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September 04 Parents # 108

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#1 Sandra

Posted 16 February 2011 - 07:42 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 xaylmz

Posted 16 February 2011 - 09:00 AM


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#3 helly

Posted 16 February 2011 - 09:06 AM


cool.gif  cool.gif  cool.gif  cool.gif  cool.gif

#4 xaylmz

Posted 16 February 2011 - 11:58 AM

lol Helly, I was actually going to write "Goldilocks" to be different laughing2.gif

#5 helly

Posted 16 February 2011 - 10:49 PM

How long do you reckon till the others join us??  wink.gif

I got to the gym for the first time in 10 months today, so proud of myself! Did a Bodybalance class, felt pretty good though I could feel muscles that I haven't felt for a while. Hopefully no bad after-effects tomorrow  tongue.gif

Eeeevil baby didn't go to sleep till half an hour ago, I know I need to go to bed but I so like having a bit of time to myself at the end of the day...


#6 RiverOfDreams

Posted 18 February 2011 - 10:00 AM

Found you!!   Can I still claim bronze?

So Helly, 2 days post gym... are you still feeling it?!!

Quick question - looking to go to Gold Coast in March - going to splash out and stay at Sea World for 3 nights and then was thinking 7 nights somewhere else.   Through mum's time share thingy can get good deals at QV, Tweed Heads Ultima, BreakFree Peninsula and BreakFree Savannah , but after checking on Trip Adviser, there are a lot of negative views (or in the case of BreakFree Peninsula a lot of positive ones posted by first time posters in the last month - before that lots of negative ones!)

It's a mindfield.  You guys are travellers, any recommendations??  I like the idea of going down to Tweed Heads, which means we'll probably get a hire car, but now I'm not sure!  Help!!

Off to the OB on Monday - it's been nearly 6 weeks already since that dreaded day.  My brother and his wife called the other week to tell me they were pregnant, which is great news but I did have a good cry sad.gif    Good news - my career is going well, and I'm looking to get a promotion, so things are paying off there.  Girls are happy at school and kinder so all good here.

Not much planned for this weekend - our friends of the zoo membership runs out at the end of this month so might try to get up to the Melbourne Zoo one last time.

Talk to you soon
MJ x

#7 xaylmz

Posted 18 February 2011 - 01:48 PM

Helly yay for getting to the gym, have you been back yet?  I find once I get back into something I get on a roll and keep it up.  I am looking forward to getting back into some sort of exercise without having to worry about the kids, will be a while yet though with Quinn bf'ing.

MJ wow 6wks already since your m/c!  Awesome news for your bother but yeah, I know what's it like to have that cry too sad.gif  Glad everything else is going well and good luck with getting the promotion.  I am not sure of places to stay on the Gold Coast, have only ever stayed in Brisbane.  TBH I don't usually even read reviews, I just look a place up online, check out their website and if I get a good feel for the place and it's within our budget then I just book it and hope for the best.  And if it turns out crap I just remind myself that most of our time on holidays is spent AWAY from the accommodation!  

AFM Both older kids not home today so I took Quinn to check out car seats, we have to return the hire capsule soon.  Still have old car seat the older two used, but thinking we will buy something new for Quinn, no rush though.  K hasn't been at daycare for a fortnight, only going once a week now and he missed last week as they had to close his room off for the week to repair the damage caused by the big storm as part of the room's roof collapsed.  C doing ok at school though has said on a few evenings he is bored so mentioned that to his teacher this morning as well as to give him harder readers as you can really see the difference in lack of interest when the reader is not suitable for him.  DH coming home tomorrow night after 3.5wks away working, he'll be home for 2 nights then going back, not sure how long for yet.  I don't normally miss him when he's away but have been really feeling it this time!

#8 helly

Posted 19 February 2011 - 09:02 AM

Slightly sore abs on Thursday but in a good way, and no other after-effects original.gif Hoped to get in another class on Friday but meetings and deadline put paid to that (evil workmates also went and got about 8 bags of assorted Darrell Lea sweets for an afternoon treat which I couldn't resist trying, so the opposite of a healthy day, lol)

Bec Hope you have a great time with your DH back, will this be his last trip away for a while?  As for exercise, do you have a Wii?  I used some of the Active and Fit titles and some of them give you a goodish workout (sweat at the end etc) which was easy to fit in while home with just N around naps and so on (actually he would sit/lie there watching me, quite amused)  
I guess the teacher may still be assessing the kids for readers and so on, so might give him harder ones soon? We haven't even started up readers this year yet, I must say I'm looking forward to reading something other than #$%&% Zac Power wink.gif

MJ When will you know about the promotion? Awesome! Did the OB say anything about trying again, or are you going to wait a while before deciding?  
Sea World sounds great, I think that might be on the cards for us this year or next. I've not yet stayed in the area so no recommendations (though we have had really nice hols in Byron and Lennox Head in holiday apartments), should be a lovely time of year up there

Quiet weekend planned here too, A starts having 1 hr (rather than 30min) swimmng classes this afternoon.  I've got to keep away from online shopping though - I've been soooo bad lately (Lego from Barnes and Noble with the 30% discount from the Hot Specials subforum, clothes, books, some Etsy stuff)

have fun all


#9 xaylmz

Posted 21 February 2011 - 09:29 PM

Helly no we don't have a Wii, easier to not have to say no to a DS who would want to play on it all the time!  I have been contemplating getting the Zumba DVD's though.

Me about to vent, long story...
We have had a hell of a time with C lately, today has been his first day without a major agro hissy fit in the past couple of weeks.  He has been back chatting, rude, angry, aggressive, not like himself at all.  He has always had a very strong stubbornness to him and counting 1,2,3 has never worked with him discipline wise but this has been quite different.  

Sunday week ago I took the kids grocery shopping, agreed they could get a lollypop if they behaved, didn't happen.  C was skidding around the shop on his knees and both C & K were playing chasey, it is the most misbehaved they have ever been and when I walked straight past the lollypops C cracked it big time, went to next aisle and he grabbed a toothbrush and demanded I get him a lollypop or he wouldn't put down the toothbrush (WTF!!!).  Kept playing up, I was highly embarrassed I could have cried, didn't help that we ran into several other school parents (good friends) while there.  Got to car, explained to both C & K they would be going to their room when we got home.  Got home, C refused to go to his room, kept yelling & screaming at me, finally he did.  I told him if he took one step out of his room that I would be taking every single toy out of the playroom and putting it in the garage.  Lots of answering back again, I walked off and then he called out that he's out of his room.  Hence every single toy got put in the garage (took me ages!) and I explained that he had to earn them back by good behaviour.  All the toys are still in the garage, he can have one thing back in the morning now as we finally had a good day.  

Then on Friday I went into his class after school to help him carry his show & tell thing home, only for his teacher to tell me they had an "incident" which I first thought must have been a toilet accident or playground accident.  Nope, he tried to push a rock into his friends eye (teacher had rock on her desk to show me) and so got sent to the office, he was disruptive during class time by talking to whoever was sitting next to him when he should have been listening, and he drew a big line through someone else's work.  I was mortified, it was like things were getting worse.  I rang his friends mum to see if friend was ok, her DS was fine and she thought maybe they'd made a bigger deal out of it than it should've been.  Doesn't really matter as what he did was wrong and I'm glad he was sent to the office as he needs to learn consequences for his actions.  C told me that his friend tried to make him eat a rock covered in bird poo and that's why he was trying to get him with another rock.  Trying to defend himself but not in an appropriate way obviously!  

The term "oppositional defiant disorder" keeps going through my head, but then I have read about it and it seems that most of the time it's from poor parenting, so now I wonder if we have done something wrong?  Anyway, had a long chat with his teacher while he was there too, she passed on the days issues to his other teacher who both DH & I spoke to this morning and again this arvo at the end of the day.  DH has gone back interstate for work tonight, so I've agreed with his teachers to touch base with them each day at the end of the school day to see how he is going, just for this week, unless things continue to spiral downhill.  He is coming home from school saying he is bored and he doesn't like school, has told me that he doesn't want to go back again and that he already knows everything about everything and refuses to listen when you try and explain that there is always more to learn and knowledge to gain.  He is an absolute smart @rse sometimes, drives me nuts as I do not know where he gets his attitude from!  We advised his teacher that we want to make sure he is receiving sufficient work to challenge him, including take home readers.  His teacher was doing some assessing today and she told us at the end of the day she got a chance to see a bit of hit attitude to thinking school is easy and that he thinks he knows everything, but overall he had a great day at school today with no problems (relief!).

Right now I think it is a combination of things - new baby, DH working away, less attention, new school year, new grade, only 1 kid from his class last year, 2 new teachers.  He had quite a big cry one night last week and told me he missed kinder and could we go to one of his kinder teachers houses to visit them to say hello as he misses them.  Kinder for us here was not last year but the year before!  I don't know whether he really does miss kinder or whether it's way of trying to make sense of more changes?? His teacher said today that it could be fear/loss issues - no more kinder in his life, dad going away for work, friends not in his class, teacher leaving after a few days then the other teacher leaving after 2 days every week.  Or even processing difficulties with adjusting to major change.  Who knows.  He's also had 4 big toilet (wee) accidents, 2 during the holidays and 2 since school went back where he has peed so much it's gone over the floor!  Thinking about it, he has found it quite difficult to adjust to changing rooms at daycare, as well as starting prep last year but I don't actually remember whether he had any adjustment or settling in issues at kinder.  Actually yes I do, there was one big incident at kinder early on where they rang me to come and get him because he refused to participate in the class.  I have been pretty upset about it all though, after kids gone to bed, trying to make sense of it all and where the behaviour escalation is coming from, it has been worse since school went back.  

If you can make sense of all that and have any suggestions, spill your beans as I am at a loss as to what to do.

#10 helly

Posted 21 February 2011 - 09:58 PM

Hey Bec, Just a quickie, with total empathy. A has been quite a little sod the last few weeks - we threatened the removing all toys thing just the other day (though haven't followed through). On the weekend he lost his promised big bike ride due to completely sh*te behaviour and we've had meltdowns in the evening several times. Lots of backchat and lashing out, also being too rough with the baby (though most is not deliberate it keeps happening again and again and again)  In fact we're about to reread and implement 1-2-3 Magic which worked well a few years ago (and they have sections in it that apply to older kids which we skimmed first time round, with talking back/arguing stuff in it that wasn't happening then)

I do think a lot of it is school related (he's very good and happy there but I think it's just such an effort he lets it out at home)  He's very tired but the light in the evenings keeps him awake - plus hearing/seeing N still up when he goes to bed.  The baby is also part of it too, we try to have 1 on 1 time with him and lots of positive stuff about being oldest, but of course things have changed (and with N mobile and wanting/needing lots of attention it's very obvious) and some of the bad behaviour is definitely attention seeking

We did a PPP course a couple of years ago (well worth doing) and over half the parents there had 6-7 year old boys they were having problems with, so I definitely think it's an age/stage thing that happens around this time for quite a few kids....


#11 RiverOfDreams

Posted 22 February 2011 - 12:49 PM

Bec, I'm feeling for you too.    I agree with you that it's probably all about the changes in his life at the moment, but not sure if I have any new suggestions that  can help him through managing that.

The things that stood out reading though was that the incident at school with the rock was a 'once off'.  More like boys getting a little out of control.  I think you have handled that situation and the punishment really well.

I wouldn't be thinking ODD at this stage, but perhaps it might be worthwhile keeping a diary to track incidents when they occur to see if there is any pattern, like at the end of the school week etc that might help pick up on the triggers.  

Couple of questions for you - don't need to answer here, but to think about.  
- Do you think he really is bored at school (ie - you know him best - does he know it all?) or is this more an attitude thing that he's acting out?    
- How was he with DH home?  Could it have been the excitement in the last week knowing that dad was coming home? I'm thinking (writing) out loud - but maybe next time DH comes home it's a surprise visit (for C) so no big lead up time that he's thinking about it.

Just a thought, what about food?  Does he have anything new in his lunch box that he didn't have before school started back that could be contributing to his behaviour?

Not sure if this is any help - but that's my beans.

Hope you had a great weekend with DH and the boys, and you get to empty the garage of all the toys after outstanding 6yo behaviour!! biggrin.gif

AFM - Went and saw OB yesterday.  I haven't had AF since procedure (no chance of being pg!) but this means I'm still not taking contraception, so chance might need him to bring on ovulating so AF arrives and the pill can start.... so Helly to answer your question, No, no more trying for us.  sad.gif

Helly - love the Hot Specials forum!  I had free wine delivered last week!!   How did the hour swimming lesson go?  Is that one of one, or in a group?   Either way, I reckon he A would have been tired after that!

.. one last thing, so you know I wasn't keen for C to contine dancing, but caved in... well last night I agreed for H to start dancing too!  

Talk to you soon
MJ x

....6 hours later... just back at my desk after being out with a client and realised I never posted this!  Let's hope it still works!

#12 xaylmz

Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:14 PM

Thanks Helly & MJ for your input, much appreciated original.gif
Yesterday was a great day behaviour wise, not one outburst, and he was good at school both yesterday and today.  This morning was great, this arvo started great at school pick up but when we got home I reiterated to C that he could have only one toy/set back today as he'd earned it back for good/positive behaviour and I then gave him the choice of either X or Y.  Not good enough for him as he wanted Z and cracked it.  I asked him to go to his room which he then had another tantrum over and hence he got nothing back.  Poor K who is missing out on things too but it's just gotta be tough luck till C starts behaving himself.  Then another incident with both boys at bath time so they went to bed early straight after their bath.

Helly I have the 1-2-3 Magic book here, as well as one called "Raising Resilient Children" which I am yet to read but it sounds good.  Hopefully there will be some good pointers in there.

MJ oh you seem a bit sad about not TTC again.  I always wanted a #3 and although we weren't trying for #3 when I fell pregnant at the time I was almost satisfied with just the two boys and coming to terms that that would be it for us, but after being preg with #3 it made me realise even more that I really did want a third child and then I was utterly devestated when DH said no way he didn't want anymore.  I couldn't understand that he was happy to have 3 when he knew I was preg but then after the m/c he all of a sudden didn't care for a third!  I still can't get my head around it really.  #4 preg was unplanned too but I'm glad it worked out the way it has.  I hope you find peace with whatever decisions you & DH make for your family.  It's a tough road.

Happy to answer the questions too MJ.  Yes I do think he is genuinely bored at school, he needs a lot of intellectual stimulation and has always been that way.  We have talked to both his teachers now about this so they are well aware of our concerns and his needs.  As he thinks he knows everything, the teacher was going to have a chat to the class today just in general about why school is important and different ways or learning and why gaining more and more knowledge in important in life.
He acts the same with DH around too, if anything he is probably worse with DH in terms of not doing what he is asked/listening!
And food, yes I have thought of this, as most of the time our kids don't eat pre packaged stuff as I just don't buy it (but we always seem to have a stash of choccie hidden away for us lol) but I did buy some fruit bar things recently so maybe that's a coinciding factor?  I have read a lot about food intolerance and failsafe friendly products and I do think certain things make a difference, both DH & I have seen the after effects of some foods he's eaten so tend to have simple foods and lots of fruit, he would easily eat 4-5 apples a day!

I was thinking about it a lot more today and hoping that it is a settling in / adjusting to school issue that is escalating his behaviour, and hoping that the rest of his defiance and talking back is more age related.  Thinking back to him transitioning from baby to toddler room at daycare, toddler to big kids room at daycare, daycare to kinder, kinder to school (grade prep) and then now prep to grade one - there have been some melt down issues at each stage.

Ooh and I'm another sucker for the hot specials thread hehe!!

#13 sallan

Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:57 PM

Hi Girls
Just flying through as I really need to get my beauty sleep biggrin.gif
Bec I just had to reply to your concerns about C. I have to reassure you that Im pretty certain he hasnt got ODD. This is usually something that is learnt from example and Im sure your homelife is a pretty happy place with none of those issues.
I really believe it has alot to do with everything you have listed.
As you know I am working now and we have quite a few boys that are doing the exact same thing as C.
This is the age where they begin to find their feet and show lots of challenging behaviour. They think they know it all but find out later that they dont.
I think you are handling it very well, it must be so hard to carry through all the punishments on your own, without the support of your DH there, you are a strong woman thats for sure.
Dont worry too much about his behaviour its just a phase they go through. C might be having a few other issues going on with the arrival of Q and your Dh being away and then the school hols finish and its the school routine again. Theres alot of new changes happening at once and he may be rebelling because he doesnt know how to handle them all at once.
Do you manage to have just some one on one time with him.? I find if I do something with my boys, like Lego ( groan) they tend to tell me things then in general conversation, while they are concentrating on what they are doing.
I remember Liam going through something similar to C and it only lasted a couple of weeks. He needed to sort things out in his own mind.

Im sorry this is such a bitty reply. I hope you understand where Im coming from.
Thinking of you take care

#14 xaylmz

Posted 22 February 2011 - 10:14 PM

Thanks Sal. Unfort I don't have much one on one time with C which I know he needs but it's just the way it is atm.   I try my best and do things like reading, playing board games, lego (which I don't mind actually) and try and get him to participate in what I'm doing eg cooking but he doesn't like that lol! It is hard with DH being away and C being so demanding in his tanties as it would be nice sometimes to have DH here so I can say "you deal with it this time" to give me a break but oh well.  I do let him know what's going on though over the phone so that he is up to speed with what's going on discipline wise too but I try and balance that with all the positive stuff too.  

Thanks for letting me know it sounds quite normal age related behaviour too.  Oh and Helly, can't remember where your family is from in NZ, have been watching the aftermath of the earthquake in ChCh, very devastating for all the families impacted on and everyone involved.  I hope all your family & friends are safe if there are any in that area?

#15 RiverOfDreams

Posted 23 February 2011 - 07:59 AM

Hi Bec - Thanks for your kind words about the TTC - you know exactly where I'm at!

As for C - I was thinking about this last night, and might word this clumsily, but what about a change in tact?  How would Corbin react if, when he came home from school tonight, all his toys were back in his room?  I admire the way you follow through on what you tell him, but at this rate it might become a mexican stand off between you both (I'm guessing he's just as resilient as you!).  It might be worth while to surprise him, then sit down with him to talk about what happened and how that affects everyone.  Perhaps next time you can put a time frame on it, so if he does act out again the toys go for x days.

It's easy to put up suggestions from the other side of the screen - realise not so easy to do in the moment.

Take care
MJ x

#16 xaylmz

Posted 23 February 2011 - 08:24 AM

Thanks MJ, I had thought about putting all the toys back in the playroom, but will wait till he earns some back first.  He still has all his books, art stuff, and some small toys in his bedroom so he's not totally impoverished of things lol.  We are getting there and his tantrums don't seem to be lasting as long now that he if fully aware of the consequences.  Thanks again for your input, much appreciated original.gif

#17 littlemumma

Posted 28 February 2011 - 05:20 PM

Hi guys,

Bec - I could not read your post and not reply  bbighug.gif . I definitely don't think C has ODD, I think it is more of a stage he is going through. I think that DH being away for long periods of time could be a fairly big factor. Is this going to be a permanent arrangement or is this something you guys are doing for the short term? I only say this because there has been a couple of times in K's life when DH has had to do extra shift work because of something that was going on at work and we basically wouldn't see him and K's behaviour took a huge turn for the worse, it was dreadful.

I agree with you that he probably is bored at school. He has always been a smart cookie and generally kids that are intelligent and aren't challenged do tend to push the boundaries as they are simply "bored" as he has said to you. I think working with the teachers on this should hopefully help solve this issue at school.

I just want to say though, that you are doing a brlliant job and you are such a wonderful mum to your boys, so pls don't ever doubt your ability as a mum.

Helly - how did A go with his swimming, Kai is still on half hour lessons.

MJ - lol on the dancing...I did dancing as a child, tap, ballet and jazz since I was 4 till about 20, loved it. I was a bit sad to read that you guys won't try again...I feel for you. I hope you are ok about the decision. xxxx Great news on the promotion, well done!!!!

K seems to have settled back in pretty well to school and it appears he has a pretty good teacher which is great. We've just signed him up for another season of soccer so that will be fun. M is going great guns at daycare now, has really settled in and loves going now which is good. I have got a new job. My other job finished as the company folded so I got a new one, two days a week, about an hour away. So far so good, am enjoying it and 2 days is great smile1.gif

#18 littlemumma

Posted 28 February 2011 - 06:15 PM


Michelle - I think a few days at Seaworld will be great, the girls will LOVE it. We always stay at broadbeach when we go, we LOVE it there. I also think Tweed/Coolangatta would be great as well, I know a few families that holiday at Coolangatta. I think The Calypso is nice. In relation to the other places you looked at..I find trip advisor usually pretty good. We stayed at Breakfree Diamond Beach at Broadbeach a few times....the last time (2 years ago)...the room was pretty bad, really dirty, cobwebs and creepy crawlies and very dated. The thing that saves this place is their facilities, they have the BEST pool for the kids and the location is fantastic. I would be willing to give it another try and see if maybe we just got a bad room??

Helly - I got your note on fiji...we have already booked now though and we ended up booking on the main island. We have never been to FIji before so we were always going to do our first trip on the main island and if we like it next year we'll go to Castaway I think. We have booked to stay at the outtrigger on the Coral coast, its not until Sept though, so far away..........

#19 RiverOfDreams

Posted 01 March 2011 - 07:47 AM

Good morning

Al - Congratulations on the new job. 2 days sounds perfect - and even better that M is settled in.

As for holidays - all booked! We decided to stay at SeaWorld the whole time - but just not for as long! So we head up at the end of March! My sister and her family just came back from up there and did all the theme parks so when the cousins caught up on the weekend they heard lots of good stories and things to look forward to.

Helly - I checked out that link you posted for Al about passports - I love the way you can edit (glamourise!) your pic. If only we could do that with driver's licence photos - mine has to be hidden away at the back of my purse it's so bad!! ... forgot to add... go N with the walking - looks like the toddler proofing has to start early at your place!!

Bec - How was the Pako Festa? That's the one thing with dancing on Saturdays - no time for parades ! Hope all is going well with the boys.

Sal - tell us about your new job? What's it like working at another school?

Bridget / Jayne - what's going on? Bridget are you moving? Is that good??

Did I tell you that I went to get Carli's hair cut and they refused to cut it because she had head lice. EEEK - so for the last two weeks we have been vigilantly doing the treatment (every 7 days) and combing out any possible eggs. Not fun, but the treatments work really well, so looks like we are in the clear and can try for a haircut again. Obviously as I was completely unaware that she had head lice, I asked the hairdresser to check Hannah's hair too - she didn't have any, but she's been treated as well.

.. then DH took C to the dentist on Wednesday after she complained about a sore tooth. This was her first trip to the dentist and she had 2 fillings there and then... and needs to go back for more. DH said she was so brave (he on the other hand...) but as she needs more (and he was so traumatised) we are looking to see if they can do the remainder under a local anaesthetic. We didn't feel too proud as parents, and trying to look for reasons (excuses) as although they love lollies, they don't eat them regularly. So we're putting it down to, and what we're changing is ..
- not brushing teeth right, we now brush together and she has a tablet that makes her teeth pink so we know she gets all the teeth
- no fluoride in the water (we're on tank water) and no fluoride in kid's toothpaste . We've now changed to adult toothpaste for both the kids.
- They also eat lots (and lots) of fruit, so not sure if this could also be a factor.
- We've been a bit lax with brushing teeth at night, but will now make sure this becomes a habit too.

Anyway, this was a bit of a wakeup call for us, so thought I would share. (Carli's fine with it all, on the weekend a friend was making her lunch and she said no to peanut butter because it's not good for her teeth!!)

Have a great day

Edited to spell fluoride right!

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#20 bearboy01

Posted 01 March 2011 - 12:19 PM

Hi guys - I dont know where my brain has been of late so Im sorry that I havent been on here XX
Bec DEF to do with dad being away I think mate - thats a huge change for them ( and you too ) and he sounds like he is acting out to get any attention etc - school is also ALOT harder this year for them & as im also learning they are not having alot of fun ( hello they are still tiny !!!  ??? ) its taking its toll on ALOT of the kids that I see - Calebs dad has been working til 9pm each night for the past three weeks & leaves at 6am - Caleb hasnt been playing up as such but more crying - vomiting etc - its awful - I feel for you & I dont have miracle advice unfort - but whatever U decided to do - stick to it -  Im sorry but I did smile at this -
I walked off and then he called out that he's out of his room.
little buggar !!!!!  Amy does that mate - I can relate - keep strong - i think his dad needs to have a chat with him when he gets home & also maybe just C and dad have time out somewhere - its an important age for that XX
Oh mate feel for u - u havent done anything wrong - sounds to be like a faze as bad as it is & def with the changes around him -
Its huge these changes at school mate let alone DH away also - then a new baby - its tough being a kid - very hard being a mum!!

well done Helly on the GYM - i go 6 days a week - i know - GET A LIFE !!!  original.gif
Amy has been having issues at kindy - getting into fights with the kids !! OMG  original.gif
Caleb is doing so much extra work now - reading recovery so 30mns each & every day with the specialist teacher - also literacy classes & speech therapy - he started crying yest in class so I asked the teacher what that was about & I didnt much care for her response that " he didnt listen to me so didnt understand the work " and I was like " ok  he does listen - he CANT UNDERSTAND what U are asking of him!" im the class mum so I bowl in there anytime I want - look out!!
the reading recovery teacher called me like an hour ago & Caleb was crying with her also sad.gif
Its so painful sad.gif

Speechy is going very well though - she loves him

Back soon - hope u are all well XXXXXXXX

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#21 sallan

Posted 01 March 2011 - 01:33 PM

Hi Girls,
Flying visit from me again. I have been trying to keep up with all the posts, but as some of you know Im back to working again.

Mj- wow on the fillings. I can understand why after you said about not having fluoride in your water. I think that makes a huge amount of difference.
I have always helped the boys with their teeth, Im a bit pedantic about it actually. I had loads of trouble with my teeth, not through decay but fitted braces, arches rubber bands for 3 years, so am really on top of things with their teeth.
I read somewhere that you need to assist your child with brushing until they are at least 8.
Make sure you floss their teeth regularly too. Owen hasnt lost any teeth yet and he is terrible at brushing them, but I think he has my DHs side of the family concerning teeth. They never went to the dentist and hardly ever brush their teeth (DH does now, hes married to me!!!) and never had any problems at all. Not one filling!! Doesnt that make you seeth!!!LOL
Anyway I have to assist Liam too as he has sensitive gums and wont brush well enough because it hurts.
I think all the other ways you are trying to improve the dental care is great.

Headlice are soooo common. We have so many cases at school, but when we notice anything crawling we have to send the child home. Thats the policy.
My boys got it a couple of times last year but girls seem to get them more probably because of their long hair.
Perhaps spraying citronella or eucalyptus in their hair each morning would help and of course tying it up.
I do have to warn you though that once they have had it, they are likely to get it pretty quickly again afterwards.

Jayne- aww poor Caleb he sounds like hes having a hard time. You are doing everything you can to help him I know.
With Amy though, do you think it might be a bit of learnt behaviour from Caleb? or maybe shes noticing how much attention Caleb is getting with his extra help.?

Wow 6 days a week at the gym. I would be dead on the floor!!! You must be soooo fit. LOL

Littlemumma- congrats on the new job it sounds like it is really fitting in with everything and you are enjoying it, well done. I hope QLD is a good trip for you all

well I have been lucky enough to land another temp job as an Integration aide.
I just went around the local school handing in my resume and a couple of days later got a call from the school across the park, over the road from our house!!
Its just for this term though which is a shame as Im loving it!!! I dont know if you remember that I worked with an autistic boy in my last position and spent most of the time out of the classroom, well this is the complete opposite. I work in a Grade 2 room with 2 boys and a 5/6 room with an autistic girl. I have been told that both classes are the best in the school, as in teachers and the kids behaviour.
I must admit I am very impressed with the school and have been welcomed with open arms by all the staff, including the 3 other aides.
I work from 9 - 1-15 so am able to walk home and do other things at home before picking the boys up. Its working out so well, just wish it could be permenant.
Anyway cant complain and have applied for a couple of other jobs for the future too, which arent so convenient but good anyway.
So things are pootling along well for us.
Liam has however, begun waking at night again and I really think it is because of school as he didnt do this in the holidays. He isnt upset, just wakes and cant get back to sleep again.
He and Owen and DH have started Karate lessons together. Its the only place we could find where they could all learn together. I think its great as the boys get to spend time with him too.
Well better go and get something accomplished biggrin.gif

#22 xaylmz

Posted 01 March 2011 - 09:39 PM

Sal glad your new job is fitting in with your family, sounds great. I knew it wouldn't take you long to pick up some work, you always speak so poisitvily & professionaly original.gif

Jayne sorry your are having a hard time with C transitioning back into school too.

MJ eek on the fillings, what a relief that Carli is ok about it!  I'm pretty anal about our kids teeth too, also read that you should help brush their teeth till they are 7yo, K still needs lots of help but C is pretty good so I get him to brush his himself in the morning and night but at night I go over them to make sure they are cleaned properly.  I have way too many fillings and don't want that experience for my kids.  I hated bruising my teeth as a kid!  I remember going to a dentist when I was about 14yo & he said I needed 9 fillings & 2 teeth pulled out.  Never went back!  Visited another dentist 2yrs later and he said it was a load of rubbish, though I did need 4 fillings!  Thank god I never went back to the first one, sometimes a 2nd opinion is worth it.  Mine boys have never been to the dentist either, they come with me when I go but they have always been too scared to sit in the chair so I have never pushed them to as I don't want them to be scared when it comes time for a proper check up.  And yes eating lots of fruit and not brushing teeth after can cause tooth decay from the natural sugars in fruit.  Don't beat yourself up about it though, at least you have been given some good advice from the dentist I'm sure and you can prevent anything further happening.  FWIW I know a little girl who had most of her teeth removed when she was about 3yo due to severe tooth decay, had to go to hospital to have them removed.  

LM thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.  Yay on the job, 2 days a week is great!

Bec original.gif

#23 helly

Posted 02 March 2011 - 10:29 AM

Lots of action in here biggrin.gif

Al  CONGRATS on the new job, 2 days sounds great original.gif  We’ve actually gone back to half-hour swimming lessons, as the combined one didn’t really work for the teacher. Half hour is enough anyway I think at this stage, A is making great strides, but continually begging to go down to the pool in our complex!

Bec   How’s C going?  We are definitely having similar probs with A, he is having total meltdowns of the type he hasn’t for years (always starting over something silly like getting dressed, and he doesn’t seem able to stop them escalating regardless of what we do)  while the rest of the time he’s as good as gold. Let’s hope it’s a quick and transitory phase!
I had similar feelings to you about taking A to the dentist, but things have changed from our day I think. We actually go to a special paediatric dentist who makes it really fun and has it all kitted out with toys and kid stuff. The first time they go they just sit in the chair and have a look in the mouth, the kids get a little mirror and toothbrush and sticker and the aim is to just make them comfy – A has a really positive association with the dentist now (he had to have 1 filling a couple of years ago, we actually chose to get him sedated for it)
Christchurch is/was just horrible sad.gif  All our family/friends are in the north though (apart from 2 doctors, whose house was destroyed but they were OK and working like crazy)  so unaffected.  One of the victims was the same age as N is which really hit home too sad.gif  

Sally ddance.gif for the new job! Is there any chance of it being ongoing (why would it only be this term? Surely they’ll need aides for the rest of the year?) ?  Karate is great – I’m looking at getting back into it myself and doing it with A if I can find a place. I first did TKD many years ago and the club I started at had heaps of families doing it together and it was really lovely from what I saw. Why don’t you do it too?!!

MJ  Yup the toddler proofing is in full swing here. I wanted him to stay my little baby as long as possible, but he has other ideas. We went to a 1st birthday on the weekend and he was the same size as the 1 year olds, had more teeth and was just as/more mobile than them!
As for the nits, we had them here a couple of times last year.  We tried the conditioner and comb thing but A prefers one of the chemist treatments than having the conditioner done multiple times. One thing I read up on (and used on myself) was tea-tree oil. I did a conditioner treatment with tea-tree oil added and then made up a water spray bottle with a few drops of tea-tree in (can also add lavendar and eucalyptus)  A few sprays on the head before school as a preventative and we didn’t have reoccurences…

Jayne   Sorry to hear that C is getting so upset.  I’ve heard great things about Reading Recovery though, so hopefully that will get his confidence up and he’ll start to blossom – lots of boys don’t click until later in year 1 I think, and then catch up really well.  OMG at 6 days at the gym though – I would die!

Life’s pretty good for us at the moment. I’m about to have a change in my work situation too (very very much for the better) but still need to iron out a couple of things.  Great news on Monday – we got in N into the daycare I really really wanted – very small with only about 30 kids, close to school and located really well for the areas we’re looking to buy in.  Inner Sydney daycare waitlists etc are often horrendous and we were starting to worry a little about what happens when DP goes back to work after Easter, but not now.  Only 1 day starting in a couple of weeks which is kind of perfect for a gentle transition original.gif  Lots of nice social stuff happening – much as I loved being home with the boys I am enjoying getting more adult time and being me rather than just Mummy.  We’re starting to look more seriously at moving, which is exciting but also scary – I’ve loved not having a mortgage for a while!

original.gif helly

#24 littlemumma

Posted 06 March 2011 - 01:04 PM

Hey Helly - there is nothing wrong with enjoying going to work and having adult time. I actually think I am a better mum for working...I use to think I preferred being the stay at home mum but I think working part-time is a perfect combination. Glad you had success with the daycare...that is always the hard part isn't it, finding the 'right' one!

#25 RiverOfDreams

Posted 07 March 2011 - 06:08 AM

Good morning

We've had a lovely weekend.  We live near Avalon Airport which had a airshow on this week.  The place was a buzz!  It's amazing how many people camp out on the side of the road to see these planes!  We drove down closer on Friday night to watch the night display.  Pretty impressive with the bomber, parachuters with flares and the wall of fire (hey I sound like I know what I'm talking about...!)  
A guy with his grandson was standing next to me and we were chatting away.  He was telling me about his airstrips on his properties (!) etc and how his DIL is overdue with her 2nd baby and flies back and forth to Sydney a lot.  Knowing we only have 1 celebrity in our town I figured out who he was talking about but didn't let on until he said "My DIL is Catriona Rowntree, have you heard of her?"   I think he was very proud.  But the gos I did learn, (besides she hadn't had the baby yet), was her son might start off school at our little school!  

Saturday was spent at the local park for a 4yo birthday so I'm starting to meet the other kinder mums (which is hard when don't do drop offs), and then yesterday after a beautiful morning sitting in the garden reading the papers went to a tupperware and jewellery party.    We haven't had much of a summer in Vic, and this weekend felt like Spring, just that hint that the wamer weather is coming... pity it's Autumn and going the other way.

As for head lice, yes we use a Teatree shampoo and conditioner on the girls' hair, also I don't let their hair drip-dry but dry it with the hair dryer.  This was a tip a hair dresser told me (who had 2 girls) apparently (although realise there are heaps of theories) the head lice survive or like wet areas more than dry... who knows!  I had started to get lazy with the hair dryer recently and low and behold those pesky nits take hold!!  I used the MOOve treatment once we found them and would use that again.

Thanks for all the info on dental care too.

Now that I have bored you with my weekend report, I'll go see if what work I should be doing!   Back later for personals.

MJ x

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