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February 2009 Parents # 65

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#51 tinkster23

Posted 16 July 2011 - 08:37 PM

I'm sorry for your loss danni

#52 pink

Posted 16 July 2011 - 10:27 PM

Oh Dannii I am so sorry for your loss sad.gif I hope you recover well and are able to continue your journey soon. I have tickets to take Jack to the Dorothy show too. He has never been to anything like it so I'm hoping he enjoys it!

Tinks - great to see the house starting! Loved the video of FB of the kids running around the slab! I'm sure they're really excited biggrin.gif

Jen - Poor Liam! Is it called Keyloid (sp??) scarring? Sophie has really big thick scars from her transplant because her body over heals itself and the scars are huge. They are starting to settle down now. Hopefully Liam's settles really soon.

White-Lily - I hope Shae is better and that nasty UTI has gone. Poor little thing

Me - I cant remember if I mentioned in here that we were getting some tests done on Jack to check if there was any reason for all his vomiting and picky eating?? anyway, so far so good! Sophies specialists found no problems with him so I am much more relaxed now and will just get used to his eating habits! or not eating habits haha.

I was lucky enough to have my story here on EB that I wrote about Sophie. I am feature member this month. So grateful for the chance to spread the organ donation message original.gif I also saw the full story published in the Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association newsletter, which is what I origionaly wrote it for. Pretty proud of that effort especially. I've never done anything like that before!

Hannah managed to catch the chicken pox a couple of weeks ago! Luckily Jack didnt get them, he had a temp for 2 days and we assume that was the virus but he didnt get any spots.

I have Jack enrolled at 3yo kindergarten next year. Cant believe that he will be old enough to go in 7 months!!! but he is just so talkative and clever that I think he will love it. Worth a try anyway original.gif anyone else planning on doing the same thing?

Awww have a little man just fallen asleep here beside me on the couch. Must be bedtime for all original.gif

#53 NurseGladys

Posted 20 July 2011 - 11:36 AM

Hi all, I know it's been a while but work and study (plus three kids, DH and a household) have been keeping me super busy!!!

Danii: So sorry to hear of your loss.  Look after yourself.

Jo: Glad to hear that they can't find anything wrong with Jack, he is just a picky young man, I have one of those too!!!!

AFM: Not much to report, working hard, studying hard, loving Midwfiery oh and I got a  BFP.gif this morning!!!!!!   Still early but I needed to tell someone and I knew you girls would understand (if anyone pop's back in here anymore???)  So quietly cautious but secretly excited!!!!!

How is everyone else???

#54 tinkster23

Posted 20 July 2011 - 09:29 PM

Congratulations Megan!

#55 White-Lily

Posted 21 July 2011 - 05:45 PM

Dannii im so sorry bbighug.gif look after yourself

Jo glad to hear that there is nothing wrong with Jack and he seems to just be a bit fussy with his food. Must give some peace of mind.
3yo Kindy I have no idea! I have looked at schools only to be told the waiting list was 92 kids long... then i stopped looking  ph34r.gif We do have a school in mind its just not built yet, so i cant (pre)enrol her, but that not until 4yo  ph34r.gif With me working I think she will just stay at daycare.

Jen poor Liam. I hope he is on the mend and they don't have to operate too often

Megan congrats (again!)  eexcite.gif

AFU Shae's UTI seems to be cleared up but she still complains of a sore belly so im not sure if it really did fully go away. She has an u/s next week and then another urine test so we shall find out soon enough.

House has a roof now. So it is actually looking like a real house!! I think we are on track to move in before Christmas so that's good!

And Shae did a poo on the potty for the first time last night!  eexcite.gif about time too! But my gosh she was a right PITA for the 30 or so mins before hand. Silly girl was holding it in... and then she freaked out straight after but was pretty chuffed with herself after i calmed her down and cleaned her up.

#56 leita

Posted 27 July 2011 - 04:24 PM

Hiya Ladies!!

Dani- so sorry to hear of your loss. Hope you are in a position to try again soon. Best of luck.

NurseGladys- OMG!! So you obviously convinced DH to go again-  laughing2.gif CONGRATUATIONS!! Hope you are feeling well still

WHitelily- hooray for a roof! THat's awsome.

Tinks- did you get your slab down in the end??

Pink- yes, I'm putting Amalia into a private kindy for their 3 yo program next year- think we'll just do 2 monrings a week for now. None of our local schools do a three year old programme, but especially with new bubby coming along I'm keen for her to have some school time!! She's very chatty and very clever, but she is still pretty scared of other adults, so i'd like her to get used to the idea of teachers before she starts school.

Summerbub- awww, your little girl looks far more like a Harriet. :-)

LEGS Gosh, poor little Liam. Hope he works out not to grow scar tissue there quickly! Ouch.

AFU- well, all going along well here, the big new is that.... Skippy is a BOY!! HA ha ha. My dreams were right! All else normal and healthy, which is just wonderful. Still teaching two zumba classes a week, which is slow by my standards, but not bad for almost 22 weeks. Starting to feel really heavy though, so will give away teaching at the end of August- if I make it that far!! Miss Mali is now believing it's a baby not a kangaroo, which is good. She is such a delight, so chatty and just sunshine on legs.

Anyhoo, better go- need to get organised for midwife appt- such a waste of time when DH is a doctor and can check my bloodpressure while I watch TV, but need to get the book ticked!! ;-)

#57 summerbub

Posted 05 August 2011 - 07:33 AM

Hi Girls!

I'm long overdue for an update here, but found it really annoying to do via iPhone, and my "f" key didn't work on my laptop after an incident involving my sister and I and a glass of red wine one night a few months ago. ddoh.gif

Danni, I'm so so sorry to hear of your loss. Big hugs to you. hhugs.gif I never quite know what to say, even though I had an ectopic myself and should know the appropriate thing to say...

Megan, congratulations on loving Midwifery!! And congratulations on your BFP.gif  cclap.gif  ! Such lovely news. At least you will have some good connections there come delivery day. Will you deliver at the hospital in which you work? Will that be strange having your boss/coworker looking at your foofoo? roll2.gif

Theresa, I hope that your block has had some progress this week! I have heard that it has been raining over there though (bad timing huh?) so I guess it could have been stalled! sad.gif

Jo, Noah goes to "Little Kindy" at the moment, then will move up to Junior Kindy when he is 3. He loves it. Love love loves it!! I am so lucky to have found such a fabulous daycare to prep centre that is in a great location and has wonderful staff. And if I need a babysitter, I have the mobile numbers of 3 of the staff there! We are getting one of them to look after the kids tomorrow night when we have an engagement party on in the city... and she is charging $10/hr! How cool is that? I'm thinking of getting her to live with me. Hahaha
Congratulations on starting up your online business too. cclap.gif

Leita, congratulations on your babyboy.gif news! That's just wonderful. wub.gif

Suzanne, awesome news about Shae doing a poo! Good girl!! It's strange not seeing you on fb.

Jen, how's Liam going now? Sorry you have gone though such a tough time with him sad.gif
Where do you think you will move to after Port Melbourne?

As for us
(where do I start??!) It is Harriet's 1st birthday on Wednesday next week (10th Aug) oomg.gif I am not ready to deal with this milestone cry1.gif I seriously think I am going to have a panic attack. Where did that 12 months go?
She is such a great little girl, she is just starting to walk now (a lot slower than Noah!). Sleeps perfectly, eats ANYTHING, but has awful separation anxiety. This is only when I am around, so not if she is at kindy. The problem is when I leave the room or walk away from her. Even though she can easliy follow me.... she just has a meltdown!

Noah is still an awesome boy. He has been very sick with gastro this week, though I'm not entirely convinced that it is gastro, as no one else has it. I'm really worried that it might be appendicitis, and the doc just said to keep a close eye on him and bring him  back if he is still sick on Monday, or complains of abdominal pain. He has lost 1kg in 5 days.

BBL, Harriet just woke up (7.32am biggrin.gif ) she's a champion sleeper, unlike her 5am riser little brother was at this age!

ETA - Okay I'm back!
So this weekend it is my sister's birthday, so as we are all going to the engagement party tomorrow, I will be having them over tonight & will cook a lovely lime, coconut, and sesame crusted chicken with a kaffir lime sauce... and some Moet... and a cake.

I'm also  very excited because Danielle JoRiCO will be coming to the Gold Coast for a holiday, and whilst there I will take my family down to be photographed by her! This is in about a month's time. Hopefully everyone behaves, but you just can't guarantee that can you!?!?

I'm busy as ever. Still working 3 days per week - possibly looking at increasing that to four. My work is quite stressful at the moment, but I'm enjoying it at the same time. There are a few issues within our team that need to be sorted out asap, but that is out of my hands.

Too funny... Noah is sitting here "reading" Kochies's Best Jokes to me. He is so cute. My favourite book that he reads to me is called My Mummy and Me melts my heart.

Ok this is a bit all over the place, so I'll just sign off. I need to get a new signature so might message Danielle to see if she has a spare moment!

Ciao bellas!

Edited by summerbub, 05 August 2011 - 10:42 AM.

#58 NurseGladys

Posted 06 August 2011 - 10:47 AM

Robyn - Yes I will be having this baby at the hospital I work (can't pass up the perks!!!!!) and I have no problem with my coworkers seeing my foofoo!!!!  My clinical adviser actually delivered Zack so she saw it before I started working there!!!!  We had the foofoo discussion at work (as so many of my coworkers are pg atm) and we all said that it isn't like we recognise a woman by her foofoo, it's just our job!!!!  Can't believe that Harriet is one!!!!!  Where has that time gone?????

Ok, gotta go, feel  sick.gif

#59 White-Lily

Posted 10 August 2011 - 11:51 AM


Robyn Happy first birthday to Harriet!! The year has just flown by!
Its a bit strange not being on FB (I'm so out of the loop!) but its good at the same time. I don't miss it much anymore though it would be nice to be in the loop again sometimes.
Hope Noah is getting better and it is just gastro and nothing more serious.

Leita congrats on your baby boy news! Have you got any names picked out? Want to share??

Tinks how is the block/slab/house coming along?

AFU Shae has been sick again. My poor girl just can not catch a break. We all got a vomitting bug from daycare then she (and I) spent 2 days in hospital a few weeks ago with pneumonia and Monday she comes home from daycare with gastro  rolleyes.gif Still haven't made it to her kidney u/s (from the UTI last month - its this arvo, hopefully we get there). But most of the time she is happy and not too bothered by being sick.

The house is coming along great! The roof went up about 2 weeks ago and last week the did the internal and external render and put in ceilings. It should go to lock up this week!! So we will be in by late October/early November, absolute latest December. I'm really looking forward to Xmas in our new home!

We got our  BFP.gif last week too!! Due in April. Its still early (5 weeks yesterday) but so far so good. I haven't even gone to the Dr yet  ph34r.gif I figure I will just go next time I have to take Shae back, she is there so often these days  wacko.gif

#60 tinkster23

Posted 10 August 2011 - 12:43 PM

I wondered when you would share here, congratulations again.

Nothing here, slab down 3 weeks ago and we have window frames but nothing else, don't even get me started on it


#61 summerbub

Posted 10 August 2011 - 03:30 PM

Congratulaions Suzanne!!

Where else do you guys hang out on here? Is there another cool group? tongue.gif

#62 tinkster23

Posted 10 August 2011 - 09:39 PM

Just ttc crazy land Robyn, you ain't missing much!

#63 summerbub

Posted 11 August 2011 - 08:21 AM

Oh I'm sooooo not going there roll2.gif

#64 pink

Posted 13 August 2011 - 07:51 AM

Congratulations Megan and Suzanne biggrin.gif yay more babies!!

I got brand new baby cuddles last night! One of my best friends had a still born baby girl a little over we months ago (some may know her from here, Aussiebella) and yesterday she had a healthy baby boy. When I saw him he was only 5 hours old  wub.gif   It has been a very emotional time for us all and there was always that worry until he was finally safe in his mummy's arms original.gif

Leita - congrats on a blue bundle! After having 2 pigeon pairs I can say it really is lovely original.gif I think it would have been lovely to have 2 of the same sex so they can really bond but each combination has its own advantages.

Robyn - I think that babysitter should definitely move in!!! haha. Thanks for the congrats original.gif

Suzanne - Poor Shae! I know what its like to have sick kids all the time and it sucks! Hopefully she will be like my eldest and be immune to everything by the time she goes to school LOL He was such a sick little boy and now is always fighting fit!

I have  started my own facebook business selling little girls hair clips, bibs and some cloth nappy accessories. It has been going for a bit over a week and so far so good! I'm not trying to make millions, just something to keep my mind and my hands occupied and it's working well. The depression and anxiety seems to come in little spurts now but I am getting better at quelling it.

My little man has just joined me on the couch for morning cuddles  wub.gif He is starting to be so grown up but still little, which is lovely for a cuddle. Better go enjoy my morning with my two littlies before my two big kids get up!

#65 NurseGladys

Posted 13 August 2011 - 11:23 AM

Yay Suzanne!!!!!!  We are so close to due together again!!!!!  How funny is that!!!!

Ok, that's all I can do, need to go vomit again  sick.gif

#66 July Baby

Posted 13 August 2011 - 02:03 PM

Hi Ladies

Excellent news Megan and Suzanne on your  BFP.gif I hope you have lovely pregnancies!

Suzanne your house is coming along now and it will be lovely to spend xmas in there. Tinks sorry to hear your house is still going slowly. Before long the weather will be better and they should have run out of excuses to hold you up anymore.

Jo - great work on starting up your facebook business. I hope it brings you lots of fun and satisfaction.

Robyn - Happy Birthday Harriet... One already... Gosh it's gone fast!

AFU - I've been given the all clear to get back on the TTC wagon again and although I'm still a bit fragile I am keen to get back into it. We have just commenced another cycle so fingers crossed it delivers us some good news. We have a few frosties left so we are hoping to have success with that.
Wil is still amazing and we have so much fun. We finalised our Thailand trip today so super excited about that and it's now 85 days away or just over 12 weeks....
Work has been very challenging and it is hard pretending I haven't had a miscarriage but I think I'm through the worst of it. I don't want to tell them as there are some potential new positions which I might be in line for and I honestly think that if they knew I was planning another baby I'd just happen to be overlooked. So secrets everywhere......

Might pop in the TTC and see if there would be some fun to be had.. Haven't been into the assisted conception sections yet.

Catch ya

#67 White-Lily

Posted 18 August 2011 - 03:02 PM

Dannii hope you get a look in for the promotions. Yes do go and check out the TTC section. There are some wonderful ladies in there.
Ohh Thailand! How exciting! Hope the 12 weeks goes quickly and the holiday is just what you need original.gif

Megan which DIG are you in? Hope the m/s eases soon

Jo good luck with the business, hope it continues to grow for you.
I hope so so much that Shae is just getting all her sickness out of the way now and by the time she gets to school she is fighting fit! Im getting over it TBH and DH is well and truly over it!

AFM no m/s this time (so far)!
House will be locked up next week, plaster was done yesterday  biggrin.gif

#68 summerbub

Posted 19 August 2011 - 08:56 AM

babygirl.gif I just wanted to send a big EB congratulations to Renee on the birth of Eleanor Ruth on Monday! babygirl.gif

A good size too Renee - 9lb 7!!

#69 White-Lily

Posted 19 August 2011 - 01:59 PM

Congratulations Renee on the birth of Eleanor Ruth!! Hope all is well and she is fitting in perfectly  wub.gif

#70 LEGs-R-US

Posted 19 August 2011 - 09:09 PM

Made my night because

1) the baby news
2) the pregnancy news
3) the foo foo story ....too funny

Robin... I am so jealous of the photos...they will be awesome.  Dan mentioned she is heading to Vic later in the year , I would love a session.  I have one friend who has a photography business and she is hopeless...just don't have the heart to tell her.  

Tink.. Loving the house photos.   Slowly but surely.  

Danni... I always used to stalk the ttc are.. Some great support.  Completely understandable that you are feeling fragile.  

Renee ... Hope you are settling in well at home.

Suzanne... The business sounds great and you can do it in your own time.  You should try the markets... My friend makes more money at the markets than on her site.  

Me..  As you can imagine work is hectic.  We were hoping for a higher ecensus rate but unfortunately we got a large tailback rate.  Hence we have been spending heaps of time opening envelopes.  Plus... So many people wanted envelops to send their forms back that I feel like we have been stuffing for weeks.  Mark got home at three am the other night because the printers broke.   We are still loving Melbourne. Not sure where we will be this time next year.  MArk is looking at jobs in nz, Canada or a couple of UN postings but it is all up in the air at the moment.   Kids are going great.... Touch would Liam has not been sick in five weeks.... Yay

#71 JoRiCo

Posted 25 August 2011 - 09:19 PM


Just dusting off some EB cobwebs  blush.gif
Sorry I haven't been in for ages but life is super busy :-)

Firstly congratulations (again) to Renee on the arrival of Eleanor.
Congrats to Megan and Suzanne on your  BFP.gif  ddance.gif.

For those that are not on Facebook and haven't been bombarded with my business page I have started a photography business :-) Still in the early stages but I have been busy nearly every weekend for the last month and I'll be heading up to Queensland in a few weeks to photograph Robyn and her family as well as a few others (thanks Robyn).

Cohen is super cute but the devil in disguise  mad.gif He is into everything and drives me mad most days but I love him to death.
Its so hard to believe that our babies are 2.5.

Hope everyone is good and all the pregnant mummies are not too sick.


#72 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 29 August 2011 - 12:25 PM

Thank you ladies for the well wishes original.gif

Eleanor is doing well and is now 2 weeks old.  We will be going out this afternoon to get clearance so I can drive again and for Eleanor's first check up since we left hospital.  I feel a bit bad because we left hospital on day 3 but I haven't felt super inclined to go out wink.gif  Miss Squid has been pretty good with Eleanor but gets very overenthusiastic at times and tends to run amok when I'm distracted wink.gif

Congratulations to those expecting another baby original.gif very exciting stuff!  I can't work out yet if I want to go back for more or not, but I'm guessing that 2 is it for us, we're not getting any younger and I think 3 kids will gang up on us wink.gif

Miss Squid just announced how tired she was so I'd best put her to bed and hope I get a bit of a break whilst both have a sleep original.gif

I will try to come back more often original.gif

#73 summerbub

Posted 01 September 2011 - 02:59 PM

Just showing off my new signature biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Hi Everyone waves.gif

Renee, glad to hear you are doing well!

How's everyone going? And the ladies UTD?

In my other Parents Group (April 10 - not on eb), there are only like 3 of us who aren't pregnant or trying! Out of about 30! Babies everyone!

Alrighty, babies have been down for 3 hours. Having a shocker of a day - I'm not feeling the best, stressed, tired, and had some awful news from my sister this morning (mc), so my fuse is very short today. I hope the kids take it easy on me this afternoon. It isn't often that I am like this!!

#74 tinkster23

Posted 02 September 2011 - 04:22 AM

Gorgeous sig it is too robyn!
SOrry to hear your sisters news.

House going up pretty quick, almost finished bricking, tho, I can hear the wind and rain outside so maybe not finishing this week as planned, tho they only have a day or so left to do.

Nothing much lese to report here, life goes on, slowly but surely.

Jack is a delight, most of the time. He still doesn't talk, but we're doing speech and seeing a paed this month. He still loves his mama above all so he gets away with a LOT of crap, but I'm having to be more consistent and firm with him, as I've slwoly realised he's a sh*t! All the other little bothers and sisters wait nicely outisde the school, Jack is climbing up the slide, running around trying to get into classrooms and throws a tantrum if I try to stop it all, complete with blood curdling screams. Really not very fun!

Hoping for a bfp soon but apart from that nothing new.

Hope you are all well and that I'm the only one awake at 2:22am!
(tho I'm getting paid for it , it still sucks, big time!)

#75 White-Lily

Posted 05 September 2011 - 03:22 PM

Hello All!!

Robyn love your new sig, Harriet's eyes are so gorgeous!
Sorry to hear about your sisters loss. Hope she is looking after herself.

Tinks great to hear the house is coming along. Hope the rain holds and they get the brickwork finished this week and the roof goes on ASAP!

Renee hope you got clearance to drive again and all is still going well at home. Glad to hear Miss Squid has been good with Eleanor.

Dannii hope the business is going great, though I'm sure it would be!

LEGs glad to hear Liam has been well for a good lenght of time, hope he is keeping it up!

AFM 9 weeks tomorrow and feeling pretty good. No m/s just a bit tired original.gif We have started to tell a few people but for some reason I still want to keep it really quiet. I suppose after a scan I will feel better and everything will be a bit more real.

House should be finished in about 5 weeks (hopefully). Its all locked up and the kitchen and bathrooms were getting cupboards built last week. I think tilers are in this week. Cant wait!
We have started to pick out new furniture and we arranged some curtains on the weekend. The end is so close original.gif

Shae is lovely but is picking up some awful habits and mannerisms from daycare. She lies to us now (as of last week) "wasn't me" when it clearly was and tells me everyone morning "I no want to go to daycare!" and throws a tantie when we do the drop off and her tone is sooo rude sometimes but then when she wants some she lays on the 'I love you, mummy/daddy"  

She has been kind of healthy of late which is great. She has to go back to the GP for another check up at the end of this week and I'm going to push for a proper asthma assessment I think. We took her off her preventer for 4 days (as per GP) and she started coughing overnight again and was all chesty and wheezy. Back on the preventer again and she is much better. At a bit of a loss. GP doesn't think she is a true asthmatic as she doesn't have 'attacks' she just doesn't breath very well as a rule apparently...

Oh well, best get back to work.

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