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February 08 Parents # 80

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#26 Tetinks

Posted 05 May 2011 - 03:00 PM

Thanks Holly! I think Annabel is our frontrunner  original.gif

So glad you liked Weston Park! It's wonderful. Did H have a go on the diggers in the sandpit? It's really lovely during Summer.

Could you send H to a day of daycare, or join a playgroup while you decide about pre-school? Kindygym should be good, DD would love that.

DD's pre-school enrollment is Monday. Parents line up from 6am  wacko.gif  so it's pretty competitive. I really want DD to get in though, as it's right near home (walking distance) and is attached to the primary school I want her to go to (they have the same principal, use the same library, and even go to some of their assemblies).

No real plans for Mothers Day but i think we might go out for brekky/brunch somewhere. There's a new yummy cafe that has opened nearby and they are very kid-friendly, so maybe there.

Greys Anatomy tonight..Woohoo- Anyone else a fan?

I've lost touch with Greys. I do watch it when i can though - will tonight as DH is away for work so the tv is all mine mwahahaha.

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#27 mygorgeousboy

Posted 05 May 2011 - 07:47 PM

I have been meaning to say Claire, that if you ever decide to go into business with your sewing i would SO buy from you. Those coats are just adorable and the sleeping bag is super cute and looks so warm.
Oh how i wish i could sew.......I can't even sew a button on blush.gif

Good luck getting Miss E into preschool on Monday. What a great preschool. It sounds perfect for getting them ready for school the next year.

#28 babybump2

Posted 05 May 2011 - 08:01 PM

Heya chickies!

Greys - yippeee!!! it is my weekly indulgence.  DH just doesn't get it!  huh.gif But I looooovvve it!  Enjoy Holly!

We are on the up - I think/hope!  DH went back to work this week - so yay!  Still dramas with his back - but I won't talk about it as I am soooo over talking about/hearing.  Trying not to sound heartless and unsympathetic!  Eeek!

We haven't got much planned for Mother's day.  Macy is pretty excited though as she got the opportunity to buy a present for me at school on the Mother's day stall.  She made me go to another room whilst she showed DH and she is currently meant to be asleep but keeps saying how she is too excited to go to sleep.  Bless!  How many more years do you think she will be excited about Mother's day??!  I will cherish it while she does!  wink.gif happy.gif

Claire - very cute names!  Gorgeous!

Not much to report here... just feeling a bit like a mouse in one of those wheels.  I feel like I never stop at the moment... running to get kids out the door each morning... running to kinder.... running to pick up from kinder... running to pick up from school... running to swimming lessons... running to ballet lessons... running to the supermarket... running running running....  Life is so busy these days!

Oh but a happy story. I found an iphone today on the side of the road.  Waited for it to ring as they had a lock so I could look through the contacts.  Answered "hello lost phone".  The lady was SOOOOOO relieved!  And I now have a beautiful bunch of flowers on my table for a thank you  original.gif

#29 gasgirl

Posted 06 May 2011 - 02:43 PM

Hello girls, hope you are all well
just popping in to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Megan, and welcome to the world Tabitha!!
cheers KIrsty and Bethan

#30 RedsGirl

Posted 08 May 2011 - 11:46 AM

Oh thanks Kirsten - i hope you guys are all well also!!

Missy gave me a big chunk of sleep las tnight, so feeling pretty good today - one of those every few nights would be nice. Its amazing how much better I am coping on broken sleep this time around - anyone else find that?  Oh and anyone care to share settling techniques for a new born?  We are doing our best, but its a bit ht and miss and was hoping someone had something they foung effective and how long it took to work.

B/fing seems to be settling now - right boobie still a bit sore but better than it was and we are attaching well now and sheis having  20 min feeds, so it really is just my pink bits and celtic skin - hopefully we'll be all toughened up nicely in the next week or 2.

I'll pop some pics up this week I promise, she is gorgeous and very like her big sister at the same age.   Red has 2 more weeks off and  yes,Mimie will still go to work. I might wait until Tabithat is more settled and a routine starts to form before we drop MImie back a day. I want her routine to stay as much the same as possible - only thing that might change is red's parents as they used to come here for the day, and now I don't see the point (nor do I want their company for a day) when I will be at home.

Speaking of the outlaws, we wanted to stay at home have a quiet one today, but invited our parents over for afternoon coffee. After asking his parents twice with the response they'd get back to us (er, OK, Red is an only child and when we ask what you are doing normally in conversation the response is always NOTHING), Red speaks to her this morning and she says no, she doesn't want to come as a trip over here is for a special occasion.  WHAT???  Seeing your two grandaughters and your son on Mother's Day is not a special occasion?? And turning up last week completely unannounced for a 1.5 hour long visit to Jemima - where was the special occasion in that? ? I am so over her - she is a cold, hurtful b**ch with a whole lot of joy missing form her life. Buggered if I will pander to her and her effed up moods anymore. Reminds me of the time she declined an invite to our place for BBQ for Red's birthday, becaude she had housework to do - and this is when they lived a 5 walk around the corner.  I was pondering what has happened to her that has made her such a miserable b**ch. She has a great life, they retired over 10 years  go, have great o/s trips, Red's Dad dotes on her (god knows why) live in a  ice apartment near the water, she does jack sh*t all day and has a great son who they should take such joy in considering he survived a very serious childhood cancer.

Oh god, sorry about that - she makes me SO MAD.  Red is right p*ssed off with her too which is saying something as usually he is quite defensive. I'll leave it there as this is meant to be a happy day!

Claire - is Annabel the front runner?? I love it - was on my list for a long time.

Sary - glad to hear DH is on the mend.  Goodness, must make having a job where there is paid leave/sick leave etc seem a bit more attractive.  Must be hard working for yourself, even though there are a lot of benefits to that also but where you get a bad run its tough. Esp if you try to keep working when you shouldn't  ph34r.gif  .

Sorry about the rant, esp on Mother's Day.

On that note, a very happy mother's day to some great Mums!!  I hope you all are having a great day!!!

Megan xx

#31 tortagianduia

Posted 12 May 2011 - 09:23 AM

Hi girls!

Elise turned 6mo yesterday, which made me realise how little I have posted in the past 6m ohmy.gif  It is great that I can 'see' you all on FB, but I do miss it in here and must make more of an effort.

Megan, congratulations on the birth of little Tabitha Pearl - love the name wub.gif !!! bbabyflip.gif babygirl.gif  Wow on the quick labour!  Hope the bf'ing is getting a little easier for you.  

Claire, Annabel and Lucas are both gorgeous names.  Just checked the blog - exciting!!!

I need to spend some time reading back a bit and catching up on what everyone is up to...

We took little miss to the GP yesterday for her vaccinations.  According to the nurse's measurements, she is the exact same length she was at 4mo huh.gif, and all she said was she is 'growing well'.  Admittedly, that measurement still puts her between the 90th and 95th percentile for a 6mo, but I would think there'd be some concern if she seriously hadn't grown for 2m.  Anyway, I am not worried as I think the measurement was just dodgy.  Waiting for her to wake up so I can re-measure her myself.  I am still just breastfeeding, but am planning to start Elise on solids this week.  She is such a happy little baby, though she has been a little grumpier than usual last few days - maybe getting another tooth?  She has 2 already, got them at around 5mo, which I was surprised by as Coen didn't get his first tooth until he was 10mo, and I think Jordan was about the same.  And she's been a bit more off since her needles.  Elise is sitting beautifully now, and of course has been rolling for awhile, not trying to crawl (yet).

Coen is great, though I wish he wasn't so damn loud!  He often wakes Elise during the day, with the result that she doesn't get as much sleep as I think she should during the day.  

I am starting to worry a bit about going back to work.  I am not actually due to return until October, but was hoping to maybe delay it until January.  Haven't talked to my manager about that yet.  Mum is going in for a knee replacement next month, so I don't know whether she will be up to minding both the little ones like she used to mind Coen on Tuesday afternoons, so that makes things a bit trickier too (though could make for a good excuse for delaying my return to work).  I really really wish I had the option of not going back, but I know we can't afford that sad.gif.

And DH and I have decided to start ttc again (or at least to not prevent getting pg at this stage).  I don't know if we're mad - possibly.  But I am turning 37 next month, and just don't feel like I have time on my side.  

Hope everyone is going welll.  Will try and post again soon!


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#32 RedsGirl

Posted 16 May 2011 - 11:28 AM

Amanda - so nice to see you in here - and TTC agian!!!  Good for you.  Elise loosklike a gorgeous girl - I can't beleive she's 6 months already.  How's it all beeen goign with her?  And how was Coen when she was new?

Mimie's been acting up a bit, such a huge change for her and even more so when Red goes back to work next week - although the ignoring me thing has been going on a while.  I just wish Red had a job where he was here at dinner time every night! I am quietly freaking out completey, but I know I have to do it - there is no other option!!  Also completely forgotten what to do with a newborn when they start getting more wakeful.  Ahhhh, i just want to fast forward to the point where things are more predictable and the hard stuff is over!

Feeding is OK - the other boob is sore now, but not as bad as it was so just waiting for them to toughen up and then we should be on the right track.  Tabitha is a good feeder, seems to get what she needs much faster than Mimie ever did!  Nurse came last Friday and she's nearly 4kgs now, so went from 3.7 to 3.5 and back up to 3.9 something.  

I've flagged PND with both her and the GP but apparently my high dose of Oroxine for my thyroid could actually be causing the anxiety etc that feel like PND to me - in fact from what I have read it could have ben my (the undiagnosed) thyroid issue last time also!  weird.  So have adjusted my dose and will do a blood test in a month or so and we shall see.  The GP and I agreed to wait until Tabby gets to 6 weeks to see if things have levelled out a bit.  Would have gotten through the first few weeks of being stay-at-home-mum to 2 also by then.

Hope everyone else is doing well!!

#33 tortagianduia

Posted 16 May 2011 - 04:02 PM

Thanks Megan!  I'm biased of course but think Elise is super cute!  We neeeed more pics of Tabitha!!!  

Re. what Coen was like...  When Elise was born, Coen was definitely out of sorts to start with.  We'd tried to prepare him as much as we could - he came along to all the scans, we talked about the baby constantly, what the baby would be like, what he was like when he was first born, watched videos of births, babies breastfeeding, looked at newborn pics of him, etc., but I guess nothing can really prepare them for the reality of a baby in the house.  I had hoped to have a short stay in hospital like I did with him (just overnight), but it didn't work out that way because of Elise needing IVABs after inhaling meconium.  When he came to see her / me on the day she was born, he didn't want to be at the hospital (which was weird, as I work at a hospital and he has been in there several times with no dramas), and on the first day, Hans wanted to take him to see his sister in SCN, but he refused.  Next day, I think he did go see her, but wasn't overly interested.  He was very very upset that I couldn't go home with him and had to stay in hospital.  He stayed with Mum on the night before I had Elise (I had been called in for induction).  Then Hans wanted to take him home the next night, and they left my room, and then Mum insisted in the carpark she'd take Coen.  Then I think she still wanted to keep Coen the following day when Elise and I were allowed to go home, but we insisted he needed to come home and spend time with Elise and get used to things.  He didn't want to come home, he wanted to stay with Grandma  sad.gif .  When we got home, I just felt everything was different and would never be the same, that I had made some huge mistake having another baby, it was awful.  It probably took a few days for him to settle back down.  Mum offered to take him again, and I told her 'no' in no uncertain terms, as I felt that would just unsettle him again.  

It was good while Hans was home, as although I couldn't always pay attention to Coen when he wanted, he had Hans there.  And then when Hans returned to work, Jordan was home on holidays.  I did dread when I would be left with just Coen and Elise on my own - mostly because he is so noisy and boisterous and often wakes Elise or unsettles her just as I am getting her settled.  At least with someone else home, I could get them to keep him company doing something at the other end of the house.

Things have settled now, and he has come to accept that Mum can't always go and do things for him straight away, he needs to wait.  I think he might have initially had his nose a bit out of joint, but he seems more settled in his place in the family now.  He kisses and cuddles his sister, sometimes he's a little too rough, but he means well.  If she is crying, he often tries to cheer her up.

But as you say, it is an enormous change for them, from being the 'one and only' (of the little people in Coen's case, as there is Jordan too, but Jordan is almost an adult now - 16yo!), to having to share their parents' attention with this new little being that takes a lot more attention.  And it is hard when you are trying to deal with it on little sleep.  Hopefully once Red is back at work, you, Mimie and Tabitha will get into a bit of a routine and that will help with Mimie?  I hope things settle with Mimie soon.  Is she ignoring you when you ask her to do stuff?  Is she better for Red?  

What to do with Tabitha now she is waking up more - does she have an activity mat?  Bouncer with toys on it?  That sort of thing?  We have a rocker that we are still using where Elise can sit and play with a toy while I am getting on with things.

Are you using Lansinoh?  Apparently the hydrogel pads are good too if you pop them in the fridge (I haven't tried them myself).  I didn't think I'd go through too much with sore nipples, as I fed Coen for over 2 years, only weaned when I was about 24 weeks pregnant, but no, I went through all the usual pain of the first few weeks too.  But like you, just kept reminding myself it does get better eventually!

Yay on Tabitha's weight!  And that is interesting about the Oroxine possibly causing anxiety.  At least you know what to look out for with the PND, so if things do seem to be starting, you can get on top of it.

I can't believe Elise is 6 months old.  It just seems to have flown past.  I tried her with solids for the first time last night and it was a dismal failure.  I had steamed and pureed some pumpkin, and loosened the texture up with some of the water from the steamer's drip tray.  She hated it.  Spat everything back out, wouldn't open her mouth for more.  Sigh.  I guess I'd care less if it was Mr. Heinz's efforts being rejected.  I was going to try her again at lunch time today, but I couldn't face it, so might leave it for a day and try again tomorrow.  Early days yet, I know.

Anyway, hope everyone is going well!

#34 RedsGirl

Posted 23 May 2011 - 10:34 AM

Hi again, I was hoping someone else would pop in between me and Amanda!!

Amanda - thanks for your post.  Mimie seems OK - she was playing up a bit before the bub got here, and to be honest her behaviour doesn't seem too connected to Tabitha's arrival - I think she is just figuring it all out and she is also just being a 3yo - pushing boundaries, exploring etc.  Red is my worry. He is very hard on her (jemima) and she is at a stage where she cries a lot if she gets into trouble.  Problem is, he thinks everything she does is 'naughty' but sometimes she is just being 3 FGS and IMO he is too rough with her.  He actually seems to be not his normal self, usually he's so good with Mimie .

Feeding is OK - although Missy was a bit fussy last couple of feeds and didn't seem to tkae much - I wonder if she is figuring out how much she wants in a day?  She still goes off to sleep happily enough and filling her nappies, so not sure.  We gave her a bottle of formula the other day as we are keen for tabitha to take a bottle from time to time and at this stage I am not expressing much.  i felt SO BAD but i think overall it will be good for me, relieve some of the anxiety if we are out and about and it is really nice for Red to be able to feed her too.  My prference is for EBM, but we'll just see how we go.  I am aiming to get to see Mary Poppins in about 4 weeks time, so will try and get some EBM in the freezer for then etc.  

Anyway, day 1 for Red back at work.  Mimie is with her Nana until nap time (2pmish). Intersting times ahead!

Oh and in domestic news, we'd jsut had paving done down the side of our place - usually its a weed wasteland - red's parents put crushed granite down when they lived here and what a nightmare.  It went mouldy  (it doesn't get much sunlight esp in winter), grew weeds and because it slopes it used to wash the littel rocks down to other parts of the yard when it rained.  It looks SO much nicer now - we both agree we shouls have done it agggggges ago.  Plus its a nice usable space now - good for Mimie to ride her bike now.  Will be nice once we hit springtime and us girls can hang out outside

#35 babybump2

Posted 23 May 2011 - 10:58 AM

Sip.... ahhhhhh.... good coffee!  Just made a latte and sat down to enjoy it and was so excited to see someone had posted in here!  happy.gif

Hi girls!   waves.gif

AMANDA YOU'RE BACK!!!  tthumbs.gif Great to see you posting again.  It's lovely getting to see the pics on facebook.  But I love it in here as we can all chat! original.gif  And TTC again!!!  Whooohooooo!!!!

Megan - sounds like you are doing really well.  And good on you for getting the bottle sorted so you can get some time away.  I think with #2 you are so much more aware how little time you get - and how much you need!  So good on you!

As for the 3 year old stuff... I hear you I hear you I hear you!  DH is the same - he is SO tough on Beau!  We actually had a big fight about it last week.  He is so much tougher on Beau than he EVER was with Macy.  Macy is a great kid - now - but geez she had her fair share of 3 year old moments.  I keep reminding him of this and that you can't compare a 6 year old to a 3 year old! I think he has forgotten.  Sometimes I think he is harder on Beau because he is a boy too.  Don't get me wrong - he is a beautiful man and a wonderful father - but just tougher.  Beau is ALL about, "Mamma" too and I think this really hurts his feelings.  I keep reminding him that in a few years it will probably be all about him... (that's what the books say anyway).

This weekend we had more chats about Beau and I asked DH to spend the weekend trying to catch Beau doing good things.  Not to focus on the bad.  I would deal with them when he did them - but for him just to focus on all the great things he does.  And I also sent him off with Beau on Sunday to do his "make up swim class", and I sent DH with Beau to a party he had to go to.  Trying to strengthen their relationship a bit.  And it seemed to help a bit.  

Beau wants me to put him to bed every night and every evening it is DH turn - he makes such a song and dance!  Ughhhh tough!

Well I was wanting to do a decent post - I have a lil friend of Beau's over for a play.  But Beau has come out saying, "He doesn't want to be my friend anymore!"  Ahhh the drama!

Claire - hope little Tom is okay now?!  What a scare for you!

Holly - hope all is well with your gorgeous boys??

Hello all... sorry to cut short....


#36 mygorgeousboy

Posted 28 May 2011 - 02:21 PM

Hi Girls,

I have been very slack with posting, but not much to report here.

Both boys are going great. H started one day a week of FDC last week, and he loved it. He knows the carer from when i was working so it wasn't a huge thing for him. He will continue doing 1 day a week with her until he starts preschool next year. But boy did i miss him. The house was extremely quiet and P was looking for him everywhere original.gif.

P is standing and cruising furniture now. He is growing up way too fast. sad.gif

Well just a quick post to let you know we are still alive and well. Happy Saturday night girls xo

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#37 babybump2

Posted 31 May 2011 - 08:48 AM

Hello lovelies...

How is everyone?  what's the latest?

Claire - have you been jetsetting??

Holly - have you been having romantic dinners with your hubby?

Megan - how is little Tabitha going??

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Amanda - how is it all going???


I am at home with 2 sickies today.  Macy and I both have middle ear infections and Beau has a chesty cough.  Ahhhh dreaming of living in a warmer climate... or being on a tropical beach somewhere!

Dream dream dream!

Hope everyone is well... come chat and alleviate my sick day boredom!!! x

#38 mygorgeousboy

Posted 31 May 2011 - 10:46 AM

Sary, I WISH it was a romantic dinner for two, but unfortunately it was for DH's Nanna's 80th bday dinner in Wollongong! It was a lovely night though and we had a yummy dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Yucky sickness is going through this household too. Both boys have colds, H isn't too bad now but P is miserable and is getting 4 teeth too! Oh man i hate teething. We all had a shocking night last night with P awake every couple of hours and waking H too. Ahhhhh!

On a brighter note, we are off to my Mum and Dad's this weekend. My Dad turned 60 on Saturday and he is having a party this weekend. I am really looking forward to going home and seeing everyone.  biggrin.gif

Claire, Your shopping effort- VERY impressive! Hows your baby bump?

Megan, Would love to see some pics of your girls original.gif (When you get the chance, of course)

Amanda, Great to see you posting again. Hows your kiddies?

My littlest boy was 9 months last week. I can't believe how quick time is going. sad.gif ANyway i'm off to do a quick grocery shop. xox

#39 Tetinks

Posted 31 May 2011 - 07:39 PM

I am a crap Feb mummy! Give me a couple of hours and I will be back with a proper update xx

#40 Tetinks

Posted 31 May 2011 - 10:11 PM

righteo, i'm back  original.gif

welcome back Amanda! very exciting about TTC again. i hope it's a quick journey for you. Love seeing all your pics on FB.

Megan, i'm a bit late but OMG your MIL! How are you going with 2 littlies? Hope all is well and the feeding is going okay. E was v unsettled when we brought T home. she didn't want a bar of me for ages and it broke my heart. Things returned to normal though.

And yes, we have chosen Annabel (and Lucas if it's a boy)  wink.gif

It's interesting reading about the DHs being hard on the 3 year olds. We have been through this too, but i felt it was both of us being too hard. we have changed our approach a bit and it seems to be working. E seems to have definite phases - a few days of sunshine and lollipops, then a few days of terror.

Sary hope you and the kiddos are feeling better soon. Being sick is awful without having to care for sick kids too.

Holly - can't believe P is nine months already - that FLEW by! sounds like he will be an early walker too?

AFM, lots going on here. T has been really sick. His asthma has been pretty uncontrollable and we've ended up in the ER with attacks we can't control - that's never happened before. His O2 levels were down in the 80s  sad.gif After the last serious bout of it he was put on prednisolone, which worked amazingly well, but he is off it now and has been going downhill since the weekend. i really, really hate it. just want my wee man to be well.

I went to hong kong last week  ph34r.gif  I was very close to not going but T's health picked up at just the right time. it's a long story but my mum and sister go there regularly for buying trips (+ china and japan - they own a few businesses) and have been hassling me to go with them for ages. A few months ago DH decided i should go this time, as it would be my last chance for quite a while (with the third trimester and baby #3 rapidly approaching). Airpoints paid for the fares and the business paid for the accomm, so i went. i missed the kids terribly but we skyped every day, and it was so nice to get away from the stress i've been having lately. i still feel guilty for going, even for just 4 nights, but at the same time am glad i did it.

E is going ok, although she's having a few dramas with her bestie moving up north. we have had many, many tears and it breaks my heart. she's been saying she doesn't want any friends other than J and refusing to play with her other friends. it's really awful. i think we are starting to get somewhere though, this week she has been playing with new friends at daycare, although tonight she ended up in tears again as it was princess day at daycare and she thought J would have loved it and should have been there.

Pregnancy wise all seems pretty good. i have to have a few extra scans this time around to make sure this one's growth isn't restricted. it certainly doesn't feel restricted, i am huge. 24 weeks now and i'm very excited about the future. E is also super excited, i think this will be a really positive thing for her.

gotta go girls, so tired. hope you're all well. xx

#41 RedsGirl

Posted 05 June 2011 - 10:55 AM

Hi ladies

Claire - that is some impressive shopping.  I am glad you went and had a good time - its a catch-22 isn't it - you want the break but miss the little one's terribly - but remember, happywife, happylife. I think sometimes we forget we are our own person too.  Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. But poor little Tom.  i remember his first year, when you were worried because he was sick a lot.  It must be awful.  Silly question probably, but does the cold Canberra winter contribute do you think??   i don't really know too much about asthma and what triggers it.

Sary & Holly - yuck!! Poor you guys with sicky houses. We've just got through colds here - luckily the LO missed out but Red was sick for most of his time off work so he spent more time in bed resting than me  rolleyes.gif !  

AFM - things here are good. I don't feel in the grip if PND like I did last time - i still have my moments, but I think its more loneliness than full-on PND this time - given I am such a social thing at work - open plan, , always chatting etc etc its such a change to be in a quiet house with only me and a newborn who is still pretty uncommunicative at this point.  Have managed two weeks of two girls at nighttime - dinner, bathing, etc  - although its more by luck than design given TP has no routine as yet - although she goes down for bed between 7.30 and 8.30pmish and is only waking once a night for a feed, so that's pretty good. Mimie is being a good girl - apart from the constant reminders to be GENTLE she has not really shown any signs of jealousy in fact is very happy to help and entertain the baby.

Holly - 9 months!! wow!!  And I was freaking because this first 5 weeks has flown by... in fact got  bit teary this morning as I know I will be looking back at this time in the not too distant future and thinking how fleeting it was/is that they are so tiny (even though its hard work!!).

Feeding is going well now- by golly she is faster than Mimie ever was - like 30 mins all over red rover! TP is nearly out of 4 zeros and we have some smiles now too.  Hoing for some baby babble in the next couple of weeks!!

jemima and her dad are off at Yo Gabba Gabba today  - I am so excited for her - this was a treat for being a wonderful big sister but I think she was just as excited about the train ride into town ha ha.

Hope everyone is well.. and lurgies have passed once again!!

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#42 babybump2

Posted 09 June 2011 - 03:19 PM

Hey girls!  waves.gif

Megan - sounds like things are going well!  Would love to see some snaps when/if you get a chance.  Jemima going to Yo gabba gabba sounds cute!  And her being excited about the train trip. Gorgeous!  I took Beau Friday last week on a train ride into the city.  I had major cabin fever after a week of keeping Beau home - so we ventured out.  He LOVED IT!

Claire - your trip to Hong Kong sounds fantastic!  And well deserved too!  Hope you are feeling well with your pregnancy too.

Holly - hoping the snots have now passed for you?

Hello everyone else!!

Macy is off tomorrow with a pupil free day - before the l-o-n-g weekend!  I think she needs the break too.  Pretty tired with the usual school stuff and getting over a cold.  She is LOVING school though - which is fantastic.  I had to force her to have time off last week when she was sick.  This week she was asked to go and show her writing to the principal as they said she did so well.  She was really proud!  Her reading is just amazing to watch - and amazing to see how quickly she is learning and growing up!  sniff sniff!

I am pretty tired... Beau is still getting up every night - yawn!!!  Wanting cuddles.  *sigh!*  He is still snotty and got a cough... seems to take forever to be clearing up - and he has been on a/bs for a week now!

Not much to report really - just checkin in to say hi!  x

Oooohhh and heading out for a date with my hubby tomorrow!  oooohhhhh llove.gif I'm excited!

#43 tortagianduia

Posted 13 June 2011 - 08:45 AM

Hi girls!

Have had a bit going on the past few weeks.  I have probably told you girls about my godmother before?  Well, she died a couple of weeks ago, went downhill very suddenly sad.gif.  She had had diabetes for more than a decade, very poorly controlled, ended up with two below knee amputations a few years back.  My brother is married to one of her daughters, and she has been living with them for about the past 5 years.  She was also diagnosed with kidney failure early last year, but being so unwell, was not a candidate for a transplant, so had been having dialysis at home.  Then over the last couple of months, she had been sick a bit - infections, blood pressure issues, was hospitalised a few times.  My brother and his wife had booked a stay at Coolum and my godmother and my mum were going too.  On the day they were to leave, my godmother was still in hospital, so they thought that my brother and Mum would go to Coolum, and my sister-in-law would stay home and possibly bring her mum if she came out of hospital a few days later, or else she would go up to Coolum after a few days if it didn't look like her mum would get out of hospital.  Anyway, my godmother was released on the day they were to go after all, so they all went as planned.  Then my godmother got really unwell, in pain, couldn't move herself around in bed let alone transfer herself out of bed.  Her husband died while he, my godmother, and my mum were holidaying in Coolum 8 years ago, so Mum started worrying the same thing was going to happen with my godmother.  She was calling out to my sister-in-law several times during the night because she was in so much pain with her hip / leg, and everyone was getting up.  Wasn't much of a holiday, not that that matters now, but they decided after 5 days to leave early and take her back to hospital.  The doctors couldn't work out what was causing the pain (they think possibly an infection), and my godmother was unable to tolerate an MRI because of the pain, and the doctors felt it was too dangerous to give her a general anaesthetic because of her medical conditions, so there was nothing being done except to give painkillers.  She had discharged from hospital on a Saturday morning to go to Coolum.  Was readmitted on the Thursday night into the palliative care ward.  That weekend, her other two daughters flew up from Sydney to see her, and then flew back down on Sunday night.  On Wednesday, she phoned them and asked them to come back, so they flew back on Thursday, and she told them she had decided she was not going to have dialysis anymore sad.gif .  She also wasn't taking any of her usual medication as of Friday - for blood pressure, diabetes, etc., just having pain relief.  Mum called me and told me this on the Friday night, so I went up with DH and the kids to see her the following day.  She was awake when I was there, so I got to speak to her, which was good, but I knew I wasn't going to get to see her again.  Monday evening, I got the call from my brother that she had passed away, just 11 days after she had been readmitted to hospital.  

She had said to my mum the week before they went to Coolum, that she felt she was dying, that each time she got sick, she was a little worse and never really picking up to where she had been before she had been sick.  Anyway, it has been a really sad time.  That all happened at the end of May.  I feel so sorry for her three daughters, as they are only in their 30s, and now they have lost both their parents.  My sister-in-law is finding it the hardest, I think, because her mum had been living with her.  My mum is really devastated too.  They had been friends for over 40 years, and having one of my godmother's daughters marry Mum's son only brought them closer together.  They spent a lot of time together, Mum taking my godmother for meetings, doctor's appointments, just hanging out together.  Mum had people staying with her that had come over for the funeral from WA so I think that helped at first.  Then after they all went home, she had a hospital admission for herself coming up the following week, so that has helped keep her busy and keep her mind off things a bit.

So then we come to the next bit.  Mum was admitted into hospital, the hospital where I work, last Monday for a knee replacement.  She had surgery last Tuesday and everything has gone fantastically well.  She is coming home today original.gif .  Well, by home, she is going to stay with my bother and sister-in-law for at least a couple of days, then she'll go home when she feels up to it.  I am a little worried though.  The idea of her going to their place was planned months ago, but now that my godmother is dead, I am worried how Mum will be on her own in the house during the day when my brother and sister-in-law are at work.  I had offered she go home, and I would stay with her and help (after all, I am an orthopaedic nurse!), but she has repeatedly turned the offer down.  She says it would be too much trouble for me with the kids (as I would have to take Coen and Elise with me), but I really think she just thinks she will get no rest with the kids there.  I'd have her stay here, but my house is split level, so I don't think she wants to have to deal with the stairs on a daily basis.  Also, I have a shower over the bath, which is not ideal, and no grab rails or anything in the toilet and shower.

When she had just come back from surgery and was still a bit groggy from the anaesthetic last week, she started crying after the nurses had left the room, and I asked her if she was in pain, but she said no, she was upset because there would be no Maggie to come home to sad.gif, and that she felt Maggie was with her when she was asleep for the operation, but when she woke up she was gone, but she felt she had been there with her cry1.gif.  I told her again she could go to her own house and I would come and help her, but she is still going to my brother's.  On one hand, it is practical, as the bathroom is already set up with grab rails and whatnot.  Anyway, she is walking really well, and thinks she may only stay a few days, and I guess she'll have the dog to keep her company.  And my grandmother will be able to go and visit her and hopefully some of her friends will go and visit.

She didn't get too many visitors at the hospital.  I went up every day except for Friday, because on Thursday she told me not to come up the following day to give me and the kids a break (by which she meant she needed a break from the kids!).  I was only staying a couple of hours anyway, as Coen would end up being too noisy.  We were catching the train in and then DH would pop in after work and we'd all catch the train home.  On Saturday, Mum said not to bother coming up on Sunday, but then rang me yesterday at lunch and asked if I perhaps would go and visit with just the baby and leave Coen with DH.  I might have been more offended by that had I not considered the same idea myself the night before.  So Elise and I were able to spend about 4 hours there, and Elise was pretty good.

The girls at my work loved seeing my two little ones - it's the first time I have been in to work since I had Elise.  Elise was taken for extended tours of the hospital by some of the nurses who wanted a cuddle and to show her off to all the staff wub.gif.  It has been nice, and everyone kept asking when I was coming back.  I kept pointing out that my chief babysitter is here recovering (Mum said she felt I was just using her as an excuse laughing2.gif).  I am in no hurry to go back to work nno.gif, but eventually I will have to, of course.

Now the next thing on my list is Elise's baptism, which is booked for the 26th June, less than 2 weeks away  ohmy.gif !  I am starting to think it is bad timing and I should have booked it for later.  

DH bought me a sewing machine as an early Mother's Day present.  I have very very little sewing experience.  I was never much good when I did Home Ec at school.  Mum is a fantastic sewer and even made my wedding dress, but she never taught me as she was worried I would break her sewing machine.  I made one pair of shorts and one t-shirt when I was about 14 and was being looked after during school holidays by someone who could sew.  Since then, the only thing I have made is a bag to hold my dirty laundry when we bought this house 5 years ago, on a crappy el cheapo machine that I bought from Kmart.  That was such a struggle that it is the only thing I sewed on that machine.  

After I had Elise, I started thinking again that I want to teach myself to sew, so that I can make dresses for her just like my mum did when I was little, but I didn't want to struggle with the el cheapo machine.  So since getting the new machine, I have sewn an apron that I had cut out 5 years ago but balked at the idea of sewing it on the other machine, a dress, panties, hat and skirt for Elise, and a pair of shorts and 3/4 length pants for Coen.  Then I came up with the ambitious idea I might try and make Elise's baptism gown!  Mum had hoped she could wear the gown I wore, but she was too big for it.  Anyway, I have made a practice version in white cotton, and that turned out okay, but I have yet to make the proper version, and now have 13 days to get it done in, plus do the invitations, plan the menu, make a cake, etc.   Argh!!!  When we had Coen baptised, Mum made the cake, and we had the party afterwards at Mum's which was better for my godmother in her wheelchair because there are stairs here, but Mum's place is all one level.  But this time Mum will be recovering from her knee surgery, so won't be able to help with the cake, and we can't really have it there, so I am going to have to tidy here up a lot if we are going to have guests.  And then we discovered there was a virus on the computer that caused a crash, so the computer was out of action for over a week (major withdrawals here!), so the invites aren't done yet as DH is still reloading programs onto the computer...  Can you tell I am stressing a bit?!    

Little Elise turned 7mo on Saturday - time is going way way too fast.  She has only really just started taking to solids in the last week, so at least we are making some progress with that now.

Coen is great, though still resolutely refusing to toilet train.  I guess we'll get there eventually.  His big brother didn't TT until he was 4yo.  We took the kids to the Railway Workshops Museum a couple of weekends ago and Coen loved it.  DH literally had to carry him out crying because he didn't want to leave (and was pretty overtired by then).  We bought annual passes though, so we'll be able to go again, which will be good as we didn't get to see everything, plus they have different events on during the year.

Sorry for big me post.  Hope everyone is well and I'll pop back in again soon.

Amanda xo

#44 tortagianduia

Posted 18 June 2011 - 07:23 AM

I feel like my last post must have been a bit of a thread killer unsure.gif.  Sorry everyone.

Claire, how is little Tom now?  How is the pregnancy going?  Are the kids excited?  I guess Evie is more at an age to understand than Tom.

Megan, how are you going with your girls?  Are you getting much sleep?  So good to hear feeding is going well now.

Sary, how are your gorgeous kids?  That is fantastic that Macy is loving school and doing so well!  Can't believe the school year is half over already!  DS1 starts hols this Friday coming up, so I will be battling him to get any computer time.

Holly, how are your boys?  Is Preston sleeping well?  That's great that Hudson is loving FDC, and cute about Preston looking for him!  I bet he loves his big bro wub.gif!  I know Elise adores Coen, even when he is being a bit rough with her.  And OMG, can't believe Preston is cruising already  ohmy.gif !!!  Definitely growing up too fast!

Brooke, how are you going?  And anyone else reading along waves.gif!

Everything is going well here.  Elise has finally started eating much better in the past week or so, which is such a relief.  She wasn't interested in solids at all when I first tried her a month ago, and I ended up just leaving it for a couple of weeks as she'd end up really upset whenever I tried.  She hasn't been too impressed by my homemade stuff, so has been having Rafferty's garden stuff, and I just wanted her to have some happy eating experiences before trying the homemade stuff again as it was tears and mouth clamped shut for that sad.gif.  So I am thinking I'll mix some of the RG stuff into my own stuff, and see how that goes.  I think we have turned a corner, so hopefully it will go better.

Mum got out of hospital on Monday and has been staying at my brother's place, though he and his wife are at work during the day so she has been pretty much fending for herself anyway and is going to be going home to her own house today.  I think she will be much better off mentally there.  There have been a few teary conversations during the week about Margaret, and she has been sleeping in her room and seeing her clothes, so there is no avoiding thinking about it and it really is all so recent that she passed away.

Elise's baptism is next weekend and I am still working on the gown.  Sewing satin sucks!  I will be so glad once this is finished to get back to sewing with cotton.  Mum suggested I go over to her place with my sewing machine and the gown and work on it there today, so she could help me and I could have some peace and quiet - she suggested me just going over with Elise and leaving Coen with DH.  Starting to sense a theme here - last weekend she asked if I would come and visit her at the hospital with just Elise and leave Coen with DH sad.gif  He is a bit noisy, exuberant, boisterous, but he's not naughty.  I am sure Mum is just being practical and thinking I will get more sewing done if he's not there, but it feels like she just prefers Elise sad.gif.  Anyway, I have a friend coming over to visit, so I probably won't take her up on her offer, though I should get over and visit her this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

#45 moo~tickle

Posted 20 June 2011 - 11:26 AM

Ill pop my head in quickly - I do often read along but honestly have lost track of all the new babies and pregnancies original.gif
Cameron was 2 yesterday - cant believe it has all gone so quickly. Been boxing up all the baby stuff to sell and DH says do you want to have another baby? Unbelievable! Been asking him this for 2 years and hearing a no, but now the question is floating again. Decisions decisions....
Hope you all are well

#46 babybump2

Posted 21 June 2011 - 02:47 PM

Hey lovely ladies...

Hope everyone is well and not getting the winter lurgies?

Hi Brooke!  Long time no post on here!  Cameron 2!!!  Amazing how quickly it goes isn't it?  Hope he had a super birthday.  Thinking of number 3... how exciting!

Amanda - good on you sewing!  I have always sort of wished I had learned.  And here you are learning and MAKING A CHRISTENING GOWN!  Well done!   cclap.gif Sorry to hear about your Mum being unwell - hope she is improving?  And so sorry to hear about your godmother too!

What's news everyone else??...

Macy is off school today.  Nothing serious.  Think it is more that she was tired and a bit snotty.  Last night I was up with her quite a bit in the night as it was really windy and she kept getting frightened.  This morning she said she felt really really really really sick with a sore tummy.  hmmmmmm... it was amazing how quickly she bounced back after DH and I decided she could have the day off school.  hmmmmmm.....

Took Mr Beau off to swimming lessons this morning and made Macy come and watch.  He got his certificate saying his is a baby graduate!!!  Cuuuuttteee!  No more getting in the pool with him!  Which will be so nice - but I really have enjoyed that time together the two of us.

Had a super busy weekend... 4 parties (children's parties that is), 2 make up swim classes and a vet appointment.

Felt like there was NO DH and me time in there - just revolving around the kids busy social lives! *sigh*

Well off to do some jobs!  Hope you are all well... can hear fits of laughter from the front room from Macy and Beau.  Poor Macy - obviously on her death bed!

byeeee  waves.gif

#47 babybump2

Posted 29 June 2011 - 07:38 AM

Ahhhhhh anyone else wanting to strangle their 3 year old???

#48 RedsGirl

Posted 01 July 2011 - 11:48 AM

Sometimes Sary.. sometimes...  i reckon 3 is a whole lot worse than 2. Moments of utter joy and pride and then total frustration and despair - and dare I say it ANGER.  She can be SO naughty sometimes.

Anyway, just popping in to say a quick hi.  All is good here, bubs is 2 months old now - just had shots which seemed to go OK (apart from the initial screaming of course) and her checkup which also was good.  Jemima as per above has her ups and downs, but gee I love her to bits anyway.

Christening penciled in for 28 August, so something for me to plan and do now! Hoping to try and plan a getaway for our 10 year wedding anniversary in early Sept too - not sure if we will do an overnight somewhere just us 2 or take everyone for longer than that.  I think it will depend on the next montho r so and how Miss TP goes.

Brooke - hope Cameron had a great second birthday -2 years old - wow!!!  Any decisions on another bub yet  biggrin.gif ???

Happy weekends everyone!

Edited by RedsGirl, 01 July 2011 - 11:49 AM.

#49 tortagianduia

Posted 07 July 2011 - 11:15 PM

Hi girls! original.gif

Brooke, I can't believe Cameron is 2 already!!!  Happy belated birthday to your little guy!  I remember you were keen to go for #3, DH not so much so - that is a big turn around from him.  How are you feeling about it now?  Wanting to go again or done?  It is a big decision.

Sary, Mum is good - she had one of her knees replaced.  She is recovering really well.  Well done to Beau for graduating from baby swimming classes!  I am definitely finding Coen a lot more challenging now at 3 than at 2 - but sometimes he is so delightful it makes up for it.  

Megan, glad you and your two girls are going well.  Tabitha's christening will be a big formal celebration, won't it?  I seem to remember from when Jemima got christened that it was almost like a wedding with all the details!  That will keep you busy.  And wow on your 10th wedding anniversary coming up!  Hans and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in November last year, exactly 2 weeks after Elise's arrival, so needless to say we didn't end up doing anything much!  I think we went out somewhere for dinner with all three kids.

Claire, how are you going with your pregnancy?  When do you plan on starting your leave?  Hope everything is going well.

Holly, how are your two gorgeous boys going?  How is Preston going with his cruising?  Getting more confident?

Everyone has been sick here except Elise.  Coen got diarrhoea and vomiting last Monday night / Tuesday, then Hans got the same thing on Thursday, Jordan on Saturday, and then me on Monday.  Damn incubation period of 2 days and none of us getting sick at the same time has made a week of someone being sick.  Luckily Elise missed it, and I wasn't too bad when I finally got it.

Elise's two top front teeth came through in the past week, so she now has 4 teeth.  She is making a bit of an attempt to get around, but not crawling yet.  She'll be 8mo next week.

Coen is so full of questions about everything at the moment, and you answer his question, then he asks 'Why?'

This week is Jordan's last week of holidays and then back to school and TAFE next week.  He's been staying up late playing Call of Duty nearly every night (which he is not allowed to play while the little kids are around), then sleeping in until about midday.  Teenagers  rolleyes.gif .    

Hope everyone is well.  I'd better crawl into bed...

Edited by tortagianduia, 08 July 2011 - 04:22 PM.

#50 mygorgeousboy

Posted 13 July 2011 - 11:21 AM

Hi Lovelies,

I've been really slack and haven't posted for ages.  huh.gif

Amanda, Wow, i can't believe how fast Elise is growing up. 8 months already! I hope your family is well again. Its just awful being sick.

Megan, How are your girls? T is gorgeous and i loved the pics on FB of Mimie giving T cuddles. So sweet original.gif

Brooke, Another one that can't believe Cameron is 2.....Wow.

Claire, How are you coming along? Hopefully staying warm in this freezing weather we have been having. Brrr

Sary, Hope you are enjoying the school holidays with your babies  original.gif

Not too much happening here. P is such a delight. 10mths old now and nearly walking. Taking 1 & 2 steps. Cruising around the house with a push cart. Teething all at once. Got 4 top teeth in 4 days which was a nightmare and we had NO sleep.
H is being wonderful (this week) but we have our moments. Such a cheeky little thing.

Hope you are all well. x

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