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February 08 Parents # 80

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#1 Sandra

Posted 18 April 2011 - 07:59 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 RedsGirl

Posted 19 April 2011 - 02:12 PM

Hi girls!!

Well, I have finished up work and not a moment too soon!! What a final fortnight.  Did I mention in my last post that the girl I work alongside put her surfboard fin through her leg and was off work for the 2 weeks before I leave and probably for another couple of weeks?  So i had to pick up her work, train up my replacement over the phone plus doing her notes etc, tidy my folders, clear out personal files etc. And they helpfully got on a marketing co-ordinator on a 3 month contract starting in my last week so  had to find time to show her the ropes too.  Its great she's there, but it was time I already didn't have.  i feel bad I didn't give her enough time but its an awkward position ...still, she's bright and I am sure will do well.

Saw the Obs this morning and she reckons bubs should be here within 2 weeks, cervix softening etc. Eeeeee!!!!  Am nesting big time, buying 'unecessary things' Red says, I say just trying to get organised and wade through all the crap we seem to accumulate.  I love how you get these urges to tidy and organise just when you are physically most incapable - its not fair!!!   Mime is all settled in her big girl room - shaped up nicely, and her old room is cleaned and readty to go.  Daylight savings threw her though, so in my last two weeks at work I was up at 5.30am every morning, on top of not being able to sleep that well and going to the loo 3 times anight = sooooo tired!!!   Am trying to re-train her, but its not easy now she has free reign!!

She came through her SA fine - lasted about a week.  But I think we now have a threenager who doesn't listen to a word I say AT ALL. Just as well we still have some gorgeous moments!!  

Holly - saw your holiday pics - it looked fabulous!!  I think its amazing that H looks just like you and P looks like your DH!!

Sary - are you having a par-tay for Macy's birthday -  how old is she now?? (please say 6 and not 7).

I see on FB that' Amanda's Elise is such a gorgeous girl!! There's a gorgeous pic of  her with the biggest smile...

Back to nesting for me - typing this and tidy our bombsite study at the same time (of course!).  Hope you are all well.

#3 babybump2

Posted 19 April 2011 - 07:53 PM

Oh Megan - soooooooo exciting!  Funny - you are so right about the nesting bit.  Funny ol hormones!  I remember being heavily pregnant with Beau on all 4's scrubbing away with a legal concoction of chemicals the floors of my house.  I was nuts!

Can't wait to find out what you are having!!  So nice to be able to cluck away through you girls that are having more  wink.gif happy.gif  

Yes you are right - Macy Moo will be 6.  We are *sort-of* having a party.  She was allowed to invite 5 friends, and we are taking them to the pantomime "The princess and the frog".  All the kids will be going in DH's Van (she is most excited about this!), and then I will take Beau and my parents in my car.  She has a new princess dress to wear and she has insisted we all dress up.  She has got a tiara for Grandma and a crown for Grandad!  She picked out a flower crown for me this afternoon.
happy.gif Should be fun!

Well the kids are sleeping over together... lots of giggles coming from Beau's room.  My Mum and Dad arrive tomorrow and Macy has graciously given up her room for them.  Ahhh the joys of a small home.

Yes Megan I agree too... thought the same thing about your kids Holly.  Hudson does look so much like you and Preston looks like your DH.  Saw the latest snaps of fb.  They are such cuties!!!  How are you Holly?

Claire - how are you tracking???

Well a quick hello!  Great to see you posting Megan... I will be  ph34r.gif for news!

Happy Easter everyone... hope everyone has a fun easter hunt with your babes!


#4 mygorgeousboy

Posted 23 April 2011 - 10:25 AM

Hi Girls,

Happy Easter Feb 08 Mummies and bubbies!!!!

Megan & Sary, Everyone says that H looks like me and P like DH......Its so funny. I look back on pics of H,  and i think the boys look alike. shrug.gif

So excited for you Megan. Not long now. Do you have a buddy to text the news??? I can PM you my number if you'd like? Can't wait to hear your name choice:)

Sary, Hows your visit going with your parents? I still can't believe Macy is 6!!!!!!! I remember you toilet traning her! ohmy.gif

Claire, How are you?

Yes, i have seen the gorgeous pics of Amanda and Elise. She is adorable and very much like Coen.

AFM, just loving life at the moment. My boys are so much fun and i love being with them everyday. DH is busy with work this weekend so we are having a quiet one. Going to a friends house tomorrow for a roast, mmmm!
Have a fabulous Easter xo

Edited by mygorgeousboy, 23 April 2011 - 10:26 AM.

#5 babybump2

Posted 25 April 2011 - 01:23 PM

Happy Easter lovely Mummies!

Hope everyone had fun with their kids and the Easter bunny!  Grom grom grom - got soooo much chocolate!  Eeeekkk not great for the hips - but YUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!

Had such a special time with my Mum and Dad... always get the guilts a bit - strike that - A LOT about robbing my parents of time with their grand kids by living on the other side of Australia!

Beau IDOLISES my Dad (his Grandad) and it was gorgeous to see them with both Macy and Beau.  A grandparents love is so strong - and the kids felt it and loved it!  

They flew home this morning... should be arriving to their home shortly... so having a bit of a sad day.  Not helped by DH in bed with the flu and sweat chills.  Poor guy!

Hope everyone has had a nice Easter??

Claire where are you?? Everything okay?

Megan - what date are you due??? Is it this week???  Hope you had a great Easter!

Holly - hope you had a great Easter and enjoyed the roast - mmmmmmm!  

So who else is posting in here these days???

Rebecca... how is your tribe going?? original.gif

Brooke - saw some milkshake photos on FB - the kids are super cute!

Amanda - cutest pics of Elise on FB.  Think Amanda might be just sticking to FB these days?!?

Well just a Happy Easter message to all the Feb Mummies!  Hope everyone is well!  xxx

#6 RedsGirl

Posted 26 April 2011 - 02:18 PM

Hi ladies,

Just quickly - I am due next Wednesday, however my doctor thought last Tuesday that things would happen sooner.  Me - I have no clue!!!

Holly - if you PM me your number I will add it to the list!!

Easter was a nice quiet day here too - the last couple of days have been nice quiet days at home just the three of us, relish it while we can hey!!

#7 babybump2

Posted 26 April 2011 - 07:54 PM

All the best for Wednesday next week Megan!  Will be thinking of you!!!

roll2.gif biggrin.gif  

Just had a funny moment with Beau.  He was sitting counting his fingers... going " one, two, three ughhh.  I will start again... one, two, three, four... ughhhh. I start again.  one, two, three, four, five, six!  There I did it!  Six for Daddy."

What are you doing Beau??

Counting six for Daddy.  Poor Daddy he is six...


Six for Daddy Beau?

"Yeah - you said Poor Daddy he is six"


Ha! No Beau I said poor Daddy is sick!!  happy.gif

#8 Tetinks

Posted 26 April 2011 - 08:48 PM

Hello girls

Just got back today from a trip to Melbourne - so tired! 1500km round trip, thank god for car dvd players. I got to meet my lovely little 3 week old nephew too, he's beautiful (and really chilled out to boot).

Megan I can't believe you are so close, that has flown by. Can't wait to hear your news.

Good to hear from the rest of you as well. Is it just 4 of us here now??!

Got my 20 week scan tomorrow and am really nervous. One of my blood from the 12 week scan was really wonky which raised my risk of Down Syndrome, so they will see if there are any soft markers. I have also stopped feeling much movement  sad.gif . Not sure what is going on. I know the baby is alive (I have a doppler and can hear the heart) so i really hope tomorrow puts my mind at ease a bit.

Kids are both good. DS is revealing his filthy temper - lucky he is so cute! DD is really growing up and her behaviour is so much better now too. I'm so proud of them and am enjoying them lots ATM.

Need to sleep, will pop back after my scan tomorrow. x

#9 mygorgeousboy

Posted 26 April 2011 - 09:11 PM

Good luck tomorrow Claire original.gif

Sary, Beau sounds super cute, how funny!

Megan, Oooohhhh so close. Will PM you my number!

I think it is just the 4 of us now!!! We really need a catch up. Once all of the babies are born of course, coz i love newborn snuggles!

My boys are also being super cute lately. P was 8 months old yesterday sad.gif growing up too fast. We are having his christening this Sunday and 41 people are coming..Ahhhh, DH has such a big family.  ohmy.gif
H is such a big boy now. Today he took himself off to the toilet and did a wee, washed his hands and put his undies and pants back on the "right" way! He was so stoked. I was such a proud Mama. I was feeding P at the time and H gave a running commentary as it happened laugh.gif .

Well I'm off to finish watching the "Queen".....I'm loving this Royal Wedding lead up. But i am a sucker for anything royal.  wink.gif
I'll check in tomorrow to see how your scan went Claire.

Night girls xox

#10 babybump2

Posted 27 April 2011 - 07:45 AM

All the best for the scan today Claire... will check later and see how you went.

#11 RedsGirl

Posted 27 April 2011 - 04:14 PM

Claire - I hope it all went well today.

FWIW - we haven't had a 12 week scan with either bub for our own reasons - for me, I am more scared of the things they can't test for, such as autism; Downs is not the worst thing I can think of but of course am now at the stage where I am wishing and hoping everything is OK.

Bloody hell, I broke another tooth last night, not sure how or when it happened, but I am off to the dentist AGAIN after seeing the Obs tomorrow morning.  This is my fourth trip in a month.

However, it was at this stage with Mime that my blood pressure shot up and I was told I woudl be induced, so will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.  No real signs of anything,  I lost some plug last week (no blood though) and have had a few niggly back pains and period type pains (not even pains really - very mild) and that's about it.  My reflux is in overdrive and I go to the toilet about 25 times a day but hat is normal.

Claire - I had to laugh about Tom's bad temper.  Mimie is well and truly a threenager at the moment.  Completey ignores me, and bursts into tears when she doesn't get her own way.  Very strong willed and very naughty!!!  And when she wakes up from her afternoon nap, she is very grumpy and does nothing but grunt for quite a while. Makes me laugh!

Holly - me too - ts been a long time since a good royal wedding, I love it!!!  its funny watching the body language expert comparing Chuck and Di to these guys - its now so obvious looking back  how reticent Charles was, but I was only 8 so of course was only  interested in the gorgeous princess bride!!

#12 Tetinks

Posted 27 April 2011 - 08:04 PM

Hi girls

Do you all still have the blog address? I posted about the scan there  grin.gif

Megan I agree with there being far more scary things than DS. a DS diagnosis wouldn't change the outcome for us, but i would like to be prepared... as much as you can be. I'm sure your wee bub is just fine. Can't wait to hear all about him/her. How are you going with boy's names?
I think it is just the 4 of us now!!! We really need a catch up.

That would be brilliant! Possible too since we all south-east australia.

I'm excited about the royal wedding too - getting caught up in the hype! mum and my sis are coming over to watch it fri night, i'm going to make some totally lame wedding cookies  laughing2.gif

Sary how's Beau? I saw your FB update - eek!

#13 RedsGirl

Posted 28 April 2011 - 03:39 PM

Ohhhhhh- because you found out didn't you!!!!!!!

I know what you mean about being preapred - my best friend has a little boy with Downs and they had no idea until he was born and as much as they love  him, it was a big shock and lots of learning to do. I also have an aunt with DS, so i grew up around it (she lived with my grandparents until they passed - rare for those days - and we spent a lot of time there as kids).

So, my tooth is dead and i will need root canal  post-baby cry1.gif  and I'm being induced on Monday  ph34r.gif

ETA - congrats Claire !!! Now for the name hey......

Edited by RedsGirl, 28 April 2011 - 03:44 PM.

#14 mygorgeousboy

Posted 29 April 2011 - 10:34 AM

Megan, You poor thing. I hate sore teeth, its the pits! but Ohhhhhh so exciting to have a date. Hows your BP?

Claire, so exciting for you  wink.gif

Sary, Hows your littlies? 2nd term of school already. Wow!

Well we are flat out today and tomorrow getting ready for the christening. Getting my hair done today!

For those of you watching the royal wedding, what channel are you going to watch? My DH and BIL (that is currently staying for the christening weekend) are so excited and can't wait....NOT!!!! I say suck it up boys, its a piece of history! biggrin.gif

Glad to see you girls posting. Have a great weekend and Megan you rest up and enjoy your last weekend as a family of 3 original.gif

#15 babybump2

Posted 29 April 2011 - 12:39 PM

Happy Royal Wedding Day!!!!!

Macy and I are so excited we are busting!

She wants me to wear my wedding dress and she is dressing up as a princess.  Yep pretty much the same in our household... the boys really really really don't get it!  

We were invited to a royal party tonight to celebrate... everyone supposed to wear something regal - however we can't make it as my POOR DH HAS PNEUMONIA!!!!  Feeling awful as I thought he was just fighting the flu.  But yesterday took him to the docs as he just wasn't improving and bed ridden ALL week!  He is now on penicillin and the turn around today is quite remarkable.  He is still not great but out of bed at least!

I am quite exhausted as I kept checking he was breathing all last night.  Stripped the bed covers for the 4th time yesterday and then this morning Beau crawled into bed with me and had an accident in our bed!  Ughhh!

Oh Megan - that is rotten about your tooth!  I hate the dentist!  Must go and get my trouble spots looked at one of these days.  Ooooohhhh Monday!!!!!  eeeeee very very exciting!  Can't wait to hear your news.  Wishing you all the best!

Claire - awesome news!   wink.gif  happy.gif  

Holly... I will be thinking of you and Megan watching the wedding too!   happy.gif And  your getting your hair done!  Great!  Is this Preston's christening?? Did I miss that post?  You will have to put pics up.

Yessss slipping back into second term.  Only been a 3 day week this week and I am exhausted... Swimming after school, ballet after school, drop offs pick ups, nursing a sick husband!  Tiring week!

Macy is doing okay.  Wobbly moment yesterday morning.  I took her to school on my own as Beau was at kinder.  She held onto my hand so tight and started the "I'm going to miss you so much...."  But she ended up having a happy day.  Worst bit is I miss her soooo much and trying not to really let her know.

Enjoy the wedding lovelies!!! xxx

#16 RedsGirl

Posted 30 April 2011 - 04:48 PM

hi gals, looks like I am having a hind water leak so in theory anything could happen at any time!!!  have been in today for a check (confirmed it was amniotic) and a trace - bub is fine but i don't think they like to  leave these things too long.  My Obs is of course off duty this weekend, so if its in the next day or so she misses out!  I am due back at 8am tomorrow.

How lovely was the wedding?  She looked absolutely gorgeous. I had a wee tear, esp when he whispered to her that she looked beautiful.  Wasn't keen on Pippa also looking like a bride though  glare.gif

#17 Tetinks

Posted 01 May 2011 - 01:42 PM

Ahhh Megan, so exciting!!! I reckon you will be holding your baby this time tomorrow. Eeeeeee!!!!!!!

#18 babybump2

Posted 02 May 2011 - 07:48 AM

Thinking of you Megan and wondering if you are holding your little baby now!!!!!

All the best!

Waiting for the news xxx

#19 babybump2

Posted 03 May 2011 - 11:22 AM

Just checking on baby news!

#20 mygorgeousboy

Posted 03 May 2011 - 02:37 PM

Me too!!!!

Thinking of you Megan x

#21 RedsGirl

Posted 05 May 2011 - 09:53 AM

Hi girls,

VERY please to advised that Tabitha Pearl was born at 2.18pm on Sunday, 1 May after what became an augmented labour due to PROM (so they tell me!!)  Sounds more serious than it felt and all went really well, she was 3.73 kgs and 50cms long. Labour was only 2.5 hours form teh time contractions started, so quite fast and would have been shorter had I not had an epi and teh OBs had been a bit earlier! She's a real cutie too.

Arrived home yesterday and so now all the fun of broken sleep etc begins - at least this time I know there is an end at some stage!! Main issue is breastfeeding (what else) not so much her, but I am once again getting that toe curing, need to bite down on something pain. I don't want to give up, but after a particulalrly bad feed yesteday whre I thought I was going to black out, I was all but ready to throw in the towel.  I had this with Jemima too and it eventually goes away, but I had forgotten how bad it can be.  Iam off to a lactation clinic tomorrow morning and in the meantime have been advised to express and rest the nipples.  So that is what I am off to do now!  i was so hoping it would be easier this time, given Mimie and I had long BF relationship  - and that spurs me on too because I know how lovely and how convenient it is.  i think it is attachment - my large boobs and her tiny mouth, plus i don't think she is opening wide enough so need some tips there.  Ahhh, anywyay if we can get this fixed up I can cope with no sleep no worries!

Mimie is very excited, but it will be interesting times when it is just us three girls at home!!

#22 mygorgeousboy

Posted 05 May 2011 - 10:30 AM

Awwwwww Megan, Congratulations on the birth of Tabitha Pearl. What a lovely name, such a great sib set original.gif

I know what you mean about the BF. You really do forget how ouchy it can be. With Preston the pain stopped at about 1 week so hang in if you can. Its great that your going to see a lac consultant.

Am just about to run out the door, can't wait to see some pics of your baby girl when you get the chance.

Enjoy being a Mama of two! wink.gif

#23 babybump2

Posted 05 May 2011 - 12:21 PM


Welcome home little Tabitha!
wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif   her name!  Sooooooo cute!

Can't wait to see some pics Megan!

Ouuucccchhh I can still remember the pain of wrong attachment!  Eeek!  But yessss once it is all sorted it is so worth it.

Wow - what a short labour!  Well done!

Congratulations to all of you!  Big hugs to Mimie on becoming a big sis!  

Look forward to hearing updates when you can


#24 Tetinks

Posted 05 May 2011 - 02:06 PM

Oooh Megan CONGRATS!!!! And welcome to the world wee Tabitha! What a beautiful name, i love it.

I hope the BF improves Megan, we had lots of probs with Tom too but they did eventually clear up.

Would love to see pics when you get a spare min... whenever that may be!

#25 mygorgeousboy

Posted 05 May 2011 - 02:50 PM

Claire, I was in the baby name section this morning and noticed your post. FWIW i love Annabel. I think its such a pretty name and goes beautifully with your other kiddies. I also love Lucas. Either way, win win!!!!!!  biggrin.gif

So i rang a few preschools today to find out where H is on the waiting lists. Looks like the best preschool is full up until next year sad.gif. There is another one that isn't too bad that has a vacancy but i just don't know what to do now?????
I'm not working at the moment but i really think he needs to go IYKWIM. Some days he seems bored at home and can get quite naughty. I feel so guilty.
We are starting kindy gym classes tomorrow. He should like it. Lots of jumping, rolling, swinging etc!

P had a fabulous christening on Sunday. It was a lovely day and of course he looked gorgeous. I will post some pics on the blog when i get a chance. I haven't even uploaded them yet.

Megan, How long is Red having off work? Is Mimie still going to her "work"?

Sary, Hope you are all travelling well. Is your DH feeling better?

Anyone doing anything excited for Mothers day? Unfortunately DH is working so its just me and the boys at home but we might go and have a milkshake at the park if its not too cold.

Claire, We took the boys to Weston Park last week. H loved it and had a few goes on the train. Now that we have found it i can't wait to take the boys there in summer. Although i am terrified of birds/ducks and was screaming like a baby when a huge duck jumped on our table. DH was totally embarrassed while i was running up the hill holding P with a bloody huge duck waddling after us! blush.gif

Greys Anatomy tonight..Woohoo- Anyone else a fan? original.gif

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