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April 09 Parents # 43

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#51 bron23

Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:11 PM

if we are at someone elses house she sits in their laundry. If she is being silly at the shops she is not allowed to walk and she has to go in a trolley (which she HATES). If we are at the waterpark/playground she needs to sit under a tree whilst her sister keeps playing. Basically I remove her from the situation and then follow the same routine at home she sits there for 5 mins and then we talk about what she did and then she needs to appologise.

Imogen is a much more difficult child than Hannah ever was though. Even at the childrens hospital today, Hannah was a dream and Imogen was taking on 8 year old boys in the toy areas. She is going to give me grey hairs  rolleyes.gif

#52 be-e

Posted 05 September 2011 - 04:20 PM

Hi all,

Lovely to read up on how you are going?

Re: Behavior - We do the naughty corner here - (although Deb I love the "thinking corner" name much better) But it seems to work with Linc. For the first few times he didnt get it and I kept putting him back in the corner, but now its often the threat and he will stop doing what he's doing. We're not against smacking but thought at this age he doesnt get that we can smack but he can't so prefer that no-one smacks ATM.

Sleeping - No advice here, we certainly have ourselves in a difficult situation. DH used to lay with Linc untill he went to sleep in his car bed, been doing it for quite a few months now and had a couple of nights in that time however he mostly came into our bed around 2am (we found if we tried to re-settle we would be up again in an hour). Anyway now he doesnt want to go to bed in his car bed at all!! Arrggghh! and not have a bit of a problem enforcing the issue as in 5 nights we are heading on holidays and had planned for him to sleep with us anyway...Oh well battles when we return from holidays me thinks.

Deb - Hope to hear some good news for you soon! Sometimes we think Linc wakes with bad dreams, but he comes into our bed and settles pretty quick.

Leanne - I think we are 3 days apart DD is the 1st January.. I had a baby bjorn with linc but didnt love it, Im thinking of getting an ergo this time (mightbe the only thing I need to buy).  How are you feeling, Im a bit tired but ok, I certainly didnt have this many aches and pains last time around. Im kind of concerned how Lic will react to the new baby too, although today at mums group he seemed quite delighted by a baby Kael.

Rachelle - Congratulations on the birth of Eamon, how wonderful!!! Im heading up to Port Douglas on Sat !!! so excited for the break and sun!

AFU - As I said above, looking forward to  a week in FNQ with DH , DS and my mum and dad. Should be fun!
Otherwise chugging along at 23 weeks pregnant, all seems to be going fine with that.


#53 bron23

Posted 05 September 2011 - 06:09 PM

Bec I have an Ergo Im looking to get rid of if you want it. We only really used it in Melbourne when we went on holidays.

Big Congratsto Rachelle!!!! I saw the fb post about being tired and then all of a sudden there were baby pics. Hes just divine. Well done mama

Just on the naughty corner thing DD is in kindy (I think some states its called prep) and they have a timeout corner. They pull the child up on their behaviour and then give them the choice if they continue with the behaviour then they are placed in time out or if they choose to modify their behaviour then they are allowed to contiune to join in with the class. Maybe another strategy work trying

#54 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 06 September 2011 - 06:24 PM

Hi guys.

Thanks for the disciplinary tips- loving the ideas and I think dh and I are moving away from an occasional smack (it's a slap on the hand) coz of how Tara reacts. Might give the thinking corner/ timeout a try and I like giving the choice to Chang behavior first too.

Bec- great to hear from you! Wow yea we are only a few days apart! I'm feeling really well- it's all happening in the background this time really. I even lose track of how far along I am!
Your holiday sounds lovely! They always are disruptive to normal routines and patterns of behavior tho!!  We never went down the road of Tara sleeping in our bed (she hasn't spent a single night in it) so she doesn't expect to stay in our bed. She is good nights anyway- just the daytime is still challenging. I'm getting good days now too tho so hopefully she'll get used to it.

Rochelle- congrats I hear! Looking forward to an update!

Afu. A friend has given me a baby bjorn for free so I'm going to give that a whirl this time.

We too at looking forward to going on holidays soon. Heading to a farmstay for a few days, then port Stevens, then valla beach. Nice. Then it will w back to work for a max of 8 weeks and I'm done!!

Question for those who've already got 2 or more and you were working leading up to the second: at what point did you take mat leave? Did you find u needed to take it earlier than first time round? I was planning on working my 4 days til 36 weeks but some ppl think I'm crazy. Life is busy with a 2 yr old but I feel well still...

Anyway chat more soon.

Hi to everyone.

#55 lou-t

Posted 07 September 2011 - 03:52 PM

Rachelle - CONGRATS!!!! I hope you're enjoying your time with little Eamon..  Love the name (that was on our short list). And two boys are great fun!

Leanne - Glad things are going along well for you. I hope you enjoy your upcoming holidays! I can't give you advice about when to take maternity leave. I was working on the days I had BOTH boys (not purposely).. The joys of early arrivals. I don't think I took it earlier second time round. If anything, I was busier, fitter, otherwise occupied (but more exhausted)!

Behaviour - Loving the ideas. I've just bought a mat thingy that I can fold up.. We don't really have many 'corners' in the house that don't have light switches, access to toys, doors and other good things to play with! My plan is to put the mat somewhere and make that the 'thinking mat'. Not sure how much success I'll have... Must stop talking about doing it and actually DO IT..

I have Callum at home with suspected Whooping cough. I think the doctor is over reacting, but I'm still glad they've taken the precautions and started him on the treatment. I'll get results tomorrow. I hope it's not! Thankfully he's otherwise ok. I just rang home (DH is home with him, I am at work). Apparently he's having a wonderful day doing everything he wants - instead of everything his big bro tells him to do.

I hope you are all well!

#56 bron23

Posted 07 September 2011 - 05:14 PM

Leeanne I was on bedrest with Hannah so I finished up at 33 weeks. With Imogen I worked up until 38 weeks and had her at 39w 3d. I was going to do an extra week but was hospitalised so that put a stop to that.

#57 NatandImmi20

Posted 09 September 2011 - 07:34 AM

Rachelle - congratulations on the arrival of Eamon - he is lovely!

Bec - i'm glad things are going well with you. Hope you enjoy your holiday

Leanne - i used a baby bjorn second time around and loved it so much! Use it heaps. Mia is one in 9 days and i'm still putting her in it. She's only little though so not too heavy to carry around in it. I got the active one too that's got really good back support. I finished work at 38weeks with Mia only because i felt really good. Could've worked right up until i had her lol. I was only doing 2 days a week though so it was easy to keep doing.

Lou - how is Callum now? Was it whooping cough? I hope he's feeling better now

We are all going well, as i said above Mia will be one in 9 days - unbelievable! Heading out this morning to start food shopping for her party. I'm going to do some of the cooking this weekend and put it in the freezer so there's not as much to do next week! We're just having a little lunch time party with family and close friends. I'm quite excited about it!

Imogen is going well, she keeps us entertained! She is looking forward to Mia's birthday, runs around singing happy birthday to her lol.

Nice to hear how everyone is going.

Chat again soon!

#58 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 24 September 2011 - 08:31 PM

Hey all.

Lou- how is callum? Hope he is ok. whooping cough is scary. Xxx
I'm lucky Tara is out of childcare this week cox someone in her room has slap cheek. Not bad for Tara but bad for me (well bubbs in my tummy)

Nat- how was mia's party? What did u end up doing? Hope it went well.

Afu- we are on holidays ATM. I'm at Valla beach, near cuffs harbor. Been having a great time. Tara loved all the animals at the farmstay (although we discovered had an ear infection); and has had lots of firsts- first peacock, guinea pig, kookaburra, ride in daddy's kyack, etc. She's had heaps of fun. We got here from port Stephens today and here for a week. Should be good. Bubbs is doing well, cooking along in the background. Its really like I'm not pregnant this time round. Apart from all the kicks. Very active!

Anyway gotta go and cheer storm along; think they need it tonight.



#59 rachelle2

Posted 26 September 2011 - 03:57 AM

Hi everyone, thanks for the congratulations! Eamon arrived on the 3rd September weighing in a hefty 3.7kg (which was a whole 700g more than X!). He is just lovely and we are really enjoying his newborn cuddliness!I thought it went fast the first time, it really is getting away from me this time. Birth went well, I posted my story in the birth story section (can't link as on my phone) for those interested.

Carriers:- this time around I got a manduca carrier. I love it and so does E. It distributes the weight evenly and across your hips which means no back pain!!

Leanne:- your holiday sounds lovely - enjoy! It is certainly different being pregnant the second time round. I felt like I was almost too busy to notice! Work wise - with Xavier I worked until I was 36 weeks and had him at 38 weeks. I wanted a bit more time off this time round - plus I was more tired, felt bigger and more uncomfortable etc. so I finished at 33.5 weeks. So glad I did, really enjoyed some extra time at home with just Xavier and also some nice days to myself to rest and get ready.

Nat:- Can't believe Mia is one already! Gee time flies. Glad to hear all is going well, Imogen sounds like a doting big sister!

Lou:- It's funny people seem to either love or hate Eamon. How is Callum now? Sure hope it wasn't whooping cough - so much of it going around at the moment, it's a bit scary!

Bron:- How is Hannah and Imogen going??

Bec:- Sounds like you guys had a wonderful holiday! Hope you enjoyed the warm spell and you don't have to wait too long for the weather to warm up again down south. Hope all is going well with the bebe - did you find out what you are having?

Deb:- Hope you got your BFP or it is right around the corner for you!

Ok better hop off here and get some sleep! Bye for now!

#60 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 23 October 2011 - 08:33 PM

Hey ladies! Tara made great progress today. After last might seeing her friend Tom wee in the toilet, she was all for it today. Previously with no nappy it's just ende up all on the floor. Today, no nappy except on the car and when sleeping. She did about 5-6 wee's in the toilet one on the floor and a poo in the toilet. I was rapt! She did so well!!! Not so sure how it will go at Childcare tomorrow. Especially since they won't give her chocolate rewards. Lol. Stickers might not cut it! But I was very pleased- we've had zilch progress TT until now.

Hope everyone is well. What's news?

I'm 30 weeks now. 5 weeks of work to go. Starting to feel preggers now. Back has been sore the last few days. Early mornings are hard at work. But otherwise still doing really well.

Look fwd to hearing others' news.

Xox leanne

#61 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 27 November 2011 - 08:51 PM

Hi ladies. It's so quiet in here! How is everyone?

I am nearly 36 weeks now. I finished work on friday  It was a busy last few weeks but manageable. It hasnt really sank in that I'm finished yet. No real wind down time and i still feel so invested in it all... But wipe my hands now I guess!! I can't believe I'm having a baby soon, it's just starting to sink in!! Glad to finish work Tho as need the time to do everything to get organized. House is first priority as we are getting ready to put it on the market. - we should be getting photos this week. Then baby stuff. Hopefully this bubba doesn't have any ideas about coming early!!

Tara is doing well. Going ok with the tt. I took her to the collingwood children's farm yesterday and she had such a lovely time. Three horse rides, lots of animals, Santa. She loved it.

Hope everyone is well. Would love to hear from you and what your cheeky 2.5 yr olds are up to.



#62 NatandImmi20

Posted 07 December 2011 - 07:10 AM

Hi Leanne!

Wow everyone must be flat out getting ready for xmas. I've been trying to get on here for ages but have been having trouble logging on. Finally got on this morning!

What an exciting time ahead for you Leanne. Such a beautiful time of the year anyway with xmas let alone welcoming a new baby too! You must be so excited! It really is lovely watching our babies become big sisters/brothers.

Sounds as though Tara had a lovely day on the farm! I love seeing all the pics of her on Facebook in her different sleep positions lol.

We are all going really well, Imogen is just a cheeky funny little person. Such a great personality, very confident and very funny! She's talking so well now and is super excited about Santa this year. We had our work xmas party last weekend and Santa came with presents for all the kids. We weren't sure how she'd react when it was her turn but she jumped up next to him and smiled for the photo. Even Mia wasn't fazed by him. Will take them to have xmas photo taken soon so fingers crossed they behave just as well lol.

Mia is a wonderful little girl, nearly 15 months now  ohmy.gif  She is TINY, very very small. She's wearing clothes that Imogen wore at 8 months old and Imogen was just average size, not overly big or anything. It's funny cause peopole think she's so young still and then they see her walking and are shocked when i tell them her age. She's growing but very slowly. I'm still feeding her, was hoping to wean her by xmas but i'm hoping she will wean herself when she's ready. I'm in no hurry, while she still wants it she can have it!

I'm still working 3 days a week but cutting back to 2 days next year. I can't wait, i enjoyed working 2 days but found it really hard when i started the 3rd day. I'm looking forward to spending more time with the girls next year. As for more babies, i'm pretty keen lol! Even DH has been making comments lately about having another one. At this stage i'm loving the age the girls are at and really looking forward to enjoying xmas and our camping trip after xmas. Think it will be great this year with the girls being a year older. But i wouldn't be surprised if we decide to add to our family next year some time.  biggrin.gif   There's a chance i could be preg now actually. AF is 5 days late but that's not unnusual as i'm not on the pill so it's not overly regular. I guess there's always a chance and it would be great if i was but i would rather wait a few more months before getting preg again  original.gif

Well must go do some things, been working the last 2 days and they were beautiful hot sunny days and now my day off it's overcast. And of course i have 2 loads of washing to hang out and no sun. Oh well hopefully the sun pops out later!

If i don't get in again, have a lovely Christmas everyone. Seems so much more exciting this year now our nearly 3 year olds are getting excited about it!

Leanne - good luck with your birth. I hope all goes well and i am looking forward to hearing about your new baby!


#63 rachelle2

Posted 02 January 2012 - 02:56 PM

Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and new year  biggrin.gif I came in to stalk for some baby news  cool.gif Anyone??

#64 bron23

Posted 02 January 2012 - 05:47 PM

Leanne had baby Adele yesterday wink.gif

#65 lou-t

Posted 03 January 2012 - 04:04 PM


I hope Adele is settling in nicely, and that you have recovered and are feeling well.

To everyone else, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and fun filled new year.

#66 debs79

Posted 04 January 2012 - 06:10 PM

Congratulations Leanne and Family!!!

Hope you are are doing well.

Wishing everyone had a great christmas and that the New year is good to you all.

Still nothing to report here. Been about 6 months TTC#2 and no luck. Though secretly hoping the weekend gives good news (though not expecting it). Sad thing is that I am starting to give up any hope that I will fall pregnant and thinking that Lizzie will be an only child. DF is very encouraging though and doesnt give up hope and keeps saying "dont worry there is always next month and we havent even been trying for long so nothing to worry about yet".

Hope everyone else is well


#67 rachelle2

Posted 04 January 2012 - 08:00 PM


Congratulations to Leanne and family on the arrival of baby Adele
Congratulations to Bec and family on the arrival of baby Alexis

Two girls and both "A" names.  Look forward to hearing birth stories and seeing pics of gorgeous babies very soon biggrin.gif

#68 Mum22gorjuzgirlz

Posted 19 January 2012 - 05:45 PM

Hi ladies!!  I've changed my display name - but it's Leanne here original.gif
Thanks for the congrats, things are going well here.  Adele is doing really well and Tara is being a very loving and most excellent big sister, I just love watching her 'pat' kiss and cuddle Adele!

Deb I hope that you get your good news soon... it must play on your mind when it's been 6mths or so, even though everyone says that it's still not that long and a normal time period to take...

Congrats to Bec as well on Alexis.

My labor and birth was a pretty typical and straightforward second labor.  Thank goodness after Tara's that all went pear shaped.  so it was quick and really only 3.5hrs from the ouchy part of labor they officially count til Adele was born.  She came quicker than any drugs so I got the FULL experience, youch.  But Adele was perfectly healthy and I got to have her on my chest straight after (didn't even see Tara for about 3 hours after she was born) which was wonderful.  And she cried which was such a welcome sound (it made me laugh and cry at the same time as we got silence with Tara as she wasn't breathing)

Adele has been feeding and sleeping well  Had some nipple trouble early on with the BF but all sorted now and BF going well.  I haven't ventured out much yet - it's pretty full on by myself with Tara and Adele, but will get out more and more soon enough.  

Anyway looking forward to hearing everyone else's news... wow our babies will be 3 this April, pretty amazing.

Leanne xox

#69 debs79

Posted 27 January 2012 - 12:58 PM

Hi Ladies,

I apologise for my last post. Was just going through a bad patch were I was heard about a few unplanned pregnancy and a wasnt even trying yet pregnancy. Just made me feel like there was something wrong with me.
I know 6 months isnt a long time, it took us 9 months the first time so I havent even reached that yet. I have now bought myself back to a good headspace. Or at least keep positive and hope that in a couple of weeks I will have some good news to share.

Hope everyone is doing well


#70 rachelle2

Posted 09 February 2012 - 10:29 AM

debs79 just wanted to send you a big hug.  TTC is so hard and stressful.  I weaned Xavier at 6 months to get my cycle back and didn't get my BFP until almost 18 months later - but we did get our BFP and that was with male factor infertility and PCOS.  It will happen, hang in there mama.  Will be stalking for some wonderful news.

Leanne glad all is going well with your gorgeous girls.  Life is definitely busier but it will settle down soon as you all find your own rhythm original.gif

#71 NatandImmi20

Posted 22 February 2012 - 02:02 PM

Hello lovely ladies!

How is everyone going? Must be all so busy as it's very quiet in here!

Can't believe our little ones are going to be 3 soon!

We are going well. Imogen is great. You may remember she was having some issues with poos. Kept asking for a nappy. Well it's been 3 weeks with all poos on the toilet so i'm very proud of her.

Mia is keeping us on her toes. She's been in the wars lately. We have a big climber on our hands and it backfired on her 2wks ago. She was trying to climb up our bar stool and fell back and it fell on her head. We ended up spending the night in hospital and she got 4 stitches in her forehead. Very scary time but stitches are out now and it's healing well.

As for me, i have just looked back to my last post on 7th December

As for more babies, i'm pretty keen lol! Even DH has been making comments lately about having another one. At this stage i'm loving the age the girls are at and really looking forward to enjoying xmas and our camping trip after xmas. Think it will be great this year with the girls being a year older. But i wouldn't be surprised if we decide to add to our family next year some time.  There's a chance i could be preg now actually. AF is 5 days late but that's not unnusual as i'm not on the pill so it's not overly regular. I guess there's always a chance and it would be great if i was but i would rather wait a few more months before getting preg again

I ended up doing a test a few days after that and  BFP.gif !! We were very shocked but very happy! So our next little bundle will be joining us in August. I'm 15wks now and it's all going well, feeling a lot more exhausted this time and still feeling sick which is unusual for me. We were lucky enough to get a 4D scan at our NT scan which was amazing!

So that's all my news. Looking forward to hearing what everyone else has been up to. What are you all planning for your little one's 3rd birthday?

Talk soon,
Nat  grin.gif

#72 be-e

Posted 11 March 2012 - 07:48 AM

Congrats. On the Bfp Nat!
Thanks for the congrats re Alexis. She is just lovely and I'm enjoying her alot. I'm more relaxed this time it just seems easier, except for the lack of rest / downtime that comes with an almost 3 year old.

Can't believe these babies are turning 3! Linc is so excited for his bday (so am I) just having family and a few friends over with a dinosaur theme.

I can't believe how he's growing up into such a gorgeous little boy. Last week we started sports classes and I'm
So proud how well he's listening to instructors etc.

Anyway on my iPhone so will post again soon.

#73 lou-t

Posted 13 March 2012 - 07:32 PM

Congrats Nat!! I hope everything goes smoothly over the coming months...

There are so many younger brothers and sisters for our nearly 3 year olds!! I hope everyone is doing really well. From all the news and pics it seems you're loving it!

Callum had his 3rd b'day on Monday. We had a party at the Wiggly Play Centre. He had a ball and got nicely spoilt. He's also loving being in the big room at child care too, with his big bro to look after him and play with..

I wish all our beautiful little boys and girls a wonderful 3rd birthday in the coming weeks. It's such an exciting stage for them all..

#74 franno

Posted 22 March 2012 - 09:58 AM

Hello Ladies, I was never in April DIG as DD was due in March and was the last to be born (2nd April) so HI!!  (I didnt stay in the March parents group we keep in touch over Facebook)

Anyway ... I was really hoping you could help. If anyone has some spare time pls look at the thread I just started under children 3-5 on 3yo book ideas as I want to buy DD books for her 3rd birthday but need suggestions! I go to the bookshop and feel that she has all the ones that I think look interesting :-) but she can't get enough and reads books every day all day long so need new material.

Many thanks in advance

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