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February 2009 Parents # 65

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#76 LEGs-R-US

Posted 21 September 2011 - 04:30 PM

wow... where has everyone gone?  Just checking in for the ROLL CALL!!!

Life here is hectic but I'm loving it.  My work is going to start to take me back to Canberra a little more in the coming weeks so it is going to get more hectic.  I'm actually excited by it as I'll get to spend more time with my sister before her baby is born.  + We are looking at property everywhere at the moment (canberra and melbourne) so it will finally give me a chance to check out some of the properties I love.

Tink - your house is coming along so quickly now.  Very excited for you - when are you hoping to be in by?

OK.  hope all is OK.

#77 summerbub

Posted 21 September 2011 - 07:54 PM

waves.gif Present! biggrin.gif

#78 tinkster23

Posted 23 September 2011 - 11:32 PM

I'm here! They say well be in for Christmas, but I'm not sure I buy that!

Ok, ok, some questions in an attempt to get people posting-

1) cot or bed?
2) toilet training yet?
3) what are they getting for Christmas?

1. Cot, for as long as I can!
2. Not even close, jack still doesn't talk so there is no way I can start for a while
3. I've got a fire station and a tool set, plus they are getting a new cubby from Santa for the new house too.

#79 White-Lily

Posted 26 September 2011 - 10:12 AM

Just letting you all know I lost bub at 11+2 last Thursday and had D&C on Friday.
We are heart broken but getting there.


#80 tinkster23

Posted 26 September 2011 - 12:53 PM

Oh suzanne, I'm so sorry.

Be gentle to yourself, let me know if you need anything

#81 summerbub

Posted 26 September 2011 - 07:35 PM

Oh Suzanne, I'm so so sorry cry1.gif That is just so sad. Take care of yourself. hhugs.gif I wish I could come and give you a big hug.

We are off to Koh Samui and Hong Kong in 11 days - not taking the kids! oomg.gif so I'm going to be a mess! We will be away for 10 days.

Then I'm coming over to Perth, Margaret River, and Mt Barker (Albany-ish) for a week in early November. I was going to see if anyone can catch up, but I'm not sure if we have any time in Perth??? So I'll let you know!

1. Big boy bed! Though he will also happily sleep in a cot if we are away or something.
2. He is toilet trained during the daytime - no accidents since about March I think. Nightime he wears nappies, but I'm not pushing the issue at all! This will happen when he is older I'm sure original.gif
3. Christmas - I have no idea! Perhaps some lego. He was playing with it yesterday and absolutely loves putting the tiny stuff together.

Alrighty, that's it from me today. Please excuse me if there are any "f"s missing from my post - the button doesn't work so I have to copy and paste each time I want to use an f! laughing2.gif

Suzanne, thinking of you.

#82 Skyjay

Posted 27 September 2011 - 09:22 PM

Not sure if I still have rights to post here, it's been so long!!!!!

Suzanne - sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you bbighug.gif

1. Big Girl Bed, loves it but not enough to have day sleeps, she stopped those when she turned 2. Indi is also sharing a room with older sister now which she loves and her room is the toy room.

2. No, honestly I don't know how I'm going to find time. I'm always in and out the door, here there and everywhere with kinder drop offs/pick ups, playdates and other outings. Every so often she wants to sit on the potty but I never seem to be home long enough.

3. I've bought Indi a foldout camp bed, disney princess, for camping (not that we've been) but it's handy for other times as well. Lot's of clothes!!!!! Im not sure what else.

Tink - Indi really isn't talking either but understands every single word.  For example I can ask her to go and get her purple or black shoes and she does, I think she is being a little lazy with her sister talking for her.

AFU - Loving this age at the moment. Indi loves to do anything I ask, she loves to pick her sister up from Kinder with big running hugs, she loves her food, so much so she hides out in the pantry!!!!  or stealing fruit from the fridge. She is always smiling, even when I tell her off. Don't get me wrong she can still throw a good tanty!!

Me, I am still waiting to hear back from work to see if they have any positions for me. Been on leave for over 2.5 years now. I'm just enjoying life the way it is at the moment, broke but happy!!!

Next time I wont leave it so long, but no promises!!!

#83 July Baby

Posted 02 October 2011 - 11:35 AM

Oh Suzanne bbighug.gif , so very sorry to hear your sad news. Take it easy and look after yourself  bbighug.gif

1. Big bed -  he loves it. Still having long day sleeps and about 11hrs overnight. He asks to go to bed (I must be boring him). He looks so tiny in it. He hits his head against the wall a few times but otherwise no mishaps

2. Wil has a book about boys using the toilet but he's really not interested at the moment. When he's done number 2's I ask him and he says no!! Clearly does not have time to stop playing long enough to have a nappy change. We will really get involved with it once we get back from Thailand because there isn't time to do it before we leave - 34days.... buy who's counting!

3. Haven't thought about it yet... maybe a buzz toy that makes noise as he played with a friends and loved it. We were going to get him a bike but we caved and bough that a couple of weeks ago... We don't have signs of the next Cadel Evans just yet as he can hardly push the pedals down. No leg strength at all...

Robyn - enjoy your overseas childfree adventure... Where are you staying in Koh Samui? We are finishing our trip there and had a bit of trouble deciding where to stay as the place we stayed at last time got dreadful reviews on Trip Advisor so keeping well away from our 'usual haunt'. Don't know if you are up for an authentic food adventure or you stick to the restaurants.... but if you are prepared.... our favourite dodgy place is Ninja Crepes in Chaweng Beach. It's cheap and very simple decor but you get amazing food and super cheap beer (same price as soft drink for memory)... Anyway we love it....

Tinks house looks to be flying... How do you feel about your chances of Santa delivering the pressies to the new place... or still a bit ambitious??

Jen - Happy house hunting... Will you be spending summer in Port Melb? If so and we do get a summer this year it will be amazing.....

Karen - We love this age too. Wil is such a delight and loves to play inside or out. Still exclusively a Wiggles boy...

AFU - Wil never stops talking. He is Daddy's boy even though I do everything for him.. sniff sniff  grin.gif He loves the Wiggles movie and asks to see Wallie wallie at least twice a day.... He looks at books and pretends to tell a story and we crack up with laughter because he's so funny and is pretty close to what the story is about. Maybe we read the same books a bit often!?? We went and saw Dorothy and had a ball.. Can't wait for the Wiggles concert... The posted some pics on their facebook page and the tent looks amazing. Our seats are on the lower level which I now think is not great because it's flat and we are the back of the flat section. The best seats would be in upper section!!

Better go

#84 leita

Posted 02 October 2011 - 07:08 PM


White-Lily- gosh, that is just awful news, you poor thing. After getting so far through the first trimester, that is such a shock, and so unlucky. I'm really really sorry for your loss, hope you are doing OK- or on the way. bbighug.gif

Big Bed- yes, as of about 3 weeks ago. DH actually built one for her and she loves it.... but also loves running in to see us at 5am  wacko.gif wacko.gif  . She has slept in past 6.30 the last two days, so hopefully she's getting the idea...

Toilet Training... well, every now and then she'll agree to sit on the potty or toilet, but usually she just says " no mumma- when I a big girl" and asks for a new nappy  wacko.gif . KInda regretting holding off while we went on holidays, as she was showing a lot more interest a few months ago. Oh well. I'm sure she'll work it out before she goes to high school.

Christmas... I think I'll get her a kitchen. She loves to cook mudpies, and has some little pots and pans, but I think she'd like one of those big ones.

Danni- yep Mali is a talker too, isn't it just soooo cute? She comes out with just the funniest things. The latest is a real concern over the "stripes" I have on my head- wrinkles. She"ll say " Mumma, don't be cwoss!" and I have to try and explain that Im not cross, just old!! Will sounds just too precious.

SKyjay- time flies doesn't it? Do you actually want to go back to work?!

Summerbub- Ill be well and truly waddling by November, but would love to catch up if you have time. :-)

Tinks- oooh, how exciting- a new house for Christmas!! Fingers crossed for you!

Hiya LEGs!  And to anyone else who's still reading along.

AFM. 31 weeks, and am massive. He he he. Have had a bit of a drama with GD this time around thanks to an ill advised late night feast on pancakes (that also involved nutella, strawberries and whipped cream) the night before my GTT and a new lower threshold for the definition of gestational diabetes since I had Amalia. Of course because I'm in the public system the automatic referals have been set in motion and I now have the diabetes educator wanting to put me on glucose monitoring etc etc. DH (who is now a fully fledged Dr) has all the latest research for me, so we think there's no point given that were going repeat cs, and I have already made the recommended changes to diet and exercise as per the diabetes guidelines (and my fasting BGL was 5.2 with my crap diet), but it's hard to convince people that I am capable of making an educated choice  wacko.gif  Anyways, we have a meeting with the ob next week about scheduling the cs, so hopefully he can make some kind of note on my file to stop calling me to schedule appointments for group diabetes management sessions !!
But otherwise all progressing well, feeling fine, bubs is actually right size for gestation, just wish I had longer arms or not so many toys on the floor!

#85 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 05 October 2011 - 06:05 AM

Hi every one,

Life is busy!

Suzanne, I was so very sorry to read your news.  Go gently.

As to the questions:

Bed - Miss Squid had been in her toddler bed for a while now but yesterday her big bed came, and it is huge - a king single for longevity.  She looks so tiny in it. DH was amazed at how grown up her bedroom looks now.  She's still in a port a cot for naps at day care though.

Toilet Training - We tried one weekend months ago as she was exhibiting signs of readiness but it didn't work & we gave up.  Since then though she has gone backwards by denying she has done a poo or wee when it is obvious she has.  Now we're rewarding acknowledgement of it and a request to change the nappy with some small success.  I'm hoping over summer we will sort it out and by her birthday she will be good to go... hopefully.

Christmas - The big present is a kids digital camera that I got mid year.  My difficult one to buy for is Miss Barry - she has all of the hand me downs and will only be 4 months!  I think I am slowly getting there, helped by a "Catch of the Day" deal on Lamaze brand toys - I got some books.

Miss Barry is gorgeous (and on the 97th percentile), and starting to have more awake time which is fun.

Here is a picture of the girls:

In other news, my boss was fired yesterday  (the on that cut my hours when pg) it is all very surreal, but at least I was told & not left to find out down the track.  I will be need to talk to the next one to see if I want to go back - with only 2 people sharing a very small office personal connections mean a lot.

There is more weird stuff happening, but that's the most recent...

#86 White-Lily

Posted 17 October 2011 - 04:10 PM

Hi Ladies,

Bed - Shae is in a big bed with no dramas (so far, touch wood!). Thankfully she doesnt get out of her bed she just knocks on the door and yells for me to come and get her! At daycare she is on a mat on the floor and has been for about 12 months.

Toilet Training - done and dusted (pretty much). Learnt to poo on the potty a few weeks ago and its brilliant! Still in a nappy overnight though and I expect she will be for at least another 12 months. Dry during day-sleep time 3-4 times a week though

Talking - non stop, its so cute. She is in with the Kindy kids at daycare now and she is learning songs and poems. She is a right chatterbox.

Christmas - she is getting a wooden kitchen with a few accessories to go with it. She loves her tea set and helping cook dinner, etc so I'm sure she will love the kitchen.
She is getting a cubby house for her Birthday. Toy sale was good to my little monster  biggrin.gif

Danni Shae has only just worked out how to use her bike. It took ages for her too only push down with one leg at a time  rolleyes.gif now she zooms around at every chance. He will get it soon enough!

Renee love the pic of you girls, gorgeous. Hope the work things get sorted out soon so you can decide what you would like to do later one.

Leita bugger about the GD and I hope the phone calls have stopped! That must be very annoying! Cant believe you are 33 weeks already, time seems to fly by.

Robyn hope your holiday has been fantastic and you haven't missed the kids too much.
Would love to catch up if you have time when you are over in Perth.

Tinks how is the house coming? Still looking like Christmas?

Jen how is your house hunting going?

AFM Had my 3 week post-op check up this morning and everything looks ok. DH and I are doing ok, getting there slowly. I think it will be better when we can try again, just waiting for a proper cycle to return which I suspect is still a long way off.

House is about 2 weeks away from being finished and then we should get keys not long after that. 4 weeks maximum!! So excited!! We just really need something to focus on!

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