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February 08 Parents # 80

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#51 tortagianduia

Posted 14 July 2011 - 10:26 AM

Hi girls!

Holly, wow, sounds like it won't be long until Preston is off and running at full speed!!!  He is doing so well for 10mo.  Neither of my boys walked until they were past 12m.  Poor little guy with his teething - hopefully things will be a bit better now that they have come through.  Good to hear Hudson is going well too.

Elise got her 5th tooth this week - she's had 3 come through in about a 2 week period.  She was sleeping well, but the last few nights has been demanding a feed at around 2am when she previously always slept through.  I stupidly stayed up until 1am this morning, then got woken by Elise an hour later, and then again around 6am, so am feeling pretty drained but have only myself to blame for going to bed so late.  Still, I wish Elise would get back to being my good sleeping through baby!  She is saying 'Mumma' now - so cute, claps her hands, and has started pulling herself up to stand.

Jordan is back at school this week, so hopefully that means I will get more time on the computer - if the two little ones let me.

Hope everyone is going well!


#52 babybump2

Posted 19 July 2011 - 08:52 PM

Hey chickies!

DH away... so chance to pop in here and say hi!

Amanda - Elise is growing up soooo quickly!  So gorgeous.  Saying, "Mumma!"  Ohhhhh heart melting!  

Holly - looks like your clever boy might be walking now looking at FB?!  How quickly time is going by!

So how is everyone else???

Well I have my period - bluuuuurrrr!  And DH is away.  And Masterchief I CERTAINLY AM NOT!  Hanging for a sugar fix tonight and unable to go anywhere... I decided to make Toffee... Shouldn't be too hard right???...   Well a smashed champagne glass later (no I wasn't drinking!), brown sugar instead of white, apple cider vinegar instead of vinegar... result???... UUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH YUUUUUUUKKKK!

Now for the mammoth clean up of all the mess I have created.  *Sigh*  And still here I sit hanging for a sugar fix!

Kids are great.  Beau had his first big boy swimming lesson on his own with a teacher and I sat on the side line.  Kinda nice but also kinda frustrating.  He is sooooooooooooooo cheeky!  Listening is definitely not his strong point!  Getting back into the swing of school drop offs/pick ups... School holidays were so nice!

Well just a quick hello!  Hope everyone is well x

#53 SuperKate

Posted 23 July 2011 - 03:01 PM


It's me Snappytomfish (kate), forgot i changed my username lol

Just wandered back over to EB today, as we are debating on ttc #6. Anyone on my FB please ssshhh.

We are all crusing along. Flynn still doesn't speak sad.gif We have had him checked and poked and they all seem to say he has no concievable issues, he will talk when he is ready. He understands what we say, and babbles away so i guess i just have to be patient. Miss Sophie however doesn't shut up so he wouldn't get a word in edgeways lol

Bigger 3 kids are doing ok. Have had momentous dramas with the XH since i posted last, lets just say he is a royal sh*tbag sad.gif They are with him this weekend and DH is away so it's just me and the muppets original.gif

I will go and trawl back through a few threads and catch up on where you are all at original.gif I hope this finds you all well i and i promise i will try my hardest to stay in touch i have been soooooooo slack sad.gif

xxx kate original.gif

#54 ~*tasha*~

Posted 25 July 2011 - 12:14 PM

Hey girls!

Sorry once again for not posting more frequently, but life seems to be so busy!

Georgia was 10 months old last week stands up walks around the furniture and babbles alot!  

Kate congratulations on TTC #6 You are an amazing woman! I can't even consider another one 3 is it for us!  How old is Flynn now?  Just jog my memory, he was'born after our Feb babies yes?

Claire  how long till you are due, it must be getting close now?  

Rebecca how are you going with your 5 boys?  

AFM I have extended my maternity leave and will be having 2 years off work, hoping not to have to go back at all, maybe when Rebecca goes to school in 2013 I will.  Not much else happening just living a busy life with 3 kids!!


Hey girls!

Sorry once again for not posting more frequently, but life seems to be so busy!

Georgia was 10 months old last week stands up walks around the furniture and babbles alot!  

Kate congratulations on TTC #6 You are an amazing woman! I can't even consider another one 3 is it for us!  How old is Flynn now?  Just jog my memory, he was'born after our Feb babies yes?

Claire  how long till you are due, it must be getting close now?  

Rebecca how are you going with your 5 boys?  

AFM I have extended my maternity leave and will be having 2 years off work, hoping not to have to go back at all, maybe when Rebecca goes to school in 2013 I will.  Not much else happening just living a busy life with 3 kids!!


#55 SuperKate

Posted 26 July 2011 - 02:05 PM

Hi girls original.gif

Tasha- Flynn is a Feb baby. He was born on the 1st original.gif I had Miss Sophie 16 months later, she has just turned 2 wink.gif

Gah @ #6 today! Some days i want another baby with all my being and others (like today) i just can't be a*sed  ddoh.gif Did anyone else feel like this?

Amanda- I went back and read your post about your godmother cry1.gif Diabetes is so cruel in so many ways that so many people just don't see. My thoughts are with you and your brothers family bbighug.gif

I have much to do but seriously cannot get motivated today. Went to town and did groceries and have just finished unpacking it all so might leave todays washing til tomorrow. I know i will be annoyed doing it tomorrow but meh, i seriously cbf lol

#56 tortagianduia

Posted 02 August 2011 - 03:04 PM

Hello lovely girls!

Kate, so nice to see you in here and posting.  And thinking about ttc #6 = exciting eexcite.gif!!!  We are thinking about ttc #4 - not not trying at the moment (as in not preventing, but not trying all that hard either).  Does Flynn say single words?  I remember you saying when our Feb bubs were around 2ish that he wasn't really talking yet, and at that stage, Coen wasn't talking much either - he was talking in single words, but not sentences, and didn't seem to have the vocabulary some of the other Feb babes had (can't shut him up now though - he really went ahead with his speech between 2 & 3yo).  But maybe this will relieve your mind a little - my eldest was still not talking much at 4yo - still mostly just single words but you cannot shut him up now (at 16yo!).  I remember worrying about it a lot at the time, but would remind myself that Albert Einstein didn't talk until he was 4yo, so perhaps it was just I had a genius on my hands.  Jordan is not a genius, but he is pretty much fine now - no problems with speech, getting average marks at school.  He was still behind at 5yo, but his speech improved a lot at 6yo.  Family friends of ours had their third child late - he was an oopsie when they were in their early 40s - there would have been about a 9 year age gap from #2 to #3, and he was slow to start talking despite being a smart kid, but I think because his older siblings could work out what he wanted, he just didn't need to talk, so he didn't.  He was assessed at the time and doctor said same thing as for Flynn - that he'd start when he was ready and he did, and is now in his 20s and going to uni.

Sorry to hear you are still having dramas with the ex.  Must be tough on you and the kids.  Are they happy to go and stay with him?  

I can totally understand not being sure about #6 - that is exactly how I feel.  Some days desperately want to be pregnant again and have another baby, other days think I am crazy for even considering it!

Sary, I had to laugh at your toffee-making experience!  Such a pain to clean up if it gets messy (I find boiling water to melt it is the way to go).  Is your hubby back now?  I don't know how you girls do it when your hubbies go away.  My hubby is doing some training today and yesterday down the coast, and it has meant he has to leave before we all get up as usual, and also didn't get home until about 8:30pm and I found it so much harder to cope without him here to give me a little break from the littlies.  And that is only for 2 days and he wasn't even going away anywhere overnight!  I am sure if he did go away I would cope because I had to, but I am so glad he doesn't.  I am missing the more relaxed pace of school holidays too!

Tasha, sounds like Georgia is getting so grown up now!  Fantastic news on getting your maternity leave extended - must be lovely not having to worry about going back anytime soon.  I am due back in a couple of months but trying not to think about it.  I am going to look at the finances and see if I can push it back until January (due back early October).

Elise now has 6 teeth (but isn't overly much interested in using them to chew anything besides my nipples occasionally - she gags if I give her even slightly lumpy food but hopefully things will improve).  She puts her hands out to people so she can hold on and pull herself up to stand, but not cruising the furniture or anything like that.  Still not crawling, but gets herself around reasonably efficiently with wiggling / sliding backwards.  Coen will come up and hug her tightly and say, "Lisey's my best friend!  I love her soooo much!"  Awww....  And she clearly adores him too.

Hubby has been working a bit of overtime lately and is putting in two long days with the training this week, so he has taken tomorrow off and we are going to the Workshops Railway Museum (again) tomorrow.  Coen loved it there last time we went, Daddy literally had to carry him out crying as he did not want to leave.  We got annual passes, so hopefully we can take him a few times as they have different things on during the year.  Tomorrow is a little nipper's session for 0-5yo's, so should be good.

How is everyone else going?  

Claire, have you finished up from work?  How is your pregnancy going?


#57 RedsGirl

Posted 06 August 2011 - 04:50 PM

Gawd - look at us!!!! I'd hate to see our little group go down the gurgler! I read a fair bit, mainly becasue I don't want to be the only poster all the time!!

Kate!!! Oh I remember the XH dramas, given his past history I shudder to think what he has been up to this time!  That's interesting about FLynn- I didn't realise he wasn't talking.  How strange, given everything else is normal.

Tasha - Hi!!! Geez, talking about our Feb 08 babes starting school is a bit scary isn't it! Im the opposite though, i think I'll be back at work a bit earlier this time around, I think I need it it although my PND has been pretty low key this time around thank god!  The upside is, DH will then take time off so its not like bub will be going into daycare just yet, which makes me feel a lot better. Plus he is gagging to get some time off work, so a winwin really.

Amanda - that sounds lovely with Coen and Elise.  Mimie is also a big fan of her little sister and TP definitely knows her now too - she gives her big smiles.  I am looking forward to TP being more 'active'with her play so they can interact a bit more.

On the DH front, well as you may recall Red works a different shift every week and 80% of the time he starts in the afternoon and is not home until well after bedtime so i do have to the afternoon kiddie shift all on my own.  Mum pops around a few nights a week, which is nice but I don't expect her to do anything - i just like the company (the PND thing again).  It would be SO nice if he was here more often, just to help wtih baths or dinner- when he is here, he is fantastic so I think that makes me miss it more!! But I remind myself it isn't forever, TP will not be this small forever and before I know it she'll be on solids, having dinner with the family, etc etc  In fact, she pretty much has an established bedtime now, has for a wee while, and that in itself has made a huge difference.

Ladies, do me a favour - remind me when life became that little bit more predictable again, feeds stretch out and day sleeps get longer.  TP is a great bub, so cute  and sleeps well at night but she is reaching the stage of resisting day sleeps and will sleep for only bang on an hour at atime.  i am not sure whether to 'encourage' longer day sleeps (ha!) or just ride it out until she is a bit older and/or wait for her to sort herself out.  I know with Mime it was around the 7mo mark she did that.

Anyway, better go enjoy 'family time'!!

#58 tortagianduia

Posted 07 August 2011 - 07:56 AM

Megan, Elise isn't a very good day sleeper even now - she sleeps only twice during the day, and if I am lucky, she might sleep for over an hour, if I am unlucky it might be 10 minutes.  She sleeps through the night, so I try not to complain too much, but it would be so much easier to get things done around the place if she slept for longer.

That would be really hard with Red away most afternoons.  When Hans was doing a training course this week on Monday and Tuesday, he didn't get home until 8-8:30pm, and I really missed having him here to help with the evening routine.  We cooked two meals on Sunday that would last for a few nights so that all I had to do was reheat them, and that made things easier.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

#59 mygorgeousboy

Posted 07 August 2011 - 09:05 PM

Hi Girls,

I have been really slack with posting in here. Every time i grab the lap top little P is banging the keys and trying to jam it shut on my fingers so its hard to get the chance these days. I do read though so please don't go anywhere happy.gif

Megan, Oh how i feel your pain!!!!!! My DH does different shifts. This week he has worked from 2pm to 2am, so we don't see him at all until morning. I used to find it hard but now the boys are in such a great routine and we just have to be extra organised. Sometimes i get myself so organised that when DH is on his days off our routine goes pear shaped!
It does get easier as #2 gets older. P fits straight into our routine and does everything that H does. I would say when P was 6-7months old is when things got easier.

When i know DH isn't going to be here for dinner/bath/bed, i make sure that i cook dinner earlier in the day and clean it all up so when dinner time comes around its just a matter of heating in oven, dishing out, and rinsing plates and into dishwasher.

Here's what our routine looks like:

5pm- feed P solids
5:30pm- Bath both boys/dress in jambes
6pm-Dinner for H and I (and DH when he is home) P sits in his highchair during this time and eats off my plate usually. Or he is happy just playing with a few toys!
6:30- Boys play while i do a quick clean up of kitchen
7pm- H has a glass of milk while i breastfeed P
7:15pm- H does toilet & teeth while i put P in sleeping bag. We then all pile into H's bed and do a few bedtime stories, and sing a few songs. P then goes into his cot and they are both normally asleep by 7:30!!!!
7:30- Exhausted Mummy collapses on the lounge with some choccy that was hiding in the fridge  biggrin.gif

Preston is sleeping beautifully at the moment. He has only just started sleeping through the night (2 weeks ago) so all of this could change! His day time sleeps improved at about 9 months. I just went with the flow this time. I remember getting so stressed over H's sleeps and it did't help anyone.

It is hard when DH is working during those difficult times. Last night H spewed in bed from a coughing fit while i was in the shower. Poor little thing just sat there calling out to me.  sad.gif But i love the other aspect too. DH is working tonight but then has the next 3 days off with us. YAY......

I'm going shopping for P's first birthday pressies tomorrow...I have no idea what to get him though. Its hard with two boys, when the older one was totally spoilt from grandparents. We have some many toys it does my head in aannoyed.gif
Any ideas?

Glad to see some original Feb mums posting again. Hope you are all well xo wink.gif

#60 Tetinks

Posted 14 August 2011 - 10:51 PM

Popping in to say hello and PROMISE to write this week. been crazy here, but only one more week of work so i will have time to post properly. miss you all, it's so quiet here now.

#61 RedsGirl

Posted 18 August 2011 - 04:58 PM

Make sure you do Claire!!!  I cannot believe you are about to drop number 3 and that wee Tom is about to turn 2!!!

When's your actual due date?

Its Tabitha's christening on the 28th - I have been cleaning like mad and managed to do a few jobs that should literally have been done years ago -like under our stairs in our big downstairs family room - scary stuff.  I've also sorted toys, books, clothes, old videos - so much stuff! We also had our side garden wasteland paved just after TP was born, looks SO much better now and have gotten around to wrangling the rest of the garden back into shape,. It looks so nice when its neat and tidy (and just hideous when its overrun by weeds, which unfortunately has been the norm lately). I have finally been able to arrange my collection of garden decorations now too,  all in that nice blue glaze - very satisfying.  I hope TP's christening is a nice day, as I want to show off our hard work - I think I'll march everyone outside anyway!!

Then 8 September its our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I am hoping we can at least go out for dinner.  We want to do a proper family holiday to Fiji early next year to properly celebrate, once TP is a bit older.

Then in October i am off to see Mary Poppins with me Mammy which I am really looking forward to.

Geez, Christmas will be here before we know it!  Then I'll be looking down the barrel of going back to work.

#62 babybump2

Posted 25 August 2011 - 05:35 PM

Hi Megan!

Sorry hope you didn't feel like you were left hanging!

Tabitha's christening!  Cute!!!  And your garden all done up sounds fantastic.  Bit hard to tell the difference between the trees and the weeds in our garden at the moment.  wink.gif And wow to your 10 year wedding anniversary!  Gorgeous!

oooo and enjoy Mary Poppins too!  I went with Macy and we loved it!  Hope you and your Mumma have a ball.

Great that Amanda has started up the group on fb.  I did quite like the intimate circle we had formed in here IYKWIM.  Felt like a safe place to come and have a chat with people I have come to think of as my friends!

Soooo I thought why not pop in for another hello.  happy.gif

Was good going to do Beau's check up yesterday - but as some of you may remember I had a bit of a tough time when Beau was about 4 months old.  I went in for a check up for Beau with my maternal nurse and couldn't stop crying.  Just sat and chatted for ages about the fact it was all a bit hard with no family, no sleep and a husband that was away soooooo often.  Was pretty awkward after that meeting because I always got the look, then the "and how are you?" question with the sympathetic eyes for each of Beau's checks after that.  Well yesterday I had a new nurse, and I was feeling quite happy about that.  Then she said at the end... cue sympathetic eyes, "And how are YOU?"  

Me - yeah I am fine - thanks for asking.  

"Oh it's just that I see here on the computer you had post natal depression."

Cue my shocked face  oomg2.gif My head thinking - okay so that is what that was??  I answered with thanks for asking, that seems like a lifetime ago.  2 small children, no sleep, no family and a husband who was hardly home, and a kind face who listened to me have a good cry.  Everything is great now - thanks.

Clllaaaaaiiiirreeee I can't believe you are about to have baby number 3... and we haven't seen a belly snap!  How are you?  Is it nice to have finished work.  Is Evie super excited about baby?

Holly - how quickly has one year gone?? I can't believe Preston is 1 already!  Saw a gorgeous pic of him on fb and looks like you had a wonderful day.

Amanda - thanks for organising the fb page.  I might still pop in here from time to time - for old time sake.  Still feels a bit secret squirrel - which i like.  Elise is growing so quickly and crawling now!!!  So sweet!

Well lovely ladies... hello... not sure if anyone will reply.  Have really enjoyed all our chats... and really should have been a better Feb Mum!  Life just gets so darn busy doesn't it?


#63 mygorgeousboy

Posted 25 August 2011 - 10:10 PM

Haha Sary, i thought i would pop in here too.  wink.gif

Oh girls, i can't believe Preston is one today. We had such a great day and my mum and dad came down yesterday to spend the day with him. Unfortunately they have to go home tomorrow which is a shame. I would love to have them closer.
I can't help but feel a little sad though. They just grow up so fast. Not babies for long.  sad.gif
I often wonder if you ever shake that feeling of wanting another baby? But gosh i am feeling clucky. We haven't decided if we will have any more babies and i am honestly happy with my boys, but that feeling is still there. Oh i don't know?? Just thinking aloud blush.gif

Sary, What a shock for you at the clinic? Did they not mention it back then? Its funny when you look back in hindsight. I don't know how i got through having H, while living in a very isolated town, with no family or friends near by, and he didn't sleep!!! It wasn't until i had P that i realised that i probably wasn't as happy and relaxed with motherhood as i first thought with H.

Megan, Enjoy Sunday. Can't wait to see some pics of J & T.

Claire, Ohhhhhhh your so close. Yay.

Amanda, Thanks for setting up the FB group. Will be great to share some more pics with you girls.

Well i'm off to bed. But popping into to P's bedroom first to give him one more birthday kiss. wub.gif Night night

#64 Tetinks

Posted 29 August 2011 - 09:19 AM


Thanks Amanda for our little FB group, it is nice to still have this group though, I consider you all friends and would be so sad if this wound up (says she who is too slack to post).

Megan how was the Christening yesterday? Do you have pics? Did you ILs behave? How old is TP now?

Holly how was P's birthday? I can't believe he is one. Time seems to have been on fast forward for the last few years.

I often wonder if you ever shake that feeling of wanting another baby? But gosh i am feeling clucky. We haven't decided if we will have any more babies and i am honestly happy with my boys, but that feeling is still there. Oh i don't know?? Just thinking aloud

I don't think the cluckiness ever goes. I felt the same as you this time last year. I loooove babies but would look at friends with little babies and wasn't jealous at all! Even though we always said we would like 3-4 kids I felt that I could easily have stopped at two. I felt that someone was 'missing', but I was okay with two. Anyway, this little one took the decision out of our hands and once i was actually pregnant I felt so clucky and so excited. I just can't wait. This will be our last baby though, for a whole bunch of reasons from financial to emotional (I had forgotten the stress that goes with being pregnant, I worry about everything). Anyway, I think the cluckiness will return for me, but I don't think we'll act on it.

Sary what a shock, I can't believe you are only hearing about the diagnosis now. Those newborn days are hard, I don't know how people do it without family support ( happy.gif  cue sympathetic eyes!). Love the toddler Macy pics on FB too - such a wee munchkin!

Amanda I saw your sewing on the FB page, very nice! Are you still cooking too? Elise is looking so much like Cohen, can you see it?

AFM, less than three weeks to go!! Can't quite believe it. Things are going pretty well, all in all it is my easiest pregnancy, apart from the first trimester. I left work a week early when my BP started to rise. With T I had to be induced because of it (my notes say pre-eclampsia, but no-one mentioned that to me at the time). This time though I am hoping to keep things at bay. With T it shot right up and stayed up, this time it is up and down, so I am hoping that's a good thing. The baby is looking to be average sized too, which is nice, didn't know what to expect after E's and T's birth weights.

The other spanner in the works ATM is that I got a call from a friend last week that her wee baby has whooping cough  sad.gif  And I had spent an hour the weekend prior cuddling and trying to settle him. So off to the doc who tells me that it's routine to have a course of ABs, just in case. So I started those and they're awful, they give me an upset tummy and I have to take them 4 times a day on an empty stomach  ffear.gif  Whaaaaa?? That's near impossible. I eat alllll day. Anyway, I've been doing it and things have been okay, then yesterday I hear from my friend again who tells me her baby doesn't have whopping cough - the lab made a mistake. Fab news for her wee boy. I am just a bit unsure whether to keep taking the ABs. I figure it can't hurt? They are category A... TBH I am anxious about this baby's health. We had such a hard time with T in his first year and the asthma battle is still raging. I really, really hope this little one is as robust as E was as a baby.

My little T turns 2 on Friday. Ohh he is so lovely! SUCH a little boy - I had no idea what little boys were really like before I had him. He is into his cars and dinosaurs, is super physical (always running, jumping) and very affectionate. He'll come over to kiss me, get halfway back across the room then say 'one more kiss mama' and run back into my arms  llove.gif . He's lovely. He can be a total ratbag too of course, but I love him to bits.

E is doing really well. We have turned a corner with her tantrums thank god, although we are now working on her bossiness. She is super excited about the new baby and seeing her with the bub is one of the things i am looking forward to the most. She's off to pre-school next year - nooo!!!! She is growing too fast. She's into jigsaw puzzles at the moment and, proud mama moment, can write her own name and about half the alphabet.

I think that's all from here. I'm home alone today and sewing up some more summer clothes for the kiddos. Bliss!

#65 babybump2

Posted 29 August 2011 - 04:54 PM


Happy Monday!

Yes yes yes I am the same on the cluck factor.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE kids, toddlers and babies!  But we are done at two.  Many reasons... financial, emotional, lack of sleep etc etc... but I must admit every month - I do feel a little sad that we aren't having another.  I continually have people at kinder/school etc assuming that I will have another too.  I guess the cluckiness shows!  blush.gif But yes 2 is it for us!

OMG Claire - at your friends child with whooping cough... and then NOT!  Ahhhh!  Glad to hear that it wasn't the case though.  Ooooohhhhh I am getting so excited for you... Yay!  Someone else's bub to cluck over! original.gif

And clever E - with her writing!  cclap.gif I struggle to get Beau to sit and hold a pen.  Although I am assured over and over it is very normal with a boy.  He has no interest.  He is so much more active and into exploring the world outside than to sit and draw.

Anyone doing anything special for Father's day?  I am racking my brain what to get DH - each year with birthdays, christmas, anniversaries etc etc - it just gets harder and harder to think of things...

Beau is taking DH to kinder on Saturday morning for a Father's morning and he is SOOOOO EXCITED!  Very cute!  

OOOOOOOOOooooooohhhh AND WE BOOKED A HOLIDAY!  YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!   We are off to Bali! Yay Yay Yay!  Can't wait!  DH's father has retired over there.  And my sister and law lives over there too with her 2 kiddliwinks and hubby.  So it will be busy catching up with family - but I am sure a bit of r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g thrown in there too!

Amanda - you are doing beautiful things with your sewing!  So clever!

Megan - saw that the Christening went well.  Glad to hear.  I was thinking of you on Sunday as it was a lovely sunny day in Melbourne and hoped it was for you too!

Holly - lovely to see the photos on FB of Preston's birthday.  He is gorgeous!

Oh and funny times... I went out with Macy on Sunday to look for a present for her little friend's party.  And I had to laugh at my little lady with her questions!!  She is only 6 but these are the kind of things she was asking, "Mummy when you first started going out with Daddy - did you see fireworks when you first kissed him, and butterflies in your tummy?  What does it feel like when you are in love....?...."  OMG!!  What AM I IN STORE FOR WITH THAT ONE AS A TEEN????....  ffear.gif biggrin.gif

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#66 mygorgeousboy

Posted 30 August 2011 - 12:31 PM

Hi Girls,

Thanks for sharing your feelings of cluckiness wink.gif Right now i am loving having our two boys and DH and i can see into our future of just the 4 of us. We are planning a USA holiday in the next few years. Hopefully when P is toilet trained and no day sleeps.

Sary, Lol at Macy. thats so cute, funny, scary (for her Mama). And wow she has grown up.

Claire, What a roller coaster ride you've been on. Whooping cough is scary and for the lab to get it wrong!! What a lot of stress for everyone involved.
Yay, so excited that your so close. We will HAVE to catch up one of these days. I can't believe T is turning 2 already. Dh turns 30 on Friday too. I hope little T has a fabulous day. He sounds adorable. H is writing his name too. He has been writing H's everywhere for a while now but the other day i saw on one of his pictures that he had written his whole name.  happy.gif

Megan, So glad T's christening was a good day. I bet she looked gorgeous and Mimie too.

Amanda, I agree with Claire, your babies look very similar. Elise is growing up real fast too. Time is flying by.

We have such a fun day for P's 1st birthday. I am loving this age/time with him. He is just a big snuggle pot and a smooch him all day. H is also going really well. He is at Family Day Care today (his favourite day of the week).  He will go to preschool next year too. The whole starting school thing is confusing me though. I think at this stage we will keep him back. But we are not making any definite decisions until we have too.
My little P is sick today. Spewed everywhere this morning and has now been asleep for 2 hours. I hope he is feeling better when he wakes up. We are weaning at the moment too. Down to one feed before bed but hoping to drop that too in the next few weeks.

Glad to see our little group still going. Love chatting in here with you ladies x

#67 RedsGirl

Posted 01 September 2011 - 11:32 AM

Sorry girls, I just need to offload and here is the safest place for me to do it. Its REALLY long, but I need to get it out, so please feel free to skip this!

MIL - I hate you. Hate is a strong word, and I can't say I've ever directed it at many people, but you are a Class A, mean spirited, cold, selfish, whinging b**ch who only cares about youself  and the tiny bubble world you live in. You never, ever stop to think that people do what they do and make the choices they make for reasons, for good reasons do you? Just becausee they are different from you think do not make them bad or wrong (in many cases, its quite the opposite beleive it or not). I am continually dumbfounded that you cannot ever step back and see why things have been done or happened they way they did - or even just accept that they are what they are - its only ever about how its impacted you and we always have to then try and justify ourselves to you. It is SO TIRING and I am so over it.  I am not goign to do it anymore - it is YOUR issue not mine.

To think that the only things you had to say about your granddaughters christening were negative, whinging comments that picked on what we had organised for our gorgeous girl, like that the meat was overcooked and we got ripped off, is absolutely disgusting.  What about how beautiful she looked? Or what a special day it was? Or how pretty Jemima looked in her grown up special dress? Or even that we were lucky with the weather? Not, not you you mean spirited cow. And that more than any of your other dispicable behaviour is what made me cry. That whinging about the FOOD FFS, means more to you than your precious grandchild.  Anthony and I put so much time and effort into making our home look nice and tidy, i was so delsighted with the pink and white room I had created for her, but you want to whinge about no seasoning on the potatoes.

No, I didn't say hello at the church, because literally as soon as I walked up to you, you and your friends shoved your over made-up faces into Tabitha's face setting her off into the biggest crying meltdown I have EVER seen her have. I needed to take her away to a quiet spot to settle her down (which incidentally didn't work, and took a good 15 more minutes to do so). Afterall, the day was about HER you know, not YOU!

No, Jemima was not being naughty. She was being THREE.  So what if she crawled on the floor in teh church? I didn't hear her talking loudly, I didn't see her running around; she simply wanted to find her friends. Who cares how she got to them?  The priest didn't care and I am pretty sure God didn't either, so why should you!  But I guess you are the parenting expert right? After all, you belting your son with spoons and belts and whatever else you coudl find worked really well didn't it b**ch? Running away from home at 15 is the result we all hope for when disciplining our children right? No? Well shut up then, about our naughty child. When your child was 3 he was very sick, he probably didn't get a chance to let loose but that is what Jemima is doing -  its not naughty, its called being a child. Stop pushing your judgemetns onto her or we will ensure you are not subjected to our naughty child. By the way, not wanting to hug or kiss you is not being naughty either. She doesn't like you. Certainly not as much as Nonno - its obvious and you don't like it. Too bad. Maybe if you showed an ounce of warmth or heaven forbid, fun, it might change. She is simply showing good judgement in my opion.

Oh and incidentally, not everyone agrees with you, you do not know everything and stop making judgements on our decisions on behalf of a group of people you don't even know. NEWSFLASH my friends don't give a sh*t about plastic plates or forks or cups. we planned the day based on what we wanted, what was best fro us and our friends and what we could afford. Love that you have so many suggestions AFTER the fact. Love that your oh-so helpful input before the day would have involved hours of cleaning up and dishwashing for me and Anthony. We all know that you are not that forthcoming with offers of help - you love watching 8 month pregnant ladies make multiple trips and and down stairs in stifling heat at family functions while you sit back with your glass of champers and watch, so I wasn't expecting you to lift a finger this time either.

You have 4 friends there, who seem like lovely people (what they see in you as a friend I have no idea). hey didn't seem to care about plastic plates etc. You seem to ONLY care what others think of you, but another NEWSFLASH fro you - no-one really cares that much about you Anna!! Maybe if you got out a bit more, you'd see that in AUSTRALIA (you know, that country where we live), backyard events often don't involve 8 courses of pasta, nor breakable crockery and glassware esp with concrete and small children running around madly. Yes, plasticware is quite common here - that is why all the shops sell it!!  

You've lived here since you were 16, you are now 62 (you are a citizen FFS, even I am not a citizen). you only speak English when you have to (and apparently that doesn't include when I am around, you rude cow), you only associate with other people from'The Islands' and seem to only ever want to eat at Italian restaurants. You have no idea about what other people view as normal or acceptable. In fact, why on earth don't you p*ss off back to italy then? Nothing in this country seems to make you happy.

I am over your passive aggressiveness. Stop making nice with me and then sledging off everything about our life to poor Anthony when he goes over to pick up Jemima and is on his own with no-one to back him up. WE make our choices together. You can address your issues with me anytime - but you won't will you? Because someone might spout common sense to you and you may have to face the fact that you are wrong, that you are in the minority and, to put it bluntly, that you are a narrow minded b**ch! He even threatened to leave yesterday when you started in on him, but apparently you aren't whinging? Are you serious?  Its all you ever do!!! It doesn't matter what it is, if it isn't about us and plastic plates then its something else. I really don't know how Joe puts up with you! The fact tha no-one stands up to you is a problem - it gives you the impression that what you do is OK and that you are always right.  What it is, is that people can't be a*sed arguing with someone with no common sense, no awareness of how the real world operates, no ability to accept that others have different opinions.  For example: no, not everyone thinks it is a good idea to travel 40mins to a so-so restaurant  with no facilities for feeding babies or giving them a nap and then travel 40mins home or a family event; gold fixtures in a kitchen or bathroom are seen as tacky by a lot of people; poorly laid crushed granite and agaves is not seen as the pinacle of landscape gardening by many; and some people like to move furniture or their knick-knacks more often than once every 40 years for a bit of a change, rather than treating thier home as a museum.

One last thing. The thing that disgusts me most about you is that you had a very, very sick child. Somehow, he survived but rather than celebrate him, support him and love  him, you beat him, berated him and drive him from his home.  And now, as an adult, married for 10 years with two beautiful children, a negligible mortage and a nice comfortable life, you continue to belittle his life and his choices.  I know you don't like me. I know I am not Italian and I know I am fat. But i don't care - I don't like you either you miserable cow - but Red loves me, he loves me just the way I am and what's more we love our life together.  We have given you two beautiful granddaughters, something I know for a fact you never thought you would have. So now you get to parade this status symbol around in front of your all-important friends (because its all about how you will look in front of them isn't it??? I know!) but still you b**ch and moan and whinge.  To be honest, I worry about how you are with Jemima when she goes to stay there. I know Nonno is patient and fun. But you tell her she is naughty,I shudder to think what else you say. No wonder she begs to stay home most weeks.

If it was up to me, I'd pack up and go far, far away from you, but i am scared you'd want to come and stay and that would be hell on Earth. People like you dumbfound me. You seem to see no joy in life at all, despite having a better reason than most to rejoice in it. You know what, why don't you p*ss off out of ours and let us enjoy it then?  As it is I have asked Anthony not to passon anymore of your niceities as I get to wound up. Mainly becasue I am gobsmacked every. time.  at  how you think the world revolves around you, and how you think it should be.

#68 babybump2

Posted 01 September 2011 - 04:43 PM

Oh Megan...


Deep breath... does that feel a bit better of your chest?...

You have every right to feel what you are feeling.  She sounds like hard work!  But you were so right when you said that is "it is YOUR issue not mine".  You are right and she has to live with herself.  

How tiring dealing with someone commenting negatively about something you have put so much time and energy into, and all with 2 KIDS... AND ONE ONLY 4 MONTHS!  Phew!  Well done I say... and I would still  wub.gif love to see some pics of your pretty girls!

MIL are notorious for doing in the heads of their DIL's... I find life a lot easier with mine on the other side of Australia.

Just wanted to drop some lines and let you know I was reading, and feeling your frustrations.  From what you say - I hear that you and Red are very much in love, and have 2 beautiful daughters.  The rest doesn't matter. x

Ps - Oh if only your MIL could see my 3 year old in action.  Geez she would be thinking Mimie an angel!

#69 RedsGirl

Posted 01 September 2011 - 07:46 PM

Sary - you know I do, so much!!  

You know, he wanted to send his parents a thank you card?  I nearly choked.

#70 mygorgeousboy

Posted 01 September 2011 - 10:10 PM

Awww Megan, what a horrible woman you have to deal with.  sad.gif

I found myself agreeing with everything you typed. It seems nothing you do will ever be good enough for her.

At the end of the day, you have 2 gorgeous little girls and a husband that love you. SHE will be the one to miss out.

And OMG, if she thinks Mimie was "naughty" .........Goes to show what a silly woman she is. Hudson crawled all around our feet during P's christening, and even asked quite loudly in the middle of a prayer "whats the time Mum" . Everyone cracked up!  huh.gif

I hope you are feeling better after getting it off your chest. Bloody MIL's.....Mine is coming to stay the weekend tomorrow and she treats me like i'm not even here.  rolleyes.gif


#71 Tetinks

Posted 02 September 2011 - 02:28 PM

Oh girls, ILs are so hard! I was sad readng your post Megan, toxic ILs make you feel trapped, as there's no escaping them. You have my sympathies.

AFM, things gone a bit pear-shaped (too little amniotic fluid and BP up again) so watch out for baby news sooner rather than later  ph34r.gif

#72 babybump2

Posted 02 September 2011 - 04:48 PM

OMG CLAIRE!!!  Sending you big hugs!

Wow... what a nice Father's day present if little one arrives this weekend... maybe that premonition is right!

Hope you are feeling okay


Will be looking out!

#73 mygorgeousboy

Posted 02 September 2011 - 10:07 PM

Oh Claire, Thinking of you. Good luck xx

#74 RedsGirl

Posted 03 September 2011 - 12:34 PM

Thinking of you Claire!!

4mo sleep - arrrrgggggg

#75 ginnyk

Posted 04 September 2011 - 10:26 PM

Hi Ladies,

Gosh, its been a while since I popped in here, so much happened... Just thought I'd say hi whilst I was here original.gif
Hope you are well, I don't know where this year has gone!

Claire, goodness, all the best!!


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