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#51 L&E

Posted 24 May 2011 - 03:30 PM

Hi everyone!

AF arrived last Wednesday, so we're both very relieved here! Very strange, it was almost a whole month late. Maybe just a skipped cycle?

Tam - I hope you enjoy your night out. You certainly deserve it having not had one for so long!

Dan - glad to hear that this pregnancy is starting to sit better with you. I'm also wondering if the morning sickness might be a sign it's a girl, but Lachlan & Elliot's pregnancies were so different in that resepect that we thought E would be a girl too. But he's not wink.gif

ALM sorry to hear that Amber has been sick sad.gif Hope she's feeling better by now.

Hi to everyone else!

We had a great weekend down the gold coast this weekend, it was so lovely and relaxing. The unit we had was very luxurious, and even better since we didn't have to pay for it (it was a belated wedding gift from a friend of DH's, very deserved because he's quite a demanding friend :S) We went up to the observation deck of Q1 which was interesting, and then DH took Lachie to Ripley's believe it or not while E and I had a nap. We had some friends who were also down the coast on Saturday night so we all got together at our unit for drinks, which went until about 1:30am - I was so over it for hours before people finally left! Then on Sunday we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and E saw his first koala and patted a kangaroo. We came home on Monday around lunchtime.

A sad indiciation of our lives at this point, L was most excited about being able to have an unlimited length hot shower/bath, and I was most excited about being able to put the nappies through the dryer! We're too stingy with electricity and water to do either at home.

DH is on nightshift this week and next, and then he's going away for a boys weekend the first week of June. It means we won't really see a lot of eachother for the next few weeks, but every now and then I'm ok with it because I can cook what I want, watch what I want on TV, and just veg out on the couch when the boys are in bed. I'm sure I'll miss him by the end of the week though. He doesn't do Friday's on night shift, so this Friday he's having Elliot for the day (despite my mum still offering to have him, he says he's excited about having him on his own for a whole day  wub.gif ) I think it'll be good for DH to understand what it's like to have him all day, as much fun as it is it's not exactly relaxing!

You may remember the grief I've been having with a person from work, well I got a text message from my head of school today, they have unofficially heard from district office that he's writing his resignation letter.  biggrin.gif  It's made my day....I'm in the middle of having to fix up a MASSIVE mistake he made before the Easter holidays, which has the whole school in a lot of grief paperwork wise. And he hasn't been back at school since Easter either, he's out of the country on unapproved leave. So I knew they were going to make it hard for him to come back, I'm crossing my fingers the rumours are true and he may just POQ.

Elliot's sleep is starting to get better. He goes down around 7:30 each night and stays in his own cot until sometime between 12 and 3ish. His latest was 4:30am!!! Then he comes in with us until between 6:30 and 7 when he wakes for the day. He is definately still needing two sleeps a day....a few days over the weekend he only had the one day sleep, and then he needed a short nap at 5ish which pushed his bedtime right out. He is still an eating machine. He eats anything we put in front of him (the only thing he's ever rejected is marshmallow...odd). I'm very relaxed about his diet now, I was so uptight about Lachie's when he was little and he has always had a terrible diet, so that obviously didn't work! The only thing I don't let E have is lollies, soft drink, flavoured milk or juice/cordial.

Sorry for the epic post. Hope everyone is going well!


#52 *~*ME*~*

Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:36 PM

Hi waves.gif

just wanted to pop in and say Hi and i have been thinking about you all...

dont have time to post now, but will real soon

#53 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 24 May 2011 - 08:33 PM


L&E  So happy for you that AF finally returned for you.  So envious of your little getaway.

Stained  How was your anniversary night out?

Tam  How was your child-free dinner?

AFU  Amber still has the cold lingering on but it doesnt seem to be stopping her running a muck.  For past 5 nights she has been refusing her dinner, eating every other meals through the day and morning/afternoon teas.  Thought it might be time of dinner so moved it a tad earlier tonight but still no luck.  she ate the fish and got a few veggies hidden with the fish but not a substantial amount to write home about.  When her 1st lot of molars (all four) came through 4 mths ago we went through stage she refused the evening meal but moving this meal to lunch and giving her the sandwiches for dinner seemed to work so going to try that tomorrow.  I think it could be her 2yo molars starting to make early appearance as she has every other tooth.

Amber is in bed so about to watch some more of Friends...I am in a phase of watching TV Series DVD of Friends from series 1 - up to series 3.  

#54 Gone-Country

Posted 26 May 2011 - 08:43 PM

Another missing person reporting in!

It's been ages sorry. I read, but never seem to have the time to sit and do a proper post. And the amount of times that I have come back to the laptop to find a half completed post was ridiculous so I stopped trying. However, right now all the children are asleep and DH is watching some crap on TV that I have no interest in, so here I am!

Personals first:

Tran :  Thomas went off his meals a bit when he was right in the midst of teething.  We pretty much just let him eat whatever he wanted those few days.  I have read that a child this age won't starve themselves, so if it means fruit and yoghurt 3 times a day then so be it. It isn't like you are giving her Maccas!  I hope she is back to her old self again soon for you.

: OMG! How did you get to be 20 weeks already!?  I hope everything is going well for you with the pregnancy.  Will you find out the gender?

L&E : Sounds like you made the most of not having to foot the bill for long showers and dryers!  Well done.  Great news about the impending resignation. I hope that things at work are a lot less stressful for you from here on.  Re AF being late, I had a worrying time last month when I was a week late.  I had a tubal ligation at my c/s, but I was stressing for that week. Man I was trying to comprehend the logisitics of 4 kids!  Thankfully it was just late!  Thanks for the congratulations for Lily's gym. She did so well for her first comp. We were very proud.

Tam :  I hope you enjoyed your dinner. I can relate to minimal time with DH since kids, which leads me to say that my weekend away was great, thank you for asking. The weather was great, the unit we stayed in was unreal and DH and I just relaxed and spent some time together just being us and not being Mum and Dad for a few days. All 3 kids were great for my Mum and Step-Dad!  

Stained : Belated Happy Anniversary. I hope you enjoyed your night out.  Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great.  All my pregnancies were different sickness wise. With Breanna I was barely sick at all, Lily I was sick from midday on the dot until about 11pm at night.  I was convinced she was a boy and even referred to her by a boy name, until I found out at 20 weeks that she was a girl!  I was in shock.  Thomas I thought was a boy from the start. I was so sick, had 2 lots of spotting and a big bleed, hCG levels dropped and he measured around the 3rd %ile all the way through. The pregnancy was so different to the others.  Anyway, after all that, I hope you start to feel better soon. Have you told anyone IRL yet??

AFM - We seem to be so busy all the time now. With the girls piano, girls brigade, gym, netball etc, there is always someone needing to be run here or there. DH has fire brigade and I have my committee, coffee groups and things with Thomas.  My step-father has just been diagnosed with tumours of the bladder and is having chemo directly injected into them on Monday.  So it's been a worrying time for us.  Please don't mention it on FB, Mum hasn't and she doesn't want to.   We have been having issues with the girls as well, playing up etc, but are trying a few things to get through that.  Thomas is just so much fun. He is learning so much and the health nurse is really happy with him. She said he is doing so well in all areas. He's making animal sounds, copying, pointing when he wants something, using names like mama, dada, nana and Ann-ann (which is Thomas for Breanna!).  He had gained 1.08kg in 4 months and is now 9.68kg and 71cms long. (Shortie!).  Finally all the molars seem to have broken through and he has gone from having 8 teeth to having 12.  He's a joy though. Few issues at bedime, but after 3 days of a new system he is almost back to self settling to sleep.

Anyway, this has been a post and a half, so will leave it there, but I hope that Snicker, GIO, first time mama, heidelke, LisaT, allthatjazz, and anyone else that I have missed are all well and reading but just not posting !!

Take care everyone.


#55 eidel

Posted 26 May 2011 - 10:42 PM

Thanks L!sa, still reading.  Assignments due tomorrow night.  Pulling lots of late ones lately, and then waking up at 5.30am for work twice a week.  Ouch.  And I've just put in an application for another day at work.  Yes I think I'm bonkers, but the extra money (although, not much) will be handy and Heidi will be at kinder next year so will take the pressure off the child care bills.  If I didn't do it now I might not get the opportunity to pick up another day for a while.  Plus the girls are doing so well at their new FDC arrangement, I see no issues in Elke doing 3 days.  Margarita is like their surrogate grandmother.  

Anyway, just popped in to respond to Lisa, I really need to go to bed.  

BTW, Elke's still only got 6 teeth. Everyone else seems to be talking about teeth popping out all over the place.  And the six teeth she's got already look a bit off-centre, we're already joking we'll need to start saving for her orthodontic treatment.  Heidi even saw an ad for the Cars movie and said 'there's Elke' at the one car with a square head and 2 buck teeth.  Next time you see a picture of them you'll know which one I mean.  Poor thing.  Lucky she's so damn cute!

#56 tam1979

Posted 28 May 2011 - 01:50 PM

Lisa - dinner out and the show where fantastic thanks, always nice to have some time together without having someone else to worry about hey. We have decided we should try and go out every three months or so together for dinner and get someone to come and watch the kids for us.
Sorry to hear about your step-father hope all goes well with the injections.

Heidelke - Arwen only has six teeth also, top four and bottom two, although I have just felt some more up the top coming through too.

ALM - dinner was fantastic, thanks original.gif I agree with Lisa, as long as A is eating something it is better than nothing. Arwen at the moment loves corn spears so I just give her one of those and she wanders around eating it (whilst I am getting dinner ready) and comes back for more when she wants it. Cucumber sticks are also a hit with her and plain cracker biscuits, pieces of cheese. She is VERY independant and likes to feed herself EVERYTHING which makes meal times very messy but I just let her go, at least she eats that way. I do have a spoon for fork myself that I try and get a mouthful in here and there but she is generally pretty good and does not miss her mouth often, she uses her spoon and fork better than DS!

Me - wow 1/2 way, I admire you for having 4 kids, I am really not sure I could do it!

L&E - I am relieved for you that AF arrived seen as though you have not planned another bub just yet. Sounds like you all enjoyed your time away. I am thinking about going somewhere for a few nights at the end of July, not sure where yet but DH is on leave and it is my birthday so would be nice to go somewhere, although that time of the year is never any good weather wise, so we will just see what happens I guess.

AFM - Had a terrible day yesterday was so unwell, have no idea why but as soon as DH got home from work I went straight to bed 6.30pm and did not get up until 8am this morning, don't feel too bad today but have had to have some panadol as my whole body aches  sad.gif

#57 *~*ME*~*

Posted 31 May 2011 - 10:02 AM

hi lovely ladies!

L!sa yes we did find out the gender its a little girl. I am so sorry to hear about your step father, what a horrible thing to have to go through, thinking of your family.

ALM hope ambers cold has improved.

Tam hope your feeling better.

AFU well Elias is still little, lol.. he is 8.5kgs not too sure how long. He is seeing the paed today, his appt wasnt until july, but they had a cancellation so hes in at 1.30pm... Elias is doing ok, not talking much, he did some weird cross cutting thing with his teeth... he has 4 top, 3 bottom then cut 2 molars... his sleeping is crap atm, which is funny coz we have never had issues with sleep before... he wakes up all sad and wont go back to sleep when we put him down he screams. Ummmm apart from that hes walking and running! hes into everything and i am exhausted. I am really struggling this pregnancy, its been very hards on my body i either have sore back, hips or tummy, i cant do anything without struggling, i feel horrible. but i guess having 3 kids in 3.5 years would do that to you...

hope everyone else is well, ill update you after we have seen the paediatrician.

#58 Gone-Country

Posted 31 May 2011 - 09:40 PM

L!sa yes we did find out the gender its a little girl. I am so sorry to hear about your step father, what a horrible thing to have to go through, thinking of your family.

And look, there it is in your signature if I had've looked properly!  Congrats on a pink one! original.gif

#59 three 4 me

Posted 03 June 2011 - 12:51 PM

Just dropping in to say a big hello! Will try to read to catch up and post again later!

#60 Gone-Country

Posted 06 June 2011 - 09:02 PM

I've just been browsing EB and noticed there is a Due 1-15th Feb 2012 group.  It made me realise that it has been 2 YEARS since I found out I was pregnant with Thomas. It's been 2 years since we started chatting.

I was looking at Tom today and realised just how fast he is growing up.  Breanna got a baby doll out today as well that was wearing a 00000 outfit Tom wore in the first month, and it had on a Huggies Newborn nappy. I nearly cried at how small they were.  Wow, time has just flown.

That's all, just wanted to share that!

#61 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:48 AM


L!sa, it was a fortnight ago two years ago that I would have done my test to find out I was preg with Amber.  (Can remember exact date as it was my sisters birthday) and I agree, they are growing up way too fast

ME   ppinkstork.gif yay.  

Heidelke  Hope you survived the late nights getting your assignments done.  I have read about teeth, it said if the baby teeth come through crooked dont assume the adult teeth will, so too early to be saving for orthodontic work yet - I was same as Amber's teeth came through and definitely hoping she doesnt have my problem.  I had to have orthodontic braces as I had a big overbite with my front teeth (bugs bunny) and also had to have 4 permanent teeth removed to allow room in my mouth plus even before wisdom teeth came through had to have them removed so the $$$ spent on orthodontist didnt go down the drain.

Tam  Hope you are feeling better, certainly a lot of cold/flu/virus going about now...especially now the cold weather has set in (it has here anyway).

AFU:  Amber still not keen on her veggie dishes but every now and then will eat them.  I think it could be down to may be her cold/viral infection that has slowly been developing over past 2 weeks (or hoping it is due to).  Last week Thurs night she developed low grade fever so gave her a dose of panadol at bed time, woke @ 5.30pm with temp slightly up again so another dose, sent her to chldcare with another dose and reported to be fine.  Mum picked her up and said when she got home was not herself, just clingy and grizzly and a bit warm so checked temp again and up a little so another dose. She woke at 7am with a bit of a fever and then didnt check her temperature again as she didnt feel warm.  All day she was grizzly and clingy but by bath time she was back to her active jolly self.  At bath time I stripped her off and her body was covered in fine red dots.  Eliminated quickly anything new which would cause a food allergy (rash was not irritating her either), elemented laundry detergent as had changed but clothes wearing that day not done in new stuff.  Wasnt sure about what measles or if she was contagious so a trip to the Emergency Dept we did.  Sat there from 830pm til midnight before we were seen for matter of 5mins. On arrival she had a low grade temp so given panadol but not very impressed with the lack of investigation by the actual doctor after sitting there for so long.  Nurse rude to say 'you are a lot better'  she was not ill in herself to begin with when we brought her in, it was the rash concerned about.  The doctor looked at the rash quickly, which while we waiting had spread to her face and then got his little 'pop stick' out and asked a 16mth old to open her mouth and say aahhh...did she do it?  NO of course not.  didnt even try or ask me or mum to get her to open mouth.  He didnt even check her ears, thought he would routinely check them given she had a temp and incidently may have ear infection.  He just stood there and said didnt believe they were measles, just a viral infection.  When I asked about her being contagious or how it was contracted (ie airborne, oral secretions etc) he talked in circles and I gave up having to ask again.  He said to go back to my normal doctor in 2-3 days and sent us on our way.  Have appt tonight.  Her spots have not really gone - if anything she got more yesterday on her face but it is not affecting her one bit - luckily they are not itchy otherwise I would be in trouble there.  Had to have day off work yesterday as suggested not to send her to childcare yesterday and mum had cold so didnt feel like running after her and DP was away on a job but on way home.

anyway must go.

#62 Stained

Posted 09 June 2011 - 02:56 PM

Hi all,
Sorry for being so slack. I really have no excuse!
Hope you are all well!
Will pop back soon. Micah is screaming in his bed because I dont have the patience to resettle him again. My children are faulty, I swear!

#63 *~*ME*~*

Posted 10 June 2011 - 01:27 PM

L!sa time flies, i cant believe our babes are toddlers..

So Elias saw the paediatrician. we are waiting for the lactose breath test to be done, and he has to see a dietician. He is 76cm and 8.7kgs, so 10th % for length and off the charts for weight.

i am so tired atm Elias has started waking at 5am, and its everyday. got to go my 3 yr old is having a tanty.

#64 eidel

Posted 14 June 2011 - 02:46 PM

ALM I went through the same thing with my teeth, all 4 wisdoms extracted before coming through, then braces for a year and a half.  The wisdoms were shocking, right up there with labour pains I reckon.  How's Amber's rash?  I can't believe the doctors were so blase about it.  I sure know I'm rushing to the hospital if I see any red spots.  It shouldn't be measles though if Amber's had her MMR shot at 12 months.  And I think chickenpox is taken care of then too?  I can't remember the schedule.  Hope its not an allergy.  

Tammy I think you asked me a while ago about our house?  Anyway, I'm loving it here.  This house gets so much sun, first thing in the morning til about 3pm (even though it's almost the shortest day of the year).  You can literally lie on the couch in the sun, not that I get to do that very often!  

ME I hope you have some answers soon.  I think Elke's putting on weight, she almost has chubby cheeks I'm proud to say!  

AFM I've got 2 exams this week, Wednesday and Friday and that's another semester knocked off.  Then I can relax a bit and get into a bit more internet surfing for 4 weeks until semester 2 starts. Just trying to plan my residential school in September, I think we'll all go this time if any of you remember our disastrous residential school last year when I went by myself leaving DH at home with a very sick Elke.  

Gotta go, Octonauts is finished.  That's one of the few shows that ties both of them down for 10  minutes.

#65 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 14 June 2011 - 05:42 PM


Heidelke, Chicken Pox (Varicella) vaccine not done til 18mths so another 2mths to wait for that.  Was just viral infection.  Still has visible signs of rash on her face still (last place for them to appear and last to go).

sorry for no other personals.  Have to take DVD back that overdue...oops.

#66 tam1979

Posted 21 June 2011 - 09:15 PM


Quiet in here again!

We are all recovering from colds as I think everyone is at the moment sad.gif

I have alot going on in my head at the moment with one of my best friends (she was one of my  bridesmaids) being diagnosed with breast cancer and is going in tomorrow to have a mastectomy. I will be looking after her youngest boy on Thursday and as she can't get him daycare on friday I am also thinking of taking Connor out for the day so he can have that spot as they go to the same centre on the same day.

DH is away again at the moment, we are going to Geelong (where he is) for the weekend to see him so looking forward to that.

Sorry for the *me* post, having a tough day today and needed  to get it out I think  cool.gif

#67 Gone-Country

Posted 22 June 2011 - 11:50 AM

Oh Tam, I am sorry that your friend is going through that. How awful.  I hope that the surgery does the trick. I am sure that your friend is very grateful to have you near and dear to her.

heidelke - I hope the exams went well.

ALM - I hope Amber's rash stayed away and that she is all well again.

ME - Sorry, I didn't mention last time thank you for your wishes for my step-father.

AFM - Crazy busy here as always. Well it feels that way. Someone is always needing something or wanting to be taken somewhere.  DH worked away all last weekend, and this weekend I am away at a day crop (scrapbooking) all day Saturday and Sunday Lily has another gymnastics competition.

The weather here is FREEZING at the moment. I was thinking that we were going to escape a really bad winter, but today is so cold.  However, having said that, there is talks that the Winter Festival in Queenstown might have to be cancelled due to no snow. It is a bit weird this late in the year that there is NO snow!  It isn't cold enough over there to make man made either.  Christchurch continues to have aftershocks, some of which we are feeling here, but nothing too bad.  I guess after the bigger earthquakes, you go into an automatic heighened sense of alertness, kind of always waiting for the 'next' one.

Thomas is a wee dude. He is learning more and more words. His latest favourite being 'Dorothy' (which comes out as Dority' and he is just a mad Wiggles and Dorothy fan.  Settling into bed is better than it was, although I changed his room around on Monday and we have gone back a step or two, damn it.  He loves books, sits and 'reads' all the time, and is a little sponge that just wants to learn.

Well, better move on. I hope that all of you that are pregnant again are doing well and things are progressing nicely. I hope that those trying again get good news soon and I hope that everyone else is happy and cruising along.


#68 eidel

Posted 28 June 2011 - 07:43 AM

l!sa Thanks, exams were OK.  I get results next week, but not stressed about that.  Just happy to have a break and watch TV in the evenings without stressing about how far behind I am.  

Tammy How was your weekend in Geelong?  

ALM How's Amber after her spots?  Did you figure out what it was?

AFM It's Heidi's 4th birthday, almost to the minute (8.01am she was born).  She doesn't know it though, she thinks it was on Sunday when we had her birthday party.  I'm a bit disappointed at her party as one of her best friends' Mum put the date in her diary under July, not June, so forgot that it was on.  Anyway, can so understand the brain freeze!  Easy to do with 2 little kids.  Heidi didn't notice though as there were enough girls there to keep her entertained, and it was at a play centre so she was too busy running around in her tutu to notice.  

Elke is very funny now, her latest words are "I do it" which is very annoying, cause she says it all the time - trying to put her shoes on "I do it", putting her sleeping bag on "I do it", changing nappies "I do it".  This is far too early for independence.  Oh well, hopefully by the age 2, she'll be making herself cereal and turning on cartoons to let me sleep in the morning!  Dream on.  

Hope everyone else is well, would love to hear from Snickerdoodle, LisaT, Kazza, allthatjazz, GIO, Aiobhel (I saw you reading once, say hello!) and others that haven't been in for a while.

#69 tam1979

Posted 28 June 2011 - 03:57 PM

Lisa - thanks, my friend is doing really well so far  original.gif
I bet it is cold, it has been very cold here in Vic too although we have been lucky with having nice sunny days, still fresh but at least the sun is out. Starts getting cold around 3pm.

heidelke - weekend was good, busy but always is when you go away. Ah sad that heidi's friend did not make it too the party. Happy birthday to miss heidi  biggrin.gif

AFM - Arwen is getting very independant also, she has to feed herself all meals or we have major tantrums and food throwing  rolleyes.gif  She is really good at it though so I don't mind so much now, used to be a terrible mess as you can imagine.

I agree would be great to hear how those who have not been in for awhile are doing original.gif

#70 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 30 June 2011 - 10:35 PM


sorry no personals but thought quickly say hello before heading to bed while the going is good.

Amber is very miss independent, dislikes holding my hand when walking, unless she sees someone she is wary of.  since her last refusal of veggies she is feeding herself the foods she can pick up and has returned to eating all her veggies.  

Talking ~ only saying a handful of words, mum, dada, nana, baa, boo, sssh (will do the action of putting finger to mouth)

She loves painting, playing outside.

Her rash was just a viral infection so just had to ride it out.  Then last week we thought she got a dose of bacterial conjunctivitis after swimming and pharmarcist gave us some chlorsig drops.  Seemed to clear it up but I dont think it was conjunctivitis really.

DP been driving me crazy as he has had no work come his way for past fortnight.  If he is not whinging about it he is nagging at me or  wanting to know my full day itinenary.  In past week he has helped a little by doing the laundry but that has been it.  He finally got a job to go to which taken him away overnight so been able to relax without the spanish inquisitions.  I get a fortnight of him home again though before he has another job which will take him away for 7 days.

Well must go.  BBS.

#71 *~*ME*~*

Posted 02 July 2011 - 12:05 PM

Hello ladies original.gif

Tam, sorry to hear about your friend, thats sad sad.gif

christine, hope your exams went well, and i hope Heidi had a great birthday.

ALM, glad to hear rash wasnt anything serious, hope it didnt take too long to clear.

AFU we have been sick again, all of us... Miah had strep throat, and her asthmas playing up... i have had a cold or something i am still not 100% well... boys have been sick too.

Elias is now around 9kgs, he saw the dietician, hes eating a bit more now too, so hopefully he will gain a good amount of weight soon.

He is saying mum, dad, me, nana and ta, not much else.
He is so different to the other two kids, hes shy and clingy. he is also heaps more cuddly than the others ever were.

I Am 25 weeks now. time has flown, i am worried about elias when i am in hospital, hes such a baby still... anyways enough rambling from me

hope everyones well


#72 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 09 July 2011 - 10:12 PM

I am so over winter!!!

Bec/ME: Hope the next 15 weeks goes smoothly for you.  I can only just remember being 25 weeks with Amber but the labour/birth of her is still vivid in my mind it feels like just yesterday.  Sometimes I wish I could do it again but nno.gif it just not going to happen here (I hope it not).

Amber has had a cold for the past week thanks to mummy but I also think that childcare germs can be blamed as well.  I had a cold which inc severe sore throat a week ago and it a bit hard to not pass it on when I am in close contact with her 24/7.  She has passed it on to daddy.  She brought alot of the phlegm up today when she screamed and cried hysterically fighting against having her day sleep.  Hope that helped, sure it did as not as much snotty gobbles coming and not as rattly now.

Touch wood, Amber's night sleeps have been excellent for the past 3-4nights - sleeping through (even with the cold). I hope it continues.  hands.gif

Well going to have bit of me time before sleep beats me to it.

#73 *~*ME*~*

Posted 11 July 2011 - 08:00 AM

ALM, i so hear you we are sooooo ovver winter here too, been sick on and off for weeks.
I am still not 100%... and now its the holidays.

yay for Amber sleeping through, hope it continues for you, and i am sorry to hear she has been sick too.

#74 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 11 July 2011 - 10:55 PM

ddoh.gif I spoke too soon, the night of the last post when I spoke about amber sleeping through, the past 2 nights she has woken and I have not been able to return to my proper bed.

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Essential Baby and Essential Kids is the place to find parenting information and parenting support relating to conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids, maternity, family budgeting, family travel, nutrition and wellbeing, family entertainment, kids entertainment, tips for the family home, child-friendly recipes and parenting. Try our pregnancy due date calculator to determine your due date, or our ovulation calculator to predict ovulation and your fertile period. Our pregnancy week by week guide shows your baby's stages of development. Access our very active mum's discussion groups in the Essential Baby forums or the Essential Kids forums to talk to mums about conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids and parenting lifestyle. Essential Baby also offers a baby names database of more than 22,000 baby names, popular baby names, boys' names, girls' names and baby names advice in our baby names forum. Essential Kids features a range of free printable worksheets for kids from preschool years through to primary school years. For the latest baby clothes, maternity clothes, maternity accessories, toddler products, kids toys and kids clothing, breastfeeding and other parenting resources, check out Essential Baby and Essential Kids.