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#51 Summerlover

Posted 24 June 2011 - 04:26 PM

Yasmins plaster came off and she is walking flat footed - YAY  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif  - we are so excited and she is just so excited too

#52 Allymeg69

Posted 24 June 2011 - 10:43 PM

Hi all i must be truly addicted to EB but hospital is boring!
Wingless glad I could give you some help.
Helen bigs cheers for Yas!
Surgery seems to have gone ok, now its just the wait for results. No nerves to my arm had to be cut so that was great. DH, all kids & parents have been in, bearing KFC, bless them, a sandwich just didn't cut it after 12hrs fasting!
Poor lil Alex is teething again but I think this time we might actually get a tooth, one is soooo close.
Time to catch some zzzz's now

#53 mibi

Posted 24 June 2011 - 11:47 PM

Ally - glad your op went ok. Fingerscrossed for a speedy recovering and the best path results!!!

WA - it's good that Zara's starting to gain weight! It must be a bit scary with her choking though. And I hope something can get sorted with your son - these situations are never easy. I bet Claire thinks she is very clever. Kids never make things easy for you, do they?

Summerlover - that's great about Yas's plaster. Jake is a little bit of a toe walker, but we've never done anything much about it - he did see a specialist when he was about 3 because his bum cheek cracks were uneven and we were worried there was some issue - there wasn't. But the specialist noted the toe walking but said it should correct itself - although he's 6 now and it hasn't....so not sure if we should do something or not. The poor kid has so much other stuff going on that I am wanting to just wait it out.

Well, Ella is still terrible with solids - I thought she was getting there for a week or so, but now she just spits it back and gags on lumps. She will happily suck away on finger food but heaven forbid something actually go down that throat! She gags and coughs and splutters until she vomits it back up. I am at a bit of a loss....

We've just come back from a quick trip to Canberra and a daytrip to Perisher. It was all of our first experience of snow and we had a ball. The boys just loved tobogganing (so did Brad). They had some epic crashes!!! Ella wasn't so keen - I had a proper snowsuit for her, but I think it was just a bit too cold on her cheeks.

I am also now on a serious hunt for a new car. Mine broke down on Monday and it's cost us $700 and is still not quite fixed. They got it running but it still needs work, so I am going to try and find a new one over the next few days, hopefully while the dealers are trying to make the end of financial year look good. The problem is my aunties  have come down to help clean up Mum and Dad's house, so I won't have too much time to be car hunting. I am looking forward to one day having a nice quiet, peaceful life with no running around.

#54 wingless_angel

Posted 25 June 2011 - 06:37 AM

Ally so pleased to hear everything went well. Fantastic that there was no nerves cut I had lymph nodes removed in my neck over 10yrs ago and the cut a nerve into my shoulder apart from the agony of the nerve slowly dying off and it took years to get proper use back of my arm. Rest up hope your home soon.

Helen yay for getting the casts off and walking flat footed you must all be so happy. Hope she has a great time at her party. DH is over there for work he has left Italy and is now in Germany and told me they were doing 275km/hr up the autobarn something I didn't need to hear luckily he wasn't driving. He works in the engineering business dealing with mines and the steel mills.

Occbee have you considered taking Ella to see a speech therapist for her eating. Maybe speak to your gp and see if he can refer you to one that deals with feeding issues. We have been working on lumps she had us using grated cheese which we can't use now she has a milk allergy. We would put a piece of it up the side of her mouth on her back gum it is natural for them the move there tongue then to explore what it is and they start chewing. It is hard to explain but it works.

Well it is official Claire is spawn of the devil. The terrible twos are horrible can't wait for it to end. I have pulled back the finger foods for a while until I can speak to someone about Zara and her choking she did it every feed yesterday. I don't know how many times I put my fingers in her mouth yesterday pulling out food. Once it was so far back I had to scoop my finger into her throat it was down so deep even doing that she didn't gag. I think there may be something wrong with her throat she has a lot of stridor she has had it from being you g but it has got a lot worse recently. So I am back to spoon feeding every bit of food again which is so painful as she still has a very strong tongue thrust. Zara was so funny yesterday I heard her screaming and came in to see what she was up to and she had Claire's doll. She had positioned her self over the top of it and was staring about a 2 inches above it's face screaming at it she was getting so frustrated with it I think because it wouldn't talk back to her. She did it for about 15min and finally gave up. I hope that's not how she thinks she is going to make friends lol. Anyway better go my son flies in today can't wait to see him I haven't seen him since Christmas. The step kids are coming over to dinner tonight also we have way to many kids lol. Have a great weekend everyone.

#55 HiddenJewel

Posted 25 June 2011 - 01:48 PM

Forosoco - Alannah has an incredible appetite at breakfast and at dinner time. Lunch she will take it or leave it. Last night I actually decided she had had enough to eat as everyone else was still sitting around 20 mins after they had finished their own dinner and I was getting the 'i'm bored' from the tired 3 yr old! lol Breakfast - she'll eai a whole weet-bix with a bit of the 9 month farex porridge with apple in it and full cream milk. Lunch is normally a sambo (a slice of bread doubled over and then cut into little triangles) or a salad. Sometimes I will cook fish or baked beans which she loves!
During the last three weeks she has also decided she CAN drink a 180ml bottle so now I will start upping them to a 240ml. She has gone through a massive growth spurt too. Seriously, only last week her pj's were an inch too long and now they fit her perfectly!

Who has a crawling baby? Last night Alannah was up on all 4's rocking back and forth and on two seperate accaisions she moved one knee forward! *happy dance*

Okay, best go and tidy up and do some laundry type stuff. NEVER, EVER  ending!!!! biggrin.gif

Have a tops weekend!

#56 Sunbliss

Posted 26 June 2011 - 12:31 PM

Hi Everyone,

Hope that your weekend is going well.

Summerlover – that is great news about Yasmin’s feet now that they are out of the plasters – uurrggh you reminded me of the days in the pavlik harness and changing Hazel’s nappy – annoying and occasionally quite messy...Those were lovely words that you wrote about Yasmin’s arrival 3 years ago – I totally understand. I hope that Isla’s reflux is improving with the medicine and she is back to her cheeky assertive self.

Sares – hope that you’re doing well and that Patrick is better and truly over his vomiting patch and that you escaped catching it yourself.

WA  - Poor little Claire – she, and all of you, have had a very tumultuous year of events and change and it’s good that you have the medical contacts there to be able to work out if there is anything out of the ordinary going on. That’s doesn’t sound good about Zara with choking on solids. One of my mother’s group mums (the alpha female one) was saying a few months ago how strong the gag reflex is and how she could watch her son almost turn blue, so confident was she that he would dislodge any blockage. Not something I’ve been keen to test with Hazel myself! Hazel turned 9 months last week – she weighed in at 7.5kg so hopefully Zara is about the same now, if not more. It’s great to hear about Zara crawling, babbling and doll playing!

Hidden Jewel – welcome to the group. Your daughter sounds wonderful – I love having a baby girl. Up until now I’ve been so happy with our bond but just recently I’ve seen her wilfulness coming through (e.g. she does not like wearing a bib at mealtimes) and I am trying to work out how I avoid going head to head with her on matters in the future (as I did with my own mother!). I hear boys are a bit more relaxed!

Forosco – 5am wake up! What do you do? Does Jesse play quietly in his cot or do you have to get him up? Hazel often has a feed around that time but I am lucky that she goes back to sleep for another hour or so. I’m glad to hear that H is not the only voracious eater here – I don’t know where she puts it either  - while she has the expected fat sleeves, chubby thighs etc I’m always concerned that I can feel her rib cage when I pick her up. She is tall for her weight though so I can only assume that she is putting it all into growing up not out. The nanny that we have for her mentioned that once she is making her food (when she starts full time with us next week) she’ll be giving her lots of meat to fill her out. I’ve been quite vigilant about her nutrition (in my opinion) though meat has been only part of a broad diet so it’ll be interesting to see if this has an impact. I’ve been advised to feed her until she has had enough though so I don’t have to hear her ask for more! How much does Jesse weigh?

Ally – soooooo glad to hear that the surgery is over now and that it went well. I hope that you enjoy the boringness of hospital while you can and catch up on mindless stuff like telly and trashy books – before you know it you’ll be back into the hecticness of every day life!

Occbee – your trip to the snow sounds like it was a great experience for the kids. Your description of Ella reminds me of the being back in the UK in December with Hazel. She looked like a little starfish with her limbs splayed out she was that rugged up. All we could see of her face were some indignantly dark eyes and bright red nose... Bad luck with the car – I hope you find time to get it sorted. Are you looking on the on-line sites to save time later with price and makes?

AFU – hmmmmm – up and down to be honest. Hazel is doing very well. She’s formed a good bond with the nanny – crawled right over to her to be picked up when she came on Thursday – I’m glad, yet it makes me sad to. She has stopped wriggling across the floor and is now on her hands and knees when she crawls and sometimes goes up onto her feet and kind of crab walks on her hands and feet along the floor – odd alien-like sight if you ask me. She’s not yet cruising but is starting to pull herself up so she is kneeling.

All 4 front teeth are through – makes BF’ing feel like a dangerous sport. She’s changed her sleep pattern at night. The CHN nurse last time I went said after her 7pm BF that Hazel shouldn’t need a feed overnight at her age – except maybe one after 1am. Well Little Miss Wilful has other ideas about that and for the last week has been screaming her head off if she doesn’t get an 11pmish feed – and then she’ll go through to 4-5am when she has another one. Never before has she ever asked for/needed a dream-feed type feed (apart from a couple of months ago when she was feeding every 40mins-2hrs overnight (and thank goodness those days are over)).

She is also fluctuating between 1 and 2 day sleeps. The other week we changed the curtains over in her nursery to black out ones and I started to close her curtains for her daytime nap. Well on Friday night I put her to bed (accidently BF her to sleep – doesn’t happen often so didn’t worry too much). She had only had one day sleep that day. She woke at 11pm as expected, I fed her...but she didn’t/wouldn’t go back to sleep. She seemed wide awake and ready to play. We brought her into our bed for a bit but she wouldn’t settle, I took her into her room and fed her again – no good. Changed her nappy, rocked her, shushed her, patted her – no success. She just wound herself up more and more so that by after 1am she was in full scream mode. I had to leave her room to get a break from it, sat in the lounge for a few minutes and then went in again – no good. And where is DH all this time – FAST ASLEEP. By 1.30am I was over it and felt quite irrational. I left H’s room and went into our room and turned all the lights on, shouted something at poor DH about me trying for 2.5 hours so now it’s his turn, was very very horrible and took myself off to the spare room (which was freezing so I punished myself more than anyone) for the night. He was in there for 5 minutes and she was asleep. I can only think that by missing a daytime nap and with us closing the curtains that she thought it was still daytime so I’m not closing them fully in the daytime anymore.

Episodes like that make me feel really down and over the last week I have been wondering more and more whether I have some kind of delayed onset of PND. I’m facing full time work from next week, there is a lot to do to get the nanny thing working right, mortgage, sleeping issues, change, change, change. My eating has descended into junk food mode and we demolished 3 packets of Timtams last week (after I didn’t have sugar for months) and I put on 2kg overnight. Anyway, last night, who came to visit? Auntie Flo did! So after a break of 18 months she’s finally back again. So maybe I don’t have PND – maybe it was actually PMT! On the positive side it should mean I’m ovulating again so we can go ahead more confident that TTC #2 is a possibility (it’s been difficult to know if anything could happen up to now) but on the other hand it feels like the end of an phase of being totally bound up with my daughter and in a beautiful little bubble of early motherhood. 1 July feels like the date that I will enter the real world again and I do it with some trepidation.

Anyway – if you have persevered reading my ramblings all the way to the end well done – it may have been a bit of a slog today...
Hope that you’re all having lovely weekends. Ran

#57 forosoco

Posted 26 June 2011 - 07:17 PM

sunbliss - jesse weighs about 11kg. he'll be 10 months tomorrow. tonight he ate a big bowl of fish and potato and then a bowl of fruit and yogurt, then started crying when it was all gone. we almost gave him a third course but then DH said he's sure he's had enough and let's just give him his milk and leave it at that!

when he wakes at 5am he's awake for the day. but even if he was to play in his cot that wouldn't work anyway because he shares a room with DD and there's no way i want her waking up at 5am too! so we get him out of there as soon as he makes any awake noises. but DH gets up up at 5:30 anyway so he always gets up with jesse and then just passes him over to me just after 6 when he's about to leave for work.

jesse is currently in his cot crying loudly and i feel sorry for DD who is in there trying to get to sleep! it's times like these when i wonder if maybe we should separate them into their own rooms. i don't think DD would be very happy about that though, she loves having her little brother in there with her even though she does sometimes complain about his crying.

i feel like such a bad mother today. i realised that jesse had NEVER been on a swing or slippery dip yet and he's 10 months old! so we went to the park today and he had his first swing and loved it. i feel so bad that we left it this long, DD was doing that kind of thing at a much younger age! i guess that's what happens to the poor second child, haha. i mentioned it to my sister though and she said her youngest (third child, 5 months old) goes to the park about 4 times a week and has been on the swings many times. way to make me feel worse, thanks a lot!

#58 Allymeg69

Posted 26 June 2011 - 07:33 PM

HI all,
Welcome too HiddenJewel. Alannah sounds like a livewire and good eater! I find it a bit hard to judge just how much my Alex is eating, as he is at creche each weekday, I know they feed them well and he is nearly always marked down as eating all of the food (it's a very unusual day if he doesn't). I wonder on weekends whether I am feeding him enough but I'm sure he'd let me know if he was hungry. He has been having 240ml bottles for ages, 4 per day, although sometimes he doesn't finish them.

Ran - I think at least some of what you are feeling is normal, but you know yourself best and if you keep getting down then maybe seeking some professional input would be useful, especially if you are about to start back at full time work with all the added stress that will bring. I hate that how sometimes it is Daddy who seems to be able to do what Mummy can't, it happens for me every now and then too. And it PMT might have been the culprit! Hope things get better soon.

Occbee I see on FB that you settled on a new Holden, it's very exciting to get a new car, hope you find it good. And glad you got to enjoy the snow, I have been seeing the reports on TV and have been thinking about how I miss being able to get to the snow.

Wingless hope you've had a good weekend with all the kids!

Thanks for your thoughts everyone, I am probably going home in the morning, I will have to have the drain in for a few more days which is a bit of a pain but otherwise I feel OK. I've probably eaten way too much, the food at this hospital is very good, just about to have my sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce! And I get to watch Downton Abbey with no interruptions tonight, oh joy!

Alex is tantalisingly close to cutting his first tooth - it would be lovely if it happened tomorrow, his 9-month day - the gum is bulging up so much! At least he apparently had good sleep overnight and today, and was looking much more his happy self when they came to visit this afternoon, he crawled around the room and stood up cruising along the side of my bed, very cute.

Catch you all again soon

#59 HiddenJewel

Posted 28 June 2011 - 10:26 AM

Sunbliss - I found that my boys needed and still do, the ENTIRE house to play in. They were never content to just sit and play. Alannah will happily sit and play for an hour sometimes! That...I LIKE!!!! Alannah does not like bibs either, so I now only use tie up bibs or ones with a good press stud. I have heaps of velcro ones now just sitting and gathering dust!

Alannah was a right nightmare for the first 5 weeks, well first 4 weeks as I was in hospy for her first week. Every night I would be strapped to the chair bf from about 7pm until 1am and I am not exaggerating when I say that it was almost continual. Even DH could not settle her. I recall one night we popped her into bed coz she fell asleep on the boob and the moment we walked out of her room she was wide awake and screaming again. I had a CHN tell me that it was normal even though I told her my boys NEVER did that. At the start of her 5th week, DH suggested a 60ml ff at 7pm after her bf. I was so determined to not ff so early but after another week of 4 - 5 hrs of continual bf I was beyond caring. He have her the bottle after I fed her which she gulped down and then slept until about 1am! Months later I was diagnosed with PND and high Anxiety and a diff CHN after me telling her about the early weeks shook her head and told me I should never have been told that was normal because it wasn't. Esp since this was my 3rd baby. She said that she would have suggested going to the GP for a PND check and for a prescription to help increase my milk and if that failed, she would have suggested the ff after a bf anyway. I was so maaaaaaadddd!!!!!! So......I am still haveing counselling for pnd / anxiety but it is also coupled with a horrible childhood that I am finally being allowed to deal with. Like you, I too think of the future with Alannah and how I will do things different.

Allymeg - You got it in one with Livewire! I call her a Firecracker! lol Did you find it hard using Creche at first? I get quite anxious leaving Alannah with MIL even for a few hours once a fortnight. I worry that she will miss the little things like when she kind of points at her water in her sippy cup etc

Forosco - We have a swing in the backyard for the kids and once of them is a 5 point harness one for under 12 monthers. Alannah loves it. The best thing we have is the trampolene with the net. I lock her in there on nice sunny days and she rolls around, squeals and yells at the dog whilst I hang out the washing / bring the washing in. Never thought of the slippery dip. Might give her a WooooSHHHH on it later today when it warms up more. Brrrrrrrrrr.

BBL - WW500 just broke out between the boys....again! Hohum!

Have a Teriffic Tuesday!

#60 mibi

Posted 28 June 2011 - 09:56 PM

So mad right now. I was just doing some internet banking with our building society, who today was meant to transfer money from our home loan to our commonwealth bank account, so that tomorrow I could go and get a bank cheque and pick up the new car. Well, we noticed that the money had come out of our account but when we looked at the details, they have transferred it to the wrong account number, which isn't our account at all. So some lucky bugger has $20,000 in their account and we are $20,000 short. We have checked our forms and we definitely gave them the right details - the building society have just stuffed up. And we can't contact them until 8:30 tomorrow! So p*ssed off!!!!!!!!!!

Sunbliss - I think I've had a touch of PMT compounded by the stress of dealing with my parents estate. But last week when we got in the car I was having a very decent rant at DH about something - I was very annoyed with him...anyway, there was a lull in my storm and Jake pipes up from the backseat "What was that all about?"...it was very funny. He's never given us a moment like that before, but it definitely snapped me out of my crzy mood.

The other exciting news is I put some pear in one of those net thingys for Ella to suck on and she loved it. I gave it to her at lunch and the rest at dinner - so she has eaten an entire pear today! I am in shock, plus she had some yoghurt for my MIL, which she has always screwed her face up when I gave it to her. Fingers crossed it's not a one off day for her.

Forosco- I can't believe Jesse is 11kg, Ella has only just hit 8kg!

Hidden Jewel - my boys play in the whole house as well. My house is in a constant state of "Bombsite" But Ella just loves following them around and so I think she will be the same. Whenever she gets a chance she is off down the hallway to their room. I just love how much she loves them - her face just lights up when she sees them and she giggles and giggles at them.

#61 Summerlover

Posted 29 June 2011 - 10:50 AM

Hello girls

At home today - decided to keep Isla home and get her better as she has been sick now for 3 weeks constantly but is getting quite a few teeth (3) in that time so her defenses are down but I caught her rotten cold this week and it floored me so took DD1 to daycare and its just us today as Isla just doesn't sleep well at daycare with all the constant disruptions where as her she has been asleep since 8.30am and still snoozing at 10.30am.  I have managed to get a lot done around the house and feel good about it.  Want to sort out the girls clothes too but I can do that when she wakes up as she will enjoy all the rummaging.

Occbee - bugger about the money transferred incorrectly.  Great news about Ella eating the pear and yoghurt - onwards and upwards.

Hidden Jewel - yes Isla roams everywhere.  I like the exploring as our house is pretty kid friendly - if Yas goes to her room to play she follows her there too.  Yasmin used to do that too but we would always find her in the kitchen cupboards and sitting in drawers etc (we had those big drawers in our kitchen in our old place - its so cute.  Isla has been crawling and pulling herself up for a while now she is a baby on a mission to get somewhere!!!  she walks along all the furniture and has a walker pram and held on to that yesterday and walked it around the place - she is very proud of herself trying to keep up with her big sister.

Ally glad all going well with the op - Alex is such a cutie, how is the staying clear of dairy going??  I hate not being able to grab yoghurt and cheese for Isla - its hard to think what I can give her sometimes as everything has milk proteins in it these days.

WA you must be on the go constantly with DH away - yes the terrible 2's hit with Yasmin last year.  She is 3 now but we still have our moments but not so many tantrums.  I introduced the 'naughty step' again after watching supernanny one morning and man has it made a difference to her attitude - I just have to mention the naughty step and she behaves most times LOL.  They know more than we think.

Forosco - yep its hit and miss in this house with those 5.30am wake up calls.  I always put her back to bed after a drink and change of nappy and sometimes she will go back to sleep and other times not but she always starts crying and rubbing her eyes at 8.30-9am and goes back to bed.  This morning she woke at 6.45am and still started crying at 8.45 for her morning sleep which is being a loooooong one today!!!

Sunbliss - I was cacking my self laughing at you trying to settle H for a couple of hours and then over it going into and turning all the lights on and waking him and telling him its his turn!!! - oh god to I remember those days - its exhausting isn't it???  You poor thing I would be beside myself.  I had lots of moments with my first like that at teething times but Isla seems to be getting through the teething process a lot easier unless I thought that it was the teething waking Yasmin and it was her being cold or something???  Isla just sleeps away all night bless her and she has 3 teeth all in 3 weeks coming out.  

Speaking of the devil - she has finally woke so I should go and get her


#62 mibi

Posted 29 June 2011 - 10:54 PM

Woo HOo - I got my new car. I am a little embarrassed to be one of those city Mums that drives an SUV, but I love my new car and, more importantly, the kids fit!

#63 Allymeg69

Posted 30 June 2011 - 12:11 AM

Hi ladies,
Kylie, yay for the new car, so they sorted the money? Idiots.

Helen, hope Isla settles down soon. Teething really seems to affect them doesn't it? Alex was so off colour for a few days, although I think he also had a bit of a tummy bug (which seems to have gone around us all again!) and he does also have an ear infection - but tooth number 1 is officially through! It only took 9 months and 1 day! Re the dairy, we've just not given him any yoghurt for nearly a week now, and the only chuck he has had was a tiny one yesterday. Now he is getting over his little illness I might try a yoghurt in the next day or two and see what happens. He is having a poo test done due to the recent illness too, so that might tell us something too.

HiddenJewel - I think I was very lucky that Alex took to childcare really easily, he started right on 6 months and he loves it, no problems going to any of the ladies there, loves the food and the interaction. So any anxiety I might have had went really quickly because he was so good.

Ooh battery is about to die, will come back tomorrow

#64 wingless_angel

Posted 30 June 2011 - 06:26 AM

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been MIA but so busy with DH gone he gets back tomorrow. I did do a huge post the other day on my phone but I got a call when I was just about to post and when I went back to it my phone refreshed itself and I lost it all. I need to keep this short and sweet I have so much to do today before DH gets back. I took Claire to the paed yesterday and have a couple of things underway for her now she is off to see a speech therapist, OT and is to see a developmental paed. She is showing some autism traits I am not convinced but we need to look at why she does what she does my paed agrees somethings are out of the normal realm of a 2yr old. Helen we are just about to start time out he went through that with me yesterday so that is about to start in full force.

I am really struggling with Zara I dont know what is wrong with her. She has reverted back to the newborn colic stage. Most nights she is up screaming and back arching for hours I normally get her to sleep about 1am she is in so much pain it is horrible it is like when Claire had her severe reflux. Her belly is very distended it is like she has a basketball in her belly. My paed looked at her yesterday and sent us for xrays nothing really showed except a lot of gas. She is going to the toilet about every 2 days so she isnt loaded anymore and the xray didnt pick up on any major poo sitting in there. He thinks it is some sort of food allergy she is not on dairy hasnt been for about 1mth so he wants me to cut the fruit out. I dont think that is it she has been eating fruit for a long time with no problems but I guess it is a process of elimination. I feel so sorry for her she must be in a lot of pain because Zara does not really show signs of pain. Good news is though she now weighs 6.8kg. Here are some pictures of her belly has anyone seen anything like this before any suggestions.



Sorry about the quality they were taken late at night on my phone. Any suggestions I am lost. It is basically always like this it goes down a little overnight but not much it also is larger on one side compared to the other. I almost took her to the hospital 2 days ago she was in so much pain but dont know what they could do for her. I am also thinking about posting in the allergy section to see if they could come up with suggestions. Of course I will follow what my paed says but I think he is a bit of track with the fruit theory. Better go so much to do. Hope everyone has a great day.

Occbee so glad you got the money situation sorted and have your new car.

#65 wingless_angel

Posted 30 June 2011 - 06:27 AM

Here is another one that they wouldnt let me post on my other post



#66 Summerlover

Posted 30 June 2011 - 08:02 PM

oh we are in the throws of teething pain - Isla is just so clingy, she is literally crying and following me everywhere and when finding me (usually in the kitchen) she will pull herself up and swing off my trousers until I pick her up - very frustrating seeing her like this.

WA oh I don't know how to help you with Zara and her tum, poor little thing but yes if its just showing gas on the xrays then perhaps it is just a type of food that she is reacting to?  Have you tried her on anything different lately??  Im still too scared to try Isla on anything that she could react to like Soy etc as much as I would loooove to give her more variety or give her soy milk or a soy yoghurt Im just not ready.  I remember a friend of mine used to get a tum like Zaras and she couldn't get a lot of answers and it would last for a week or so and then just disappear.  Good to hear she is still pooing regularly as thats a good sign - maybe her tum is just so shocked at how full it is with all the formula going in??
As for Claire - yes try the naughty corner/step or whatever it is you are going to use as Yasmin was very very naughty too - I was so shocked sometimes at her behaviour that used to come out.  Claire may also be reacting to her sister getting all the attention too as this was a big problem (and still is mind you) with Yasmin but Yasmin is a bit older now and rather than having tantrums etc about it will just whinge in my face to cuddle her or give her attention while Isla is on my lap or feed her when she can see Im feeding Isla or pick her up when she can see Im carrying Isla - she very much constantly wants my attention but when Isla first came home and had all her probs for 5mths Yasmin was just so naughty to get attention.
Hope I've been helpful - sorry for the ranting.  You must be excited to have DH coming home.

Occbee - YAY to the new car, enjoy!!

Ally - good luck with the tests, the poo samples will give you a load of info to go on.

We will trudged out as a family today to get our passport photos done as we have our interviews to get our passports next Thursday.  I had explained to Yas that she couldn't smile and had to look straight ahead and keep her mouth closed and she did well, got her in 2 or 3 shots but man was it hard getting a shot of Isla with her mouth closed LOL - well we got there finally but honestly what a bloody farce, thank goodness its for 5years, couldn't go through that again.

So both kids are fast alseep - Yasmin even asked to go to bed tonight at 6.50pm mind you!!! so I have done the online food ordering and about to watch a movie.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

#67 laridae

Posted 30 June 2011 - 09:43 PM

WA - maybe it might be wheat or gluten?  What do you feed her?

#68 forosoco

Posted 01 July 2011 - 07:28 AM

well i had the BEST day yesterday with jesse. it was our first day together without DH or DD since i went back to work. he was in such a good mood all day and i think he was very happy to be getting all the attention. he was singing and laughing and was so funny and cuddly. it was a day i REALLY needed and i felt so much better afterwards. i've been feeling a bit stressed lately so it was good to just spend some one on one time with my beautiful little boy. and i'm going to have 2 days of that every week now! we didn't even do anything that exciting yesterday, just went to a friend's house and then did some shopping. i was planning on doing some housework but didn't get around to it because i was enjoying playing with jesse so much.

#69 Allymeg69

Posted 01 July 2011 - 06:33 PM

Hi everyone, it took me a bit longer to get back here than I thought.

Wingless, not that I have any personal knowledge of it but my immediate thought was also a gluten/wheat problem - I have seen a lady here on EB with a sig of her little girl showing a big tummy just the same, she turned out to have celiac (sp?) disease which is gluten intolerance.

Forosoco that sounds like a lovely day with Jesse, glad you enjoyed it so much. It is lovely having that sort of time with the little ones, we had Alex home this week apart from today because he wasn't really well (although he improved a lot during the week), and my parents were also here so they wanted to have time with him, and even though I had to be careful about doing things with him with my stitches etc, it was lovely to be with him.

DH went off on a fishing charter trip today, a birthday present, so DSD stayed with me and helped me get Alex to creche, then we went to the movies and saw "Mr Popper's Penguins", which was pretty cute (if a bit predictable) and I am not normally a Jim Carey fan. Then we had lunch and did some shopping, I resisted buying any more clothes for Alex from the Pumpkin Patch sale but did buy Samantha an outfit - she is 11 but she still wears size 8 or so, she's tiny, but we found a lovely skirt, top and matching shoes.

It is "Territory Day" here today, the day on which the NT was granted self-government, but more importantly it is Cracker Night! They're already going off everywhere and it isn't even dark. I bought a small pack, will be interesting to see how Alex likes the noise and the sparklers. He is sleeping through it all at the moment.

Got my folks back off to Sydney yesterday, and my best friend and her husband are coming up from Sydney tonight, for a few days visit which will be nice. I am not going back to work until Wednesday, a bit more time to rest and recover.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

#70 mibi

Posted 01 July 2011 - 07:05 PM

WA - I was thinking coeliac/gluten intolerance too - I had a girlfriend who has it and wasn't diagnosed until a couple of years ago, but looking back her Mum, who is a nurse, has been able to pinpoint signs right back to baby stage and i am pretty sure a bloated tummy and colic pain was one.  Poor thing - she does look extremely bloated.

We are off the the drivein tonight - taking the boys to see Cars2 - in the new car, off course.

AllyMeg - cracker night - wow! I didn't know they were legal anymore! if I tell my DH he'll be moving to NT. We often have some crackers on NYE and lament not having cracker night anymore....that is until they start misfiring and everyone is dicking for cover.

#71 HiddenJewel

Posted 01 July 2011 - 10:54 PM

Occbee - I have a Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder. We call ours the sucky chewy thing! lol I have actually had ours since Bailey was learning solids back in 2007! BEST thing I ever bought. biggrin.gif I put everything and anything in ours but the worst is cleaning them! lol

Summerlover - I laughed when i read about finding DD in the kitchen drawers!!! Did you take photos of her?

WA - oooohhhhh poor bubba. I don'tnow what to suggest. I do have a friend whos little boy (well he is 2 now) has an allergy to dairy. The other week they were a little lax about it and the poor boy wound up with a gut infection and basically had to be taken off everything plus was on very strong anti-b's. Thye had to 'reset' his stomach like that of a NB. They then have to gradually start him back on diff foods and avoid dairy of course. That is the closest thing I can think off. Have you bought Brauers Stomach Calm??

Oh dear, just saw the time. Can't keep having these late nights. Eeeeekkkkk.

Take it easy and have a tops weekend!!! :-)

#72 Summerlover

Posted 02 July 2011 - 07:56 AM

Hiddenjewel - yes have loads of photos of her in drawers, in boxes, in plastic toy boxes - you name it and she found a way to crawl and climb into it LOL

Well Isla is waking up in the morning not wanting her bottle - she perhaps takes about 60mls maybe out of thirst and then not wanting any more until about 8ish so perhaps this is her dropping a bottle.  So I just feed her porridge around 7.30am and then her bottle before she heads back to bed.  Its feeling a bit weird but I suppose she is 10mths old next week.
Another amazing thing has been happening too - when she has her last bottle before bed at night she pushes right back into my arms like a 'normal' baby trying to go to sleep in my arms with her bottle.  Those of you who know about reflux in babies - she has NEVER been able to drink her milk laying at any angle backwards and always drank with her back against my tummy sitting upright in my lap so I am thinking perhaps her reflux is getting better??? oh fingers crossed it would be lovely to wean her completely off her losec but she is only on a small does now.  Its soooooo lovely having that little baby (even though she is not so little anymore) cradling in my arms before bed everynight so I can see her face getting sleepy and enjoying that last bottle - I have missed having that with her.

Yasmin is still walking flat on her feet - its so lovely to see.  When we all went out to the shopping centre for our passports photos no-one looked at her - she was 'normal' lol.  Everyone used to look at her walking on her toes before.  She is still a bit weak as she has to build up the muscles with walking that way but she will get there over time - just to see her walking normally is so good for her.  Man her toes must have been killing her - the physio said she was the highest toe walker she has ever seen and she hasn't seen Yas out of her plasters yet as she is on her honeymoon and I think she will be amazed at how well she has adapted.

Ok Im rambling enough - nice and cool in Cairns and I've been enjoying long trousers etc for a week now and yesterday a full day with shoes and socks on.  Its great, my feet are softening up again LOL but Im a bit chilly this morning

Have a lovely weekend everyone

WA hope you got some answers but perhaps it is wheat intolerance??? Isla's tummy never went like that being Dairy Intolerant - she just had pain in her digestion with Dairy.


#73 wingless_angel

Posted 03 July 2011 - 07:47 PM

Hi everyone hope you have all had a great weekend. Just quickly jumping on the computer while DD1 is in the shower trying to get a turn on my computer is almost impossible. My iphone is not allowing me to post which is very annoying. DH is back and suffering horrible jet lag so any opportunity to sleep he is. We ended up taking Zara up to the childrens hospital yesterday DH freaked out when he came home and saw her belly which was a bit bigger than when I took the photos. We spend 16hrs there yesterday and really have no answers yet. They did more xrays, blood tests ect the xray was still the same heaps of gas and bloods were fairly good except it showed she does have some inflamation somewhere in her body. They have told us to do basically what HiddenJewels friend had to do and roll back the solids. She can still eat but it is restricted to basically just meat and vegies. We have taken her of all breads, fruit, soy, dairy and rice. The only new things we can work out she has had is she has been eating the crusts of Claire's toast and she has started eating those Heinz rice cake things which she loves as she cant have rusks anymore. They said it is more than likely wheat/gluten so thanks everyone.

In three weeks we will start to reintroduce foods one at a time to see which one gives us a reaction. A dietitian will hopefully be in contact with us tomorrow so we can work out a diet for her it is so hard to give her solids when she can hardly have anything. They want to eventually test for celiac(?) disease but to do that she we need to load her with wheat and gluten otherwise the test will be negative I am dreading it. If that is what the problem is I dont really want to give her something that will potentially make her sick again but we are going to have to. Oh dear speak of the devil 20min sleep and she is screaming the house down again better go and prepare myself for another night of screaming. Hope everyone had a great weekend be back soon.

#74 mibi

Posted 03 July 2011 - 08:52 PM

WA - Zara really like to "spice" things up, doesn't she? She never lets you rest on your laurels (?sp). Hopefully you soon see a difference in her with the elimination diet.

SL - that's so good that Yasmin's staying on her feet.

We had a nice weekend - just normal sort of busy weekend- and the good thing is Ella is still being good with solids - tonight she even seemed hungry for some and was very insistent that she had something while we had dinner. I think I've worked out she actually prefers stronger tasting food, rather than bland baby food. Bolognaise went down ok, blueberry yoghurt was a definite winner. Yay!

#75 Sares83

Posted 04 July 2011 - 01:56 PM

sorry I have been MIA guys, ended up in hospital AGAIN on Wednesday but it was bad this time. I had a low calcium seizure but it was so frightening cos I was home alone and couldn;t remember anything. I called my parents and they tell me they are in Tasmania but I didn;t remember them going. I was in tears and had no idea what was going on. Lucky DH came home and took me to the hospital. Gotta get more bloods done tomorrow but hopefully it is looking better.

So Patrick is (finally) teething and what a grump! He just screams, won't eat, won't have his dummy and won't let you touch his mouth. Mum had to have him last night after no sleep for 2 nights and Ihad to work today. Hopefully this doesn;t take too much longer sad.gif

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