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October 08 Parents # 76

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#26 Small Potatoes

Posted 23 May 2011 - 09:46 AM

What about a lime/grey green like this sort of colour

#27 bec8112

Posted 23 May 2011 - 10:04 AM

I love the colour mands suggested, that green is lovely. The brown beige is nice too but could you do some of that green in there somewhere????

#28 meeskamouska

Posted 23 May 2011 - 10:28 AM

Great idea Mands. Eco looking too. Will try it now.

#29 meeskamouska

Posted 23 May 2011 - 02:05 PM

I'm super happy with how the wording etc is working. At this stage I've keep it brown and beige but the green does work well too. In fact just about any colour can work. Which will be good for different soap lines etc. It looks better in the real as well.
I've cut & wrapped & printed stickers & made tags & its all looking the part. Brown and natural, still slightly trendy but will fit the farmers market too.
I got a new die cutter label shape in the mail today so that helped pull it all together.
I'm happy.
Thankyou.... you all helped ALOT. I apppreciate your thoughts.
I feel pretty lucky to have such a lovely bunch of GF's.

#30 meeskamouska

Posted 24 May 2011 - 08:47 PM

Far out I'm cranky & tired lately. Wish I could get back that awesome feeling I had right after my hysterectomy. I think you might of been right Mel with the forced down time & its effect on anxiety. I feel a shocker of late. Anxiety thru the roof. Not sure if its just me or hormones or I'm just the crazy woman over doing it.
Anywoh.....whiney whiney over........ back to being super mum. sad.gif
Thanks for listening.

#31 bec8112

Posted 26 May 2011 - 09:31 AM

2 sick kids here :-(

#32 Small Potatoes

Posted 26 May 2011 - 10:35 AM

That time of year sad.gif.  In the last week I have had two sore throats and a stuffy head.  Last night I had the worse sinus headache I htink I have ever had.  I got up about 10pm and had a steaming hot shower, which relaxed me - as I started freaking out from the pain - and also the steam helped clear my sinuses.  Luckily for me Lachie slept until 2:45am (after the night before where he was up for an hour ever two hours  ohmy.gif ).

#33 bec8112

Posted 26 May 2011 - 09:31 PM

Mands - just noticed your sif, the pics are amazing! You have 3 very handsome boys.

Hi to everyone, kids still not well. Damn hand foot and mouth is not nice at all!

Hannah is walking most of the time now with occasional crawling to get somewhere fast! My baby is growing up so fast!

Not much more to report.

#34 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 28 May 2011 - 10:13 AM

Mands - gorgeous photos of your boys. When will be good for you for our rescheduled catch up?

Bec - I hope you are all slowly getting better. I agree HFM is the pits. It really knocked Nadia and I around. Has Ethan got it also?

Mel - how is Mr T? Uni? We miss you around here.

Nat - did you make a firm decision on the design style for your soaps? Is CR better?

AFU - Aidan has an ear infection again, and is back on AB's. Poor little thing had fevers for two days and was just miserable. He would only sleep on me and it meant no sleep for all of us. He is better today though.  Dan started a preparation course to help his application for the Qld Police today. The trip to Romania is on hold for now as we realise we would really need to be better financially prepared if we want to take a year off. Work is going ok for me.

Gotta go and do my saturday housework stuff and get ready for my nephews birthday party this arvo.



#35 meeskamouska

Posted 28 May 2011 - 01:20 PM

Sounds like lots of sick houses all round.
Bec - Hows it going with the HFM??? Its not fun that one. We had that run thru our house at one stage there too.
Mands - your boys do look awesome. So much alike!!
Sharna - poor little Aidan. Hopefully the ab's will bring some relief soon for him.
Hi Mel & Amanda & Ros if your home. & anyone else that might b reading. Annika? How u gonig gorgeous?

Us - Our house got struck down with the gastric bug. I was the only one not to get it. Even poor old Paul got it bad. So its been a hectic week for me. My car had to get a few things done to it so I was using Pauls old bomb clanger ute & I pretty much blew it up. So I'm highly popular ATM as you could imagine. Pfft...life goes on.
Shanra - yes went with that basic basic brown & white look. I'll work on something a bit fancier as I get going. Figured out a sticker label for wrapping the soap & everything. One more big soaping day & I'm ready to do a market. Then hopefully things will roll from there on. Got some new fragrances from the states too so pretty chuffed with things on the soap side.

Meet - I definitely still want to get together & can do any weekends coming.

#36 bec8112

Posted 28 May 2011 - 03:06 PM

Yeah Ethan got HFM too :-( we got him pain stop last night and seemed to help a little. Hannah seems to be over it but has a few ulcers in her mouth but think they are getting better.

Sharna - I have been reading about the QLD Police as I want a change if career but I still have no idea what I want to do! What course is Dan doing? Hope Aidan is better soon, poor little man!

Nat - bummer on the gastro spreading, but yay for you not getting it.

I just made a huge batch of pumpkin soup! Smells so good.

I have to do some more overtime at work tomorrow so trying to get lots done today.

Catch up - I am good for most weekends except the weekends of 18-19th and 25-26th June as that is when we have parties planned for Hannah and Dave.

#37 Fabulous

Posted 28 May 2011 - 05:09 PM

Lots of sick homes, not good. Luckily we are all well. The weather in London and Paris has been glorious. Scotland was cold but I was expecting that. We have one more week before we head home. We are still in Paris where we rented an apartment for 1 week.

Ros x

Edited by Fabulous, 28 May 2011 - 05:12 PM.

#38 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 28 May 2011 - 06:11 PM

Hi Girls

Just dropping in quickly before I head off to do a party!

Bec - The poor kiddies.. hope they start to improve soon with the HF&M

Nat - I will have to order some more soaps off you.. We are using the one that you reacted too when you picked this certain plant.. um cant think of what it is.. Its a brown colour one with yellow petal of some sort.. sorry probably way off lol.

Sharna - Wow the police force for Dan! I would of loved to do that but I know its something I couldnt eventually do that. Hope he goes well with it

Hi everyone else.. Hope you are all well.. Not much happening here at the moment. Cleaned and vaccumed both our cars today and hubby washed them.. its so nice to drive around in a freshly cleaned car! The girls somehow came into contact with lice a few weeks ago.. Grrr what a horrible job that is to get rid of them.. Finally they are all good now and just got a message from I's DC that there was another break in them.. Hope they stay away this time

Ok I best get going and get ready for my party tonight xx

#39 meeskamouska

Posted 29 May 2011 - 05:03 PM

Amanda - headlice sux!!! We've had our fair share over the few years Bella has been at kindy & school.
Bec - hows your house going? Is everyone on the mend?
Ros - an apartment in Paris.... oh lovely....sigh... I wish.... hope your having a wonderful time.

Nice quiet weekend here. Had a couple of GF over for lunch, made a frittata.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

#40 themelster

Posted 29 May 2011 - 06:31 PM

Hey guys, been a while since I've been in.  Getting to the pointy end of the stick here - one more assignment and two exams and then I'm all done and dusted for semester 1 - yay!  Then 8 weeks off and the UK and Greece!

Nat - sounds like a nice weekend at your place.  What'd you put into the frittata.  I can never get mine to work - they come out alright, but they just seem a bit, rubbery maybe.  Not nice and fluffy.  So I've settled on making quiche instead - with cream and ricotta cheese.  It seems to work better for me.

Amanda - that'd be Nat's caledula soap.  Heaven.  Not good on the nits, I'm sure that's just around the corner for us!

Ros - I've never been to Paris - You must tell us all about it.  From people I have spoken to who have been, they either fall absolutely in love with the city, or hate it and can't wait to get out of there.  I  hope the rest of your trip is wonderful.

Sharna - I didn't know Dan was wanting to join the Qld Police.  How do you feel about it - does it make you nervous or concerned for his safety?  I don't think it would worry me too much if it was Mark.  I think it could be a stressful job though - you would have to be rather thick skinned I think as they cop a lot of flack from the more undesirable amongst us.....  And could they post him anywhere in Qld after completion of his recruit course??  I guess you are fairly mobile with your line of work too though.  Interesting.  
Are you sad about postphoning Romania?  I am sure you were probably quite excited about going.  Will you stay in Brissie know?  At least you will be able to enjoy your chooky girls for a while longer  original.gif  I can't wait to get ours!

Bec - Do you not enjoy the work you do now?  I think it's hard, we get to this age and have been doing the same thing for a while that we pine for something new.  I know I did, but I also knew that I absolutely, definately did not want to keep doing what I was doing, and I wanted a "profession" as opposed to a "career".  How are the kids?  HFM going away?  Poor wee mites.  We've (touch wood) avoided that thus far in this household.  Cute video of Miss H on facebook walking!  

Mands - how are you going?  I have to say I've missed your sig, so as soon as I sign out of this post, I'm going to check out the gorgeous photo's everyone is talking about!  Is your house almost ready yet??  How much longer before you can move in?  

Not much happening here.  Went to Alma Park Zoo today.  Bit over rated if you ask me.  I much preferred Lone Pine.  

As you guys know, Tom and I went to the Brookfield show a few weeks back.  Anyway, there was a photographer there with a stand - giving out flyers to get a free 8x12".  I took up there offer and he took Tom down to a little park there and took some shots - I thought he'd just send me the freebie in the mail but he wanted to make a time to come to our house and show us the photo's etc etc..  I knew the hard sell would be coming, but we just don't have any cash right now.  Anyway, he came around with 9 photo's - and they were just lovely.  Sepia and really natural.  I knew from his website that he charges $130 per 8"x12".  First off he offered us 9 for the price of 8 (with the 9th free one) for $1,040.  We said no, but that we might to a family shoot with him in a few months and save it for that.  He went down the monetary scale, 8 for 7, 7 for 6 etc etc until he said "look, why don't you take all 9 and I'll only charge you for one".  So we got all 9 photo's for $130.  I was pretty happy with that.  Of course we didn't get soft copy, but still, I'm just going to wack them in frames and give them to the grandparents.  Bargain!  I felt a bit bad for him - he obviously just really wanted a sale of some sort.  

Anyhoo, enough of a ramble from me.  I hope you are all doing well.   As for a catch up - After Monday 6th June I only have 1 exam to study for and no lectures or tute's, and after the 18th June I've a lady of leisure until we go away on the 29th July.  So I'm definately up for a visit!

#41 meeskamouska

Posted 29 May 2011 - 08:22 PM

UK & Greece!! OMG... when did u decide that? I'm so jealous of everyones travels ATM. If anyone goes to Italy without me I'll b mortified.
Will u be taking Tom? How bloody fabulous Mel!! How long will u go for?
All those photos for $130. What a steal.
Frittata.... I have one of those pans you can use on the stove & then put in the oven, Mel. I pan fry whatever goodies I want in it, whisk up some eggs & milk/cream, throw the eggs in with a handful of grated cheese. Let it cook a bit & pop it in the oven for 1/2hr. It puffs up beautiful. I take it straight out to the table on a wooden boeard os it gets eaten fresh, no chance to get rubbery. Today I put in roasted capsicum, onion, salami & herb fetta. It was good!!

Amanda - yes!! its the calendula soap (calendula blossom). I didn't mind the batch that you have a piece from but I've mastered that soap now & its even better. I've got a piece in the shower ATM too.

#42 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 29 May 2011 - 08:41 PM

OMG Miss I is driving me INSANE!!! LOL! She has been going great guns with the toilet training.. stays dry all day at daycare might have 1 accident here and there but she is not ready for no nappy at night time as she is still waking with a wet nappy... Every night she has been not wanting to sleep unless she sleeps in our bed.. well thats not happening.. not getting her into that routine.. anyway she uses the excuse that she needs to go to the toilet and strips down. I take her to the toilet but doesnt need to go! So take her back dress her again with a nappy and next thing she is standing at her gate naked again!!! Now she is standing there yelling out she wants a kiss and cuddle.. far out I have given her heaps already... aarrghh!!!

Anyway quiet day today... had to go help mum today in her cafe as she got busier then she thought and didnt have any other staff on LOL (For those of you that dont know my mum and dad opened a nursery/gift/cafe a couple weeks ago..Sweet Lemongrass its called She has a facebook page if you want to check out some pics even though she hasnt got much on there yet.  hehe! Then came home and had a bath.. very relaxing - doesnt happen often lol!

Nat - That is the soap.. ohh would love to try the new one... Let me know how much for a box like the last lot you did.. Loved it so do the girls cause I let them choose the next soap.. Had to laugh at them with the poppyseed one.. The kids thought they were spider eggs haha  Im another that would love to go to Italy.. Have so much family there but hubby not keen to go somewhere they dont speak english hehe

Mel - Yay on the trip how exciting... I would love to go overseas one day.. Hoping for America next year.. See what this year brings though. Great work on the photos... I tell you what I hate getting the girls done.. I plan on getting the freebie they give you but once you see all the photos i feel really guilty and feel that if I dont take them what will happen to the photos... If that makes sense lol

Ok dc day tomorrow YAY!! Raining here at the moment so the clothes on the line will be getting washed AGAIN!! Think its time to start using the dryer!!

Sorry for the rambling lol.. once I start typing i cant stop hehe
Night all xx

#43 bec8112

Posted 29 May 2011 - 10:30 PM

Just a quick one as I am off to bed, will try and come in tomorrow.

Kids have gone to my parents for a sleepover, Hannah's first one!

#44 Small Potatoes

Posted 30 May 2011 - 06:45 AM

Bec Hope you enjoy your kid free night.  Glad they are recovering.  HFM has gone around kindy a few times, touch wood, the boys haven't had it though.  Seems terrible.  I know a few people who have a change in their career path after having children.  I am looking at doing a webdesign course soon and am trying to get DH to do something external such as computer science, so if his job goes to the sh*tter then we don't have to wait 4 years while he retrains.

Amanda Will does that too.  He "needs" to go to the toilet about 8 times between bed time at 7pm and 8:30pm.  At the moment the boys are sharing a room, so everytime Will comes out Olly comes out too and then he cracks it when they try to go to bed again  waves.gif  (I need a ripping my hair out emoticon).

Nat That frittata sounds fantastic.  I am still to use your soaps as I have the ones I made that I am using up and we packed up all extra stuff for the move.

Mel Yay on almost finishing the first semester.  What a fantastic holiday.  DH and I went to Greece before we were even engaged.  We went to Santorini, Ios and Mykonos.  It was beautiful.  We went in May before the tourist season and it was really quiet, however the weather wasn't the best on Santorini but great everywhere else.  We woke one morning and there was orange sand EVERYWHERE. It had come from the Sahara desert - I found it amazing as Aus is so isolated you don't get things like that happening.

Ros Thanks for the update from Paris.  Sounds great, can't wait to hear about your entire trip when you get home.

Sharna Hope little Aidan gets better quickly.  Bummer about delaying Romania.  Will you be staying here for a while?  How is work going?  Wow the police force for Dan.  I had a friend who applied up here but she got knocked back due to having mild asthma, so she moved to NSW to join their force instead.

Annika How are you and your beautiful boys going?

AFM Lachie is doing well. He has his last feed around 7:30pm and sleeps until about 2:30 and then again until 4:30-5:30 and then up around 7am.  His day sleeps aren't that good though.  I had a lady come in who helped with Olly when his day sleeps went to the sh*ter, so if Lachie's day sleeps are still crap when we move to the new house I will call her again to help.  He doesn't sleep for more than about 20mins at a time, unless he is on me, or lying on his side or in the bouncer.
We have started packing things up here as practical completion on the house is the 21st of June.  We are hoping that there won't be any major problems and can do hand over around that time too.  We are going up tomorrow to get the curtains measured.  We will check the electrics, plumbing and fittings then to make sure they are all right.  I will take some more photos with all those things and put on FB.  After that the only things left are carpet, shelving in cupboards (which may be done), flyscreens, water tanks and septic tank and the deck and pergola.  tthumbs.gif .  We are soooooo looking forward to moving.  This house backs onto a main road and gets sooooo dusty.  Giving us terrible hayfever and it can't be good for Lachies fragile new body, let alone the rest of us.

#45 themelster

Posted 30 May 2011 - 03:09 PM

Nat - our trips been in the pipes for a while now.  We're going over to see Mark's family.  I am really excited, but also nervous as it means that I'm missing 4 weeks of semester 2 uni. Tom is coming with us too.    Fritata - I know now where I am going wrong - I don't put milk/cream in mine (but I do the quiche).  So there's my issue right there!  

Mands - we had that same red dust thing when we were in Italy.  Full on hey!  Sounds like your house is coming along nicely.  I don't envy you with the catnapping, you probably remember Tom was a nightmare for it.  He didn't sleep longer than 40mins (and usually 20m) until he was about 18 months old.

Amanda - We are lucky (touch wood) that Tom doesn't get out of his bed once he's in it.  But he does call out for stuff.  The most recent being "medicine for his mozzie bites".  He doesn't even have mozzie bites but I have to put some Bepanthan on his leg to "make him feel better"  rolleyes.gif

Bec - Child free evening - heaven!  Did you get out to dinner at all or just bummed around enjoying the peace  biggrin.gif

Not much happening here.  I just finished a shift demo'ing choc chip biccies.  Kill me now - it is the most boring work!!  I hate it!  Oh well, it helps pay the mortgage.

#46 meeskamouska

Posted 30 May 2011 - 05:48 PM

Did u get a part time job Mel?

#47 themelster

Posted 30 May 2011 - 06:28 PM

Yeah. Just demo work. You know those annoying old ducks in the supermarket asking if you want to try "insert brand name here". That's me.

#48 bec8112

Posted 30 May 2011 - 09:49 PM

Another quick one from me. Kids stayed with my parents again tonight so Dave and I went to the movies. We spoke to the kids on Skype and they were having a great time! Hannah was trying to touch us through the screen, so cute.

#49 meeskamouska

Posted 01 June 2011 - 05:27 PM

Pinch and a punch .... first day of the month.

#50 bec8112

Posted 01 June 2011 - 08:19 PM

We have no power tonight and my phone has less than 10% battery so cannot write anymore :-(

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