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June 2010 Parents Group # 16

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#26 TassieRach

Posted 02 June 2011 - 09:16 PM

Hi all

Ages and ages since been on here and commented, just don't seem to have the time, try to get on here and at least read up to see how everyone is doing.

Just a quick one as well, I would really like to join the Facebook group as I am on there far more than I get on here, love knowing where other bubs are up too and to get advise, can anyone help me, I too have done some searches but I don't recognise any one.

Cheers original.gif
Tassie Rach

#27 TassieRach

Posted 02 June 2011 - 09:21 PM

Hi all

Ages and ages since been on here and commented, just don't seem to have the time, try to get on here and at least read up to see how everyone is doing.

Just a quick one as well, I would really like to join the Facebook group as I am on there far more than I get on here, love knowing where other bubs are up too and to get advise, can anyone help me, I too have done some searches but I don't recognise any one.

Cheers original.gif
Tassie Rach

#28 TassieRach

Posted 02 June 2011 - 09:29 PM

Sorry for double post, not sure how to delete.... wacko.gif

#29 Sally256

Posted 05 June 2011 - 01:00 PM

Rach PM me your real name and I'll ask someone to add you to the group! There are about 20 of us in the group now.

#30 kelwantsababy

Posted 26 July 2011 - 09:45 PM

Hi Ladies,
I'd just like to introduce myself my name is Kellie I'm 29 and I hav a 13 month old baby girl who was born on the 23 June last year but she was 8 weeks early. I'm looking to make friends wit other mum especially since I'm a stay at home mum which can get quite lonely.

#31 kelwantsababy

Posted 30 July 2011 - 09:07 PM

I'd love to join the fb group as I'm a fb junkie!!

#32 cougarmuppet

Posted 05 September 2011 - 01:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

Doesn't seem like anyone is really posting in here anymore which is a shame as I loved these forums when our bubs were little and am not keen on the facebook group as I also love the annonymous nature of these forums.

If anyone does still check it I would love to hear how you and your little ones are going biggrin.gif

My little DD is 15 months this week and she is just beautiful. Running around, learning new words everyday and making me smile all the time...getting a fair little temper too if she is not wanting something or we are stopping her from doing something, I think the terrible two's are going to be fun!

3 weeks for me until my due date with bubba #2, due Sep 25th! Hoping for a VBAC so my fingers and toes are crossed I get to have it. Can't believe how quick the weeks are flying by and that I am about to do it all again!!

Anyways, love to hear from you if you are still reading here...hope all is well cool.gif

#33 cougarmuppet

Posted 21 October 2011 - 12:14 PM

It appears everyone is gone but just incase some of you are lurking and just not posting...

Here's my birth story, sorry if a bit long, I had written it out for my own record and just cut and pasted, feel free to skim... wink.gif

It was quite a lengthy process with lots of prelabour pains all night Thursday which were enough to wake me every 20 minutes then they would go away long enough for me to fall back asleep just in time to get woken by another one. They stayed this way all day Friday until around 4pm when they started increasing in intensity and getting closer together (5 mins). We stayed at home until 10pm as they were bearable but I wanted to go to hospital then as they were about every 3 mins and I didn't want them any closer than that in the car. Up until that point I had managed the contractions with the use of breathing techniques I learnt at yoga (as well as hearing your voice saying "just one more") and I found moving during the contractions very useful, the opting to rest on the swiss ball between contractions.  When we arrived at the hospital and the midwife examined me I was already 8 cm and so as you can imagine I was stoked because the midwife was saying I may even have the baby that night. By the time I had the monitors on for half hour and was then moved into my birthing suite it was close to 11:30pm. I decided to get into the shower as even during my pregnancy I have found hot water very relieving, especially on my lower back. I stayed in the shower from midnight until around 3am sitting down on a chair between contractions and using the heat and yoga breathing skills during contractions. At 3am the midwife checked me and I was still 8cm so she decided to break my waters. I then got back in the shower from 4am until around 5:30am when the contractions had become quite intense and I felt a very strong pushing urge so the midwif checked me again. Unfortunately I was still only 8cm!! So much for gravity!! Due to my ceasar scar and the fact the I only had my daughter 15 months earlier the midwife and doctor were not prepared to let me go any longer due to the pressure it would place on my scar. At this point I was devestated as I really wanted to have a natural birth this time and I had gotten so far! The midwife suggested that I have an epidural and rest/sleep for 3 hours and then they would reassess as the baby was quite happy and not in distress. So they gave me an epidural and would you believe that as soon as they did that I went to fully dilated! I would have had one hours earlier had I known that was going to happen...so they then said I could try and push, only problem was I didn't have any feeling down there. At this point I was also using the gas for contractions as being on the bed I was unable to use my previous strategies of moving during them and I was too tired to do much else. They said that normally they let people push for a while but due to my scar they were only going to let me push for around an hour. I did this and even though they could see the head and it was moving down, the doctor said it wasn't happening fast enough. As a result they gave me two options. Go in for a ceasar or try the vacuum to suction bubs out. At that point in time and after getting so close, there was no way I was going to opt for a ceasar! The doctor agreed to do the vacuum and explained that she would do it over three contractions. The suction cap came off a couple of times and they had to reapply it to bubs head but eventually it worked...and out popped out beautiful baby boy at 8:55am, Isaac, weighing 7 pound 12 ounces!! Trust the big baby to come out naturally and his sister who was only 6 pound 5 ounces to be a ceasar...my luck! I was so incredibly excited to have achieved my VBAC...and I would definately encourage others to try it as it is possible. Even though in the end I had gas & epidural & the vacuum I was glad that I managed to get so far along in the labour drug free and would not have been able to do this without the skills that I learnt at prenatal yoga and from reading Juju Sundins Birth Skills book.

So far he is doing pretty good, except still feeding every 2-3 hours, even overnight (which is a real sleep killer!) I don't remember my daughter doing that although she probably did, maybe he's hungrier cause he was bigger than her...anyone else find it hard to let their 2nd baby "cry it out" as I am fearful he will wake his big sister and has already a couple of times?

Contraception - Anyone had the Mirena IUD? Any side effects? I don't want three kids under three so thinking I better get something sorted when I go to the doctors next week, but considering I fell pregnant on the pill and again whilst full breastfeeding I am considering the IUD...wanted the injection every 3 months but cant have it whilst feeding. Any ideas and comments I'd love to hear from you biggrin.gif

Hope everyone is well, 5 weeks old already for us tomorrow, where does the time go!

#34 vip2c

Posted 26 October 2011 - 09:24 PM

Hi Cougarmuppet,
Thanks for sharing your birth story & congrats on achieving the VBAC you desired.
Cant believe you have gone through it again only 15 months later!! WOW CONGRATS!
Emily is great, walking for 1 month now and into EVERYTHING! Quite stressful really.
Hope you get some rest and your babies are kind to you.
Everyone is on the FB group if you ever do want to venture over.

#35 YoBagaBaga

Posted 26 October 2011 - 10:17 PM

Congrats cougarmuppet!!!!

What an inspirational story! I had a c-section too and am hoping to VBAC the next time (whenever that will be!). Sorry I dont get on here much anymore, what with work etc etc.
Hope you are recovering well. I remember the 2-3 hourly wakeups vividly. Me and DH were walking zombies for the first month or 2!!!!

#36 First and excited

Posted 21 December 2011 - 11:23 AM

Congratulations cougarmuppet, so glad to hear that you had a VBAC even if it wasn't completely under the circumstances that you wanted. Is Isaac feeding and sleeping a lot better now? I imagine he would be now that it's been 2 months since you posted. How is it juggling the two kids?

We're all good, DS has only yesterday learned to say the word 'No' but he says 'nagt' instead and usually repeats it over and over. He only says 11 words but I'm not going to waste time worrying about that original.gif

Hope everyone is well and has a merry Christmas xx

#37 michie0moo

Posted 21 December 2011 - 12:29 PM

Just saw this pop up and thought I'd check in.
Even the FB group has been pretty quiet lately so I think we are all busy chasing around toddlers, and new babies for some of us - wow!

Cougermuppet - congratulations on the arrival of your DS Isaac (great name BTW). I'm so pleased for you that you got your VBAC. Must admit to having a little giggle at 7lb 12 being a "big" baby. He is compared to your DD of course, but not compared to mine (DD was 9lb and I am 160cm and average build). I think I will also try the prenatal yoga next time around having heard how well you did with it. I read most of Juju's book last time and did an active birth class that seemed to be pretty much based on her book.

AFU - DD is running around getting into everything, learning new words every day and also that not so fun toddler skill, of throwing tantrums. We have toys scattered everywhere (and I should be clearing them away rather than posting here while she naps). We are TTC but also breastfeeding (boobie monster) so not sure how well I am ovulating. DH has been away a lot lately so that certainly doesn't help on that front. Being on full time parent duty to an active toddler is keeping me fit though. Sleep can still be an issue in this house too but since I'm not prepared to do CIO (I find her crying extremely stressful and end up screaming myself), I've decided she will get it when she gets it and not to stress over it too much. This seems to actually improve the sleep situation a bit (or at least my ability to cope with it).

Hope everyone is doing well and Merry Christmas!

#38 ~*Bec*~

Posted 23 February 2012 - 03:52 PM

Congrats CM biggrin.gif babyboy.gif

#39 kjhrileysmum

Posted 18 May 2012 - 07:50 PM

hello everyone

not sure if ill be remembered but it was in the june 2010 group i had riley on the 16th, i forgot my log in lol.

riley i doing great stil BF which is really frustrating at times but usually only at bedtime and frist thing in the morning but all in all hes a happy little 23 month old bo

good to c some of u have had others babies no ore here rolleyes.gif

hope ur all well biggrin.gif

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