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#51 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 25 April 2011 - 05:18 PM

No 113, but Veolia runs the 947 from Ramsgate to Hurstville!  You know I'm happy to pick you up Dragons stuff any time...!

#52 donthavetv

Posted 25 April 2011 - 09:18 PM

Perfect Janet, I know you would, and Naz has offered as well, but I just like being able to browse the racks and touch it myself whilst I have the novelty of being able to. Ill go there on Saturday and then get to your place after shopping. Ill text you when I get there.

#53 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 26 April 2011 - 07:15 AM

Is it this weekend, or the first weekend in May?  I wasn't paying attention when you first said  blush.gif

#54 Denghiu

Posted 26 April 2011 - 07:52 AM

hello ladies! a quick check-in before heading to bed. Short but busy week this week, including lots of conferences at work, one important one I am missing due to taking Linus to get xrayed. he got a time for xray to investigate his ongoing puking issues.

the kids got bunk beds today, they couldn´t wait to go to bed!

#55 thebell

Posted 26 April 2011 - 11:31 AM

I keep trying to wait til I have time to do a massive personals post, but I think I should stop waiting and just post. We have had some horrible holidays! Sick kids, sick parents. Why is it that kids get swick one after the ither instead of all at once?? I think we are over the tummy bug, but now there are sniffly noses! Aah! This has been one of those times when I wonder why I had so many? But like Mandy, who would you send back?? Tounge1.gif

Mulan- I hope your toe stops hurting soon. How far are you from finishing the yard?

Alinta- That sandpit is huge!! At least the boys can play in it most of the year. I am glad Baby I turned for you. Hope she stays that way and comes soon!!

Mel- That's such a shame you and Justin can't go together. I hope you have a great break (and that you win!)

Moa- Love that your kids wanted to go to bed. Funny!!

Janet- They do look very similar!!

And my play time is up! xx

#56 Mulan

Posted 26 April 2011 - 01:29 PM

Today is a day I would consider sending the littlest one back. She's full of attitude lately. She's still pretty good but it's just a shock for someone who has been well behaved a lot of the time to be sticking her fingers in her ears and shouting "I'm not listening, la la la la" She is doing it in response to any and every request, including requests to do things she loves to do. Little turd isn't getting any reaction from me until she turns her listening ears back on. She learnt this morning she missed out on breakfast and getting dressed when we started walking out the door and suddenly she wanted clothes and shoes instead of her nightie and complained loudly she was hungry until morning tea. She did make sure she announced to everyone she saw that she hadn't had breakfast.

Sel bugger everyone has been sick. Truly I think one after the other is better than all at once when it involves vomiting and gastro. Not pretty cleaning one up while the other making their own mess.
My toe will improve once I stop using it quite so much. The major work of the garden/yard is now done. I just need my raised garden beds to arrive then we need to get the soil for them too. Then it's all the planting. I just bought 16 kangaroo paws, I'll plant them today though.

Moa did the x ray reveal anything?

We thought it was the end for our dog last night, the vet even advised not to bring him in and just keep him comfortable. He's back to normal again today though. Well as much as an elderly dogs normal is.

I need to pull my finger out and book some accommodation and firm up our travel plans for Canberra/Melbourne and arrange a housesitter. I'm not sure it's fair to take our dog to an unfamiliar place any longer or just rely on someone dropping in once a day to feed him.

#57 mokeydoke

Posted 27 April 2011 - 10:12 AM

sad.gif another sad old pet story. Nit surprising though, I'm betting a lot of couples had a pet together prior to a baby. One if our first babies has died already, but Buzz is 8 now. Getting a bit grey around the muzzle. I will be so devastated when she dies, but I'm not even sure I could cope with her getting frail/elderly either.
My grandad isn't doing so well. Peter and I went to see him when we were in Naz and he kept going in and out of being there, if you know what I mean. I'm so glad though that when we walked in he said 'Mandy! Peter!' so he knew who we were and seemed happy to see us - he's a huge Peter fan rolleyes.gif but then he's very old school British and women aren't as good as men anyway wink.gif poor grandad, we didn't stay long because there wasn't anything we could do for him, and he wasn't following a conversation, couldn't hear or understand (or both). It's very very sad.

Wow now I'm all sad with what was intended to be a light hearted post sad.gif basically I was just coming on to record somewhere, because I'm likely to forget but have already just updated my fb status wink.gif, a cute Luellaism. She calls Olivia 'O-Liv' laughing2.gif of course she can say Olivia, and did for years, but has shortened her name out of familiarity. I would never do that, but it's something Peter does all of the time. See, I don't call him Pete even! Luella also calls Kimbal Kim and Curtis Curt. I love it, Olivia and Kimbal are more uptight like me wink.gif but they've taken to their nicknames well. Kimbal was a bit funny until I told him I'd always intended to call him Kim, I just have trouble doing it wink.gif so Luella is trailblazing for them all to go by shortened names, although O-Liv is a bit ... Odd laughing2.gif

Have to take Curtis to the toilet. While it's a nice idea to be out if nappies, it's a bit of an inconvenience too wink.gif we had to go during the Anzac march too. I did a huge shop yesterday and without nappies got it all under $200. Wow!

#58 azalia

Posted 27 April 2011 - 11:47 AM

Mandy - thats sad, but so good that you got that time with him where he did recognise you.  

Still here in one piece unfortunatly. Im trying to show some of Megans grace with being patient, but its not working. Im uncomfortable, not sleeping and really just want to deliver safetly and then be able to rest before Gareth is off. I lost my plug yesterday so I suppose that is a sign things are on the move.  We have a good friends christening on Sunday though, that I really dont want to miss, so the next day or two would be nice!

All my shooting done with for a month or so so thats a relief! Just a huge backlog of editing to get through. Gareth is going extremially well in the backyard,  he is such a handy husband. All the limestone work is now done, and the retic in place, trees planted, mulch and sand being delivered today and then grass arriving hopefully on Friday. It looks fantastic!! Cant wait to have new grass down.  Just editing today, I have a client meeting this evening, but then thats it.

#59 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 27 April 2011 - 01:54 PM

O-Liv laughing2.gif I love it, it's very J.Lo or something. Sorry your Grandad isn't going so well, it's sad seeing them decline like that sad.gif

Alinta it was a lot easier for me to be patient, I had one less child to look after and don't work - you have a lot more on your plate & with Gareth gearing up to head off for work it's natural you'd be impatient. Good luck with the wait, sending some zen vibes your way xx

Boo to sickness Sel, how horrible for you all.

Mulan it's really hard with aging pets too, they're so much part of the family.

Moa I hope the xray shows something easy & quick to treat, this has been going on so long now.

Janet I just took a couple more door pics, I'll try to down & upload them today.

Got to go, playdate due here any minute.

#60 Denghiu

Posted 28 April 2011 - 02:45 AM

xray showed nothing immediate, but he was going to take a closer look and write a report to our peads. Lins was really good. He got a sedative to keep him calm when they put the tube down his nose, the tube was the hardest thing, his eyes were all blood shot and he looked to be in agony while they were inserting it. But once it was done he was good again. Did fantastic during xray and they didn´t have to do any retakes due to him moving, so that was great.

Got someone coming to buy one of the kids beds soon so better go set it all out.

#61 mokeydoke

Posted 28 April 2011 - 07:02 AM

That sounds awful Moa. Hope you get answers from this round so you don't have to go back again.

After one day of school Kimbal is staying home today, poor baby inherited Peter's massive tonsils that get red raw when sick. I told him yesterday to tell his teacher and I'd get him at recess - but he didn't tell so I didn't pick up until 3.05 and when I did he was sobbing that I didn't! He just looks miserable, what a sh*t of a way to head back to school when he didn't like it in the first place. He also added that his friend wouldn't play with him sad.gif

I have my lap and arms full of kids ATM

#62 azalia

Posted 28 April 2011 - 11:02 AM

Moa - yuck! Not nice at all, poor thing, that would have been horrible to watch. Is his spewing really bad?

Im still here in one piece, another night awake from 1-4 with contractions that fizzled. The castor oil is looking appealing, even though I know I should wait. Everyone is calling me which is giving me the sh*ts, I dont remember it being this bad last time. MIL called last night again asking if the baby was born, I told her do you not think you would know if it had have been??! She then promptly told me not to hold it in there too long.  rolleyes.gif  Im so cranky I think I would have slapped her if she were in front of me. Off to the hills today with Mel for sound of the 'great outdoors' will be nice to enjoy the sun and take some photos hopefully as its been ages I just shot for fun and not clients.

#63 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 28 April 2011 - 01:29 PM

Poor Kimbal sad.gif hugs to you little guy.

Well done Linus, what a super brave boy!

rolleyes.gif Alinta, they're ridiculous those calls aren't they? Out of sheer frustration Shane actually told FIL one time that yes she'd been born a couple of days earlier just to highlight how stupid his questions were. Have fun with Mel original.gif

#64 mokeydoke

Posted 28 April 2011 - 01:34 PM

When I rang my mother following the birth of Kimbal she said 'I know, ray at the bread shop told me. You had a girl an hour ago' huh.gif strange people!! But that's a typical my mother response, thinking that I wouldn't call but not clearing it up before stewing on it until someone else brings it up rolleyes.gif

Have fun Alinta. As much as I think she'll just fit into your life, it's one extra arm you'll be using (that you might need for Mason Tounge1.gif). Enjoy partial freedom!

I'm mid exercise after eating an obscene amount of Easter chocolate. I've gained 5kg in one month. Someone intervene!! We have so many photographers on here, why no personal trainers? wink.gif

#65 lissiloo

Posted 28 April 2011 - 09:38 PM

Hi girls

FInally got more than a few minutes to write a post -- have been reading but not writing as usual  rolleyes.gif

We had a lovely weekend away, despite Jack being somewhat unwell. He's had a bit of a cough/cold, well mostly just the cough, and he vomited twice as a result of it. Poor kid. So lots of washing. The weather was great, cool, but fairly sunny given it's late April. We had a small easter egg hunt -- on the verandha due to a bit of drizzle -- and a nice roast lamb lunch with my mum and dad, who overlapped with us. The girls even went swimming, well, splashing really.

School and kinder started yesterday, the girls were pleased to be back. They each went to a birthday party on Tuesday when we got back, and have another 2 they are both invited to, one on Sunday and another on Friday next week! Social butterflies! Sadly for Ella, one of her best friends is moving back to NZ next week, long story but basically J's mum left her husband, and because she came here with him as his non-working spouse she can't claim any single mum benefits or go to uni here. He's moving back there, so she and the kids have to as well. Sucky situation for them, but such is life.

Alinta -- so excited for you, think that baby girl will be here very soon!

Mel -- how did Lachy go last weekend? I must have missed it ... also are you feeling better?

Moa -- hope you find out what's up with Linus, poor little guy.

OK, I need to do a few things, but I'll try to post again in the next day or two.


#66 Naz32

Posted 28 April 2011 - 10:08 PM

Hey Girls original.gif

Just a few randoms as I'm just on my phone. Gav took the PC to Forster so I've not been posting too much but I'm reading daily.

House still on market. No offers sadly but two more weeks of open houses scheduled so we will see how we go.

House in Forster going well. Kids love it. They are waitlisted for preschool for term three so I have about 8 weeks to get everything sorted and make the move.

Mel. Enjoy Sydney. I wish I could come see you but sadly not possible this time.

Alinta. Calm Calm. She will be here soon. Don't answer your phone. When the time comes you and she will be ready. You make such beautiful babies everyone just can't wait for a nurse. xx to you.

Mandy. I will train you. Come to my whitehouse for 8 weeks lol that would be awesome fun.

Liss-Laura. I'm sure one of you was complaining about climbing boys. If anyone outside my family saw Simon they would call DOCS. All he does is climb and fall. It's heartbreaking stuff.

Hello to everyone else. Time for bed. My trainer has flogged me this week and I can barely move and just want to lie in my soft soft bed lol I'm even leaving a few dishes as my arms hurt so much. Oh well. Nighty night.

#67 mokeydoke

Posted 28 April 2011 - 10:15 PM

Curtis fell backwards off a brick wall/fence at the Anzac day march and tonight head first off the recliner (smarty tried to show me how he stands up when  my legs are reclined rolleyes.gif). Oh and he fell running to goo-goo's preschool this morning. Kimbal went for a ride with Peter into the forest and did a big skidder and lost a few layers on his elbow and thigh - he's feeling better atm and is going to school tomorrow until the Royal long lunch when I'll probably take him home (and Olivia, if the lunch ends after 2, othrewise what a pain to have to leave the house again after school Tounge1.gif)

So who's watching the wedding?

#68 azalia

Posted 29 April 2011 - 09:51 AM

Goodmorning biggrin.gif

Im feeling calmer today, probably has to do with the fact that I slept all night last night, from 9.30pm not even a toilet get up, which hasnt happened in about 4 months.  

Saw Fast and the Furious last night, corney but good. I love the scenery of Rio, that Christ statue is absolutly amazing. Id love to go there, G would never step foot there though, and its not the kind of place Id go without a male. Even then I think Id still be scared! I wish I had have travelled to Mexico and Brazil prior to having children, its just one of those places I dont think I would go to now.

Naz - goodluck with the house sale, we miss you!! Will you move out of the house before its sold? Or do you have to wait.

We have had many fall overs here too. Mel can vouch for that, both boys constantly have us in hyseterics because they never look where they are running and fall. Mason near gave us a heart attach at the river the other day, when he bolted towards the jetty, but wasnt looking at all and ran straight to the limestone wall with a nice rock drop, and stopped himself just as he was about to go over the edge. They dont look at the ground when they are running, just what they are trying to get too!

Grass arrives today, exciting:) Think Ill get out there and help lay it, all that crawling will mabey help get baby moving.

#69 mokeydoke

Posted 29 April 2011 - 10:00 AM

That reminds me Alinta, when we went to Tocumwal and Curtis did a Jack and Jill roll down the hill (ie levee bank, overgrown with long grass so I could only occasionally see his feet in the air) and almost rolled right into the river. Just imagine if we got all of these boys together roll2.gif

Kids are all royal today, in honour of the wedding of the century. I loved their latest portraits, they looks so young and happy (even if they are only a few years younger than me laughing2.gif). Luella and Curtis have their own capes and crowns too.

#70 mamaknits

Posted 29 April 2011 - 10:14 AM

Mandy how gorgeous. Is Olivia practising her quuen wave?

Alinta, good to hear you're feeling calmer. I hope bubba decides to make her grand entrance soon, espcially seeing as you're uncomfortable. Aren't those "is she here yet?" calls the worst?!

Naz, what's the house market like up there? It's pretty hot here, surprisingly, as the prices are also high :S I wish you luck and may a buyer come through with a good offer soon.

Moa, well done to Linus. What a well-behaved and brave booy he was to be still through all that. Hope you have some answers soon.

Mel, is it tomorrow that you're in Sydney?

#71 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 29 April 2011 - 10:41 AM

I have a friend coming over this morning, but she's not here yet, and the Neenish tarts are calling me...

I am going to watch the wedding!  I am even going to encourage the girls to stay up and watch; it's not every day you get to see the future king get married.

In the meantime, I have to duck out at some point to get a mouthguard fir G as it is the first day if hockey this arvo snd she has decided she wants to play.  Then 2 hours at hockey this arvo, and a quick dinner before the wedding.

I wonder why my iPhone thinks that "snd" is a word???

#72 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 29 April 2011 - 01:52 PM

Naz I can't believe there haven't been any offers on your gorgeous house sad.gif Hopefully the right buyer is out there just about to make an appearance.

How lovely getting an all night sleep Alinta, I'm glad for you original.gif I'd love to go to Sth America too, we will one day when the kids are older. I love that Christ The Redeemer statue as well, it's awe inspiring & I'm not even religious.

Mandy I'll be watching the wedding, even if only for a little while. I'm hanging to see her dress & I love the abbey.

#73 donthavetv

Posted 29 April 2011 - 04:58 PM

I can't believe it either Naz !  times must be tough in Newy.
Sorry I haven't replied to anything on here, I have been without internet for a few days and only had my phone.
I am in Sydney next weekend Celia.
I have also been terribly unwell vicious back pain coupled with menstrual issues with their own pain, and i am the codeine queen at the moment. It is starting to not work as well now also which is annoying. Lucky I have been able to have long stints in bed and the house isn't too bad, although it isn't too good either.
waiting right now for the state team announcement for Lachy, really have no idea how he will go and it has seemed like the longest wait ever. He got injured during the game, and that hurt his chances, but you never know.

Anyhow, otherwise school holidays go on and I am not even thinking about tripping off in less than a week, Ill endevour to try and post more now.

#74 codex

Posted 30 April 2011 - 06:17 PM

Have you heard yet, Mel?

I was down on the farm the last week, soaking up the cooler weather and the wet and loving sleeping with the sound of rain on the tin roof.
I've had the weirdest virus, aches, head pain and a heavy stomach with really bad lethargy but it seems to be clearing up now.  DS has had it too and, of course, weathered it with a lot more grace than I did.

Bit of a déjà vu  moment while watching DD last evening watching the wedding, I was the same age as her when I watched Charles and Di marry.

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