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September 04 Parents # 108

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#51 bySteuer

Posted 05 April 2011 - 05:34 PM

Hi everyone,
once again I must apologise, I am not getting notifications as usual!  So sorry for that.  sad.gif

We are almost on holidays, CJ finishes on Friday.  We had a SSG meeting here (it's sort of like parent/teacher interviews but for the special school) last week.  CJ is struggling with the amount of kids in the class (9 instead of 6 to 3 teachers) and is in full sensory and physical overload and not getting any of the one-on-one assistance she needs, like what happened last year.  It's very disappointing and there doesn't seem to be any hope of relief anytime soon, there's no funding to hire another aide.  CJ's had issues with all of the kids in the class so she is constantly getting moved from seat to seat trying to get some peace, and not doing any work.  Acting out at home once she gets out of school which I think is a combination of an age phase/becoming more confident and too much stress.  Otherwise we are pretty good here, Natalie cut her first two teeth on the weekend and is a roly-poly chubba-bubba, so beautiful.  Still unpacking from our move! LOL
I've been at the Dr today, to get my thyroid levels checked as something is not right, either my thyroid has gone whacky again or I'm spiraling into PPD.  My hair has been falling out by the bucket loads and the new growth that is starting to come in is I kid you not, dead white.

Congrats to all of you with the new positions at work, sounds like it is working out really well for you all which is so great.  original.gif

Jayne - I'm sorry I haven't been around to give you some support, feel free to drop me a PM anytime.  Stay strong and focused on Caleb, you'll get through this.  I know it's so overwhelming and heartbreaking at first, and don't stress too much about the ST not picking everything up straight away.  Those first tests are quite specific in what they are looking for and really just give the ST an outline of what stage the child is at compared to statistics, and it does take a few months for them to really get into the knitty-gritty.  I would suggest to you if you can arrange it to ask the ST to come with you to the meetings with school to back you up and make it quite clear what he needs.  If the school will not or cannot provide that for him then you need to look elsewhere.  I would even suggest to you if the school is stressing Caleb out so much, pull him out!  Find him somewhere else that is more accommodating, or try and get him into an Early Intervention group where you and the whole family can get therapy and support.  Your ST should be able to help hook you up, there are groups that are federally funded.  From what you are saying it sounds like Caleb may just not be ready at this stage for school at least in the way this teacher is running the class (which btw. I do not think is normal for 6yos!), you could take him out and enroll him again next year after getting a lot of help for him now with Early Intervention and Speech Therapy etc...  Also definitely see if you can get into a child psychologist who specialises in the needs that Caleb has, they can perform more tests and be a great aid with the schools and get you funding for aids at home etc..

Got to run Nat's crying.  My love to all of you. xox

#52 xaylmz

Posted 05 April 2011 - 07:50 PM

Jayne after I said DS doesn't get spelling words for homework, he came home with some last week laughing2.gif but they are only whatever colour of the M100 words he is up to for spelling, once he knows how to spell all the M100 words then he moves onto the M200 words.  
Can't believe the teacher asked if you DIDN'T want the spelling sheet sent home, how the hell would you know what words he needs help with then!  

Bridge for some people their hair can change colour/density/texture after major life events, not common but it does happen - I know of several people who this has happened to after having babies, being ill, from medication and one even after being hit by a car.  Don't forget that your hair falls out after having a baby too, you should see the rate mine is coming out and blocking the drain every morning in the shower!  Though if you don't feel like something is right then best to see the GP of course, hope everything turns out ok.

MJ sounds like you had a lovely holiday.

Sal yay on the job offer.

Helly good luck with N's testing.

#53 bearboy01

Posted 06 April 2011 - 06:46 AM

Sally thats TOPS about the JOB !!  original.gif

They havent suggested anything to me at all as yet - however i have parent teacher interviews this morn at 11am ( we get a whole 10mns ) and I am going to expect that they suggest that Caleb repeat - this time last year when I met with his kindy teacher she suggested not even at  the end of term 1 that he repeat sad.gif

U are always so supportive my friend XX lordy lady it sounds like U have enough on your plate !
My friend had the same thing happen with her hair not long after her mother passed away and she was 24 then - her hair now is PURE WHITE - and she has it coloured - quite bizarre - when I was very under weight & not looking after myself & very very very stressed with family issues my hair was falling out by the truck load. Its very sensible of u to go the GP & have it all tested - unfort i think its common for us poor ladies to lose hair etc and no bloody wonder with all the stresses we have XX :X i hope u are ok XX
IM sorry that CJ is having issues in class that sounds so sad for her & you all -  maybe a break from school is a good thing original.gif i know that I am looking forward to the holidays babe -

much love to you all & have a top day X X XX

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#54 RiverOfDreams

Posted 07 April 2011 - 07:29 AM

Good morning all

Bridget, sounds like like it's been pretty tough for you with CJ and her schooling (yet you are still so positive - "Otherwise we are pretty good here").  Do you think the holidays will help (thinking less stimuli etc)?
Have you moved far from where you were, is it just as easy to get CJ to school?  Natalie sounds divine, and I love seeing her updated pics on FB.

Bec - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Any plans for the big day?  Now I notice you made a comment of FB about handing our leaflets for eye lashes or something.. is this your business?

Sally - great news about the job.  Congratulations, they must be very happy with your work.  I agree with Rango being for kids a bit older.

Helly - how did N's tests go, hopefully his recent cold didn't affect them too much.

Jayne - I'm glad the girls gave you more info on what the speech thearapist does / doesn't do so you can feel more assured.  How did parent teacher interviews go?

LM - hi there!

We had b'ball semi final lasst night and lost by 2 points. grrr.. that's ok, it means we play again next week and if we win play last night's team again (hopefully to beat them this time!)  Finally got to sleep when Hannah called out... my little girl had been sick.  I tended to H with cleaning  her up and lots of hugs, DH got the bad job of cleaning her room and replacing sheets.. he's pretty good!  Unfortunately we had to do it all again an hour later.   H thinks it's because of the Easter Egg she was given at kinder yesterday!!      Fingers crossed it's contained with H and Carli (or us) aren't infected.

Not much planned for the weekend, but looking forward to it.

Have a great day
MJ xx

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#55 xaylmz

Posted 07 April 2011 - 10:09 AM

MJ no not my business but a gf's, was helping her out original.gif She started up about 6 months ago doing mobile spray tans, eye lash extensions, nail foils and soon she'll be adding waxing in.  Going out for dinner for my bday tonight, not sure where yet, have to pick somewhere.  Hope no one else in your house gets sick!

#56 littlemumma

Posted 10 April 2011 - 01:03 PM

Bec - hope you had a lovely birthday!!!

I promise I'll come back in tonight to post properly.

#57 helly

Posted 17 April 2011 - 10:15 PM

Bec Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

MJ Did the sickness spread? There seem to be a lot of bugs around at the moment, we’ve all been sick recently here too. Did you win your next netball game?

Jayne How did your parent teacher interview go?  Does the new teacher start next term?  

Sal Congrats on the job thing again. Hopefully the Aussie $ will keep rising and make your trip possible. How long would you go for?

Bridg  Hope you’re having a good holiday with the girls – wow, can hardly believe Nat is nearly 6 months already!  Hopefully the break will be good for CJ and the next term is better.  How’s she going adapting to Nat being around?  We have had times where I think it’s been hard for A to adjust but the last few weeks have been fantastic, I think N getting mobile and more interesting has helped a lot!

LM  What’s news with you?

We had a great time down in Canberra, so many things to do with kids, even though it was too cold and windy to do some of the biking/walking/boat things that we would’ve liked to. Questacon was great, as were Cockington Green and the National Museum (esp the 3d space where we got to design things on a computer and then go into a viewing theatre and see them all on a huge screen)  but I think our favourite was a walk-in aviary. Birds on shoulders and heads, really fun.  

We had fantastic news at N’s appointment – despite him not being that compliant and also getting over an ear infection, he still seems to be hearing in the normal range. ddance.gif eexcite.gif So we don’t have to go back till October and of course it’s a good sign (but until we get to at least 3 years it could still deteriorate so this is not an all clear)  Though as I said to them it’s going to be too weird not having appointments and a ton of professionals involved – hated it at first with A but now it seems strange to think of doing it without help laughing2.gif  

original.gif Helly

#58 RiverOfDreams

Posted 20 April 2011 - 08:23 AM

Good morning ladies

Helly, sounds like a great time in Canberra - I've never been there myself, it's one of those places that I'd love to visit, but always gets put to the bottom of the list when holidays come  up!
Fantastic news for N and his hearing test.  

We made the basketball GF - we play tonight.  It's just a social comp, so pretty low key but it would be awesome to beat this team.

Looking forward to the long (long) weekend.  We're off to the Cadbury Easter Hunt (at W'bee park) on Good Friday, all money goes to the Roayl Children's Hospital so I won't feel so bad eating Easter Eggs. (Good Friday being the one day of the year that I've been brought up not to indulge!).  

How's everyone coping with school holidays?  I think DH is taking the kids to see Hop today... he hasn't been to the movies in 7 years because of his back etc.. and now he's going twice in 2 weeks... and both kids movies!!

Hope you are all well
Talk soon
Michelle x

#59 sallan

Posted 20 April 2011 - 02:26 PM

Hi girls,
How is everyone going?
The school hols are flying for us. The boys have had so much fun with their mates. We have been to the movies to see `Hop`. It was just about bearable for an adult but Liam loved it.
It was just him, his girlfriend ( or one of them!!) and me. I felt like I should have sat in another row!!LOL
Owen was off at a playdate with his mate Tyson and didnt want to see it anyway.
We had my kids craft workshop last week too. I had 17 kids here for it, which was so much fun.
We all made an Easter basket, card and a chicken. Owen had made the chicken at school and was very keen to demonstrate how to make it to everyone - right up his street, focus of attention!!!
We all had lunch together and the kids played. It was perfect, oo and I had a kids clothing company drop some clothes off for an Open house so the mums got to browse there too biggrin.gif
Today we have been bowling with 2 other friends from school and tonight Liam is going for a sleep over at a friends house and owen has a friend coming for a sleep over.!!
Tomorrow is our Mothers group easter party so that should be fun.
We havent been away but are going away the last weekend in April, to Walhalla.
There is a beautiful train ride there and the actual town is pretty historical so it should be good. i hope.

Hows everyone else going?

Helly- Glad your trip to canberra went well. I liked it when i visited it. We went to the Mint which was quite interesting but probably not for littlies.
Its a shame you couldnt do much walking etc, theres some really lovely parks and woods to discover, maybe next time eh?

Well i better go and make the most of the peace before I have the drop off and pick up to do with the sleep overs. Owens friend hasnt been on a sleep over before so it should be interesting "S

#60 RiverOfDreams

Posted 21 April 2011 - 07:18 AM

Just had to drop in to tell Sal.. you and your boys were in my dream last night!  In the dream, I had just moved into a new place - it was very very small (thinking about it now, like the size of a caravan) my girls or DH weren't there, but you, Owen and Liam dropped by and I couldn't remember where I had stored the nice cups to give you a cuppa.. then when I found a regualar mug, one of the boys showed me that the cup was dirty.... then when you left I discovered where the good cups were and was disappointed I didn't get to use them!!

All sounds very strange, but it's not every day an EB mate is in my dreams so thought I had to share!

Have a fantastic Easter everyone.  

MJ xx

#61 bearboy01

Posted 21 April 2011 - 08:06 AM

hey team x x x x   just a quick HAPPY easter break from me x x x x x x x  x sorry that i have been mia  x x x x x x x x back soon but happy easter xxxxx

#62 sallan

Posted 21 April 2011 - 08:23 AM

LOL Michelle, thats sooooo funny roll2.gif  

I guess if we ever meet again, youll make sure you have the good cups ready!! If not I bet I remind you!!LOL
Funny one of my boys noticed a dirty cup though!!!

That is super funny.

Have a Happy Easter. Be good to see some easter photos of the kids on here if you can manage it.


#63 bearboy01

Posted 21 April 2011 - 08:31 AM

hello - the parent teacher went ok - the replacement teacher is that young i was floored she looks 12!! anyway we shall see ..................  his teacher said to me that she didnt think that they would repeat caleb due to a learning issue - which is what they all call learning diffs these days - he is going well with the speechy - she is so sweet and he adores her .
the holidays - well we have been busy each day - caleb has just been happy to be with me and is very very clingy- unfort there has been many tears when i have tried to take him to new things - i also booked him into a sports camp here for mon tues wed 8am -3pm each day at a local club with a mate of his - im friends with the mum & the boys get on very well however sunday at the freaking last min he doesnt want to go - full blown anxiety vomiting etc - naturally my friend wasnt happy at all - and i recd a few short texts shall we say - made me feel very very exhausted and sad sad.gif      anyway what can I do? drag him there ? its so hard sad.gif    oh well sh*t happens - i did hear that my mates boy was having a top time and that all was well - so i was happy to hear that.
its so hard all this crying and extreme anxiety sad.gif

anyway sorry i gotta dash back soon to read your stories much love xxxx

#64 sallan

Posted 21 April 2011 - 10:17 AM

Im so sorry to hear Caleb didnt get to the sports days. Thats sad for him and you.
I really do think there is something wrong with his understanding if he is getting so anxious he is vomitting. There are definately some issues there. I feel so sorry for you, it must be so hard.
Sometimes its really difficult understanding these children, as they cant actually put their feelings into words and that is why there ar such a physical outcomes.
It is very exhausting. I find that even when I work with them a few hours. You, however have him all the time and have to deal with these issues at anytime. I take my hat off to you, it sounds to me like you do an excellent job and really try to help him as much as you can.
Give yourself a pat on the back girly:D

#65 bearboy01

Posted 21 April 2011 - 12:28 PM

thanks sally i appreciate that so much xx
i think he would have loved it to be honest as he loves sports but nup - i took him last tuesday to a new indoor skake park here - all padded up etc and then just burst into tears - some kids were trying to help him & talk with him and tell him it was ok but he was not having any of it so we de pad - and i got my money back and off we went and i was not angry with him at all i just felt so tired sad.gif  we ended up at the beach though and there was a boy the same age there & they played for 3 hours together so i guess at least he was happy. i met up with a mate tues lunchtime and its a school mum - caleb hadnt seen these guys for what 12 days ?? and it was tears at 20 paces i was like **** ??? whats going on - then they all ate and ate & ate - even though caleb had already eaten he seemed alot better after he ate - we went to a park but cale didnt play with the boy his own age he played with the younger brother - caleb gets on so well with little kids -
yest I took a mate of his and the kids to a park here ended up having jack all day - he is a lovely boy it was no drama and i made caleb not cry - i was very stern with him & said NO CRYING today - he didnt manage it but he tried.
i just dont know anymore feel very very exhausted - i constantly get people telling me - like strangers that meet him at the park or at the gym - just how amazing he is - how beautiful he is - cause he is - so gentle so caring etc etc its lovely to have that - i just wish that i could help him be stronger sad.gif

on a diff note - my hubbys ex text me last night stating that centrelink have taken $120.00 out of her benefits due to the child supp that DH pays - I assume that she means $120.00 a fortnight - isnt that weird?? i wonder why they have done that - she doesnt work - neva has so she aint happy .....im not game to post over in blended families again!!!  LOL!

Edited by bearboy01, 21 April 2011 - 12:49 PM.

#66 littlemumma

Posted 23 April 2011 - 12:51 PM

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter...hope the Bunny is god to you all!!

Sal - lol at going to the movies with Liam and his Girlfriend, do they even hold hands at that age?

MJ - Easter Hunt sounds fabulous, hope it was lots of fun. Its great DH is getting out to the movies, I take it from that his back is getting better?? I meant to say my friend that has moved away has moved to spain for about 1.5 years and then they are going to San Fran for another 1.5years, I miss them terribly already.

Helly - sounds like Canberra was fantastic and you guys kept busy. What great news on N's hearing, you must be so relieved.

Jayne - hope C is enjoying the holiday break and you guys are able to do some fun things.

Bridget - sorry to hear C is having trouble at school, souns hard and stressful.. I hope they can get some more funding for her. Can't believe N has cut a tooth already!!!

School holidays have been good for us so far...Kai has been to friends houses and went to the movies to see Rio. We took the boys to the Easter Show yesterday and had a ball, was so much fun...first time we have been since having kids...totally different experience but just as good (if not better)! Sorry i didn't get back on the other night when I 'promised'...Max was up all night with croup, was a shocker!! Thanksfully he is fine now.

Best be off, Happy Easter. xx

#67 sallan

Posted 24 April 2011 - 12:21 AM

Happy Easter all. Hope the furry hopper visits you all biggrin.gif He has been here already.
DH and I were out side on the deck a little while ago hiding all the goodies a little while ago.
Just got back from babysitting a friends kids biggrin.gif
Hopefully get some good pics at the crack of dawn no doubt!!!

take care all

#68 helly

Posted 24 April 2011 - 10:57 AM

Happy Easter
everyone! The Easter bunny left way too much chocolate here, we'll be eating it for weeks. A insisted we left out carrots and lettuce, which got nibbled, but fortunately didn't wake till nearly 8 so it was quite civilised original.gif   N has also had some nibbles - you can spot the 2nd child here, I don't think A tasted chocolate till his second Easter (and didn't like the taste, lol)

Hope everyone has a great day!

original.gif  helly

#69 helly

Posted 03 May 2011 - 11:20 AM

where is everyone?????
am I a threadkiller?!!  laughing2.gif

My demon second child has decided that it is appropriate at 10 months old to:
a. be running
b. drop to one (short) daytime sleep, a catnap and then stay up till 11 pm   dev (6).gif
c. gnaw every bit of fruit in the fruitbowl like a little rat
d. keep his brother up to play (see b) by calling out and squealing for him
e. climb onto tables
I have my hands *very* full   rolleyes.gif  



Edited by helly, 03 May 2011 - 01:29 PM.

#70 RiverOfDreams

Posted 03 May 2011 - 01:13 PM

No, not a threadkiller, but you did remind me, last night in bed I was thinking of a long post I could write since it's been so quite in here. so here it is!!

The story of the girl with the rotten teeth....
As you know C went to the dentist and we were told she needed 8 fillings (eeek).  She had 2 at that appointment, but both DH and C were traumatised by the event so we enquired about getting the other 6 done under anaesthetic (sp?).    

3 weeks ago C and I had an appointment for her at a kiddie dentist.  They took some x-rays and had a look around, the good news being none needed to be extracted but advised that she should go to hospital to have aluminium crowns put on all her back teeth (including her new ones coming up).   This seemed quite extreme, and I'm sure I sounded like a superficial mum when I came back with, "so when she smiles all you will see are silver teeth at the back?"  but what I was thinking was I have never seen a kid with alumunium caps, and although we can do lots of things to improve her (and our) oral hygiene she is not the only child to ever have had bad teeth.

The dentist (or should I say peadiadontist) explained that if they are going to put her under then they need to do it properly (which I kind of understood) but she went further to say that the other fillings she had at the dentist would leak and it would only be a matter of time before she was back in the chair needing an extraction and how traumatic that would be (this is where she started losing me).

I explained that it was only at our request that we were looking to see at the 'going under' options, our dentist had thought that the (temporary) fillings was all that was required.

We left it there and they were going to give me a ring with $$costs and further information the next week.  (which we have never received)

Coincidentally I had my annual dental appointment with my dentist the following day.  He's in the city and has no connection to either C's dentist or the kiddie dentist.  I asked him what he thought about the crowns and the issue of the fillings leaking, he was very diplomatic but said that is what peadidontists do, they will always suggest the alumunium crowns, but even the crowns will leak at some stage.  

With this information and some antecdotal feedback from other's mums experiences I made the decision that we definitley weren't going for the aluminium crowns and Miss C would have to have it all done in the chair.

Roll forward to last week, I had made an appointment with C's dentist for Friday.  The dentist and her collegue have just opened a new practice (a bit closer to us) so the appointment was with her at the new place.  I wasn't telling C until after school on Friday because I knew she would freak out.  Actually on Friday morning she complained of a sore tooth so it made sense when I told her I had booked the appointment that day.    She was scared, but she's not like H who would scream and refuse to go, C can be reasoned with (and bribed with some new earings!)

We head down to the new dental clinic on Friday night (just C and I) and the dentist was lovely (1st time I've met her).  It turns out it was her collegue that looked after C last time and had commented on how good she went in the chair.     Well it was all over and done with in about 15 minutes.  A new filling, no needle and one very relieved and relaxed 6 year old!   C was quite happy for me to book the next appointment under the proviso that it's at this (the new) clinic not the other one.      She must have even told Hannah who asked if she could go to Carli's dentist in Point Cook!!

So a much better outcome for everyone! The girl with the rotton teeth is changing her habits and is not scared to go to the dentist.

The end!

#71 RiverOfDreams

Posted 03 May 2011 - 01:15 PM

Oh Helly, you're right... you have your hands full!!  Hope you're taking lots of movies to remind you what he's like now!

#72 RiverOfDreams

Posted 05 May 2011 - 09:12 AM

I'm now the thread killer!  

What's going on out there??    I went to the kinder for mothers day yesterday which was beautiful to hear all the songs about how much they love their mum!... and I gave C some money for the mother's day stall at school, obviously I'm looking after my own interests there!!

Talk soon
MJ x

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#73 helly

Posted 05 May 2011 - 11:20 PM

MJ  So glad that you’ve found a dentist situation that is going to work for you and C. I know what it’s like to want to make the experience as good as possible so that you don’t set up bad associations too – we’re happy shelling out for a paediatric specialist dentist as A is so happy to go. We had A put under for the one tooth he has had to get done (he did get a crown and this was when we started going a few years back there was enough behavioural/language things going on that I think doing it in the chair would’ve been traumatic)  - I’m so impressed with C!
Our school doesn’t do mother’s day stalls, so I’m hoping the boys get it together some other way laughing2.gif  

Loving my new routine of Tue and Thu at home now DP has gone back to work (he’s home Wed). I didn’t realise how much I’d missed our walks to/from school and having a cruisy day with some one-on-one with the baby in there.  I’ve even cooked both nights (I don’t think I cooked at all in April blush.gif)  so who knows, I could turn into a domestic goddess!


#74 bearboy01

Posted 06 May 2011 - 01:59 PM

bloody hell what a story with the teeth !!!  omg !!!!!  so glad that u got it sorted with a nice dentist in the end - lordy how stressful i cant imagine !
we havent taken caleb for like 15 months as it was TERRIBLE last time and DH nearly got into a fight ( honest ) with the hygenist (sp?) typical sad.gif
amy needs to go as we cant get rid of her dummy & its afecting her palet now - i dont now how to get rid of that bloody dummy !

well done on the nice dentist !!!!!!!  hello all X

#75 sallan

Posted 08 May 2011 - 12:51 PM

Happy Mothers day all!!!! biggrin.gif
Hope you all got spoilt and having a very relaxing day.

i got totally spoilt. The boys got me a brand new leather wallet. Owen had spotted that mine was falling apart and insisted that they buy mum a new one, I didnt hint, honestly LOL
I got a `yummy mummy` mug that Owen bought at the school stall, a `sexy` glasses case for my sunnies LOL, a plant, (bulb), thank goodness they are easy to care for as I kill everything, a photo frame, a hand dyed yellow scarf that Liam made and lots of little bits and pieces.

We went out to a pancake place for brekkie. I had to wear my scarf and take my mug!! Owen insisted the waitress fill it up with a capuccino as soon as we walked through the door.
If anyones interested, there are pics on FB.

We are now having a Wii competition, which isnt going too well. Owen is a bad looser!!

Back to work tomorrow. Still loving it. Had to do my yearly goals at the beginning of the week and am going to be sent on numerous PDs to improve my skills, so its looking hopeful that this position will become permenant- yay!!!!

Anyway its my turn, take it easy everyone

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