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March 2010 Parent Group # 21

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#26 loriblue

Posted 20 May 2011 - 10:23 PM

Not me either.

Great news Ro.

Sarah- mahli makes the brrrm noise when playing with cars too. Wow to Zac sitting still, glad his nose is ok. Where did you go for music lessons? Mahli is not having any overnight milk, but generally waking once or twice needing to be resettled. Last night she woke at 9.30pm with a huge vomit. So we had to give her a bath it was everywhere. She slept in our bed but was awake for 2 hours from 2am. She was so limp and tired after vomiting poor little thing. Luckily this morn she was better, and apart from a couple of dodgey poos she's been alright today.
She like to blow bubbles through a straw and things it's very funny. She also does the hulky face on command when her eyes go big and she tenses up all her muscles in her face and hands. She's such an entertainer.

Right bed time for me. Have a great weekend everyone.

#27 Kim

Posted 21 May 2011 - 06:17 AM

Not me either.

No night wakes/feeds here and talking of feeds, she has quit breastfeeding.

Last couple of weeks breastfeeding has gotten harder and harder, she just isn't interested.

so on Monday I gave her a sippy cup of warm milk before bed, she slurped it down with barely a breath.  So no bedtime feed since then.

Wednesday I dropped the morning feed, again a cup of milk and yesterday she refused any day feeds.  

So it's all over.  Bit sad, but it's such a step forward as well and I'm so pleased it ended on her terms, boobs are fine as well.

#28 threeplusone

Posted 21 May 2011 - 07:33 AM

Where did you go for music lessons?

Adele's Action Kids in Alexandria, there's a website.  It's good having a Saturday class and it's pay as you go.

#29 :-monkeymum-:

Posted 21 May 2011 - 09:09 AM

waves.gif girls

I know I don't really post here, but just thought I'd share

QUOTE (2bubbalicious @ 20/05/2011, 07:53 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Wonder who will be next!!!!lol!!

I guess it's me to be next laughing2.gif yep #3 is on it's way. We actually found out about a week ago but as I had a MC at Xmas I wanted to wait the extra week before bloods just to be a bit on the safer side if there is such a thing.  BT came back with HCG of 2705 at 5 weeks so that is pretty good and due on 20th Jan.

Going to be fun running after a 4yo and a 14mo !

Hope everyone is well x

#30 rokate

Posted 21 May 2011 - 09:12 AM

YAY CONGRATULATIONS MONKEY MUM! If you join the DIG we will be in the same one again.  biggrin.gif

#31 :-monkeymum-:

Posted 21 May 2011 - 09:18 AM

laughing2.gif RO, yeah I just posted in there saying the same thing

#32 Kim

Posted 21 May 2011 - 11:11 AM

Congrats to you as well monkeymum

#33 bec578

Posted 22 May 2011 - 09:50 AM

Congrats Ro & monkeymum! How exciting   biggrin.gif

Caitlin is now walking most of the time, it's so cute. She is so little still. Emma walked at 10 months, so I've had 4 months reprieve, not complaining!

She is still feeding morning & night, but not sure how much longer for. Sometimes once if she wakes overnight, as she impossible to re-settle. Nothing will calm her down, she just carries on for hours on end. I know it's not forever & she is probably our last, so I just go with it.

OK better go & get some washing done since today is the first day since Wednesday we haven't been covered in smoke from the massive hazard reduction they have done in the Blue Mountains!

Kim - Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hope it's a good one. Maybe Isabel will walk for you? Do you have to work? I don't work Monday's, we had a cake at work on Friday. Emma goes to preschool, so I'm going to go out to lunch with Mum, not sure what the plans are for the evening yet, have to check with DH

#34 Kim

Posted 22 May 2011 - 10:00 AM

Go Caitlin, Isabel can't be far off I'm sure, my boys also walked at 10 mths, so this is weird.

Happy birthday to you to Bec for tomorrow.

No plans, I don't work mondays and dh will be on night shift, so we are postponing my birthday dinner etc till Tuesday night.  Like you, I will see mum.

It has been smoky down here as well...  Not half as bad as up there I'm sure, but it's awful.

#35 Nowfor4

Posted 22 May 2011 - 01:40 PM

Wow, congrats Monkeymum!!! Lots of new little babies on there way!!
Saffron was awake half the night last night and wouldn't go back to sleep! She always has the worst sleep the night before I have a big run!! She is still not walking, taking steps but not consistently!
She normally doesn't wake overnight, and is not having any milk! Need to take her for her 12 month injections, might do that tomorrow!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Kim and Bec!

Edited by 2bubbalicious, 22 May 2011 - 01:41 PM.

#36 loriblue

Posted 25 May 2011 - 07:36 PM

Happy belated birthday Kim and Bec. Hope you were just a bit spoiled.

Congratulations Monkeymum- great news.

AF arrived for me on Sunday and it was like being in labour it was so painful. I was awake at 3 for a couple of hours and had to get a heat wheat. I've never had that much pain, I tried to talk DH into another baby so I didn't have to have more AF for a year or 2. Unfortunately little miss non sleeper does not make her dad keen in a sibling.

Hope you're having a great week everyone.

#37 Lisa_H_

Posted 01 June 2011 - 03:53 PM

I know I shouldnt post as I havent even been on EB forEVER but I popped in to see the familiar names and catch up on all the lovely toddler news and I also just wanted congratulate all the ladies for making new babies!  And of course to see how the kids are going and whos still a regular poster, stickybeak that I am!  Its terrible stuff my letting parents group contact lack, I am so sorry but life is like that and the girls run me ragged all day, DH works full time and studies so its non stop here and I forget ALOT of things.
So yes wanted to say a big HI! Apologies for falling off the radar but all is good, Gretta is amazing (as are all of the bubs here!) She started walking just on 10months old, and she has about 25 words now in her vocab, she blows me away everyday and I am so blessed to have both of my girls, my eldest daughter Isabeau started Kindy this year so I have had alot of one on one time with Gretta which has been great.  We are also trying for baby #3 so fingers crossed for us.

Sorry for crashing the Parents Group, I remember sometimes it felt off when someone did it when I was more regular with DD1's 07 group, when someone would just breeze on by. Really its great to see everyone doing so well.

waves.gif to all

#38 loriblue

Posted 03 June 2011 - 08:43 PM

Hi lisa
Great to hear from you. Glad all is going well with your beautiful girls.

Hello everyone. It's the weekend.. Yayyyy

#39 scotsmum

Posted 07 June 2011 - 04:19 PM

eexcite.gif  tthumbs.gif  To Ro and Monkeymum on your BFP's!!! awesome to check in here and read your wonderful news - hope your pregnancies go smoothly and you enjoy every minute!

Just spent 10 mins reading through all the posts I managed to miss - lovely hearing how all our babies are travelling!

Rokate-  how is Connor - I read on facebook that he spent some time in hospital for tonsilitis - poor fella - hope he is feeling much better now - how did he tolerate the IV etc in hospital? - very hard to explain to a 14 month old what is happening! How are you feeling? Any M/S?

Kim - congratulations on BF'ing for so long - it is wonderful when they give it up on their own terms-  thats exactly what Kaelan did at 9 months old - think my low supply caused him to wean himself  a little prematurely but everyone was happy! you get to wear normal bra's again - yay!

Lori - gotta love the hulk face  tthumbs.gif  - Kaelan is skilled at this expression when he has just had the last spoonful of dinner/ yoghurt etc - he has an insasiable appetite that never is satisfied so we get tears and 'the hulk' whenever I say "all done!" Mahli sounds so cute - do you think your DH might cave in one day and agree to number 3 once the sleeping issues are a thing of the past? I remember you saying your age might be an issue. I think we haven't ruled out one more but will probably wait till Finn has started school so its only Kaelan at home. With my fertility issues though that might turn out to be a mistake but I just don't want to deal with a baby with a toddler and a 3.5yr old right now (nor can I be bothered with fertility treatment again) - just want to enjoy my two boys for now! think DH would say yes today if I was keen though  Tounge1.gif

Kaelan turns 15 months on the 9th June and hasn't taken his 1st steps yet  - anyone else in same boat  shrug.gif
I had him at the physio as when he cruises and pushes his little wheelie walker his feet outurn but she was not worried in the slightest about him as his pulling up/ cruising and going between furniture is all perfect and skilled - she thinks the toes will turn straight when he is ready to walk independently. His foot muscles are just a little weak and cause some rolling at times. Finn was a 14.5 months walker so looks like Kaelan going to be 15 or even 16 months! He gets around goodstyle though - walks holding on to the walls and furniture and uses the push walker for the middle of the floor then drops down and bum shuffles to what he wants (chosen not to crawl!) - its unconventional but works for him wink.gif

He is food fixated - go's crazy at meal times or if he see's me preparing/ cooking food. He does the hulk when his own dinner is finished-  he eats huge portions for his age - just loves his food - still mr chubby - needs to get walking to burn off the puppy fat. I make sure not to overfeed him though - I give him what I feel are suitable portion sizes for his age and healthy snacks - the portions just feel huge in comparison to his brothers (fussy and not best appetite) - some days Kaelan would scoff a bigger portion than his 3.5yr old brother haha. Food prep is so full of tension in our house - its like the pressure is on to churn it out fast or Kaelan loses the plot lol

Lots happening in my life too - house is up for sale - just looking for something more family friendly than what we are in (more grass and one extra room) but market is slumped and very quiet. Also returning to Nursing hopefully 2 days per week for some extra pocket money. Was very lucky that 2 days came up in the baby room at Finn's kindy so I snapped them up as had already been considering returning to work but thought childcare for Kaelan was going to be the major sticking point - in the year Finn has been attending that centre there has never been an opening in the baby room so it must be meant to be. He starts in a fortnight sad.gif not looking forward to that. Now I just have to convince QLD Health that my 3 yr mummy break from nursing doesn't make me a dud nurse and that you do actually gain valuable experience in community health where the bulk of my nursing career has been - not going to be easy nor is it easy to find a 2 day a week job on a Tuesday and Wednesday! really don't want to do the nursing pool - not being a permanent part of the team sucks! the acut hospital setting is where the better $ lie to make my part time return worthwhile.


#40 threeplusone

Posted 07 June 2011 - 07:29 PM

Hi Guys,

Nice to hear from you Lisa, glad your girls are going well.

Scotsmum - Kaelan sounds just like Zac in the food dept, he eats so much!!  I wonder if it's their age?  He definitely eats bigger portions than Lewis and eats most things but unfortunately isn't keen on bread so lunch is a bit of a pain.  But he clings to my ankles when I'm cooking like I've starved him.  And I am NOT allowed to feed him, he has to feed himself, stubborn like his Mum.
Good luck with the job hunting.  It will be hard putting Kaelan in day care I'm dreading it when the time comes for Zac but they will be okay I'm sure  original.gif

Nothing much exciting happening here, actually I'm going through a real fed up stage, Zac gets up at 5am every morning since dropping his night feed and i'm just drained because I just don't stop all day as you will all know.  Actually this morning it was 4.30am  ohmy.gif  He went back to sleep for an hour at 6.30am which was of course when Lewis woke up. rolleyes.gif
I'm not that keen on work either so I don't look forward to that mucheach week even though it gets me out of the house.  Plus DH works 5 nights a week so I just feel like I'm on this hamster wheel and can't get off!  I look forward to next year when I can hopefully get a decent job when Zac is at day care.

Okay, whinge over,  has anyone else got any positive news before I depress you all?!!

Oooh actually I am loving Downton Abbey, is anyone else watching it?

#41 loriblue

Posted 08 June 2011 - 03:11 PM

Sarah- I feel like every day is groundhog day. Same boring stuff, different day. I feel all I do is pick up, wash clothes, cook and clean up. Uggg! I'm over it. I'm tired and bored.

Oh and don't get me started with family assistance. I can't get the childcare rebate because I'm not working or studying. I'm on maternity leave, but that only goes for 12 months. so I'm thinking of doing a uni course to convert my primary teaching degree to early childhood.

So that's my whinge!!! Sorry for that.

Lynn, good luck getting back to nursing. Public health system should be welcoming you back with open arms.

Sarah- pity your job is not so fun.

I'll come back later to write a happy post.

#42 Fossy

Posted 10 June 2011 - 01:08 AM

Hi all! Haven't posted in here in a while, I stepped on my laptop and broke it...mmm, not good! Tried to blame it on the baby but DH didn't buy it! haha.

Woo a nice little baby boom happening, how exciting!

Scotsmum - Abby isn't walking yet either, you're not alone! She's taken about 10 steps but much prefers to crawl.  She loves walking with her walker.  She is also a huge eater, she kicks her legs and thumps on her high chair when she sees dinner coming.  She's mastering feeding herself with a spoon which is nice, makes it a bit easier for us to eat.  Good luck with the job hunt, hopefully you find something to suit.  Can you do pool work for a bit until you find something permanent? It's nice to get a bit of pocket money, although mine goes way too quickly!

Well it's 1am so I should go to bed, just thought I'd pop in and say hi while I could steal a moment on DHs work computer.

It's FREEZING here, we had snow on Tuesday night, and I broke our Coonara heater so we're struggling a bit, hmm, sounds like I break a lot of things! The heater is 30 years old and it broke from wear and tear, so not really my fault!  tongue.gif  

Abby is doing well, she's a happy little one, loves daycare, loves walking with her walker, and loves terrorising the cat... poor cat.  She had a bout of conjunctivitis last week, poor thing.  Putting eye drops in her eyes was not easy!! All cleared up now thank goodness.  One of the joys of childcare I guess!

I'm getting fat, 17 weeks so nearly half way there.  It's going fast! Feeling little movements which is nice.  My ob thinks this baby will be big too, great!

Those with a few kiddies, did subsequent babies get bigger?

My ob was telling me how he has studied heritage, and how you can predict a baby's size by it's ancestory.  Even down to regions, he was saying when he has chinese patients he asked where their family originated from, and certain regions produce small babies, and others big (think those giant Chinese basketballers!).  It was quite fascinating I thought.  I have celtic/Irish heritage, and can be traced back to vikings, which he said produces big babies.  He also said if you have freckles (which I do) you're more likely to have big babies! Who would've thought!

Well that's my little bit of info for you! Goodnight all, enjoy your Friday and long weekend if you have one, I have to work Saturday, boo!!

#43 Kim

Posted 10 June 2011 - 06:30 AM

My babies have gotten smaller, ds1 who was the biggest is now very slight and weighs the same ss his younger brother.

4015, 3605, 3015, so you never know.

#44 ~Beckstar~

Posted 10 June 2011 - 01:30 PM

FINALLY It's working.......

Ok now I can ramble.

Hello ladies... Last night I posted in our FB group that we are indeed expecting baby number 3.

Was and is a massive shock, but we are cautiously happy. I'm not meant to be pregnant yet due to a uterus tear while delivering Isla.
So it's happened two years before we planned. I was on the pill and due to working nightshift there hasn't been a whole lot of baby dancing happening. Also getting pregnant with Liam and Isla required fertility assistance, so this was a big whoops.
I imagine a scary tip toe pregnancy.  I'm guessing I will be due early Feb, although that would be term, and I doubt I will be allowed to carry to term.

I will know for sure after a dating scan which I am waiting to be what I assume would be close to 8 weeks, because I would like to see a heart beat.

Isla is doing well, running climbing and being a terror. She still only has 4 teeth, her bottom middle two and her top eye teeth, so when she smiles she has a vampire grin. Lol
Have had a rough few nights with her sleeping, I'm assuming due to teeth, and this morning I can feel the top front teeth breaking through. Hopefully they hurry up and get out because I'm really tired.

DP and I have just discovered the True Blood tv series. So we have been staying up watching that, but every time we think we are watching the last episode we end up saying just one more, lol.. Totally hooked on it, we need to get a life!! Lol

Bubs10- Isla was smaller than Liam, I'm red haired so covered in freckles, I have freckles in places that have never seen the sunshine!!
Isla was 6p 6o and Liam 7p 5o.. My heritage is Irish and I'm a chubba myself, and still little babies. original.gif

Congratulations to Ro, bubs10 and Monkeymum on their new growing bellies.

So there is my update....
Fingers crossed no vulva varicose for me this time round... Better start stocking up on the zoo per doopers. ;P

#45 Kim

Posted 10 June 2011 - 02:28 PM

Congrats again beck..  I hope things go smoothly

True blood - love it!  New series is due any day, can't wait.

#46 loriblue

Posted 11 June 2011 - 09:50 AM

Oh Bec, that's a baby that's meant to be. Congratulations. What does the uterus tear mean in terms of carrying this baby? Is it a risky pregnancy? Or just birth?

Em- my babies got smaller too, but not by much. Dd1 was 3140gm at 40wks 3 days and DD2 was 2975gm at 38wk3 days. I'm freckly too, dH is Thai and his family are tiny.

Happy long weekend for those who have one.

#47 Nowfor4

Posted 11 June 2011 - 12:45 PM

Wow, lots of baby news, Congrats Beckstar, hope for a happy pregnancy!
My babies went 7.1pd, 6.7pd and 7.9 pds, so up and down!
Saffron started walking last week, so 14.5 months! ds was 16 months and dd1 was 13 months, so in the middle!! She is a MASSIVE food fan, just eats, and eats and eats! Very chunky, but always has been! And has 5 teeth how, 2 down the botton, 2 eye teeth and 1 front top tooth, she looks like a vampire!!lol!!
Good luck with work Lyn!
Hope you get your laptop fixed Emma!
Hi to everyone else!
Best go and motivate my dh to undertake the expansion of our pantry, so it is a walk in one, can't wait to get more storage!
Have a great long weekend!

#48 threeplusone

Posted 11 June 2011 - 07:37 PM


Congrats Beckstar!  I am still able to giggle at your varicose vein story with the limping to the car  biggrin.gif  Yes I'm very immature  biggrin.gif

bubs10 - My two got smaller as well!  4085 and 3615.   Very interesting what your Ob said though.

Lori - how long would your course take?

Glad everyone elses bub has odd teeth, Zac has 4 front top, 2 front bottom but 3 molars.  I am beginning to think his bottom 3rd and 4th aren't coming!

So funny tonight, DS1 was on my knee doing row row row your boat and Zac squeezed himself onto my knee between us  and started kissing me on my lips with a big sloppy mouth to get my attention because he wanted to do it!  These kids are really jealous of each other, it wears me out!  We play hide and seek round the house but Lewis can always find me because Zac follows me and just stands staring at me which gives the game away really!  Very cute age, must be to soften the blow of the terrible twos!!

#49 rokate

Posted 14 June 2011 - 10:23 AM

Just a quick one:

Congratulations Beckstar We must be due at around the same time, I am due end of Jan. WOW.

We got to see bubba on thursday and a perfect little heart beat and only ONE in there original.gif thank fully. I certainly hope my babies get smaller, considering DS was 4600  ohmy.gif

We have been in Canberra and DS and I are off to Melbourne for a few days tomorrow it is none stop. original.gif

#50 Fossy

Posted 17 June 2011 - 12:05 AM

Yay for babies getting smaller, gives me hope!

I did nightshift last night so my sleeping is out of whack now! Saw the eclipse, anyone else? It was rather impressive.

What brings you to Melbourne Ro? Hope youre enjoying yourself!

Hi to everyone, hope you're all keeping well.

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