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#76 mibi

Posted 05 July 2011 - 09:47 PM

oh Sares - I hope your both ok (I saw your other post about patrick and his rash). It must've been scary for you.

#77 Summerlover

Posted 06 July 2011 - 06:54 PM

Hi girls

Sares - oh no poor you guys, not nice to be sick in any shape or form.  Hope you are both on the mend.

Occbee - great Ella is really enjoying her food now, they all come around in the end don't they?? I mean I have never met a kid that doesn't eat solids!!!

WA glad you got to what the problem is, now just to find whats causing it.  Its hard having to be picky about solids when you have other kids.  Isla is for ever trying to steal Yas's food and I feel guilty eating my porridge in front of her as she always wants what we have but can't if it has dairy in it!!

Sunbliss was it you that recommended the Orgran pancakes?? I got them and so far going well.  She prefer the ones with fruit in them and so did my 3 year old.  I got a few other things to from the range like the falafels and dairy free cake etc - it all helps with (quick type food) as if its not a sandwich or fruit I have to basically cook everything. Thanks for the tip.

How is everyone else doing?

Well Yas continues to improve the strength in her ankle/leg and walking a lot better now so I am sure it will only continue to get better.  Its so nice to have her in shoes all the time and seeing her walking normally.  I even thought today that she could perhaps start coming for a little walk with me to take our dog out for a bit of fresh air for 15mins to the park down the road while Isla is sleeping and DH home - will be nice to do something alone with her as she is still very jealous of Isla sometimes.

Isla is ok - although the burst in to tears when she saw us all go to pick her up tonight.  She didn't get a lot of sleep and was very emotional poor thing but Yasmin had her last day at her daycare centre and will start at Isla's centre on the same days from Monday - its easier getting to work and not rushing so much and then if either of them are unsettled the carers can take them to see one another which will be comforting for them.  Isla is just starting to get over her cold that she has had for about 5 weeks now  rolleyes.gif  but Im used to it - Yas was constantly sick at her age and she seems to breeze over any cold going around this house now.  I caught Isla's last stinking cold and Im only just shaking it after 1.5wks.

Oh well best go and spend some time with Yas she is calling me.

Take care

#78 laridae

Posted 06 July 2011 - 08:53 PM

Helen - you could feed Isla porridge made with water not milk - thats what I do for Azaria as I'm pretty sure she's dairy intolerant also.  Its doesn't really agree with me either so I don't have much dairy myself - but whenever I did she would get stomach pain when she was younger, and I stopped them giving her yoghurt at daycare as she started getting diareah when they introduced it, but it cleared up a few days after they stopped.  I actully find porridge tastes better without milk (its what we have for breakfast around here).

#79 Summerlover

Posted 07 July 2011 - 07:20 AM

Thanks Laridae - yes she pretty much has porridge every morning, I make it with rice milk and then add some of those raffertys or heinz packet fruit mix to jazz it up a bit.  She generally eats it all up but im sure she gets a bit bored with it.  Yesterday i sent her to daycare with a weetbix with the same a bit of rice milk and fruit but she had a really bad day a daycare and im wondering if the weetbix perhaps didn't agree with her.  I need her to be right today and tomorrow but I might perhaps try her on weetbix again at home.  Are weetbix ok at this age?  Perhaps the wheat for her didnt agree as I remember at one of my hospital appts they mentioned to perhaps leave weetbix until closer to 12mths old as they find the wheat hard to digest but then wouldn't that be the same with sandwhiches which she has often??

Well Im on here this morning as Isla woke at 5.15am and wouldn't have a bar of going back to sleep and suprise suprise she was yawning at 7am so put her back to bed and she has crashed - wondering how long she will sleep?? perhaps just 45mins to an hour and then push towards having a midday sleep?  I don't care really but we have our passport interviews today at 2pm so perfect day for her to just shake things about hey!!! rolleyes.gif  

Honestly I would so prefer if Isla could just push her sleep to the one middle of the day sleep - life becomes a whole lot easier with just 1 sleep to worry about.

How is everyone else doing?  

WA when is Zaras birthday?  must be soon


#80 Allymeg69

Posted 07 July 2011 - 01:17 PM

Hi everyone,

Helen, I've been giving Alex weetbix every now and then for a couple of months, not every day but maybe once or twice a week (he doesn't always have breakfast at home because they get morning tea at creche between 8.30 and 9am, so often his morning bottle is enough before he goes). I use 1 biscuit with 60ml of formula plus some fruit puree (this morning he was lucky enough to have chopped banana, our home-grown lady fingers have ripened!). We haven't had any problems.

Sares, having a bub who has just endured his most serious bout of teething (which did finally result in not one but 2 teeth!) I sympathise! Hope it doesn't last too long. I hope you are on the mend too, sounds like a scary thing.

Occbee, that is good that Ella is getting the hang of solids. Alex loves strong flavours, he tucked into some of a spanish tuna pasta bake I did the other night, and was banging the high-chair demanding more!
Oh, and crackers, yes they're great in some ways, I love watching them, always loved them, but they send the animals crazy, and we have people letting them off for weeks afterwards when they shouldn't.

Wingless, I hope the elimination process provides the answers, what a nuisance!

AFU - it hasn't been the greatest few days. We had to have our 13yr old Jack Russell, Missy, put to sleep on Tuesday, she started having terrible choking fits, I think she was basically drowing in the fluid in her lungs (a result of progressive heart failure), and couldn't lie down or sleep. We nearly lost her early on Tuesday morning, and that fit caused her to lose the sight in one eye and about half in the other, probably a result of some hypoxic brain damage, so when she had the third fit in 12 hours we knew it was time to take her out of pain. The kids were naturally very upset, as were we and DH's ex-wife. Even Alex seems to know she's gone, I see him looking around for her when he is near the dog-door. Such a pity she didn't make it to be a "mum" to our new puppy who is coming from MIL in a few weeks, but our little "Tricky" will be a wonderful new addition to the family, she won't replace Missy but it will help to have a new dog around.

I think I overdid things a bit over the weekend, my arm got quite sore and I had a huge fluid build-up under the arm, the body hasn't started dealing with the excess lymph fluid yet, I went to the doctor yesterday and had about half a litre drawn out, I can feel it filling up again and am booked to see him again on Saturday to have it done again if necessary. My work is thankfully very understanding, I had my first day back yesterday but was basically told to go home early afternoon and rest, which I did, and I slept in and didn't come in until late today.

My pathology results aren't great, 2 of the 16 lymph nodes removed had microscopic melanoma cells (so that is 3 of 18 in total removed), my doctor is just seeking some clarification from the pathologist as to just what amount of cells were there before we discuss any next steps. Grrrr!!

Better go and try to do some work, 10 days away leads to a large pile.

#81 HiddenJewel

Posted 08 July 2011 - 09:53 PM

Hi ladies,

Did any of you watch The Human Body show this week? I only saw the last 30 mins but I did see the part where they were talaking about a baby not taking a step forward etc when standing because their little brain has not made the connection with their feet yet. This kinda blew me away. I was aware that they need to learn to step, walk etc but never thought of it as a 'brain' thing iykwim. I always thought of it as more of a physical thing. Kinda makes me look dumb hey!?!

Now when Alannah stands up (I help her stand), I no longer try to get her to take a step forward. All in good time.

Anyways, I found it so intriguing and i might try and track down a copy of the dvd when it is released.

Sorry to hear some of you are having pesky teething problems and missing out on precious sleep. I hope things chnage for you soon. It must hurt them so much and no wonder we don't remember ourselves going through the same thing!

I think Alannah is starting on tooth 9 & 10 as the drooling has started ad I can see little bumps starting to form. She is happy enough though. Lets hope it stays like that.

Group Q - Alannah has started crying out in her sleep atleast once a night now. Not just a sob or a wimper, but a real full on howling cry. Some nights she is easy to resettle and other nights it might take a while. Cuddles def needed on those nights.
Anyone else having the same experieince?

Have a great weekend!

#82 forosoco

Posted 09 July 2011 - 05:41 AM

just a quick one today to check in and say hi. can't believe all the stuff everyone seems to be going through, i think we all just need a good break!

jesse is doing well even though he's now well over 10 months and shows no signs of crawling or anything! i thought DD was late with everything but he's even later. oh well.

DH is away for 2 weeks - we've survived the first week of it but only just. all 3 of us are sick, which means the kids have been coughing at night and waking each other up, resulting in jesse sleeping in my bed a bit. last night he slept in the playroom in his portacot because i was in desperate need of a proper sleep, but then DD woke up twice with nightmares anyway. all in all i think i was up about 5 times last night, then up for the day at 5am which is jesse's normal wake up time. not looking forward to this weekend - no daycare and no plans, so just me and the kids together all day long. we're going to see my parents today for a bit so that they can't help out a bit. my mum asked if we'd like to go to the park for a picnic or something but because of DD's asthma flaring up from her cold/cough, that's not a good idea. so we'll just be hanging out at their house. DH gets back next saturday night while i'm at my best friend's 30th, so i can't even see him when he gets home! my mum will be babysitting. i feel bad but i think i might try to leave the 30th a bit early to go see DH. well my friend knows i've been sick, so maybe i'll use that as an excuse! i'll be seeing her the next day anyway.

#83 wingless_angel

Posted 09 July 2011 - 06:33 AM

forosoco hope the kids start feeling better soon so you can have a bit of a break or at least get some sleep. It is hard when your partner is away my DH just got back from 2wks in Europe and has another couple of trips coming up yuck.

HiddenJewel I am probably no help but I normally give Zara a feed if she wakes up like that. I find it the quickest way to get them back to sleep.

Allymeg69 I have everything crossed for you that you dont need any further treatment. Have they said what might be next if you do need more treatment? If there is anything we can do just let us know. Make sure you dont over do things and you are resting when you can.

Helen so pleased to hear that Yasmin is doing so well with her walking. It is Zaras birthday on the 29th July cant believe it has almost been 12mths.

occbee pleased to hear that Ella is doing well with her solids. Yes Zara does like to spice things up for us. I wonder sometimes if things will ever be normal again but I think for some reason this is now our new normal lol.

sares83 hope you and Pat are feeling better now.

Well I am another one with sick kids at the moment both Claire and Zara have had nasty colds. Claire sounds like she is coughing up her left lung most days and Zara has a ear infection which of course has set of a run of seizures. She has started antibiotics but she is still holding her ear and crying most of the time the poor little thing. Her belly has gone down now so something we have eliminated is causing the issues so now we just need to work out what is causing it. I am STILL waiting to see the dietitian so it has been hard trying to work out what she can eat. I hopefully will be able to see them this week.

It is Zaras birthday on the 29th and I found out during the week that DH is going away again and wont be here for her birthday. I am upset about it but not much I can do he needs to work. I dont have anything planned yet I dont even have her present and have no idea what to get her. Any ideas anyone? She cant even have a piece of birthday cake but I am sure mummy will eat her piece lol. I cant believe it has almost been 12mths since she arrived she has certainly kept us busy.

Has anyone heard from Surf cec I think about her and Olivia often and wonder how they are doing and how physio is going.

Anyway better go I can hear the Claire starting to wake up. Have a great weekend everyone.

#84 mibi

Posted 09 July 2011 - 10:30 PM

Ally - sorry to her about your JRT - we lost our two Jack Rascals about 12mths apart. Beechley was only 6 but she had 3 ruptured discs in her back and became paralysed in  Sept 09 and then Occy got sick quite suddenly just 3 weeks after Mum died last year, he was 11. It really is quite devastating - they were out first babies. We got our 2 new JRTs in May and they are very cute but I haven't bonded with them like I did Occy and Beechley. I'm sure your new pup will be a delight to have in the family. I'm sorry too about your path results - not the best result, but there is nothing like a positive frame of mind and I am sure you will beat this thing.

HiddenJewel - I'm another that also feeds when they wake during the night.  I just find it the quickest way to get back to bed.

AFU - well I have a had worrying 24hrs. Yesterday I was at the shops with all 3 kids and had to go to the loo, so I went to the parents room and Riley went in the kiddie toilet while I was in there and I looked over as he started to wee and was shocked to see his wee was dark brown. I tried to get him to drink heaps of fluids over the next few hours to see what was going on and when he went again his wee was red. It didn't hurt him to wee and he was completely fine in himself. I ummed and ahhed about taking him to the children's hospital but in the end I put him to bed and took him to my GP this morning, as the wee in his drinites were still bloodstained.  And whilst I knew his wee was quite bloodstained I was shocked when we collected a sample for the GP - it was almot the colour of redwine! So we were sent off for an emergency ultrasound which came back clear and they took some blood tests (don't have those results yet) but they are thinking that a virus has caused his kidneys to become inflamed. Poor little kid though - the woman that took the blood wasn't that great and had to have a couple of goes in each arm - Riley and I were both in tears. His wee is still quite bloodstained and I have to take hom to the hospital if his condition deteriorates at all.  I am just so lucky that I saw his wee, because he is quite independent with his toiletting, so I don't know if he would've told me if I hadn't seen it.

#85 Summerlover

Posted 10 July 2011 - 08:57 AM

Occbee how bloody scary for you all - just seeing blood anything makes you think the worst doesn't it but especially in a childs wee.  Poor little thing at least it wasn't hurting.  Hope he makes a very quick recovery and you get to the bottom of it.

WA wow 29th of July is Zara's birthday - a couple of weeks away.  Thats sad that your DH won't be there for it and Im sure he is devastated too but I suppose he does have a job to support the family especially when you have so much on your plate and couldn't possibly contemplate work and Im sure when Zara is older she will realise that her parents had to do what was best to support her and her sister.  You must have so much on your plate - Im sure you will eat her slice of cake.  I looked on the internet and there is a dairy and egg free cake I may use the recipe for for Isla's birthday so she can have it and everyone else can have her cake too.  

Ally  sad.gif oh its the worse thing in a families life to lose their pet, Im sure Alex does realise he is missing but he will soon forget.  We have a pic on our wall of all of us and our Pug Bonnie who we had to give away and was a big part of Yas's 2 years of life and when she gets to Bonnies photo she says 'who's that?' LOL - she doesn't remember her after all the havoc she caused chasing her around the place trying to grab at her!!!

Forosco - I think if you be honest with your friend she will understand, you want to see your husband!!  She will be over the moon that you even came to the party for a bit before going to see him.  Just bad timing hey but as you said you can say you will be seeing her the next day too and spend quality time with her where as if you hung around the party she would be with loads of other people.  I think people understand when the truth is told and if they don't then are they really 'good' friends in the first place??  

Hiddenjewel interesting about that program and babies walking.  so how do they know to walk side ways along furniture if they haven't connected their feet??  Isla will grab the pram that is hers as her toy walker with wide legs etc and she moves her feet as the walker pram rolls along and then it goes a tad too fast for her and she falls LOL.  Talking about screaming out - Isla did that the night before last but I didn't have to go in as she just fell back asleep.  It was like she was having a dream or something.

WA I have spoken to Surfcec on facebook just about Olivia's reflux as we have that in common in our babies and she said she is still on full dose of medication - she tried to wean like us but she kept waking again.  I forgot to ask about the physio I will send her a msg via facebook.  
Speaking of medication - just started weaning Isla again as I don't have much left and didn't want to buy a new supply if we don't need it.  So I figure she is on a low dose anyway so I have just stopped it - if she starts screaming again and not having any lengthy day sleeps I will get a new supply and start her immediately again but we go to Bali in 5 weeks and it would be nice not to have to worry about medication.

How are everyones babies doing with their milk intake??  Isla is not showing any signs of slowing down her drinking but lately she has been doing something weird and perhaps its teething but she is waking around 5.30-6am and having a full bottle now after last week when I thought she was reducing that bottle then 1.5hrs later I offer her porridge with fruit but she cries and refuses it - then she heads back to bed 2 or 3 hours later after waking and give me indications she wants more milk - she rolls around in her cot biting her dolly which has always been a sign she is hungry so I go in with 120-150mls and she always knocks back at least 120mls even more so Im at a loss.  Her first bottle is 180mls and she drinks the whole lot - I have offered more in the past but she usually refused it as Im sure she should be drinking about 240-260mls at this age wouldn't she???  Gosh 10mths along and this kid still baffles me with her intake of milk and food. FYI she will go on to drink a further 3 x 180ml bottles and will even have a top up at bed time!!!!
Any help/advice from anyone would be much appreciated.

Talk later

#86 Sunbliss

Posted 10 July 2011 - 03:00 PM

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted – how quickly has time gone? I went back to work full time on 1 July and it feels like our entire lives are different now. On my first day back I was out of the house from 8am until 7.30pm – the longest I had been apart from Hazel and by the time I got back I was exhausted. We then all came down with a cold that weekend that I was trying to shake off early the following week which didn’t help with settling into the new routine. It just seemed wrong to take a sick day on my second day back so I pressed ahead regardless. At the end of our first full week things are settling down. H seems very happy with our nanny and the important thing is that she is sleeping well at night and responding with smiles and energy when the nanny arrives in the morning so I am able to leave each morning almost guilt free. I’m even able to do some of the old things I used to do pre-baby like go shopping in my lunch hour and I finally had my man-legs dealt with by having a leg wax on Friday so starting to feel less earth-mother and more feminine.

Hazel is mainly sleeping well – however – she is still waking up for one or two feeds at night which I am finding increasingly tiring. At some point (probably next weekend) I think we are going to have to bite the bullet and teach her to re-settle her at night without food. Ideally she would have a big feed at 7am and 7pm with EBM or formula during the day – I’m expressing once a day at work. Is anyone else still feeding their bubs at night? (Aha – I’ve just caught up on reading – its seems a few of us are still offering feeds at night)

Otherwise, H seems to be growing fast now. She is a speed demon and ‘walks’ on all fours everywhere – i.e. no knees touching the ground - like Mowgli in the Jungle Book when he’s following the elephants. She’s also just started to pull herself up to standing – the incentive for learning was to get within fur pulling distance of our very tolerant and patient cat.

Sares – are you better now? That hospital visit sounds scary. I really hope you’re on the mend. I hope Patrick’s teeth are settling down – I assume that you have been using bonjella to help? Have you tried an amber bracelet (I hear mixed – including some very positive - things about them)?

Summerlover – I’m another one who doesn’t have milk with porridge – I add raisins, cinnamon and sunflower seeds to mine once its cooked and like it quite runny so don’t need to add milk. Hazel has just started to enjoy her Rafferty’s organic banana porridge (which I add half a mashed banana too – hang the expense – she loves them too much!). Hope the naps are working themselves out – we’re on the borderline here between 1 and 2 naps a day – it’s getting harder to squeeze the second one in – especially on weekends when we’re out and about so much. Re the milk question – I’m still BF and to be honest, H’s longest feeds are at night (twice – 15 minutes on each side so I imagine about 180ml per feed). She has a fairly good feed in the morning – but she is usually quick as if she is eager to get the day started. She has tended to have up to 150ml in total during the day of water or formula when I’m not there and then a quick 7pm feed. She seems meh about her 7am and 7pm feeds and on weekend not bothered about a daytime BF so I worry she is not getting enough fluids. Then she makes up for it all at night which is exhausting her mum. If she had a decent half hour morning and evening I would be happy with that (in addition to EBM or water during the day of a total of 200ml)

Ally – how terribly sad about Missy – it is just devastating to lose a pet but it sounds like you did the right thing and kept her comfortable and she clearly would have had a wonderful life in your family. I hope you’re not overdoing it with work while you’re still recovering from the op. They sound pretty understanding so hopefully you’re making the most of it while you can.

Hidden Jewel – some at my mothers group have mentioned similar night crying. Maybe associated with them developing separation awareness and hence anxiety? I’m curious to see what others are experiencing too – and if they know the reasons why...

Forosco – wow – things sound full on at your place for the next week! I’ll bet you’re looking forward to seeing your DH again. I hope that you’re surviving the weekend. We’ve all been suffering from colds (and the cold) here too. We’ve had the humidifier/vaporiser thing going in Hazel’s room at night and in addition to keeping the air moist it helps keep the room warm too – though we have found that she wakes up more than normal when she’s under the weather (and I’m sure DH’s very loud coughing doesn’t help either to be honest – gggrrr).

WA – thank goodness Zara’s tummy has gone down at least. I assume you’re starting again with really basic foods like rice porridge, steamed pumpkin and sweet potato, i.e. really simple food, before you get to see the dietician? I remember them saying that rice porridge is one of the least allergenic (which is why it’s a starter food) – though it does also have that tendency to bung them up a bit I suppose. Birthdays already - Maybe you can make a small cake for her out of what she can eat – e.g. a pumpkin and vegetable stack with a candle on the top? Hope that the colds are getting better.

Occbee – what a shock you must have had with Riley – that sounds terrible. I hope that you get some answers soon and he’s on quickly on the mend.

OK – must go back to the chaos of trying to fit everything into our precious weekends. Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying their weekends.

#87 Sares83

Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:47 AM

sorry I have been MIA, well if it isn't one thing it is another!!! Pat has just got over hand foot and mouth and now he has an ear infection and tonsillitis! Argh! So we are back on antibiotics again. Hopefully this fixes it! I am so annoyed at MIL, she has been in DH's ear about how I take Pat to the dr too much! Hello! He is sick! What I am supposed to let him suffer!! I told DH that from now on I am trusting my instincts. Pat is such a good baby so if he is out of sorts then something is wrong and I am getting him checked rather than letting it go on for days.
BBL for personals

#88 mibi

Posted 11 July 2011 - 05:56 PM

We just got back from the doctor's and the good news is Riley's tests have so far all come back normal (or close to it) - so he's not in renal failure. But they still don't know why he is having so much blood in his urine. So we'll be off to a specialist in a couple of weeks. Also got to the Dr to have a look at Ella's ear because she keeps rubbing it and she has a mild ear infection, but no antibiotics or anything - we have to take Riley back on wednesday so she'll check Ella again.

Sares - poor Pat - you and he are having a rough trot!

Ran - Back to work - that will be me next week too. I hope Hazel's sleep improves for you - must be hard. I am hoping to get some time for a beauty treatment - I am looking like Mother Earth atm, and in desparate need of a haircut, but just have no time.

#89 forosoco

Posted 11 July 2011 - 09:44 PM

all these various medical issues are scary! it seems everyone is going through something. i feel grateful now that we all just have coughs/colds here!

i'm feeling a bit out of it this past week or so. for the most part the kids have been behaving pretty well, and i'm finding that without DH here i manage to just have a quick dinner once the kids are asleep and then try to get everything necessary done and be in bed much earlier than usual, which is fantastic. but the downside is that i haven't left myself much time for things like going on the internet a lot! so i feel a bit cut off from the rest of the world.

i have 2 days a week just with jesse now and i'm finding that i still need to take him out a lot, otherwise he tends to want me to hold his hands while he stands or hold him while he jumps up and down - he isn't happy to just play for a long time! my back is aching from all the holding! at least if we go out he sits happily in his stroller and i just have to walk and push. i wish he'd start crawling! actually i wish he was anywhere near walking if i'm wishing for things, although i know i have a long long wait for that!

what is everyone else doing with their little ones all day at the moment? i'd love to take jesse to the park but it's just been too cold lately. so basically our outings are either going to a friend's house or doing some shopping. not much variety!

#90 mibi

Posted 13 July 2011 - 12:06 AM

I just have to say that I really love my husband tonight - his sister sent us an email to tell us she is gay ( we already knew, but hadn't told her that we knew) and she sent a big explanation about how she had chickened out of telling us and also included pretty much her lifestory - which is quite tragic really and which she had kept to herself - she had a  heterosexual relationship that ended after a miscarriage, a couple of unhealthy gay relationships and finally after finding who she feels is her one true love her partner died of ovarian cancer just 6mths after they met and only 1mth after her gf told her about the cancer. She had told no one in her family about any of this. None of us knew about any of the relationships.

I think she had been unsure about telling us because DH and I are Christians but we practise the "love thy neighbour" first and foremost. After reading her story my DH broke down and cried - he just felt so sad that she had gone through so much on her own - which was exactly how I felt, but I didn't really expect him to react that way. And the message he sent back to his sister was beautiful - which is just not like him at all - he is not a communicator. I just love him.

Riley's wee is still bloody - back to the Dr tomorrow for another check up. And tongiht he is complaining of a sore ear again...his ear keeps getting sore 1 or 2 times a week, just for a day or so and since the Drs think his kidney problems could be a post-viral thing, I'm wondering if they are related.

One big step for us today - we have put Mum and Dad's house on the market. We are nearly through with all of their estate stuff.

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