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September 06 Parents # 220

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#51 HiddenJewel

Posted 25 June 2011 - 01:36 PM

Thanks for the welcome! That is okay about the thread being a little quiet, means I can keep up!!! wink.gif

I am in Penrith NSW.
Is this your 2nd bubba Troops? I forgot to look on your siggy before I hit reply. I miss being pregnant and then days like today wacko.gif No waaaaay!!!!!! lol

Well Bailey has a horrible head cold and has not stopped coughing since about 4am when he got up! It is one of those orriatating coughs that just listening too drives you nuts so he must be going crazy having the cough. We are supposed to go out tonight for a 15th Birthday dinner but I dunno.......the cold air makes him cough even more.

Anywho, I have all three kiddies asleep at the moment so I am off to bring in washing / hang moe washing out / put another load on / do the kitchen from breakfast and lunch! Oh joy! tongue.gif

#52 ~*troops*~

Posted 25 June 2011 - 02:30 PM

Lol thats ok and nope not second. Im up to number 4!!! Hope baileys feeling better soon. Winter sucks.

#53 ~MakkaPakka~

Posted 27 June 2011 - 04:45 PM

another who is mostly on FB now.

Terri:  You are doing so well with your weight loss.  I am just starting.  If it doesn''t work in two years time I am going to get a gastric sleeve done.  I am going to start at the gym when I get my tax return  eexcite.gif

Troops:  how are things going?  30 weeks allready - that is great.  happy.gif  Though not much fun for you. unsure.gif  How is the little cow of a neighbour going?  hope you have her sorted out!!!!  rant.gif

Hidden Jewel:  hi original.gif   Washing is never ending in our household too.  And for some reason at the moment the kids like to wear something for about 4 hours and then have to change into something else and put the clothes all in the wash!!!   wacko.gif

Jodi: so glad that Chelsea is a good girl for her mummy.  Lena has hit the terribe two's now with a passion.   glare.gif  I didn't realise that Katja started prep next year - I thought she had another year still left  laugh.gif  ddoh.gif

Jill: Hope things went good for you with the investigation.  

We have managed to shift house, the kids are about to go to a new school after holidays (grand ave at Forest Lake) They are putting Kaeden in the special ed unit untill they feel he is ready to be streamlined into a normal class.  I am happy about this as they get to learn a lot about him and all his issues.

Kaeden has his full ASD diagnosis (pdd-nos).  I had a total freak out recently as Lena is behind in her speech and also fine motor skills and she started to have attachement problems trying to get her to daycare.  On the good side though it looks like she is not on the autism spectrum though *FEW.

I am half way through my studdies now  ddance.gif  ddance.gif ddance.gif  

Start again on monday - off to Clinical at Ipswich hospital this time.

Katja is going well.  Little darling is such a diva now.  I think it is middle child syndrome (and becuase Kaeden the other middle child has a lot of attention with his ASD) she is so sweet yet ask her to do something and she turns around and says "no".  She is very strong willed like Anja!!!!

She is still our shorty!!!  Well she is average but considering the other kids are all very tall she looks so small.  *LOL*  She is quite smaller in frame to the other too.  

Question - any other kiddlets have really curly hair?  What do I do with it?  Katja has ringlets but I have no idea how to care for or style her hair and she tends to have "crazy hair" if not tied back.  Is there some special product to buy to make her hair less frizzy and crazy.  I just have NFI what to do with it   ffear.gif laughing2.gif  

#54 ~*troops*~

Posted 27 June 2011 - 07:11 PM

Aj dont know if you have Amy (alt82) on your fb but Im almost positive her daughter ava has curly hair. Maybe shoot her a msg and I think dons girls too??? I looked at grand ave for B but they said we werent in the catchment area :/ and yep 30 weeks plodding along nicely see Dr g tomorrow to see how things are going. Aside from minor aches and the odd contraction everythings pretty cruisey and yeah the neighbour got sorted Tounge1.gif

#55 HiddenJewel

Posted 28 June 2011 - 10:35 AM

MaccaPacca - Why not pop into a hairdresser and ask if they have something they could recommend or even a sample for you to try?

DS#1 has curly hair like his Daddy. DH says it drives him nuts and like for Bailey to have his haircut short but he looks so darn cute with curls!

DS#2 has dead straight boring hair. :-/ lol

DD has very little hair atm...being only 9 months old but I would love her to have long ringlets! Heres to hoping *crosses fingers*

AFU: Bailey has conjunctivitis now and has eye drops a few times a day. Thank goodness he is my 'good' child who just lays there whislt we pop them in. He has to go back to the GP tonight so not sure if he will be a preschool tomorrow or not. Doh!!

Have a great day ladies.

#56 HiddenJewel

Posted 01 July 2011 - 10:38 PM

Well, the yucky eyes have cleared up but he ended up on anti-b's for a throat infection.....and his baby bro got everything that he had had too!  ddoh.gif

Is it Spring yet????? lol

#57 OsMummy

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:07 PM

Hello lovelies,

My goodness I haven't been on here in ages, I speak to most of you via facebook these days but a change in my life has prompted me back on EB for information.

DS - O is turning 5 in August

DD - I is 14 months and....

on Friday we found out I'm carrying identical twins!!! ARGHHHHH...... Not announced on FB yet so please keep quiet.

Thanks Kathreen for your kind words already, I've joined my local AMBA and I have my first specialist OB appt tomorrow.

Well laptop battery is about to die and I'm too tired to run upstairs and get it so I'll log back in tomorrow.

Chow ladies.

#58 terriw31

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:22 PM

So happy for you Christine!!!!

A-J - thank you hunni! It's a bloody struggle at times.

#59 eeyoreangel

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:24 PM

OMG!! Congratulations Christine!!!

Will bbl

Tummy rubs and raspberries to all


#60 terriw31

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:24 PM

Oh how rude of me!! Welcome Jewel original.gif

#61 eeyoreangel

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:31 PM

Almost forgot...for those not on FB....

I had a slight win with my "Code of Conduct" enquiry.  The first half (against a girl I worked with) - 2 breaches of code of conduct found.  She will now be sanctioned - what that will be I don't know : could be anything from a slap on the wrist to forfeiture of pay to demotion to being booted out of the public service.

I personally think it will be a slap on the wrist but that's okay.  The ones she didn't get done on were ones that there were no witnesses for (she said, she said....) the two she got done on was the treatment I received at the morning tea and for gossiping.  

Will bbl (again)

Tummy rubs and raspberries to all


#62 tintoela

Posted 05 July 2011 - 07:07 AM

Hi all,

Jill - thats great that something is being done - even if its only a slap on the wrist.

Christine - congrats.  I don't think i have you on my FB so will look you up today.  Hope your appointment goes well and i'm sure we will all be here for you if you need us for anything.

hidden jewel - welcome to the group!  

troops - can't wait for your new bubba to arrive!  Not long now.  Glad you have managed to keep bub in for this long.

AFM - well life is buy with a baby and a 4 yr old!  Things are settling down nicely now and chelsea is giving me some sleep at night which is great.  I finally feel alive again this week.  Chelsea is 4 months next week already!

Hope everyone else is going well.

#63 ~*troops*~

Posted 05 July 2011 - 05:15 PM

congrats again christine!! biggrin.gif how exciting and down right scarey lol.

jilly glad your stuff is getting some where tthumbs.gif

jodi yep induction is scheduled for bout 5 weeks away EEEEEEK!!! so not prepared at all.

hidden jewel hope your little ones are feeling a bit better by now.

nothing new to report here wink.gif

#64 HiddenJewel

Posted 08 July 2011 - 09:33 PM

Oh sooooooo GREEN with envy of all your pregnant mummys!!!!! tongue.gif

Someone said to me last week that a family with 3 kids is a large family. I told them no, 4 is a large family, 3 is just darn hard work!  wacko.gif  wacko.gif  lol

Hope you are all well.

#65 ~*troops*~

Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:46 AM

hey hey mamas!

nothing going on here just nesting like a mo fo :s finally starting to pop out which is making things interesting....


went to my cousins baby shower yesterday there were 5 pregnant woman there.. CRAZY!!! i just sat with a massive plate of pavlova and ate lol.

well its that time of the year.... the triplets are 2 on wednesday. cant believe its been that long. i wont be going down to see them sad.gif its too far and driving 15 mins is a pita at the moment let alone a 5 hour round trip.

pretty sure ive got things sorted for this lil man to come now. just need to get the car seat fitted which ill do the week of my induction i suppose. (between 14 - 20 august thats all im saying Tounge1.gif )

anyhoo im off to bleach or vacuum something hope everyones well x x x x

#66 vetta

Posted 11 July 2011 - 04:56 PM

Hey Everyone
Another one here that spends more time on Fb then EB.

Christine- Congratulations!!!! That's fantastic news

Hidden Jewel- Welcome to the group!!

Troops- Looking good!!

Well I had my 1st hospital prac and am very relieved to say that I loved it and still want to be a nurse and haven't wasted the last year and a half!!
All smooth sailing here, planning Asha's birthday, still in a bit of shock that in a couple of weeks I'm going to have a 7 year old. Definitely don't feel old enough to have a 7 year old. Marshall is just being a 2 year old and generally driving me crazy. He is very lucky he is so adorable lol. Hayden is doing really well, loving kindy and wishes he could go more then twice a week. His speech has cleared up a bit since he had the grommets but I think we are going to have to look into some speech therapy.
I'm on holidays for 3 weeks now YAY!!

#67 hussey

Posted 13 July 2011 - 02:57 PM

Hey girls

Another FBer here!

I have a quick question for all you mummies of girls though. Having no girls myself, I've lost touch with what 4 year old girls like!

My goddaughter is turning 4 soon, and given that she has 2 older sisters (and an older brother), she's very difficult to buy for. Her mother (my bestie) is no help whatsoever.

Is this too young for her???



mwah mwah


#68 tintoela

Posted 13 July 2011 - 03:50 PM

Hussey - Jess has one of those I think she got it for her 3rd birthday.  She does play with it a little but prefers her barbies now.  At the moment she loves My Little Pony or Barbie.  A board game would go well too - something like Hungry Hungry Hippos or she has Elefun (the elephant trunk spurts out little "butterflies" and you can them in a net.)  Or jewellery - princess type dress ups.  Hope this helps.

vetta - glad all is going well with your prac and you like it!

stormy - can't wait for your news........

hidden jewel - i take my hat off to you having three kids - two is more than enough for me.

We are going along fine.  Chelsea is 4 months old today.  Cannot believe i am planning a 5th birthday party - gosh that has gone fast.

Edited by tintoela, 13 July 2011 - 03:52 PM.

#69 Dons

Posted 17 July 2011 - 03:02 PM

Hey Girls

Hidden Jewel - hello are you new to group or an old user with new un? Welcome anyway original.gif

As most read on fb had my appendix out Tue night terrible scary and I was alone as DH was trying to get up to hospital in time and didnt but ok now and resting.

Hope you are all well Troops I have a date with Dave Grohl in Dec Tounge1.gif


#70 ~*troops*~

Posted 18 July 2011 - 01:13 PM

so do i donsy!! WOOOOOOO Tounge1.gif

#71 ~*troops*~

Posted 21 July 2011 - 02:28 AM

I officially hate being pregnant sad.gif ok its not that bad but argh insomnia is driving me batty. Cant even sleep during the day coz it makes the nights worse. So here I am at 2am posting from the bath. Thank jeebus mobiles have internutz or id be bored sh*tless. I really hope my current sleep patterns arent an indication of how this baby will be :s probably doesnt help I just drank a litre of water and ate half a pack of Tim tams....... Mmm chocolate.

Everything else is going ok. Obs has said anytime now but trying to make it another 4 weeks. Just means they wont stop labour if I go now. Probably jinx myself and still be here in 6 weeks :/

Hope everyone is doing well. xxx

#72 tintoela

Posted 21 July 2011 - 09:29 AM

troops - i hear you on the insomnia - i had it too at the end of my pregnancy and it sucks!!  Hope you managed to get a bit of sleep.

Chelsea is doing really well. Only feeding at 1030pm at night now and sleeping until 6-7am.  I hope she keeps it up.

I have had a stupid head cold for a week and its now turned into a sinus infection so i am a bit low on energy but doing ok.

Jessica is still a crazy girl and i love her more and more each day.  Cannot believe she will be 5 soon and starting school next year!

Catch up again soon.

#73 Becca1605

Posted 24 July 2011 - 03:34 PM

WOW slow thread - March - July in 1 thread!!  We are all so busy these days..

Christine- Wooo hoooo congratulations!!!! How exciting for you!

Hidden Jewel- Welcome!

Troops- Oh WOW the twins are 2 already!!!  

Dons - hope you are feeling better now!

Yvette - glad you are still loving nursing!

Jodi - I'm with you, 2 is more than enough!

I'm starting to think about Hunter's party - not sure what to do...and 12 weeks until he starts school!!!  OMG!
And Savannah is toilet training - doing a great job...so much easier than Hunter!

#74 ~*troops*~

Posted 28 July 2011 - 03:06 PM

Still hanging round. Still over it Tounge1.gif

Dons you all good now?

Jodi great sleeps from chelsea what a champion!

Ah bec parties already! Im not convinced I should throw one this year will see how things are with bub.

Hope everyones doing well. original.gif

#75 tintoela

Posted 28 July 2011 - 03:15 PM

Hi all,

Troops - hope it all goes when when it happens - cannot wait to see some newborn pics!

Party - this year i am giving jess a party at the deer farm they get to feed the deer and the lady dresses up as a fairy and does games and everything.  Figured it was the easiest option with a 6 month old in tow and i don't have to prepare or clean up!  Its not too expensive either compared to playcentre and maccas etc.

Chelsea is teething and she is shoving her fist in her mouth sooo hard - poor little thing.  Cannot wait until the first teeth are through then the next lot should be a little easier.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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