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#1 Sandra

Posted 31 May 2011 - 04:05 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 Allymeg69

Posted 31 May 2011 - 05:14 PM

GOLD!!! biggrin.gif

That would have to be a first, being the last poster in the old thread and first in the new - so where are you all ladies and what are you up to?

Alex had his 8 month check up today, ticked all the boxes except I should try and read to him a bit, something I've been overlooking. He was officially 10.42kgs and 72cm long, so a fairly robust boy!

Bit of not so good news for me yesterday, one of the lymph nodes in my armpit has some microscopic evidence of cancer cells, so the next step is to have all the lymph nodes in that area removed, much like a breast cancer patient, and HOPEFULLY there will be no further spread and this will stop any recurrence. GRRRR!!! Operation is scheduled for 24 June.

Looking forward to hearing how you are all going.


#3 ComeWhatMay

Posted 31 May 2011 - 07:14 PM


Hope everyone is well.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my new sig. I think my two are lovely.

Ally - I am sorry to hear about your lymph node. Hoping it is all ok and they are able to remove it as soon as they can. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

No much happening here. I think Harrison is growing, teething or sick. Last night I was up all night with him which was not fun.

#4 wingless_angel

Posted 31 May 2011 - 08:00 PM


Ally oh my.....I hope it all is ok. It must be a scary time for you all. I am also sending you lots of positive vibes also. What a fantastic weight Alex is.

Fingersarecrossed your kids are adorable. Harrison is so cute it is the first picture I have seen of him.

Things are going well here I just seem to be constantly stuffing food into Zaras mouth. I have been using the supplemental feeding system which is messy and very fiddly it doesn't help that she keeps on grabbing the tubing and pulling on it which rips the tape off. I use it about 4 times a day and she has taken to it well once she got use to it. We have also finished weaning her seizure med and on to the new one. On Saturday night she had her first full dose of melatonin and slept for 6hrs. We still have some work to do with her sleeping and self settling but that is to expected after going so long with no sleep. DH is home now which has been nice and he seems to of come back with a different but better attitude. He asked on Sunday to sit down with me and go through all of Zaras treatment and up and coming appointments so he knows what is going on. Previously he has had no interest and never asked I just hope it lasts. He is going to Europe in about 3wks lucky thing. Anyway better go kids are all in bed I need to relax enough to sleep I am struggling with my own body clock now I normally don't sleep at night. Have a great evening everyone.

#5 mibi

Posted 31 May 2011 - 08:23 PM

Oh Ally that really sux. I'm sorry. Hopefully the next op will be the last of it!

WA - the break must've done your DH some good! Must be good to have him home. And Yay for Zara's sleep - maybe you could take a hit of her melatonin to help your sleep get back in order...lol.

AFU - Ella's sleep is all over the place - she had a great night last night - only woke at 4:30 and then 8:30!! (never has a baby in this house slept until 8:30!) but today she was back doing 20min sleeps! Don't know what's going on. And she's back to refusing solids. She even gagged on yoghurt today. I'm starting to think I should talk to someone about it.....

Today DH was meant to have a golf day, which was cancelled due to the weather so he came home and we went to the movies (Jake at school and Riley at preschool) Ella just played on our laps - such a treat!

#6 Summerlover

Posted 02 June 2011 - 06:32 PM

hello girls - will be back when I can for some personals but just wanted to say that Isla is still experimenting with sleeping.  Today she decided to wake up at 6.30am - back to bed at 8.30am until 11.45am then we tried putting her down at about 3 and 3.30pm but she wouldn't have it even though she was yawning etc and stayed up until 5.45pm as happy as larry and crashed !!!!  So what will my little pumpkin decide to do tomorrow.

Ally - oh bugger about the biopsy  sad.gif  - so what happens now???


#7 wingless_angel

Posted 02 June 2011 - 07:22 PM

Hi everyone just a quick update. We went and got weighed today and she lost another 20 grams but I am happy with that not like the big losses she has been having. Something showed in her poo sample which means Helen we are joining you with a cows milk allergy. My paed agreed that he won't send her to hospital yet and has started her on Neocate and we go back in 2wks if there is no weight gain or a loss then we are being put in to investigate what's going on. I will have her weighed next week at my gp to see if anything has changed. I am not sure if it is because she is sleeping more and has energy or if it is the change over of seizure meds but her development has picked up and she is officially commando crawling. I found her in the shoe cupboard today pulling out everything it was so cute all I could see was her little feet sticking out the cupboard. Anyway better go got to get Claire in bed she has another cold she seems to be picking up everything now she is at daycare. Have a great evening everyone.

#8 Summerlover

Posted 03 June 2011 - 05:05 PM

Hello girls

God where does the time go when you are working????  I have so much to do its not funny when I get my days off and theres not much time during Isla's sleep to do everything and catch up with everyone!

WA WOW - thats the prob I initially had with Isla - she just wasn't eating enough to get a poo sample which is why it took so long to get a test done and I knew I had enough milk but she obviously was just drinking 'enough' to get by.  So how is that going to work when she won't take a bottle??  Do you think perhaps she is thinking a bottle is causing her pain??  I bet you must be so relieved that she is sleeping at night time again - you will have her all sorted by her 1st birthday and then you will get drunk LOL  laugh.gif

Ally - big boy Alex! great size he is.  I haven't had Isla weighed in ages and she is getting some big rolls of fat now which is really nice to see.  I should go and get her weighed amongst all the madness going on in here.

Occbee - oh no whats going on with Ella??? hope she is back to normal sleeping habits for you guys

Fingersarecrossed - hope everything is settling down for you and Harrison also? Im dreading being awake all night with Isla again, I've been spoilt for the past 6weeks and I know its going to happen with her teething.

Hello everyone else

Speaking of teething - well I knew one was coming and one of her top teeth cracked the surface yesterday and is very sharp today so finally that ones through and Im wondering if the other is going to come too as they usually come together - well they did with Yas her two bottom and two top and Isla's two bottom came together.

Well its been very busy times here - I've been having an Osteopath appt on Thursday mornings and trying to get my walk in and then catch up with friends and their kids Thursday lunch times and then Fridays have been taken up getting Yasmin's in her plaster and today we have her in hard waterproof plasters on both feet to train her to keep her feet down.  Took off her soft cast this morning and let her have a long bath and then took her to playgroup while DH looked after Isla and Yas had shoes on and was able to walk flat footed everywhere then she took her shoes off and she was back up on toes but definately not all the time and not as high so we are winning the battle.  These 3 weeks will be with both legs in the casts full time to break her habit hopefully.  They are pretty pink plasters with purple bows but she is just adjusting to them today so its been full on with her whinging and Isla whinging!!

Anyway no rest for the wicked - Yas is here whinging about wanting her mummy and daddy isn't quite good enough.

Actually Tuesday was funny and we said mummy is going to work and she will stay with Daddy and Isla and she took her time and thought about it and said NO I want to go to daycare laugh.gif - we both laughed at her comment!!!!

Ok must go

#9 wingless_angel

Posted 04 June 2011 - 06:19 AM

Helen it took me totally by surprise out of all of my kids Zara would of been the one I thought would of been least likely to have it. To me she really has no symptoms except the recent weight loss and the most super foul gas which she has had for as long as I can remember but I thought it was just her not because of anything. We gave Zara a enema to get the poo sample she only goes every 14-16 days but he started her on laxative twice a day to try and get her bowel moving it is quite loaded. The bottles are the battle I am trying cut dairy from my diet at the moment and using the feeding system to get the neocate in to her but we are going to the speech therapist next week armed with bottles to see if she can give me some tips on trying to give her a bottle. I can't live without my dairy I just want coffee which I can't drink without milk. She shows no signs of being in pain but I have always wondered how high her pain tolerance is it is very rare she complains about anything she doesn't even cry when I give her needle each day. I do feel a bit bad that I have been trying to force something into her that has been making her sick. It sort of makes sense now that I have been trying to fatten her up by hiding formula in her food and giving it to her via the system but all she has done is lost more weight. My paed thinks it is unusual that it has taken so long to manifest so I hope there is nothing else going on. I hope Yasmin is getting used to her casts it is good though she can walk flat footed in shoes. I had a friend that battled with it and there little girl couldn't walk flat footed in shoes they cast a few times but think in the end had surgery to cut the tendons.

Hi everyone else hope you are all ok and your bubs are thriving and sleeping. Have a great weekend everyone.

#10 Summerlover

Posted 04 June 2011 - 11:20 AM

WA - yes I felt the same way about dairy and thats why I didn't do it.  I felt I had given Isla a good start with BM even though it was causing her pain.  I am a huge Dairy eater and cutting out of my diet would have just affected the whole family so I just wasn't prepared to do it but I was lucky that Isla finally accepted the bottle but when I changed her over it was amazing to see how little she was actually taking.  I hope you can sort it out and works for you - see lucky you kept that Neocate, there was a reason  original.gif  Zara does seem to have a high pain tolerance doesn't she!! she's been through enough though hasn't she!!

Well today I've been ringing around trying to find Dora Party stuff for Yasmins 3rd birthday - she comes out of the plasters in 3 weeks so we will have it that weekend which is the weekend after her actual birthday.  I found invitations at one shop and cups, plates etc at another so off I will trott tomorrow when DH is home.

WA yes I hope this does completely work on Yasmin as the op to cut the tendons was the last resort - we wanted to give the plasters one last chance and its the longest she has kept them on 2 and a bit weeks straight so definately improvements - also she is older now and wants to be like other kids so she is also giving it her all to keep those little heels down, bless her  wub.gif

#11 Allymeg69

Posted 04 June 2011 - 10:36 PM

Hi everyone, I don't know where the time goes either, today seemed to be gone in a few minutes. Admittedly we didn't get up until nearly 9am, Alex had a bottle at 7 and by 8 after a few cuddles he was back asleep so being otherwise childless this week we took advantage to get some more zzzz's ourselves.

We went to try and get Alex's passport photo done today, the bloke at the AusPost shop was distinctly unhelpful, bordering on rude. I took Alex into town with me when I went for my haircut at lunchtime and went to one of the camera stores, the guy there was so nice and got one shot that might be OK, I'll take it into the passport office on Monday to get it checked before I go getting it signed and stuck on the form!

This afternoon involved a bit of R & R while DH went fishing with DSS1 & 2 friends, then a bit of shopping, and I made pasta with a tuna puttanesca sauce (out of this week's New Idea!) - but mine was with fresh tuna, and blow me down, Alex ate 2/3rds of the bowl we gave him (I left the olives & capers & chilli out of his, but he still got the tomato/vegie/onion sauce & tuna). I was so proud of him eating so well.

Wingless, there just seem to be no end of issues for Zara, I just hope it all works out positively in the end. It sounds very positive that she is commando crawling and getting into mischief!

Helen, I hope Yasmin's feet/ankles turn out OK after this process.

Occbee I hope things have settled down with Ella, and I saw on FB that you had a successful morning tea today. I tried the link to donate that was in a previous message from you but it wouldn't work. Can you try posting the link again or reminding me of the directions to donate?

Thanks again everyone for your supportive wishes. I've been a bit up and down this week, trying to focus on work and not think negative thoughts but they intrude every now and then, I just can't believe that my wonderful happy life that I've only been enjoying for a few years, meeting DH, having Alex etc, had been thrown into this sort of upheaval. Helen, what happens next is that I just have this surgery in a few weeks, and hope with every bit of my being that there are no other signs of the cancer spreading anywhere else.

My parents are coming up to see us and will be here the week before and the week after the surgery, so that will be nice, and a bit of support for DH with the kids.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone.

#12 Sares83

Posted 05 June 2011 - 05:05 PM

Hi all,
   just popped on quickly for some advice. Pat was sick on Thursday, woke up and he had vomited in the bed, through up a couple of times during the day, then 11pm Thursday night DH woke me cos he had thrown up everywhere in the cot, had to change the sheet, bath, etc. He has thrown up intermittently since and now has diarrhea. He is eating less and less (presumably becasue he feels ill) but it is almost nothing now and he nappies are getting drier. I am worried he is getting dehydrated but he won;t even drink his bottles or hydralyte. I don;t know what to do as this has been going on for 4 days now? Any advice would be great

#13 Summerlover

Posted 05 June 2011 - 05:55 PM

Sares - Isla had that and I was worried too but she came through.  Try letting him suck on an icypole if you have any also the doc told me to give cordial with a pinch of salt added to it (only a pinch - that is enough) - that is basically what a hydralite is but I think is easier on the palate.  Failing that doctors for advise if you haven't already or ring the 13health number for advice at any time of the day or night.

Hope he gets better soon.

Ally we have the forms for passports here for our pending trip to Bali in August but Im so busy with Yas's plaster and organising her 3rd birthday the forms are just sitting there LOL - I just said to DH today we must get photos early July done and make an appt for the passports to be done and completed by mid July, I just don't have time to scratch my bum sometimes, these plasters are very time consuming as she is more needy than usual and very jealous of Isla again because she needs me and Isla is teething  rolleyes.gif .  I think there are a lot of rude people out there in the community!!!! sad.gif

#14 wingless_angel

Posted 05 June 2011 - 08:06 PM

Sares getting them to suck on a wet facewasher can help with getting fluids into them all babies love sucking on facewashers. Another thing that might help if he will take it is jelly as it is mainly water. If he is no better tomorrow I would take him to the dr tomorrow or to emergency if you think he is dehydrated. Hope he is feeling better soon poor little bubba.

Not much going on here just a typical Sunday doing grocery shopping ect. We got Zara sitting up very briefly yesterday and got all excited but she is back to her usual floppy self again today sitting with her head between her knees on the floor. Anyway better go have a great evening everyone.

#15 mibi

Posted 05 June 2011 - 10:33 PM

Sares - just try offering very small amounts  but often too - like 5mL every 5mins.

WA - yay for Zara commando crawling original.gif

We had some sad news today - my sister's mother in law passed away this morning. She had a stroke on Wednesday and another on Friday. So sad for them, and particularly my niece and nephew - too much for them all to have to go through - it's only been 8 &9 months since Mum and Dad died. The funeral will be in Brisbane, so I will have to find the cheapest place to get flights when I know the funeral details. My sister is so scared about how she and her DH will cope - neither of them do well with emotional stuff and this is just over the top!

#16 Sares83

Posted 06 June 2011 - 09:17 AM

Helen - haha! Yes I know what you mean about working and time. I am back fulltime and I am always busy busy busy! Hopefully the casts work, fingers crossed! original.gif

WA - Yay for picking up on the cows milk allergy! Hopefully the neocate makes and difference and double yay for crawling! OMG that is awesome news! original.gif

Occbee - that is awfuly news. I am so sorry. I hope your sister and DH cope OK, kids too. It is such a sad time when something like that happens, especially so suddenly sad.gif

AFU - Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry for the short post yesterday, I had just got discharged from the hospital to get home and find out Pat hasn't eaten since his weetbix for breakfast so was a bit worried and was very sleep deprived (DH and I decided to have a night out last night and go for dinner and movie. My parents babysat - and now tell me they thought I was going to say because I felt sick cos apprently I looked like s**t, thanks for telling me now - I felt fine, we went out, had a great night, got home at midnight and went to bed. I woke at 2am and felt awful. Nauseous, major tingles and hand cramps from a very sudden attack of low calcium which is very strange. I managed to get enough tablets down to help with the nausea then drifted in and out for an hour or so before I tried to get my calcium medication down - it is fizzy and lemon and gross, its hard enough not to vomit it back even when I am not nauseous - drift in an out for another hour, it is now 4am, I wake DH in tears cos I am so scared. I felt so sick, I was terrified I was going to fit. Typical tired DH got cranky at me for waking him when I didn;t want him to actually do anything for me. I drift in and out til about 5am then say I need to call an ambulance. He got cranky again and said he would take me. We fought, he got in the shower, we fought some more. I was arguing we have ambulance cover for a reason and I wouldn;t be able to sit up all the way there and I was so scared I would fit and he wouldn't know what to do. Finally he agreed and the ambulance came at about 530. When I finally got my bloodtest results back DH is very happy he let me go in an ambulance. My calcium was the lowest it has been since I was diagnosed!). So he has had his breakfast again this morning so I will see what happens. He hasn't vomited for a couple of days now, but has diarrhea, I will give those suggestions a go. He loves jelly but have only ever given him tiny bits when I make it for myself cos I thought it had too much sugar in it? Same for cordial. Oh well, I guess in urgent cases sugar doesn;t matter.


#17 Allymeg69

Posted 06 June 2011 - 10:52 AM

Oh, Occbee that is very sad, I don't know what is worse, someone going quickly and unexepectedly or after a long illness. The shock of someone being here yesterday and gone today must be awful.

Sares, it sounds like you've been completely through the mill yourself as well as poor little Pat. It might sound weird but when Alex had diarrhea at Easter (and gave it to everyone else!) one of our friends told us she swears by raspberries (fresh, frozen or even the lolly-type!) as a treatment. Apparently this has some basis in science and raspberries (presumably the real, fresh sort) have been known to have anti-diarrheal properties for a long time. So I found a puree that was raspberry, apple & rosehip (Organic Bubs? lavender packaging), which I gave Alex and I also bought some frozen raspberries which I mixed up with farex cereal & water (only a couple of berries because they can be a bit bitter and strong). He liked both, and whether it was connected or only a coincidence I don't know but his diarrhea did improve quite quickly after that.

Just a bit of a funny - I should have anticipated it, but boy oh boy, was there ever a rich nappy waiting for me yesterday morning after the tuna puttanesca pasta on Saturday night sick.gif ! DH very conveniently made himself scarce at the relevant time!

#18 wingless_angel

Posted 07 June 2011 - 10:45 AM

Occbee sorry to hear about your sisters MIL. It must be very hard for you all.

Sares sound like you have been having a rough trot also. Hope you and Pat are feeling better. Don't worry to much about sugar content when they are sick getting something into them even if it is sweet is better than nothing.

Ally my dh disappears everytime the girls do something nasty in there nappies. Zara is the worst she goes so long between doing it when it does come everyone runs lol it is normally black and sticky honestly it sticks to everything and is so hard to get off a bit like bubs first poo they do after they are born but it smells like rotten egg gas just 100 times worse.

Helen I hope that Yasmin is getting used to her casts.

Well Zara is doing really well with her night sleeps but now she is refusing to sleep during the day. We moved everyones bedrooms around on the weekend and put Zara in her own room. I think this is the problem it has a huge skylight in it so I think it is to bright for her. She was living in our walk in wardrobe which was very dark so I will try and cover the skylight to see if that helps.

This morning Claire left her bottle beside the lounge and I didn't realise. I put Zara down to play and when I looked over at her she was rolling around with it trying to suck on it. So I have given her a empty bottle to play with and she is having great fun with it chewing on the teat and trying to suck. I am going to try and trick her later and put 30mls of formula in it and see if she will drink it. I don't know if it will work but anything is worth a try. Maybe I have put to much pressure on her to drink from a bottle and doing it this way she does it on her own term. Fingers crossed it works because no dairy is really hard and killing me I never thought I ate to much dairy but when you have to cut it out you realise how much you do have. Got a very busy week with appointments I just found out we got a cancellation spot for the eye specialist on Friday to check out her vision. I have spent the morning ringing around changing her Friday appointments to fit is in. Have a great day everyone.

#19 Sunbliss

Posted 07 June 2011 - 03:15 PM

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been a bit up and down this last week. Two teeth started to come through last Thursday. We also went to mothers group that day and one of the other babies had a fever there. That afternoon Hazel got a fever as well and had a long afternoon sleep. She was very lethargic and went to bed without complaint early that evening. Then she woke up at 11pm and pretty much was wide awake every sleep cycle for the rest of the night. We tried feeding her to sleep, patting her to sleep etc – then around 3am DH suggested she come into bed with us but there was no settling down – just lots of hair yanking, eye stabbing and skin pulling by hot little hands in the dark. I suggested that we try some panadol to calm down any discomfort. We had never given it to her before so we droppered it into her mouth and woosh we got a great big projectile vomit – mainly over me and her bedclothes.  I don’t think it was actually the panadol but more the method of giving it to her.

DH and I were both very bleary eyed when the nanny arrived and all of us had a long day ahead. I would have even called in sick but I had spent the last few days at work organising a workshop that I was facilitating that day – typical. Anyway it all went OK and by the time I got home H’s fever had disappeared and she’s been sleeping really amazingly soundly again at night – only waking once for a feed and stirring a couple of other times.

Thing is, she’s been waking at 5.30-6ish quite a few mornings and insisting that she wants to get up so I relent and within an hour she’s whingey and grizzly and instead of going for her morning nap at 10am I’m putting her down by 8am. Then she only has one more sleep around 2ish so it feels like she is only having one day sleep. I’m starting to feel ground down by it though. Even though she sleeps at 8am I won’t and I’ve been up from 5.30am some days and its sapping my energy, making me feel down and irritable and under pressure. As I do more and more days at work, the more work I seem to have to do at home as well and it is sooooo hard fitting it in around H’s demands – she is particularly grizzly at the moment and only seems happy if she is in my arms or the bjorn and as she gets heavier is getting harder to carry around as I do everything.

I’m glad that we’re easing into me going back to work but part of me thinks that full time won’t be too bad as the nanny can work on establishing her routines (which I am ruining at the moment) such as getting Hazel to bottle feed again etc.  Anyway – it’s created some discussion with DH and me where it’s obvious I won’t be able to do all the home stuff and work as well so we’ve started off organising a weekly meal plan so we don’t have to think about dinner or who is preparing it. We’ll work on divvying all the other stuff up over the next few weeks.

Anyway – all I want to do is vegetate with a trashy book, some junk food and mindless TV but there is this relentless amount of stuff to do. On the positive side though, Hazel learnt to sit up this week!

Sorry for the whingy moan, sorry for no personals – thanks for listening.

#20 laridae

Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:42 PM

sunbliss -Azaria projectile vomited the first time I gave her panadol.  And has nearly everytime since.  Nurofen seems to be better (no vomiting) - but she won't let me give her medicine at all any more, she blows raspberries when you try and give her it & spits it out if you get any in.  So it might be the panadol original.gif

#21 Allymeg69

Posted 08 June 2011 - 10:50 AM

I think Nurofen is a bit better too, and it seems to last a bit longer. We found we had to trick Alex into opening his mouth for medicine (including antibiotics he's had for ear infection), we use his dummy, rub it over his lips so he opens his mouth as if to take the dummy then we quickly stick the syringe in and squirt a bit, then let him suck the dummy a bit. It takes 2 or 3 repeats of this process to get the dose down, but it has worked. Now he seems to be happy just taking the syringe or dropper into his mouth and swallowing all at once.

Ran, you do come to that realisation that you just can't do it all, and you either find a way to share the jobs or decide that some things just don't get done. The idea of meal planning is great, I wish I could get myself organised that way! I know it's hard to ignore mess if you're a normally neat person or change your approach to your household but that's what we've realised we have to do, particularly with three older kids, I don't like the mess they can make but equally I'm not going to run myself stupid picking up after them (within reason). Can you try and have a quick nap when Hazel sleeps in the afternoon? I do that on weekends if I possibly can, and it makes a big difference.

Wingless, that is good news about the improved night sleeps, hope your strategy for daytime sleeps works as well. And that certainly sounds encouraging that Zara wanted to try the bottle for herself.

AFU - We lodged Alex's passport application yesterday, so exciting to think he is going to be an international traveller before he is 1! The passport office personnel were really helpful in confirming the photos we got done were OK (after being totally stuffed around by Aussie Post!).

I got all my pre-admission stuff done on Monday and the admissions nurse gave me some good information about accessing support from our local Cancer Council breast care nurse because my procedure is exactly the same (as far as lymph nodes are concerned) as for women with breast cancer. I called in and was able to see the BCN and she was so lovely, very supportive and referred me on to an OT who I will see on Friday for fitting of a compression sleeve for my arm (to use when travelling in particular to help prevent swelling & lymphodema) and other advice on post-operative care & exercise. So I feel a bit better about having those things organised.

I did have a bit of an emotional meltdown yesterday afternoon, but I think I just needed to have a good cry, DH refused to go to golf even though I didn't want him to miss it, and stayed with me to talk about things and give me lots of hugs wub.gif . He is getting his reward today though, I gave him the OK to go fishing with our next door neighbour (who is just about as fishing-mad as Dennis, a bad combination, and neighbour has 50 days of annual leave owing to him so he picks & chooses his days to go fishing! Of course DH can give himself a day off whenever he wants to!) So he was up at 4.30am, they've gone out to the reefs south-west of Darwin, and hopefully will come home with a big esky full of lovely snapper, coral trout, red emperor etc etc. If I had had someone else to take care of Alex this morning I would have called a sickie and gone with them!
Oh well, back to work ....

#22 Summerlover

Posted 08 June 2011 - 06:56 PM

Nurofen vs Panadol - I looooove Nurofen and have been questioned quite a few times why I use it in preference to Panadol.  Well Nurofen was the only thing that worked on my DD1 as it takes down the inflammation.  I have been warned though with Nurofen by Nurse friends just to make sure that when ever I give Nurofen I give some milk or food because it can cause tummy Ulcers - ouch! so just a tip for you guys but its good stuff - plus it is more palatable than Panadol and my LO's prefer the taste - they grab the syringe off me LOL.

Sunbliss - Isla was waking at 5.30am and so was Yasmin as our nights got really cold for Cairns standards last week, down to 11c but normally 17.  I think she was cold because I've been dressing her since those cold days in cotton all in ones with feet in them even now with the nights down to 17 again and she is sleeping until 7am.  Hazel isn't cold do you think???  Its a common prob with waking at times between 3 and 6am as its the coldest part of the day.
I must agree with you - when she was waking at 5.30am Im falling asleep on the couch at 8pm but if she sleeps even til 6-6.30am I can stay awake until at least 10pm LOL  laugh.gif .  Also it doesn't matter what time Isla wakes she is going back to bed usually at 8.30am (even at daycare - they laughed on Monday as she fell asleep on the big pillow at 8.30am after waking at 7am at home!!) but she tends to sleep until 10.30-11am and then goes back down about 1.30-2pm for her arvo sleep so I wouldn't fight the 8.30am sleep I would concentrate on the 5.30am wake up and what might be causing that one??? Hope she is sleeping better for you anyway since your post.

WA - yes I think let her do it on her own terms too with the bottle, hope you are having more success, have you been using the Neocate now??  Maybe she just needs some really good food in her to get more energy to sit up etc (I mean milk when I say food) - I remember Isla not drinking a lot in her bad days but as soon as she was progressing with milk intake she was a whole different bub.  Is she getting enough Iron in her too as they need Iron I kept hearing from 6mths - is there an iron supplement she can have?

Sares - sounds like you are going through the mill poor thing, yes look after number 1 because you need to be fit and healthy to be there for Pat.  Hope you have improved and I hope he has improved.  Isla had it for nearly 2 weeks on and off and she wasn't drinking a lot which is worrying - so don't worry about salt, or sugar at times like this just give them what ever they will eat if anything and find ways to get fluid in even if its by syringe.  I like WA's idea about the face cloth as when Isla gets in the bath thats the first thing she goes for and sucks and sucks on the water in it.

Ally I was just about to comment to you but Yasmin is crying and wants to go to bed so Im not going to fight it - I hope you are ok dear and I'll speak soon.


#23 forosoco

Posted 09 June 2011 - 06:21 PM

am i the only one with a baby who has no routine at all??? i just let jesse sleep whenever he's tired. usually he has 2 sleeps a day but they vary in length and time. but sometimes he just refuses to sleep and wants to stay up all day, so he'll just get quick catnaps whenever we're in the car! DD was the same until she was 1, just slept whenever she felt like it and wasn't actually on a proper routine until it was 1 sleep in the middle of the day. it's very convenient for me to have it like that though because it means we can make plans to go out at any time of day and jesse won't care, i'll just try and work his sleeps around it, or drive the long way to get somewhere. DD has cut out her naps now so i feel so free being able to go out whenever i feel like it!

DH has just been away for almost a week, he got back this afternoon. i feel like this week has been a bit of a blur but i'm very proud of myself for managing to give the kids home cooked meals every night, which in this house is an achievement! we're often too lazy to do it every night. jesse was SO excited when i brought him home from kindy today and he saw his dad here. i've never seen such excitement from him, it was hilarious.

still no signs of crawling yet, and he's well over 9 months now. i'm not too worried though, my kids seem to be very slow with milestones. it'll happen eventually.

re medicine, we also use nurofen here, it seems to work better and last longer. then again my kids are NOT fussy when it comes to medicine, they're freakishly obsessed with it. you'd think it was chocolate or something!

#24 Summerlover

Posted 10 June 2011 - 08:14 AM

re medicine, we also use nurofen here, it seems to work better and last longer. then again my kids are NOT fussy when it comes to medicine, they're freakishly obsessed with it. you'd think it was chocolate or something!
roll2.gif yes same in our house!!!! the syringe gets pulled out of my hands - scary.  Yas was the same if not worse!!

Forosco I seriously think what ever works for your family is right - if no routine suits you then who is anyone to question that.  Im very much a routine person and I couldn't live without it but I do very much agree with you about feeling 'free' to do anything at any time as my 3 year doesn't do her day sleeps any more so Im not restricted thank god other the kids wouldn't ever get out.  Im lucky Im not stuck in though as my hubby works shifts and on a Thurs/Fri we are both off and I can do running around while Isla is asleep with or without Yasmin and if we go out to friends Isla will do her arvo sleep in her pram.  The only thing I am strict about is bedtime until she is 1 years old.  I like the fact that she is asleep every night in her cot by 6.30-7pm and this is just for us as a couple really - its our time once both kids are asleep to chill out together etc.  So again I reckon whatever suits each family is the right way.  Im looking forward to Bali - Isla will be 11mths and there will be no routine and the kids can fall asleep when they get tired, nothing to get up for so who cares bbabyflip.gif

Sunbliss also what happened this morning is Isla woke at 5.15 - I left her until 5.45 and she wasn't going back to sleep so went in gave her a bit of bottle etc and put her back down but she didn't go back to sleep so just got up at 6.15 and thought oh well I tried its worked loads of times before but not this morning.  She was rubbing her eyes not long after waking either but what can you do???  Its definately her tooth bothering thats coming through as she's poking her tongue out, grabbing her ears etc and yesterday she was really sweaty and this morning has a cold head like that flu like feeling but her body is warm so she is in pain.  She's had some pain relief and back in bed again poor thing.  So I think what I am trying to say is just because it doesn't work one day don't give up - the next day just try it again and see if she goes back to sleep because as they grow and get a wee bit older they will just sleep until 7 or 7.30am - don't give up and get up feeling at a loss - leave her for 15mins once she wakes if you can and she's not screaming the place down that is and if she's not sleeping, do the nappy thing, feed and don't talk at all to her and put her back down say goodnight etc whatever and just walk out.  She will get it if you do that constantly but it may not work all the time.

WA hows Zara moving along with playing with a bottle of formula??

Ally good luck with everything and wow it would be very emotional Im not suprised you broke down.  You know its hard at the best of time but when you have a little one that is so dependant on you its hard not to seriously think hard about things like this.  Cancer in any form is horrible for anybody to have to deal with and we hear all too much all the horrible stories but there are a lot of good stories out there too.  Good luck with everything and come in and vent when you need to.

Well girls I went to the dentist yesterday with an ongoing problem of a back tooth which my previous dentist was trying to save so I thought I was going to be up for a root canal but she took an xray and there was a wisdom tooth lodged up in my gum behind it that couldn't come down so she thought best to remove the bad tooth as it was at the back and make room for the wisdom tooth to come down in its place!!! So Isla and I are now teething together - ouch I think Im just a little too old for wisdom teeth. laugh.gif So pain relief all round.

Have a bit of a problem with DD1 at the moment - she has been going through a lot as a 'normal' toddler but Im sure she has felt a bit overwhelmed sometimes walking on her tip toes and not being able to keep up with other kids and not hold her balance etc and now she is in these casts Im sure she is feeling a lot of new emotions with it all but one of my friends has a 3 year girl who is 6mths older than Yas and they have known and loved each other for a year and they play every Thursday and before Yas was in casts her friend used to taunt her and push her and hit her and Yas didn't know what to do about it but when she had her one cast on the first week she was so happy and had more balance and confidence etc and when they met the tables turned and she started standing up to this other girl but now its all Yasmin doing the pushing and hitting and Im really disappointed in her that she has carried on with it.  She does it and then has that look of gratification on her face and I just don't know what to do about it and how to stop this from happening.  I know the other girl was in the wrong in the first place but it doesn't give Yas the right to do what she is doing now - I think what provoked it yesterday is her friend was leaving her out with another little girl and being horrible in that way but Yas shouldn't be hitting to get back at her.  I wonder if they actually 'like' each other????

take care

#25 Sunbliss

Posted 10 June 2011 - 05:43 PM

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the info about nurofen and panadol. I’ve personally used nurofen a lot more for pain relief so I’m getting some of the baby version for H. Even though projectile vomiting is never nice, it made me feel better that H wasn’t the only one it had happened to and that it wasn’t that unusual. I’ve always been wary of painkillers and medicines and held off giving whenever possible because their livers are so new and delicate and I don’t want to overburden her system.

Hi Ally – thanks for the advice about balancing everything.  You’re a great role model with having as much on as you do. On weekends, DH and I take turns to have a lie in (I get up at 6ish when madam wakes up and then go back to bed at 9 when she goes down and DH gets her up after her nap and looks after her until I get up at midday). I have found lately that if I sleep in the afternoon I am really restless that night – this may change once I’m back to work full-time though. I’m becoming a lot more tolerant of disarray in the house and things not being where they are meant to be (because the nanny moves them) – it is a lesson I have to learn as I am otherwise quite controlling and pernickety! The occasional meltdown is very healthy by the way and your DH sounds wonderful and it sounds like you both really look after each other and appreciate each other. I hope that you have felt better since Wednesday and that the compression sleeve fitting appt has been OK today.

Helen – yet again I bow to your superior parenting skills and great advice. I cranked up the heater and left it on all night in Hazel’s room last night (it was only 14C in there when we took her in for the night at 7.30pm). She was hard to settle and woke a few times up to 11.30pm – undoubtedly due to the cold as the room took a while to warm up – and then slept until 4.30am when I fed her (she slept through her 1am feed time) and then she went back down until well after 7am. Amazing – I really do think it has been the temperature. Her hands and face have felt quite cool in the mornings but were nice and toasty this morning. She woke up once the heater went off which is another telling sign. Thank you so much for the hint. The other thing I encourage is DH to settle her if she does wake after 5am – if it’s me I think she thinks she’ll get a feed so if he does it between them they figure out its time to sleep a bit longer! I also had a dentist visit the other week and he did some stuff that hurt my gums for a couple of days so I also had teething sympathy with DD! Yas sounds really smart by the way and what she is working out may be part of learning how social behaviour happens. I’m glad to hear that she is standing up for herself – even though she is taking it too far on this occasion. I am sure under your guidance she will learn the boundaries of what is acceptable or not – regardless of whether she likes someone or not.

AFU – I’m feeling much better this end of the week. After a couple of days at work, coming home to a daughter who opens her arms to me when I walk in feels amazing. Her grizziliness seems to have diminished somewhat, she is eating better and better all the time and yesterday she learnt to wave on cue so I’m going to see if I can teach her to clap now.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend ahead and keeps well and safe.

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