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#1 Sandra

Posted 18 April 2011 - 08:01 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 cheekymonkey

Posted 18 April 2011 - 08:06 PM

Gold! Tounge1.gif

#3 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 18 April 2011 - 08:13 PM

Silver  original.gif

#4 Mulan

Posted 18 April 2011 - 08:33 PM

Oh well booby prize then.

Landscaping in the dark tonight.
Yes Alinta we are doing all the work ourselves except for the concreting. I don't want to think about how much turf we have going down but I know it's covering 40% of our block

I'm watching Australian Story tonight and it's so sad. I often choose not to wath that show because it's so heartwrenching so often. Prior to my viewing choices I had coffee with a friend who's ittle girl has leukaemia and consequently feeling very fortunate and lucky tonight that my family are well and healthy. So hugging them all a little tighter tonight

#5 lissiloo

Posted 18 April 2011 - 11:03 PM

Hi girls

Just finished watching Paper Giants, about Ita Buttrose and Cleo magazine. Really great drama actually, enjoyed it a lot. I loved reading that magazine when I was younger ...

Surviving the school holidays, only just though  biggrin.gif  Today wasn't too bad, actually, as Poppy had a playdate and was out for much of the afternoon. Jack is a handful, it seems to increase day by day  ohmy.gif  He is such a persistant little booger, you take him away from something and he just goes straight back to it. The rate we're going, we won't have any chairs left for him to climb on by the end of the week  rolleyes.gif  Lucky he's cute I reckon ...

Still waiting for my iPad, was supposed to be delivered today but it was a no-show  rant.gif  So who knows when it will arrive now (well, I do actually, it'll be tomorrow sometime while I'm at swimming and otherwise out and about with the kids). Sigh.

Caught up with Laura briefly on Saturday (too briefly, oh well!). It was lovely to see her! Our kids all seemed to get along well too.

We're getting ready for the Easter weekend this week. Sel/Des, are you around on Thursday? There's a possibility that DH will have a meeting in Geelong on Thursday afternoon and so we'll all go down and hang out while he is at the meeting before we head down to Wye River for the weekend. Would love to see you if you're free.

Mulan -- how's your foot? Coping with the landscaping? You guys are so good, doing it yourself!

Well, I can't remember what I read in the last thread, so will leave it at that. Talk to you all again in a day or two I hope.


#6 Mulan

Posted 19 April 2011 - 06:53 AM

Im glad to hear paper giants was good Liss. I started watching it on iview and fell asleep but I know from the few minutes I watched it wasn't the quality.

That sucks your iPad didn't arrive Liss, did you get the 2. I'm itching to get a 2, I adore my iPad but I have the apple bug of desire. My toe sucks doing the landscaping. I did work out the harder the sole of the shoe the better I can walk on dirt, manure and mulch. So I ditched the running shoes and gumboots and have a pair of court shoes I'm wearing to do the gardening. It looks hilarious and out of place, but preventing pain is my priority and the bonus is I will buy some new shoes when it's all over.

#7 mokeydoke

Posted 19 April 2011 - 06:59 AM

laughing2.gif Jack is either one of my children, or a boy wink.gif. We had our chairs sitting on the kitchen table for years, and we had our lounge cushions on top of the lounge to make jumping from the coffee table to the lounge a less pleasant option. Ah the memories of 3 under 3, crazy times!

Liss - speaking of Asher keddie, I'm a but scared dr Chris isn't going to feature as much in offspring this season. Oh the horror!

A curtisism that I love is how he snuggles in when he gives a hug, and moves his head up and down as if snuggling into a cosy pillow. Sweety. Not so cool is when he turns an expected kiss into a big ol lick. That's a bit gross, he thinks it's funny though...

Today I'm being the pied piper and taking 6 kids to the movies to see Rio laughing2.gif 5 of the kids have only been once before!! But I'll just buy plenty of food.

Kids awake, up we get!

#8 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 19 April 2011 - 09:21 AM

waves.gif from the country wink.gif

Weather is actually nice!  I don't know what I did wrong, usually I have brought rain with me.  (I know, it's because I left the dogs at home.  If I had them, it would be wet and muddy.)

I watched Paper Giants too last night (and the night before).  J is funny, he was watching it too, and kept texting me commenting on it: "Milson's Point!  Used to catch those trains" or "Nice tie" or "Oh oh" (when Lesley caught the lift with Dan and his family).  Silly boy!

Had a crap night's sleep last night.  Took ages to get to sleep (after midnight), then woke at 3am with a sore shoulder.  Took 2 more Dolased and didn't get back to sleep till after 4.30am, and was rudely awakened at 5.30am by Leo crying and saying "Poo poo".  Took him to the loo, no poo after all, D had wandered after us in a sleep-drunken haze and kept bumping into the walls!!!  Back to bed IN MY BED (okay, so I'm lucky it's a double), and then I was just nodding off again when the girls burst in at 6.30am.  They said "Where's Tez?" and I said "The other room" and told them to go away.  They then woke my dad up to tell him there was a dead spider behind the bed in their room!  I finally got some sleep after that and dreamt that I was so tired I was walking around with my eyes stuck shut and my teeth were falling out.  When I did actually wake up at 8am, I felt like my eyes wanted to stay shut, and my teeth felt like they were about to fall out!

#9 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 19 April 2011 - 01:03 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed Paper Giants as well.

Janet what day should we meet & seeing the weather's fine shall I come to you?

huge day yesterday - I had 4 kids all day as a friend had all day uni committments & her husband was in Sydney for the day for work so I looked after her 4 & 2 yo. It would mostly have been easy but Carys had a non sleeping day ( I think the longest stretch she had was 15 mins), the other 3 had lots of toileting accidents & there were a few adversarial 4yo moments which stretched my patience. No major conflicts though.

Have had a playdate here this morning & will be off to another a few doors down the street in just under an hour.

#10 mamaknits

Posted 19 April 2011 - 02:08 PM


We had a fab weekend away. Wish it didn't have to end. Alex was good for the in-laws, and I think they will be happy to babysit again wink.gif

I think I have fixed our washing machine. Doing a test wash now. Fingers crossed taht it is all good and i can cancel the service call, and save us $200-300!

Looking forward to Easter this year,e specially the extra day off.

Making rocky road for Alex's teachers tonight. Quick, easy, mess free. Maybe Alex can help me.

back to work - lots to do... will post again tonight if I get to sit down original.gif

#11 cheekymonkey

Posted 19 April 2011 - 09:53 PM

Hey all. Had a great time the last couple of days in the beautiful weather. Yesterday we packed up a picnic lunch and headed to Umina. That huge grassed area next to the driveway to the holiday park we stayed at last year has been completely transformed. There's now a fenced in playground designed for younger kids - big sandpit; pirate boat with bridge, slide, periscopes, megaphone, plank on spring to jump from; under has a 'fish 'n' chip shop'; cubby house; swings. Outside that there's an area designed for bigger kids - biggest climbing net I've ever seen; flying fox; different types of swings; 1.5m climbing wall; merry-go-round; paths for bike/scooter riding. There's also heaps of picnic benches, tables, bbqs, toilets and heaps of grassed area for ball play still. It's awesome. I just hope it's looked after. When the kids had eaten and had a long play, we headed to the movies to see Hop. Sweet little movie, though I did want to strangle the rabbit for a while there.

Today we packed another picnic lunch and headed to The Entrance. The playground there is much smaller but perfect for kids of mines' ages. Still fenced in which meant I could sit and relax knowing Miss R was 'safe' (it's right on the water). wink.gif  The grassed area was much bigger but I knew that so some balls had been packed in. Jill met us there with her boys and the kids all played so nicely together. There were a couple of little tantys but no big fights. There was a small train doing loops of the area and the boys kept chasing after it, all the way to the other side of the park. I felt bad for the driver. He had to be annoyed at having to watch harder to make sure he didn't run them over. blush.gif It was very cute, though, watching Miss R do her best to keep up with the boys. And they were all very good at keeping an eye on her. We stayed til 3.30pm when they have the pelican feeding display. I've seen it a few times but it's good every time. Miss R just kept saying "Wow, lots birdies". wub.gif

I think we'll be having a mostly at home day tomorrow. I do need to duck out to a couple of shops - to grab some parts for the dishwasher (broken drawer runners) and another jacket for Miss R. But mostly I need to catch up on some folding and clean the floors. They haven't even been vacuumed for 2 weeks and if I can mop too, that will be a bonus.

Megan - that sounds a bit of a full on day.

Liss - bummer that you're still waiting for your delivery.

Mulan - good that you've found a shoe that works for your poor toe while landscaping. And if you need a new pair after, bonus. wink.gif

Mandy - awww on the cuddles. Miss R is a good snuggler too.

I'm pretty tired. Might head to bed. Night all!

#12 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 20 April 2011 - 08:04 AM

What a great couple of days Cheeks, all the sctivities sound great. I wish we were closer to the coast, I really miss it. I can just imagine Miss R running about with the boys happy.gif

Celia great job with the washing machine!

With everyone off to the movies nobody's mentioned seeing Rango. Any reviews in here? It's the one I thought I'd like to take Caelan to see (and for my own amusement of course  wink.gif )

I'm having a lunch meet with Janet today ddance.gif

#13 Onemorebub

Posted 20 April 2011 - 01:51 PM

All these meets!! Mandy and Megan we should try to reschedule our weekend in Wagga!

We saw hop too! quite good! Cheeks LOL why did you want to strangle him? that playground sounds unreal at Umina!!

Tried to easter cook today with pretty much a flop dontyou hate cleaning up the mess for nothing? made osso bucco for tea so hope that isnt a flop too it is in the slow cooker!

#14 cheekymonkey

Posted 20 April 2011 - 04:11 PM

BLR - just the attitude was very similar to DS#1 at present. Smart-a*sed back chat, etc. wink.gif

Been to the shops and vacuumed. About to mop. So, only thing on today's to-do list that won't get crossed off is the slow-cooker dinner I had planned. Didn't get it sorted in time so we'll be having a vege lentil casserole instead.

#15 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 20 April 2011 - 04:23 PM

Yes Bon I'm definately up for that! It'll have to be after July now though as I have too many things on before we do our UK trip in June/earlu July.

We had a great meet with Janet & family, Caelan had a blast with the kids as usual. Thanks Janet, I just wish we had nicer weather!

#16 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 20 April 2011 - 04:55 PM

Had an awesome time at Megan's today.  Hooray for baby cuddles with Carys!!!  Thanks for having us, I know we are a bit of a collective whirlwind in the school holidays.

LOL Cheeks at the movie character being like your DS1.  I know exactly what that's like (A).  Megan saw a small example of it today when I said "5 minute warning, then you all need to get your socks and shoes on" and A said (in that horrid know-it-all voice that only children can do) "I don't need to put socks on, I only need to put shoes on."  I mean, really, so she had shoes without socks, but why the need to point it out, she freaking well knew what I meant!!!

Megan, this is the place I was talking about.  I forgot that you were also a fan of Pillars of the Earth.  For some reason this place really reminded me of that.  It was a weird, almost religious, experience to be touching something and imagining how it was 700 years beforehand.  (I have a photo of J standing in one of the ovens in the monks' quarters - I'll bet the monks cooking their food never imagined a strange man standing in it having his photo taken...!)

#17 mokeydoke

Posted 20 April 2011 - 08:03 PM

I'm at the movies as I type wink.gif I took my nieces in, since karri is still in America. I drew the line at Beiber laughing2.gif but am semi watching fast and furious. Can't stand Vin Diesel *insert low grumble grumble and intense stare* there are heap of kids here too, from 2-8. Bizarre! Grace is watching Scream and I stayed with her til her boyfriend arrived. I hate scary movies even more than mindless car chases wink.gif
Rio was good, kids enjoyed it. The main character bird annoyed me though. I preferred despicable me that we watched on DVD before coming back to Naz.
Better get back to the movie, I just had a toilet and Internet break...

#18 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 20 April 2011 - 09:20 PM

Janet that place is gorgeous! We'll definately have to try to stop for a look.

#19 codex

Posted 21 April 2011 - 10:30 AM

Despicable me and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs have been the only kid's movies I've actually enjoyed for the last few years.

I'm having 4 yr old not listening issues right now.  Even his DC and school have mentioned it, though they did say it was expected and age appropriate.  There is no punishment big enough for him to actually take notice and/or not laugh at me.
I know, I know, positive reinforcement and praise the successes.  But it's so f-ing hard to smile and praise when I feel like running away!

#20 azalia

Posted 21 April 2011 - 10:56 AM

Codex - praise and positive reinforcement are great, so is some stern words or consequences that if he doesnt listen you perhaps wont listen to what he wants. Not sure though, sometimes I think half our behaviour problems these days are that we are way too into the 'positive' way to change behaviour. I do agree, but I do also think that children need to have discipline as well. Its a trying age though and you just need to find what works for them. Byron and Mason both need different ways of discipline. Byron does well from positive reinforcement, and is not good being told off hes fairly sensitve. Mason needs a lot harsher 'telling off'. Are you heading away these holidays?

No movies been seen here! Apparently Cars 2 is coming out over winter, so we will see that with the boys as that is there favourite movie.

Just editing the most gorgeous newborn session I had yesterday. What a way to finish off my portrait sessions. Outdoor barn type session, it was lovely. Gorgeous wedding today, weather is beautiful I cant wait!! Then just need to make it through the weekend weddings and I am finished!!

Boys are doing good, nothing new, nothing different. Sharing their beds well, and generally being good. Looking forward to being more active again, and being able to do more with them, weve been fairly house orientated these last few weeks.

#21 codex

Posted 21 April 2011 - 11:02 AM

I've been aaaaaall about the discipline here for the last year or so, that's why I think I need to change something and see if it works  laugh.gif .  I really have tried the harshest punishments and he still shrugs them off, with the added bonus of getting worse because he's getting some kind of attention.
If I ignore him, DD goes insane with the teasing and DS gets destructive.
Sticker charts work well for him so I'll go the positive and see what happens, it's just not natural for me  blush.gif .

So by Monday you're done?  Phew, I was getting anxious on your behalf.

#22 mokeydoke

Posted 21 April 2011 - 02:25 PM

Kimbal responds well to the sticker chart, Lu still couldn't give a sh*t. We deal with her by minimizing damage done to others by time out ie solitary confinement!
They are ready to go home now, except they don't know it yet wink.gif their behaviour is a mix of overtired and overindulged- didi tell you yesterday Curtis wanted a toy in the shop and I wasn't obliging so he yelled over and over 'I hate you, I hate you mum!' as I left the shop. Then at the next shop he called me 'stupid mum' for nit buying an Easter egg. He is 2!! I felt like advertising that although he was the only child with us that Peter and I don't speak to each other like that and he'd picked it up from a child who'd obviously picked it up at school laughing2.gif

#23 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 21 April 2011 - 03:28 PM

We do a mix of positive reinforcement which is partially successful and strict disciplinre which is also partially successful. If only those two parts would make up a whole laugh.gif

Good luck with the sticker charts Codex  original.gif

Hooray for being almost finished Alinta!

#24 Mulan

Posted 21 April 2011 - 06:53 PM

My 4 year old is a breeze with discipline, I do feel very fortunate after the other two, I do really hope I;m not speaking too soon though. She is still naughty but responds so beautifully to positive reinforcement and withdrawal of attention/time out, even when she is incredibly strong and determined (AKA stubborn as a bull). She has amazing emotional regulation skills though so that makes it much much easier. I think that I am so much more specific with labelling the positive reinforcement now too, I can easily see where I went wrong and need to refine now with my eldest two.

Has anyone seen chorepad on the iphone/ipad. OMG that has changed our world over the last few weeks. I have put in behaviours not just chores into it. The kids love the points star system and trading in the points for their rewards which includes trading for pocket money and all sorts of things. I do make sure they are getting lots of points anyway. eg 2 points a day just for brushing their teeth and 1 point a day for getting to bed before bedtime. All three of them love it so much right now. I don't expect it to work for us forever but I am loving it. School holidays have been quite a lot easier with it. Although we have been one child down for most of the holidays too.

#25 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 21 April 2011 - 07:19 PM

Mulan, that sounds promising.  Although I fear that it would just turn into another competition in our house.  (Literally everything is a competition between the 3 girls.  They are so adversarial.)

Megan, I told J about your sliding doors, and he is highly interested (despite my prediction!).  I couldn't remember whether the screens are also in 3 panels?  Maybe a photo on FB would be nice, so I can show him rather than just try and describe...!

OMG, I have had the day from hell.  Bad behaviour during breakfast meant that 3 out of the 5 children were told they couldn't have the promised trip to the lolly shop for a milkshake.  Since one of the remaining 2 was Darcy, I figured that A could just go with my dad when he went to the supermarket, and have her milkshake then, so it wasn't an issue having the others see her getting it.  D didn't know he missed out.

Of course, when Z lost her milkshake privilege, she had the meltdown to end all meltdowns.  She was squealing (deliberately, loudly, high-pitched, ear-piercing), kicking me, and did something else physical to me that made me lose it entirely - I grabbed her arm and dragged her into her room and told her not to come out.  (Normally she keeps up the screaming, and kicks the closed door, but she actually stopped.)

Anyway, we all got over that one, and then my dad and I took the kids down to a riverside beach.  All was going well until one of the boys left one of the little sand toys in the water and it floated away.  Well, you'd think the world was about to end; Z was hysterical - if I hadn't stopped her, she probably would have tried to swim after it, despite not being able to swim.  (It's not like she's attached to it, it was the first time she'd seen it.)  OMG it was horrendous, she was thrashing around when restrained, and when she eventually calmed down enough to play, she helicoptered over the sand toys, and started crying again when D took one down to the water's edge - honestly, it was bad.  That girl has some serious psychological issues.

The afternoon has been okay (tantrum-free), and the boys are now in bed, and the girls are in their room (I will go and round them up to the bathroom for teeth-cleaning soon).  I have a wine, and SVU is on at 8.30 (is it 8.30?  or 9.30?), and then I shall be off to bed.  Home tomorrow after lunch - might make it an early lunch wink.gif

Oh, in a piece of excitement that I missed, there was a drug raid 3 houses down from our place at 4.30am - J said he heard these loud bangs, went outside but didn't see much in the immediate vicinity, and found out from our neighbour this evening when he got home from work!

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