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February 2009 Parents # 65

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#26 tinkster23

Posted 05 May 2011 - 09:07 PM

Suzanne- waiting for finance and council approval, and yes, nagging them along

Leita- I'm glad your morning sickness will be over soon, i'dnot wish it on anyone

Yep, ttc this month, which is exciting but given it's taken a LONG time both times so no one should hold their breath!

#27 NurseGladys

Posted 06 May 2011 - 10:02 AM

leita - YAY for hubby bring home the Ondansetron - really works wonders!!!!!

Tinks and Suzanne - Yay for new homes, wish I could have one too!!!!!  So sick of this small house with three kids.

Legs - Don't even start on the clucky!!!!!  I thought Midwifery would give me the opportunity to cluck all over new babies and cure me of my desire to have number four but NO, it has only made me worse!!!!!  In the process of discussing (ok, nagging) DH into number four!!!!!

AFM:- Still studying hard, love this job, definately the right job for me!!!!!  Will be much happier when all the study is over with though. Gotta go, going to be "pampered" by the pre primay class at school for Mother's Day - I am a little scared!!!!!  Hair and makeup, mani/pedi, massage and a tasting plate!!!!!  You may never hear from me again  biggrin.gif

#28 White-Lily

Posted 06 May 2011 - 11:30 AM

Megan the pre-primary class pampering sounds so cute! Hope you enjoyed it! I get some paper flowers from daycare that Shae made  wub.gif
Glad you are loving your work. How much longer left of the study part?

Tinks hope all the approvals come thru soon!
Yay to be TTC!! Hope we both get BFP's quickly!

Leita glad your m/s will be over soon. What a lovely DH getting you ondanestron wafers.
We will be TTC next month original.gif Cant wait
I think the castle sounds so romantic for a wedding

LEGs soon enough there will be another new person on the block and you will teach them all they need to know original.gif Hope you are settling in

Robyn hope being back at work is going well. How did Eden go at daycare?

Happy Mothers Day to everyone for Sunday!! Hope everyone has a lovely day and gets spoilt.

AFM So glad its Friday. Have been busy at work but very productive this week. Going to check out the block tomorrow i think original.gif pretty excited for it to look like something more than just dirt, tho it will still be mainly dirt until next week

#29 pink

Posted 06 May 2011 - 09:32 PM

Hi ladies original.gif

Suzanne - So glad things are happening with your house! Very exciting. Good luck with the TTC.

Megan - Fantastic that you love your job so much. It sure does sound great. I dont think it would stop me being clucky either haha. How did the pamper session go? sounds very cute

Tinks - Hopefully your house will get started soon and good luck with TTC to you too. Hopefully it wont be as long as the last two times original.gif

Jen - glad work is going well. I'm sure you'll settle in soon

Leita - wow 10 weeks already! How exciting biggrin.gif Hopefully the meds work well and your sick feeling goes away. You're doing well to be still teaching Zumba through all this!

AFM - The gastro is gone!!! biggrin.gif so so glad. That was truly awful. Jack has started to put on some weight again so thats good too.

I've got the sewing bug now Tounge1.gif I've made a couple of toys for friends babies and am about to make some nappy liners and cloth wipes. I also googled and learned to crochet tonight lol Feeling better at least and keeping busy is helping

I hope everyone has a lovely Mothers Day on Sunday original.gif

#30 NurseGladys

Posted 06 May 2011 - 10:53 PM

Yay Pink for learning to crochet!!!!!!  Yes, definately not stopping the cluckiness, only making it worse!!!!

For those on FB, I managed to upload a couple of pics from the pamper day - my, did we all look beautiful!!!!!

#31 White-Lily

Posted 12 May 2011 - 11:39 AM


#32 LEGs-R-US

Posted 12 May 2011 - 02:55 PM

We are home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We convinced the doctors to let out us on good behaviour.  I have to go back as soon as his temp goes over 38 for longer than two hours, has any pain weeing/pooing or starts to vomit again BUT I'm home.

I didn't know what was wrong with the poor little man.  In the end he had a urinary infection.  They can't determine if he either
- got a Urinary infection which then infected the operation OR
- the operation caused an infection which caused a Urinary infection.  
We have to go back to our specialist next week and see where to from here.  The specialist at the Royal Childrens reckon Liam is too old (they normally do the repair at 1) and he knows how to hold his bladder, so he hasn't been emptying his bladder because it was hurting and this caused the infection.  

Been a mad woman today, cleaning up from four days in hospital and getting everything ready for me to go to work tomorrow.  Thought, I'd come and wave (say thanks for all the facebook thoughts).


#33 White-Lily

Posted 13 May 2011 - 04:19 PM

Poor Liam. Glad you are both home now and that he is getting better. Hope he continues to improve!

#34 White-Lily

Posted 20 May 2011 - 12:01 PM

i see you reading wilsmum, how is everything going?

New pic of Shae, we havent had any pics for a while

AFU bricks are on the slab and construction should start next week (if the weather is good)

Edited by White-Lily, 20 May 2011 - 12:06 PM.

#35 tinkster23

Posted 06 June 2011 - 05:39 AM

*echo echo echo*

Sad how slow this moves now. Funny, I remember my DIG with Hannah making it just past 2nd birthdays too before it died in the a*se, and that was pre facebook!!

Hope everyone is well.

I'm at work (as if posting at 3:37am wasn't a giveaway!)

Expecting council approval and settlement on the loan to happen this week, so we should FINALLY start to see some movement on the block, am really hoping for a slab down this month.
Are ttc #3! which is a little scary and exciting all at the same time
The boy is still not talking, but a dream nonetheless
nope, thats all thats happening at ours, nothing too exciting!

talk to someone, hopefully at least someone reads, soon!

#36 White-Lily

Posted 07 June 2011 - 03:37 PM

I'm reading Tinks original.gif would have posted before this but then i would really be talking to myself...

Great to hear that things are getting sorted out with the loan. FX for a slab this month. It will all happen so quick once the slab is down

We will have the walls done by the end of the week and we are hoping the roof will be on by the time we get back from Bali original.gif
Exciting times ahead for the both of us

#37 pink

Posted 11 June 2011 - 06:49 PM

Hi ladies. I'm sorry I haven't been in anywhere near as much as I should have been.

We have had our ups and downs lately. Jack has had gasto? 5 times in the last 2 months. He is a teeny little thing at the moment but we are working on getting him to eat. Have a referral to Sophie's specialists just in case there is something like her condition going on with him. I think I'm wasting their time but I suppose I can stop wondering if they just test him. Have to get blood and urine tests done and then we can go from there.

The rest of the kids are good original.gif Little Hannah is a gem. Cant believe she is already 9 months old! ohmy.gif

Suzanne - Shae is gorgeous!! Look at that blonde hair. She has changed so much from when she was a baby.

Jen - how is Liam going now? I hope everything is sorted out.

Tinks - Fingers crossed that things get started on your house. Hopefully it will go great guns once they actually manage to start! Good luck TTC! You make gorgeous babies biggrin.gif (with great names hehe)

I cant remember who is expecting and when!!! Please help out the Mummy with too many kids hence no working memory!!! LOL

for those not on facebook I will share a pic of my kiddies that we had taken a little while ago.

#38 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 16 June 2011 - 01:19 PM


I still read, having trouble posting here as well as the DIG for Barry too (that poor group will be lucky to survive post babies, but hopefully the other half of the month will be enthusiastic wink.gif

Things are going well mostly, lots of family dramas as always, pretty cruisy pregnancy, but I am soooo tired more often than ot.  Somedays I wonder what I've done.  I expect that will likely continue for the next 20 years or so wink.gif

I think I told you guys (?) that Barry is in fact a girl.  We've had a hard time coming up with names but at this stage front runner is Eleanor Ruth.  I have no idea if it will stick though.  

Claire is a delight (mostly).  She is very tall and very chatty for her age.  I will have to take some more pics as the camera doesn't seem to get as many outings these days.  She is starting to get a bit more awareness of the "baby in Mum's tummy", but it is still fairly abstract.  I've bought a couple of books from Book Depository, so I hope they help.

I have my 32w OB appt soon so need to dash.

Good luck on the houses ladies - so exciting!

#39 LEGs-R-US

Posted 17 June 2011 - 10:44 PM

I still read in here too.  i guess I post on facebook most.  I don't think most groups survive too long in the parents rooms.  My 2007 group is still going strong (on Facebook) and we all agree that we drive each other batty and have low periods.

Life here is hectic! Am loving Melbourne but was a little sad this week because tried all week to find a babysitter so I could go out tonight but gave up yesterday.  Long story short I've been able to find a reliable babysitter living just down the road but she wasn't available tonight.... so all wasn't lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that the kids are going good.  Back to the doctor next week with Liam and hopeful a good report - I dont' think we have had too many problems.  He mentioned he might need to have an op every six months to stretch it all out.  Sounds daunting but given the op is a day operation and he recovered really well last time I'm not too phased by it.

TInk - I just read on facebook that you only just settled on your block.. that took an eternity babe.. I feel for you!

#40 leita

Posted 18 June 2011 - 03:22 PM


I'm still here... well, sometimes!! We just got back from our trip to Holland, which was uber awesome, Amalia was a little gem (well, she was so much better than i feared she might be!!) and her version of jetlag is to sleep 14 hours a night for a week!!  tthumbs.gif

Yay for your houses tinks and White-Lily- I'm so jealous!! One day, one day. Can't have my cake and eat it to I guess, price I pay for getting to stay at home, so I'm happy to pay :-)

LEGS, glad Liam is on the mend. Not good that you'll need follow up ops, but at least he copes well.

Pink- what are you making this week?? I've been thinking of getting a sewing machine- haven't had one for years, but used to enjoy it.... but then I've only just discovered time to do things again now that Mali is more independant, and when the next one comes along I'm sure that will change again!  Hope the gastro has stayed away from your house- good luck with jack's appts.

CCL- hope your appt went well, can't believe you are 32 weeks already!! Yikes!

16 weeks now and feeling much better. Belly is definately sticking out now.  yyes.gif  Have some gorgeous pics of Mali at the wedding, will have to find one and upload......

OK, must go and eat. Catch you later!!

#41 White-Lily

Posted 19 June 2011 - 11:26 PM

Hi All!!

Renee yay for 'Barry' being a girl. And 32 weeks!! Now much longer to go at all, I'm sure the time will fly.

Leita wow, 16 weeks already! Where does the time go? Glad the wedding went well and Mali travelled well.

LEGs great to hear Liam has recovered well. Bummer about him needing more surgery but at least future op's will only be day surgery

Jo hope everyone is well in your household and the sickness is gone! Love the picture wub.gif what a gorgeous family you have there

Tinks How are things coming with the house? All the bank stuff get sorted yet? Slab?

AFU We are off to Bali tomorrow (cant wait!)
House is coming along well. There have been a few delays with the brickies but the wall should be finished by the time we get home from our trip.
We have just started TTC to FX for a BFP soon

Shae is doing well. She talks soooo much and is growing again (she is so tall). The amount of food she puts away is incredible  ohmy.gif
She is still in her cot  ph34r.gif but not for too much longer. I think she will be moved to a bed when we get home. Everytime i ask her if she wants to be a big girl and sleep in a bed she says 'later' and rolls her eyes at me  laugh.gif
Still having trouble with her asthma but this year has been better than last year so that's something. Hips are great and should stay that way original.gif

Well best get back to packing
Chat soon

#42 summerbub

Posted 28 June 2011 - 08:23 PM

Ummm.... HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  unsure.gif  

Can I come in?


I haven't been in for ages - so much has happened but I tend to just do quick updates on facebook and read what is going on in here from time to time.

So for those not on fb here is my news from the past few months.
We renamed Eden, and she is now known as Harriet. wub.gif This was such a big decision to make, and it was playing on my mind for ages. People would ask me at the shops "what is your baby's name?" and I would always immediately go to say Harriet but had to stop myself and say "Eden". So.... it was difficult to do, but I broached the topic with DH and we changed her name! I do not regret this at all! So glad we did it actually. original.gif

So I need a new signature! Hint, hint Danielle! laughing2.gif

Also, we spent almost a week in hospital with Harriet as she had a really bad case of Bronchiolitis. Poor darling scared the crap out of me, and it was a really difficult time. This was just the week before Easter.

I'm back at work 3 days per week. I'm enjoying it, but there are a few issues that I have raised with the manager and she is totally across it. I work Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I find that to be a good balance between spending time with the babies and continuing my career.

DH started a new job last week - he was poached by another company and offered quite a tempting deal, which he (we) decided that he should just accept and sadly he left his job after about 6 years of service! But on a positive note, he is enjoying his new job so far and has managed to impress the owners already. original.gif

Ok I'll do a couple of personals now biggrin.gif

Renee - woo hoo I'm sure that I knew you were having a girl, but congrats again. My friend from mothers group had a girl today - Annie Rose. Can't wait to meet her. She is the last one in our group to have a second child (this is from Noah's MG).

Whitelily - I hope you are enjoying Bali! I'm sure you are. Congrats on all of the progress with building your new home. The photo you posted of Shae is gorgeous! She has changed so much. I can't believe she had really dark hair and now she is so fair. Wishing you all the best with TTC - perhaps instead o having Bali Belly, you'll have Bali Baby? Did you see the segment on the news about the Botox trial which is being used for asthmatics? They are injecting it in a muscle in the voicebox of asthmatics and it has been extremely successful so far!

Leita - I'm not sure if I have popped on to say congratulations!! so if not CONGRATULATIONS to you! How cute that your belly has popped out. I'd love to see a pic of Mali.

LEGs - I read on fb that Liam needs another op. sad.gif What happened? I hope it all goes well for you (and him of course!)

Jo - I LOVE that pic of your kids! I am amazed how similar Jack and Hannah look. It is like you have cloned him and put a dress on him. They are just beautiful! wub.gif

Tinkster - yayayay I'm so excited that you are TTC! Another gorgeous baby for this world! I hope you get a BfP soon! Also congrats to you re: your block / bulding. Exciting times!

Okay that is all I can see from the last 10 posts. I promose I'll post more often now  happy.gif

Ciao!! xx

#43 July Baby

Posted 04 July 2011 - 06:08 PM

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to quickly pop in and say hi and share some exciting news.... Found out that we FINALLY got a BFP.gif  grin.gif ddance.gif  

It feels a bit weird given we know a few people who were TTC when we were and they have already given birth but it must be our turn.
I've been feeling pretty ordinary which I didn't have with Wil so fingers crossed it doesn't happen for long.

As I'm friends on FB with some of my work colleagues I obviously won't be sharing anything on there until I've told my boss.... So please  ssecret.gif don't write anything on there just yet.

Give I'll soon be more than just "Wilsmum" I think I'm going to change my user name so if you see someone pop in with a user name with something similar to my name.... that will be me!

Tinks and Suzanne - good to hear you are finally building. Once it gets started it seems to go quickly as there is always something to look at each time you visit, unless you stalk the place like we did when we built and then some days it feels like no one has even been there

Jo - your kids are lovely and the family photos are fabulous, you must be very pleased and perhaps a little torn as to which ones to buy. Poor Jack and now Hannah have had a really rough trot... Fingers crossed the end of the sickness comes quickly.

Robyn - you have had your far share of illness too. It's good to hear you are enjoying being back at work.
I love Harriet's name change.

Jen - How's Liam doing? I saw you post something on FB about another infection. I hope he's better and stops getting this yucky infections.

Suzanne - all the best for your TTC and who knows you might end up having a successful trip to Bali!!! tthumbs.gif
Shae is very cute and it's great to hear no more issues with her hips.

Wow - Renee your pregnancy seems to have gone super fast. I also love your name choice....

Leita - almost halfway. You must be getting exciting!

Wil is fabulous and never stops talking and when he's not talking he's singing. He amazes me with how many words he has and how many songs he can sing really well.... words that is not so much his singing pitch - he must take after his mum!! He is still obsessed with the Wiggles and we are off to our first show. It's a Dorothy the Dinosaur show (thanks Karen) and he will love it.  He also loves Bob the Builder, just the theme song and will watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Hot Dog Song.
He's a good boy and aside from cracking it occasionally and hitting the table or the wall he's not showing to many signs of the terrible twos....

ok better go and cook my lil man some sgetti

#44 summerbub

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:12 PM

ddance.gif Congratulations Dannii! ddance.gif


#45 tinkster23

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:52 PM

Congrats danni


#46 White-Lily

Posted 05 July 2011 - 12:42 PM

Congrats Danni!!! Hope everything goes perfectly and the m/s yuckiness clears up quickly!
Shae is becoming obsessed with the Wiggles too! Its sooo cute to watch them sing along to the songs, isn't it? Giggle and Hoot is also a huge hit with her.

Robyn love Harriets name change  wub.gif
Glad things are getting sorted out at work and you have managed to find the balance that works for your family original.gif

Tinks have you got a slab yet? And what can you tell me about UTI's in kids? Shae has one and the Dr said they were uncommon in kids... he put her a/biotics and is going to u/s her kidneys in a few weeks - normal?? Thanks for any help/advise you can offer

AFM Bali was great! We didnt do much, just took Shae to the Safari Park and spent the rest of time shopping, eating and drinking original.gif Was nice and relaxing which was just what we wanted out of it. Shae traveled well to, most of the time. Few tanties but what can you expect. We realised she is not ready to drop the day sleep at all! Which i am quietly thankful for.
No Bali BFP but thats ok, probably drowned the poor egg in Malibu and cocktails  blush.gif

House is coming along well. They finished the walls on Friday and the roof carpenters started yesterday and are booked in for the next 2 weeks. Cant wait until the roof is on, it will look like a proper house and hopefully the weather wont impact anymore. I think we are on track to move in just before Christmas.

#47 tinkster23

Posted 05 July 2011 - 11:54 PM

no slab, we got scraped today, slab due next week.

Uti- if its her first its probably nothing to worry about, but kids who get lots tend to have urinary issues, that show up on the u/sound. so no stress atm, wait for scan

Sorry, on phone,hard to see/type more biggrin.gif

#48 White-Lily

Posted 06 July 2011 - 02:43 PM

Thanks Tinks. Yeah its her first and she is responding well the the anti-biotics so will not worry

Hope you get your slab down next week  hands.gif

#49 LEGs-R-US

Posted 15 July 2011 - 09:31 PM

congrats dani!!! what fanastic news, am hopeful that the next ten months is NON eventful.

TINKS - the house is starting to go up how exciting.  It seems like it was a long time coming so hopefully the build goes quickly

ROBYN - I'm a fan of either Eden or Harriet but glad you approached the subject and changed it.  has anyone made any nasty comments about it or questioned what you were doing.  I figure when you look at your beautiful girl if that is what you want to call her than go for it.  I call Gretel the Gremlin but obviously wont be changing her name (lol)!

White-Lily -  I know the pain of toddler UTI's all too well!!!! So glad the anti-b's are doing the trick.  
probably drowned the poor egg in Malibu and cocktails
This is hillarious... crossing fingers for you.  The house is sounding very exciting.

LEITA - the halfway mark is uber cool.  I feel like it has gone to quickly (but that is maybe caused by me occasionally popping my head in here).

TINA - congrats on the run... OH and winning your age champion. Did I read you are doing 15ks..., crazy girl.

Well yes Liam has been sick again.  Long story short (by my understanding... and doctors do speak gobble-gook) but they think Liam's genetics has blessed him with the ability to produce scar tissue in the urinary tract at a rapid rate.  Consequently we are going to need to have numerous operations to try and clear it out.  We were hoping to last six months between operations but unfortunately we only went five weeks from the last operation and the next UTI and hence we had to have another op to make the opening bigger.  Poor thing.  The doctor are hoping to last three months now.  He said if we keep doing it, it will get the idea and eventually 'stay' big if that makes sense.  It is just so frustrating as by looking at his penis I can't see if the hole has closed or is smaller because it all just looks the same... obviously I do not have eye for looking at the male genetalia.  If we catch the UTI's quick enough then the normal drugs work but he seems to go downhill quite rapidly and if we don't catch it we end up in hospital and on a drip again.  The normal gp and specialist have decided that if he presents with UTI symptoms then we are going to start the ABs whilst we wait for confirmation as it is better than to get in the state we were in the first time.  Thankfully Liam is doing brilliantly and soldiers on at the moment.

Other than that work is going well, as is home life.  I love Port Melbourne... just need to find a couple of million to stay here permanently.  We only have a year left.. gotta stop thinkinga bout it or it will fly.

#50 July Baby

Posted 16 July 2011 - 12:28 PM

Hi ladies,

Tinks Yay for your block... I saw the pics with the progress... Very exciting!!

Jen - Poor Leeman, and terrible for you guys having to deal with this so often. I bet you are missing a crap load of work. I hope you do start to see some improvement and larger times between UTI's!

Whitelily - We got Wil tickets for the Dorothy Wiggles show (minus the Wiggles and the real Captain Feathersword for September. We've told him about it but I don't think he understands. It's been good for Wil teaching him words and names but we are having a bit of trouble with colours because we only seem to know blue as Anthony etc. If we show him something green and ask him what colour it is he says Dorothy!! Opps

My news is not so great. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage somewhere around 6 weeks. The doc says I don't need a D&C because I have bleed and my hormones are almost back to normal. Not sure what to make of it but from the reading I've done on the net this seems to be fairly common in early miscarriages.
It was devastating but I guess it goes some way to perhaps explain why I might have been so sick. So we are playing the waiting game before we can go again, plus I need to get over this loss both physically and emotionally.
It's an amazing day in SUNNY Melbourne today so we are off to play outside and soak in some of the suns rays.

Have a lovely weekend

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