decided to cull it!! sad.gif

#61 LEGs-R-US

Posted 08 March 2011 - 11:45 AM

Toilet Training... I'm going to start in September.  I always do it in the warmer climate and will wait until Liam's operation.  It is only two weeks til he has it.  I should be reading all the pamphlets they gave me but they just seem soooo detailed.  The way I figure it the operation has to be done and we have to take the affects of it with it (if you know what I mean).

I'm another one who will be living through everyone else TTCing.  I'd love a baby but have finally accepted reality that we wont be having anymore.  Whilst it is a little sad I am starting to enjoy the sleep-ins and independence - so I guess I can't really complain

TINKERBELL... The new house is going to be so exciting... hope you exchange title soon.

Having a day at home today.  I felt a little tired and my head is banging today so I decided to have a day at home with .... JUST ME!!!   biggrin.gif .  I have already gone for a walk, discovered a nice bakery and relaxed.  All in all its been a good week!

#62 leita

Posted 08 March 2011 - 07:28 PM

Hiya Ladies!!

TTing- well, we sit on the potty a lot, but still haven't worked out what to do with it  rolleyes.gif  But we are heading to Europe in May for SIL's wedding, and I think at this stage we'll wait until we're back unless she finds some real urge to wee on the potty. Slacker that I am, I think it would be easier to travel with her in nappies still  blush.gif

TTC.... we're going at it like rabbits!! Fingers crossed for us ladies!!

Cot vs Bed- still in the cage here- no plans to change until we need to  tongue.gif

Wilsmum- your little man sounds like such a delight! Isn't it just such a beautiful age?? I love my little girl
to bits she's so sweet... though she does have a touch of the terrible twos!

LEGs a day at home by yourself must be a lovely treat! Hope your head is feeling better

Tinks- gosh, it seems like it's taking forever for those titles to come through. Hope it all goes quickly from there though.

Whitelily- yay on your new house!! Which suburb are you building in again?

OK, dinners ready, got to run....

#63 White-Lily

Posted 10 March 2011 - 11:40 AM

Cot vs Bed still in the cage too. Not sure what doona to go for, Wilsmum. We just had a spare one in the cupboard which is on the bed. TBH i dont think she will use it even when she is in the bed for a little while as she sleeps with her blanket

Leita we are building in Lakelands down Mandurah way.
How long are you going to Europe for?

LEGs hope you enjoyed your day at home alone

wilsmum i hope you get your BFP soon. Wil sounds so adorable original.gif Shae has just started trying to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and it is so cute original.gif

Tinks hopefully the titles will come thru in the next few weeks and then they can start! I will try and get some pics up tomorrow original.gif

AFU Pre-start went really well yesterday. We had most things picked out already but we still added about $4500 on. Final drafting and the council and finance approval and they will start building!!

BFF and her DH have flown over for a few weeks with their new bub so we spent the weekend catching up with them so i get my baby fix original.gif we ended up having lunch with 10 adults and 5 kids (2 babies) and it was great! Shae had a ball running around with the older kids and patting and kissing the babies. She is going to make a wonderful big sister one day   wub.gif

#64 tinkster23

Posted 11 March 2011 - 07:59 PM

suzanne- you must have been restrained, our prestart changes came in at about $33000!

I never taking jack outta the cot, he's trouble that boy!

#65 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 14 March 2011 - 02:42 PM

Sorry I've been so slack in posting.  Having a hard time emotionally with this pregnancy :/

Pregnancy has been very smoothly and Barry seems to be doing his/her funky thing.  Morph scan on Thursday, so hanging out for that.  Placenta is on the front this time round and I'm carrying more weight so it has been harder to feel movement, but I think that the last week I have.

<****Jerry Springer/Days of Our Lives Moment Warning****>

Last week was pretty huge, including my Dad separating from his wife. They had an argument when dad decided to actually leave (he'd been living separately & told her the week before. SM has been in denial saying it wont happen and he's having a crisis due to being forced to retire for health reasons).  Anyway, the argument escalated SM took a hammer to the car Dad just sold, he tried to stop her and fell over, bashing into something and cut his face.  He drove himself to hospital in the car with damaged windscreen to get a stack of stitches from the top of his lip & up into his nose.  He called a friend who happens to be a cop and he encouraged him to lodge a report.  It ended with an AVO against SM until court date.  To top it off, my brother called me and told me just enough to be factual, but not enough to give the real story.  It was very confronting seeing Dad with a bruised & battered face the day after it happened.  

I don't know that Dad has ever lived by himself, so am trying to keep in touch without being overbearing.

To round out the week my boss told me on Friday he wants to drop my hours by 40% (and I was only working part time to start with), and gave no operational or performance reason why, just kept repeating that he wanted to get things sorted for when the temp starts (when I go on maternity leave).  I know its discrimination, but am still trying to process what to do :/  I was expecting that I'd be in this job indefinitely, but after being in tears on and off on Friday, and being very emotionally bruised by the whole thing (remember I lost my job when pg with Claire?), I almost walked out there and then.  Don't know what I'll do tomorrow.  

So, that's my life at the moment.  Nice and stress free for pregnancy sad.gif

Sorry for the whinge, just wanted to let you guys know why I find it hard to post sometimes.

Ooops  ETA:

Claire is doing well in her toddler bed.  Only two middle of the night excursions so far.  We tried the 3 day TT thing and gave up on day 2.  She just wasn't really ready for it, had no real concept of what we were trying to do.  We'll keep talking about bodily functions and try again soonish.

Edited by crazy*cat*lady, 14 March 2011 - 02:45 PM.

#66 White-Lily

Posted 14 March 2011 - 04:10 PM

Oh Renee! :bighugs: sounds like a tough time. How is you dad going? Its tough to be helpful and not overbearing but i'm sure you doing fine. Just letting him know you are there is probably what he needs.

As for the job situation can you contact the fair work ombudsman (sp??). It sounds like discrimination to me. Shouldn't he start someone to work with you so you can get them trained up...
How much sick leave have you got? i would get a stress leave note from the Dr and have a few days off work so reboot and decide what you want to do.

Hope you can get things sorted :bighugs:

Tinks that was on top of the changes we had made before pre-start. All up (inc the $4500) i think we made about $42,000 worth of changes to the original house plan.

#67 pink

Posted 15 March 2011 - 08:37 AM

*slinks back in to post after forever!*

hi girls original.gif

I check in here often and read whats going on but life is so damn hectic that I dont find the time to post. I'm making time now!

Things have been very up and down with me, getting used to the antidepressants has been hard work. A couple of weeks ago I self harmed and was suicidal and DP got all the kids looked after and took me to the hospital. This was very confronting but I was well and truly out of control and needed help. The crisis team gave me some meds to calm me down and checked on me over the weekend at home. I slept about 18-20 hours a day for the 2 days. Things are getting there altho I had a bad weekend again this weekend. I get very tired and it all gets too much. Going to GP today as psychologist wants me to see a psychiatrist as well to get my meds sorted out. I think its a good idea but the amount of people I have to see gets a bit overwhelming and I go in to panic mode again. I will get there, just have to keep remembering to go slowly.

Jack is such a cheeky little boy now! His latest thing is saying "I said no!" when he doesnt want to do what you want and you ignore his first no LOL cheeky monkey! He is now in our room in his toddler bed and Hannah is in the big kids room and its working much better. He will climb in to his bed while I sit at the computer and we have pretty stress free bedtime now. TT should be easy because he has really good control over his bladder BUT its too good and he just refuses to go all day until you put a nappy on him. He can stop the wee if it starts or sit on the potty and let out one drop!! and then say he's finished. Not trying too hard cos we dont want him to stop going altogether.

The Dr isnt too concerned about Jack and I am less worried this week too. We go back next monday for results on the poo sample. The weird thing is, (TMI alert!!) we have stopped giving him milo and his poo has changed colour drastically. He only had 2 tsps a day so I didnt think it would be enough to do anything but its gone from dark dark brown to caramel coloured. Not sure if I mentioned on here that I was worried cos his poo looks like coconut, like chocolate truffle mixture and you cant get it off him! it just wipes around cos its dry sick.gif  anyway, its been a bit better this week so hopefully its nothing. Just got worried cos Sophie always had strange poo and Jack had started to fall asleep mid morning and it reminded me too much of Soph. Not so worried this week so will see how we go.

Hannah is adorable. After the rough start with her reflux she is now thriving. She is 6.5 months and sitting up, commando crawling and eating everything we could possibly feed her! She has said bubba and last night said mumumum  wub.gif

ok enough about me....

Renee - what an awful situation with your job! I hope you manage to make it through the day today. Good on you for going back at all. Another awful situation with your Dad and SM. I hope it all calms down and I bet your Dad is glad you're there for him.

Suzanne and Tinks - good luck with the house building!

Wilsmum - I hope a BFP isnt too far off for you original.gif Jack sings the Coles ad too  roll2.gif  

Leita - I'd be waiting till after a big trip like that to TT too. Hope you have a great time!

Robyn - is Eden still on her reflux meds? Hannah has been off hers for ages now and since having solid foods she doesnt vomit anywhere near as much as she used to so is a happy camper original.gif Hope Eden is too.

will show off some pics of my two little ones for those not on facebook (and promise to find more time to post!!)

Edited by pink, 15 March 2011 - 08:42 AM.

#68 3'sacrowd

Posted 15 March 2011 - 08:41 AM

Oh my Renee, I hope your dad is ok.Gosh what a nasty thing SM is. I'm sure your dad is grateful for your help.Very stressful time for a pregnant lady. As for your work I agree with Suzanne  sad.gif Big hugs to you.
How very exciting on your morph scan on Thursday.I'll be thinking of you. I can't believe you are at almost half way.Your pregnancy seem to be going fast.

TTing- Is going pretty well.He will go to the toilet and do wee's and poo's. Still in a nappy at sleep and nap times though.He can go in the car with undies on and have no accidents (touchwood). He loves going to the drawer and getting his undies out and brings them to me so he can wear them. He sometimes gets lazy and just does a wee on the floor.

Ill come back.I have a doctors app for Aston(he has low iron and haemoglobin levels) in an hour and we're not ready.

#69 leita

Posted 18 March 2011 - 05:10 PM

Hi Girls!  waves.gif

Pink- so good to hear from you- sorry you've been having such a tough time though. Good that you are seeing a psych to get those meds sorted though, your kids need you happy and healthy. Your DP sounds like a gem though, looking after you. Hope you are having a better week this week. hhugs.gif

CrazyCat- gosh, are you almost half way through your pregnancy already ohmy.gif that has just flown by. That is rubbish the way your boss is treating you. How soon were you thinking of cutting down though- might this actually be a good thing if you are having a hard time? Gives you more of a chance to rest before #2 arrives? Don't know, just playing the devil's advocate a bit.

Tinks and Whitelily- little bit jealous of these exciting new houses  wink.gif what a wonderful time for you both though. Hope it all goes smoothly.

janbabyboy- well done on the TTing in your house!! That's great! Hope the Dr can give you some good news about Aston  original.gif

Summerbub- how are you doing? I know your out there stalking somewhere!!

AFU- well, still in rabbit mode  laughing2.gif but I have a good feeling about this cycle of TTC.... nothing at all to report though!  grin.gif . Miss Mali is still delightful, but has discovered the joys of Timmy Time, and we have to watch it 10 times a day. laughing2.gif Oh well, gives me time to check my email and tidy up a little- the least she could do if she's not going to sleep.

Has anyone else's monster dropped their day sleep yet??

#70 summerbub

Posted 20 March 2011 - 08:22 PM

I've got 10 seconds so have no time for personals.... sorry!

What consistency are your toddler's poos when you find them in the nappy? Are they like thick stew, playdoh, or formed adult like pos or are they hard?

#71 White-Lily

Posted 21 March 2011 - 12:35 PM

Jo so good to hear from you again. Im so glad you are getting some help. Hopefully the tough times are coming to a close and you can start to enjoy things again. Take one step at a time bbighug.gif would having a diary/planner help to keep you feeling in control?
Hope this week is a better one
Oh, milo is full of iron so maybe Jack had heaps of iron by products which was changing his poo to a really dark colour. Glad to hear he is ok now

Leilta hands.gif you get a BFP this month!!

Has anyone else's monster dropped their day sleep yet??
Not yet. I dont think she is anywhere near ready, she gets so grumpy if she doesnt get a good enough block of sleep during the day. She got woken by the lawnmower on the weekend and she was in an awful mood all arvo.

JBB great to hear TT is going well at your place. How was Aston's Dr appointment?

What consistency are your toddler's poos when you find them in the nappy?
ATM they are thick and doughy but Shae has been a bit under the weather. A few weeks ago they were harder and more formed (not pebbly tho) but she was a bit constipated. I think something in the middle would be fairly normal.

Hope Noah is ok, Robyn

AFU not much going on. Went and put a whole heaps of nice new house things on layby for when we move again. I cant believe i will have a house full of nice matching things!

#72 LEGs-R-US

Posted 21 March 2011 - 07:21 PM

Hi lovely ladies,

Just thought I'd come and quickly update you on Liams operation.  It is tomorrow but we are last on the list so prob will get in around lunch time.  Not sure how I will keep Liam from eating after midnight.. he is a big eater and can only have water and apple juice from midnight.  A little anxious but I figure the only thing I am nervous about is the anesthetic and these people know what they are doing.  

He should be back in the ward (I hope) by 3pm... well that is what we've been told and fingers crossed home on Wednesday evening.

#73 leita

Posted 22 March 2011 - 05:09 PM

Good Luck Liam!!

I just had to come in and say.......



#74 summerbub

Posted 22 March 2011 - 09:35 PM

Wow that was quick Leita! CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP.gif !! biggrin.gif So happy for you!

Jen, I hope you guys are going ok in hospital. I read on facebook that everything went well with the op so I hope recovery is very quick etc. What a brave little man. Do you feel relieved after this 2-year wait?!!!? I bet you do!

Suzanne, oooh interior decorating! I love it!!! I would come with you to shop if I was closer tongue.gif . My sister thinks I should do an interior design / decorating course and pimp myself out. Not a bad idea, but I can't be bothered studying again!

The poo question: sorry about my random post, I got a bit concerned as (TMI AHEAD ALERT) Eden's poos are now a bit more like playdoh soft and formed... but Noah's have always been softer.... not formed at all.

Jo - I'm really pleased to read that you are getting some good help there. How are you going now? Have you been able to find a good regular psychologist? I'm thinking of you all the time. Always remember that we are all here for you, we all love you! bbighug.gif to you. xx bbighug.gif And by the way I LOVE the pics, so cute!!

Day sleep - Noah still has a few hours each day. Now it is anywhere between 2 and 4 hours long  unsure.gif . The little man likes his sleep that's for sure. I really don't see him dropping it anytime soon. Touch lots of wood! laughing2.gif

Sandra - how did you go with Aston's dr appt? Great to hear that Cohen is going so well with TTing. We are having success too, which I will elaborate on below!

Eden's reflux - good news, we have successfully stopped giving Eden her Zoloft / Losec without any dramas so thankfully that chapter is closed for us too. Good to hear that Hannah is also better Jo. What a crappy time we had with it! I can hardly remember it though, I was in such a daze!

Renee - holy cow that was a bit of a Jerry Springer post! laughing2.gif I'm sorry you are going through all of that while trying to deal with a toddler AND pregnancy - so stressful! How is your dad going now? What ended up happening with your job last week?

AFUs - I have a good news story!! Noah went to daycare last week with jocks, had no accidents and did 3 wees in the toilet. We had more success each day with probably an accident each day.... then today it seems like it suddenly clicked. I brought out the sticker chart on the back of the toilet door and said I would give him a "special blue star sticker" each time he went to the toilet and did a wee.... so here today he was dry all day... no accidents.... did 4 wees in the toilet, and his very first POO! Haahaha I never thought I'd be so excited. We were high fiveing and dancing all around the toilet before we did the whole sticker ceremony laughing2.gif roll2.gif

Got more work news but will come in tomorrow to talk about that. I just wanted to share Noah's big boy news biggrin.gif


#75 leita

Posted 22 March 2011 - 10:34 PM

Robyn, that is awsome- well done Noah!! biggrin.gif

FWIW Mali's poos have been formed and adult like since she was about 6 months and started solids. I think both are normal.

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