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#1 Sandra

Posted 01 May 2011 - 09:05 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 mokeydoke

Posted 01 May 2011 - 09:07 AM

Well hello then!

#3 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 01 May 2011 - 09:32 AM

Oh well, if you insist...!

The sun is out!  Wonder how long it will last today?  I am doing our tax returns today - they are due in a week or two, and I still haven't pulled my finger out.

#4 Onemorebub

Posted 01 May 2011 - 03:24 PM

HI girls! have been busy we had someone overfor dinner everynight this week just because you can while in town! been out to the farm loading all our shed stuff in our container which is here we are slowly getting on top of it! still trying to sell my patrol anyone interested??

Went to my first auction on sat too! noone bid!! too high in price!!

And since I'm on the update J got a goal at soccor! little champion he is! T is coming out of his shell slowly and trying new things and finally interested in drawing and craft which is great!! B is still beyond controllable not sure what to do there but keep at him!

#5 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 01 May 2011 - 04:00 PM

Dammit Mel, shame it's next weekend or I'd drive up to see you in Sydney. I'm working on the pre-school cake stall on Saturday & Sunday is Mothers Day.

#6 azalia

Posted 01 May 2011 - 09:46 PM

Still here in one piece  rolleyes.gif .

Had a lovely weekend, Dh has finished off the final bits of the backyard, it looks amazing, just doing some cleaning up tomorrow then I will take a pic. Had a lovely day today, good friends christening, then out for a lovely lunch. I really didnt think Id still be pregnant so finding something to wear that wasnt super short was fun!! Came home and had a beautiful quick nap, as I am getting nought sleep at the moment, I am so sore and uncomfortable and all the squats I have been doing have just sent my pelvis to feeling crushed, instead of pushing this little one along!

I feel ok though, and I know Im not even at my due date yet, I just was hoping to go a bit earlier, what with working so much, as then dh would get a bit of bonding time before going away. As it is, I think he will be having to delay his Friday flight, as we are still babyless!!

Off to watch some movies, just got Little Fockers and the Kings Speech out.

#7 Mulan

Posted 01 May 2011 - 09:48 PM

It's very quiet in here lately.

What a delightful weekend. The weather has been perfect for my needs over the last week. I managed to get what I thought was completed landscaping done yesterday (until we went to the Markets today and bought more plants) it started to rain just as I was about to get the hose out to water the plants in. Then I had some friends over that I hadn't seen for a while and to catch up with a friend who had moved to Brisbane a few years ago. I loved that we all just picked up where we left off. I'm really lucky to have this group of friends who are so supportive and non-judgemental but still enjoyed a little light hearted teasing.

Today I truly did finishing off the landscaping. (minus the bulb planting) We scored several bargain purchases at the markets and loved having one son help with the planting. I also had a couple of polysterene broccoli boxes full of mondo grass I pulled out of the house we sold when we bought our land. It was jam packed and root bound in the pot so a nightmare to separate the plantings. I have easily saved $100 though and it looks great along my outdoor area now too. This housebuilding business doesn't end though. Now the outside is done we return our attention to the insides again.

BLR sounds like you are loving being in town.

Did you manage to get your tax done Janet? what about washing.

So what will you do this mother's day? Do you plan to go anywhere? See anyone? Follow any traditions?
Do you hint to your other half for a gift you would like? Do you just buy something from the kids for yourself? Do you just wait to see what they come up with by themselves?

#8 mokeydoke

Posted 01 May 2011 - 10:03 PM

Still hours to go Alinta wink.gif

I had an early mother's day today and escaped to some markets at moama all by myself (yey!) and did a bit of shopping. It was fantastic to just be able to browse and not have to have my 2 eyes going in 4 directions. I saw plenty of things I could imagine the kids whingeing for and yet...there was only silence. I got some skincare stuff, exercise clothes (motivation?!) and a book - and a real, non drive thru maccas coffee.

It made up for my shocking screaming day yesterday rolleyes.gif

Isn't it odd to hear Tripod singing a serious song? (logies).

Have loved all of the royal stuff. They seem so normal!

#9 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 02 May 2011 - 12:37 PM

Hi all, good & bad going on here.

Bad - Carys is sick with an awful cough & congestion sad.gif We're off to the Dr in 25 mins.

Good - we're getting some earth moving done in the backyard today so the landscaping can begin - yay!

Hang in there Alinta! Don't hang in there little girl - come out & meet your beautiful family!

Got to go!

#10 donthavetv

Posted 02 May 2011 - 02:15 PM

guten morgen

Still pain here, not sure what is going on but it is becoming lss from my back and more from inside, never the less, I struggle on.

Few more days of school holidays and we have hardly done anything ! bloody pain. Might go for a drive today though.

Lachy wasn't selected, it has caused a bit of uproar as his team (undefeated premiers 2010) only got 2 out of 23 selelctions which is a big snub for the club. They then played the club with the most selectees yesterday (12 kids) and beat them easily  shrug.gif  bloody politics.

So he is coming with me to Sydney, so he is over his upset now .

Not much else happening, was about to book our flights this morning with Etihad, but the overnight in Abu Dhabi has me a bit unsettled, so I am going to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.

#11 mokeydoke

Posted 03 May 2011 - 10:39 AM

Maybe Lachie needs to be poached from the club with the important people behind it. Or maybe he should approach them. Who knew schoolboy football could be so political?!

I'm just procrastinating on here, looking for a few new winter pieces and shoes for a wedding I'm in in November...I've written a list of things I need to do today and it looks too daunting. I need a cup of cement wink.gif

I spoke to the preschool today about Lu, we got there a little earlier so I had an opportunity, and they say she's very quiet at school  huh.gif Does anyone else's child have a personality change when away from home? She's anything but quiet, I mean I am super glad to have a compliant one for a change, but I never in a million years would have thought Lu would be the one laughing2.gif I laugh, but inside I am also wondering if it's because she's not entirely comfortable there that she hasn't come out yet (but then also thinking it's probably a good thing she doesn't!). She is such a sweet girl, she says things like 'you're the loveliest mum I ever did see' and 'I love you, I'm never going to hate you, I'm just going to love you'. Then she says things like 'I wish I was different' and 'I wish I had a different sister who liked me'. Talk about break your heart! It's so hard that O and K are so close and so alike, you'd need to see them together to appreciate what I mean. They are like soul mates (have I already told you this recently?), and it must be hard for Lu especially since Curtis gets a bit of the baby treatment from them by being the youngest. I mean, they do play with Lu, and they play together nicely, but it still seems like O and K are one person and L is just different. It's hard to explain. Maybe things will change as they get older and the girls want to do more girly things, or their differences and similarities across the 4 of them will stand out more.

I really should go before my computer restarts itself - I postponed the update for an hour and now it's flashing at me

#12 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 03 May 2011 - 12:29 PM

Mandy, Z was very very quiet at preschool last year.  Really reserved.  She never really came out of her shell at all (she had a setback when she changed days and didn't know anyone on the new day and never got over it).  I never realised how bad it was until the director said to me this year, "Wow, Zara's really come out of her shell this year, hasn't she?"  So maybe it's a time thing with Lu?

Have O and K always been close?  Do you think it's particularly noticeable at the moment because they are the two schoolchildren in the family?  I know when G started school, she and A were very close for a while (until A realised that it meant G was learning stuff and knew as much as she did, then all bets were off!).

Mel, meant to ask yesterday about your back.  I hope you get some relief from your pain soon.  Speaking from very recent first hand experience wink.gif it is hard to get anything done with ongoing pain.  (It's the body's way of dealing with pain: the endorphins make you sleepy, so you rest and heal... Not very useful when you're running around after 5 children.)

I am annoyed with my body today too.  Cycle day 4, and cracking period pain.  I have just taken 2 Nurofen Plus after taking 2 Panadeine a couple of hours ago.  I really need to dress the boys and drag the kids to the shops, but I'm so freaking drained.

Oh, and J just told me that the tiles we were planning on getting for the renovation (and which we had asked the tile shop to keep an eye on in terms of stock levels so we could buy it and store it if stocks looked like they were getting low) have sold out.  WTF???  So now it's back to tile-shopping.  And that's such a joy when (a) you have 5 children with you and (b) the colour of tile you want is not terribly popular in the first place.  (Obviously popular enough that they sold 80sqm of it in the last 6 months when they said they'd be unlikely to sell much at all, and would definitely have the 30sqm we require.)

Mel again: I told J about Lachie and the footy politics, and he started fuming all over again about the injustice of him (J) missing out on the 16s rep cricket side because the 3 selectors only chose players from their clubs, even though J had taken the wickets of all the batsmen selected for the team that season!  So be warned - Lachie could still be bitter about it in 30 years!!!  I'm sorry he missed out due to politics, though.  It sucks that it is like that so early.  I have so little faith in human nature these days.

#13 donthavetv

Posted 03 May 2011 - 01:27 PM

Thank you, you two ! I had a big smile after reading those posts this morning, I love waking up to interesting posts, and I know how hard it is to find the time to write them !.

Mandy, you were talking about Sydney when you talked about Lu, she also says her sisters hate her, and when her teacher told me how quiet she was I nearly keeled over as we all know she certainly aint that. All my kids have a school persona and a home persona. The school environment is so different I think they react differently. Antonia is the only one who is similar in both places.

On Lachie going to that club, it aint happening because it's about 80kms away from our place ! but I am on the club committee, so I am going to tell the committee that we need to do a better job of supporting our kids, we are one of the oldest clubs in the league and the most successful through history, so these new young clubs have us as a target sometimes I think, tall poppy and all. I think it's funny also, because we wear Manly colours and are the North Beach Sea Eagles. A beach side club from an affluent area. Most of our kids go to private school. It reminds me of the old days in Sydney when Manly were the Silvertails and everyone hated them. roll2.gif  
He'll get over it, I tend to think it helps your resolve. I was seeing whether he lost interest in the game, or whether he got more motivated as a measure of where he is at, and thankfully, he got more motivated, so I am proud of him.
Janet, my parents have a litany of stories about my brother and rep cricket. He was overlooked for the first St George rep team, and then the next year he was the State's best bowler, they still remember it too !.

My back pain is gradually improving, but the house is showing the effects of three weeks of no-action mum. I am hoping J, who has the days off when I am away, with the kids back at school, will return it to it's former glory.

Seeing as I whinged incessantly some months back, I think it important t mention that the Perth weather right now is absolutely glorious !.

So that's all from me, bye for now...

#14 Mulan

Posted 03 May 2011 - 07:57 PM

Interesting news from pre-school Mandy. My daughter seems to have a different persona at daycare compared to home also. It's so very curious to me. They have never seen her have a tantrum and they are working hard with her to develop some assertiveness. She is very assertive at home though. DS#1 is very different at school than home too. He's far more anxious at school than home though which has a significant difference on his behaivour. At home he can relax and totally comfortable in his own skin with all his foibles, no judgements and we love him regardless.

Janet it sounds like your body is still very much hypersensitive to pain. I hope for you it settles very soon.

I'm so very glad we didn't get retic installed. It was so lovely and peaceful to water the garden this evening while DH got the kids through showers. I'm loving the whirring sound of the pump for the water tank and listening to the ocean is brilliant too. I secretly (or not so secretly now) wanted to just sit outside so that's what I'm doing now with the laptop while the kids watch masterchef with DH.

Liss how is the ipad? Did you get the 2nd gen or the 1st gen?

Sam how are you? I miss hearing from you.

Jill I was thinking about you a lot today too. How are you?

#15 mesaana

Posted 03 May 2011 - 08:55 PM

Long time no write.  Busy busy busy, lots on.  I've been keeping up every now and then though.

Alinta - not long now - much love to you.

Today I sent pasta that Freya requested along with a roast beef sandwich that she also requested - she is getting a more diverse appetite these days.   She came home and told me she didn't get her pasta at lunch - but the dish was empty.  Turns out they didn't give it to her and she was 'wanting to be quiet at lunch' so didn't speak up about it.  Not only that - they gave it to another child instead (who has had multiple pasta lunches before, and her parents had put her lunch in the afternoon tea box).  In their defense I had forgotten to check that her name was on it.  Poor Freya was quite distraught about it - so we've made pasta for tomorrows lunch.

I have a part time job till the end of June, so busy with that.  Business is going well - did a fair on the weekend that went very well and got invited to another two in June - so that'll be full on.  Also studying computer science which is fun too.  I always thought it was about time balance but came across an article recently that makes much more sense - its all about emotional balance.  Life is good, fun and exciting :-).

Freya has started a dream diary - of her own accord.  She wanted a book to write down and draw her dreams - the one in which she's in a rocket to the moon is her favourite recurrent dream at the moment she told me.

Zoe is awesome - loving being back at school.  Her art is hitting huge highs and I'm blown away by her talent.  A girl that is talented in many areas.

Jack is well - fabulous at riding a bike - its awesome and we go for rides each weekend - well DH and I run.  He is being quite clingy lately after our visit to SA, but is starting to settle down somewhat.

Hope you're all doing well!

#16 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 04 May 2011 - 01:40 PM

Carys is still sick sad.gif It's variable in intensity, sometimes she's pretty good but other times has a lot of congestion making breathing difficult & feeding almost impossible. Sleep over the last couple of nights has been almost non existant as I've been too on edge to relax. Plus I've had her in bed with us so I can keep a close check on her and her breathing has been so noisy at times it's kept me awake. We've been using the Fess baby drops which seem to help a little but not enough to be able to get stuff out with the aspirator (aka snot sucker laugh.gif). If she's not improving by the end of the week I'll make another appt for the Dr for Monday.

#17 azalia

Posted 04 May 2011 - 02:10 PM

Megan - poor thing, sick babies is not nice. What did the Dr say when you went the other day? THey didnt want to put her on AB? Hope she starts to get better soon, I wonder if you ate lots of garlic if it would go through to her, or if it would just make her unsettled as its strong in flavour?

Laura - so nice to hear from you!! Glad business is going well, and the girls are enjoying themselves. Thats sad about the pasta, I hope she gets some today!!

All going well here, Im actually feeling fine waiting for baby, but the impatience and pressure Im feeling from everyone else is starting to weigh me down. Gareth has been called to fly out for tomorrow, but has told them he cant until at least Saturday, which still is ridiculous, but unfortunatly there is nothing he can do, except for turn the job down, but there isnt much else around until July. So upon advice from my MW, I have just dosed 60ml of castor oil, and am waiting to see what happens. Ive done everything else, she is ready to go, 3 S&S, 3 accupuncture sessions, aromotherapy pressure point sessions, squats, walks, sex, letting go, pinapple, curry ect. Because Ive had laser surgery done to remove cancer cells down there, apparently the scar tissue often makes it take a bit of a nudge to get moving, but once it does it happens quick, which would explain Masons birth, I didnt realise that before.

Anyway, feeling revolting right now from the castor oil so should get off here and go and heave! Hopefully it kicks things along, and baby arrives safe in the next day or so:)

Edited by azalia, 04 May 2011 - 03:28 PM.

#18 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 04 May 2011 - 02:30 PM

Alinta I hear you re the external pressures but none the less - Come on little girl, make it soon for your Mummy & Daddy!

The Dr said her chest was clear (though it sounds & feels terrible) & that it's more of a post nasal drip kind of thing. She said ABs probably wouldn't help & would most likely just upset her system & to use the baby Fess which I've been doing. I did wonder about mega dosing garlic & zinc but it may change the taste of my milk which could put her off & upset her stomach.

Don;t forget to let me know how much totrf to you for the phtos & postage original.gif

#19 azalia

Posted 04 May 2011 - 03:27 PM

I will Megan original.gif  I sent it yesterday, so hopefully by Friday.

Yes, I wondered if it would just upset her tummy. Do you have one of those vicks vapourisers?

#20 cuddlymumof4

Posted 04 May 2011 - 09:40 PM

Megan: Hope Carys is on the mend soon, so you can get some much needed rest. Is so hard when they are so little sad.gif.

Alinta: Good luck, hope the castor oil does it's job & doesn't just make you feel sick. If G leaves tomorrow do you have other support or will he be coming back for the birth?

#21 MoonPie

Posted 05 May 2011 - 09:48 AM

Hey Team!

As promised, I am presenting myself back here as an active participant before we lose our old FB group sad.gif

Alinta, how did the castor oil go? What if no baby in the next couple of days? Will G get to stay longer or will he miss the birth? Need someone on standby to scoop and run the boys? You have my number if you get stuck, and I'm nearby all weekend x

Megan, is your Carys any better today? Poor lamb sad.gif Is it the kind of thing a steamy shower might help with?

Laura, what is the job?

I am irritable and cranky, day 3 of quitting smoking. I'm prone to spontaneous bursting in to tears. But other than that, life is really good for me atm. Clinton is now a permanent fixture, and its been about 6 weeks since he quit all the naughty stuff. He's really great  wub.gif Heading down to Mandurah this weekend for a girly Mother's Day weekend, but have to come back and forth to Perth a few times for G pick ups, appointment etc. Should still be a lovely weekend original.gif

Also as some of you saw on FB, I am finally getting my butt into gear to do my mid next year. I am so inspired, can't wait original.gif Plus, then I can get cracking on having my own babies in a year or two  wub.gif

#22 azalia

Posted 05 May 2011 - 10:48 AM

Hi Reb!!! Lovely to see you in here agian biggrin.gif  Goodluck with the quiting smoking, I can only imagine how hard it is, Gareth has tried many times succesful and unsucessful. Im glad that everything is now going smoothly with Clinton, see that is where I have missed out, I didnt even know about him at all!

Well no labour from me, just a very sore bottom. Sudocream has become my best friend  wink.gif . We dont know what G will do atm, just take it each day as it comes, and see how long we can push the company back till. He cant go and then come back for the birth, because its offshore and then also a 3 hour flight back to Perth, and choppers only operate once a day in good weather. He doesnt want to leave until she is born of course, so hopefully its in the next day or so. Im not even thinking about what its going to be like afterwards, just hope I have a smooth birth so that recovery is minimal so I can manage.

Beautiful day here, just went for a walk around the river with Dexter, might pop up to the shops quickly now to buy everything I may need for the next month, as I cant see me getting up there otherwise once baby is here and Gareth is gone wink.gif  rolleyes.gif

#23 mokeydoke

Posted 05 May 2011 - 12:43 PM

Oh wow Alinta, you are so seemingly calm given the uncontrollable pressures you are facing!! I really admire that you aren't freaking out about G not being here for the birth (or after). I don't know how you are doing it, but it's admirable! I roll2.gif at the sudocream. Are you still birthing at home? Who are you calling if G isn't there?

Reb - very exciting news re: midwifery. The only thing that worked to help me quit smoking was hearing my stepdad struggle to breathe after his heart bypass - Peter hated smoking but I thought I could hide it from him wink.gif Um...you can't hide that you have been smoking to a non smoker laughing2.gif

Well I have had a hellish day here. Kimbal decided he wasn't going to school today, and I had to call Peter home from work to help deal with it. If I only had him, it would be fine but instead I had Olivia in the car crying that she didn't want to be late and Luella all concerned that we wouldn't make it to her preschool on time to go on their excursion - and me upset because I wanted to go on the excursion with Lu but considering the excursion was to Olivia and Kimbal's school couldn't trust that Kimbal wouldn't start another tantrum if he saw me. Curtis wasn't dressed, my original plan was to come back and dress him before going to the preschool excursion, but there wasn't time so I ended up dressing him in the car after dropping Olivia off. Then Lu told me she'd forgotten to put shoes on so we had to race home and get those. In the meantime Peter had calmed Kimbal down somewhat and he arrived at the school - but I have to pick him up at lunchtime at 1pm.

Anyway, I didn't want to drop and run with Lu so I walked to the school and tested the water, Kimbal waved and was a-ok, the teachers told me he was good, so we stayed and I fought with Curtis who likes to think he is at least preschool aged as he wanted to do all of the activites (parachute,cooking, musical instruments, ball games, noodle necklaces etc etc). But we got home at 11.30, Curtis had something to eat then told me he wanted to go to bed so now we have 20 minutes until I have to pick up Kimbal and Curtis is sleeping, I am tired, a little bit sick, house is a mess, I have the heater on because my hands are frozen and I just want to go to bed.

laughing2.gif See why I am amazed at your grace Alinta?! I have one issue and my day has been ruined, ruined I tell you wink.gif

#24 azalia

Posted 05 May 2011 - 02:17 PM

laugh.gif Mandy - if you heard me 20 minutes ago you wouldnt have thought I was calm. I just had a mini mental tantie at Mason because he managed to get hold of an open startbust babies lollie pack and wouldnt give it back to me, so I was chasing him, and fighting him for it, until he threw it and they all went everywhere. The thought of bending to pick them all up was enough to send me over the edge!

Im ok, moments of calm and moments of being annoyed at the situation, but really there is nothing I can do about it, aside from book an induction in, which Im not willing to do, and given that as a homebirther I fall into the public system, I doubt they would do until I was one week over. I feel horribly guilty for Gareth, that he wont be able to be there for the first 2 months of her life, but I cant see another option aside from he stays at home with the kids while I continue the business, but even then that would be a stretch as its not wedding season, so Id be just relying on portrait sales. Its just one of those things, if we didnt have a big mortgage it wouldnt be a problem, or if we hadnt just spent so much on the house fixing it up our savings wouldnt be so dwindled. Thats the way it is though so I will have to manage!

Still birthing at home, as long as labour actually starts wink.gif  I am having two close friends at this birth, as we are having the boys there, and if they need anything or we need to transfer to hospital its easier if they are here.

Mandy - that sounds like a nightmare morning. What does Kimbal say when you sit down later on and talk to him about his hesitations with school? What did Peter say or do that made him calm? Was it just time? Are you rushing in the morning? Byron flips out if I have left things too late and am in a hurry. He really doesnt react well. I have to make sure on school days we are up by 6.30 in order to give us enough time to calmly have breakfast, make lunches, watch a bit of tv while I answer emails and then get them into school.

#25 mokeydoke

Posted 05 May 2011 - 10:09 PM

Oh he's a perfect angel afterwards, calls himself my little helper and couldn't do more for me. Says he'll go to school the whole day tomorrow. It's partly my fault, I'll admit this morning we were rushing a bit (I'm sick so slept in til 7.15, usually I'm up at 6.45 and have most things ready before I get them up) and because I'm sick I really wasn't in the mood to remain calm and in turn calm him down. He threw a pear out of his lunchbox and I hurled it outside to the chickens for example rolleyes.gif

Well that was an adventure filled hour! Curtis vomited up his bottle, with dinner chunks, and I've been consoling, showering and cleaning since. Gross. The one good thing through life is Peter ATM laughing2.gif for leaving work and sorting out Kimbal this morning, coming home early this afternoon early so I could sleep (which I did from 5-8!), and doing everything in the meantime even though he's sick too. He had yesterday off though, it's just harder to get sick leave as a SAHP wink.gif so now I'm feeling a bit better it's not such a bad time to clean or have 1:1 with my baby (although when I went in the shower with him he said "put me down, I not a baby, I Curtis!").

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