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October 08 Parents # 73

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#1 Sandra

Posted 20 March 2011 - 09:00 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 20 March 2011 - 09:35 AM


Kids are doing my head in today. Probably because I am really tired. Aidan is waking so frequently overnight... his sleep patterns are all out of whack due to being sick.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.


#3 bec8112

Posted 20 March 2011 - 09:56 AM


Sharna - hope Aidan gets back into a good sleep routine soon for you.

Not much exciting happening here, we went to Myer yesterday and got Ethan a Thomas set for $80 reduced from $249! Love a bargain!
Food shopping today once Hannah wakes up and then doing some work in the garden and using the gurney (sp) to clean our driveway ( while kids are asleep ), we are doing it if it is raining because we have no other time to do all the stuff we need to  sad.gif

I have been researching the company for the interview tomorrow and going to a friends tonight to go through some things with her as she is good with interviews and she helped me do the resume too  biggrin.gif

#4 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 20 March 2011 - 10:50 AM

Ohhhh good luck Bec.

I have recovered some sanity by putting Aidan down for a nap a little earlier. He is probably exhausted from broken sleep also and the whinging was doing my head in. TV is on and babysitting N, banana bread in the oven so we can scoff ourselves stupid later... a sugar hit is always good for moody days. Wish I had some chocolate handy!

Bec - i meant to reply a few days back re: your Q's about Aidan and where he is developmentally. He is 8 mths now and a little slow... haha, bless him. He sits on his own, supermans when on his tummy but doesnt pull his legs up under him to crawl. He will stand up and hang onto things if we pull him up, he has good strength but hasnt done it on his own. Food - that is a bit hit and miss. I am quite lazy this time round. Day to day it varies what I offer him. He usually has farex/fruit for brekkie, simple puree vege in the evening. I tried him with yoghurt last week and he only had a little before refusing it. I bought a chicken/corn heinz jar and he liked that. N was well onto hand-held foods by now. BF is so easy, and I am just tired from work and sickness. I do need to get more organised. Sleep - well, he is still swaddled but I have started to leave one arm unwrapped for day sleeps... will see how that goes. What is Miss Hannah up too?

Banana bread almost ready... I snuck some grated carrot into it so am interested to see how it turns out.


#5 ~Annika~

Posted 20 March 2011 - 01:44 PM

Sharna I swaddled Tyler right up until 9-10 months and just wrapped him a little looser each time to ease him/me out of the habbit slowly. Thinking of you, chick, with all the sickness lately and Aidan's altered sleep routine affecting you. Hope everything will get back to normal for you very soon!

I have posted picks of Tyler's party on FB if you wanna peek (I cropped the other kids faces out of them for confidentially reasons). I didn't end up making a big fuss over his cake so made double batch of cupcakes with green and blue sugar paste icing (colours of Buzz in Toy Story) and each topped with a number 5 in the opposite colour. I was flat out getting the play yard etc ready for the party and had only an hour left to quickly make and decourate the cupkakes before everyone arrived, lol. Talk about leaving things to the last minute. Thankfully mum was here and helped heaps with getting the party food sorted. Was a blast for all the kids, and Tyler was so excited, so totally worth the time and work put into organising it!!!

Mands Good luck with all the preps for Will's party and the food limitations due to his and his mate's allergies! It's a heap of fun though, so it's really worth the effort you put into it!

Grommets It was Tyler that got them. He went under general anaesthetic and it all went really well! Very quick reckovery, no pain, but he reacted to the anaesthetic the next day - very aggressive and aggitated in every way so kept him home from Pre-P.

On Tuesday I am going to have microdermabrasion done on my face and neck at a beauty clinic, really looking forward to it, don't really know how it will feel etc, I do know that I'll be fairly red in the face for about 2 days after but don't care about that, smooth & clear skin will be worth it! Any of you had it done before? Do you know if it's best to not wear any make-up for a few days after?

Nat Does your mum live close by? Is she much help for you with the girls etc while DP is away? How are you and DP going these days with your relationship? Hope you are recovering nicely from the op!! Been thinking of you, every time I have a shower in fact, hehe, using your lovely soaps!! What sort of equipment do you need to make home-made soaps?

Bec all the best with your job interview!! Don't hold back on telling them about your good attributes and skills when they ask, you can't be reserved or meek in that respect as potential employers really like to hear what you believe in yourself and show them self-confidence. It can actually be the make or break part of their decision to choose you for the job or not. After they've employed you, they can see for themselves what you said about yourself was true!

Mel I second what Sharna and Ros said about you and the nursing!! You will do absolutely great with the studies, you're a very clever lady!!! You're a trooper  biggrin.gif

Hi to everyone else reading!  grin.gif

Annika original.gif

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#6 meeskamouska

Posted 20 March 2011 - 05:28 PM

Bec - good luck for tomorrow. I bet you're nervous. I know I would b. Yay on the bargain.

Annika - I'm so glad your party went off good. The cupcakes sounded colourful and fun. P & I are always going to be up and down I spose. Wish it wasn't that way. His old fashioned ways of how a family works and I clash...majorly!!

Sharna - oh yum!! banana bread!! Fresh cream too????

Mel - did u have a tri today??? How'd it go???

Mands - did u survive the gluten nut soy wheat party??? You'll have to share how u came up with food for that. Perhaps movies are the way to go for your parties...laugh.

Its pouring with rain in Emerald... yay... Paul might come home early.
Chicken legs in the oven roasting away. The kids love them, easy tea.
Not much else to report. Starting to feel so much better.
Chat soon.

#7 meeskamouska

Posted 20 March 2011 - 05:34 PM

Annika - I forgot to answer your Q. To make soap you only need a few basic ingredients and equipment. Stick blender, bowls, spatula, mould etc. Then oil, fragrange/essential oil ,caustic soda, water. Don't be scared off by the caustic. It saponifies all the oil and none is left in the soap. Well shouldn't b if its made correctly. Pretty much any oil can b turned into soap. A little research is probably  advisable before jumping in.

#8 ~Annika~

Posted 21 March 2011 - 01:21 AM

Nat Thanks for your info on soap making! Doesn't sound too complicated actually. Caustic soda has it's uses, that's fine. Glad to hear you are feeling better!!

#9 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 21 March 2011 - 08:51 AM


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#10 Fabulous

Posted 21 March 2011 - 09:00 AM

Bec-good luck with the job interview. Good score on the Thomy Tank stuff. I bought Jack the Sodor Crane and Quarry set reduced to $49 at Big W which was a good score. He has tonnes of thomas stuff from his big bro. L got his last Thomas set for his 8th birthday before growing out of it so you really can get a lot of use out of it.

Sharna- aregh you poor thing. You must be one busy mumma.

They have big ponds full of caustic soda where DH works. Must be careful not to get too close and slip in   ffear.gif  

We got our new bed delivered over the weekend. I finally got DH to agree to upsize to a king size and I'm loving it. We previously had an ensemble however this is a wooden slat bed with draws. DH is going to buy some timber and make something up to give it some lateral support because he is worried about sagging. The really expensive beds seem to have the lateral support. Shame we didn't get a kingsize back when Jack and Chelsea were newborns because we co-slept for the frst 3 months.

#11 bec8112

Posted 21 March 2011 - 09:12 AM

Amanda - hope you feel better soon, yay on Indy being at FDC today.  It is so much easier being sick with no kids at home. Enjoy your night out, that will be so much fun!

Ros - Oh a King bed must be great!  We only have a queen but I would love to get a king soon.  Yeah E loves the Thomas Set already, it is a set which has a crane so he loves using the magnet to pick up the load and trains  tongue.gif Hannah is in there destroying it already, she picks up the tracks and we call her Earthquake Hannah! Sorry not very sensitive with all the destruction around the world lately but it is what she is like  tongue.gif

OMG I am so nervous about today!

#12 ~Annika~

Posted 21 March 2011 - 02:10 PM

Bec Been thinking of you today, chick!! Hope all will go/went well for ya.

Amanda You poor darln', being sick is just not fair for us mums hey. Hope you will feel better after a quiet day, just as well Indy is in day care today, hope the weather holds up for your washing!! That reminds me...I have to do washing too so Tyler has a clean school uniform for tomorrow. happy.gif

Ros Happy for you getting a King size bed, they're the best!! My tall DH's knees kept digging into me before we got a KS bed, now we can stretch out nicely and comfortably!  

Bryce and I slept in to 10am this morning!!!  ssleep.gif Soooo nice!!! My DH got Tyler up and ready for school and dropped him off to the bus (I had it all out ready last night)....but anyone would it's my birthday  blush.gif when it's actually my DH's 31st birthday today!! I felt bad about it though when I woke up and realised he had gotten up and done it all without me knowing on HIS birthday. Mind you, he probably thought I needed it as Bryce has been sick with coughing etc and a little bit unsettled through the night. I'll definitely make up for it later on today!!! wub.gif

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#13 Small Potatoes

Posted 21 March 2011 - 05:26 PM

oops missed the thread again  ohmy.gif .

Bec Hope all went well with your interview.  Let us know how you feel about it.  I got your SMS.  It is good that Hannah is tolerating oats, as the protein in oats is very similar to gluten 85% of coeliacs can't have oats (Will can't).  I get gluten free cereal from the health food aisle at coles and woolies or in my organic delivery and gluten free toast with gluten free vegemite or cream cheese.  Fruit salad and yoghurt is also a popular choice.

Annika I am jealous of your sleep in.  I slept in until 6am.  Annika go to Aussie Soaps they have some good beginner info.
There may not be a party if I don't send out the rest of his inviations soon.

Ros DH and I got Mums hand me down king bed about 6 years ago and have never looked back.  the only down side is if we stay anywhere there is usually only a queen or double and we find it a bit of struggle to sleep in.

Amanda  Good luck with setting all your business stuff up.

Nat no party yet.  not until the 3rd.  I have bought some gluten free packet mixes but they all have the disclaimer may contain nuts even though they aren't in the ingredients and I will be using egg replacer in them.

Sharna Hope you get a good rest soon.  Hope Aiden gets better and settles back into his old routine soon too.

AFM I woke up the other night as I was having a dream I was getting my period so I went to jump out of bed to make sure I didn't make a mess only to realise I am still pregnant and was having some nasty cramps.  Only had two sets lasting about 40 seconds each about 15 mins apart.  However I have been having periods every day where I get cramping about 40-50 seconds every 10mins or so for about an hour twice or three times a day, accompanied by mild nausea and back ache.  Well only 6 weeks and 2 days and I will be holding little man  wub.gif

#14 themelster

Posted 21 March 2011 - 07:37 PM

Hello everyone!

Bec - how did it go!!!!????  I hope it went well.  Now the dreaded wait...  The worst bit...
Train sets - I'm actually regretting buying Tom his.  He is absolutely obsessed with it.  He takes Percy and Thomas to bed with him  rolleyes.gif   I had to put it away at one stage.  It's back out again now.  It sounds like we have the same set - Tom's has Cranky the Crane too.  

Sharna, sickness, blurgh.  You poor thing.  I guess this is really putting a dampener on your C25k program and the GC tri.  Considering it's only a month away.  Sickness always messes with our plans  sad.gif

Annika - oooooh, let me know how the microdermabrasion goes.  I've never had it, but have contemplated it.  do you have to have a session of treatments?  Do you have skin pigment or scarring?  I remember you as having quite nice skin.  Is there a reason you are having it done?

Nat - Yes, I did the Tri yesterday.  Man, talk about hard.  I thought I was going to drown on the swim!  The bike and run was no problem, but the swim - oh my lord!  Definately need to work on that leg!!!  And I'm not well.  I started getting sick Saturday, and feel like total sh*te today!  A combination of having a bit of a cold, and being totally depleted by the triathlon.  I'll feel better tomorrow hopefully!  LOL.  
I'm onto your berry glitter soap now.  Nice!  

Amanda - is next weekend kid-free?!

Ros - I'm definately getting a king sized bed for our next bed!  That's probably years away though  sad.gif   Will you have to go and shell out loads on new linen now???  I love linen shopping, it's a bit of a weakness of mine...  You need to keep an eye out for the Target 1000 Thread Count sets going on special.  If you see one - let me know!   biggrin.gif

Mands - what will you do if you go into labour before your C-sect date????  Sounds like you might be having little bits of pre-labour??  What do you think?

Thank you so much to all of you for your moral support with my studies.  One of the lecturers put up the answers to our first BioScience mini-quiz and I think I got 90%.  It isn't worth much though, but a nice confidence booster.  

I missed a lecture last week so I'm about to go listen to it online.

See ya later ladies.

#15 bec8112

Posted 21 March 2011 - 08:02 PM

Just a quick one - interview went well I think. Was in there for about 45 mins, was very informal and only 2 interviewers. They will be making the decision on Wednesday. I am not sure what they pay still as it is a new role and they had not worked that out yet but they asked what I wanted and I told them my wage at my current job and think they were shocked as it is a resonable to high wage for part time work. Also the lab is a single person so would be working on my own which I am not sure about.

Sorry no personals.

#16 Fabulous

Posted 22 March 2011 - 03:44 AM

You need to keep an eye out for the Target 1000 Thread Count sets going on special. If you see one - let me know! biggrin.gif
They're on sale this week Mel.  original.gif  I actually bought a king size set at the post chrissy sales and they feel way superior to my other sheets. Fortunately I have been buying king size sheets and quilts for a while now because they seem to fit better than my queen sheets

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#17 Small Potatoes

Posted 22 March 2011 - 06:24 AM

Mel I was wondering about prelabour too.  With my other two my prelabour was labour IYKWIM. I have been looking around EB and have seen some women with prelabour lasting 7+ weeks, so hope that happens here if it is.  If I go into labour early I will see what happens and if DH forces me to go to hospital etc.  I am hoping that if I have 7 weeks of prelabour then my actual labour might be quick and we stuff around and I turn up at like 9cm  dev (6).gif .

Ros & Mel Myer have Sheridan sheets on sale too, which do you prefer?  I want to get sheets for the new place.

Bec Does sound informal.  Good luck and hope you get some good news.

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#18 themelster

Posted 22 March 2011 - 08:24 AM

Mands - I don't rate Sheridan sheets. I've had a few sets and they just don't last. Personally, I think they're over rated.

Ros - thanks!!  I'll go check them out!

#19 Fabulous

Posted 22 March 2011 - 10:40 AM

Mands- I haven't tried sheridan.

#20 Small Potatoes

Posted 22 March 2011 - 11:19 AM

We have two sets, one that I got when we got the bed so are 6/7 years old and one set I got around when Will was a bub so 3-4 years old.  Haven't had any dramas with either set

#21 Fabulous

Posted 23 March 2011 - 02:15 PM

Hello all,

I just bought 2 brolly sheets this morning for Chelsea after hearing so many great reviews. She wets the bed once or twice per week and I really don't want to buy anymore pull-ups. The mattress protector that we do have just doesn't hold up very well.

Not much happening today. I took the kids to the beach but after a while Jack spied another boy's toy car sitting on the beach and he kept hanging around it and getting upset because I kept on telling him 'no you can't have it'. We ended up leaving the beach with him kicking and screaming.

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#22 bec8112

Posted 23 March 2011 - 04:00 PM

Ros - let me know how the Brolly sheets go as I was thinking of getting some for Ethan as he seems to wake up dry most morning but on occasion he has a wet nappy.  Think we might take the plunge to no nappies in the next few months.

No word on the job yet so thinking I did not get it.

#23 Small Potatoes

Posted 23 March 2011 - 05:09 PM

Ros I want to get them too for Will.

#24 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 23 March 2011 - 10:16 PM


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#25 bec8112

Posted 24 March 2011 - 12:52 PM

Happy birthday Mel!!!!

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