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March 09 Parent Group # 84

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#1 Sandra

Posted 09 February 2011 - 09:57 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 2sweetgirls

Posted 09 February 2011 - 11:29 AM

GOLD ohmy.gif

#3 asignatureofthings

Posted 09 February 2011 - 05:20 PM


Carmen, hope your arms clear up, ouch! Well done to Levi!

#4 Becca1605

Posted 10 February 2011 - 10:03 PM


That's awesome about Levi Carmen - bugger about your arms!

#5 Becca1605

Posted 17 February 2011 - 10:20 PM

Very quiet in here!!!

#6 asignatureofthings

Posted 21 February 2011 - 10:31 AM

It's been quiet for a long time Bec happy.gif

Only a matter of weeks and our toddlers will be 2 wub.gif

#7 2sweetgirls

Posted 21 February 2011 - 08:56 PM

Hi Bec and Tess!!

So what is everyone getting their 2 year old??

#8 asignatureofthings

Posted 22 February 2011 - 03:04 AM

Hi Emma!

Marley is getting a train set table thingy. We got it from aldi a few months ago. He'll probably get some thomas trains and WWE action figures too (DH input, lol).

When Neve turned two, she got a baby born doll as it was right before Marley was born (just in case anyone is after ideas).

Edited by Tess, 22 February 2011 - 03:05 AM.

#9 Maggie1975

Posted 24 February 2011 - 12:27 PM

ahh man I havent even had a second thought about birthdays yet!  I've got all three kids next month... Ks being next week and we still havent got her one thing yet!  She's getting an ipod so thats will be it really.  There is nothing she needs so no point wasting $$ on anything else.

First we need to get this next week over with.... Xander has his surgery in 5 days time.  sad.gif  Not looking forward to it at all.  Not one bit.  But if its going to help him in a big way then so be it.

K then has her birthday the day after he gets out of hosp, followed by Ls 13 days later followed by Xanders a week after that!  rolleyes.gif  IF i ever say we're having another baby... someone please remind me to keep my legs tightly closed until after the June/July period is over roll2.gif

As for presents... no idea  huh.gif apart from the ipod.

Anyway.... we've decided to go on a road trip in July... not just a couple of hours up the road but a three day trek to Qld and a four day trek home  wacko.gif blink.gif  

So anyone who is interested in catching up... let me know so we can pull it off.

We're going......

Day 1 - Leaving Albury and stopping in Temora for breakfast then stopping in Parkes for lunch then spending the night in Gilgandra.
Day 2 - Leaving Gilgandra and stopping in narrabri for breakfast then stopping Goondiwindi for lunch then spending the night in Toowoomba.
Day 3 - Leaving Toowoomba and stopping in Goomeri for lunch then staying in Bundy.

Not sure how long we'll stop there, maybe 5 or 6 days.

Then coming home will be kinda like this....

Day 1 - Leaving Bundy and stopping in Brisbane for a night or two.
Day 2 - Leaving Brisbane and stopping in Ballina or near there for breakfast then stopping in Coffs Harbour for lunch and then finally stopping in Port Macquarie for the night.
Day 3 - Leaving Port Macquarie and stopping in Raymond Terrace for breakfast then stopping maybe Cambelltown for some lunch which is the south side of Sydney.  Then continuing on to Goulburn and finally stopping in Canberra for the night.
Day 4 - Leaving Canberra and stopping in Tumut for lunch with my cousin and her family.  Then finally arriving home at some time that afternoon.


I think we're going to need a holiday after the holiday laughing2.gif

so if you're in any of those places, let me know and we'll catch up!

ok i'm outta here...

before i go, just wanted to share the most recent pic of my 23 month old biggrin.gif

#10 2sweetgirls

Posted 25 February 2011 - 09:32 AM

Hi ladies,

Tess - I have already bought Alana a baby born doll, Kayla has one and they are constantly fighting over it. I have also just bought some outfits off eBay for it.

Carmen - u have a busy couple of weeks ahead of u. All the best with Xander's surgery!!

I am having laser eye surgery next week, bit scared about that!!

#11 Maggie1975

Posted 04 March 2011 - 06:26 AM

Hi all,

While I'm up before the kids wake i'll see if I can squeeze in how Xander surgery went.  I'm sure you all know if you've been reading my FB updates.

So we got to the hosp by 7am, forms signed, shown to his room, obs taken gowned up and taken in to surgery by 8:30am.
I went in with him and sat beside the bed in the operating room, they put the mask on him and he went off to sleep within a couple of minutes.  I was kinda ok at this stage, it wasnt until they got me to stand and lift him on to the bed when it hit me.  He was limp.  All the memories of the night he stopped breathing came flooding back.  I burst into tears and they showed me back to the waiting room.
I sat there sobbing then all of a sudden it was all over!  The surgeon was there telling us it all went well, the tonsils and adnoids were huge and they came away easily and he had a lot of fluid in his ears.  So in the end this would have had to of been done anyway so we're lucky to have got it down now while he's so young and wont remember it.
Anyway surgeon said they'd call me in to recovery as soon as he wakes.  Waited a good 15mins or more and i remember saying to hubby that i wish they'd hurry up.  Next thing they called out "Xander's mum" so i jumped up and raced over.  She showed me through and there he was.......still asleep.  Connected to the oxygen, covered in nice warm blankets, arm bandaged up because of the drip and the machine above him beeping away quietly.
The nurse suctioned his nose and mouth because there was blood dripping from both.  She spoke to him saying "Xander time to wake up baby boy" but nothing.  he just kept snoring away.
At that point i felt faint.  I felt sick, my legs went like jelly, i had a wave of like a hot flush come over me.  So i sat down and waved cool air on my face.  The nurse asked if i was ok and i told her no.  She rubbed my shoulder. I stayed sitting for 5mins or so then go back up and stood beside Xander holding his little hand.  His little fingers slightly wrapped around my one finger.
Again the nurse tried to awake him.  Nothing.  She sat him up.  Nothing.  she rolled him over a bit.  Nothing.  Took his oxygen off to see if his levels were stable.  No they werent so the mask went straight back on.  she propped his top half up a bit because he was very chesty and nasally. Still nothing.  Other kids who had their ops kept coming through into recovery, waking up crying, they'd bring the mum or dads in, they'd then after a short while move back onto the wards.
The other parents looked over to me with a desperate look on their faces as their little ones are screaming. One little boy even thrashing about.  One mother say to me "want to swap?"... another parent said to me "I wish mine was like yours".  I just smiled politely and thought "no you dont actually"  I was secretly wishing Xander was actually awake and crying like theirs.
At that point the head nurse in recovery put a stop to any more surgeries being done because she couldnt have any more patients come through to recovery.  her words were "i want no one else brought in here, this baby (pointing to Xander) needs immediate constant monitering".  He just wasnt waking up.
I text hubby who was still in the waiting room (with his mother too there by this stage) telling him Xander wasnt waking up" he'd reply with "why, whats going on" i couldnt tell him because i didnt know myself.  To keep myself from completely breaking down i took some pics of him sleeping, held and rubbed his little hand, rubbed his back to get his oxygen levels up, stroked his hair and so on.
Time was passing ever so slowly... well it seemed that way.  I bent down and spoke to Xander telling him mummy is here and its time to wake up because i need kisses and cuddles. Again .... nothing.
Then slowly.... his eyes opened.  and then nothing.  My heart sank.  I looked as the nurse was writing on his chart... his 5mins or 10mins obs were full on 0's with the one and only 1 being when he opened his eyes for a brief second.
another few mins passed and he rolled over on his own, so the nurse rolled him back, it was then he came to.  THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tears started coming down my cheeks.  I looked up at the clock and it was about 10:45am.  Close on 2hrs it took him to come to.  They check his stats and picke dhim up and handed him to me.  He cried, he cuddled into me, i cried, i gave him one of the biggest hugs ever. And finally after his oxygen levels were stable at 97/08% they let him go back to the childrens ward.
Never have i felt like this.  You hear about these things happening but you dont expect it to happen to your child.  They put it down to a combo of five things. 1.  he's so little, 2. he had the works done (Tonsils, Adnoids and Grommets), 3. he suffers from upper respiratory issues (asthma etc), 4. he's been recently sick and still had a bit of a cold and lastly he had been up since 5:30am so was just having a nap on top of the anaesthetic (lol little bugger)...
I carried him back to kids ward where i met up with hubby and mil who were still in the waiting room, he got a big kiss from both as we kept going.
By 1pm he was back asleep.  He slept til 7pm.  I was sitting there by myself because everyone else had gone home!
at about 8pm Katy (from our March 09 group) came up and thank goodness because i was nearly wetting myself LOL She cuddled Xander while i raced off to the loo.  He was too drugged up to even really notice that I didnt have him in my arms.  I got back into his room and he was snuggled up in her arms thank goodness.
They let Katy stay until well after 9pm (visiting hours end at 8pm like most places).  After that it was the night from hell.  Xander slept mostly, snoring loudly in my ear and i swear the other parents thought it was me until they heard me asking the nurse if it was normal for him to be snoring like this... apparently it is after having adnoids out... great lol I got NO sleep.  every time i shut my eyes Xander would start crying, they would come in hourly to do his obs, and everyone elses obs, xander machine would go off every hour or so and they would come back in and pump more fluids down into the little barrel.  Other machines would beep, kids would cry, parents would be tossing and turning, ED brought in another sick little kid to be admitted.  It didnt end.  I kept looking at the time thinking "5 more hrs til hubby will be back, 4 more hrs...3 more hrs... 2 more hrs and so.  By 7:30 i rang him asking him to please come in now because i needed a shower and wee!!!  he got there within the hour.

Xander finally woke.  The whole last 24hrs... he'd only been awake for FOUR of those hours!  Brekky was served.  He refused it.  The drs did their rounds and said if he eats half his normal brekky then he could go home at lunch.  If he didnt eat brekky then he needed to eat half of his normal lunch then he could go home by dinner time and so on.  We did everything to try and get him to eat but nup he turned his nose up at it all... in the end i remembered that he'd had some cheese about an hour after he got back on the ward, so hubby went and go him some... he ate it!!!!!  I asked the nurses if that could be his 'brekky' and she smiled and said yes!!!!  yay we could take our wee man home!
They took out his drip, disconnected the thing attached to his foot, we picked up meds from the hosp pharmacy and off we went.
We went back to the inlaws place where i promptly went to bed with Xander and him and I slept for then next 4hrs!!!!
Since being home hes been pretty good while hes got panadol or endone in him, once that wears off he goes downhill fairly quick.  Nights are long but thats to be expected.  Theres been no bleeding since he was in recovery so thats also good.  Day 5 - 10 are the worst apparently so we're bracing ourselves for that.

But thank goodness its now over and done with.  And heres to a healthier little boy.

Sorry its long... no way of doing a short version lol

#12 asignatureofthings

Posted 07 March 2011 - 08:43 AM

Since it's our Birthday month, might as well post the list to see who's next wink.gif

21st Feb - Angus

5th March - Austin

7th March - Alana & Levi

10th March - Lucy, Lucas & Eliza

11th March - Luka & Harrison

12th March - Chase & Evelyn

13th March - Marley, Hudson & Cassius

16th March - Skye  

22nd March - Ryder & Zaine

23rd March - Xander

25th March - Savannah, Chase & Ryan

26th March - Amelia

31st March - Theodore

2nd April - Lila

Great big happy 2nd birthday to Alana & Levi for today!

And Happy belated Birthday to Angus & Austin!
Hope you all had/have a great day!


Carmen, great to hear Xander's surgery went well!

Emma, I saw you just had surgery, hope it went well! I think my DH would love to have that!

#13 2sweetgirls

Posted 10 March 2011 - 07:36 PM

Thanks Tess for Alana's birthday wishes.  She had a lovely day.  We have family and some friends coming over on Sunday to celebrate.

Yes I did have my surgery and it all went really well.  I can't believe how quickly my eyes recovered from it.  If Lach can have it I recomment it............best money I have EVER spent!!!

Carmen - What an awful time you had with Xander in hospital, I hope he is feeling much better.

better fly.............Greys is on!

#14 asignatureofthings

Posted 10 March 2011 - 07:41 PM

You're welcome original.gif Glad to hear she had such a lovely day! Hope her party goes well!

I'll have to get him to look into it further, he has always said he'd like to get it done, but never looked into it.

Happy Birthday to Lucy, Lucas & Eliza!!

#15 MyPrincess

Posted 10 March 2011 - 10:29 PM

Hi waves.gif

I still  ph34r.gif in here but I never seem to post anymore (don't seem to have much to say really).

Thanks Tess for the birthday wishes! You are so very organised with your birthday list there! Lucas had a great day (I hope) - lot's of pressies and then out to dinner, just the four of us. He has to wait until Saturday for his birthday cake though! Oh btw, Mila is just adorable (but I am sure you already know this and are probably sick of being told it laughing2.gif)

Carmen - I hope Xander is recovering quickly & he returns to being that gorgeous happy boy. I've been following his progress on FB.

I hope everyone is doing well and all these 2 year olds aren't growing up too quickly (but it definitely seems like they are!)

Take care xx

#16 asignatureofthings

Posted 11 March 2011 - 11:10 AM

Oh Oh Ooooh Tracy!!! Congrats on #3!!! How wonderful wub.gif You're welcome, glad to hear he had a great day! Thanks, nah never get sick of being told how cute and adorable she is wub.gif

Happy Birthday Luka & Harrison!!

#17 MyPrincess

Posted 11 March 2011 - 10:53 PM

Thanks Tess! Yes we are so over the moon atm. Even though it only took us a year this time, we were very shocked when we got the BFP. We were just starting AC again and were convinced that the only way we would conceive was through AC, but then we got a natural BFP! It's still early days but things are going well so far. And we are yet to tell anyone IRL coz we are waiting just a little longer before we do, but we have told DD & she is so very excitied! wub.gif

#18 NoReflection

Posted 12 March 2011 - 08:37 AM

Chase & Evelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Tracy!

Happy Belated Birthday:
21st Feb - Angus

5th March - Austin

7th March - Alana & Levi

10th March - Lucy, Lucas & Eliza

11th March - Luka & Harrison

#19 asignatureofthings

Posted 12 March 2011 - 10:03 AM

I could imagine your shock! How wonderful you got a natural BFP wub.gif I thought maybe you'd be keeping it quiet since I hadn't seen anything on FB. That's wonderful Sienna is so excited hheart.gif Fingers crossed that all goes well.

Happy Birthday Evelyn & Chase!! Hope they're both having a wonderful day!

#20 MyPrincess

Posted 13 March 2011 - 02:04 AM

Tess - Yes we are keeping it quiet from people IRL so I haven't said anything on FB & I probably won't for another 4 or so weeks. ssecret.gif Only my EB "friends" know atm! And DD is great at keeping a secret so I know she won't spill the beans!

Happy Birthday Marley!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!

Wow I can't believe almost all of these little ones are 2! Happy Birthday!

Edited by MyPrincess, 13 March 2011 - 02:05 AM.

#21 brizmum

Posted 13 March 2011 - 06:43 AM

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday Marley and Hudson!!!

#22 trying4no2

Posted 13 March 2011 - 09:41 AM


Happy Birthday to everyone I have missed.

So I haven't been in here for ages, I was wondering how much you ladies came in. Tess congratulations on your new addition to your family.

Congratulations Tracey on the wonderful news. I hope everything runs smoothly for you.

So Levi turned 2 Monday just gone and I am so proud of him. He has grown up so much over the last few months and since he turned 2 he is now in a big boy bed and he doesn't have any more bottles. He used to have one before bed each night.

We are trying to potty train and he points to himself when he needs to go and even runs to the toilet sometime but doesn't make it in time. So he is getting there but not there yet. I am finding it hard to toilet train him because I work 5 days a week but Kindy are tying to help us too which is really great.

What have you all been up to? How are the kids going?

Carmen I have been following you on FB, how is Xander going after his operation? I love all the photos you have been taking. It has really inspired me to start taking heaps more of Levi but they aren't as gorgeous as yours. You are very creative.

#23 NoReflection

Posted 13 March 2011 - 11:11 AM

We are good thanks, I'm a little upset that most of my so/called/friends didn't bother to turn up yesterday, I've had, (out of 5), one apology but no reason, and one reason but no apology. *sigh*

#24 asignatureofthings

Posted 13 March 2011 - 02:10 PM

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Marley!

Happy Birthday to
Marley, Hudson & Cassius!!

Hope Hudson & Cassius are having a great day!

Marley appears to be  happy.gif  Dh is setting up Marley's new WWE "money in the bank" ring for his WWE action figures. And he has had lots of fun with his new train table set & new train biggrin.gif

Tracy, that's pretty good DD can keep a secret, I know Neve never could, lol!

Deb, that's really slack sad.gif Sorry to hear not many turned up.

Beck, well done to Levi on getting rid of his bottles! Thanks for the congrats biggrin.gif

#25 NoReflection

Posted 13 March 2011 - 02:19 PM

All of my famy came which was great, just my friends didn't.

Can't vent anywhere else because a bunch of them are EB

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