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#26 ComeWhatMay

Posted 10 June 2011 - 07:23 PM

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is well.  I am freezing here at the moment.  I hate the cold.

Nurofen vs Panadol - I normally use Panadol but have run out so am trying Harrison with Nurofen and it seams to be a winner.  Poor little guy still has a cold and teething.

Routine - What is that? Harrison has no idea of having one and does not want one.  The only thing he does is have to be ready for bed at 7pm.  I am pretty lucky though as he makes getting out and about with my older daughter easier.

I have a climber on my hands.  Harrison hate sitting and has to be standing.  He is now starting cruising so not to sure how far away walking will be.

Car Seats - Has anyone turned their little ones yet?  Harrison hates being put in his seat and I am not sure if this might help.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend.  Anyone got anything planned?

#27 Summerlover

Posted 11 June 2011 - 06:52 AM

Fingersarecrossed - yes I turned Isla's car seat 2 weeks ago as I was weaning her from her reflux medication.  She loves it and laughs and giggles at her sister next to her, very cute.  She hated being on her back as she has from birth being a reflux bub.  Isla is cruising everywhere and won't sit for too long either and makes a bee line to climb into anything.  When I go over to her she puts out one hand and when I put both arms out to grab her she braves it and lets go knowing I will catch her so Im also wondering how long it will be before she is letting go.  I love it when she is standing up and sees something on the ground and squats slightly and falls onto her padded bottom - its so cute to see.

Ran so glad to be of help - gosh I remember getting lots of advice from people about different things.  It was a godsend and things may seem obvious but sometimes we need to see it from someone elses view to see it clearly.  Yes I noticed too how wonderful a reception I got from the 2 girls when I come home from work - its such a great feeling of being loved.  I just never got that side of it being home full time with Yas so it is nice too.

I can hear her but where is she - better go and find daughter #2 !!


#28 mibi

Posted 11 June 2011 - 12:35 PM

Hi everyone.
We are back from Brisbane where we absolutely froze! I think it was warmer in Sydney! Anyway the funeral went well, but it was so hard - brought up so many memories and feelings. I went there to be strong for my sister and her family and ended up being a blubbering mess myself! Glad to be home. Riley was very cute when we got home - he just played and played with Ella. He said he missed Ella, but not Mummy and Daddy.

Routine - we have no routine, at all. Her sleeps are all over the place, but usually 2 a day, but  there is no time that she generally goes down for or a particular time she sleeps for.

Nurofen vs Panandol. I give both, but favour nurofen- it seems to be better for ear aches etc and lasts a bit longer. FYI, though - did you know it is safe to alternate between them. If you give nurofen, but the effect wears off before you can give another dose it is safe to give a dose of panadol.

WA - We had trouble getting Jake to take the bottle at first and that is how we got him used to it - let him play with it and then after a while added some milk to it.

Carseats - Ella is still rearward facing - she's only just hit 8kg and also I'm not sure how we will fit 3 headrests across the back, so the longer she stays  rearward the better....plus I've watched too many youtube videos about internal decapitation.....even though Jake was turned around at 5mth and Riley at 8mths.

have a good weekend

#29 wingless_angel

Posted 13 June 2011 - 09:18 AM

Hi everyone sorry just a quick one. I have been so busy things just seem to be non stop. We now have Zara drinking a few bottles a day sometimes she just totally refuses other times it takes a fair bit of work to get her to take them but it is a start. She loves playing with her bottle so I try and sneak 30mls in which she normally drinks. We are having heaps of problems with her poop she is very constipated she is on laxative twice a day but it doesn't seem to do much. Last night she did a monster poop it was huge somewhere between a golf ball to tennis ball size she was in so much pain and when I changed it there was blood in her nappy the poor little thing. I took a photo of it next to a 5ml syringe because it was the same size. I will show it to her paed this week when I see him this week. We have seen the speech therapist and working on her trying to eat lumpy food. We also saw the eye specialist she needs to have surgery on her eyes soon but we also found out she is very long sighted so her eyes don't really focus. He doesn't want to put her in glasses yet as he thinks it may just be she is late developing in the visual area. We are going to start vision therapy and hope that it improves. Apart from all of that she is cruising along quite well at the moment which is nice. Better go about to go to a indoor playcentre to keep them entertained for a while we were going to the Zoo but it is raining. Hope everyone has had a great ling weekend.

#30 Allymeg69

Posted 14 June 2011 - 11:08 AM

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good long weekend. As always I don't seem to get any time to post on a weekend!

Wingless - poor Zara, that sounds like a nasty poo issue, hope all the feeding & digestion stuff works itself out soon, if she is starting to take some bottle feeding then that at least sounds a bit positive.

Occbee - glad you got through the funeral and love what Riley said!

Helen - Alex does the same as Isla, stands up then looks down between his legs as if he is assessing the situation then sits himself back down, he is getting more control of it every day, it is great to see

Fingersarecrossed - yep Alex prefers standing now too, although the novelty is wearing off a little, he will sit down when it's his choice, but lying down (eg for nappy changes) is becoming a real issue!

Routine - nup, not in our house, I am not a routine person anyway so we just go with the flow

Carseats - I was actually going to change ours around at the weekend but it didn't happen. Alex is now 10.5kgs so lifting him in (our seats are in the middle of our cars) is getting hard. And he's getting fairly long, I think we will turn the seats and move them out to passenger side shortly.

Ran - glad you are feeling a bit better about things, those little things like having your bubba give you a huge smile and hold out her arms to you make all the bad things fade away! Glad you have some arrangements to allow for a bit of catch-up sleep

Forosoco - well done on the meals, I feel bad that I am relying quite a bit on pre-prepared stuff for Alex, he does join us for dinner though and nibbles on things like vegies, small pieces of meat, bread etc that we are having. And I'm sure you're right about the crawling, Jesse might not be a crawler at all and just get up and walk one day!

AFU - Well Darwin didn't escape the cool weather over the weekend although cold for us is still warm elsewhere, but it is so dry here that it feels colder than it is. Last night the official Darwin temp was about 12 degrees, cooler out where we are. I actually dug out my woolly moccasins and a jumper while making dinner! No fans on, windows virtually shut, and we were none too warm under the doona. Poor little Alex was a bit cool I think, he stirred a couple of times just grizzling, he will not put his hands under a blanket. He is also coughing quite a bit, not sick just seems like a reaction to the cool dry air, there is quite a bit of dust in the air too, rubbing lots of EukyBear on his chest which seems to help a bit. Alex went off to creche today in a full-length suit with singlet under, and his hoodie!

We had a lovely day out fishing on Sunday, I was worried Alex might be frustrated sitting in his boat-seat all day but he was fine, he was allowed out a few times to sit on my lap and have a bit of a crawl on the floor (after it was cleared of anything sharp!). DH and DSS1 caught a lovely fat barra each, had some for dinner last night and it was super yummy!

My visit to the OT on Friday was very reassuring, got lots of good advice about post-surgery care of my arm, and got my lovely (not) compression sleeve. I've felt a bit better and looking forward to my parents arriving on Friday.

Better go and get on with things here at work!

#31 Sares83

Posted 16 June 2011 - 09:43 AM

Hi all,
   sorry I have been away for a bit, just trying to get better. Pat is doing heaps better, eating again and having bottles (although a lot less - probably only 400ml a day) thank goodness! Still no teeth rant.gif but he has started moving forwards! It is quite amusing, he uses his toes rather than his knees and sort of drags himself forward, he is getting really fast! Every now and then he gets on his knees but doesn't move.

WA - poor little Zara, it must be so painful. I hope it gets sorted soon. Big thumbs up for having some bottles though! original.gif

Occbee - I know how hard it is attending funerals for someone who you have so many good memories of. Riley is too cute!

Car Seats - I turned Pat when he was 8.5kg (minimum for our car seat is 8kg) because he was just so hard to get in and out. It took him a few weeks to get used to sleeping sitting more upright but he loves it, just laughs for no reason. Dh has the spare car seat in his ute for emergencies (I don't like him being in there) and he has an absolute ball cos he can see everything.

Panadol v Nurofen - I use them both, Panadol during the day and nurofen at night (cos it lasts longer) but if he was teething I would use nurofen as it is anti inflammatory which I would thinks would help with sore gums (haven't been able to try that theory yet!)

Routine - sort of. Working full time means I have to be organised and able to plan but I am not strict about it. If he sleeps late, or wakes up early, misses a nap so long as he is happy I am fine. usually it goes
7am wake up
8am breakfast
9/10am morning nap (1-2 hours)
11am snack/bottle
1230pm lunch
130/230 nap (30-60mins)
330pm snack/bottle
5pm dinner
530pm bath
7pm bed

Meals - does anyone have any good dinner recipes? Pat is getting sick of the same old, same old but I am having trouble finding things that he can eat so would love any siggestions original.gif


#32 wingless_angel

Posted 17 June 2011 - 05:53 PM

Hi Everyone

Sares glad to hear you and Pat are feeling better.

Alley enjoy having your parent staying with you. I don't know how I would handle having my parents living so far away.

Well we have done it Zara has gained 200g in two weeks. I am really happy that she did not lose anymore. We are working on the poop situation by giving her a enema each day for the next 4 days trying to clear out the hard stuff and if she goes more than 2 days with out going we will give her another one. Not much else going on around here just been really busy with appointments. We have Zara down to two breastfeeds a day now and will hopefully have her completely weaned by next week. I have noticed my energy levels have really picked up since I have cut back the bf. DH goes to Europe on Monday so I will spend the weekend getting things organized and doing my duty free list for him. Hope everyone is well and has a fabulous weekend.

#33 Summerlover

Posted 17 June 2011 - 09:16 PM

Hi girls

Busy busy here too, long weekend always throws my 3 day work week out and organising Yasmins 3rd birthday and doing shopping for her presents etc has been hectic.  She is doing well still in her plasters and only has 1 week to go.  We are doing the family birthday thing Sunday and then Friday she gets her plaster off and can give her her bike Saturday morning and then that Sunday is her actualy party plaster free.  I hired a Dora cake tin today and have made 2 of them and will do a test on 1 of them tomorrow morning and send it to daycare with her for her birthday and then do the other one once I know what Im doing next Saturday morning.  Isla is good - got 1 front tooth and has the other coming out and has the snottiest nose ever LOL but that comes with teething I suppose when her defenses are down but have managed to keep her going at daycare as she was worst on the holiday Monday and home with her daddy on the Tuesday.  She is so so cheeky now - her interaction with her sister is just lovely to watch and they play outside a lot and Isla in the bath is a sight she just splashes around like there is no=one around and thoroughly enjoys herself and cacks herself laughing.

WA fantastic news  eexcite.gif - well done Zara on the weight gain, thats great to hear.  Is that Neocate she is on now.  How horrible that big poo, poor thing.  You must have much more energy not bf'ing - its taxing and with all the things you have to do man I am suprised you did it for so long.  How is Claire doing around everything going on?

Sares glad to hear Pat is on the mend.  Wow he is drinking far less milk now isn't he?  I can get Isla down on her milk at all - she is such a bottle girl and such a podge.  Today I gave her solids first at her 3.30pm wake up - she was crying for milk at 3.45pm but I gave her dinner instead but do you think she would let that bottle go  nno.gif  so I gave her 120ml just to help her through as I know she wants a bottle last thing at night - that is her cue for sleep, walking in her bedroom with a bottle and she sees her cot and rubs her eyes LOL so she knows she is going to bed but she is still having 4 bottles but usually the early arvo one is a small one and the other 3 generally 180mls still.

Ally yep Isla's control over her standing is amazing and now she can squat and doesn't just drop down.  She won't sit for long she has to be up and pulling herself up on anything - daycare are just amazed how strong she is and think she will be walking soon.  I need to do a video of her cacking herself - her laugh is really infectious.  Its bloody cold here at night too.  I have a NZ wool merino kids sleeping bad - its fantastic and was Yasmin's - very good one and lasts until they are 2 and she is so cozy in it with an all in one underneath.  Her bedroom monitor says 20 in the mornings so just an all in one long sleeved and long legs with feet in it is fine underneath the sleeping bag until a low of 18 c then it requires another layer under the all in one or something over the top if early hours of the morning - hoping it doesn't go below her little hands are freezing in the morning.  It was meant to be 10 last night overnight not sure what it was but I certainly brought the quilt out and pulled it over me sitting in front of tv last night even with my winter dressing gown on!! - now you know why I couldn't stay living in Adelaide brrrrrrr

Occbee glad the funeral went ok - I hear Brissy has been really gold.  I think the warmer the climate when it get cold the less equiped they are to deal with it and makes us feel colder as I lived in Scotland for years and didnt grizzle a lot until I moved back to Adelaide for a winter.

Well I have some news too - Isla has nearly been weaned from her reflux medication.  Whooooohoooo.  She is down to a quarter of her days dose every 2nd day and is fine - Im just using up what i have and hopefully no more.  2 new front teeth coming and we are all well.  I can't believe she is nearly 10mths old.  Will have to weigh her because she is getting to be such a chubber - very different from the little screaming skinny bub at 4mths of age.  I would love to test her on dairy but too scared to have a screaming child on my hands so will wait until she is 12mths and then my Paed did perscribe me to try her on cows milk - god I hope she has grown out of her dairy intolerance too as its really hard because she tries to grab all her sisters food like yoghurts and cheese etc but hey thats life.

Ok speak soon

#34 Summerlover

Posted 18 June 2011 - 01:32 PM

Oh Sares forgot to mention - dinners.  They can eat anything you eat.  If Isla wasn't Dairy Intolerant I would give her everything we have just mashed and even I give Isla a whole chop sometimes to suck on as she just gets the goodness out of it - a bit of meat on the bone and she knaws away at it, especially good when there is a BBQ going on.  As she is dairy intolerant and I don't have a lot of time with having another child and working etc I buy the Raffertys meals and have lots of frozen mashed veg in the freezer and I divide the raffertys mix into 3 little bowls and add a large cube of mashed veg to it or if there is no carbs in the raffertys then I add mash potato or pasta!!  Hope that gives you some ideas.  Also avocado and banana mixed or avocado and cottage cheese I used to give my first.  mashed egg yolk into veg, cheese bakes etc etc!!!  Enjoy exploring

#35 Sunbliss

Posted 18 June 2011 - 05:27 PM

Hi Everyone,

Teething – Hazel has 4 through now! The two tops ones and two bottom ones are all present. I have to admit that the mothers group I go to seems very competitive and H is tracking well behind all the other kids in their ability to do new things (e.g. most of the others are cruising whereas H has only just learnt to sit!) Doesn’t bother me tooooo much except she is now more ‘advanced’ re teeth than some of the others. I don’t care but alpha female mum seemed a bit miffed when she saw this. Ha ha – small and transient victory. Having always been a competitive person myself I really hope I do not project this onto my sweet little daughter and going to this particular mothers group is helping me learn this! They’re all lovely ladies other than this.

Car seats – I have a cr*ppy 2 door 4WD which is over 15 years old and I have to lift H into her rear facing car seat through the back door. This is getting more and more awkward the bigger she gets so I look forward to turning her around. However, she is still under 8kg and in any case I have heard it is much safer being backwards than forwards (in Sweden it is the law until they are a year old). I can’t wait to turn her but want her to be as safe as possible so somewhat torn... Our next major purchase has to be a 4 door car though as its currently just ridiculous!

Meal recipes – H loves finger food so as much as possible I convert her mush dishes into things she can feed herself.  Some examples I have are:
• DH made her meat and vegetable mush last weekend. The consistency was like paste and the brown colour was quite gross. Little H kind of gagged on every mouthful (I watched in the background trying to stifle my laughter while this was going on). I suggested mixing in an egg and one slice of bread’s worth of breadcrumbs and making little patties out of it which DH did and she ate them all up!

As a vegetarian who doesn’t like touching meat some of the other things I give her are:
• tofu burgers (25% silken tofu, 75% whatever veggies I have on hand mashed together plus flour to bind and put into a lightly oiled fry pan for 3 mins each side),
• omelette (one egg lasts 2 meals – normally I give half at lunch and the rest for supper).
• Mashed pumpkin, pasta and cheese with a bit of olive oil is a huge winner as is mashed baked beans with mashed potato and some grated cheese.
• I use the orgran buckwheat pancake mix a lot and add whatever I feel like to it in the form of veggies or fruit to make sweet or savoury options. With quantities it always seems to make a lot so they last over a few days which is actually kind of handy.
• Every few days I steam a pot of mixed veggies (e.g. pumpkin, sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, zucchini, broccoli etc.).  I can then give bits to her at each meal time or use them to mash them into whatever her dinner is that night. She loves chewing the broccoli flower off the stalk. She loves broccoli.
• I mix organic plain yoghurt (that has no sugar) with avocado or grated pear or grated apple (or banana when they’re not expensive) sometimes if she still seems hungry after her main dinner.
• I generally try to give H organic options wherever possible so that she is not getting unnecessary chemicals in her food and I generally try and start lunch/dinner with some steamed veggies. By steaming them every few days I end up keeping the veggies (and pancakes and burgers) in the fridge. They are nice and cold on her gums that way and give her something to do while I make her main part of the meal.
• She often has a slice or two of (organic, yeast free) Bills bread and I spread whatever I want her to eat on top and cut into cubes that she eats with her main meals (toppings include baby vegemite, avocado, banana, yoghurt, lentil soup (soak the cubes in it), mashed fruit etc.
• Today I am going to cook up some quinoa for her to have instead of pasta as I think it has more protein and nutrients in it.

Hope that helps – H eats a lot and her palate has clearly changed over time. She still seems skinny though so I do make sure she is getting fat through avocado, olive oil and cheese, plenty of protein and a good mix of healthy carbs. I’m going to weigh her next week.

AFU – I think she’s had a growth spurt. Last week we had one perfect night with her where she slept from 7pm to 4am, had a BF and then back to sleep until 7am. Two days later she had transformed into a anti-sleep monster though and stayed up last Sunday from 11am until 10pm crying inconsolably whenever she went into her cot. She would not lie down and insisted on sitting up. I put it down to DH’s magical brown meat paste (blurrgh) which may have given her a big energy boost. She’s got better over the last few nights except that she is now refusing to settle if she wakes at 11pm until she has had a BF. So now I am feeding her at 11pm and 4am otherwise she will cry for an hour (even with us there patting, shushing, holding her). However if it means she is growing and developing that is fine so I’m not going to withhold the BF for now. She is constantly changing and challenging us – every routine seems to change every few weeks.

WA – so glad to hear about Zara’s weight gain – that is such a relief. What good news.
Summerlover – glad to hear that Yasmin is almost through this phase with the casts on and that Isla is gradually coming off her medication. Sounds like both of them are doing really well. Sounds like Isla has a wonderful little personality developing there!

Right – I’ve rambled on enough. Hope everyone is doing OK – looks like we’re all having to cope with colder temperatures at night at the moment! Hope you’re all having lovely weekends.

#36 forosoco

Posted 18 June 2011 - 09:29 PM

sunbliss, those meals sound so good! i'm always at a loss with what to give jesse to eat and then when i read things like that i realise it can be so simple and still healthy and interesting. you've inspired me!

jesse has just discovered eggs. i was planning on waiting til 12 months to introduce them in case of allergies (he has eczema and i was just a bit worried) but last week i was making french toast for DD and without thinking i gave jesse a little piece on my way past him. he gobbled it up and was SO excited! so now we've been giving him egg occasionally and he loves it so much. he also seems to love fish. it's so funny to see him getting really excited over his food, and he's a big chubba baby so you can really tell he's a good eater!

i'm sure some of you have gone through this as well, but i was amazed today... i looked over at jesse who was sitting on a little musical chair thing and though oh my god, where has my little baby gone, he's a proper little boy now! he was wearing cargo pants and a nice tshirt and had his hair all brushed to the side, and he just looked so grown up! it's a bit sad that he's not a baby anymore (especially since we're pretty sure he'll be our last baby) but every day he seems to learn new things and it's so much more fun to play and interact with him as he gets older.

re car seats - we turned his as soon as he hit 6 months. i've got a bad back and he's damn heavy, and it was really killing my back lifting him up into it every time. we get in and out of the car a lot each day because the kids love going out a lot, so lifting him like that so much was really not good. as soon as we turned him to face forward he was so much happier in the car, he loves seeing where we're going.

well DH is going away for 3 weeks next month and i'm really dreading it. i've actually put DD in for an extra day of daycare, so even though i work 2 days a week she'll be going 3 days from next month. plus my mum will take her 1 day a week as well. so i feel a bit bad that i'm offloading her so much and will only have 1 day a week with her other than weekends, but i've been really stressed out lately for many reasons and i think it's better for both of us if we spend a bit more time apart so we can really enjoy our time together! she can be a bit trying lately even though i love her to bits. so anyway, i'm really looking forward to spending a couple of days a week just with jesse. we haven't had a day just the 2 of us since i went back to work, which was several months ago now.

#37 Summerlover

Posted 19 June 2011 - 12:23 PM

Sunbliss you have inspired me too with making pattys out of anything - I made some Salmon ones to take to Yas's birthday next week as some savoury nibbles that can be eaten cold so I gave a couple to Isla today at McDonalds (we went for a little birthday treat for her sister as her party is not until she has the plaster off!) - she ate them down but I have some frozen fish and frozen cooked veg in the freezer so will make some up with those for her too to take to day care as the ones I made had a bit too many chunky spring onions in them really for her but you really gave me a heads up on that as Isla loves finger food too but Im sick of giving her sandwiches !!!

Well just waiting for Isla to get tired and Im off to take the dog for a long walk I think

#38 Allymeg69

Posted 20 June 2011 - 11:06 AM

Hi girls,
Just a very quick question, is it possible for a baby to develop a lactose intolerance at this age when there has been no sign of it earlier? The reason I ask is that Alex has been a bit chucky lately, and as best we can work out it seems to have some link to when he eats yoghurt. The girls at creche report that he seems to chuck a bit after having yoghurt (they use Vaalia brand in vanilla flavour) and while it hasn't been a consistent issue at home, yesterday a short time after I fed him a Vaalia baby yoghurt, he chucked while crawling around on the floor.

He was also a little chucky on the weekend after having a bit of cheese. He has no problems after drinking his formula (S26 Progress).

He does love eating the yoghurt and cheese but maybe it is just not agreeing with him at the moment?

BBL for personals etc

#39 ComeWhatMay

Posted 20 June 2011 - 12:43 PM

Hi everyone,

Popping in quickly before feed time for Harrison.

Allymeg69 - Could it be more of an allergy to something in the yoghurt and cheese?  I know with Harrison with his intolerance he is very irritable and very yucky nappies but he does not vomit.  This is what has happened with us and by no means it is not possible.  Maybe try removing yoghurt and cheese for a while and then retry.

Hope everyone is well.  I got a new phone yesterday so am trying to work out how it works.


#40 wingless_angel

Posted 20 June 2011 - 04:51 PM

Ally it is possible my DD1 had similar issues. She drank formula from 7wks and never really showed any signs until she started eating dairy. Even then the signs were not that noticeable until she started drinking cows milk at 12mths and within days she developed severe skin rashes and asthma once we stopped dairy it all went away. I never would of guessed that she had a intolerance while she was drinking formula. I guess you could try cutting out the yoghurt and cheese and see if there is any improvement in his symptoms. Zara is another one I never would of thought had allergies she has never shown signs of it until recently.

I will be back soon for personals I feel like my feet haven't even touched the ground today I have been so busy. DH left for Europe today for almost 2wks so I am on my own and dreading it but also looking forward to it if that makes sense probably not lol I enjoy having the time to myself and only having to worry about the kids and not looking after DH. Be back soon.

#41 Summerlover

Posted 21 June 2011 - 06:00 AM

Hi girls

Isla has been taking to waking up at 5.30am again for feeding - I know its food and not anything else as she devours a whole bottle within 10mins and is tired again not long after but this morning Im hoping she will go back to sleep straight away - she's quiet in there for now at least but I have also put her back on a bit of her reflux meds as the last 3 days since I have stopped it completely she has shown some signs of pain again and finding it hard to get some burps out - yesterday at daycare she was inconsolable apparently and screamed every time they tried to put to down (lay her down) to go to sleep and the day before that at home she cried badly everytime we lay her down too and she only slept 2 x 1 hour sleeps at home which is most unlike her also - I don't think its the teething because I gave her nurofen yesterday morning at 5.30am as she was really grumpy and upset so that should have at least kicked in and been ok for her during the morning until lunch time at daycare???  She was fine on a reduced level of meds so I will go back for now to half her dose morning and night and at least see if that helps her and if she comes back to my happy laughing little girl and no screaming before sleep then I will know she is just not quite over it but on the mend if she doesn't need the full dose.  She had that horrible frown on her face yesterday too like the pain I used to see in her face during those bad times.

Ally - remove the dairy for now and get a doc appt to see if they can get a poo sample off to the lab and check, it takes a while to come back so best do it sooner rather than later.  Wasn't you that questioned mucous in his poo a while back and I said are you sure he is not intolerant of something??  FYI I think Dairy and Lactose Intolerance are 2 different things too so a poo sample tested will give you any info you need.

ok best get ready for work - still quiet in there so fingers crossed she has gone back to sleep.

off for a shower

ps. it was my first baby's birthday yesterday - Yasmin was 3 years old so 3 years ago today oh how my world was turned upside down after miscarriage after miscarriage - Yas came along and brightened up our world  wub.gif - her plasters come off Friday and her party is this Sunday with her friends.

take care

#42 Summerlover

Posted 23 June 2011 - 08:59 AM

Wow is everyone ok??

#43 Sares83

Posted 23 June 2011 - 09:35 AM

haha! I am here, just exhausted! sad.gif

Helen - that sucks about Isla, hope she gets better soon! I must admit I am eternally grateful that Pat will always got straight back to sleep with a bottle original.gif Happy Birthay Yasmin for yesterday!! Hope she had a lovely day! original.gif

Well Pat was sick again! Grrr! Tuesday he comes home from daycare and they said he had been a bit spewy and his last poo was very runny but he didn;t have a temperature. We get home go to give him dinner and he starts fussy. Typical me, I force it in followed by some custard as a treat. He has a bath, nice clean jammies, then I decided to use Fess Little Noses cos he is all stuffed up. Spray both noses then...SPEW!!! EVERYWHERE!!! I was catching it in my hand, all down his PJ's, 2 x tea towels! Gross! Strip off, back in the bath, more clean PJ's, OK, let me just use the sucker on his nose, SPEW!!! AGAIN!!! Gross Gross Gross! Back in the bath! Lucky I had a pair of PJ's under our bed for his birthday (size 12-18 months so they are massive!) Give him a little drink of water, off to bed, lay him on the change table to put his grobag on and SPEW!! this time I caught it all in a few bibs so his PJ's stayed clean. Nursed him for a while and he was falling asleep so put him to bed. He was OK yesterday, pale but ok, so hopefully it was just a 12 hour bug. sad.gif

#44 wingless_angel

Posted 23 June 2011 - 09:47 AM

Hi Helen I am still here just been trying to find the time to get online with DH gone. Hope Yasmin had a wonderful birthday and is looking forward to getting her casts off tomorrow. Isla sounds gorgeous what a little personality she has. Claire is struggling with things at the moment I thought that it was a bad case of the terrible twos but I have to wonder now about that she seems to have a lot of anxiety. I dont know if it has to do with Zara or is it just her personality. Her daycare have expressed concerns so we are going to see my paed next week to talk about things. Her speech is very delayed she only says half words and they are very limited and no word ever comes out the same way. She is still plate sucking and has some very unusual habits and is so frightened by noise it is like the sounds go through her she puts her hands over her ears and screams and shakes. Her reflux has started playing up again also she has been posseting again poor little thing. Zara is doing great on the Neocate and eating so well I can really see a difference in her size cant wait to have her weighted this week. I hope Isla is able to handle dairy at 12mths I had a long termer in the Milk allergy department and it was so difficult he was unable to eat dairy until he was about 3.

Ally good luck tomorrow I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly. I will be thinking of you.

Ran wow you have inspired me to start giving Zara some different kinds of food. You have some fabulous ideas.

Sares so glad you and Pat are better.

Forosoco dont feel bad about putting your DD in extra care while your DH is gone. Sometimes you need to put yourself first.

Well DH is now in Europe and sounds like he is having a great time so far. He sent through pictures of his view from his hotel room in Italy and I am so jealous I cant believe I am stuck here in the freezing cold and he was swimming in the pool at night time. So far things are going well with out him here just been busy trying to keep everyone happy and spread myself around. My son is coming to stay with us from Saturday which will be great but we are going through some issues with where he is living so I am hoping that we can keep him down here with us but his dad is flat out refusing. He is living in a very bad situation with his dad and gf and there son I just want him out. It is hard he wants to move down but the ex is refusing saying he needs to commit to school ect up there I just dont know where I stand if I put my foot down and say you are not going back. He is 15 1/2 and I think old enough to make the decision himself. DH and I can provide him with a nice stable home life and give him the encouragement he needs. I rang legal aid but they were no real help so trying to find info about mine and his rights and what is the best option to take.

Zara is doing well we are down to one bf a day now she refuses the bottle when she first wakes up in the mornings so this is going to be a hard one to break but we will keep trying. We have started giving her finger foods which she is eating ok but we are having issues with her choking. Not gagging actually that is the problem she doesnt gag at all when she chokes she just puts her head down and starts going red and does not make a noise it is very scary. Yesterday she found something that Claire had dropped I didnt notice and when I realised something was wrong she was just laying on the floor with her face in the carpet when I turned her over she was red, eyes were watering and had started to go blue around the lips. I put my finger in her mouth and she had the a huge chunk of food in her throat she wasnt gagging or even making a noise very very scary I will talk to my paed about it because I dont think it is normal. She has really got the hang of this commando crawling now and is so cute she tends to go round in circles and her left gets stuck she has limited movement in that leg and it just stays in the one spot. I have found her almost sitting up a couple of time where she is completely doing the splits because the left leg wont move but she starts trying to crawl in a circle and ends up doing the splits it is so hard to explain. She has also started to vocalise it just sounds like she is saying blah blah blah very cute. She will be 1 in just over a month I cant believe how quickly it has gone. I have no idea what to get her or what to do for her birthday probably just have a small family gathering. Ok better go have so much to do once again. Have a great day everyone.

Edited to add Sares we must of been posting at the same time. So sorry to hear that Pat is sick again it is horrible when they are not well. Hope he recovers quickly.

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#45 Allymeg69

Posted 23 June 2011 - 11:29 AM

Hi everyone, I never did get back for any more the other day, my parents are with us and that should be making things easier - SHOULD!! but I think it's almost like having another 2 kids around. They are both 75, mum is still recovering from her back surgery so is a bit slow, and I think Dad is starting to lose the plot a bit, he went for a walk on Sunday afternoon and got himself totally lost within 500 metres of our house! Anyway they are loving being with Alex, and they are doing some things to help.

Helen I didn't send a birthday wish for Yasmin, sorry, I hope she has a wonderful day at her party, it should be very exciting at 3! And I hope you can get Isla back to an even keel, it was going so well before.

Sares, poor Pat, that sounds horrible, hope he has gotten over it, and poor you to have to deal with it. I must say even though Alex does little chucks every now and then, he has only once done a full-on vomit all over everything.

Wingless, that is scary about Zara's choking, and I think unusual because I know Alex is a good gagger and that deals with any problems. Yay for the commando crawling and vocalising though, that's great. Thanks for your wishes for tomorrow. And I'll PM you about your son.

Ran, thanks also for the list of meal suggestions, very inspiring - I've actually copied that bit from your post so I can remind myself of the ideas. I forget about simple things like omlettes and pancakes.

Thanks for the suggestions about dairy, the last few days Alex has been fine again. I haven't been in to see his carers at creche for a few days, I will be there this afternoon so I'll find out whether he's still been having any yoghurt, they were going to try a different sort too. I haven't given him any more at home, or any cheese. DH and the grandies will be in charge over the weekend so they'll have to work it out for themselves.

I hope everyone will be well and enjoying their bubs over the next little while, everyone is hitting 9 months now, wow the time is flying! I probably won't be back in until late next week.

#46 Allymeg69

Posted 23 June 2011 - 01:22 PM

Wingless, just sent you a PM,

#47 HiddenJewel

Posted 23 June 2011 - 04:04 PM

*sneaks in*

Ummm.....just wondering if it is okay for me to join in here? My baby girl was born on the 19th September 2010, three weeks early but I'll forgive her!! biggrin.gif

Alannah is our youngest and completed our family! I was kinda hoping for another little boy only because I 'knew' what to do with boys and had everything I needed apart from nappies. Having said that, I am truely blessed to have her in my life and I know why she was brought to me. Everyday I am blown away by the bond I have with her. It is a bit like our little secret that DH and the boys don't know about. Amazing!
Anyways, like I said, I do hope it is okay for joining up now!

Time for a cuppa before getting dinner ready.

#48 wingless_angel

Posted 23 June 2011 - 04:15 PM

Ally thank you so much for the info I appreciate it so much. It is a very messy situation. Best of luck tomorrow.

Welcome HiddenJewel looking forward to getting to know you and little Alannah.

Omg Claire learnt to climb out of her cot today. Just what I need I don't have a bed for her yet and my son will be using the spare bed when he arrives. Guess I will have to sort something out kids never make your lives easy. Have a great evening everyone.

#49 forosoco

Posted 23 June 2011 - 06:27 PM

wingless that would be so scary to find zara like that, i'm glad she's ok!

we've actually had a pretty good day. DD didn't wet her pants at all today and even told me 3 times when she needed to go to the toilet, i didn't have to force her to go. i'm really hoping we've turned a corner because i really can't take any more of her accidents when i know she's capable of using the toilet!

well jesse seems to have gotten himself into a nice little routine lately. he wakes for the day at 5 or 5:30 but so far we hadn't had any sleep routine for him. well now it seems he likes to have a 40 minute nap at around 7:30 or 8:00 and then has a proper longer nap around 12 or 12:30 for up to 2.5 hours! it makes it a bit hard when it's a kindy day though because we leave the house around 7:30 so he skips that morning nap and only has the one in the middle of the day. i don't care as long as he's happy, which he is.

how much is everyone else's little ones eating these days? it seems like jesse is a bottomless pit! between him and DD they're eating us out of house and home, i can't believe how much they eat. tonight i made french toast for them - 2 pieces for DD and 1 piece for jesse. then i had some egg leftover so i made another piece, and jesse polished that one off too and then started crying for more. 2 pieces of french toast would be how much i would eat and my stomach is way bigger than his! i seem to recall that you're meant to keep feeding until a baby refuses. well the problem with my kids is that they never refuse! all i hear all day long from DD is "what else can i eat?" or "i'm still hungry". she's the skinniest girl i've ever met but she eats like a horse. i don't know how much to feed jesse though because i don't want to give him so much that he'll be sick, but it breaks my heart listening to him cry for more food when he's already eaten an adult sized portion!

#50 Summerlover

Posted 24 June 2011 - 11:46 AM

Hi girls

its been a very busy time here with work then organising Yas's birthday food and dealing with her actual birthday and doing cakes/food and freezing things and today is Yasmin's big day of her plasters coming off - YAY - im soooo over them.  She went back to nappies and I was happy to keep her in nappies cause of the plasters (didn't want any accidents running inside them) but they are very heavy and changing her bum is hard works sometimes and last night she woke at 3am crying out as she was all tangled up in her quilt around her plaster - they are awkward but hoping they have made a difference.  I know she will now have the range to walk properly but it will be her choice as to what she does and if she immediately goes up on her toes I have to remember she had been walking that way for a looooong time and we have now given her the range to walk flat footed and hopefully she will choose to use it in her own time.  Wish us luck.

Yep started Isla back on her medication but gave her a strong amount the first 24hrs and then just keeping it at the half dose of losec and see how she goes.  She is back to her normal sleeping patterns again of 2 hours which is great but I am finding she is finding it hard to sometimes get those burps up and when she gets them up they are big ones so that seems to be her prob too.

Apart from that all well here - Isla has her 2nd top tooth broken the surface and coming down so this is her 4th tooth now - she has the rosyest (sp?) cheeks ever.

WA oh no to Claire climbing out her cot - I moved Yas to a junior bed so I could still use her mattress - I got it out of the local paper 2nd hand for $30!! - it was a gorgeous little pink one with side rails and I can use it for Isla too - was just good that I didn't have to go buying mattresses and linen for a year!
Lucky your DH being in Europe - is that work he is there for? What does he do?
So glad to hear Zara is putting on weight - it makes you feel so much better when they are putting on like they should be because it all helps with their development and energy levels - you may find she will just steam along and progress quickly now with more energy to burn!!

Sares so glad to hear Pat is better - how horrible, I hate spewy bugs - especially in winter and having to change the close and bedding etc is a PITA and you just feel sorry for them, its horrible chucking as an adult.

Ally enjoy your time with your parents - would be great to have that help and you are going away? nice break!  I hope you can get Alex and his dairy sorted out, I hate not being able to give Isla any dairy because I am a big dairy eater but also there are a lot of things that are easy to grab and give kids as a snack that are dairy and I can't do that.

Welcome hidden jewel - I have 2 girls and love it!  Yasmin is my 3 yr old and the bond with have is wonderful and we have some really good giggles together that DH just doesn't get and now I have Isla who I am sure will be the same.

Got to go Isla has found me!!!

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