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September 04 Parents # 109

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#26 xaylmz

Posted 23 June 2011 - 10:53 PM

Sal well done on continuing into term 3 with work.  Are you going to apply for the position once it's advertised?  Sorry that O is still getting headaches, you said he doesn't drink much water which as you know can contribute to headaches but could it be related to something he is eating?  Hopefully you can get some answers.  Yay on winning moving tickets that's great!  Where are you going to see the MJ show, one of DH's cousins is doing some dancing in a MJ tribute show of some sort atm.

#27 helly

Posted 23 June 2011 - 11:25 PM

Hi guys,
Just a quickie from me as I have to get up at about 5 tomorrow – every year I go volunteer for SIDS and Kids Day in memory of Tracey’s little Liam. Hard getting up but it’s lovely walking into town in the cool early morning dark – I always think of you all on that walk in actually, can’t believe that I first joined EB a couple of days after finding out I was pg and here we are 7 years later ohmy.gif

Muscles were surprisingly OK after the weekend, so much so that on Wednesday I tried my first Combat (aerobic) class since before I got pg with N! (MJ, Pump is a fitness class with weights, you do about an hour’s worth of tracks focusing on different muscle groups and usually get your heartrate up as well. I used to play sports before the boys but it’s too hard to squeeze the time for that out at the moment, so a couple of gym classes and lots of walking has to do)    

Jayne Woohoo, that’s so great about Caleb’s reading!!  One thing we find A loves (and his speechie says is great too, all the rhyming stuff is really important)  is Dr Seuss books – we’ve got about 25 of them, there’s a whole bunch of fantastic ones like “Wacky Wednesday” that don’t generally get stocked. Amazon UK has free shipping till August and I’ve been going crazy, getting orders of 20 books or so at a time for about 80 pounds.  They’ve been really great in improving his reading, and are far more fun than those bland readers.  
Really surprised that you’ll be 2K out of pocket for the op – we were about that much out when we didn’t have PHI for A’s grommets op (admittedly 5 years ago)   Hope your second appointment gave you some other options…

MJ Hope your legs are OK wink.gif  My bum always got too sore doing Spin, good on you for giving it a go!  The school disco sounds fun, A has been to 2 but I don’t think did any dancing, just eating sausages and running around!  Are the girls going to holiday care?  Our hols start tomorrow and we’re going to keep our normal routine – a parent home Tue, Wed, Thu and the boys in care Mon and Fri.  Given a choice I reckon A would go to care everyday – on the days he’s going he’s got excursions to the Aquarium, mini golf, movies and pizza, an apple farm and aqua golf!  Grandparents (who have turned vegan, eeek) are coming to visit at the end of the month for a few days but apart from that nothing much planned.

Bec Glad to hear your recovery’s gone well, how are all your boys?  Is Q chasing after the big boys yet?  

Sal Congrats on the job continuing, what a pain about the lack of communication though. How’s your mum?

Better dash, have a great weekend all!

#28 xaylmz

Posted 24 June 2011 - 02:49 PM

Helly I often wonder how Tracey is going. I also make sure I honour Liam every year and purchase something in support of RND, have my badge on as I type.

#29 littlemumma

Posted 28 June 2011 - 08:50 PM

Hi guys,

I know I have been slack...sooooooooooooooorry.

All seems to be going pretty good. Kai got his half year report and we had his parent teacher interview this afternoon. He is going along really well at school and is exactly where he needs to be, behaviour good etc so we are really happy...pitty about the attitude he has been giving us this last week at home though, far out.
Max is good, he still pretty full on but so delightful, he has such an 'out there' personality and has one of those personalities that everyone loves..so cheeky at home though but I do think he is getting better at listening, slowly but surely.

How nice to bring up Tracey and baby Liam...I still remember the day very very clearly when she told us all.

Sal - sorry to hear about your mum, that must be the hardest thing be so far away. Great job on third term, sounds like you are doing a great job with the teaching.

Helly - great advice for Bridget with the jobs. So great the part-time is working for you, I love doing the 2 days, its plenty for me. N sounds so delightful. How is A going at school this year?

Jayne - bullying is just terrible, I hope its being sorted. Kai's school has a no bullying tolerance and it really does work, from what I have seen so far anyway.

Bridget - you poor luv, never rains but it pours. Sending you a big hug. Does CJ have her own like carer at school? Or is she just in a special class? Well done to N crawling,  how exciting. Hope DH finds a job quickly.

Bec- you have been in the wars, you poor thing. I hope everything starts to settle down now, can't believe how sick you got and with the operation and everything, gees.

Michelle - Disco sounded great for the girls, any dancing with boys???? Kai hasn't lost any teeth yet so I have no idea what you do with teeth...he is quite upset about the fact he hasn't lost any yet.

#30 caznjj

Posted 06 July 2011 - 07:01 PM

Hello ladies,
Sorry not going to read the posts. Haven't had time to check in to EB for ages and ages.  Just wanted to say hello!
Jordan loves his little brother Caelan who is now 4, they are best mates.  They do everything together and it's really sweet to watch.
Jordan is in first grade, doing well, picking up on his reading at the moment, though we are having issues with him being rude and talking back. Time out works a treat LOL. He has a best friend at school whom he adores but he is still a ladies man and gets on with all the girls too.  His teacher calls me "Mrs XXX" which is kinda hard to get used to, I'm used to being called by my first name by everyone!
Caelan is in daycare when I'm at work (4 days) he's a cheeky little man with the body of a wrestler, I swear he's as strong as his brother and a fairly even match for him, despite the 2y3m gap between them.
Have had about 6 months now of both sleeping through all night. Jordan's been good for ages but Caelan was still waking for a drink/toilet till about christmas last year.  By that time it was about 6 years since I'd had a sleep through the night, so it's made a big difference to me!
Started swimming lessons for them both about 6 weeks ago and they are loving it.  So funny though, Jordan is better than his brother going backwards, and Caelan is better going forwards (oh it's soooo funny, Jordan is on his front  paddling away but he doesn't move at all!!!)
What else....?
I am still working full time, I compress my hours into 4 days so I have wednesdays off - but it means working 9.5 hours on the other days. So whilst it's good to have the wednesdays off, I am tired on the other days!
DH has gone back to casual teaching, about 6 months ago, loving it after 10 years away. He's done lots of other stuff since he left teaching so has matured and learned a lot in that time.  Waiting on a posting for a permanent role.
I am really tired lately, it's exhausting to work full time and have kids in daycare/afterschool care.  As hubby is off for the school holidays I'm not getting a break now but at least they all are original.gif  I was lucky enough to get all of last school holidays off, so I can't really complain...  will have to book some time for christmas, other people have already booked the october holidays.  Will be soooo good next year when Caelan starts school, then I'll only have after school care to deal with, and during the holidays hubby is off work so he can have the boys and minimise the vacation care days - oh we will have spare money again!
I hope to pop in a little more often and catch up.

Any other Sydney ladies want to do a get-together sometime?  (how many are we???)

#31 niban

Posted 07 July 2011 - 10:50 PM


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#32 helly

Posted 07 July 2011 - 11:54 PM

Caroline Hi!!!  Great to hear from you – OMG I can’t believe Caelan is already 4! I’m also loving having a pair of boys (my little Nik is 1) and watching them together. I’d certainly be up for a meetup sometime, I’m still in central Sydney and pretty flexible time-wise, working Mon/Wed/Fri at the moment original.gif

LM   well done Kai on his report. We got a similar one for A I think – everything was “sound” and on target (with some math and reading in a higher band) Importantly his attitude sections were almost all marked as “usually”  (the highest in our marking system) and the comments were largely positive. We were really pleased especially with the improvement in some of the things like music and his foreign language (they do 2 periods a day of a foreign language at his school) that had been a bit weak previously.   I let him choose a Lego set as a pressie for doing so well – so funny watching him agonise over which pack to get wink.gif

Red Nose Day went really well though I needed coffee to get through the afternoon at work wink.gif  My folks visited last weekend which was really nice – though DP and N came down with tonsillitis and ear infections and I got a head cold the day they arrived  glare.gif   All on the mend now and slipping through the school hols. Has anyone seen Kung Fu Panda at the movies? I’m thinking of taking the boys next week and tossing up between that and Cars and ?  

What’s everyone else up to?

original.gif Helly

#33 RiverOfDreams

Posted 13 July 2011 - 07:48 AM

Good morning folks!

Caroline - great to hear from you - sounds like the boys are coming along a treat.  I know what you mean about the full time hours squashed over 4 days - hard to complain because you get a day off.. but it does get tiring. (.. and that's coming from me who doesn't have to worry about school / creche pick ups)!

Helly - so how did you go with the cooking if your mum and dad are now vegan?  I think I would struggle finding things to cook!   Great to hear you are still doing the red nose day work.  Heck, it has been over 7 years now that we've been chatting!    A is learing 2 languages?!  Very impressive!!  What languages do they learn?  

Sally - great news on the extension to your job (and paid holidays!)  not so great on how it was communicated!  Will you apply for the advertised role?    How has O been going with his headaches over the holidays, is there any change?   Perhaps it's a food thing (some people get headaches from chocolate / cocoa).  Poor littel man though if he's having to deal with that daily.

LM - good news on Kai's report.  Hope you haven't had too much attitude on the hols!

Bec, Jayne, Bridget -  bbighug.gif

AFM - believe it or not I'm still going to they gym!!... mainly the spin classes (don't need co-ordination) but on Wednesdays I've been doing the pump class as have b'ball on Wed nights - so need some energy to play!   Work has been busy - so between Mon-Thur only see the girls for a couple of hours - but that's all play time as DH has tea ready when I get home and does the dishes.   We've starting playing monopoly so that's been fun!  Hannah started riding without training wheels a couple of weeks ago so on the weekends we have been doing lots of bike riding.  

Did anyone do the toy sales this year?  I'm miffed as to what to get the kids for Christmas this year.  I think I've got birthdays sorted (at this stage H will get a bigger bike and may even do the same for C).. but Christmas..??  The girls love Barbie - but (I'm sure I ask this every year) .. how many Barbies can you have?!!

Have a great week
MJ x

#34 sallan

Posted 13 July 2011 - 09:42 AM

Hi Girls,
How are the holidays going? We are having a great time, pretty lazy but fun.
Yesterday we went to the  Michael Jackson impersontor show. It was fantastic.!!
I couldnt believe the kids though, most of them just sitting listening and watching. Owen was up from the start doing his moves, along with one other girl.
That was it he didnt sit still until the end then. Im the same I cant just sit and watch had to do some bopping with the boys.
I got some good photos which are on FB if anyone is interested

Tomorrow we are having our usual holiday craft day. I think there are about 12 kids coming with their mums. Its always fun and we all love making crafty things together. Then we all share lunch.
Its so much fun. It usually goes on all day.

I have now applied for my passport. It wasnt cheap ( British) and I still have to renew my visa.
Its the first step towards our trip to the Uk next year. My mum seems to be ok at the mo. She and dad have just been on holiday so they must be feeling better.
I now have to get the boys passports sorted out.

Surprisingly Owen hasnt complained at all about headaches this holiday On the lead up to the holidays he was having headaches about 5 times a week. Im still going to take him to see the specialist just to be sure.
I dont think its anything he is eating. He eats pretty much the same diet and always has. Hes not very experimental!!LOL
I believe its school and lack of drinking water. Im wondering if he is getting quite stressed at school and that that might be why he is getting headaches.
Since working at the school I find I,myself get quite stressed. At first I thought it was because it was all new and I was just learning, but I find that when I have to explain the work to the kids, I get stressed.
Im wondering if the kids find this too. Just a thought.

The boys reports were fantastic. I was sooo pleased with them. I hope they continue to do so well.
I thought that Liams school work might take a downward spiral now he is in Grade 3. The style of learning changes in that year and they are graded on quite a few more things that in the Infant side of the school. He is doing just as well, or maybe slightly better than before.
I have also been told by quite  a few of the teachers that boys particularly change a bit in Grade 3. Its the start of a mental change in their lives.  It is linked to getting ready for puberty.
I have noticed Liam a bit more moody than usual but nothing else.

Well we are off school shoe shopping this morning so I had better get moving biggrin.gif

MJ- Christmas!!!! :0 Havent even thought about it yet. I dont even know what to get Owen this birthday. He wants a Wii game and a Lasertag party but thats it so far

#35 bearboy01

Posted 15 July 2011 - 07:47 AM

hello team !!!!!    
Just a quick hello from me XXX

hope all are well & that the holidays are going GREAT !
MJ - GO U GOOD THING ON THE GYM !!!!!! im doing 6 spin a week Im HOOKED !!!!!!!  so hooked !!!!! hard at times though

well done Sally on the boys reports thats so awesome - and the job thats GREAT !!!

i think I told u that Amy needs her tonsils out - we have private health insurance however this only covers the hosp stay - we are going to be $1700.00 out of pocket and we dont have this money - yest morn I spent ages on the phone with ATO arranging a payment plan as we owe tax & this just about BROKE me I was crying on the phone with the ATO sad.gif
i got to the GYM & kept on crying I just seemed to lose my mind - so today I have to call the surgeon and ask for Amy to be put on the wait list for public hosp - like MARCH next year sad.gif and Im so scared that something will go wrong whilst she is in surgery and I cant understand nor cope with the fact at 39 Im struggling so badly financially the guilt with the surgery is awful sad.gif

sorry for the moan I dont reallly have people that I can chat to about this as people just dont seem to understand sad.gif X

#36 caznjj

Posted 17 July 2011 - 07:56 PM

oh you poor thing, these things are so expensive, even with private health insurance sad.gif  Have you tried asking the hospital/doctor that you will have to pay whether they have payment plans over 3-6 months after the surgery? I have no idea if they would but it never hurts to ask!
Also don't forget about the tax rebate for expenses over $2000 in a financial year - http://www.ato.gov.au/content/00218527.htm  - won't help upfront but could help next year at tax time if your expenses are that high....

sick again with a cold, it SUCKS!!!  I have had SIX since April this year, three of them have ended up with chest infections and this one is kinda borderline.   blurgh

What are you guys planning for birthday parties, I am guessing most of the kids are in year one now so it's not as big as kindy. We did hungry jacks last year, the only time I've done an organised party for Jorday. I don't want to spend a lot of money and am thinking even just having 2 or 3 of his closest friends for an afternoon play might be best. We'll also be taking him out to dinner at outback jacks on his actual birthday which is a monday (kids eat free but it'll still cost us about $70) Just wanted some feedback?

#37 bearboy01

Posted 18 July 2011 - 06:53 AM

hey there - the surgeon expects the money one week before the operation as does the anethetist (SP??)
its awful and I feel lost that we spend $236.00 a month yet are still so much outa pocket -

caleb went to a AMF bowling party yest for a 7 year old mate from school - DH took him & apparently it was EXHAUSTING & very very noisy - full of cans of coke and lemonade and chicken nuggets & loud music !!  Caleb had fun though original.gif DH was shattered !!

Much love to U all XXXXXXXXXX

#38 RiverOfDreams

Posted 18 July 2011 - 08:48 AM

Heck Jayne - a bit rich for the surgeon to want the money before the op... he must have encountered a fair few default payments.   I think you're doing the right thing going on the public waiting list - at least it keeps all options open, and I would expect this is a pretty routine procedure, so you don't need an expert in the field if you know what I mean.    Mind you it's not something I've ever had to investigate / learn about so perhaps there is more to it than I think.

I think Sal's Liam had his done earlier in the year so she might be able to offer some insight if there were any shortcuts on the public system.

Parties!  I don't know.  I was hoping I could just take Carli and 2-3 friends to roller skating or bowling but apparently Carli has already made invitations and handed them out to 10 kids in her grade to go to a indoor playcentre in Geelong.  I have told her that she might not be having a party this year but she is adamant that invitations have been sent and some of her friends have already RSVPed.  Her b'day is on the next school holidays so I've tried to reason with her that 1) I will be working and 2) isn't she a bit old for a play centre?  Both responses were met with the same reply "but I've handed out invitations"!    Hopefully the parents will realise that the invitation sent 3 months before the day are not legitimate, but it won't be a problem to let them know... however I know I will have one very upset girl on my hands when I finally say no....

We had a very quiet weekend - I actually did some study yesterday, so feeling good about that!  We are off to Mornington Peninsular next weekend for a week (taking the girls out of school/kinder) so I'm counting down the number of 5am alarms I have to get through before then!  1 down.. 3 to go!!

Have a great week - hope the kids (and Sal!) are ready to head back to school.

MJ x

#39 sallan

Posted 18 July 2011 - 10:35 PM

Hi again all,
Back to school today, what a shock to the system. We all got up ok but the boys tonight after school were sooo quiet and went to bed without any fuss, must be tired. Im about to take off too.
I find it hard going, the first week back, just getting into that routine again.

Jayne - Sorry but i cant help you with the op. We had a HCC at the time and were on the waiting list for the first available slot. We waited around 4 months I think it was. Didnt pay a thing.
He had his adenoids out. Sorry I cant be of much help.

Owen has already sorted out his parties. Mothers group party will be a pirate one, because of Pirates of the Caribbean- he wants to be Jack Sparrow- with a treasure chest cake!! Treasure hunt, pinata etc. All Owens requests- havent actually agreed yet :S
He will be allowed to take 3 friends to play Lasertag and then to maccas and home for cake, just like we did for Liam, as his other party.
Liam had 2 parites too, but one was a joint Mothers group party.

Wow Michelle cant believe that Carli sent out invitations. Did she actually put the date and times and venue  on them? Thats amazing. Bit scary too LOL
Good luck with that one.biggrin.gif

Well better be off to bed, hope everyone else is good

#40 RiverOfDreams

Posted 19 July 2011 - 07:45 AM

Hi Sal, yes Carli's had one of these invitations in her bag that she decided not to give to one of the boys in her class it said..

You are invited to
Carlisle's birthday party
27 September
Rum Em Ragged play centre

All written in different colour textas and decorations!

DH said he does recall her writing these (as it took a while) but the kids are always putting letters in envelopes so he didn't think anything of it!      I also found out last night that she did some for Hannah's birthday (on 6 Sept) but there was no location on the invite as Hannah hadn't decided where she wanted her party yet!  (Good to know who rules the roost in our house!!)

On another note, I've set her up with a pen pal in the US.  I have a friend over there who's daughter just turned 7 so Carli has written her a letter and sent a photo of herself!  

I love Owen's idea of a Pirates of Caribbean party - too cute!!

Hannah had an out of nowhere melt down last night, she was sleeping in Carli's bedroom (as they have built tent city in there and I couldn't say no) Carli came out and said "Hannah's crying" so I squeeze myself into the cubby and Hannah is bawling, when I ask why she says  "Mum I won't be able to get married because I don't want to have a baby and I really want to get married one day".   Heck!  what makes a 4 year old think and worry about stuff like this?!!  I calmed her down and told her that if she doesn't want children that's ok, but she can still get married.. then I told her as a 4 year old all she needs to be thinking about is if she can write her name and if she knows how to play.. this lightened the mood... but I'm not sure what set this off.  A very good friend just had a baby boy who we have visited so we have been talking babies... but gee my little girl is one serious child and does carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.        
Anyway, just thought I would share this with you.  It amazes me how different each child is.  

Enjoy your day
MJ x

#41 bearboy01

Posted 19 July 2011 - 12:33 PM

how weird MJ   wonder why she would say that ? poor little poppet sad.gif
sad isnt it to think they have these issues on their minds at such a young age - caleb constantly and I mean ALWAYS asks me about - so mum - people get a dog & they love that dog for a short time and then more time goes on & they dont love it anymore - how can people do that ?? he is so DESP to have a DOG and I dont know how he knows that sometimes people grow tired of their animals - maybe TV ? i dont know as no one we know has done this - he gets so upset about it - maybe he will work for wires or the zoo ~
bless michelle thats stressful XX hugs X

#42 littlemumma

Posted 27 July 2011 - 01:32 PM

Hi guys,

Michelle - LOL I am just cracking up at Miss Carli writing out her own invitations to her party, that is absolutely hilarious, seriously...bless her cotton socks. On Hannah, strange meltdown i agree but gee their minds think differently to what we think sometimes and who knows what sets these  kind of thoughts off.

Birthday parties - I've told K no big party this year. He can have 3 friends to the movies and we'll have pizza (which is downstairs from the movies) afterwards and I'll then drop them home.

Max - family party as usual for him until he gets a bit older.

In saying all this we are going to Fiji right before their birthdays so I think that is pretty special.

Gifts - We've got Kai ordered a DS for his birthday, he has wanted one for a while so I hope he gets a nice surprise with that. Not sure what games are good, anyone?? Xmas he needs a knew scooter and helmet, he also wants a watch and I also want to buy  him junior manopoly but I can't find it anywhere.............

Caroline -  how nice of  you to drop in, boys sound they are doing excellent which is so great.

Sal - I love  how your boys are so into their parties and things. How exciting planning your trip. Hope work is going well.

Helly - K does Japanese at school, once a week but that is it in the language department. He loves it.

Jayne - wow, that is unbelievable to be out of pocket that much when you have private health. I'm sure though Amy will be ok on the waiting list for public. Its frustrating though I know. How is C going now at school?

Is anyone else child obsessed with Masterchef. Kai has not missed an eppisode, totally loves it.

#43 helly

Posted 02 August 2011 - 01:16 AM

Hi girls

Life’s been hectic here, seems to have been a really bad winter for bugs. Tonsillitis (DF), ear infections and then A had conjunctivitis last week, the baby got it today (luckily DF had the day off as he works for a bank and it was a bank holiday – he wasn’t impressed as he’d craved the day to himself).  I want a holiday!

Jayne   So sorry to hear about your stresses over Amy’s tonsils. That OOP certainly seems high on top of PHI, hope you can find a better option (or the wait for public isn’t too long)  We’re also getting lots of agitation for a dog here – out of the blue he’ll keep talking about “his puppy” (we’ll think about it when we get our new house)

Caroline It’s been a terrible year for illnesses, hasn’t it. Hope you’re feeling better now – maybe get a flu shot if you haven’t already, I was reading a news article that said we haven’t even seen the traditional flu season (Aug/Sept) yet ohmy.gif  As for birthdays, we’re thinking maybe bowling or a game centre/laser tag.  Last year we did minigolf with all the boys in his class, I think this year we’ll limit it to 6 or 7.  

MJ Hope you had a fab holiday!  I went to a work function on the Mornington Peninsular a couple of years back and wished that I could’ve stayed longer.  Totally impressed by Carli’s sass and initiative, better not let her get on Facebook wink.gif   Gosh, can’t believe that Hannah is thinking through things like that at 4 (TBH, I think A is still all a bit hazy about what marriage is!)

Sal Gotta love the first weeks back – it’s amazing how off kilter you get with just a couple of weeks off hey?

LM   Junior Monopoly is fab!  Not too long (though A and I gave up in the end the other week – he had $150+ cash and I had $100 odd, we weren’t going to finish anytime this century laughing2.gif)  and lots of fun. Gifts – Lego and things tucked away for birthdays. I’m contemplating getting iPads for the boys for Xmas – it feels vaguely obscene to be thinking about it for a toddler, but N has already mastered the iPhone swipe (he likes looking at photos) and we can get them tax free as we’re going to go overseas and visit the folks for a few days before Xmas.  
A also does Japanese, his year sung 3 songs at a special assembly last week, it was gorgeous.  wub.gif I am making more of an effort to do more with him in the evenings (we play memory with characters or look at some of the books I’ve got from Amazon) and foster his enjoyment of it.

Ooops, have been working late, better toddle off to bed…

original.gif helly

#44 RiverOfDreams

Posted 02 August 2011 - 07:49 AM

Good morning!  I'm back at work  sad.gif  after a great break  biggrin.gif !  We had a good time in Rosebud.  Spent our mornings out and about looking around the area and the afternoons by the (heated!) pool and spa!  Slept in past 5am every day!  Doesn't take much to please me!!

Took yesterday off too so we dropped C at school and H at kinder and then went to Target and put some 'stuff' on layby for Christmas.  The big item being the bikes which we've now decided will be Chrissy presents.  DH has bought C some junior golf clubs off e-bay so that will be her b'day present.

Helly - hope the lurgies are done with at your house now.  IPads are a great idea - the only thing I would be worried about with the little one is how hardy do they make them? I'd imagine a toddler might like to throw (or even hammer!) one when mum's not in the room - not to be malicious but just because that's what you do with things at that age!

Very impressed with K and A learing Japanese.  Is that the 'norm' in NSW schools?   Apparently at our school the kids learn Indonesian, but my niece who finished Gr 6 at the school last year can say no more than good morning and thank-you so don't think she'll be a Bali tour guide any time soon!

LM - I saw Junior Monopoloy at Target yesterday if you haven't found a copy already.  We've been playing the normal monopoly lately - but we each get some properties at the start of the game to speed things up.  We never finish!  Just play till we are bored and see who has the most money!

Do your kids use Mathletics and if so how often do they go online at home?  

Talk soon
MJ x

#45 RiverOfDreams

Posted 04 August 2011 - 01:22 PM

I thought I should check the forum to see if a new thread had opened.. but no I was the last poster.

What I did notice though was that the Sept 04 group seems to be the only active 2004 parents group left... so lets keep going!   I think if we keep this up we can treat ourselves and have a girls weekend away somewhere central... imagine that!!    .. maybe when the kids turn 18 and can fend for themselves?!!

Looking forward to knocking off work tonight and heading home.  DH is off to a CPR course and I can't wait to the kids are in bed, maybe a drink in hand, feet up on the couch watching the TV and reading the newspaper!

I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks!  I can't wait to start back next week.  Otherwise at lunch time I tend to stay at my desk and surf the net.. but I know I work so much better in the arvos if I move away from my desk and get out of the office... so I'll be spinning again soon!

Have a great weekend x

#46 RiverOfDreams

Posted 04 August 2011 - 01:36 PM

One more thing - I need your honest feedback!

We are attempting selling things on e-bay - and will be trialling a few different products - this is a whole new world for me, and this week I added our first range! - but so far I think I'm the only one that has looked at them!

If you get a chance, can you go into E-Bay and type "ear buds butterfly" ?   I'm the seller mharry29

Some quick marketing questions for you?

Do you buy things from e-bay regulary?

Do you go simply by price - so as there are only 2 items you would go for the cheaper?

Do you review feedback?  Is a power seller better than the beginner seller?

Does the Buy it now / Best offer feature turn you off?

Would you prefer to see the one price withouth postage?

There is no right/wrong answer, I'm just trying to make sure I can set this up to catch some (read any!) sellers!!

MJ (aka mharry29)!

ETA - the good thing about these is if they don't sell, they'll still make great presents!

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#47 helly

Posted 08 August 2011 - 12:35 AM

MJ  Your hol sounds divine biggrin.gif Hope you’ve got over the back-to-work feeling though, hate that when you go back!
Checked out your Ebay site and the ear buds are pretty cool. I buy maybe every couple of months from Ebay (bike lights last week after getting bad service and high prices from a bike store in the hols) and while I used go for auction stuff I notice my own habits have changed and I tend to do mostly Buy It Now.  When buying I look at various things – overall price, postage (I really hate feeling I’m getting ripped off for p&h even if the item price seems fair) and feedback.  I must say I do look at how many a seller has, and if it is less than a few thousand, check where they are/when they joined/reviews etc.  As long as the seller doesn’t seem dodgy and the item isn’t particularly exxy I would tend to go for cheapest overall price… Good luck with it!  
I think schools in NSW often teach languages that are common in the area or that they have teaching staff for (and then if the teacher leaves the language changes)  A’s school is a bit different in that they offer 4 languages and the kids do 1 of them right through, plus pick up a 3rd language at high school level (he told me the other week he wants to do German, which will make my Swiss mum very happy!)  
A did Mathletics last year and had a password sent home, he’d often do it a couple of times a week. I’m not sure what they do in the classroom this year – I think he’s also mentioned Target Maths?

Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool this group has kept going as it has– I think a lot of groups have migrated to Facebook but I must be old-fashioned and prefer this format.  Definitely up for a girly meetup sometime, but a lot sooner than when the  kidlets turn 18!

How was everyone’s weekend?  After social things Wed and Thu night, Fri lunch and Sat night and a festival this afternoon I want a couple of days to recover, lol!  Poor bubba’s still on antibiotics – in fact on stronger ones now that give him green poop and nappy rashes sad.gif  I’ve had to book him into an ENT in 2 weeks, suspect we’ll go for grommets sooner rather than later.  
So much for an early night, hope you all have a good week!

original.gif helly

#48 xaylmz

Posted 09 August 2011 - 11:25 AM

Hey girls, sorry been MIA, been busy with loads of stuff happening.

Helly we had a busy weekend.  On Sat we had Hockey for C, then went to local baby & kids market, then caught up with my goddaughter that is moving interstate, then visit to my grandparents.  On Sunday we had Auskcik presentations then home for some gardening!  This weekend we are heading to Melbourne to visit DH's family, his nan is not well and was admitted to hosi yesterday and will probably be going into a nursing home once she's discharged.

MJ is this a new business venutre for you guys?  good luck!
Do you buy things from e-bay regulary?  no
Do you go simply by price - so as there are only 2 items you would go for the cheaper? price, postage costs, australian store, in stock product.
Do you review feedback? Is a power seller better than the beginner seller? yes, prefer a seller with a good positive feedback history but have bought from those with only a few feedbacks before too.
Does the Buy it now / Best offer feature turn you off? haven't bought anything from the best offer, but have done so with the buy it now, I quite like the buy it now option as don't have to remember to wait for the auction.
Would you prefer to see the one price withouth postage?  depends.

I didn't realise most of the 2004 parent groups had stopped posting!

Only a few weeks till our kids are 7yo!!  C is going to start racing gokarts so that will be his present but we will prob give him a couple of lego sets as well.  Not sure what we are doing party wise just yet, though he wants to go to Timezone.

I have started playing netball again, Monday mornings, the first game I put K & Q into the centre creche which was a total disaster!  I finally (after 20yrs of chronic pain) have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so going to start trailing some medication and see if that helps.

Hi to everyone else original.gif

Bec xx

#49 RiverOfDreams

Posted 12 August 2011 - 08:53 AM

Morning all

Hi Bec, I have heard of fibromyalgia but didn't know much about it so did a google search.  I'm so glad you have been diagnosed and can take treatment, I'd imagine it's been a frustrating 20 years knowing you are not quite right, but not knowing why and what you can do.
Hey - it's official - you're a hockey mum!!  Love it!!  

Helly and Bec thanks for your feedback on E-bay.  I had grand plans that DH could start selling things from home, and we could just trial what works and what doesn't before we find our niche market.. but there's so much more to it!  You can have great products, but how do you get people to find them when they're not looking?!!  Thankfully the few things I have bought will make good Christmas presents, including a pair of Ksubi sunglasses I bought that have found there way out of the packaging and into my bag!!

C's school had a music festival in Geelong yesterday.  Carli loved it and really shines on stage!   How's this, the other week she asked me if singers can sing other people's songs or do they write their own.  Not knowing where she was going with this I said both.  Well the little monkey has been in her room writing songs!!!    She sang one to me last night  It started.. "I'm just an ordinary girl in the deep blue..."  There were some parts that were inspired from current songs.. but wow - I was very impressed!    

Birthday parties - have convinced C that she can invite a few friends to do something so all good there.  Hannah's birhday is early Sept so we will invite all the kinder kids, but rather than at our place, we'll do go to the You Yangs which is a local national park.   At this age the parents still hang around, so supervision won't be a problem.

That's if for now - have a great weekend!

#50 sallan

Posted 12 August 2011 - 02:49 PM

Hi Girls,
How are you all going? Im sooo relieved its Friday! Bit of a tough week at work.
I LOVE Friday. Its my fav day of the week. I love school pick up everyday, its the highlight of my day LOL and tonight after school Owen has his swimming lesson, then we go home and wait for dad to bring take out. Its a very simple evening but I love it.

MJ- I was amazed to see how Carli wrote her invitations, how good is that LOL
I had a friend that sent some invitations out for her sons party , unbeknown to her, he took the rest of the invitations pad to school and handed them out.
She ended up with quite a few extras, which I thought was a bit strange. Wouldnt you, if you were a parent of a child given and invitiation, be quite aware that it was written in a childs hand writing, and be calling the childs parent prior to the party? aparently not everyone thinks like I do LOL

As for her writing songs, I think thats amazing, what a talent she has. Could make lots of money in the future- well done Carli.

My boys learn Indonesian at school. Well i say learn, they learn a few phrases, colours, numbers etc and the way of life for an Indonesian, but nothing more. Its not very concentrated. I think they just get a feel for it.

As for ebay, I buy quite regularly from ebay. Things for the boys mainly.
DH has a shop on there. He sells car stickers. You can be stung by a big monthly bill, which does put some people off, but we still manage to make a profit. He had it going for about 5 years now.

Bec- Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. A friend of mine has that also, only just been diagnosed herself too. Hope you get some good treatment. It must be nice to actually know there is a reason for how youve been feeling.

Owen lost a front tooth the other day. Its only his 3rd one. Well we went to put it under his pillow the other night and couldnt find it. It wasnt in his bag where he said he put it, so we had a lost, lost tooth LOL
He wrote a letter to the fairy and explained and was relieved to find his money the next day biggrin.gif
I do wish he would lose the other front tooth though, as he looks terrible.
He will look good for his pirate party though LOL

I have been thinking lately that it is time for the boys to start walking home alone. You might have seen my thread on `Older kids` about it.
I have started walking home regularly with them to get them used to walking again.
My plan is to get them to walk half way home and I will meet them at the one road they need to cross.
I thought walking home might be easier than walking to school, as they are both daydreamers and would probably arrive very late for school.
Walking home would be good as there are a few kids that walk their way.
I thought I might start next term. Its less than a km to school so they wouldnt be walking far.
I believe that Liam, in particular, needs a bit more responsibilty in his life and this might just help.
Next year I might think about them riding their bikes to and from school.
Have any of you thought about this yet? I guess most of you dont have older siblings, and it hasnt come up yet.
This weekend I am babysitting for a friend. we do babysitting exchange once a month. Sunday I am holding my monthly Kaszazz workshop and the boys and DH are going into the city to see
`The Art of Brick`.
What are you guys getting up to?
take care

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