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FYOS 2012

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#1 kshy

Posted 09 May 2011 - 01:33 PM

Just wondering of there is a FYOS 2012 yet.   I have twin boys who are starting school next year and we start our first lot of school visits in 2 weeks os was wondering who else is out there going through the same thing

In some ways I am really excited for them to be starting their school journey but these are my babies....


#2 AJB3

Posted 09 May 2011 - 01:38 PM


My DS is starting next year too.  We haven't decided what school he is going to yet.  I'm going to assembly this afternoon for one of the schools.

I'm excited that he is going to school.  I have a 2 year so I guess I will be sadder when she goes to school and I don't have any at home.  


#3 kshy

Posted 09 May 2011 - 01:43 PM

Thankfully as DD is in grade 3 at a fantastic school, I am quite confident that they will thrive at there school.  Is so hard finding the right school though

Do any of the schools that you are looking at old open sessons for your DS to attend - this is what we are going to in 2 weeks - it is open to any children that are thinking of attending next year and is also you used as the start of transition



#4 gizboo

Posted 09 May 2011 - 06:25 PM

My DS1 is starting next year too (if he gets in, which we are pretty sure he will)

Our (Catholic) school had an open day last week, and there was a Kinder 2012 info session that I attended.
We have a parent interview, while he has his readiness assessment Thurs week and then offers go out in July.

My DD1 is in her FYOS and thriving in the environment, so tbh, I'm not sad (yet!), I'm excited to be getting rid of another one!  tongue.gif

#5 Georgie Boy

Posted 09 May 2011 - 07:25 PM

Hi I have changed the topic title so it is now FYOS (First year of school) 2012.
I hope this thread continues to grow.
I will Pin it for easy access.


#6 Julie3Girls

Posted 10 May 2011 - 08:47 PM

Nooooooooooo! I am so not ready for FYOS 2012!!!  

My last baby is starting next year. She is so ready to start. She turns 5 in September, and is constantly asking me "Am I going to school next week?"
With two big sisters at school, Sarah is already so at home at the school - she comes to pick up and drops, assemblies on Fridays. She knows the words to the school song, the cheer song for "bottlebrush" house (her sisters sports house, I assume she will be in the same one). She knows a lot of the teachers, they often stop and chat to us, and always talk to her, including the principal.

On a practical level, I haven't actually done anything yet original.gif  The girls go to the local public school, so I'll probably pick up and enrolment form sometime this term, when I can bring myself to do it ... I'm going to miss her so much sad.gif  It will be so strange having a couple of days on my own.

First parent information will probably be in Sept I think, and the orientation stuff for the kids is in Nov/Dec

#7 wrappedup

Posted 10 May 2011 - 08:49 PM

My third child will be FYOS in 2012.  Not sure I'm ready for that!

#8 lovemybabies

Posted 14 May 2011 - 06:47 AM

Hi everyone,

My baby starts school next year too. He will go to the school that all his brothers and sisters have gone to so he is very familiar with it too.

He turns 5 in 3 weeks so will be well and truly ready by next year. He too askes if he can go as soon as he turns five as a few of his friends started this year and he cant wait to join them.

You have reminded me I must get an enrolment form soon.

DS has already been to a few transition events i.e healthy harold, easter bonnet parade etc so he is very excited.

#9 cheekymonkey

Posted 15 May 2011 - 02:42 PM

DS#3 will probably be starting next year. I still have the occasional doubt we are doing the right thing but I think this stems from the fact his older brothers were both closer to 6 when they started instead of just turned 5 (both for different reasons - DS#1 just wasn't ready and DS#2 would have missed the first 6 weeks of the year due to an OS family trip). Also, my Mum and sister both believe we should wait an extra year and will be doing him a disservice sending him "so young". I tend to think he'll do okay and his pre-school has said they, too, think he'll be ready. Still, it's kind of hard not to let the doubts creep in. I want to make sure we make the right choice. unsure.gif

#10 Etcetera

Posted 16 May 2011 - 09:35 AM

DS1 will be starting next year unless we decide to put him in next term.
We held him back this year but the school has said he is more than ready and that they will take him now. He has ASD so is a special case, but we are really undecided.

#11 dukeysmybaby

Posted 18 May 2011 - 09:01 AM

My number one son is starting school next year, and I'm having a hard time coming to terms with it! I'm excited for him and he can't wait, but it's confirmation that he's not a baby anymore!

We're in a real pickle about which school to send him to, the local public school around the corner from home has a great reputation but it's massive, with over 1000 students and it's only primary!!

The other two alternatives are a Catholic and a private school which are much smaller, but will really stretch the budget and are further away (can't walk to these schools).

Hopefully once we have the interviews and tours the decision will become easier...

#12 Etcetera

Posted 18 May 2011 - 09:23 AM

Don't be too worried about size. I went to a school with about 80 kids so it it a huge difference with the smallest school around here having 300.
DS has special needs and the school he will go to has over 600 kids, but the preps are well looked after, they have their one playground and alternate using it and going to the bigger one with older kids.

Tours and speaking with the principal help. We are so pleased with the principals attitude to everything.

#13 kshy

Posted 18 May 2011 - 09:45 AM

I picked up our enrollment forms last night - made it all a bit more real - they have there first visits next week

I found it really hard to find the right school for DD as our local school that we could walk too had a really bad reputation.  Of our local kinda that was next door only 3 kids out of 27 went to and 1 has since left.  It then came down to 2 schools, both about the same distance drive, one was over 800 kids and growing and the other was 180 kids and located in a 'country' setting.  Aftter doing the visits and meeting witht principle we went with the smaller school as we felt it was the right choice for DD - and we have not been let down.  It has about a 20% Special needs and also a high portion of talented/gifted.  We did a seachange last year and have now moved back as one of the reasons was I the school down there was so focused on the Naplan (grade 2's were already practicing tests and the teaching was geared towards Naplan and they discouraged SN) that I wanted the same start to school that DD had for DS1 & DS2

For those that are still undecided about schools I would do the open days but I would also request a tour when classes are running as normal or see if there is any sessions that you can attend with your child in the classroom - this is what my boys have next week, we are attending even though we have already made the decision but it gives you a really good chance to speak to the teachers and see work in progress



#14 gizboo

Posted 20 May 2011 - 07:47 AM

DS1 had his assessment yesterday and did really well. The assessor was very impressed.
I had my parent interview a few hours later (formality really as we have a child at the school, I'm active on the P&F, & the Head of Primary actually spent most of it cuddling DD2 lol)
We've been given early acceptance, and will have to decide during orientation in Oct, if we want him to go or not.
There are only 3 x 2007 children applying. (DS1 would be second youngest.)
Not sure yet, if it will be 2 or 3 classes. (TBH, if it's 2 classes of 32-35 kids, instead of 3 x <25 like this year, we will more than likely hold back)
My DD1 is one of the youngest in the grade and doing very well, so I have no qualms about sending him younger. Leo is the youngest in his school readiness class, very popular (def not follower type, he drums to his own beat lol) and cluey, but the bigger class sizes have thrown me. Just thinking aloud here lol
urgh, deja vu of last year. Decisions, decisions.

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#15 PrincessPinkenIt

Posted 24 May 2011 - 06:36 PM

Hi everyone original.gif
My baby starts Kindergarten next year, I am really unsure about how I'm feeling about it at the moment. Tonight we had her Interview for enrollment, DD seemed to do okay with it all and she is pretty much has a spot as her Brother is in Kindy this year at the same school. Formal letters come out in October for offers.

How is everyone else going with their LO enrollments?

#16 Julie3Girls

Posted 24 May 2011 - 07:08 PM

Public school is easy original.gif  No interviews or assessments.
And yes, I have taken the step ... I have given Sarah's details to the school secretary, she will contact me around August to give me the date of the parent information night, where I get the enrolment forms.

#17 kshy

Posted 24 May 2011 - 07:21 PM

We have our first visits tomorrow - both boys have been sick so I am hoping that they have a good night sleep and feeling alot better tomorrow or they will miss out

#18 strawberry*shortcake

Posted 15 June 2011 - 12:58 PM

My third starts school next year too! I can't believe it and boy am I going to miss her! She is my little buddy.

BUT, she asks every day "when is it next year?" so she is more than ready  laughing2.gif

She will go to a different school than the one my other two started at, hopefully they will change with her at the same time. As we are moving from the public to a private school, it is like I am starting all over again, as everything is new.

We are very excited though!

Leanne xo

#19 cheekymonkey

Posted 16 June 2011 - 02:18 PM

I put in the enrolment forms for DS#3 today. Also paid for the kinderstart program the school runs. He still just seems too little though pre-school assures me he'll be ready to go. It does reassure me somewhat seeing him with other kids of a similar age who also start next year (they're Nov/Dec birthdays) as he's no different in behaviour and ability. I'm sure he'll be fine being the third child. I'm just used to my kids being closer to 6 when they start.  rolleyes.gif

ETA - PP, my DS is just like your DD. He keeps saying in 2 more sleeps he'll go to school. I have to constantly explain that he'll go to school one day a week after 2 more school holidays, NOT sleeps. biggrin.gif

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#20 mamaknits

Posted 16 June 2011 - 03:38 PM

My little one starts in 2012 too. We're now in the process of applying for the out of zone school we think will suit him and we have applied for the in-zone schoolw hich will take him

#21 mamfa

Posted 22 June 2011 - 11:25 AM

Hi everyone
Number three starts school next year.

Hi Almond eyes waves.gif I'm scared for you! Special needs kids a very stressful to make decisions for.

Tayla starts her transition days at the start of next term. She has her uniform all ready and has been nagging me to get her school bag.

We are in Vic. So the first year is called prep and it's full time. She is in preschool this year for two days a week. The preschool is on the school grounds although separated by fences. So they get to talk to the older kids through the fence. My older ones are always coming home telling me about what Tayla got up to. The Prep teacher visits each day, for the two days, she has her morning tea with the little ones. Getting to know them.
It's never been a big leap for my kids to move onto school(apart from the special needs stuff) they do a lot of assemblies together and those special days like the Easter hat parade are all jointly done.

Our transitions are just as smooth. They start third term and go one morning a week. Then forth term it's for a whole day. So she will be in preschool for 2 days and school one day. By the time they actually start school in February next year, it's no big deal at all for the little ones.  Some kids, like my ASDer did,  can do more time at the school for the transitions.

I kind of feel sorry for the other kids at the preschool who go into town schools. They don't seem to get much time at the schools before they start at all.

We live in a rural town. Our school only has four class rooms and only 72 kids this year in total. Tayla's year level will have 9 kids in it. There will also be 9 grade ones in the room too, being composite classes.
The teachers have a full time assistant who helps out the kids that don't have aids. It's funded by the school.

It's a public school and the buildings and facilities are all 12 months old. It's has better tech, sports, and facilities than all the big town school. So the only dis advantage is the amount of kids. Apparently some mums see this as a disadvantage and send the kids on a bus for an hour to the town to be in a class of 25 preps wacko.gif

All the forms are being sent out today. I just finished putting them all together, that's how I know wink.gif

#22 Etcetera

Posted 22 June 2011 - 01:17 PM

Hi mamfa!
DS is doing well. I did my first reading session yesterday and he just sat with me, but it was chaos in the room and we had arrived late. He is getting on well with the kids and his teachers.
I'm considering dropping him down to four days a week so we can work on things together one on one and to give him a bit of a break as well. He's only had 7 days at school so far and I'm worried he will burn out.
Tinking of funding some teacher aide time ourselves but haven't looked into it yet. there are a couple of other special needs kids in his class so they have a fair bit of aide time.
He is coming home happy but exhausted which is great. I think he's actually getting worn out mentally for the first time.

I would have loved a small school like that. My primary school had less than 100, DSs has over 600! But its SEU is well respected and mostly deals with ASD so it's a good fit for us.

#23 Guest_Calamity Anne_*

Posted 22 June 2011 - 01:28 PM


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#24 qak

Posted 22 September 2011 - 04:18 PM

Hi everyone - thought I will join in here as DS will start next in 2012. He was offered a position at the local Catholic school, and at an out of area public school (same distance away as the in-area school).  We have taken the Catholic one as the school is much smaller with 2 "streams" (classes) in each year - compared to probably 7(!) at the out of area public school. The public has a slightly better "academic" reputation, while the catholic got a new principal this year that the existing parents are raving about.

I think my main concern is that DS will decide he doesn't like school - what will I do then?

And how will I do packed lunches 5 days a week!

#25 kshy

Posted 23 September 2011 - 11:59 AM

Well this morning I dropped off our confirmation that both boys will be starting school next year.

I am still questioning whether Noah should be starting school.  He is looking down the path of an ADD (inattentive) diagnosis and will have lots of struggles with school but unfortuanlty does not get any funding for aide time.  But is another year of Kinda really going to do him any good and will there be more issues with seperating him from his twin.  I think that there is just that tiny seed of doubt that I am not doing the right thing that I keep going over and over through my head!!!

Anyway we have started to collect uniforms - we are really lucky that several friends have given us some of there old school tops which are in great condition, I would prefer to have one for each day which means needing 10 tshirts and a couple of jumpers.  My next biggest problem is getting tops small enough for Noah that fit over his big head.  I am hoping that I can get some size 4 as the size 6's I have come down to his knees (fit his twin perfectly though!!!)

qak - we have gone for an out of area public school that is quite small (170 kids) - our local promary school has 9 prep classes next year - They average 20-25 in each year level which are split into multi age classes, the juniors (prep-2) will have 2 Streams.  The bigger public school has a much better 'acedemic record' on the 'My School' website but with only 20-25 kids each year level and our school does have a high level of special needs it really skewes the results

There is only one term left of Kinda and they start school - boy time has flown quick this year


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