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September 05 Parents #402

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#26 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 24 May 2011 - 12:56 PM

Hi Everyone

A quick question, is it mean to take my 5 year old to school in her pj's or am I scaring her for life?  Miss Elizabeth procrastinates all the time, wont get up in the morning, wont do her bgls, get dressed, eat breakfast, do hair or teeth.  I feel as if all I am doing is yelling at her in the morning.  It doesn't help that she wont fall asleep until around 10pm at night and we need her to get up at 7am and leave for school around 8:15am.  Elizabeth has always thought sleep was optional from when she was born.  Not does it help that I am up breastfeeding 4 hourly still and doing overnight bgl test so my sleep is broken and I then sleep through the alarms or Rhiannon wakes up for her morning feed around 7am so I can't move to push Elizabeth at that point.  It doesn't help that her numbers are currently all over the place and she is hypoing overnight so her sleep I suspect would be disturbed. We are able to treat her while she sleeps now.  Rhiannon is also not sleep well at the moment so I am feeling like I am hitting the wall.  

So starting this week, Daddy went to work when he had to go and didn't wait for Elizabeth, she didn't seem to mind as long as she was able to wave as he drove out the gate.  On Thursday afternoon she goes to afterschool club up at the library and she loves it, well if she isn't at school on time on Thursday then no afterschool club for her.  I think that will hurt because last Thursday I offered having a baby chino instead of afterschool  club as I was feeling pretty awful and Rhiannon had been dx with an ear infection so was grumpy, no she chose the afterschool club.  Sticker charts and treat boxes don't really work with her as we have had to use with over the last 3 years with the diabetes and she no longer pays attention to them.  I have threatened to get her hair cut as she hates me brushing it and I have said that to make things quicker in the morning it would be easier just to brush rather than have to put it up as well as have to put up with all the wriggles and sometimes screaming that goes along with it.  She really wants to grow it long enough to sit on like my grandmother had her hair, for some reason Elizabeth loves the idea.  

Does anyone have any other suggestions to achieve the aim of getting out the door on time?

Sorry for my vent


#27 Kay1

Posted 24 May 2011 - 06:08 PM

Wow Sarah, just reading your post made me exhausted! I can totally understand why you are so tired! I don't have any magic solutions. We are always running late too but that's usually my fault blush.gif.

I don't have hair to do which is a huge help. Is there something Elizabeth likes to do in the morning? I know Nate loves the tv and/or computer. If he wasn't getting dressed in time I'd tell him no computer til he's dressed. At the moment I throw his clothes down the stairs when I go up for my shower and usually by the time I get back downstairs he's dressed. I did take him out to the car once in his pjs when he was at preschool and it scared the heck out of him. He was so upset I did let him get dressed in the garage but I told him that next time he didn't get dressed when I asked he would be going in his pjs. Maybe that's why we have no dramas laughing2.gif.

I would definitely use whatever she values - for us its Wii time. All I have to do is mention it and he complies, so if its afterschool club that's her currency I'd use it for sure.

Mardi - Are you feeling better? Nice to see you in here again. original.gif Are you still enjoying teaching?

Lynny - How are you feeling these days? Are the happy pills working?

As for us - Nate is going through this stage where he feels the need to tell me every thought that goes through his mind eg. "Mummy, I thought a rude word about Mrs X at school but I didn't say it" ALL DAY LONG!! wacko.gif I so hope this phase passes soon. I sit for ten minutes after school every day listening to his "confessions". Even the teacher cops it at school  . It is better than him being in trouble all the time I guess but he's so anxious and scared all the time its sad. sad.gif

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#28 Meljemcj

Posted 27 May 2011 - 07:38 PM

Hi all, I'm new to EB but thought I'd drop in here beacuse my son was born in Sept 05. He is my baby and I can't believe he has started school already.... He absolutely loves it which is great because he was clingy throughout kinder so it's a nice change. Anyway, just thought I'd say hi. I hope all your 5 year olds are loving school too!

#29 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 28 May 2011 - 11:35 PM

Hi Meljemcj, welcome, my little miss 5 is loving school at the moment.

We have been working at getting to Elizabeth to accept the consequences of her actions, so she missed afterschool club last Thursday, not for being late but for hitting me.  Now to see what happens this week.

#30 mhjemma

Posted 04 June 2011 - 05:45 PM

Very quickly dropping in to give some sage advice to Lisa - Are you sure you want to teach? When you are on your prac soon, ask to see some reports and ask about the process, time taken etc!!! I have spent the entire afternoon to only manage a small part of 5 reports! They are not complete, I only managed the 'areas of achievement' section.....23 to go!!!!!!
Good luck with your exams and I hope you are feeling better ohmy.gif)

Meljemcj - welcome to the Septemberry group. Time does fly. School this year was about 10 years too soon!!

Sarah - I must say, you are pretty amazing! I hope Elizabeth responds to the consequences. Mornings are hard enough around here, but they are a lot more full on for you guys!

Kay - Nate is beautiful! i love the way his mind works. Caius doesn't share that much, but given the opportunity, he would talk about nothing all day long (seemingly without taking a breath!!)

TEETH??????- Caius finally lost his 1st tooth the other day (it wobbled for over 2 weeks!!!). I am wondering if I am stingy? The 'tooth fairy' only gave him $2. Apparently, all of the lovely little Catholic kids at my school got anything between $10 - $50 for their 1st tooth!!!!!! I am hoping the precedent is now set.......1st one got $2, every tooth from now on will be $1. What are you all doing, or going to do??

I had better get back to report writing. I have calculated that by the end of it, I will have spent over 30 hours (after hours) writing the damn things!! If you don't like your kid's report this year, think about the time the teacher has spent writing them...... there really are only so many ways you can say the same thing!!!!!!

Looking forward to hearing about the tooth fairy, and the mid-year report comments  tongue.gif

#31 butterflies

Posted 04 June 2011 - 05:58 PM

Hey Mardi the tooth fairy here gives $5 for the first tooth then $2 for every other tooth.  FFS $50 for a tooth???

Welcome Meljemcj to the group.

Fiestycat our morning issues are getting better for Zahli, she now wants to go to school so that is the difference here, I have thrown her in the car in her pj's and she has gotten dressed in the car, I have done her hair in the school line, just do what you have to do.

I know talking to Zahli's teacher helps as she addresses the whole class about any issues the kids have.  Zahli refused to wear a jacket but because Mrs XXXXXX told her to put it on she does.

Zahli still has clothing issues such as she has to wear her socks inside out because the seam annoys her, she has to wear a singlet under her sports top even in summer because the embroided part scratches her blah blah blah.  very tiring child.

Alannah Had her tonsils out yesterday, all went well except we found out that she reacts badly to codeine, MIL does also, has hallucinates and feels sick, well this is what Alannah did, very weird.  Now she gets two weeks home to rest which is is not doing.

have a great weekend all

#32 BronR

Posted 04 June 2011 - 06:00 PM

TEETH??????- Caius finally lost his 1st tooth the other day (it wobbled for over 2 weeks!!!). I am wondering if I am stingy? The 'tooth fairy' only gave him $2. Apparently, all of the lovely little Catholic kids at my school got anything between $10 - $50 for their 1st tooth!!!!!! I am hoping the precedent is now set.......1st one got $2, every tooth from now on will be $1. What are you all doing, or going to do??

LOL Mardi. Rory has had a wobbly bottom tooth for over 6 weeks!!! It's hanging by a thread now. I told him today to get in there and give it a pull but he won't. The new tooth is through - clearly can be seen yet the other still hasn't fallen out even though he's been wobbling it (and so have I biggrin.gif ). But I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy brings $2 here as well. wink.gif  It doesn't seem right if it's not coin IYKWIM However Rory doesn't think the tooth fairy is real. I asked him who was going to bring the money then and he whispered "I think it's Santa Clause".  original.gif

Sorry, preparing dinner and just popped in to EB and saw some action in "our" thread. No time to write a long post.
bbighug.gif to everyone.

#33 Kay1

Posted 04 June 2011 - 09:22 PM

Welcome Meljemcj original.gif

Mardi - Holy heck $50!! We haven't got any loose teeth here but I'd say $2 will be the going rate in our house. And my sympathies on the report writing. sad.gif I can imagine how tough it is. Lots of my friends are teachers so I always hear about it at report writing time! I also always make a point of thanking teachers for their reports because I know it must take a lot of effort to write them.

Karina - I'm glad Alannah is ok now. 2 weeks home!?  ohmy.gif  Yikes, are you ready for that?? laughing2.gif
Zahli still has clothing issues such as she has to wear her socks inside out because the seam annoys her, she has to wear a singlet under her sports top even in summer because the embroided part scratches her blah blah blah. very tiring child.

Does Z have any other sensory issues? That is pretty classic tactile oversensitivity isn't it?

Bron maybe you need to show him how to do the old cotton around the tooth and tied to the door handle trick. laughing2.gif

Well we are just back from the school's fireworks carnival. It was pretty cool but so expensive. They charged $45 a family entry which I think is crazy. Rides, games, everything was extra on top of that!! All up the night cost us about $100. Oh well, it is the major fundraiser. It did rain just as the fireworks started but not too much.

Nate is still being Mr Super Sensitive and guilt ridden. Yesterday he told me he scratched the surface of the basketball court with a stone and asked if he needed to tell the Sport teacher. wacko.gif

Meanwhile he's still amazing me. Last night he wrote a page of information about sea animals from one of his readers (trying to get him to practice writing). I was pretty impressed that he wrote so much and asked him where he got the info. He showed me this graph with two axes which he had correctly interpreted for all 6 animals. ohmy.gif The school is extending him a bit but I think he needs more and I'm trying to decide what to do about that. Its stressing me out a bit actually because I just don't know what to ask for. Socially he is doing really well but he does constantly complain that school "takes too long" and comes out every day asking if we can "do something interesting" (like long addition LOL). On the positive he's been chosen to read the acknowledgement of the aboriginal owners at their assembly which is pretty cool. I hope he doesn't get too shy because I will be so proud to see him do that. wub.gif

#34 butterflies

Posted 05 June 2011 - 09:10 AM

Bron I would just yank it out!! ask to have a look and give it a pull, a face washer in the bath has good grip!! I hate dingly dangly teeth

Kay 2 weeks off with Lani will be good, she has work to do if she feels like it, I asked for it cause I knew she would get bored, plus I have special things hidden in the cupboard for her for us to do, nice one on one time with her, I hope.

As for Zahli yes I did think about the sensory thing, have you got any other info about it, sites etc, she is just such a tiring child to manage I was think there may be somthing else.

wow what an expensive fundraising night, our school charges $40 per family fundraising levy which is wonderful, plus they do other fundraising but it's usually for the schools sponser child or the yr 6's.

Gosh Nate sounds amazing with his level of comprehension, reading and maths.  and congratulations to Nate on speaking in front of the school.

Well not a good night with Alannah she refused to wake up at 10pm to have panadol so I left her, then she woke after midnight and couldn't swallow the panadol and went back to sleep then woke at 5am in so much pain.

#35 Kay1

Posted 05 June 2011 - 09:22 AM

Karina - there's a checklist here:

Don't be freaked out by the use of the word 'disorder'. Lots of kids just have some sensory "challenges" without having a disorder (like Nate). The Out of Sync Child is a very good book to read. If you want a "diagnosis" then an Occupational Therapist who deals with sensory stuff is the way to go. Having said that I think you need to use your own common sense with OTs because they are essentially a business and will almost certainly find some "issue" with your child. We continued because we were seeing lots of progress. They do lots of stuff like get them involved in messy play, lots of sensory input at once to teach them how to process etc. Good luck. original.gif

#36 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 05 June 2011 - 11:48 AM

waves.gif  Hi to all the newbies

Sorry for being MIA - everything seems to happen on FB these days  blush.gif

DH's work has been unbelievably busy which is great - I try and help as much as I can but I can only do so much without an electrical degree!  wacko.gif

The happy pills are awesome! I'm only on a small dose of Cipramil.. still had a bit of anxiety the other month so the GP told me that I can bump the dose up to 30mg but I shouldnt need anymore than that.

I feel like a new woman - so much more energy and motivation to do things.  I dont think I've ever felt this good which is a bit scary because I dont think I want to go off the pills ever again  ph34r.gif  She said I'll be on them for at least 2 years so I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens..

I also dont snap at the kids anymore or fret/panic over every little thing that comes my way.. original.gif

In other news.. lol

Took the kids to the circus last night.  Emily couldnt care less about the show but Damians' little face was so precious to watch  wub.gif  But I don't like the idea of animals being trained to do "tricks" so I probably wont take them again any time soon.. does that sound mental? lol  unsure.gif

Had my 30th the other week and I am surprisingly okay with being "older" - feeling very good in myself and with life in general.  Age is just a number happy.gif

Anywho.. I'm sorry I can't post more - kids wont leave me alone wacko.gif will hopefully be back tomorrow when one is at school at least!

wub you all! original.gif wub.gif

#37 Kay1

Posted 05 June 2011 - 02:32 PM

That is awesome Lynny! original.gif I am so pleased for you. I'm sure you'll keep feeling good even after you come off the pills.

My parents have moved in! They are staying with us for a couple of weeks. They just sold their house and are building a new one. They are doing some house sits and just staying here in between.

I am knackered, I am still going to the gym twice a week and thrashed myself this morning - I am rather proud of myself and seeing some good results. I can't say I enjoy it though!! Tounge1.gif

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#38 MaryfromtheDairy

Posted 01 July 2011 - 02:35 PM

Lynny - I agree about everything happening on FB.  I'm in self imposed exile.  I've closed my account - wonder how long I'll last before I turn it back on!  

Kay - how're you getting on with parents in the house?

Gosh this thread moves slowly these days.  I think we must be ready for our (almost) 6 year old quiz.

Lost any teeth?
Lost any body parts (surgery etc)?
Night dry?
Any pacifiers (bottles/blankies)?
More sporting, artistic or academic?
Music likes?
sporting likes?
reading unassisted?
What are they obsessed with?

#39 Kay1

Posted 01 July 2011 - 06:23 PM

Renee how can you desert us on FB!? sad.gif Tounge1.gif Thanks for the quiz. My parents have been on a housesit for the last three weeks. They are back for a few days this week. Its working well but they have stashed a lot of their crap at our house so it will be good when that goes.

Height - gosh, no idea. He seems tall to me but is about the middle of his class height wise.
Weight - 22 kgs (guessing)
Lost any teeth? - nope.
Lost any body parts (surgery etc)? - nope
Night dry? - yes, since 3 years.
Any pacifiers (bottles/blankies)? - never.
More sporting, artistic or academic? - very academic but loves sport. Not an artistic fibre in his body.
Music likes? - none really. I think I've failed on this front.
sporting likes? - soccer, tennis and cricket. Does soccer and tennis each week.
reading unassisted? - Yep.
What are they obsessed with? - Maths, world maps, computer games, handball, wii.

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#40 Lili-Belle

Posted 01 July 2011 - 08:40 PM

Hi everyone,

Thought I would pop on & say hi.
Life has returned to some normality since dad passed away. Still feel a bit numb.
I have been so lucky that I have been able to reach 31 and have not had to deal with death up close. But at the same time, it was not as scary as I thought it would be.

Mum is coping ok. She's coming up to stay for the weekend before heading up to Grafton to stay with her sister for 2 weeks. It will be good for her to get away I think. We are also going to take her away in October to the Gold Coast with us. I think it would be a great opportunity for her to spend time with the girls.

Height: ?
Weight: 22kg
Lost any teeth? 2
Lost any body parts (surgery etc)? No
Night dry? Yes - since TT 2.5
Any pacifiers (bottles/blankies)? Not since 9 months of age (dummy)
More sporting, artistic or academic? A bit of all really. Loves being outside & running around but also likes drawing & learning.
Music likes? Black Eyed Peas
sporting likes? Gymnastics
reading unassisted? Yes. Reading above average in her class.
What are they obsessed with? iphone games (my bad), Tangled, Barbie

Kay: I think it's wonderful that Nate is so into maths. Lili is just starting to pick it up this term & has been playing a few maths games on my old iphone. She comes to me & starts asking if I know what 80+ 80 equals?

Renee: Thinking of you. I feel bad that I didn't notice you were off Facebook. sad.gif I hope you are feeling ok.

Lynny: Glad to hear your happy pills are helping through the tough times. Both mum and dad are/were on antidepressants. I wonder how long before I'll need them too  ph34r.gif
Where was the circus?

Karina: I agree with you on the dangly teeth. Nothing worse. Lili's first loose tooth got dangly at the end - so I told her to go brush with her electric toothbrush. The tooth flung out of her mouth & onto the sink. LOL (eww)

Bron: Maybe you should try getting an electric toothbrush for Rory. It worked for Lili. original.gif Yes $2 was the going rate in our place. DH was horrified when I suggest a note. ohmy.gif

Mardi: I don't envy teacher's at all. Sounds like you have been super busy. $50 for first tooth - that's crazy! If I did that it would have to be going into a trust account or something!!??

Sarah : I'm not sure what advice I can give on the getting out the door fast. Other than maybe getting her up earlier (6.30), making sure there is no TV on until she is fed, dressed etc? And getting her to bed earlier (the early rise may help with that). Maybe try a bath before bed so she's relaxed? It sounds like a routine overhaul. But then I am no expert by any means. My girls are up around 6.15-6.45 & we're out the door at 7.30am. They have dinner, bath & bed in the evening. Dinner around 6-6.30 then bath then bedtime routine starts at 7.20-7.30ish & they are in bed by 8pm most nights. Maybe 8.30 on a Fri or Sat night. Best of luck.

Ok off to feed the rabbit. original.gif


#41 butterflies

Posted 02 July 2011 - 05:35 PM

Hi girls

Lilwil I was going to send you a message soon as I had not seen you on FB and thought you had dropped off the face of the earth since you hadn't been on FB

Height  Wouldn't have a clue, she is the tallest in her class, and she keeps on getting asked if she is in Year 2
Weight again wouldn't have a clue, I think maybe around the 22/23kg mark
Lost any teeth? lost one tooth, it wasn't ready to come out but when she fell over at Wet n Wild when we went to the goldie, it was wobbly and at the end of the day it just slipped out.  Alsi I am thinking she needs a filling, off to the dentist on Monday and she has a hole, I am devo'd as none of the kids have had holes
Lost any body parts (surgery etc)? Nope though I am thinking of maybe getting he voice box removed LOL!!
Night dry? yes
Any pacifiers (bottles/blankies)? no
More sporting, artistic or academic?LOVES to learn and LOVES sport, I think she is going to follow in her big sisters footsteps as she loves netball and can't wait til next season where she can play
Music likes? anything that the older girls listen to, Gaga, Bruno Mars etc
sporting likes? as above
reading unassisted? nah not really but knows all her sight words and words from school
What are they obsessed with? annoying the crappola out of me as she is doing right now LOL!!! but not really obsessed with anything

have been trying for hours to finish this post

dinner is in the slow cooker, Paris is still asleep after her friends stayed over and stayed up til 1am so she is not going to go to sleep early.

Buggered and its only the first day of holidays

#42 MaryfromtheDairy

Posted 02 July 2011 - 11:58 PM

Height:  119cm
Weight: about 21kg
Lost any teeth?  Nope
Lost any body parts (surgery etc)? Just tonsils @ 3yo
Night dry?  NO!!!  Have purchased bed wetting alarm ph34r.gif
Any pacifiers (bottles/blankies)?  Yep, regressed back to having a dummy after separation.  Psychologist says not to take it from him under the circumstances.  Still has his puppy and blanket which he has ALWAYS been very attached to.
More sporting, artistic or academic?  Artistic/academic.  He's a clown and dances, but probably most academic.
Music likes?  All radio music, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga etc...
sporting likes? No.  Hates soccer more than he hates karate.  tolerates swimming.
reading unassisted? sort of.  He's only interested in encyclopedias.  Can't be assed reading 'readers'.  struggles to read adult stuff though!
What are they obsessed with?  Still dinosaurs and lego.

bbighug.gif to all.  I miss FB, but I'm struggling a bit to find my ground now that I don't work and I don't have kids at home much.  I have too much time on my hands and I'm trying to figure out who my 'real' friends are amongst all this.  Septemberries have a very much hallowed place in my heart ( so even if you don't care about me, I insist on calling you all my dearest friends!  )


#43 Kay1

Posted 03 July 2011 - 08:34 AM

Renee - I was just thinking the other day how hard it must be for you to adjust to not working as I know your work was really important and fulfilling to you. I totally understand the great time vaccuum that FB is. I have an "Inner Circle" which includes Septemberries and my close friends and they are the only people that see most of my updates. Its too weird having people I haven't seen since high school reading my every trivial thought! Plus the single child free friends I have don't really want to hear my child rearing anecdotes laughing2.gif .

I hope you manage to work out who your real friends are and I'm very glad to know we've made the cut original.gif - pity we only interact in cyberspace though. sad.gif

Wil sounds a bit like Nate in preferring non fiction. He did get a bit excited about Zac Powers books for a while though but I have limited those for the moment as he was reading nothing but. Our first activity of the holidays will be a trip to the library to get some more books to fill up his Premier's Reading list.

Had an awkward moment yesterday. Nate had a birthday party for a girl in the other kindy class. I got stuck talking to this mother who I can't stand (she's the only nasty one I've met so far). We had a big fight a few months back (long story but she's a complete cow to everyone and I stood up to her and she didn't like that). Anyway the person standing between us walked off and we were left there together. I tried making polite conversation but she wasn't helping. Then the kids were all lining up and Nate was behind her daughter. Next thing they start hugging each other and smiling and tickling each other's neck (apparently they are 'boyfriend and girlfriend"). It was honestly very sweet but it was so awkward that it had to be this woman's daughter of all people!! rolleyes.gif Fortunately it was very clear that it was equally instigated otherwise I'm sure this woman would have been horrified and had something to say.

I am getting a bit annoyed about the anti-boy sentiment I hear around me. sad.gif There are way more boys than girls at Nate's school and the girl's mums all treat it like its a tragedy and have all these little get togethers for all the girls to 'bond'. Fair enough I guess but honestly if they just let them find their own friends I'm sure they'd make friends with kids regardless of their gender. Also at this party yesterday the entertainer was like "All the boys be spiderman and the girls be fairies, now the boys have to catch the girls" rolleyes.gif. Seriously Nate barely knows who spiderman is!  And other mothers who constantly say "oh I saw the girls playing this morning and they're just so different aren't they??" And then go on and on about how difficult boys are. Even the teacher has made comments like "I didn't have any more kids because I was scared of getting another boy". sad.gif I hate that my kid is surrounded by this attitude that he is somehow a second class citizen because he is a boy. sad.gif Ok, off on a tangent there but this is playing on my mind a lot at the moment.

#44 Lili-Belle

Posted 03 July 2011 - 01:14 PM

Renee: I wasn't sure if you were still doing any work (I feel like I am way out of the loop). Is there anything work you can do from home from time to time? Maybe start a blog? Have you been in any articles in support of awareness?
How are your chickens going?

Kay: I can't believe those attitudes of too many boys.  ohmy.gif Do they seriously have nothing else to talk about? I have to admit I haven't really had much to do with school mums yet since I drop Lili off to before & after hours school care & don' t get the chance to chat to any. My bad?  unsure.gif Lili does have her first school friend birthday party later this month. I hope the mums are nice.  blink.gif

#45 MaryfromtheDairy

Posted 03 July 2011 - 08:46 PM

Leesa - LMAO - can't believe you remember I have chickens!  They're fine.  Good even.  I get more eggs than I could possibly use, to my mother's delight.  Cait has also discovered eggs in a big way and loves to collect them from the coop and immediately scramble them and eat them.  I think that's awesome.  How's your rabbit?  

I never really said anything much on FB about your father passing.  I mean, what can I say?  I feel like I should have something really comforting to say, but I'm completely at a loss.  Just bbighug.gif .  It sounds like you're taking good care of your mother.  She's lucky to have you.

Kay - that's terrible that the boys are becoming a sub class!  At 5/6 we should still be encouraging tolerance/interaction between the genders, I think.  That said, both my kids have clear gender specific friendship groups.  They interact with the opposite gender well in class etc, but come lunchtime, the boys are playng soccer and the girls are doing cartwheels.  It's like a wierd social experiment to me.  I went to a small school with just over 100 students and in my kindy class I had 3 girls and 19 boys.  I never really felt the need to be best friends with the other 2 girls...  

apparently there's a new google social networking site - which gives the option of grouping 'friends' ie - you can post status updates to family only, or talk about your weekend partying without your boss seeing it etc.  I wonder if FB will follow suit?

Wonder what my bloody dog is barking at.

#46 Kay1

Posted 04 July 2011 - 08:46 AM

Renee you can already do that on FB! I have a group set up and then when I post my status I just choose that I want that group to see it (in the little arrow next to the status with the padlock). So my in laws for example are not in that group. It is now my default setting. No way I want my brother or DH's friends seeing my private thoughts and petty grievances LOL. You just go into friends and set up a group. Love that the chickens are doing well, aren't they called Esme and Maude or something laughing2.gif.

I do agree that the boys and girls do differ. The boys are all into handball and the girls, well I actually don't know what they do. unsure.gif I am just so sick of people commenting on it ALL THE TIME. Its not like its a new thing. And when they say it in front of the kids it has a very distinct implication that boys are difficult or problematic. Nate is not really so we sometimes get "Nate's not really a boy boy is he?" ie. boys are flawed so just make sure you're not a real one and you'll be right. rant.gif

First day of school hols. The kids kindly let me sleep in and came downstairs to play - wooohee! Makes me think I am insane for occasionally entertaining the thought of another baby!  ph34r.gif

Leesa - Good luck meeting all the mums at the party. I have been very lucky and all the mums at our school are lovely apart from that one!

What's everyone got planned for the holidays?

Nate is already drilling me with questions. "Mum, when did the world start, like when did the planet earth start being in the universe?" I explained there were different theories (ie I don't bloody know) but now he wants to know what my theory is! And that's after asking how to divide a triangle into quarters yesterday and where apes first evolved into people.  blink.gif Seriously I thought I was fairly smart til I had to answer a 5 year old's questions! So, first stop this holidays is the library!

Meanwhile Leo seems to have TTed for poos but not wees. Is that weird? unsure.gif

#47 Lili-Belle

Posted 09 July 2011 - 10:38 AM

Good morning eveyone  original.gif

I don't know about you but I am over winter. I just want it to be nice & warm outside.  cool.gif

Renee: Glad to hear you are getting lots of eggs & that Cait enjoys collecting them. Cute  original.gif . Thanks for your thoughts about my loss. I know what you mean though - what can anyone say? The people that knew him all said to me "he was suffering for so long, he is in a better place now" but its still really hard. I try not to be sad because he didn't want me to be.

Kay: Yeay on the sleep ins. I find Lili always wants to sleep in on a school day but is up early in the weekends. Go figure?  huh.gif

School holidays are not going to be very exciting for us. Lili is going to vacation care & Isobel is still going to Daycare. Except Wednesday when they hang at their Grammy's.

We have booked a trip to the Gold Coast on the first week of October. I thought it would be nice to take mum up with us & go visit the theme parks together. Mum had mentioned to me that she wants to sell her house now dad is gone and if she gets a good price for it, she wants to take us to Disneyland. A lovely thought but I was a little overwhelmed. Not sure why. Anyway I thought we could start local first. original.gif

Anyway have a great weekend everyone!


#48 Kay1

Posted 12 July 2011 - 10:07 PM

Girls. I have a question. Its something I've been thinking about for a while and its really hard to ask anyone without sounding like I'm trying to make some kind of point. But Nate and I went to the movies with a couple of school friends and their mums today and I could see he just wasn't 'clicking' with these boys (although he had a great time) and I wonder if he is 'different'. I don't really want to ask people IRL though IYKWIM?

Ok so the question is: What do your Septemberry kids talk about? For example in the car, at meal times, in the bath, just generally doing stuff with you. Shopping, talking to their imaginary friends whatever. What do they ask or talk about or want to discuss?

Thanks guys. original.gif

Edited by Kay1, 12 July 2011 - 10:18 PM.

#49 butterflies

Posted 12 July 2011 - 10:30 PM

Kay all Zahli wants to talk about atm is poo, wee, bum or anything along those lines, thank dog I only have her to finish up with the toilet talk, I am over bum talks and how smelly her farts are!! LOL!!

I was coming in to ask a question too, who is doing a birthday party for their septemberries this year? if you are what are you doing?  I have run out of ideas, I usally have it somewhere such as a play centre or I have it at home and get someone in for entertainment.  Zahli's last year we had a company bring baby animals to our house as she is animal mad, so that was a bit different but I am out of ideas!! help!!

#50 Kay1

Posted 13 July 2011 - 08:08 AM

Karina - Thanks. laughing2.gif Nate is having a "round the world" party. World map cake and each child is getting a passport and a map and then they have to find flag stickers in the park out the back and stick them in their passport. Or at least that's the plan!! So far all the parties he's been to from school have had an entertainer of some kind and have been for nearly the whole grade. ohmy.gif

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