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#26 helly

Posted 15 March 2011 - 09:17 PM


What's been happening guys? So quiet in here...
I started a new job (3 days a week) last week and am loving it, but have spent so much time glued to the TV watching the terrible situation in Japan. Though I only travelled through that part of Japan and luckily people I know are not affected my heart is just breaking at what is happening there cry1.gif


#27 RiverOfDreams

Posted 16 March 2011 - 06:18 AM

Good morning - not too much happening at this end.  We had perfect weather on the long weekend so did some swimming, gardening and entertaining!   Carli has her first (real) wobbly tooth which is about as exciting as it gets!!

So Helly, great to hear you love the new job.  Is it a similar role, or are you trying something new? What happened with the old one?  

My heart goes out to Japan.  What can we do to help?  So many people devastated by the natural disasters, but now with the nuclear plants it's just shocking.    The lines for food and petrol, and everyone just looking down at the ground, no one talking to each other.  I can't imagine what they are going through.  Helly I hope you friends and their families are safe.    Did they have many trembles (Oops, meant to write tremours!) when you lived there?  

Oh, I got the new role, so out to meet some of my new clients this week.

Happy Birthday LM

Talk soon
MJ x

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#28 RiverOfDreams

Posted 17 March 2011 - 06:59 AM

Me again - I was wondering if you have read BFG by Roald Dahl to your kids?  I had never read it and picked it up on the weekend and we've started reading.  

I'm surprised to tell you the truth, it's a bit gruesome!! Last night I skipped over paragraphs and a whole page when the BFG was describing how the different giants went about snatching and eating the human beans (!)...   not exactly the bedtime story that I want the girls to be dreaming about!

The girls laugh a lot at the funny things the BFG says, so we'll persevere but wanted to know does it get better?

Signing off from MJ's blog  (JK - but it is kinda quiet in here)

#29 xaylmz

Posted 17 March 2011 - 08:13 PM

MJ just keep blogging for all of us haha!!  NO idea about BFG it was a book I never read!  Congrats on the new role at work!  And Carli must be very excited about her wobbly tooth, C is still waiting for any of his to make a move, he's getting a bit frustrated about it, told me tonight actually that he is the only one in his class that hasn't lost at least one tooth.  Whether that's really the case or not I don't know but could be I guess.  Sounds like you had a nice chat with granddad Rowntree original.gif  we had the pleasure of seeing lots of the planes over our place too, the kids loved the fighter jets, as K kept correcting me "it's not a jet mum, it's a fighter jet" hehe.

Helly yay on the new job!  Yes the Japan natural disaster is terrible, just seems like it's one major disaster after another in the world atm!  It's the stuff you expect to happen in the movies, not IRL sad.gif  The daycare for N sounds lovely too.  It's a dilemma we have here atm.  K goes one day a week but whether I can get both K & Q in on the same days for when I need to return to work is another thing.  I love their daycare but it just may not be a posibility so I need to have some other options up my sleeve just in case!

I had the worst night yet with Q last night, bloody terrible, didn't get him down to sleep until 3am OMG I was a mess!  He was screaming most of the time, finally relented and gave him panadol even though he had no temp or anything, was pretty sure it was just a sore belly.  I had a really bad night the previous one with bad belly & back ache, still not sure what from, and thought maybe that it could have been a bug.  He then woke 3 more times until 8am grrr.  Then midday he did a massive poo, yep pretty sure that was part of the problem last night.  Wish today had of been daycare day for K as I could have had a sleep, not that Q sleeps for long anyway but I could have tried!  Otherwise all good.  C doing much better at school and with his behaviour, DH due back home on Sat.  The job is finished for now so should be no more interstate jobs at least for a while.  He is thinking of trying to get a job with a different company though, doing the same work just for someone else.

Hi to everyone else.

Bec original.gif

#30 helly

Posted 20 March 2011 - 08:40 AM

rj  Hope you’re having better nights with little Q. N is staying up till close to 11 at night and it is such a pain!  Hope the daycare thing works out right for you – it’s one of the things I’ve hated so much with both boys, the worry about getting the right place and days…
Good to hear C’s behaviour has improved. We’ve also had a changed boy here though it turns out the reason was different to all the ones we thought. He got new hearing aids in Feb and it turned out they weren’t set right – took 3 weeks till we took him in for a review and the change in behaviour was instantaneous (and noticeable to all at home and school)  TBH, it has made us feel awful – despite knowing him better than anyone, we still took that time to pick it up and we were annoyed at him so many times for things beyond his control and it must’ve been so hard for him. Even now the louder volume of voice that was the thing that  twigged us to the possible problem has remained, another indication of how his hearing affects him so much even though it’s invisible to everyone else cry1.gif

waves.gif MJ  Blog away! wink.gif  We got A a Roald Dahl book pack for Xmas and started reading George’s Marvelous Medicine and The Twits.  Yup, I agree that many kids books have more violent undertones than I remember, but I think that if you look at all the old fairytales there is often a whole lot of gruesomeness too. I guess that when you think about it, childhood until the last couple of generations was a much more uncertain time, with many not making it through infancy or childhood…
Congrats on getting the new role, is it much of a change from the old one?  I left on great terms and an open door with my old work, I was between projects so they were happy enough for me to leave with only a couple of days of notice.  Cos I do consultancy work which varies from project to project my new job is in line with what I’ve done in the past, though I’m going to do more geeky stuff than my last role. I’ve really been enjoying it so far, and the range of stuff I’ll get to do is much wider original.gif  

As for Japan, I lived in Osaka (further south) and we didn’t have anything major quake-wise while I was there – the uni town in NZ I lived in was far worse actually. I heard from one friend in Japan who had family members in Sendai – they got to the airport before the tsunami and were safe though it took a while to make contact. I just so hope those brave workers at the nuclear plant manage to get it under control without too much exposure to themselves.

On the heavy themes department, we have been having a lot of conversations about death at home lately. A is on chapter book readers now and we’ve had ones about a family pet being put down, a diary of a girl whose father drowned, legends which involve children being turned to stone and the father searching for them ohmy.gif  I “enjoy” talking to him about these more complex things and watching him think and work things through, though it’s a bit nerve-wracking as you never know what he’s taking literally or misunderstanding! It so amazes me seeing the changes week by week almost thanks to what he learns at school – they really are like sponges aren’t they?

We booked a quick getaway to Canberra for a 4 day weekend at the start of the school hols. We were thinking of the Gold Coast (well DP was) but it got too hard (and exxy) considering 1 of us would’ve had to stay with N at the theme parks, so we’ve shelved that for another time. We’ve booked a really nice 2 bedroom apartment hotel and I’m looking forward to it – NZ was great but it will be good to be just the 4 of us, with no set plans. Any recommendations?  I’ve got Questacon and the National Museum on the list (A has put in a vote for indoor rock climbing too)  but would love suggestions!

How’s everyone else going?

#31 littlemumma

Posted 20 March 2011 - 05:29 PM


Helly - A will LOVE Questacon....I'm however not sure of what else to see there, might be worth posting in a canberra thread of something. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Agree, devastating Japan is, almost doesn't seem 'real'...I hate to imagine it really..yah for the new job role and 3 days will be awsome.

MJ - so what is the new job role you are doing now? sounds like you guys have been having some nice weekends.

Bec - 3am, my goodness, must have been his stomach...gee I hope you don't endure anymore of those. Great news DH will be home more and terrific C's behaviour has improved.

Well it has poured rain here all weekend so we have basically done nothing and by 4pm this arvo both boys were FERRAL!

I am still really enjoying my new job, can't believe how much actually,  hope that continues. Not much planned this week really, catching up with a friend tomorrow (she and her family are off oversreas for 3 years...I will miss her terribly) and then the usual stuff for the rest of the week.

#32 RiverOfDreams

Posted 22 March 2011 - 07:47 AM

Good morning

We had a busy weekend.  We had our school fair on Sunday, we had perfect weather!  I was on the devonshire tea stall, which meant I got to meet a lot of the people (well at least the older ones!) around town.  Pretty sure it was a good day all round for the school.   The girls were exhausted.  I made the mistake of thinking we could walk home (about 2km) but with the sun and all the running, and losing a shoe, Carli lost it and wouldn't stop crying... thankfully DH was coming home at that time and picked us up about halfway through the trip - what a relief!

As for the new job I've probably talked it up more than it is!  I'm in a client relationship team, so the change just means that I will have my own portfolio of clients.  Up until now I've had some of my own clients, but spent more time working with other client managers on the larger clients delivering projects. Now if one of my clients has a big project, I have someone else to come in and do the PM work.  Does that make sense?

Helly, a few nights in ACT sounds great  Is that a drive or plane for you guys? What the heck is Questacom?  Off to google!  
Remember you and your DH are A's biggest advocates.  I understand how you're feeling about the probelm with the hearing aids, but it's because of you (and your DH) that he is where he is, which considering you said his hearing issues are invisible to everyone else, is simply amazing (can I add the disclaimer that you would still be doing a fantastic job if it was visable - just trying to point out that you shouldn't beat yourself up over this because all the other things you have done outweigh this... hopefully you understand and I have offended anyone in anyway).

We have had a few talks about death and what happens.  H is particularly sensitive to this topic, and if you believe in past lives, then I think she has been here before.  (When she was about 2-3 she'd often talk about her 'other mum' - quite descriptive too)  The other night C was asking about religion.  I was raised Catholic so kind of believe.  DH doesn't!  So we talked about no right or wrong beliefs up to the individual, but as long as you respect others.  Was pretty deep for a dinner time conversation!

Bec, so how's things with DH home?  I bet it's a change to the routine!  I had yesterday off work, and I could tell DH was cranky that I was in his space!  

LM - Where is your fried off to for 3 years?  Would you think about a holiday to wherever it is she's going?  That's awesome that you're loving your job.. and how it should be!

Jayne / Bridget / Sal - hellooo!!

That's enough for now!  This time next week we'll be in sunny QLD - yay!!

Talk soon
MJ x

#33 bearboy01

Posted 22 March 2011 - 11:56 AM

hello troopers sorry for being MIA XX X

Caleb hasnt been doing so well - i did a four hour seminar last thurs on children with anxiety & it didnt help as we are doing all they suggested - they even said when I described him that he is FULL ON & EXTREME i was not impressed at all -
I dont know what to do - sad.gif
so tired and fed up with it all sad.gif
wish I was working !!  Give my brain a break -
Amy has been sick - whooping cough - i tell ya - seems like my kids get it all & I dont raise them in the garbage room original.gif
saw eddie vedder sun night - was so close could see his teeth - was freaking awesome original.gif original.gif

im going to read over everyones notes now - i dont even have the energy to crap about my crap today X X

#34 xaylmz

Posted 23 March 2011 - 10:04 PM

sorry to hear about Caleb Jayne.  I don't know what other advice to offer however, a close friend's child the same as ours also has some anxiety so I will ask her what the paediatrician and specialists they have seen has recommended for them.  May not have any new ideas but worth a shot.  Will let you know when I have some info.

#35 bearboy01

Posted 27 March 2011 - 07:29 AM

Hi team - Just a quick Q - as U all know Caleb is having many issues with school - he gets homework with the special reading recovery team - and we read to him each & every night - and he needs to also practice writing words - I didnt know this ( mother of the year ) as caleb tells me NOTHING but each fri they have a spelling test - i was out for a meal with some mums from school last fri week & they were talking about this - they have to spell words like EXCURSION - AQUARIUM - OMG ? they went to the IMAX etc last Tues so this is why they have these words but what ???? when I got home from dinner that night I looked through Calebs folder & found his spelling test - he got two / 12 sad.gif
last fri he got NONE right - and Im thinking sh*te so what now we have to sit with these kids each night & teach them how to spell - i mean what does the teacher actually do in there ?? he is very upset naturally getting 0/12 - BIG RED PEN all over the bloody sheet as well - they are 6 !!!!!! Im very upset and Im at a loss as to what to do - we have parent teacher interviews on the 6th & this is when we meet the maternity leave teacher also - guys what are your thoughts on this pls XXXXX

#36 sallan

Posted 27 March 2011 - 05:13 PM

Oh my goodness Jayne. I cant believe they have words like that. Thats way too advanced. Id like to know if any of the other kids in his class get more than 2 right?
Liam who is in Grade 3 would struggle with some of those words. I think you really need to speak to the teacher and ask what is going on. I would be asking her what exactly he should be doing for homework.
By the way Liam doesnt get any homework at his school until Grade 5!!! He only brings reader home. I was quite concerned by this and to his digust went and demanded homework for him. He does spelling and maths worksheets.
Anyway I would assure Caleb that he isnt expected to get them all right, they are very hard words for a 6 year old. I would just tell him that the teacher just expects him to have a go. His confidence must be at rock bottom.
He certainly doesnt need all this on top of coping with other issues too. Poor little guy.
Jayne go up to the school and demand a meeting with the teacher, or even Principal to find out whats going on. Its just not right in my opinion.!!
Good Luck

#37 helly

Posted 27 March 2011 - 10:41 PM

Hope everyone had a great weekend original.gif  Very very quiet here as poor little N has been sick – had to take him to the doc today in fact and now he’s on antibiotics for an ear infection sad.gif  Couple of very rough nights too so I think we’re all going to zonk tonight… (not helped by A waking crying in the middle of the night a couple of days ago – his wobbly top tooth was hanging out and bleeding, not fun at 1am!)

Jayne  Oh so sorry to hear that things aren’t getting better for you. That spelling list is insane though!  I like the idea of only focussing on a subset of the words, I still think it’s ludicrous for year 1 to have any of those kinds of words. We don’t have any homework here except readers (they swapped them every day last year if you wanted, 3 times a week this year) and news once a week.  We got sent home some sheets of sight words and were told that it would be good (but not mandatory) to play games and do things with those with the kids, but nothing set on a weekly basis.  Have you met the new teacher yet? I hope she takes your concerns seriously – though is there any alternative for you guys? It just seems from what you say that it’s not the right environment for Caleb to thrive in sad.gif  

LM  Glad you’re loving your new job so much (same here)   Long may it continue…

MJ  The new job sounds good, a bit more self-determination and scope?   Hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Qld biggrin.gif  

Sal  Congrats on the new job again - will it go all year?

We’ve got our parent-teacher meeting tomorrow, can’t believe how quickly this term has gone.  Only 2 more weeks and it’s hols (we’re going to drive down to Canberra that first weekend)   And then DP goes back to work and we’ll have to find a new groove (I’m quite looking forward to my home days with just me and my little sidekick)

original.gif helly

#38 bearboy01

Posted 28 March 2011 - 10:36 AM

Thanks so much Sally - can you come with me to the school please lol XXXX

It just seems from what you say that it’s not the right environment for Caleb to thrive in
u nailed it lady & I am beside myself sad.gif

ESP the big RED pen with all the crosses -
I slipped the spelling test into Calebs readers book in the hope that his reading recovery teacher will see this & I am sure that this will concern her -
I am also very concerned with the amount of work that they are meant to do & also how much of this is now apparently the parents responsibilty ???? its not right & very hard - I mean I dont work so I can take time but alot of parents work full time - its very hard - we find it very hard with Amy as she wont leave caleb alone sad.gif
i guess its our family original.gif
as this teacher leaves in two weeks I dont think its going to be worth the effort to bring this up however Parent teacher interviews on the 6th april & the new teacher will be sitting in - and lordy god help them both - I swear I can hear it now that they are going to suggest that he repeat sad.gif
thanks guys so much for the support X

#39 littlemumma

Posted 28 March 2011 - 01:33 PM

Jayne - quick one in relation to homework (by the way those words are rediculous)!!

Kai gets homework on a Tuesday and they have until the the following Monday to complete it....so about a week. This includes:

3 readers
One sheet which usually has 5 words they have to look, read, cover, write and check (they have to do that for 4 days)....and they are words like dig, lives and swamp. And then there is a maths section like this week they had a peice of string and they had to measure about 6 things ie: bed, Fridge etc with the string and say  how many it was.

I would be seriously considering changing schools if I were you, just doesn't sound right to me and its never too late to change them over.

#40 bearboy01

Posted 28 March 2011 - 03:48 PM

Just got back from the speechy - after I explained the situation with calebs spelling test she did another NEW serious of tests and he did very very badly - under the 4% - there is an issue with his memory she said - ie he has some form of learning disability but they dont know yet what - she also explained that repeating in year one may be an option ( which believe it or not I do get ) she said he is SO behind for year one already sad.gif
My heart is broken -
she is going to work with him ALOT over the next term - I just dont know what to do for the best right now Im a little shocked that he is suffering so much sad.gif

I also posted this topic over in school kids etc - as always seems to happen to me it started out OK - now its getting well personal - I loathe that when that happens - I have asked for it to be closed sad.gif I just wanted some help sad.gif

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#41 sallan

Posted 28 March 2011 - 06:19 PM

Oh Jayne i feel for you. Its so hard when you hear negativity from school.
I would gladly go to the school and have words with them, they dont sound very aware of what difficuties he has, and they should by Grade 1.
At least the speechy seems to have her head switched on, in finding what the problems are. If he is asessed properly he will get the extra help he needs. It does take alot of time though before it gets to that level. Funding usually occurs with most kids from around Grade 2. The school watch the kids in Prep to see how they go. They are only allowed to have them tested every 2 years, so having them tested in Prep usually isnt viable. By Grade 1 they have a good idea and put the assessing motion and by the end of Grade 1 and the beginning of Grade 2 the funding is sometimes issued.
Does he have an aide in his classroom? If he does Im sure she would be doing her best to include the kids that need the extra help, along with the funded kids.
I sometimes have a group of 4 to work with and only 2 of them being funded. It works well for all concerned. The funded kids get their help and the others have the benefit of one on one too.
If he doesnt retain information, or what he has learned, he will need alot of repetition. This is the only way he can remember. You may find visual aids will help too. Try having flash cards of everyday objects  that are familiar to him and see if he can find them in the house.
Put them in an order and see if he can remember the order and find them. Lots of memory games are good and will benefit him no end.
Maybe try a visual routine, so he gets used to doing things in order. All the visual aids have a great effect on these children that have trouble retaining information. He will need your help all the time at home, try to include some sort of learning with the things that you do everyday.
Dont loose hope, he will improve its just going to take time and more effort.
Good Luck
Sal x

#42 xaylmz

Posted 28 March 2011 - 09:49 PM

Oh Jayne, sorry to hear you are finding out more stuff about Caleb's learning that he is having difficulties with, and a possible learning difficulty.  Not what you want to hear but at least he's needs are being recognised by someone, now it's a matter of making sure he is getting the right support he needs at school and if he isn't then you def need to look at other schooling options for him.  Write down all your concerns, the outcome of his assessments, professional advice you have been given on how to manage/support/learning styles and ideas of how you think you can work as a team with his teacher to assist and support him.  Use this as a tool to discuss his needs with his teacher at the parent teacher interview.  If you have it written down you wont forget anything.

As for homework, I'm in the OMG camp as well with those spelling words!  C gets one reader - he would have 2 or 3 but his teachers have said a firm 1 only.  They are encouraged to learn how to spell and write the M100 words and practice these at home and then move onto the M200 words if they are confident in the M100W.  They don't HAVE to do the words at home though, it is encouraged and they don't have class spelling tests like that!  C has also been given a username and password for Mathletics to use at home.  This is also encouraged for 3-4 times a week but not an absolute must.

#43 bearboy01

Posted 29 March 2011 - 01:10 PM

thanks so much for the support guys - Im a little shattered -
I did reading this morn with the class and the teacher talks to the kids like they are sh*t - best be gone with her ASAP
unfort there is no AID Sal in the room sad.gif
he already does readers recovery now - we will be moving forward & working alot more with the specific needs with the speechy - my heart breaks for him & its not that we care how intelligent he is or isnt that doesnt matter to us at all - i cant handle the thought of him struggling as thats the worst feeling & I cant take that he has to feel like that sad.gif
what about the repeating year one ? Sal - what do u think > XXXXXXXX

#44 RiverOfDreams

Posted 04 April 2011 - 10:30 AM

Good morning

Jayne - That's incredible!  Incredible the words on the list, and incredible that the teacher doesn't even let you know how he is going.   Perhaps naive on my behalf, but I would expect if any child was getting marks like that then they would talk to the parents.  YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW... so how the heck can you help.  From here it seems they are setting him up to fail... kids need encouragement.. grrrrr.  What about the speechie though, are you happy with her?  I would have assumed her initial tests would have picked up the memory issues.     Sorry it's been so tough for Caleb.  I think I would be looking at other school options.

We don't have homework, just a reader every night.  I keep asking Carli about spelling words/tests, but doesn't seem they do these either.  

Well we had a fantastic, amazing holiday!!  Loved the accomodation, we were in and out of Sea World every day!  The weather could have been warmer, but didn't stop us swimming everyday!     Just bliss.. now home and back into routine again.... time to plan the next holiday!

Back to work to catch up on all the work I missed.

Talk soon
MJ x

#45 bearboy01

Posted 04 April 2011 - 12:44 PM

hi Michelle so glad that u had a top holiday original.gif
how long were u away for ?
Caleb asks for a holiday all the time sad.gif
Just very hard when DH doesnt get holiday pay - its a buggar sad.gif

I emailed Calebs teacher last week as I was LIVID with the 0/12 RED PEN Etc - over it and i was nice etc just explained to her that this isnt helping etc etc etc she replied that he still needs to be tested however she wont send the test home with him if we prefer that ?? WTF ?? I was like " well yes he needs to be tested there is no Q of that and yes send the test HOME as he tells us anyway how he is feeling " I was FLOORED - anyway my feeling is smeone else has talked with her about all of this as FRI caleb got 5 correct on the test and there was a big well done stamp and also a nice note telling him how great he is etc etc -

I am dissapointed that the speechy didnt pick this up earlier sad.gif
but she does good work - has a top rep around here & Caleb really really likes her so lets see how that goes -
he is seeing her in the holidays too

im just so tired of it all to be honest

back soon X

#46 helly

Posted 04 April 2011 - 09:49 PM

Can’t believe we’re already at the end of term 1 ohmy.gif  We had a class picnic and easter egg hunt on the weekend which was a lot of fun, and our trip is already this weekend (I posted in the ACT section and got a huge bunch of suggestions which is fantastic – really looking forward to it now!)

Jayne Awww well done to Caleb on doing better on his spelling test – how did he feel about it?  I wouldn’t be too down on your speechie, I don’t think memory issues really fall in their scope IYKWIM? I’m sure they come across kids that have them but while they’re experts in language development and speech they’re not necessarily the right people to diagnose everything.  Maybe it would be worth seeing a paediatrician or psychologist and getting a more general assessment?  I’ll second the great suggestions that Sal made about working with Caleb at home. Repetition is really the key, even now we make sure to do a lot of it (A can’t learn by overhearing like other kids, so we keep pumping in vocab and info through everyday life)  There’s lots of info on the web about creating a language-rich environment at home and we are continually modelling and working on things like sequencing in a natural way rather than drills or short bursts of time

MJ Your holiday sounds fantastic – we’re definitely going to head up that way sometime.   Hope you’re over the back to work blues – I hate the way you go back all happy and then about a day later the grim reality of the next holiday being a way off hits wink.gif

waves.gif  Sal, Bec, Bridg, LM original.gif  
Loving my new job though I’m slacking off on the gym.  N has his next round of tests on Wed so cross your fingers for us – I suspect we’ll still be in limbo land, as any reduced hearing could be down being sick recently – argh. He is a total little imp, climbing and walking and completely adoring of his big brother (I dressed them in matching new PJs tonight – squeee, it was soooo cute, especially as I know my chances to do this are going to be severely limited)


#47 RiverOfDreams

Posted 05 April 2011 - 08:50 AM

Good luck Helly with the tests this week.

Way to go Caleb on the spelling test!! Jayne, do you get to see the kind of words they need to spell, were they more realistic for their grade?

As for the holidays we went for 5 nights.  Usually we fly out early on our last day but tried something different this time and didn't fly out until 6.30pm so still had the whole last day up there.  
DH pretends he likes to do nothing and relax but in reality he likes to keep moving so we hired a car (we even drove to Tweed Heads and back for 'a drive' rather than sitting in the resort reading a book!) With the car we were able to go to the other theme parks when we wanted, so went to Movie World and Wet n Wild twice each.    
The accomodation was just the one room with the 2 queen beds, but room wasn't a problem, and was kind of nice all sleeping together!   I have lots of pics (l went a bit dolphin crazy!) but have only got as far as printing some off for Hannah to take to kinder showing her with the different Sesame St characteers who were in the lobby each morning.

Oh, and while we were still in 'happy family' mode we took the girls to the movies on Sunday to see Rango.  Neither of them loved it.. so would suggest this is more one for the video!

I'm with you Helly, this term has gone so quickly.  Have a great time in ACT.

MJ x

#48 bearboy01

Posted 05 April 2011 - 12:04 PM

thanks for the heads up on RANGO! I was going to take Caleb to that next MON as Amy in kindy original.gif

#49 RiverOfDreams

Posted 05 April 2011 - 12:07 PM

Jayne, I should add I have 2 girls who are scaredy cats!   There was another film Rio that looked a lot brighter and more fun.   ;)

#50 sallan

Posted 05 April 2011 - 03:12 PM

Hi Girls,
Flying visit from me again :S

Jayne- I think if the school are suggesting Caleb repeat Grade 1, then thats probably the way to go.
I would have thought that they would wait until nearer the end of the year though, when they would have more of an idea. Anyway in my opinion, its better for him to repeat at this age rather than just before High School. He has more of a chance of learning more of what he really needs to learn, like writing skills, maths etc at this age.

Cant remember if I told you guys that I have been asked to work next term at this present position?
Im so happy about it as I really love working with the kids Ive been assigned to.
Then in term 3 the position will be advertised and I will be first in line for an interview.
Im hoping Ill get a contract then and that will really set me up.
Fingers crossed that happens.
It may turn out to be full time, as in school hours and not just the 4 hours a day that Im doing now.

Michelle- I had heard a few reviews about `Rango`. I know my boys wouldnt like it. Someone said its really suited to kids over 8?
We might go and see `Rio` in the holidays though.
We are really hanging out to see `Cars Movie 2` that is to be released in the June/July holidays.
Glad you had a great holiday. We will definately take the boys up there one day. It would have to be when they are quite a bit older though, as DH and I dont like alot of the rides. I get terribly sick and DH just doenst like them.
Im hoping to go to the Uk next year with the boys. Feeling a bit homesick as we havent been since 2005. It all depends on money as usual!
We are going away to Walhalla at the end of April, to do the train ride up there. I thought it would be a good time to go with all the autumn leaves falling and with the weather being unpredictable, inside a train would be a good option.

I have one of my kids workshops in the Easter hols. The kids love it, and it gives the mums a chance to catch up too. Our mothers group are having a party too, which is always fun.

Well hope you all well

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