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February 08 Parents # 79

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#51 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 07 March 2011 - 07:19 PM

Just wanted to post, I don't get on here much atm as my laptop died and I'm on my iPod. I see most of you on fb though.

Hope everything goes well with your scan Claire. I have never regretted finding out the gender, it's still such an amazing moment. I like Lucas, it was one of my suggestions for Jai.

As for Jai, well he isn't the easiest baby. Very windy, very clingy, doesn't like sleeping, won't self settle at all, ever. He also has a milk intolerance. But we'll get there, it will get easier. I sometimes wish I could fast forward 18 months.

Megan wow so close now, good luck although im sure I'll keep up to date on fb.

#52 babybump2

Posted 09 March 2011 - 07:11 AM

OMG Megan... so close!!!  Sorry to hear you got a cold and that Melbourne didn't play nice with it's weather. Bet these last 5 weeks of work will fly!

Rebecca - so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time at the moment.  Hope things with Jai improve quickly for you.  Sending you hhugs.gif

Claire - your poor friend!  That is just devastating for her.  Lets hope her little angel is just around the corner.

Both Claire and Megan - you may have forgotten but I certainly haven't.  Macy was SOOO challenging at 3!  I often came in here to grumble.  And someone coined the phrase which I often used about my "threenager!".  I had such a tougher time at 3 than 2 with her.  I don't know if that will give comfort or dred... but it does improve.  And for all the bad bits there are many gorgeous moments.  And yes I too had many MUMMY MELTDOWNS!  How can you not?!  Completely normal and all it shows your child is that Mummy is normal too and doesn't cope with terrible behaviour!  Good luck... and hope it passes quickly!

Ooohhh Claire so exciting you are finding out the sex.  I loved knowing with Beau - made him more real for us all - including Macy IYKWIM!?

Holly - Thailand is getting closer and closer!  You must be buzzing out of your skin!!!

Home day today... Macy's last Wednesday off school.  We are starting to fall into the rythmn of it all.  And it is really nice having the time with just Beau.  My lil man - I am so in love with him at the moment.  To the point I am COMPLETELY CLUCKY!  Lucky my brain is too sensible though  wink.gif

Off for a play in the park with Macy school class to get to know some of the kids/parents a bit better.  But unfortunately Melbourne is predicting showers.

Happy Hump day everyone! xxx

#53 mygorgeousboy

Posted 09 March 2011 - 02:03 PM

Hi Girls,

Rebecca, I hope things get better for you soon. Hopefully it may be just a phase and Jai will settle for you soon.  original.gif

Claire, So sad for your friend sad.gif . Also H has only been 3 for two weeks and he has turned into a little terror. He is so independent and "knows" everything. Poor DH cops most of his outbursts. I can't believe how rude he is to us sometimes. We resorted to taking away some favourite toys and have found he snaps out of his bad moods pretty quickly.  wink.gif

Megan, Ohhhhh not long to go. Will Mimie be at home with you while on mat leave? Is Red having some time off?

Sary, Your day sounds lovely having a play with Macy's school friends. What a great way to meet the other parents.  original.gif

Well girls i won't be around for the next 10 days. I will hopefully be lazing around a pool, mocktail in hand (darn breastfeeding), after having my morning massage. We are off to Sydney tomorrow to spend the night before we fly out on Friday. H is super excited and we are too.  cool.gif
Talk to you all when we return xox

#54 babybump2

Posted 10 March 2011 - 05:29 PM

Holly - have a super duper time!!!!  Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!   cool.gif

#55 RedsGirl

Posted 17 March 2011 - 09:10 AM

Just popping in to say Hi  waves.gif

Claire - I saw the gorgeous ultrasound pic on FB, so cute!!  Hope you are tracking OK.  hve you decided if you are going to find out??????

Holly - I am sure you are still lazing poolside.  Please give us a full run down when you get back.. I am keen to hear about where you stayed and how it was with a toddler and bub.  I am DYING to get back to Thailand. My colleague is there right now and were I not PG so would I!! I got to go so many times for work and often I'd extend and Red would join me and we'd head off for a few days **sigh** those were the days.

This is where we stayed last time we went, and I"d love to go back - it was a great spot and they have a good web deal for off-peak bookings.

Macy - I do remember your Macy at 3 stories. I vividly recall the night terrors in particular!  Mimie is quite fixated on monsters at the moment, so I am bracing myself!!

Rebecca - how is Jai going now?  Any signs of him settling a bit for you?  I saw you mention you are enrolling Caden for school next year -that is very scary.  I keep freaking that in 12 months time it will our now 3 year olds we'll be enrolling!

AFM - I have jsut got through 4 days of excrutiating tooth pain.  Happened last time with Mimie too. Seems to be settling now, fingers crossed it stays that way. Had to go to a new dentist which was scary enough in itself. It was bloody awful though and I haven't been able to eat much which isn't good for me or bub.

Have a 34 week scan next week. Bub is/was breech and I had a low lying placenta at the 20 week scan, so this is to see how we are going. I say was as two days ago there was A LOT of movement and my tummy seems to have dropped a bit, so was pondering that maybe bub has flipped.

Mimie has started at her 'new work' AKA kindy.  TT at work is not so great  She makes her break for the toilet too late and has an accident (or 2) most days. We had a few incidents at home last week too, but she seems to be back on track outside of work now.  I am thinking of doing a star chart for when she comes home from kindy with no accidents, but also don't want to make her feel bad as I know she is trying - she just gets distracted and doesn't want to stop playing to go wees plus I think its also a bit of regression with starting new work etc. It never ends does it?

Well, better get back to it - 3 weeks and 1 day left at work - woohooo. But much to do in that time!

ETA- has anyone heard from Amanda???

Edited by RedsGirl, 18 March 2011 - 12:08 PM.

#56 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 19 March 2011 - 08:07 PM

Nope Jai isn't settled although he has returned to doing a 4 hour block of sleep in the first half of the night so that's something.

I don't think I'll send miller to school in 2013,he just seems so little. T is 6 and has just started this year and already some if the other kids are turning 6. The younger ones really stand out, as they are so little and some are struggling with the long days.

What is everyone else doing?

We are going to auction again on Thursday and looks like it will be passed I'm again. We do have 1 person interested though and is waiting until after the auction to see what happens. I am so over having this house for sale.

#57 Tetinks

Posted 20 March 2011 - 08:55 PM

Hi all

Rebecca hope you get some luck soon with selling your house. It's a nightmare isn't it? We sold up when E was about 9 months old and the house was on the market for months. We had so many viewing where just 1 person, or no-one at all came through.

Megan good luck with your scan this week - hope bubs has flipped and placenta has moved! What is your due date?

Holly I think you must be back by now? You know we all need pics and details please!

Sary - this jumped right out at me:
(do it, do it, do it!!!!)

School - Rebecca we're sending E in 2013. Here you can start if you turn 5 before 30 April, and E should turn 5 during the first week of school. Also the trend here seems to be to send kids early. My other reason for doing this is that she is super duper tall (DH is 6'8" and she takes after him) so if I hold her back until she is 6 she will just tower over all the other kids - moreso than she does now. That's the plan anyway, we'll see how she goes at pre-school next year.

AFM - 14 weeks now, got bumped forward a week at my scan. As for finding out the sex, no, I haven't decided yet. i am really torn and think about it every day. The thing is, I know I am going to be disappointed when I find out, no matter what the sex is. I'll be devastated if I never get to have another boy and devastated if I never get to have another girl  sad.gif . I don't have a preference, I just think I feel sad that this is my last baby and i will never again get to mother a newborn boy/girl. My gut feel has been boy all along (I dreamt about him last night  wub.gif ... although he was 12 pounds  unsure.gif ) but if you believe any of that nub stuff then the scan looked very girly.

Only other big news here is that E's best friend is moving away  cry1.gif  Means I also lose one of my closest friends. It sucks. They've have known each other since they were 5 weeks old (MG) and see each other about 4 times a week - 2x daycare, MG and a playdate. So sad. E will be gutted and v confused when she no longer sees her little friend.

Hope you are  all well and happy xx

Edited by claireabell, 20 March 2011 - 08:57 PM.

#58 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 22 March 2011 - 12:03 PM

Claire Jai's nub was very, very girly.

#59 mygorgeousboy

Posted 22 March 2011 - 01:55 PM

We are BACCCKKKKKK!!!! Only arrived a few hours ago and have had no sleep for 24 hours. Boys slept all night on plane but i just couldn't sleep and  when i did finally drift off P woke for a feed. So feeling very heavy eyed atm. We all had a fabulous time. Went to a gorgeous wedding and had such a relaxing week full of swimming sun baking and massages. It was bliss. Anyway P has just gone down for a nap so I'm off to have a snuggle with H on the lounge and hopefully get some shut eye.

I will be back soon to fill you all in and maybe some pics. xoxo Glad to see your all well!

#60 babybump2

Posted 22 March 2011 - 05:47 PM

Welcome home Holly!  cool.gif Sounds wonderful!... well except for the bit of no sleep for the last 24 hours!   ph34r.gif  Look forward to hearing more when you have got a few more zzzz's!

Claire - your lil baby looks so sweet on the ultrasound!  14 weeks!  Whoohooo!  

You cheeky thing with your "Do it! Do It!"  Hee hee!  I think I will be eternally clucky - however we don't have the space, money or sanity for another.  And I do believe there may be a law about sticking a child up in the attic?!? -(as that is the only space left in this lil home).

Sorry to hear about Evie's little friend and yours!  That does sound tough. I haven't really caught up with my mg since Macy started at school.  With 2 moving o/s this year and school starting- it seems to have fallen over.  Which is a bit sad but maybe for our group it just took it's natural path of moving on.

Megan - you poor thing with tooth pain and being preggers and not being able to do anything about it!   Hope it is improving. Are we going to see any happy snaps on the blog of your growing belly?????  Now that you are so close to the end - maybe one???  Goooo onnn!

Rebecca - Wishing you lots of luck with the auction.  Gee that must be tough with 5 kids and one of them a baby!  Trying to keep the house tidy ALL the time must be doing your head in.  Hope Jai is sleeping a bit better - for you both.

AFM - DH has had a relapse with his back!  cry1.gif Poor guy - he is living with constant pain and it seems nothing he is doing is improving the situation.  He is like a bear with a sore head and though I can understand how hard it must be living with pain - it is tough walking on egg shells! grrrrrrr!  He spent all of Sunday lying down.  Talked about canceling his trip to Adelaide this week... but he has gone.  He is away for the week now.

Macy is settling into school.  Still super wired at night and I struggle each night to get her to sleep before 9!!! We start the wind down at 6.  Speaking to other Mums at the school - it seems the norm - but doesn't make it any less frustrating.

As for the school bit for Beau - well he is currently at kinder and LOVING IT!  He seems to fit in well.  And this is my dilemma.  I am happy and planning to repeat 3 year old for him next year - then making him the oldest once he gets to school.  But he is massive!!  As big as 4-5 year olds now.  So that does worry me a bit. But there are so many aspects to school that he will have to deal with and I think you said that Rebecca - they are long days at school and don't know how he would cope if I sent him earlier. So going with the approach of "whats the hurry" and will enjoy the extra time I get with my boy.  I miss Macy sooooo much these days!

I can see the pro's and cons of both ways.  But holding Macy has worked well.  And therefore thinking it will be good for Beau too.  Then I don't have to wonder and wonder and wonder for the next however many years too.   wink.gif

So far this year Macy has been to two 6 year old parties from school and one 5 year old - so there is a real variance in the year!

I am waffling on... must go get a move on with the routine!

Hope everyone's week is tracking well!  xxx

#61 RedsGirl

Posted 23 March 2011 - 08:42 AM

Oh god girls - Mimie has developed quite serious separation anxiety and its soooooo haaaaard.

I thought it was just kindy, but as I left home this AM, leaving her with her Nonna, it was exactly the same.  

I wonder if this is her reaction to change?  Not that bub is here yet, but we are getting her big girl room ready and its only been 4 weeks at new kindy etc etc.  She's also still having accidents at least once a day at kindy - not sure if that's related or more a "I am having fun and don't want the other kids to get this toy so will hold on and whoops its too late" kind of thing. Or a mix.  It's just really distressing.  She cries, screams, grabs me - it takes two of us to prise her off me so I can go.

Holly - great to see you back, sounds wonderful and can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

Sary - I wonder about this, and I was reading somewhere else that someone wanted to start their child later but was hesitant because they are big for their age and didn't want them to be the biggest.  I am not sure why that matters?  Most kids catch up at some point. For me, I think when they are mentally/emotionally ready - and by that I also mean equipped to cope with a longer day etc - that is the best time.  I don't think I'd mind if Mimie was a towering giant or a wee thing.  Genuinely curious about the bigger-than-the other-kids thing?  I might ask my friend with two boys at primary school - both have birthdays mid-year, so I'll ask her what helped her make her decision.

That said, how tall are our kidlets now, just as a benchmark?  I am curious at to what 'big' looks like on a 3yo.  Mimie is about 100cm and weighs around 15-16kgs I think - to me she looks average although her new kindy teacher said she was tall for 3  shrug.gif I dunno!

Scan this arvo to see if bub has turned and placenta moved.  Will be nice to see bubs again. Mimie is coming too so will be nice for her to see what bubby looks like in my tummy.

Belly shots - well I said to Red the other day we NEED to take some as I don't really have any yet and I want to do another little album for this bub like I did for Mimie with belly pics, u/s pics, birth pics etc etc

#62 babybump2

Posted 23 March 2011 - 11:22 AM

Oh Megan you are right there are so many things to think about with school readiness.  And it is so individual.  I even went to 2 seminars when deciding what to do with Macy.  And that is why I am going to be "holding" (although I don't see it as holding but sending when ready) as a problem.  The psychologist who spoke said that boys are socially slower than girls and that it is an area you can stereotype - and she strongly advocates holding (theres that word again) boys.

I measured Beau a couple of weeks back and he is 104cms. And he has size 12 shoes.  Not sure of his weight.  But just comparing him to the kids at kinder - he is one of the tallest... and they will eventually be a year above him at school.  Your also right there always is someone older, someone younger, someone shortest and someone tallest...  Just goes with the job as a mother to worry about these things I guess.

That sounds hard with Mimie and her SA.  Sounds like she is aware a change is coming.  And it sounds completely normal.  Not that you want to hear that.  It is going to be a bit of an adjustment to her world.  But one she will come to cherish!  Sending you big hugs getting through this time.  I have found times of SA so frustrating and difficult too.  It will pass.  Guess this is always a mantra we Mums need, "This too shall pass".

Ohhh good luck with the scan.  Cuuuutttteee!  Any chance of posting it??

Well I am supposed to be doing a house blitz... this is one more thing I shouldn't be doing!!!   rolleyes.gif

Just spoke to DH in Adelaide and he is in so much pain and so unhappy.  sad.gif  I don't know what to say or do.  It is awful!  He is due to fly home tomorrow - however he doesn't know if he can cope with a plane flight and the sitting as he is in so much pain.  He is just lying down at his hotel for the day  sad.gif

#63 RedsGirl

Posted 23 March 2011 - 12:53 PM

Oh Sary - your poor DH. Sounds dreadful - it also sounds like he shouldn't have gone!!! Men and health hey - they can be so naughty!!!  Can he see a doc and at least get some pain killers or anti-inflammatories?

#64 babybump2

Posted 24 March 2011 - 08:58 AM

Yes Men and health!  And Men and pain!   wink.gif Guess that is why women give birth!  wink.gif

I have one hour to myself!  Whooo hooo!  Macy at school and Beau at kinder!  Whooohooo!

Happy Thursday everyone xxx

#65 mygorgeousboy

Posted 24 March 2011 - 10:19 AM

Morning ladies,

Back into the swing of things here. Boys sleeps are a bit all over the place at the moment but I'm sure that will improve soon. H slept 15 hours on Tuesday night. Woke at 11am yesterday. Last night he was asleep by 7pm and woke this morning at 10am. P is just unsettled and tired yyawn.gif

We had such a fabulous time. We stayed at the Mercure Patong which is a great resort and the staff were incredible. Someone was always taking P for us so we could eat, swim, relax. He was so popular. They LOVE babies and P does have some serious chubby fat rolls which they all found hilarious. Their babies are so tiny. The only down side was the room size which was a tad small but we all managed for 10 nights. Next time we would definitely get a bigger room. Maybe a kids suite?
H spent most days swimming around the pool with DH while i relaxed with P (who had most of his sleeps on a banana lounge)
H loved riding in a tuk tuk so we did this most days. We went elephant riding which was amazing. I am now so in love with elephants.
The wedding we went to was amazing with a baby elephant there for photos. P sat on the elephant for a cool pic and H hugged, kissed and fed her bananas. We got some great photos.
We would definitely go back one day. Maybe when the boys are a little older so we can do some tours/snorkeling etc.  

Sary, I hope your DH's back improves. Sounds very painful.

Megan, I noticed a big changed in H in the lead up to me having P. He was very clingy and a tad emotional. I think he was just confused with all of the big changes that were happening. I think it lasted a few weeks but god i felt guilty. Hope the next 3 weeks go fast for you so you can chill out before bub arrives!

Claire, Great news on skipping a week. Your ultrasound pic is beautiful. original.gif

Rebecca, Any news on the house yet?

School- We haven't decided yet. I will wait to see how he goes at preschool. At this stage we will keep him back until 2014. My bestie is a kindergarten teacher and she said the younger boys tend to struggle. H is not very big either. He is just 13kg, not sure of height.  shrug.gif

Anyway girls, lots of washing sitting in the laundry waiting to be washed. Hopefully this wind today dries it faster. xo

Edited by mygorgeousboy, 24 March 2011 - 10:21 AM.

#66 Tetinks

Posted 25 March 2011 - 01:57 PM

Hello lovelies!

It's only 2.30 and I'm counting down the hours til bedtime! Have a really bad headache today as well as bad hip and tailbone pain. I just want a hot tea, warm bath and cosy bed  original.gif

Holly your trip sounds amazing. I think P napping on the banana lounges sums it all up for me! Are you going to put pics on facebook or the blog?

Sary how's your DH? Poor guy, it sounds nightmarish. i'm just about to go back to the chiro for my back - i stopped going during the first trimester as i was too paranoid  rolleyes.gif .

Megan I saw your update on the scan, fab news. As for Mimie, E was a bit younger when T was born but we noticed a huge change in her. I'd say she can probably sense something big's about to happen. Is Red taking time off when baby #2 arrives? DH couldn't (not a day  sad.gif ) and with T being a really hard baby I didn't have as much time for her and it was really hard.

I don't really know what to do about the SA. Mine seem to slip in and out of it. Quite a few of the kids in my MG are still having several accidents a week too.

was hesitant because they are big for their age and didn't want them to be the biggest. I am not sure why that matters? Most kids catch up at some point.

This is me. DD already towers over her friends and as I was the tallest girl in school and felt really uncomfy about it, i don't want that for her. Also, (TMI coming!) i started puberty early and don't want her developing a couple of years before her classmates. But having said all that, i think she will be ready. Socially she's great, and i think she'll be ok academically too. If I had doubts about her readiness i would probably give more consideration to holding her back, but at this stage we will send her in 2013, barring any new developments.

I think the other thing swaying me is that in my circle of friends, no-one has held their kids back - the trend here does seem to start them early. My brother and sis both started early, as did my bestie, who is a full year younger than me, even though we met at school.

As for her height, i haven't had her checked in a while, but she hit 100cm last year, maybe in sept or oct? People are always assume she is 4 and starting school next year.

Not much other news. Got my 12 week scan results last week and the risk was much higher with the kids at 1:825. The scan was fine and the papp-A was fine, but my HCG was more than double what they like, so that drove things up. I am not too worried though, whatever will be, will be.

Kids are really good. DS is now counting to 10 and getting to be such a handful! He's such a little boy, loves his dinosaurs and roaring like a lion. It's so cute and i am really relishing his 'boyness', which is something i never thought i'd say. DD is pretty good - still chucking some great tanties but her behaviour on the whole is much better. We're driving to Melb over Easter for a family reunion (my side) and to meet our new niece or nephew, who is due next week.

Silly question, but are you guys finding it harder to buy for your kids these days? I loved all of E's clothes up until sz 2, but now everything seems to have bloody dora or barbie on it and there's not as much cute stuff. i am looking for some cords for her for winter but can't find any - it's all skinny jeans (which i love - but i want some variety damnit!)

Better go, DS has awoken and is calling for a pum (plum)!

Edited by claireabell, 25 March 2011 - 02:00 PM.

#67 mygorgeousboy

Posted 31 March 2011 - 09:46 AM

After talking about height i just measured H. He is 95cm. By the sounds of things a little short a*se like me! Poor H, P is already catching him at 10kg.  ohmy.gif . I always thought they would be tall like DH. Who knows maybe he will have a late growth spurt! wink.gif

#68 mygorgeousboy

Posted 06 April 2011 - 09:28 PM

Hi ladies,

Its been very quiet in here!!!!

Megan, Not long now? Hope your feeling okay. How's J going with the SA?

Claire, Hope you are going great. How many weeks now?

Sary, Where are you??? Hope you are all travelling well original.gif

Rebecca, You must be very busy with your boys. Hows Jai going now?

AFM, not a lot to report. The boys are going great. H surprises me everyday with some things he comes out with. He adores his baby brother just as much as P adores him. I love watching them interact. P is crawling now. He totally skipped the "just sitting" stage. He sat by himself for about a week before he started crawling. So he is into everything wink.gif . I can't believe he is 7 months now!
I am starting to have a look around for some part time work. I really take my hat off to you ladies that work with littlies. I haven't applied for anything yet but the whole process of childcare, work, house duties is already starting to make my head hurt.  unsure.gif

Well i hope all of you Feb 08 mummies are still around here somewhere. original.gif
Come back and say heellllooooooo! xox

#69 babybump2

Posted 08 April 2011 - 07:22 AM

Good morning lovelies!

Friday morning and last day of term.  WHHHHAAAATTTT???!!!????...

Where is time going???

Life with a preppy and a kinder boy is so busy!  And I fall into bed in a heap each night and think about all the things I didn't achieve for the day and all the things I must do tomorrow.  Roll on school holidays!!!

Mum and Dad arrive next week from Perth for 5 days for Macy's 6th birthday and Easter!

Every weekend the kids have birthday parties and although I am happy they are making friends.  Geez EVERY weekend?? Really??  Not to mention the cost of all the presents!

Macy really really really wanted a party.  But just can't really face it.  Feels hard with her just starting prep and making new friends and missing her old ones.  So came to a compromise.  She was allowed to invite 5 friends - and we are taking them all to the see the Frog Prince at a theatre Restaurant.  She is sooooo excited!!!

Been avoiding fb as I don't have the time and it is the biggest time waster!

Wanted to pop in and say hello!  It is a fly bye hello - hope everyone is well... try and chat a bit more in holidays xxxx

#70 mygorgeousboy

Posted 11 April 2011 - 08:47 PM

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all going well.

Just popping in to say hello. Miss this group sad.gif


#71 babybump2

Posted 14 April 2011 - 01:38 PM

Oh Hiiiiii Holly!

I am here... currently have 2 buddies over for the kids.  Macy is in Barbie heaven with her old kinder chum and Beau is in Monster heaven with his kinder buddy.  So they are entertained and happy!

So here I am!

But where is everyone else???

Claire - how are you tracking??

Megan - not loooonnnngg nowwwww!!!!  Are you excited???

Everyone else come and say a quick hello!

I have even managed to look at facebook this week  wink.gif Mum and Dad arrive on Wednesday and it is Macy's birthday Thursday - I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Hope everyone is well x

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