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January 07 Parents # 540

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#1 Sandra

Posted 31 May 2011 - 04:06 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 31 May 2011 - 04:20 PM

Oh well, I'll start!

Mel, that sucks about J's sister.  Maybe your MIL put the hard word on her?  Or are they peas in a pod?

Well, appt today was frustrating.  He wanted me to get an x-ray, so I had to pop downstairs to the radiology place and bring the x-ray back up.  All fair enough - I'm glad he wanted one, because I was worried about a bit of necrotic bone or something.  BUT... when I came back up ten minutes later, he was seeing the next patient, and seeing them...and seeing them... Nearly an hour he was with that patient.  So I didn't get out of there till nearly 2pm (my appt was 12pm).  He flushed out around the area but couldn't get right in under the gum, so I have to go back next Tuesday (at 3pm, great appt time for a mother of school children!), for a local anaethetic and a dig around!  Woo freaking hoo!  (Oh, there was no necrotic bone.  Phew!)

Megan, I always find packing hard for that reason - with kids you often need to take everyday things that you need, well, every day!  Including up until the day you leave!!!  I hope you have a wonderful time, I am so jealous.  I always see the UK through my rose-coloured glasses - those fun days of having just one baby, portable enough to lunch in Soho with us...  I keep forgetting that 5 children lunching in Soho would be a different story!

#3 mokeydoke

Posted 01 June 2011 - 08:30 AM

Oh you're kidding Mel, that is disgusting behaviour from the SIL. Were the kids looking forward to the wedding? Those boys sound like fun, and proof that most kids grow out of the stages my kids are at Tounge1.gif

Oh Janet, that digging around in your mouth story just grosses me right out. I heaved! Maybe I need therapy for my dentist fears

Oh bbl. Annoying 2 yo

#4 mokeydoke

Posted 01 June 2011 - 07:36 PM

7 car hours and no posts all day!
Home again, finally. Killed about 1000 mice on the road and by the smell of things inside there have been a few casualties in here too.
So much to do tonight in order fir kids to get to school tomorrow, but once they've gone off I'll have five minutes of peace wink.gif

#5 Mulan

Posted 01 June 2011 - 08:11 PM

Mel sounds like you won't miss going to your SIL's wedding at all. How does J feel about it? We have been excluded from family events with IL's and none of us have missed anything and happier because of it as well it seems.

7 car hours feels so much longer Mandy doesn't it. Eww to the mice, I've been hearing stories about how bad the mice are this year. We had the traps go off again just after we got home. Our housesitter didn't notice anything though. Baits had been nibbled at though. So I'm hoping that the couple in the traps were the couple that nibbled at the baits first.

Decision time for our dog is coming very soon apparently. It all depends on how he responds to antibiotics over the next few days. His inability to walk very much at the moment is hopefully due to ear infections (throwing off his balance) as well as the arthritis which he has medication for anyway. The vet says it's all just week to week now. God it feels awful and I'm just not ready to make a decision at all.

Oh Janet I'm glad there is no necrotic bone. I really hope that the end to your pains is close.

Megan did you get further with the packing today?

#6 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 01 June 2011 - 10:21 PM

Mulan - yes I did! Mostly done now, just messing about with different Tetrus combos between suitcases and have to pick up a few more things (undies for me, maybe a pair of sandals, some waterproofing spray for shoes, a backpack for Caelan with a chest trap). Parcel mailed off today original.gif So sorry about your dog, it's sad sad.gif

Mandy you'll have to take up knitting to occupy your car time, you'd be in good company wink.gif We had a mouse outside our place again today, bloody Chester was playing with it. I wish he'd just catch & kill them but he persists in torturing the poor little things for hours. I managed to catch him & saw that this one must have been freshly aquired as it had hardly any saliva on it so shut Chester inside & let it go outside. Bloody big softy I am rolleyes.gif

It's Caelan's last day of daycare tomorrow, I've stopped it as we need to cut back on a few expenses & that $81/week for 1 day off will make a difference. I'll miss that day as it's a long one & much easier to get things done with only Carys but hey them's the breaks.

Better go & get Carys for a feed then off to bed waves.gif

#7 Mulan

Posted 01 June 2011 - 10:33 PM

Hey well done Megan. I ducked off to the shops tonight to buy more of the most comfortable bra I have ever worn and return a crappy one that lost it's wiring after only one wash.

Thanks for posting the parcel. DS has had no objection to making a charitable donation either. He thinks it was a great idea too.

I put a pic of our nephew on FB. He's so scrummy I can't wait for the next month when we will have another neice/nephew coming too and hopefully both will be home at about the same time.

roll2.gif Megan you do realise that letting a mouse out of the house it will just find a way straight back in?

I have training next week I am so incredibly excited about. I just have to get through one more work day first before I can be excited though

#8 lissiloo

Posted 01 June 2011 - 11:20 PM

Quick note from me -- Mulan, the key arrived, so thank you (arrived Monday, completely confused my parents as I forgot to tell them about it  rolleyes.gif ). And so sorry to hear about your dog, hope that he improves with the ABs.

OK, I have to get Ella's school clothes ready for tomorrow -- she has school photos so have to have time to make her look nice  rolleyes.gif


#9 cuddlymumof4

Posted 02 June 2011 - 09:19 AM

Megan: Yay getting close now. original.gif

Mulan: Sorry to hear about your dog, hope the meds help.

We are watching a friends little dog at the moment while they are on holidays in Cairns. The kids are loving it, i don't think they are going to want to give him back lol.

Not much else happening here just the normal busy days with school, playgroup & all the other Mummy duties. Though it is only 3 weeks till holidays are here again, feels like this term has gone so fast.

Have a great day all.


#10 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 02 June 2011 - 12:30 PM

Mulan the mouse was outside, Chester's caught 3 in the time we've been here. We haven't seen one inside yet wink.gif

I have nearly everything now except the new suitcase. I just keep changing my mind about which type I want. I need to ask myselk "what would Mel do?" laugh.gif

#11 Onemorebub

Posted 02 June 2011 - 01:51 PM

Very exciting Megan ! I bet you cant wait!

Mice - Yes it is a huge problem in the country they are the 'new' pest to crops as Locust were last year, Mice are completely eating whole paddocks it is again devastating for the farmers and we are grateful not to be involved this year however as Dh is an agronimist his job has been primarily about them! Just not our money they are eating so to speak!

Been to the library this morning, the park and to MIL so kids have been very spoilt, I have just cleaned up and am having a little break myself!
I am off to dinner with my dh and another couple tonight and to watch Hangover 2 my sister is babysitting so cant wait!

#12 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 02 June 2011 - 02:07 PM

Have fun Bon!

I meant to say earlier I braved the ALDI ski gear sale this morning & OMG  ohmy.gif  it was like the footage you see of the Boxing day sales in Sydney - craziness! There was a line up waiting for opening time then a stampede & it was almost impossible to get close to the stuff. Eventually I managed to get in & grab some thermals for Caelan & a snow suit for Carys for next year. I couldn't get near the kids ski gear, it was ridiculous!

And I took Carys for her second round of immunisations but struck red tape so favoured by the beauracracy. I had previously been informed at the Dr clinic that as they're performing immunisations earlier these days she could have the 2 month ones as early as 6 weeks & the 4 month ones a month later. So the first one was done 2nd May & she was booked in for today 2nd June so it could be done before we go O/S with a couple of days in between to watch for reactions. Turn up this morning & the Dr double checks with the immunisation people & no, if she was done today (which would be physically fine) she wouldn't be recognised as immunised. We have to go back when she's 12 weeks (which they accept as close enough to 3 months). Tomorrow. For real. rolleyes.gif

#13 casspice

Posted 02 June 2011 - 05:00 PM

Megan- ridiculous! What a waste of time...

Life is busy busy at the moment. I weighed Aliyah today. 6.8kg and 61cm long.
My hypnobanding is good so far. 3.1kg lost last week. Next weigh in tomorrow.

Sorry gotta run. At swimming lessons at the moment

#14 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 02 June 2011 - 05:52 PM

Brilliant Cass!!

OK, we have a suitcase. Now to get all the laundry up to date tomorrow so the final packing can be done & the house sorted.

Edited by ThatsNotMyName, 02 June 2011 - 05:53 PM.

#15 codex

Posted 02 June 2011 - 11:50 PM

Megan, I'm getting all nervous/excited for you, and I'm not the one going  laugh.gif .
Are you going to set up a blog?  Shall we set up a Megan's Travels thread in the SK for you?  I don't know if I can handle you going away for so long without regular updates and many, many photos.

Good job Cass!

Anna, I know, it's half way through the term here and it feel like it's going so much faster than last term.  Thank goodness.  The last one felt like forever and I love school holidays.

Mulan, how is your dog?  I'm hoping for good news.

Me:  I've started the long dreaded team sports thing for DD.  She's actually pretty good at hockey, but it (selfishly) takes that extra day away from other things.  I do like having an afternoon or so a week free to organise playdates etc.  Having said that I'm about to start DS in gymnastics tomorrow and when we finally get the piano up here they will be doing music too.  Apparently group lessons are cheaper  tongue.gif .

#16 mamaknits

Posted 03 June 2011 - 07:28 AM

Wow, Cassie! Great results so far!

Megan, do you leave tomorrow? Vaccinations today? Good luck!

Sleep study was ok i think. I am exhausted but Alex is fine. he slept through it all but I woke up everytime they came in to re-tape the leads attached to him. i never realised how much he fidgets and tosses and turns in his sleep. I don't think he woke up but he stirred a lot and kicked around a lot. Oh and he snored a lot too! It's like being in my own bed with his father! Tounge1.gif

#17 Naz32

Posted 03 June 2011 - 08:21 AM

Celia how long till you get your results? I can't imagine lily being all calm with those wires on her and just drop off to sleep. Good on Alex.

Megan have a wonderful trip. We will all miss you. I look forward to your updates.

Alinta did you get a bouncer? Did it help - I hope so. Or just daddy's arms were enough lol.

Mandy your mice plague is gross!!

So here we are in Forster. Thank you for all your comments and messages. It was a sad day but I'm glad we are getting on with things. Kids all travelled OK and slept till 6ish so not too bad. I'm going to muss my lively bed though - this one is a little firm even with an overlay on it. It's a lovely day so hopefully can get kids to park for a run after Simons sleep. Gav has today off so we can spend the afternoon unpacking and getting organized. We have finally exchanged contracts on the shop. Hooray. Just sorting finance and pharmacy approval numbers now. Looking at either 1st or 14 July takeover. Still not sure if Gavs going blooms or Priceline but it's ours either way original.gif

Simon has disappeared. Bbl.

#18 cuddlymumof4

Posted 03 June 2011 - 12:16 PM

Cass: Congrats on the weight loss, well done.

Megan: Have an excellent holiday.

Celia: Glad Alex went ok with the sleep study.

Naz: YAY on things finally going somewhere for you guys. Good luck with it all.

#19 mokeydoke

Posted 03 June 2011 - 12:58 PM

laughing2.gif I don't need to know about your previous lively bed Naz wink.gif

Very jealous if your travels Megan. Have a fantastic time. Hope the kids have a good flight/s.

We found another dead mouse in the mechanics of the fridge so now it's gone the smell is much nicer.

Good on Alex sleeping with things attached. Did they attach them after he was asleep?

I've got another mopping to do before pick up so I'd better go.

#20 Onemorebub

Posted 03 June 2011 - 02:01 PM

Girls I need advice on our new page I'm not sure what its called now its not fb! please!!

#21 mamaknits

Posted 03 June 2011 - 02:10 PM

Naz - it's the nurses who should take the credit. They made it fun for him. The rooms were all "themed" He got the space room. He was thrilled to get his space breathing tube (up his nose - blergh) and the leads for controlling his space shuttle with his mind wink.gif All the best with the pharmacy. Looks like you guys are moving along well original.gif

Amanda - Nope, while he was awake but the re-attaching done while he was asleep. I have piccies. Will post on FB later original.gif

#22 Naz32

Posted 03 June 2011 - 02:37 PM

Ah-hmm correction thankyou Mandy - I will miss my lovely bed lol.

#23 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 03 June 2011 - 04:00 PM

Celia that's so cool it was themed like that @ Alex was able to see it as fun  biggrin.gif

Codex I'm probably not going to blog it, I certainly won't commit to but I'll see if I can manage something  original.gif  I will check in from time to time though as I'll be missing you girls.

#24 mokeydoke

Posted 03 June 2011 - 07:10 PM

Curtis is driving me mental. He thinks everything is his, and heaven help anyone who gets in his way of doing what he wants. He made 3 kids cry at playgroup today, and he's attacking Kimbal as I type (so far, Kimbal is laughing). His vocab includes, along with the Í hate you!' of last month, 'you're stupid' and 'you're poo'. Ugh. No one else speaks like that, and never did, so I have no idea where all this has come from.
Although Lu has a bit of a thing for toilet humour lately and can even spell and write poo and wee rolleyes.gif

#25 azalia

Posted 03 June 2011 - 08:14 PM

Naz - So glad you made it there safe!! Enjoy your new home!!!

Megan - ENJOY!!!! Hope you have a fabulous trip, and enjoy all the countryside!!!

Just running out the door, best friends engagement party tonight, whilst Im thrilled for her, so not what I feel like doing right now, head is thumping from the day Ive had (see delightful facebook photo wink.gif ) and lack of sleep. But Im bridesmaid, and I wouldnt miss it (couldnt even if I wanted to!! wink.gif )

Mandy - Mason is driving me mental as well. It was him that emptied all those boxes this morning, he does it often, but usually not all of them! Byron wouldnt dare do something like that. Put on earth to test us wink.gif  Lucky they are cute.

I feel like my supply has suddenly got average, probably lack of rest/sleep. Trying to drink lots of water, eat regularly, though I loose my appetite once baby is delivered. I really want to bf till at least September, and I need to be able to express bottles too, I have a long shoot this Sunday. I managed 60ml this afternoon from one, while she fed the other, so will keep expressing. I presume that would be good to up my supply as well.

Are we the only ones with a long weekend this weekend?

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