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April 09 Parents # 43

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#26 debs79

Posted 31 March 2011 - 11:01 AM

bbighug.gif  for you Bec. I (like many in this group) know how hard it is. I took 3 months before I started TTC again as I didnt feel ready until then. Just try and enjoy your time with Lincoln and your body/mind will let you know when you are ready.
  Sounds like Linc had a great birthday. Goodluck with the cake on Saturday with whichever design you go for.

Rachelle  Glad the gastro bug has left your house. Hope it doesnt return. Sounds like this little bub is less active then Xavier, hopefully nothing to worry about and cant wait to hear of your scan results in the next few weeks. I also seem to have a 2yo terror. Angel one minute, complete nightmare the next, then bam back to angel. I cant wait for this stage to be over.

Nat Glad that all is going well with you. Cant believe Mia is 6 months already.

Lizzie's Birthday is next Saturday and we arent having a party this year for her. We did get her a trampoline and are taking her to the local show which happens to be on her birthday this year. It is just a smaller version of the easter show.

And tomorrow I go in to get my wisdom teeth out. It works out well as Mum is coming up next week, as there old house is getting painted ready for sale, so I will have company on mon-wed while Lizzie is at daycare.

Better go and check to make sure I have enough soft foods, and stuff for the next few days. Will pop back in when I can to see how everyone is doing.


#27 bron23

Posted 31 March 2011 - 01:27 PM

Happy birthday Lincoln! a bit late I know

Hope he had a fab day

Deb yuck to the wisdom teeth. Mine seem to have settled down for now but we will see.

Immys birthday is next Friday. We are having a little party at Kings Park playground with mothers group girls and some friends from works kids. Present wise shes got a Tag jr reader and some books, a princess sparkles barbie thing and horse, and some Dorothy the Dinosaur maraccas. Still have no idea what cake Ill be making but Ill figure it out. I hope.

So jealous to read about all these fab holidays. 18 days until we head off

#28 debs79

Posted 08 April 2011 - 12:38 PM

Happy Birthday Cohen and Imogen

Bron  Did you get good weather for Immy's party yesterday? Not long to go before your holiday!!

I have been a bit sore for the past week though nothing the painkillers cant stop.
Otherwise looking forward to tomorrow. Just have to make her cake and all should be good.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


#29 j-lo

Posted 08 April 2011 - 01:54 PM

Hi Ladies,

wow it's been quiet in here.

Just thought I would pop my head in while I have some time to myself.  

Firstly Happy 2nd Birthday to all those who have already had there's and to the rest of them over the next few weeks.  Who could believe two years has passed already!!

I am no longer working as of two weeks ago, and have only 4 weeks to go before bub #2 is due.  I imagine it's going to be pretty crazy when that happens, but am finally starting to feel more organised - I was soooo well prepared last time, this time I had done nothing until last week.

I've had my mum here helping for the last week, and now my parents have taken Jem home with them for a few days.  It's the first time we've really been apart and she's never had a sleep over with anyone else before.  I'm so hoping it goes well, otherwise she will be returned tomorrow!!  And I desperately need a few days to myself.  What luxury it was last time to have 6 weeks of maternity leave before Jem arrived.

DH and I still have quite a bit of organising to do while Jem is away, changing rooms around and getting everything ready.  Have to have another talk about names too and come to some kind of decision on that one.

Other than a bit of back and pelvic pain - which was worse a few weeks ago - and generally end of pregnancy discomfit I feel pretty good.  I'm now really looking forward to having a new born again and I hope Jem takes to being a big sister well too.  I'd love to think I'd have three children, but financially that may never happen so I'm going to try and appreciate as much of this time as possible.

I hope everyone else is well and sorry if this post was a bit 'me-centric'


#30 be-e

Posted 26 June 2011 - 07:13 PM

Hi Ladies

Very quiet in here!

Just popped in to say hi and share my news.

Am now almost 13 weeks pregnant with number 2. So excited, had a scan last week and all looked well, such a relief. Am due 3 Jan 2012.

Bubs has been making me really sick though, have spent alot of time on the couch and at the toilet bowl sick. Seems to be easing off now, but not completely.

Anyway, not much else to report, MS has consumed my life for the last 2 months - not compaining though  biggrin.gif


#31 me-mum

Posted 28 June 2011 - 09:23 PM

Congratulations Bec!! Very exciting news. Hope that the MS resolves soon and that you have an uneventful pregnancy.

Congratulations also to Jo and Ronny who have had their bubs that I have seen on FB.

I'm not getting in here much these days as my DIG with Tom converted to FB group.

We are all well here. My little 2yo man is growing so quickly, hard to believe. He is developing a heap of words and tries really hard with his sentences. He gets so frustrated when I don't understand what he is saying. I'm not liking the terrible 2yo tantrums.

Tom has settled well into our family and has only provided a few dramas thus far with failure to thrive and severe eczema, both of which he is slowly improving. He is hours of entertainment for the older 2.

Hope that everyone is well


#32 bron23

Posted 13 July 2011 - 12:55 PM

Congrats Bec thats fabulous news! I wondered when I swa something on fb so came looking and was thrilled to see you are in fact up the duff.

More tests for Immy today so fingers crossed

#33 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 20 July 2011 - 10:09 PM

Hello! U hav probably all forgotten me but I'm leannefirsttimemum - but I'm not going to be a first time mum anymore so changed profile name. I haven't been in ages! Was just reading over this thread and realized that I've missed you all! Truly!
It's been so quiet tho! I guess everyon is so busy. Might help me keep up tho!

So great to hear about all the new littlies! Very exciting. How are u all managing with newborns and toddlers?

Bec I thought I saw u in the dec dig- but then u moved to Jan. Congrats! I'm 17 weeks preg due on 28.12.11 (could be a very exciting Xmas!). All going well- I was super lucky with no ms again and all going along nicely so far. Tara is an independent, confident, defiant, gorgeous 2yo now. I'm working 4 days at Anz in Hr. I went ft a year ago coz dh and I swapped. He changed careers so stopped working for 7mths whilst he sorted it all out an when he starte working again in march as a real estate agent I went 4 days. Tara is in childcare 3 days. Life is busy but good.

Hope u are all well. Looking forward to reconnecting with u all.



#34 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 11 August 2011 - 05:26 PM

Wow it really is quiet in here!  Does anyone even read or post anymore?

Well I'm ready for a chat with anyone who wants to keep posting in here original.gif

#35 NatandImmi20

Posted 12 August 2011 - 08:35 AM

Hi Leanne! Welcome back and congratulations on your pregnancy! It has been really quiet in here lately! Everyone must be busy! How have you been feeling? How is Tara? Do you know what you are having?

We are going well, Imogen is a very determined little 2 year old now with attitude! She's also very loving and playful, not too many tantrums which is nice! She's all grown up now, toilet trained for wees and in a big girls bed. Having a bit of trouble convincing her to do number 2's in the toilet but i'm sure we'll get there. She's done a couple but still prefers to ask for a nappy. Been talking to lots of people about it and getting lots of advise so really hoping to fix it before it goes on for too long.

Little Mia will be 1 in 5 weeks time!!! She is walking and into everything so i'm flat out chasing her! It's lovely watching her and Imogen interacting and playing together. Really looking forward to the next few months as summer comes and they're getting a trampoline and swing set for xmas so lots of playing outside will be lovely!

I'm at work 3 days a week and the girls are at family day care 2 days and our family take turns coming to our house the other day to look after them. It's hard being away from them but i just think myself lucky that it's only 3 days and i still get 4 days at home with them.

So life is pretty good really, loving my 2 little girls! No plans for any more at this stage but who knows what the future will bring!

Bron - hope everything is ok with Immy?

Bec - congrats on your pregnancy!

Hi to anyone else who may still be lurking!!

#36 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 12 August 2011 - 01:04 PM

Hey nat! Great to hear from you and how you and your gorgeous family are going! I can't believe Mia is nearly 1 already! Wow! It must be great for the girls being so close in age tho- immi won't remember it any other way.

Tara is really good. Not interested in toilet training yet so whilst we encourage it we dont push it. Maybe over summer. She is getting a big girl bed soon, but has been fine in the cot so no hurry getting her out. She is on a timeline now tho with #2 due end dec. She is a good girl tho and doesn't give us much drama. She is a little chatterbox now and getting better with longe sentences but usually keeps things short, unless she is singing.

I had my ultrasound wed so I've hit the half way mark. It's so amazing. Such a miracle every time. I feel really well, like I'm not even pregnant most the time which is good. Hopefully I just keeping popping along with a boring pregnancy.

I reckon we'll have one more after this one. I don't feel 'done' yet but I guess well wait an see.

Yes I'm looking forward to summer too although if its too hot I'll be cursing so heavily pregnant then with a newborn!

Hope all is well I anyone else is reading!


#37 lou-t

Posted 13 August 2011 - 04:35 PM

I'm reading!

It's still nice to hear everyone's news - even if it's a while between posts...

There must be quite a few of the group with little one's now - or soon! Leanne, nice to hear everything's going so smoothly for you.  Bec, I hope you're cruising along also and haven't had the ms stick around.

Nothing much to report from here. Callum is a typical 2 yr old - attitude, stuborness, but mostly fun. We tried TT just after he turned 2 (at Easter). Had limited success, but we found it almost impossible trying to keep it going at cc. They weren't as supporting as I was hoping for.. So we've taken a big back step and decided to wait until the weather warms up.  

No more children on the way here.. I'm still quite happy with my 2 boys and think I'd end up in the looney bin if I pushed it for one more (despite pleas from my DH). Harry and Callum are the best of buddies, barely fight, and spend much of their time cuddling each other.. Not sure how long it will last, but I'll make the most of it while we have it. It's probably a good thing my eldest is such a sensitive, gentle little man. Callum on the other hand can be a real monster! They actually compliment each other perfectly!

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying familyhood (not sure if that's a word?!)..

#38 rachelle2

Posted 14 August 2011 - 08:19 AM

Haven't popped in for ages but nice to see a little bit of action original.gif

I have just under 4 weeks to go and very excited to meet this little babe very soon!!

Xavier is doing really well - talks non-stop, wee toilet trained but WILL NOT poo on the toilet no idea why that is?!?  I guess it will sort out in time.

lou-t:- So nice to hear how well your little men get along, very sweet!!

Mum2Tara:- Congratulations on the pregnancy and being halfway already!  What does Tara think about being a big sister??  I think Xavier would quite happily stay the "baby" forever  unsure.gif will see how he goes in a few short weeks with the transition.

natandimmi:- When I read your post I could not believe that Mia will be 1 soon - that is just crazy!!!  Where has that time gone, seems like yesterday you announced you were pregnant again!!

me-mum:- I am not liking the two year old tantrums either!!  We have had some crackers.  Glad that your littlest man's issues are on the improve and he is bringing so much joy to your family original.gif

bec:- Hope that horrible sickness has finally settled down and you have had a nice trip to Port Douglas - or is it coming up?!?  

Oh well better hop off here and do some housework.  Hope everyone is doing well!!

#39 NatandImmi20

Posted 15 August 2011 - 03:31 PM

Leanne - Wow half way already! That's awesome! That's great you're feeling so well! Tara sounds like a little gem! I'm the same as you - don't feel done yet but certainly in no hurry to add another one just yet. Will wait and see!

Lou - that's not good about your cc not being supportive of TT. Let's hope they are better next time when you decide to try again. So lovely to hear of Harry and Callum being the best of friends!

Rachelle - WOW how exciting that your new little one is almost here! How are you feeling? Do you know what your having? Sounds like you're in the same boat as us with the number 2's. I've talked to heaps of people and from what i've heard it's very common and sorts itself out eventually. It's still hard though isn't it. We had a few people tell us to be stronger on Imogen and tell her there's no more nappies, don't give her a choice. So i started pushing her but pushed too hard and she held on and didn't go for nearly a week then was constipated and had to get her some coloxyl to help her go, which when she did go, of course it hurt her and we spend the next few weeks consoling her every time she needed to go cause she was scared it was going to hurt. It was terrible but she's back to normal now and we are not pushing it at all, just put a nappy straight on her when she asks. One thing i have been encouraging her to do is sit on the toilet with the nappy on so she gets used to sitting on the toilet to go. It works . . . sometimes!

Nice to see a bit of action in here again! Hi to anyone else who may be lurking!  :-)

#40 rachelle2

Posted 15 August 2011 - 08:04 PM

I think we might be in the same boat Natalie.  Xavier doesn't ask for a nappy to poo in but will do it in his pants  sick.gif it is really frustrating, but like you I am trying not to push the point and gently remind him that poos are for the toilet as well. A few people have said that poo training is harder than wee's and I always thought it would have been the opposite - but there you go!!   Poor Imogen - that sounds like a fairly traumatic time for her!  I have a friend who is in the same boat (her DD is a little older) and they are also just letting her take the lead.  I guess it will settle sooner or later and even if they are wee trained that is still more than a lot of 2.5 year olds so better than nothing!

Yep pretty exciting (and nervous) that it could be anytime now for the new bundle to arrive!!  We don't know what we are having but I am laying my bets on another blue bundle  wub.gif will let you know in the next couple of weeks hopefully!!  Feeling OK just all the usual late pregnancy complaints on top of dragging a 2yo around with me  laugh.gif .

#41 debs79

Posted 15 August 2011 - 10:42 PM

Hi everyone,

Havent been on EB for a while. Nice to see we are still talking.

Congrats to Bec and Leanne. Hope the remaining few months are smooth sailing (or baking).

Rachelle cant believe that you only have a few weeks left. Hope Xavier transitions with the new bub ok.

Nat Mia sounds like she is going well. Any plans for her birthday?

We are still plodding along. Havent started toilet training yet, although have bought the toilet seat for her and will start slowly as she is starting to recognise when she needs to poo, though not when she needs to wee. I feel like a bad mum now knowing that all the others are toilet trained or in the process. Lizzie just never seemed to show any signs and I didnt want to push her as she doesnt do well with lots of change and can go back into her shell even more.
Currently TTC #2 and I am hoping to see two little lines on a preg stick at the end of this week. This cycle has been unusual for me, with slight spotting/bleeding last week and I normally get a cold and sore back/upper legs by now when I am getting my period and so far nothing. So hoping they are positive sighns, but also not trying to get my hopes up in case I am not.

Just a quick question are any of your toddlers having night terrors/dreams? Lizzie wakes up screaming and takes me about 2 hours to calm her down enough to reclose her eyes and go back to sleep.

Hope everyone else is doing well


#42 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 15 August 2011 - 10:57 PM

Yah welcome back everyone!!  Great to hear from you and what's been happening!!

Glad to hear Tara isn't the only one not TT yet...

We did change her cot to a toddler bed on the weekend. We've been in no hurry but we want to leave the portacot at home when we go on 2 weeks hols soon so thought we'd see how she goes. Night sleeps have been ok (it took an hour for her to finally stay in bed and sleep the first night) but I've had two failed attempts at her day sleep. She just keeps getting up. Any tips out there?

At what age do they stop day sleeps anyway?

Rachelle- wow congrats and hope you stay as comfortable as poss over the next few weeks. How are you feeling about being mum to two soon? I've heard it's the biggest adjustment when your adding to the family. I'm expecting it to be quite different coz my life won't be able to centre around the baby, but more likely Tara as she has kinder and other activities, etc. So sleeping etc might me a different challenge. I'm going to borrow a capsule this time to help with car sleeping and transporting in an out. I looked into other car seats on the weekend and looking at the maxi-cosi seat or safe n sound maxi ahr for Tara.
Look forward to hearing your news anyway!!
I always thought Tara would be a great big sister. She is so good with others and doesn't get jealous of me with other babies. But then she started whacking my tummy when I mentioned the baby. Other times she will kiss and cuddle it, so I'm not really sure how she'll react. Trying to get her used to the idea though.

Lou- your boys sound so cute together!! What about 3 do you think will make you looney?

I get to have another peek at the baby on Friday! I have another ultrasound because I've discovered my retarded belly button isn't retarded after all, but I have s hernia. Had it since Tara. Apparently it's not an issue but Just checking it out anyway.


#43 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 16 August 2011 - 08:57 PM

Debs- Tara sounds at the same stage as Lizzie with TT. She tells me when she is going to/has done a pop but not recognizing wee. She hasn't even done a fill proper wee on the toilet et. I'm not going to push it tho. Sometimes she wants to wear nickers like me but wets them.
Lizzie's night terrors sound awful. I don't have any experience with them tho. My bro in law had them when he was little too. I'll ask my mil what she did.
Good luck with the stick at the of the week xxx

#44 lou-t

Posted 18 August 2011 - 08:39 AM

Hey Debs - Good luck TTC! I hope it happens for you nice and quickly.. Will be  ph34r.gif for news..

As for night terrors, we haven't had them yet with Callum (although last night he sobbed his way through much of the night - in his sleep). Harry used to get them. It was pretty scary. He'd scream his head off, shake all over, and take quite a while to settle down again. Thankfully they only happened for a month or so (??). I hope Lizzie doesn't have too many..

Day sleeps - we're still getting ~3 hrs, from 12.30pm. Mind you, I'm still getting 3-4 hrs from my 4 yr old too!! I'm hoping that continues... My boys are at cc 4 days a week. Both only sleep for an hour or so there, so I think they're exhausted on their days at home.

Rachelle - I hope you're feeling well. Good luck for the big day. I hope everything goes smoothly and you're home with your healthy little bundle of joy very quickly!! Thinking of you..

Does anyone still have contact with Kerrin (Marley and Mo's mum)? I was thinking about her the other day, wondering how her little boys is going with the luekemia (sp??)?  What a tough time for them all..

Better get going. Boys have swimming this morning. Callum still loves the water, which is wonderful. I'm still struggling each week with Harrison. Chalk and cheese!

#45 rachelle2

Posted 19 August 2011 - 12:47 PM

Hi all!!

Lou:- Thanks for the well wishes.  Your boys sound as though they are doing great biggrin.gif I was also wondering how Kerrin and her little boy were doing - hope he is healthy and well.

Leanne:- I am feeling very mixed feelings about the new arrival - obviously very excited and can't wait.  But very nervous as to how Xavier is going to cope with not being the centre of our world anymore.  It is almost a guilty feeling - kind of strange!  Sorry to hear about the hernia but hope all goes well with your scan - do you know or have you found out what you are having??

Deb:- All the best TTC #2 hope it is a quick and easy journey for you.  Hope that you got or get some awesome news very soon - keep us posted!

Ok better get off here and get the little man ready for a sleep.  Hope you are all doing great and have nice weekends planned!

#46 bron23

Posted 20 August 2011 - 08:14 PM

Kerrin is hanging in there. Marley is still going pretty regularly to the hospital and he has his own facebook page for those that want to keep up with how his fight is going.

Rachelle I had a freak out at 37 weeks with Imogen. I cried hysterically until I could breathe and kept saying over and over what the hell did we think we were doing, what about Hannah, how would she cope, how the hell would I cope when I wasnt even interested in holding my gfs newborn I had visited the night before. DH ended up calling my mum because he didnt know what to do with me. As it turns out it was all fine and Hannah was so completely in love from the moment she set eyes on her sister. Two and a bit years on and and they are still the same. When we pick Hannah up from school they run to each other and cuddle every single time. Its beautiful to watch them together.

Leanne good luck with your scan. My gf developed one whilst pregnant and her disappeared after she had the baby.

My girls are dancing and gymnastic-ing up a storm and I am completely loving this age. Although I am jealous of those still getting daysleeps. Imogen hasnt had one in about a year. Occasionally she has a cat nap in the car after dancing or gym but thats it sad.gif Better go my girls want to dance some more (as if they havent been dancing for hours)

Belly rubs to those knocked up and hoping for two lines for Deb

#47 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 22 August 2011 - 06:11 PM

Gets. We are gettingsome beautiful sunshine in Melbourne and it's so lovely!!  Makes for happier people!!

Debs- any news? How have lizzies night terrors been lately?

Rachelle- I didn't find out the sex. We like the suspense! How are you traveling?

Bron- hi! Thanks for marley link. Poor tike. Life isn't fair.
Your girls sound gorgeous. I think we'll have three kids so it'd be nice to get a girl next so Tara is closer in age to her sister. I'm notrealky sure how Tara will react. She will just have to deal with it!!
Lou- wow awesome sleeps. What's your secret!?

Looking for advice- baby carriers you'd recommend and not recommend? I've got a hugabub but thinking of getting something more robust for the next one...

Potentially opening a can of worms here but interested in all views and opinions- smacking to discipline- your views?? Alternatives you've tried with 2-3yo that work?

Hope everyone is well.



#48 bron23

Posted 22 August 2011 - 10:12 PM

Im not adverse to smacking (I do think thereis a huge difference between discipling and assaulting someone) however I dont tend to smack my girls. Mine get sent to the laundry. Its the only room that there is nothing interesting to look at or do and its the coldest room in the house so they dont like going there. I dont neccessarily do one minute for each year which I know is what is recommended. Form me I dont think Imogen sees it as a big drama if she sits there for 2 mins. She actually used to laugh at me when I was doing it. Now I do a flat 5 minutes and set the countdown on the microwave. Once their 5 mins is up I go and sit with them in the laundry and we have a quick talk about why they were sent there and then they need to go and appologise to whomever they hurt. If she refuses to appologise (which she does do sometimes) then she needs to stay in the laundry until she is willing to say sorry. Usually is just an "Im sorry for hurting you" a cuddle andall is forgiven though.

I do stick to putting her in the laundry anywhere we are that she plays up and she knows Im serious and not just threathening to do it.

#49 debs79

Posted 22 August 2011 - 10:35 PM

Hi girls,

No news from me here. Peed on a few sticks over random days and all negative. Also no sign of my period. I am going to see what happens over the next couple of weeks and then may go to the doctors.

Lizzies night terrors have calmed down for the moment, hoping that they stay away for good.

We decided early on that we didnt want to smack, although I am not against others who do, it was just our personal choice. We have gone for the thinking corner and it seems to work well for us, plus we can use it anywhere. She has only gone to it a few times and we would say that if she is sorry to come give us a cuddle after about 1-2 min (she screams her lungs out while in there). Now if she plays up we ask her if she wants to go and if she is still naughty then she does.


#50 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 29 August 2011 - 09:41 PM

Deb keeping fingers crossed for you.

Bron what do you do if you are out? Ie no laundry? I don't like smacking as a general discipline/ Tara flinched the other day when Justin was warning her and I hate that. She also started smacking herself ( on the hand where she would get one from u's) so we will look to alternatives but at the moment we aren't finding anything immediately effective.

We've gone backwards a bit too with her in a toddler bed. She keeps getting up at night and actually fell askeep on the floorboards behind the door after we closed it coz she got up so much. Cot side went back up tonight.

Ah dear getting to that age now when discipline is required...

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