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October 09 Parents # 47

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#1 Sandra

Posted 28 February 2011 - 08:30 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 satiress

Posted 28 February 2011 - 08:26 PM


Brooke, hope all is ok today hon xx

#3 *Olraha*

Posted 01 March 2011 - 08:18 AM


Slackass coming in....

Brooke - I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I was going to say congrats but I am crossing everything is ok. If you are worried go and get yourself checked out at a hospital. I know you are away from home but do you have a work friend that would be there for you? I am really hoping you are ok.

Lisa - CONGRATS on the little blue bundle. I am sure it must have been a big shock to know think blue after two pink... Have fun shopping. How is Bella? How is hubby? It would have been a massive shock for all of you.

Shell - We never had any problems with Olivia when Rachel was little but she was a little older than Loh. I think if you just keeping saying no it will eventually sink in. Sorry not much advice really.

Kylie - yay at everything being normal with your brain scans. I hope it stays that way for you

Leish - you are sounding a lot more happier. Onward and upward Leish. Have you done the modelling job yet?

Anna - good luck with TTC later and going back into the workforce. I am going to start looking now. Very scary as I don't know what I want to do with my little miss.

Kat - yay to another boy. Is it going to be the year of the boys?

Jo - you sound like me about whether we want to have number 4. I always wanted 4 but I am so enjoying our three that we already have that I am not sure. If we had 4 it would mean getting a bigger house. But I don't want to move as I like the house and area we are in.

Hello to everyone else...

Miss Hannah is going great. Starting to become a real little monkey and as cheeky as ever. You hold a camera up and say smile, and she does with the biggest grin. It is so cute and funny. She still only has 2 tooth but the way she has been the last couple of days I would say some more are due to come. I have to go, she is having a whinge and pushing the keyboard away from me...

Talk to you all again really soon...



#4 honeyfly

Posted 04 March 2011 - 05:52 PM

Can't remember what I last wrote, but went to the hospital on Monday the Royal Women's in Melbourne for a BT - hcg was 3208.  Repeat bloods on Wed only 4051 so Dr told me the pregnancy would fail and was surprised I hadn't passed clots and lots of blood.  Told me to come in fora a scan the follwoing day.

Scan yesterday morning in the Emergency Care showed it was an ectopic pregnancy and they asked if I had used IVF or fertility drugs (no) as have several cysts on both ovaries.  They sent me upstairs for a better ultrasound which confirmed the ectopic (though previous scan thought right tube, this one left tube, they also asked if IVF), lots of internal bleeding so on Sunday it would have been slightly ruptured which was the cause of the severe pain and bleeding.  I had been feeling really bloated too which would have been from the bleeding into my abdomen.

So in I went for emergency surgery yesterday afternoon and I lost my left tube unfortunately.  All went well with the laparscopy have a few holes in me so a bit tender and sore.  Stayed in hospital overnight and back to the hotel in Melbourne today.  I am not allowed to fly home until next Thur now!

I only just also realised that the pain relief I am taking I can't be breastfeeding with!  So not sure what to do, try and hand express (didn't bring my pump) or let it go.  I feed morning and night, and was going to drop one soon then the other, not both at once.  What do you think?  Wish I had my pump!

Anyway, so sorry to tell you there isn't a better ending to my story, though I was foruntate to live through it apparently a girl in Victoria died not long ago from an ectopic so lucky in that regard.  Apparently there shouldn't be an issue falling pregnant again, but I will have to be closely monitored early on to ensure it's not another ectopic (10% chance now apparently).

Oh and I think I was 7 weeks yesterday.  Surprisingly I'm not too sad at the moment about losing the baby, I think I still can't believe it happened and I had only just found out I was pregnant so it's all been a bit crazy.  DH is hoping it wasn't his boy!

Seeing as I am in Melbourne for work (not that I got to go to conference much anyway) they are paying for my accommodation at the Crown Metropol which is lovely!  And they pay for my food too, so I'm being well looked after.

Thanks for all of your thoughts, sorry for another me post, I will catch up on all your goss soon though!

Luv Brooke

#5 jemsoli

Posted 04 March 2011 - 06:46 PM

Brooke I am so sorry to hear your news  cry1.gif  I really hope that your DH is in Melbourne with you and you are not all alone. I am sending you the biggest hugs ever. xxx

#6 honeyfly

Posted 04 March 2011 - 07:35 PM

Thanks Jess, out of the 20+ work conferences I have been on luckily Sam and Hannah are here this time (as I was BFing still).  So that's a good thing at least.

I am suddenly feeling quite sad about it all and having a cry, but it hurts too much in my abdomen and my throat is so sore from the tube during the anaesthetic.  cry1.gif

#7 satiress

Posted 06 March 2011 - 07:27 PM

oh Brooke, so sorry to hear of your news but glad that hubby and budda were there to keep you company. Have a cry and a glass of wine, you deserve to treat yourself atm. xxx

#8 koiles

Posted 08 March 2011 - 12:02 PM

Big hugs Brooke bbighug.gif you're very lucky you took yourself off to hospital when you did. Have a damn good cry whenever you feel like it, it's the least you deserve! What have you decided to do about the feeding?

Hope you're feeling a bit better today xxx

#9 MrsGiggle

Posted 09 March 2011 - 02:46 PM

Brooke so sorry to hear your news. I hope your recovering well and I am just so glad you got operated on when u did.

Rest up and have a good cry big hugs xoxoxox


#10 jemsoli

Posted 14 March 2011 - 07:26 AM

hope you are still doing ok brooke  bbighug.gif

jo LOL, emily is the same when she sees a camera. definately a poser!

afm cant remember the last time i posted properly in here. not a whole lot has been going on anyway. as of almost 2 weeks ago my nausea just disappeared, which i guess should be a good thing, but now i have the hunger. i have already put back on all the weight i lost from the nausea. sigh, i just feel so fat.

had an OB appointment on thursday, and was told that because i have an anterior placenta (at the front instead of the back) i will need to be continually monitored to make sure it doesnt grow over my cervix. i will also need to have a test around 28 weeks to make sure i dont have cholestasis again as well, so it feels like this pregnancy is conspiring against me. i know my problems are tiny in comparison to the health probs some women have.

emily is going great guns. she is still not really talking, other than mum and dad, and she makes noises that sound like they could be real words, but hasnt quite got there yet. she will have whole conversations with you in gibberish talk too, it is quite funny. and even though she is not talking she is understanding really well. i have now trained her to get me the remote control  roll2.gif  and she is continually suprising us with how much she understands of what we say to her.

she is being a typical little girl, and loves playing with shoes and walking them around the house and everyone knows not to leave their handbag within reach haha. MIL came over the other day, and put her bag on the floor and emily went straight for it, so she put it up on the lounge and we went out to the kitchen and emily climber up on the lounge to pull it down!

and i gave emily her last breastfeed today  cry1.gif  cry1.gif  cry1.gif  i am really suprised i am not crying yet. i am so not ready to give it up, and i feel so guilty as well. i know i have done an awesome job in feeding her this long, but i feel like i am abandoning her now. i guess you cant ever win as a mum.

anyway, thats all from me i need to go eat something before my stomach eats itself.

#11 Here we go again

Posted 16 March 2011 - 10:11 PM

Hey lovely ladies,

Brooke Sorry I hope you are feeling better physically, obviously emotionally it may be a bit early.

Not much going on here. Levi is a little ratbag original.gif Doesnt talk much just spends his days yelling at me. He has all his teeth through except his far back molars. Going through a not eating stage unless its yoghurt lives on the stuff!!

Ok better get to bed, chat later

#12 Guest_mummy4eva_*

Posted 25 March 2011 - 03:15 PM


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#13 mummyto3tobe

Posted 28 March 2011 - 03:25 PM

Hi girls,
Brooke am so sorry for your loss! i hope you are doing ok. is there rules now about when you can start trying again? a friend of my had an ectopic and lost her left tube aswell, and she just gave birth to a beautiful little boy original.gif thinking of you xo

Jess i had an anterior placenta with cruze, and i ended up having the c/s because of it :/ sometimes they say its fine, but for some reason they said they wouldnt have been able to get cruze out naturally sad.gif but its good to get constant monitoring. you get such reassurance when you know everything is ok all the way through!! hope you feeling well too. and dont be upset about stopping breast feeding. you should be soooo proud of yourself that you got this far!! when i fell preg loh went off my milk sad.gif apparently the hormones make it taste different and my little fuss pot didnt like it. lol. hoping to get to feed cruze alot longer though!!

Chantal i know we chat on FB but have you tried offering water to kydin at night instead of a feed? he might reject it at first, but keep trying? thats what my chn said. he might just be feeding because he is use to it? once loh started waking and realising she was only getting water she would just go back to sleep?

waves.gif to every one else original.gif

AFM We are going really good. Loh is on to one sleep a day and it makes it much easier to do things!! so we go out after breaky, then go out somewhere, the park or pool or somewhere and just wear her out, then we come home and she has lunch and goes straight to bed at 12ish and sleeps til 4 original.gif i love that she does that. cruze is also a great day sleeper! he has little cat naps in the pram in the morning, then comes home and i put him down with loh and he also sleeps till around 330 or 4. so i got pretty lucky there. so i manage to get my housework and cooking done, and usually still get some timeout to watch tv or have a nap. Cruze is still a bit funny at night, i just recently started putting him down in bed at 7. i use to just let him fall asleep in the rocker out in the lounge room, and then feed him around 930 when i go to bed, then he would usually just wake once through the night for a feed. since putting him down at 7, i wake him still at 930...then he wakes twice over night for a feed. im not sure what to do. i know i shouldnt be complaining, but if hes only going to wake once why wouldnt i just keep him out in the lounge?? but i want him to get use to going to bed lol...bah i dont know! im not fussed about routines, he does the same thing everyday without me trying to hard, i dont want to stress about a routine!

Ryans work has been pushing Karratha back a bit, we are waiting for the business banking centre to be built and because of the cyclone and storms they have had up there its been delayed so much, bit of a pain in the ass because we are just in limbo atm! ryans direct boss says he wants him up there asap, but his bosses boss says there is no room in the branch, so we have to wait for the centre to be built. bah so annoying! im settled now with cruze, i dont want to leave it much longer because then i may get too settled. have been knocking back help from mum now, because i want to know i can do things on my own! which has been hard, but good for me original.gif

anyway sorry to only pop in every now and then!!
hope every one is well
big loves
Shell xo

#14 helenn82

Posted 13 April 2011 - 01:04 PM

Hey girls,
Long time no post!  

Brooke so sorry to hear you lost bubba xx  Hope things are healing well and you're starting to feel better.

Not a lot happening here.....renos still going!  We had our roof done a couple of months ago and is now a nice charcoal colour rather than an old brown.  Garage door is now a matching charcoal (rather than yellow) and I have started painting the front of the house a beige colour (good bye green!).  Still heaps to do but hoping that we'll get the house fully painted in the next month while hubby has holidays. Yah!  Time has flown and it's horrible to think we've been doing renos since I was pregnant with Samara and we're still not finished!  Eek.

Shell is sounds like Cruze is a beautiful and easy lil' man.

Jess you have done well feeding for so long.  We're still feeding but only just.  Samara often prefers a bottle of milk these days.  Emily sounds like Samara.  She is also a typical girl and loves putting all the shoes on!  Loves clothes and shoes in general actually and is often trying to put clothes on.

Anyway, better keep moving.  Coming back and reading the pregnant mums post is not good for me....makes me clucky and I'm desperately trying to hold off till next year.  

Helen original.gif

#15 koiles

Posted 15 April 2011 - 12:02 PM

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well and the new bubbas are all baking nicely original.gif

Erm, where is the time going? N is 4 months old next week and I feel like I've hardly blinked. I've sold off all of my newborn and small MCNs, I was a bit sad lol. He's such a gorgeous happy little thing, makes me realise what I missed out on with E. He's taken a step backwards with the night sleeps though, that's my only whinge, we were almost sleeping through and then the 3m growth spurt hit and it's all been a bit poo since, alternating from 1-3 feeds a night. It's the longest I've ever gone with broken sleep and it's starting to hit a little. But he's a dream during the day, a lot more alert now and totally adores his big brother, follows him with his eyes everywhere he goes...uh oh, I'll be in for it when they're both on the move I think laughing2.gif.

E is doing so so well, he is just the happiest little boy I've ever seen. I can't get over how switched on he is, he seems to absorb everything. His speech is awesome, totally blows me away he can string 4 word sentences together now, leaves out all the joining words like and the am, etc. but still damn good! His walking is still a bit iffy he falls over a lot, but he's getting there...his problem is he tries to run everywhere rather than just concentrating on walking properly first ddoh.gif. He's a climber rolleyes.gif fun. Still has no regard for discipline, he was sent to test my patience that kid. But he's grown into such a delight, he's so much fun he just runs around with such carefree abandon like he's having the time of his life...wish we could all be a bit like that!

Much love xx

#16 raky

Posted 19 April 2011 - 02:35 PM

Hi Gals
Just popping in to say HIIIII

I read all the time, but trying to keep up with everything going on in my world the past few months, it's hectic!!

Brooke - thoughts are with you my dear.. Best of luck with TTC again very soon!

#17 jemsoli

Posted 21 April 2011 - 08:06 AM

hi girls!

its great to hear that all our kids are doing well!

im sure you all know from FB but we found out we are adding another baby girl to our family - LOL, poor DF though! i have always had terrible PMS so just imagine what the house will be like when our girls hit puberty LOL. he might want to go on a holiday once a month!

emily is going great. just a month or so ago i was worried cos she wasnt saying any words that made sense but it honestly seems like overnight she has just started talking. there is still a LOT of gibberish in there, but she knows lots of words, and understands almost everything we tell her (like, to put our shoes back at the door - she had been wearing them, and to put the clean washing back on the folding pile - she likes playing with my clean undies for some reason haha) she is starting to be really helpful too, as well as putting stuff away she is good at fetching stuff for me (like the remote, or the blanket) and i was really proud of her a couple of weeks ago cos she got all the shape blocks in the shape-o ball on her own!

that said though she has just started chucking little tantrums. it isnt good but most of her tantrums are food related (no you cant have any more food, you have had 1.5 pieces of toast and a huge bowl of grapes, you can wait a while before you have a snack) cue tantie. and her tanties at the moment she is throwing herself backwards or forwards on the ground, or smacking her head against whatever is closest - usually a wall or door frame. so inevitably she gets hurt and has little bruises all over her head. i am fairly certain its just a phase and i hope it goes quickly!

pregnancy this time just doesnt seem to be agreeing with me. i had it so easy with emily. i am 21 weeks today as per my ticker, and there are a few belly shots in my blog. i am not game enough to put them on FB!

i have been pretty sick the last few weeks, just a cough/cold thing, but i managed to contaminate emily too, so she is coughing in the early morning (and as cute as her little cough sounds i feel so guilty for contaminating her sad.gif) we have been giving her panadol before bed, and slathering vicks on her and spraying her nose with saline, so hopefully she doesnt stay sick for too long.

it sucks as well, cos i have had to go back to work so we can make all these bills we have coming up. we have 4.5k due within a week and a half in june (conveniently right before tax time, grr) 2.5k for OB fees, and about 2k for car rego/insurance/ctp etc. so going back to work when i am pregnant has really been hard on me, especially cos i am not used to working. our store is also still open for now (i work at angus and robertson and they have gone into administration with borders) so i came back at a crappy time too.

anyway, i will stop yabbering on and go get ready for the day.

hope everyone is ok and i LOVE reading updates about where all our (former) babies are at!

#18 satiress

Posted 22 April 2011 - 12:05 AM

Hi all

Just popping in to say hi and that I read along, just run out of time to post...

Brooke: How are you going hon?

Kylie: Evan brings a smile to my face everytime I see a picture of him, you can clearly see his joy for life in his expressions. Nash is gorgeous, I hope he's tough to put up with a brother like that.

Kylie (raky): How is the pregnancy treating you this time around? How is your mum?

Jess: I was wondering if you worked for a book store affiliated with the Borders admin. I hope Emily continues to give you some rest and gets over her head banging (without heavy metal music) tantys soon.

Helen: still doing renos? that is dedication! Glad it is coming along though, the colour change sounds very welcomed. Yay to TTC next year!

AFM: The girls are doing well, Bella sounds like Evan, just a pure zest for life and a handful most of the time but I wouldn't have her any other way. Audrey is so easy going, she's calm 99% of the time and usually the 1% tanty is because of Bella annoying her.
She does her own thing, doesn't talk too much, but we think she says a fair amount clearly and knows what we are saying, she follows instruction and loves to laugh at her own 'jokes'.

As for the pregnancy, I feel fat hahaha.... had my GTT this week so will get the results at my ob appointment on the 2nd. I can't believe I will be in the 3rd trimester on the weekend, where has the time gone? It's exciting yet scary at the same time, can't wait to meet my little man.

Speak soon lovely ladies xx

#19 jemsoli

Posted 07 May 2011 - 11:03 AM

Emily is going great! I honestly can't believe how clever she has become in the last couple of months. She is talking ALL THE TIME now, I was worried cos she wasn't actually saying any real words, but she says heaps now (she is especially cute when she says "shoes" even DF thinks it is super cute!) and she has turned into a great little helper. Puts her toys away, gets me things (the remote, the blanket, things i have dropped and cant bend down to pick up etc) and it is awesome cos she listens and understands what I am telling her, it is just amazing - she really seems to little to be able to do this stuff!

I have had to get her some more challenging puzzles cos she can do all the shapes in the shape-o ball in a few minutes, so I got her some new puzzles yesterday (wooden ones) and she is so unco at it, haha. It will be a challenge for her anyway, and she will get it!

Pregnancy wise things are ok. At my 20 week scan (which they said was a girl by the way, but as I am pretty sure everyone is on FB you already know) I was told the placenta is borderline to being too close to the cervix and I would have to have another scan at 34 weeks to tell me if I cN have a natural birth or not. I am freaking out cos I don't want a caesar at all, and I need more than a few weeks to get used to the idea etc. So freaking out about that, and I just feel crap all the time. I seriously feel like I am already 35 weeks pregnant not 23 weeks. If Aaron was actually open to the idea of #3 I wouldn't even be sure if I wanted to go through this again.

Anyways, just thought I would check in, share a bit of info you may not find on FB and have a whinge. Hope everyone and their bubbas are doing great!

#20 *Olraha*

Posted 09 May 2011 - 10:03 AM

Hello Mumma's

Been a really bad mum and not checking in here as much as I should. Life is very busy with three children and since Hannah started walking, she is on the go until she goes to bed. Hannah is such a joy in our lives and having two older sisters help her doing things a lot earlier than I wanted. Oh well, but she is so cute as well. Miss Hannah knows how to climb up the ladder at the side of our swing set and she thinks she is so clever too, almost give me and hubby a heart attack, but we also have to remember she isn't really a baby anymore.

I hope everyone is well..

Jess - I got told at 20 weeks that I had a low lying placenta, and had another scan at 32 weeks, and the first scan they did it was still border line, but then the sonographer got her boss and he cam to double check, pulled my belly and Hannah up and OMG that friggen hurt, but I was given the all clear. And I delivered her naturally, just a positive story for you, so try not to concentrate on the negatives, because it can move when the baby grows... Emily sounds very cute and grown up.

Leish - glad everything is going well with you.

Lisa - I can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is going.

Better go and do some more housework, feeling kind of down, but that is because I am ready to go back to work but having a very difficult time finding a part time job.

Talk to you all later...


#21 honeyfly

Posted 15 May 2011 - 04:42 PM

Hi there,

Well I thought I had been slack, but no movement in here much!!  Must be a busy bunch!!!

Jess - like Jo I had a low-lying placenta with Hannah too, I had to have scans about that time as well and it had moved.  I think in the majority of cases it does, so hopefully it will be fine.

Jo - glad to hear your Miss Hannah is doing well!  My Hannah thinks all babies are Hannah's lol

Leish - how did your modelling comp end up going?  I haven't been on fb much, though now I have an iphone trying to keep up more!

Lisa - I am going really well (see below  biggrin.gif ).  When is your due date again?  I hope you have a lovely last few weeks of this pregnancy, seems to have gone by so quickly!

AFM - well, I am pregnant again!  2 months after my op I got a BFP, I didn't want to waste time with only one tube now so got straight back on the horse (excuse the pun haha), and wham bam, first try again!  I am really lucky with all of those times missing pills in the past that one didn't slip through  happy.gif  Anyway, I'm about 5 weeks, Dr sent me for a super early scan last week but it was too soon to see anything.  Have another scan this week, hopefully they can see bub nice and safe in my uterus this time!  I got a very early positive at about 3.5 weeks which darkened up nicely over the following week, and I haven't had the bleeding this time, so fingers crossed all is well.  I am due mid January.

Love to all,


#22 jemsoli

Posted 15 May 2011 - 06:16 PM

Congrats Brooke! So glad you didn't seem to have any trouble getting pregnant again.

#23 MrsGiggle

Posted 17 May 2011 - 11:51 AM

Congrats Brooke that's fantastic news :-) I'm very happy for you and fingers crossed at your scan this week they see a nice little heartbeat.

Jo - Sounds like Hannah is doing very well. I hear u on the climbing the ladder part. Annabelle does the same except gets to the 2nd top run and wants help climbing up the last bit to go down the slide lol....little dare devils.....but not as much as Evan have u seen Kylie's latest facebook photos :-)

Jess - Glad to hear Emily is going well :-) I love looking at her photos when she carries around the bag and has shoes on hehehe such a cutie. It is nice when they start to follow instructions and help out. Makes life so much easier. I have also noticed Annabelle some days helps more then Tom and I don't even have to ask her.....i guess that's the motherly instinct coming out in Belle that obviously boys just don't have hahahahaha so lucky u getting 2 girls.

Leish - By the look of facebook sounds like u had a great time in Sydney. Get those cupboard locks on I say.......it will make your life so much easier not having to clean up the kitchen floor 1000 times a day lol cheeky boys....Tom used to do that.

Lisa Not long to go now woo hoo!! How are u progressing with the nursery? Are the girls excited?

AFM - Well I'll be 31 weeks this week and I'm on the countdown. Trying to enjoy my last pregnancy as i know i'll never have a little person inside my tummy again....but i am so tired!! I have Hyperthyrodism so some of my hormones are out of whack. I'm sleeping great and only getting up once to wee but really could easily sleep an extra few hours. I nap most days when the kids do now hehehe. So if this little man arrives at 38 weeks like  his brother then i could have a baby in just over 6 weeks OMG!!!!!! better get that nursery finished.

We have Thomas' 3rd birthday this Friday with a little party at the park on Saturday, then I have DH 30th to organise for June and about 6 functions we have to attend...busy times ahead.

Kat :-)

#24 honeyfly

Posted 19 May 2011 - 12:43 PM

Hi chicks,

Just updating that I have a little bub safe and sound in my uterus  eexcite.gif Could easily see the gestational sac and yolk sac, bit hard to see the baby yet though, although she pointed to a white spotch/line which she said is most likely it. So too early to see a HB yet too. I thought I was 5w5d, then she said I was spot on, then she said I was measuring a couple of days behind, in the end the sac measured at 6w2d, but she said to ignore that. So not sure what to think of all of that!

But such a relief that it's not ectopic, so I'm very glad about that, and now just hoping that next scan there's a nice strong HB!

Anyway gotta run, Kat enjoy the last few weeks!!  Jess how are you feeling?

#25 *Olraha*

Posted 19 May 2011 - 01:18 PM

Congratulations Brooke, I am crossing everything that it will all be fine for your next scan. It is very stressful, it is exactly how I felt when I fell pregnant with Hannah. Once I got to the 12 week mark I started to really enjoy the pregnancy... Look after yourself hon

Kat - wow 31 weeks already. Time is flying by. Yes I have seen Master Evan, he is the master of climbing everything by the looks of it

Kylie - how are you and the boys going? How is your daredevil?

How are all you other pregnant mumma's? I am very jealous as I would love to have another baby, but we cannot fit another one in this house.

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