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April 2011 Parent Group #2

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#1 Sandra

Posted 20 May 2011 - 08:51 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 PinkSocks

Posted 20 May 2011 - 11:35 AM


[color="#000000"]First time! Not much to report here, Xavier is a really good baby, so easy. Still BF its going really good this time around. He is still in 0000 which I love cause at 6weeks DD was in 000 or 00! He wakes every 3-4hours (usually 3) for a feed, will stay awake for about 1.5 hours then in the afternoons he will have a longer sleep follwed by a longer stay awake period. Anyone joined a mothers group?

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#3 engineerk

Posted 20 May 2011 - 08:06 PM

First time ever!

Alistair is a good boy and let me sleep for 6 hours straight last night after finally falling asleep at 1am. He is 5 weeks old today and is starting to fill out.  Our dog had surgery today, so she is covered in stitches and shaved areas, poor little thing.

#4 Philly Âû

Posted 20 May 2011 - 11:31 PM

Bronze biggrin.gif

Off to catch up on the last thread original.gif

lol PinkSocks Alexia's in 000 clothing because she is too long for the 0000 now but in all other parts the suits still swim on her lol!

I'm part of a mothers group but our kids aren't all the same age, we met online and now catch up every Friday (the kids are all different ages with Alexia being the younges and the eldest being my second son lol but we have a three month old as well as toddlers too) we have all become really good friends now and are very close original.gif

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#5 Clank.R

Posted 24 May 2011 - 11:05 AM

I think I have a giant baby... 000 wondersuits are getting pretty tight on him... he's only 6 weeks old!!!

#6 2+6=Crazy House

Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:46 PM

Still have a small 1 here. 0000 pants slipped off him yesterday. Someone asked if he was new new as he is tiny. And comments at school are oh he's still so tiny. Its heartbreaking as I know I'm doing all I can
Weighed again today and he has put on 65 grms in 2 weeks eexcite.gif  ddance.gif  tthumbs.gif Doc is happy and we see him monday again.
Colic is under control. eexcite.gif

ENG hows your dog today?
PS glad X is settling down for you.

I'm off to express now. Will be glad when I don't have to anymore

#7 Nofliesonme

Posted 24 May 2011 - 08:03 PM

hi all, DS is going into 00 Bonds wondersuits... I think he is so tiny but obviously not..

#8 simi-bub

Posted 25 May 2011 - 04:19 PM

Hi everyone
I am a little late joining the group, but looking forward to reading the last thread and 'meeting' you all.  I had baby Elliot on 19 April and have a two and half year old girl, Olivia.  So far Elliot is much more chilled than his sister ever was, he could sleep longer at night, but settles quite easily.  (Hopefully saying that won't jynx me  biggrin.gif )  Olivia was a reflux baby and feeding was a challenge until we got onto solids.

Elliot is 'just' still in his Bonds 0000 - but I find Bonds a much smaller make than other brands.  We live in Sydney and it is suddenly freezing today, hope whereever you are you and your bubs are staying warm.


#9 Small Potatoes

Posted 25 May 2011 - 04:36 PM

Susan That is great Elliot settles well.

thundaMy DS could almost get into the 00s and he was 4 weeks premmie - he is 6 weeks now.

meghc yay on the weight gain - that is great.

Clank.R Lachie is the same - I leave two of the buttons down the bottom undone.

engineerk what a great sleep.  We have had two 9pm - 2:20am sleeps and one 9pm - 3 am sleep but usually wakes at 12, 3 and 6 over night.

AFM - We had our 6 week check on Monday.  Lachie has put on 1.22kg in 5 weeks since his discharge and grown 7 cm.  The Paed usually monitors premmies until they are 12 months, but Lachie is just like a full termer now, so he is fine to let us see the GP if we have any concerns and get referred back if necessary.   eexcite.gif .  I didn't end up seeing the OB for my check as he was running 2 and a bit hours behind so I am booked again for next Monday  rolleyes.gif .
On Friday we are heading up to the house we are building to meet the carpenter so he can do teh final fit out - at last.  Then the deck needs to be done, and the carpet, and the final electrics, appliances, plumbing and we are done.  I can't wait to move.

#10 Superduperlucky

Posted 25 May 2011 - 06:41 PM

Hi ladies

Well done on all the great 6-week check up progress reports!

PS - Lucy still fits 0000 but her little legs are a bit long for onsies. Darcy is now in 000 but can fit 0000 seperates. I have been going to the Mother's group the MCH nurse puts on.

EngineerK - Great work on the long sleep for Alistair.

Simi-bub - Welcome! I agree that Bonds are a smaller fit but MIL put Darcy in a 0000 Bonds wondersuit the other day and it fit him around the middle, it was just short for his legs. I noticed that the elastic bit at the back stretches quite a lot.

Char - that is GREAT news about T's weight gain. he is getting there slowly but surely!

Sweet Chilly Philly - That is lovely that you have formed tight freindships with your mother's group! Great to bounce ideas and advice off other mums!

AFM - Had my 6 week check up with the Ob yesterday, all is well. i didn't have to have a pap smear thank heavens but am having one in 3 months time as it is apparently less painful to do so at that stage. The ob prescribed me some valium to stay calm, thank heavens as I am going to need it!!

I am getting stuck on how to play with the babies during the day. At the mother's group yesterday the middy was talking about developmental milestones and now I am worried i haven't been doing enough to stimulate their development. Can anyone recommend some good toys / activities they have done with their cherubs??

xxx Ellie

#11 BlazingB

Posted 26 May 2011 - 10:28 AM

Hi guys,

Haven't checked in in a while... finding it so hard to do anything else. I'm getting some sleep so not sure what the go is!

Ellie... is the vallium helping. I feel myself getting uptight and in the worst mood today!

I think the playmat, bouncer (with a game of kicking off the blanket), rattle (you can even get ones to attach to feet) and playing peek a boo is good fun.

Mands3 - we must have the same ob - mine was about 2 hours behind as well but I haven't rebooked yet as I was very cranky that I got half hour notice and was basically there already  mad.gif
It's so hard to get out of the house in this cold weather and I took the train in.

Hi to everyone else original.gif

#12 Small Potatoes

Posted 26 May 2011 - 10:55 AM

QUOTE (BlazingB @ 26/05/2011, 10:28 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Mands3 - we must have the same ob - mine was about 2 hours behind as well but I haven't rebooked yet as I was very cranky that I got half hour notice and was basically there already  mad.gif

Well I drove, but I got there at 2:40.  Ended up doing Lachie's appt and then went back at 3:40 for them to tell me then  ohmy.gif

#13 SmylieK

Posted 26 May 2011 - 12:01 PM

Hi ladies,

Havent been on in a while - life is very busy with 3, but enjoying every minute  original.gif

Blake is doing wonderfully  hheart.gif He was 1month yesterday and I cant believe how quickly it has gone.  Only feels like yesterday when I was in the birthing suite looking at him for the first time.  Honestly, we can't remember what life was like without him.  He is smiling now which just melts my heart and he especially smiles when he hears or see's his big brothers which is just beautiful.  Of course, I can't manage to get a decent photo though grrrr!!!

Thunda -  Did your pic with Fletcher happen to be in the Morning Bulletin this week???  I am sure I recognised your kids names .  I live in Rockhampton too  original.gif

Ellie - how are you going lovely?  Have you been having a rough time to be prescribed the vallium or is it as a precaution?  Honestly though, I would have to take a double dose I think if I had twins LOL.  You are an inspiration sweets and I cannot wait to meet you and your gorgeous cherubs at NY this year (oh and your DH of course - funny how we forget about them LOL - it's all about us and the kidlets ROFL).

PS - Blake is in 000 mainly but only in all in ones.  He is soooo tall and even some of the 000's are too short for his arms and legs.  I have him in 00 wondersuits though as I too believe they are are smaller fit.  He is still in 0000 seperates but just started putting some of the 000 shirts on him.

I am still BFing which is going well so far.  I am so much more confident this time around (and not to mention being a bit of a tight-a*se as I know how much I am saving lol).  I so hope we don't have any hiccups like with DS1 & 2 and can get to 6months!!  I can't believe I havent even given him a comp feed of formula yet (I do have a tin of S26 in the cupboard that I had every intention of doing a comp the first night I got home from the hospy!!).  I will introduce it though soon.  I want him to be able to have both if need be and I don't seem to be able to express much so will introduce a bottle with formula.

Got my package from Nursing Angel - yay!!  4 x nursing tops and a Bebe Au Lait.  All are great except for one of the tops being a bit 'jelly-hugging' but I guess I can use that as a reason to lose weight.  Whoever said BF drops the kg's is a tease coz I am so damned hungry all of the time due to BF all I want to do is snack!!!  

Well, best be off.  Got a whole lounge room full of clothes to fold  ohmy.gif .

Sounds like everyone is doing fab!!!!  

Kylie xo

#14 TTC#2 Ramic

Posted 26 May 2011 - 06:22 PM

Hi Ladies,

I to am a little late to join in and 'meet' you all. I had my son Harrison (Harry) on the 14th April so exactly 6 weeks ago today. I agree with a PP in that it really still seems like yesterday I was meeting him for the first time.

I was originally in the DIG for the second half of April but my dates got revised to the 12th April so I stalked both groups but never said anything, so I feel lkike I know most of you as I followed all your journeys original.gif Hopefully I don't fall of the face of the cyber world again but can't promise anything.

My little man is just a delight and also growing quickly. I was relieved when I read that a lot of your lil ones are growing quickly as I thought it was just us. I had major issues with feeding so Harry is FF and I was worried I was feeding him too much but I think he was just busy growing as no one seems concerned. He was 5.4kg at his 6 week check up today (3.69 at birth) but he has also grown 4cms in a fortnight so it seems he has had a growth spurt original.gif

He is a great lil sleeper which we are very grateful for and a generally happy bub showing off his smiles constantly. Just has those few crazy unsettled hours in the evening which I think are about to start as he is propped up next to me and I can tell he is getting restless.

Look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you all.


#15 Superduperlucky

Posted 28 May 2011 - 10:26 AM

Good morning April mummies!!

Blazing - Thanks for the advice re the toys. I bought the Lamaze feet and wrist rattles, they are like little socks and wrist bands with rattle toys on them and they are so cute! Bubbies have also been spending time on their play mats which they seem to enjoy. I think i need to relax a bit more and not be so worried about scheduling in strict play time, I think I need to just let it happen.

mands3 - Wow, my ob ran late almost every visit but never that long. How frustrating! I know the nature of their work means that emergencies are unavoidable but two hours, they could have called you beforehand.

Kylie - Hi lovely!! That is SO great about the breastfeeding! Did you have some good midwives in hospital to help you out at the beginning or do you think it is working well this time because you learnt what worked and what didn't the last two times?  I can't wait to meet you and your gorgeous boys either!! Sooo looking forward to the break over Chrissy / New Years and to share a cocktail by the pool!!! I'm going to check out that nursing angel website, sounds like you did well with your purchases!

TTC#1Ramic - Welcome! Congratulations on your little boy Harrison. Sounds like he is being a very good little boy for you there with the sleeping!

Hahah just to clarify the valium was for me to take before I have the pap smear, not to cope with the twinnies LOL Although sometimes I think it might come in handy!!! Because I have not had a pap smear before the doctor suggested taking a valium beforehand so I am not so stressed about it that I never come back for another one.

We have had a pretty good week . Hubby's mum has been up for a couple of weeks and goes back tomorrow and I cannot say I am sad about that. She is lovely most of the time but I do feel she likes to give her opinion all the time on every topic you can think of.

Maybe it is just me being sensitive but she has made a couple of comments that have made me feel like sh*t eg. she asked me twice whether she should have Darcy in her room so I could tend to Lucy during teh night so he could sleep through. First of all I do not want them to be sleeping in seperate rooms yet as they have always slept together (well in different bassinets but next to each other) and I dont want to cause any separation anxiety, especially sleeping in a different room from me as their bassinets are on my side of the bed so I can tend to them quickly. Also I have told her so many times that I want them to feed together even if it means having to wake one of them up during the night as I would go stir crazy feeding two babies on different schedules. She then said the other day in a sarcastic tone "good luck with that" in reference to me getting them to feed together. It might not be the best way to do things but it works for us and I wish she would respect that. Also what is it with MILs and wind?? Every time the babies cry she insists they must have wind.

Grrr sorry for the venting, I didn't mean for this to become a MIL-bashing, it is just sooo frustrating some times!!

Anyhoo better choof off. It's the weekend and therefore my chance to catch up on the housework I didn't get around to doing during the week while DH is at home!

Hope you all have lovely weekends!


#16 SmylieK

Posted 28 May 2011 - 01:29 PM

Also what is it with MILs and wind?? Every time the babies cry she insists they must have wind.
  OMG OMG that is exactly what my MIL does but along these lines 'oh yes, yes, you do have a little pain don't you' whilst slying looking at me with an 'I KNOW WHAT IS BEST' look on her face.

Grrr sorry for the venting, I didn't mean for this to become a MIL-bashing, it is just sooo frustrating some times!!
  What do you mean sometimes LOL....and MIL-bash away, I find it is very therapudic LOL.  (apologies to those who have fantastic / non 'always knows best' prying MILs - I am jealous of those who do - I have always said because I have boys that I am going to be the best MIL in the world to my daughters in law  original.gif

#17 GypsyK

Posted 01 June 2011 - 04:39 PM

Hi All,

So hard to even get time to post on here these days!

They certainly grow fast.  I need to go thrugoh his clothes again and work out what he has grown out of and pull out the 000 stuff we got as presents  that i put away at the time

Things are going better these days. Got the BF sorted finally so that is making life easier.  No need for formula top ups anymore which is great.  

He is sleeping fairly well at night most of the time but i just need to encourage him to sleep more during the day.  It is amazing how much of a better mood he is in when he has actually slept a bit during the day.

Gotta go - he has just woken up again

#18 mezzalou

Posted 01 June 2011 - 07:39 PM

Am proud say that both Sophie and I survived her 6 week needles yesterday. I had been told horror stories that the immunisations cause them no end of grief, but it seems that a dose of panadol did wonders, and the fact that the surgery was over an hour behind schedule meant that time by the time we got home, gave her a bath and feed and then put her to bed she did not have too much time to be grizzly. Saying that, I was nervous having her in bed after having her first ever dose of panadol (never mind the warnings the clinic nurse gave me of side-effects to be aware of after immunisations - all very rare but something to keep eye out for), so kept checking on her to make all was ok, but thankfully she slept well and was her same old self today.  (I have not yet had my own 6 week checkup, so am stalking to hear of your stories and make sure it's nothing too bad?!)

As for mothers group, I've not joined anything yet (Pinksocks - have you ended up joining one?) but am going off to the first of a 4 week session tomorrow thats all about introducing music, books, songs etc. I'm not sure it will be any good at this stage as part of me thinks 6 weeks is too young for this type of thing but the organiser tells me it is more about teaching me the ideas and milestones over the next 12 months rather than it being specifically for the babies. (Ellie - I thought of you when enrolling in this session -I'm just like you - not sure what to do to entertain bub, but have the niggling feeling that I should be doing something??) Bub has to be less than 12 months to go, and as it is free I can always go again later in the year if this one turns out to be a bit early. The clinic nurse is trying to organise a mothers group/playgroup for our local area - it would be good to get together with other mums - feeling it's especially important to meet some others before I lose the chance when I do end up going back to work.

All in all, we are going well and still can't believe how quickly the past 6 - 8 weeks have gone! After 'stalking' the DIG group, it's nice to now be able to participate in the chats with this group. It's hard to reply with personals, but it's great to be able to read each of your updates and reply to the ones where we are going through the same things.

#19 Semillion

Posted 03 June 2011 - 09:46 AM

Hi all,

G'day to all those in the first DIG, and for all those from the second DIG welcome back.

It seems a common theme that everyone is snowed under looking after their new bubs. Glad everyone is coping well. Apologies for being MIA.

As for my boys, for those who don't know me Xavier and Oliver were born on 4th April. Since then besides being a lot of work, all is going great.

The nanny is working out well which is a relief. The boys have warmed to her. They are sleeping well, and I have them in good routines. They have a bath n feed at 7:00pm when I get home from work, and then to bed. They sleep through to 1:00am, where I feed them again and they go straight back to sleep not waking again until about 7:00am. Then starts our normal programme of feed and play for 1.5 hrs, then 2 hours sleep. The 5:00pm feed is a short feed with only a nap to make the 7:00pm feed work.

Overall they a very settled, and I love their smiles. Oliver has a cheeky smile, where Xavier just makes you melt. Today they have their 2 month needles so preparing for some tears - they may cry as well.

Boys will be weighed again today, but 3 weeks ago Xavier was 4.5 and Oliver was 4.1, so both good weights. No doubt they have put on another half kilo since then.

Anyway, congrats to all, and keep sane.

Will try and come back more regularly.

#20 mezzalou

Posted 04 June 2011 - 04:47 PM

Morning all.... hope everyone is going ok, we are rained out here today so no outside walks in the pram for us cry1.gif .  

I'm hoping to get your thoughts and updates on how your new bub is sleeping, and any advice from those of you who have done all this before. Sophie is coming up to 7 weeks, and since she was about 3 or 4 weeks old we seem to have got a bedtime and nighttime routine worked out (for the moment anyway, very aware this could/will change as she gets older)..... our daily routine is:

7am - feed, and usually straight back to sleep
8 - 9am - wakes up and is usually pretty content until her 10am feed
10am - feed and play
11.30 - put down for nap
1pm - feed and play
2.30 - put down for nap
4pm - feed, and stays awake until 6pm. Somedays she is very settled during this time, other days she is a nightmare!
6pm - feed and quiet time with dad (will have a bath before 6pm feed if its bath day)
7pm - bedtime
9 - 10pm - top up feed - sometimes she will take it, othertimes not at all interested.
Depending on if she takes the 10pm top up feed or not, she will wake once, maybe twice between now and 7am.

I realise the above is very structred and may not work for everyone, but it does seem to work for us, and we are very appreciative of the good night time sleeps we are getting. BUT.... I'm finding she is not good at going down for her 11.30 and 2.30 naps. I usually try and keep her in her bed for the first 1/2 hr of the nap time and if no luck in settling her, then will get her up and put her in her rocker in the loungeroom - sometimes she will go to sleep there, sometimes she will stay awake but be happy. But more often than not she is cranky to be awake during the daytime nap times, which makes me think she is tired (or bored??). I'm wondering if we should look at keeping her up later at night, or keeping her up after her 7am feed in the hope of getting her to better during her daylight nap times.... or just be thankful for the good night time sleeps we are getting, and put up with the unsettledness during the day? What would you do????

#21 Small Potatoes

Posted 04 June 2011 - 05:14 PM


We have sort of fallen into a routine too with Lachie, abit him and a bit me.
sometime between 6:30 and 7:30am he has breakfast.  He then stays awake until about 8/8:30 and has a nap (well sometimes) he can be quite unsettled for this nap.
10/10:30 feed - depending on how well he slept in the morning. If he didn't sleep much then he goes to be straight after the feed, if he had an hour or more I will keep him up for about an hour or until he starts showing tired signs.
2:00/2:30 he usually wakes for a feed after having a solid lunch time nap.
3:30/4 may or may not have another sleep, this one can be abit unsettled too.  I usually try and take him for a walk.
5pm give him a BF so I know he will last through the dinner madness time, will put him in his bouncer and he usually has a power kip while we have dinner.
6:30 or so will have a shower with either me or DH
7pm-8pm give him a feed and he usually falls asleep on my booby while feeding (he can sleep and feed at the same time).  Once he comes off he usually has a sleep on DH until we are ready to go to sleep about 8:30/9.

He will then sleep until between 1am and 2am and then between 4 am and 7am.  If he wakes between 5am and 6:15am I give him a quick feed and let him sleep until 7:30, any later and we are running late for kindy or other morning activities.

#22 2+6=Crazy House

Posted 05 June 2011 - 02:15 PM

Sem had been asking about you. Glad all is ok and well with the boys and you. Gald the nanny is working out too.

Mezz Tirone gets settled into a routine and then something happens and we get a set back. He is still feeding the same as he has for about 1-2wks now bUt really not wanting to be put down or held by anyone but me due to a scare he had.

Mands Tirone is almost on the same time routine 4 hrls during day and 8 hrs through the night. I normally change and dress him after his 6/7am feed so we can walk out door on time for school run.

#23 Small Potatoes

Posted 09 June 2011 - 04:44 PM

Meghc I think Tirone is born on the same day as Lachie.

AFM - I have nipple thrush which has caused cracked nipples and it has been agony, but we are over the worsed and slowly healing.  I have also had an infection in my jaw after my root canal so on ABs for that too.  I have felt pretty pathetic.  Luckily I have EBM so have been giving Lachie some to help give my nipples a rest.

#24 2+6=Crazy House

Posted 12 June 2011 - 01:07 PM

QUOTE (mands3 @ 09/06/2011, 02:44 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Meghc I think Tirone is born on the same day as Lachie.

Yes they are. So did Lachie have an unsettled night for 2 nights 2 days ago.
Tirone did.

Hope both nipples and jaw has settled down for you now.
Happy 2months to Tirone and Lachie for yesterday. original.gif Far out it has gone fast.

#25 Small Potatoes

Posted 12 June 2011 - 02:09 PM

Megh Thank goodness no unsettled nights 2 days ago.  We had one a couple of weeks ago but that was 2 days after I had a hot curry.  ohmy.gif .

Happy 2 months to them.  It has gone very fast, I keep thinking how he should only be a month old not too. rolleyes.gif

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