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#51 dippinsniffer

Posted 21 February 2011 - 08:33 PM

Hi there,

Foreign languages: I don't even understand myself the apathy I have to learning a second language huh.gif . If my kids never learn a second language, I'm like "Yeah, whatever". What's with that attitude huh.gif ? As long as they speak English very well and learn the basics of whatever non-English language of whatever country they're passing through, I'm like so blase about learning another. I feel the right thing is for them to learn a second language, like I feel it's 'good' to learn an instrument, but I don't seem to have the desire/inclination to do anything about it shrug.gif . Yup, weird.

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#52 Snagglepussed

Posted 22 February 2011 - 10:46 AM

Alessia got homework yesterday and I thought it was a tad too much myself!

- 18 words that they are tested on at school on Monday and then they are sent home for writing out, repeating, practicising however works for them and then retested on the Friday.
- A Maths exercise (this week it is a guessing game to play with family so not too taxing really)
- They need to prepare a talk about ME for presentation during news next week with a ME collage to go with it (cuttings from newspapers etc)
- A new reader each night (no problem with this)
- Other stuff to do - write out sentences for some of the challenge words, word searches (finding smaller words within the challenge words) - this stuff is "extension" and not compulsory but sheesh they are only 5 FGS!!!!!!!!

Loved the photos of your we away Dip, that house is amazing! I want the details!!!! wink.gif

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#53 pixiefish

Posted 22 February 2011 - 11:19 AM

Kim - how funny - I am really getting cranky with our school because they don't get enough homework :|

Peanut got a few spelling words in week 5 only and now getting some simple maths but honestly there has been no reading assigned all year - only what I am doing at home with him. Its almost edging on 3mths with nothing now.

Quite a few mothers are annoyed too, I certainly don't want him to get heaps but it just seems pretty lax to me. I know there are lots of parents that don't believe in homework but I do, to a certain degree. Just 20mins of stuff would be fine, as they actually enjoy it too.

Is this list for overnight homework or a week's worth?

#54 pixiefish

Posted 22 February 2011 - 11:20 AM

ps: also need some help.... peanut is back to wetting the bed sad.gif every night! driving me crazy! He simply doesn't wake up. I am loathe to put him back in nappies but sheeeesh every night! the washing is unbearable!! any tips?

#55 pixiefish

Posted 22 February 2011 - 11:27 AM

pss: you will all be very happy to hear that my stove and oven are INSTALLED!  cclap.gif ddance.gif

#56 Snagglepussed

Posted 22 February 2011 - 12:22 PM

Well that counteracts the bedwetting (somewhat)....well done! How did you convince hubby? Did you offer sexual favours?

Bed wetting - Hmmmm, hard one! I got BOTH my girls up to wee as I went to bed (about 11pm or midnight) and over time it seemed to work! A wet the bed every night for a week and a half when I went cold turkey on for night nappies (she was 4 BTW)..... yet I persisted!
Have you got a brolly sheet that you can place over the made bed? Then have the bed made twice with wee protectors too so that in the night you can just reef them off without having to worry about making the bed!

Rebecca used to sleep through all her wets - middle of winter too - don't know how she did it! Mind you she slept through falling out of bed a few times too - onto wooden floors so she is a strange one!

The homework is weekly (bar the nightly reading) but I still think 5 yos should be 5 yos and not hot housed! When are they supposed to PLAY????

#57 dippinsniffer

Posted 22 February 2011 - 12:46 PM

Pix, oh dear, no, no advice, sorry. If it were DD I think I'd just have to wake or her something, reward her, be firm with her, no drinks after 6pm-ish, wee before sleep .. but I'm sure you've tried all that.
How odd, to have no reading books assigned, I thought all kids would have had at least one a week. But hey, different schools and all that. They might be doing lots of reading in class or maybe they'll start up in the next week or two.

OK, off to work!

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#58 mamabetty

Posted 22 February 2011 - 01:29 PM

PIX - Zac is having a dry patch atm though funnily enough he did wet it this morning for the first time in weeks.  I put it down to being over tired and he doesn't wake himself up to go.  I was limiting his fluids of an evening when he was wetting regularly and that seems to help.  I've never woken either of my boys to put them on the toilet.  When they do wet it seems to be the early morning wee and they just don't wake up ikywim?  If everything ok with him at school?

HOMEWORK - we have a fair bit.  Well Max does his in one hit and English is a breeze for him so he does it pretty quickly.   rolleyes.gif Maths homework has been a bit sporadic while she sets it up - all his maths homework is put on Mathletics, which works really well, but she's only put one lot of homework up and Max did it the first night.  His teacher is only 3 yrs out of Uni and is right up with the ICT way of teaching/learning.  She has set everything up on a virtual classroom on the Learning Place with accouncements, contact details, homework tasks, assignments, unit info etc.  We had a class meeting last night and she ran through it all and it's fantastic.  I can see why Max loves her as she makes the work seem like so much fun I want to go back to Year 6!  laughing2.gif  Max gets presented with his badge and certificate for class captain at assembly on Friday followed by morning tea so that is special.  

Zac gets 6 or so Phonics to do - they have to write the letter, then write out some words with that letter in it (beginning, middle or end).  Dont forget us Qld dummies are probably only doing what your kids in NSW did last year.  wink.gif  He gets 4 readers which get changed weekly.  Then he has his magic 100 words book which each child does at their own pace.  Once they get the 100 words (sight words) they get a special laminated certificate at assembly.   original.gif  Zac is on the second to last level.  He is on level 7 with his reading which seems to be about middle of the class.  I did reading with half the kids yesterday and some were on level 1 and some were on level 20!!  Such a variety.  Max picked up reading a lot quicker than Zac but he's working hard and improving all the time.   original.gif  

Max has discovered a book series 'Skullduggery Pleasant' and is eating them up - finally I found something he really enjoys reading (he's been reading mostly non-fiction stuff).  He did something at school yesterday called SRA (silent reading activites) and got the highest in the class so was quite pleased with himself.  laughing2.gif

Both kids have signed up for soccer this year so busy Saturdays for us!  

Anyway, that's all my kiddie news.  Nothing exciting to report about me - same old, same old.   rolleyes.gif


#59 pixiefish

Posted 22 February 2011 - 01:29 PM

We do wake him up at around midnight but he hardly ever goes then.... I have woken him before at around 7am and he has gone back to sleep and wet his bed THEN! so i am guessing its more around the early hours .... and yes we do have a wet sheet that he takes off himself most nights but still wakes us up to tell us...

I can't bring myself to put him back in nappies as he is 6.5yrs old - but the washing is freaking me out and it can't be good for him to be going through this every night either I don't think? hmm we ditched the nappies for both him and pinky about a month ago... she has great, still wets but only maybe once a week and is nearly 2 weeks without now... but i do know it can be easier for girls than boys... anyway thanks for tips... any more??

#60 manhattan

Posted 22 February 2011 - 03:38 PM

I think we dodged a bullet on bed-wetting. I can't recall having to change sheets more than twice, not counting the odd time we've forgotten to put a night nappy on L. I have no secrets as such. We make everyone go to the toilet before bed and limit drinks after dinner, but I only really take people to the toilet in the middle of the night for the first week or so. L is now waking dry from all his naps and wanting to sleep in undies so I guess we're going to have to start with him but I'm always nervous about jumping in. The way we usually start is I put undies on them with a nappy over so that if they do wet in their sleep, they feel soggy and yuck but I don't have to strip the bed, and then I ditch the nappies altogether once they've got the hang of it. Maybe you could try that for a little while and see if it helps? That way he still realizes he's wetting but it's not quite so traumatic for either of you? In saying all that, Peanut has always been a sensitive little soul and I would be more inclined to think the sudden wetting is a combination of being totally exhausted with school starting up again (I literally have to drag P out of bed most mornings ATM) and perhaps a touch of stress or anxiety? So really, I'd just try to stay in touch with his feelings and not make too big a deal of it, and just do what you have to do to make your nights as disruptive as possible in the meantime. shrug.gif

Homework: P usually gets a reader every night, unless he's doing a chapter book and not finding it interesting enough to finish in one go, in which case he sometimes keeps them an extra evening. I've heard they're going to start Mathletics again, but this time as mandatory homework rather than for play as was recommended last year. However, they haven't issued anything about that yet. He had sight words and spelling words weekly last year but the only paperwork he has this year is a workbook that gets checked monthly and it's full of things like "Read 5 to 7 times a week for up to 15 minutes at a time", "Teach someone at home something that you learnt at school", "Spruce up your home by helping with housework", "Listen to a piece of music that you normally wouldn't listen to and write about it" etc... etc... We're happy with this approach and find it takes a reasonable amount of time and ties in nicely with how we try to run our home anyway. original.gif (There are also a couple games that they're supposed to play but we haven't done those yet because I have games coming out my ears! wacko.gif)

J is desperate to go to school full-time and spends non-preschool days wandering around the house asking when it's Wednesday. He can read now and has already done all of P's sight words from last year so now he's practicing spelling. I might as well be homeschooling! But then he suddenly acts like a 2YO, throws a massive tantrum over something stupid and spends 2 solid hours kicking stuff and telling me I'm "a pity" and he's not going to love me until I'm dead, and I think he won't be ready for school until he's 20!  rolleyes.gif So then I ignore him and he entertains himself by playing board games against himself. laughing2.gif

M is up now so I'm off to sweep up Play-Doh before he eats it all off the floor! waves.gif

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#61 Snagglepussed

Posted 22 February 2011 - 06:18 PM

Dip - thanks love! Enjoyed that! I do love the Mountains! Could go mad up there for a weekend without hubby! LOL
I DID (however) mean the contact details (Tel, website yadda yadda) as I'd love to book it one day!  roll2.gif
Ahh the nuances of the Enlgish language! You're right why do we need another! Ours is do diverse!

Re: Homework - I have come to realisation that Bec (Year 5 NSW) is getting way too much homeworlk too! Ugh!

#62 pixiefish

Posted 22 February 2011 - 07:39 PM

Thanks so much for more tips re: bed wetting...

I did think about an anxiety / stress thing too but to be honest .... he has never woken with a dry nappy. Ever. He always has a hugely wet nappy every morning. He is renowned for a tiny bladder and always needs to go to the toilet like 4 times more than anyone else in the family. I somehow don't think it is stress related, more small bladder/deep sleeping related?

I have spent the last 3 years waiting for him to wake p with a semi-dry or dry nappy as that can be a key to when to start - but its never come close, so maybe I jumped the gun anyway. To be honest, it has never bothered me that much - I am of the school of thought, well it will just happen when it does so be it. But it kind of hasn't and its stretching the friendship a bit now - and I am more perplexed than anything *sigh* I really thought that if we just persevered this time that he would eventually get it inside a week or so shrug.gif

We limit drinks, we take him to toilet beforehand, we get him up to go to the toilet... he also has an ensuite in his bedroom with a nightlight so its not because the toilet is too far away or he is scared etc.... I haven't tried undies inside the nappy though BUT that means putting nappies on him again... and DH really thinks that is a mistake .... BUT its not him washing every day is it  huh.gif although he is the one getting up at night to deal with it.

It doesn't look like he is ready... but is putting nappies on him a step back? I remember he used to even poo in it up until about 2 years ago.... pure laziness until one day i said there is no way i am changing a poo in the morning again. If he pooed in it, he would have to change it starting tomorrow.... and he never pooed again. So I think there is a part of me that thought he just didn't want to get up for whatever reason.

Arrghhh who would've thought I could write so many paragraphs about WEE and POO  rolleyes.gif

#63 manhattan

Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:04 PM

Pix, I would be reluctant to put nappies on a 6YO but shrug.gif I'm not convinced we have much say in TT'ing some kids after the grief we went through trying to get J into undies and him refusing until the day before he started preschool. Have you tried getting Peanut to clean up after himself? I don't mean to punish him but rather just to show him that it's kind of a PITA to have to deal with that stuff in the middle of the night when you're half-asleep, you know?

#64 *Caro*

Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:33 PM

You know what Pix, I was sort of going to suggest this before, but for various reasons didn't, but with that history, I think a visit to a physio might help.  Or even a GP, to check there isn't some underlying issue, what with the extra weeing compared to everyone else.  I saw a physio when I was pregnant with Angus who did a lot of work with kids and adults with continence problems.  Anyway, just a suggestion.

#65 pixiefish

Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:45 PM

He will come to DH early in the morning (6am?) and that's when he has wet, so I ask him to strip the bed and get his pjs and take it all down the laundry, he hates that bit but does do it. I make him deal with as much of the aftermath as possible, again not to punish but so the penny might drop (as I was v.successful with the threat of doing same with poo)

I agree that I really don't feel we have that much say in TT at all *sigh* I will see how it goes over the next couple of days and report back. I simply can't put nappies back on him yet... I hope so much we are only a few days away  hands.gif

I am sure you are all waiting with baited breath  wacko.gif

thx caro - good point actually - I will bring it up with my GP next visit, she is brilliant

#66 SportySpice

Posted 23 February 2011 - 07:49 AM

oh dear....... pix  sad.gif  and P  sad.gif   hmmmm G actually wet the bed a couple of weeks ago - a one off - I think she was just exhausted...  I'd be inclinded to follow Caro's suggestion.

I'm battling a friggin migraine again.... had it yesterday and it sort of went in the evening, only to wake up with it again this morning.  p*ssed off I am.... and DH isn't much help with his snoring.... grrrr

homework: Each Monday sgee comes home with a sheet which has about 20 "short / common words" on it which they just copy across each day for pratice of handwriting and spelling.  Then there is a second column of words - about 6 - for them to learn to spell.  Last week the words were:

This week the spelling words are;

we also have "home reader" each night which is a book they get each day to bring home and read at night.  That's it so far, Maths will be coming.  She also has to practice flute 4 days per week for at least 10 mins and she just does ballet everywhere all the time! wink.gif

DH is working hard and long hours, KHFHDH is just being stupid as usual - I'm actually thinking maybe even more so now - think all the alcohol abuse may be catching up with him, he doesn't have much in the way of short term memory - something he is aware of and admits to freely....... I'm just plodding along and just busy with work and election stuff.

sgee's cubby is going in this w'end - she doesn't know about it and we'll be out most of Sat while DH and a friend put it together - now that our new fence is done (pics were on fb).

So that's about it.

head is a little fuzzy, but I'll get there!

love to all xx

#67 Snagglepussed

Posted 23 February 2011 - 11:35 AM

Just remembered too Pix that kids don't have full sphincter/bladder control until about 8 anyway so anything earlier than that is really a bonus! Society has made us TT way earlier than mother nature intended!!!!! Annoying though when you are washing all the time and in your nesting mood that would be tantamount to Mutiny! LOL

SS - bugger about the migraine! They are so debilitating!

Uni has started in earnest! Did first Stats online test last night! Not due intil mar 10 but teh 2nd one is due mar 17th and then there are the other subjects to deal with so UgH!

Did a circuit class yesterday morning which was great but jeez today I am suffering for it! Need some Magnesium supplements for my tired old muslces! original.gif

Back on the "wagon" so to speak! Was looking at photos of me about 8 years ago and really just brought home the fact that I am running out of time to get back into shape! I have so many beautiful clothes from Italy that I can't fit into and when I COULD fit into them I felt overweight so really the buck stops HERE!!!! I want to get that carefree happy woman back - at the moment she is a tad bitter and twisted!

Dip - how are you going with your NO JUNK policy?
Caro - Have you started you exercise regime yet?

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#68 mamabetty

Posted 23 February 2011 - 01:19 PM

PIX - I'd just wait it out.  Max was the same - he peed every night and just would not wake.  By 6 he was fine and with boys it's common up until 7 for some.  Now he can drink whatever he wants and is just able to hold onto it.  He never gets up in the night for a wee either.  So you will get there.  I just used to use old sheets and wash them first thing in a quick wash cycle.  I wouldn't put a nappy on him either.  JMO.  I know how frustrating it is.  xxx

#69 dippinsniffer

Posted 23 February 2011 - 01:47 PM

Hi original.gif chatting lots just like in the olden days original.gif .

Jodie, class captain! Wow! I knew he was getting an award but didn't realize he got made class captain original.gif .

Kim, sounds like DD's home-work is similar to Alessia's but without the extension stuff and she gets about 10 words, not 18. So it does sound like you guys do get quite alot.
Ahhh, details of the house address! Riiiiight! Here's a website: http://www.stayz.com.au/26937
I've been going quite well with eating well, so to speak. Past 10 days or so, I ate unhealthily at the week-end away (but did not stuff myself) and have had 2 chocolate bars. The rest has been only good food. Till Friday we have no social things so there will be no temptations. Saturday I have a picnic which should be good food as everyone coming is trying to lose weight, then dh's parents coming for dinner so more good food and possible dessert. On Sunday, I have a picnic with a distant cousin so no unhealthy food there unless she brings something sweet to share. Where I might fall down is Sunday evening when DD has a b'day to attend at Hungry Jacks at 6pm. Hmmmm. I don't know how I'll stop myself picking at her nuggets and chips and lollies but hopefully, I won't go too crazy happy.gif .

Mathletics: hasn't been mentioned at our school yet ...

Nic, I'm glad you gave us an idea of what J is upto wrt reading. Not comparing at all but it's just an observation that he can read words and do some written while DS here can only read his name happy.gif .  But I've not done any words with ds so I'm sure that has something to do with it original.gif .
They're still so similar at times, DS is not as 'ready' for school as DD was. She was ready a year before she started whereas I feel he won't be ready till he's 6 or 7! And he too likes playing board-games by himself ... when I get bored of playing 3 in a row with him blush.gif . But in other areas like helping, explaining things and reasoning, he's made leaps and bounds and is just a joy to be around the past year or two original.gif . He's nothing like the cranky, clingy, intolerant child he was during his first 3-4yrs which is wonderful and makes life so much easier original.gif . Now it's DD who is sometimes argumentative, defiant and short-tempered rolleyes.gif .

PIX, you're doing all the right things wrt Peanut's TT drama, I didn't realize he has never been dry at night, I thought this was a new thing since starting school, so now that we have that info, I'd be inclined to get a professional to see him as Caro suggested (be it a doctor, naturopath, chiro, physio) as I was under the assumption that 6-7 is about the time 'late toileters' should be getting the hang of being dry and there might be an under-lying medical reason why this is not happening.

JULIA, how is your holiday going?

Finished making beef casserole original.gif . Lots of ingredients as I've merged two recipes (didn't like the clutter of extra recipes in my folder when there was only a difference of 3 ingredients between them original.gif ) so I'll see how it turns out. Smells delish!

We didn't have a good start to this morning, DD's room was a mess (as it ends up almost every single day as she loves living in mess!) so I made her clean it up, we were 2mins late for school as the clean-up and we were doing well till she realized she had left her 'show and tell'/'news' at home in the kerfuffle of getting out the door. She cried, I almost cried as I was sad for her but didn't want to go back for this book and was giving her other ideas for her 'news', but in the end she almost begged so I went back and got it *sigh* .
It 'threw' my morning a bit as just 1 wk ago (last Wed afternoon actually), I had to lecture them both about some naughty behaviour they had both displayed that afternoon. Two big lectures spaced 8 days apart was not. good. rolleyes.gif .
But I've re-centered and looking forward to some lovely time with them both this afternoon - we're making ice-cream in our new maker someone gifted us for Xmas original.gif .

#70 KylieB

Posted 23 February 2011 - 08:17 PM

Hello there lovely girls.

Gotta say, this morning was a little cool! DH rode his motorbike in and it was minus 6. All rugged up, I tell you. But there are not too many clouds so the day should warm to about, oh, 6 rolleyes.gif

Pix - Toileting. Some good advice from everyone. I don't have much to say except I can understand your frustration with it. Kirsty has just gone through  a little time of wetting overnight and at school. But she is back on track now. I think hers could have been that she needed some encouragement and attention blush.gif It seems since I had noticed and rectified that, she seems to be able to judge if she needs to go better but who knows!

Dip - haha 2 lectures 8 days apart? That would be a dream of mine  wink.gif We get a lot more here as they all seem to feed from each other.
Aggi has been terribly moody lately. She is really growing up and I notice that she is quite intolerant of her sisters. Rhys she could give her whole life to but her sisters really annoy her.

Actually, we have class meetings next week with the teacher. I think she is having a little difficulty in Math which surprises me as at her age I was in extension classes for Maths. But then not everyone is the same. It is more focus. She is disruptive at times and has been in a little trouble for chatting. She really, really dislikes making mistakes. So I think it makes her hesitant in trying. Whereas, say, Sarah is happy to make mistakes and take on some critique to improve. And with Math you sort of have to have a go at answering, really, to understand.
Her reading is going really well. She really churns through the books but not school ones as they don't encourage early reading as a rule here. I have to keep buying the next books in a series, she has read most of my childhood ones I have here. And she is quite expressive in her reading. But a lot of the other areas I just don't know. They don't grade in most german schools so she doesn't get report cards for a few years yet. It is beginning to make our decision about coming back to Aus loom in the not too distant future ( 2 years or so).

SS - Those headaches must suck. Because I know when I was anaemic, I had constant throbbing headaches that could not be stilled by painkillers. They were a real interference just to how I felt overall. I can't imagine the blinding pain from a migraine sad.gif

Homework for Sarah - No school. lol She only has her welcome day and interview and testing the 14th March.

DH is having a little bit of a tough time at work. Nothing major, just frustrating for him.
They have gone over to an automated ATC system here. So to teach they need to re-write the course structure.
No worries, except in testing he has seen some things they need to address with the students. The computer based system is much different wrt to Human Factors and he could see that they needed to instill certain behaviours in the students before they went to live training. MAny tools you use in a non-automated system have been removed and are taken over by the automated system. Anyway, he bought them up in a group discussion and they basically laughed at him and told him that was crap. However, he could see that if the students did not display and input certain info to the system, that track could not process thus resulting in incorrect information then the conflict warnings would not work etc. A set up for possible incidents.
So they have a meeting with the boss who basically said that DH was correct and that it was to be addressed in the course. So now the work they have done needs to be altered. And he told me earlier he thought that the project leader was not prioritising adequately and that they would run out of time (next week he is away for work and then the course begins the week after).
He tried to tell them that he has done a full changeover to an automated system and he was also an incident investigator and he could see some holes that needed to be covered to reduce the chance of mistakes. Not in a cocky way, just explaining that they could use what he has seen before.
I felt really bad for him as he explained as he is just trying to give the students the best chance to succeed and be involved in a great industry and a fun job.

I'll have to come back later. Nappy change, washing to hang on my clothes airers yadda yadda.


#71 dippinsniffer

Posted 24 February 2011 - 06:11 AM

Hello original.gif .

Caro, we've reached 70 posts so I'm deleting stuff, I've saved my mini-essay on Dar for you it if you didn't have time to read it original.gif . I'm assuming no word yet on the posting?

Kylie, good to hear all your news! I can't believe Sarah hasn't started school yet, gosh, but such is their system. How often do she and Kirsty go to 'pre-school'? When does Rhys start?

#72 KylieB

Posted 24 February 2011 - 07:32 AM

Hey Dip  original.gif They go 5 days a week. They only go a half day. I could put them in a full day of Kindy with lunch but Sarah says half a day is enough as she gets bored and I use some of the time for reading.
It really is just socialisation skills that they learn but with some of the kids you wouldn't know it. One little dude each time he sees Rhys comes up and pushes him over. If I have walked away to say hi to the girls, he will rush over  mellow.gif  Just the other day, Rhys was on a fort thing and the kid pushed him off. Little sh*te. The carers come up to him, are very stern, drag him away then he has to come back and say sorry. Makes no difference. If I'm there and say "no pushing" in German, he will do it as soon as she gets an opportunity. Then Sarah tells me he was hitting with her with a stick the other day and she stood her ground and he got 2 warnings from her to stop then she pushed him in the mud and the teachers told her "good!" That was off topic.
Anyway, Rhys can start the minute he turns 3. So, he should go next September original.gif
I admit they do really cool things. Each fortnight, they have Waldtag. Where they spend the morning in the forest. They take their snacks, backpacks, wet weather gear (or winter gear atm), with binoculars and have a ball. They do turn, which is like kiddy gymnastics. Lots of puzzles, puppetry, singing. Sarah also does Judo there once every fortnight and since she is at school readiness, gets to do special things the younger kids don't. Like go into town, special trips to the theatre etc. I do like how they make their non-school time special  happy.gif

Kim - your mention of sphincter reminds me of Wayne's World. "A sphinctersayswhat?"

Weight - I've stayed steady after our London trip at around 62? We really ate well over Christmas  tongue.gif  But I have up until now felt very lethargic so now my mojo is back, I feel like running again! My main problem is, I found a place that sells water crackers which goes reallllly well with the other shop I have found which does really fine cheeses. Cheese is like wine. The one you don't have is one you never catch up on, ya know?

So, we all have 10 days off over Easter. We were going to go to Scotland but I'm thinking we actually don't have enough time. If we drive we lose 2 days there and 2 days back driving. Costs a fair bit and the kids will be in the car not enjoying themselves. We could fly in and hire a car then I think with the public holidays over the Easter break, we lose too much. Wouldn't be so bad if the Royal wedding wasn't a public holiday in GB! Meh, so don't know what to do. Find a little chalet in Sweden and look around and just roam the hills and mountains? Head north if I can find good prices? Go to the warms of Spain?
Needs to be relatively inexpensive as I've just, for the first time, managed to save some money after this month!

That isn't all of our news but the rest is pretty boring and average. A few parties and so on going on the next few weekends. Supposed to do a girls night this Friday with school mums but can't be a*sed. Got movie night with some partners of work colleagues of DHs, one bloke has set up a restaurant and we have been invited to opening but I need to find a sitter  wacko.gif

Chat later! Think of you all often X

#73 dippinsniffer

Posted 24 February 2011 - 09:00 AM

Scotland, chalet in Sweden, warm Spain ... oh the dilemmas biggrin.gif !
Waldtag! Maye that's where all those German's we meet on our trips get their early taste of hikes/treks and the like original.gif . Again, I've enjoyed reading all your news, Kylie original.gif . I like when we get long posts about 'life' from everyone original.gif . There are a few who have not been in for weeks! Guess they're all on FB ...

#74 SportySpice

Posted 24 February 2011 - 09:09 AM

Dip - mathaletics - is big at G's school.  I just got a note home yesterday of preferred websites for the kids to use at home....... I'll put them in here either later tonight or tomorrow for you.  I have a course to attend tonight in relation to the election..... mellow.gif  So sms me tonight to remind me! wink.gif

oh and these migraines..... blerghhhhhhhhh finally went around 3pm yesterday.... funny how I remember when they "go"..... this one on a "pain" level wasn't as bad as some others and I could still "function".  Guess if I can get some meds into myself early on - it does help..... unfortunately with this ttc thing it severely limits me what I can take and when.  cd28 today and may test on the w'end.  Think this will be the last of the "actively" ttc as well.  I just can't cope much more with it and the expense of ivf is something we just cannot do atm and I'm realistic.... 45 in June - just think it's time to be ever so grateful for my sgee.

back to work for me

love to all

#75 *Caro*

Posted 24 February 2011 - 08:52 PM

Em's teacher this year is old school and I think is going to rule with an iron thumb.  She has sent home a reader tonight (first for the year) that is streets ahead of anything Em had last year.  Emmy struggled a bit, but got there in the end.  I think the teacher will get good results, but I'm not sure Em is going to like it!  Apparently we are going to get spelling/sight words soon as well as readers, but no mention of maths homework yet.  

Actually, I wouldn't mind views on something re this teacher.  She told me at parent-teacher interview last week that she had told the kids that there would be no more fun and games, it was time to get on with learning.  Which I sort of agree with ... and yet... whatever happened to a "joy of learning" and enjoying school?  huh.gif  Why can't they learn and have fun too? Isn't that how they'll learn more and want to come back for more?  I know "learning through play" is normally for the younger kids, but surely 6yos still need a bit of fun and games too?  Part of me wants to post E off to Germany for some Waldtag!!!  biggrin.gif   At the time I shrugged it off,but now I'm wondering if I should question it?  Emmeline has come home telling us that they aren't going to have fun anymore - not exactly what I wanted for her so soon in her school career! *sigh*

Kylie, I agree with Dip, it sounds like such a hardship to decide where to go on holidays!!   wink.gif  Hope you find somewhere soon.  I would probably vote for Spain, but you've already been there once, haven't you?

Dip, no word on the posting yet.  There are a lot of internal kerfuffles going on, so don't expect to hear for a while.  I'm not sure I want it now anyway - Darwin sounds great, but this particular job sounds like a bit of a nightmare! wacko.gif

You guys were talking about needing to lecture kids - I heard today that kids between the ages of 3 and 9 have something like 13 disagreements an hour! laughing2.gif  

Kim, yes have sort of started my get fit kick.  Have been walking for an hour every second day, plus all the incidental exercise.  I'm aiming to walk everyday, but doing it every second day is pretty good, so I'm happy so far.  

I've been out every night this week at various meetings and events, mainly related to school.  I'm knackered and need to go to bed!! yyawn.gif

see ya, my lovelies!

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