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#26 donthavetv

Posted 03 June 2011 - 08:48 PM

Greetings from I have a lingering anoyying sore throat land. I don't know why it isn't getting too bad, although I had awful aches and pains last night.

Have a great time Megan, sorry I wasn't in here quick enough to help with the suitcase dilemma, good that you've worked out how to channel me though roll2.gif It gave me a big giggle too.
You can give me a heads up on the Gap winter range as well.

will be interested to see what they turn up Celia, let us know when you find out.

Mandy he sounds like a kid with 3 older siblings to me, the rules have changed now you know, nothing will be the same with him. Scarlett is a complete brat at the moment as well. Hang in there, I have no advice though, except to be consistent as possible with him.

Nazzie, I know you are pretty straight forward, but I couldn't understand either why your bed would become less lively just by moving the Forster, especially as your husband will be in it with you every night as opposed to every other weekend. Then I thought, well, Forster is full of retirees so maybe you were expecting the more relaxed ambience to have an effect. Now I see you have changed a letter and all that has gone out the window ! roll2.gif Amazing what a difference one letter makes.

On the home front here, boys have left, but I get another two for 8 nights next week. It was so much easier this time now the house is better organised. It was still hard work entertaining every dinner time, I couldn't have a slack or late dinner either. I fell into bed exhausted every night.

Starting to get into saving panic stations for the trip, we have been pretty lax in our savings, so I have turned into the spending nazi now. Zere will be no spending ! and anyone caught ignoring the ban will be punished !! Hard to reign in that care free husband of mine, I tell you.

#27 lissiloo

Posted 03 June 2011 - 10:46 PM


Bit p*ssed tonight (took me three times to type that  rolleyes.gif ). Went out for fancy lunch and then to friend's house for dinner with wine. Mmmm wine.

Megan -- have a really wonderful trip, look forward to hearing about your adventures. Just posy here and there, that'll do me  wink.gif

Mel -- don't you mean Gap summer range?  tongue.gif

Alinta -- hang in there re: supply. Don't forget they go through growth spurts every 2-3 weeks and it takes your milk 1-2 days to catch up each time.  So low day = lots of feeds = catching up (although it is always the last thing you think of when you're feeding every 5 minutes).

I think WA has long weekend this week (Foundation day) and the rest of us have Queens' birthday next weekend.

OK, too hard to type, I have to correct everything!!!!! Off to Good food and wine show tomorrow with my mum!


#28 donthavetv

Posted 03 June 2011 - 10:49 PM

oh yeah I do oops  roll2.gif

#29 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 04 June 2011 - 12:26 AM

Mel it was effective, I told myself I was being stupid & you'd roll your eyes at me so I snapped out of it & just bought one. It's good grin.gif

Alinta I hope your supply picks up, all the things you've mentioned sound right to me. Hope you had a great time tonight.

Liss that sounds like a great day  biggrin.gif

Mandy that made me lol about Lu & her spelling abilities. Funny girl!

Naz - damn you auto correct! laughing2.gif  I had a dream about your Forster house the other night, we were driving along the coast & I pointed it out to Shane. Big yay re the pharmacy getting underway!

All packed bar the toiletries I need to use in the morning - yaaaaaay!!!!!

#30 ~Jules~

Posted 04 June 2011 - 01:15 AM

Ooh so exciting Megan - had to lol at your Mel-inspired suitcase decision! - hope you all have a great trip and look forward to hearing about it.  original.gif

Hope you kick your sickness asap Mel - saw on fb re S's all-nighter lol, unbelievable!  M has been trying lately too, just full on with non-stop chatter and q's and silly behaviour.  I guess I have to factor in the impact of the move, but sounds like a few of us are dealing with demanding 4yos atm.

Oh Alinta, glad you took it all so well this morning - what else can you do but laugh after the fact though! - hope you've had a nice evening out, despite the lack of sleep etc.  Keep going with the bfing - I'm starting to wonder if introducing a bit of top-up formula's not such a bad thing though - M still made it to 2.5yrs bfing with formula as well, whereas E turns her nose up still at any other type of milk - always has - but wish she'd start drinking something else!

We have made the move to Broome - all settling in well so far - M's at a great school, with a fantastic kindy teacher 2.5days - and started an orientation for E at a daycare centre closeby.  She seems to be doing great and maybe I'm the one with the attachment issues moreso than her lol!  She's really quite outgoing and probably will become an even more boisterous, independent little miss with time out on her own!  Which means hopefully will be able to do some kind of casual/part time work again soon - am overwhelmed with opportunities and possibilities now, it's like being back in the big city!  Bit of an adjustment for all of us I think - in a good way though.  original.gif  

Wow Celia, they must've done an awesome job to make A 'thrilled' to get a breathing tube lol!  Glad it wasn't unpleasant though, be interested to hear what the results of the testing say.

I don't want to hear that about Curtis, Mandy - means E might only get worse?!   And I so hope your mouse problem improves... from what I read, it sounds (smells) awful!  Tounge1.gif

Until now I thought you were simply asking what the new page is called, Bon, but I realise you're pointing us to it for advice - will go have a look.

Have a great weekend everyone xo

Edited by ~Jules~, 04 June 2011 - 01:16 AM.

#31 Naz32

Posted 04 June 2011 - 07:17 AM

laughing2.gif Mel - Megan said it, damn you auto correct.

Hey Jules. The pics of the kids are so cute on Facebook. They are so alike.

Alinta I could have cried for you when I saw that picture. 3rd time round you know what works for you and bub and your family. Do what you need to to remain sane original.gif I hope she is still going well. Don't work too hard.

I wish I was saving for an OS trip. My friend from my training group just went to NY and is posting things like "28 degrees and lunching in Central Park New York" or "Just having my first wine in NYC" and then I have Megan packing and Mel saving lol!! We are going to be saving to try and buy a nice big house with a big backyard again. We might go to Newcastle a few times but that's about it hehehe.

We are going to attempt a family trip to the gym this morning. I want to keep going with my fitness so I decided today is the day to check out the big gym. They have a crèche this morning so at least the girls will go and since Simon has been up since 5 he will probably want to go back to bed now. He generally ruins most of our plans with his need for sleep. We'd really get our $3 worth if we dumped him in the crèche lol.

I haven't joined the new group yet but will try to get on soon. I'm back to my phone for abit so once I get wireless sorted I will sort it out.

Have a good day everyone.

#32 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 04 June 2011 - 02:25 PM

Hey hey from Melbourne International Airport! We got away with plenty of time & no stress - all too easy original.gif One big bag, one medium bag & a backpack each for Shane, Caelan & I.

About 20 mins till boarding, next greetings will be from the UK!! waves.gif

#33 casspice

Posted 04 June 2011 - 02:47 PM

Naz - Sorry, I had to LOL about the lively bed  ph34r.gif

Megan - Hope you have an awesome trip. Looks like it'll be fantastic!

Alinta - Same happened with my supply when Aliyah was about that age. I think it was not as bad as I believed though. She was still putting on weight and settling well. Within about a week it had normalised. You're doing a great job. You must be thoroughly exhausted. Hope you can get a rest soon...

Things are going great here. It's my Birthday today. I'm now officially 30  blush.gif (That looks so wrong written down)
We had my Birthday do last Saturday. We went out to a fancy(ish) resturant with a heap of family and friends. We took all the kids with us. I was so panicky about taking 5 kids out to dinner but they were wonderful. I don't give them enough credit, clearly. I was so proud of them. We had the most fun we've had in a long time.
I've been spoilt the last week or so with gifts from all the family. It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow and DH has a big suprise! I am busting to find out what it is. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's better than the snapfish collage mug I got DH.  laughing2.gif tongue.gif  In my defense, he wanted one so hey... He'll love using it at work. He starts a course soon to be a project manager and also an EH&S course. He's hoping to move over to a position in Qld in a few years time so that's pretty exciting.

I didn't lose any weight last week, bit bummed about that but really, I have eaten too much and too much of bad foods so whatever. At least I stayed the same, not put any more back on.

Aliyah is such a darling. I am really enjoying her. I am a bit worried though. Kelton loves her to a fault. She is getting hurt every day now. He unclicks her from the rocker, pulls her out of the exersaucer, takes her out of the cot/bassinet etc. He drops her a lot wacko.gif In the last week, he's dropped her I reckon about 4 times. Thursday I had bought her in from the car, left her in the capsule, clicked in to her seatbelt (thinking she'd be safe) while I made dinner. I was keeping an eye on her too, at least I thought I was. i looked to see her on the floor, out of the capsule. Kelton was trying to take his jumper off, it got a bit stuck when he had it over his head and he lost balance and stomped on her poor head. I understand it was an accident but I just wish he'd have left her safe and secure, like I leave her! FTR, she's fine, thankfully.
I just don't know what to do anymore. I end up in tears thinking about my poor baby and the things she has to endure. It's not fair! Any ideas?

#34 mokeydoke

Posted 04 June 2011 - 03:03 PM

Put her in a sling Cass - Happy birthday btw! Better you 'spoil' her rotten than her be hurt I reckon.

Man I'm having a lazy day. I took Kimbal to netball with me, since Olivia was sick and I still had to go anyway. He was a good little helper, setting up the little witches hat thingies for me and grabbing the balls when they went bouncing away. Hard work to keep even 7 5/6 year olds interested though, I'd hate to be a kinder teacher.

Now Kimbal has gone fishing with Peter while I tend to Lu (whose ear is still bothering her) and Olivia (who keeps asking me 'do I still look pale? Do you think I need a rest?' wink.gif ). Curtis is in bed, thankfully, I need a rest from that child.

Very jealous Megan! I had a dream I was travelling America last night. My friend Jen has also just arrived in the UK.

We are thinking of going to Melbourne next weekend for the boat show, if anyone is available to catch up. I'll have to confirm of course, days and times of being there. We need a new boat motor so it might be a good time to pick one up, and Peter can do all that while I take the kids somewhere. Because the idea of Curtis around all of the boats that he's not allowed to climb in does my head in Tounge1.gif It annoys me to have to buy a new motor, but having a reliable one is probably important since Kimbal goes out so often. Otherwise I'd like a new lounge laughing2.gif

#35 mamaknits

Posted 04 June 2011 - 04:11 PM

productive day today. we went out for brunch and then went to a couple of music stores to get a cheapie guitar for Chris and a cheapie 1/4 sized one for Alex. I also managed to drop into a hardware store and bought some estapol to varnish my new loom. I ran out of drying space in the backyard so have to do the stand tomorrow.

Leftover chicken for dinner tonight. What si everyone else having?

#36 sam_k

Posted 04 June 2011 - 04:33 PM

Hey hey!!

Thought it was about time I said hello. Work is still insanely busy. I've just called it a day today as the accounts I'm working on are doing my head in.

I'm going to look at an office on Monday to rent. I'd really like to buy but there is nothing in the area I want.

Everyone is doing really well here.

L wants to know if there is still a meet in Adelaide in October, he's looking for an excuse to go to the Barossa!

#37 mamaknits

Posted 04 June 2011 - 05:23 PM

Funny of the day:
Q: Why do little boys whine?
A: They are practicing to be men.

How true :S

#38 azalia

Posted 04 June 2011 - 09:30 PM

Just quickly from me, I need to get to bed, 7am start tomorrow with 5 hour engagement shoot!

Cass - Oh that made me cringe. Have you had a stern but nice word with him? I would be starting to set some consequences I think, as It could be dangerous. Otherwise I would be moving her to places he cant get her. Although if he were anything like Mason, the roof would hardly be sacred! Happy Birthday!!! I cant believe your only 30!!!

#39 mamaknits

Posted 05 June 2011 - 06:16 PM

Cassie, that is quite scary about Kelton and Aaliyah. As you say, he loves her. perhaps he does not understand she is not as hardy as a doll and can get hurt. Can you make him understand that she is a person just like him, and she is hurt even more easily than he is? When my nephew was born last year, we were afraid Alex would do that - try to drag him out of the cot or lift him off the floor, etc. We sat him down and explained to him that D is just a baby and is not to be manhandled in any way. We got him to imagine the scenarios of what would happen if he tried to carry D without consent, and without supervision. We also showed him photos of when he was a baby and explained how everyone worked together to keep him safe and now he is a big boy, he can help us keep the baby safe. To date we have not had any accidents, thankfully. However we also don't live together with D. We see him once a week.

#40 Mulan

Posted 05 June 2011 - 06:25 PM

How did the shoot go Alinta?

Cass poor little thng. Perhaps you should put her in a playpen if you can't carry her in a sling. Some hardcore attention and disciPline too. ds2 was a little bit older than kelton when DD was born and he was doing similar so I spent a couple of days constantly narrating his gentle hands and guiding his feet and how to touch, hold and carry her. I knew if I didn't teach him how to carry her properly with 100% attention to what he was doIng that she would end up seriously injured

Megan I hope the flight has been good for you

Our dOg is respOnding well to antibiotics, his balance is back again and he seems pain free and more active again. We think he may have gotten stuck outside in the rain while we were away and that got him sick.

Sam I am so Pleased going out on your own has paid off for you. Office space sounds great, I wonder if the next step will be hiring an offsider?

Not sure about the Adelaide Nat meet. I'm in denial that it's on because we can't afford to go.  You are always welcome to visit us and check out more vineyards here

#41 lissiloo

Posted 05 June 2011 - 11:27 PM

I'd like to go to Adelaide but it really needs to be during the school holidays to make it viable for us.

Speaking of SA though, we are heading to Coonawarra next weekend (long weekend) with friends. It's a 5 hour drive, or therabouts, so we're leaving on Friday, Saturday we have a bus taking us around to the various wineries and Sunday I think there is a lunch booked. Looking forward to getting out of town!

Have had a busy weekend -- yesterday I went to the Good Food and Wine Show with Mum. We saw Manu Feildel's cooking demo, he is hmm, very french. Rather cheeky. Funny though, he looks better on TV, IRL he has a very Gallic nose, not quite as large as Gerard Depardieu but getting there. Still the line of people waiting to get his autograph on a cookbook was 99% female  wink.gif

Then last night DH and I went to see a jazz festival performance -- jazz standards performed by Eddie Perfect, Kimbra, Paris Wells and Tex Perkins. Tex wasn't a great fit unfortunately, I think his personality was a bit too rockstar for jazz and he seemed to be a bit constrained by the format or something. Kimbra and Paris Wells were great and Eddie was pretty good too. Great show anyway, and we bumped into a couple of friends there and had a couple of drinks afterwards (in a real bar, woohoo).

And today the kids and DH went to the park for a play/bikeride with friends while I went to the supermarket, and after that SIL and family came over for early dinner -- we had BBQ'd eye fillet, so yummy.

Got a cold, wet and wintery week ahead of us. Not looking forward to the arguments with Poppy about what to wear. Poor Pops had an accident last week -- she slipped as she was getting in the car and banged her head just above the temple and took a bit of a chunk out -- it bled but thankfully more oozed than gushed. Needless to say, there were copious tears. And then on Saturday morning her eye had puffed up and when it went down she had a bit of a black eye. Almost back to normal now though.

And Ella read Hop on Pop to us the other night! She is really starting to get the whole reading/spelling/writing thing now, I got a note from her the other morning that said "We love you, Ella Poppy and Jack" wub.gif

Jack is his usual into everything self. Driving me bananas. But such a cheeky little grin, it gets me every time. He's getting his 18 month needle (chicken pox I think) this week.

Sam -- glad you're keeping busy. Busy enough for an office, that's pretty amazing!

Mandy -- we are not around next weekend unfortunately. Bummer!

Happy birthday Cass, you make me feel old  rolleyes.gif  30 is a great age I reckon!

Mulan -- so happy to hear about your dog, hope he is in better health for a while.

OK, I think I might leave this now, have to plug the computer back in to recharge. Talk to you all later ...


#42 azalia

Posted 06 June 2011 - 10:53 AM

Liss - sounds like you have had a lovely busy weekend!!! Goodluck with the needles, Im sure he will continue to keep you on your toes for a long while yet.. Mason still certainly is in this house!

Mulan - Yes great photoshoot albeit exhausting. So glad your dog is responding well.

Indiana took two expressed bottles well yesterday so that was a relief, I now have good backup in the freezer for the shoots I have coming up.  Marathon session yesterday, 9 location changes over 5 hours!! And yes they changed clothes at each location!! Busy! Public holiday here today, the model trains are on at the showgrounds so think we may go to that. I wanted to go up to the orchard to take some photos, but I think the trains would be more desired if it went to vote. Might try though this afternoon as dh leaves tomorrow and Id like to take some new photos of him and the boys, and Indi amongst the leaves.

Re this years meet, Im not in. Its in wedding season for me, and I do have a wedding that weekend. Plus any travel Im doing is Hawaii in Dec, and then Vegas in Feb for photography related things so I need to save up our points.

#43 mamaknits

Posted 07 June 2011 - 10:08 AM


Where's everyone gone?

Freezing cold here today. It was 6 degrees outside at quarter past 8 this morning. Brrr.... Winter has definitely set in.

We get our sleep study results next week on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, the out of zone school we are applying to has its open day. I am very much looking to this weekend since it is a long weekend. not sure what we'll be doing yet but it will be nice and restful, I hope.

Had a giggle yesterday when I picked Alex up from the new daycare. it was his 3rd day there. They discovered last week taht he could read, and yesterday they discovered HOW MUCH he could read when he started trying to read their observation notes over their shoulders and could read the "day book". Well, he is allowed to read the day book but he really should not be reading observations so they had to tell him that it was rude to be reading over someone's shoulder. At rest time, he decided he did not want to rest so after about 30 mins of rest he was allowed to pick a book. He was reading aloud, and one of the other kids told him off because he was not being quiet. Alex asked whether he wanted to listn and he did and so after that he read the story to the resting group. We were making jokes about letting him do the reading at group time. I am glad they are finding ways to keep him entertained and he is fitting in with the other kids.

I am busy at work as usual. Nothing much new happening here. I have midnight calls 4 out of 5 days now and it's making me really tired as I can't sleep in since I need to get Alex off to school at a reasonable hour. I cherish my weekends so much now

Edited by mamaknits, 07 June 2011 - 10:09 AM.

#44 cuddlymumof4

Posted 07 June 2011 - 10:40 AM

Sam: Great to hear from you & glad business is going so well.

Mulan: That is great news about your dog.

Liss: Sounds like a busy but lovely weekend. Good luck with the needles.

Alinta: YAY on Indiana taking express bottles.

Celia: Sounds like the new school is great for Alex. Hope you get some good news from the sleep study.

Have had a busy morning this morning. Had a Mum from playgroup call & say her little one has come out with hand, foot & mouth disease. So as i am the co-ordinator now i then had to do a call around & let everyone know that was there yesterday. Then organise to have all the toys & equipment cleaned etc. Now i just hope that my kids don't get it, as this little girl is good friends with my kids. Also the poor Mum that is feeling so bad about it all, but it can't be helped.

Now to get on with the washing, sweeping etc.

Have a great day all.


#45 cheekymonkey

Posted 07 June 2011 - 02:07 PM

We were making jokes about letting him do the reading at group time.
Don't joke about that. Lucas actually did that once as the teacher had left her glasses at home.  biggrin.gif  Then again a few times after as he was good at it and enjoyed it. It's great to hear how happy you are with this new centre. It certainly couldn't have been worse than the other place.

Mulan - what a relief than your dog is doing much better. Our puppy is 11 and I am dreading the next few years as she gets older.

Anna - what a pain. But these things can't be helped.

It's so cold today. Especially considering it's sunny. The gas heater's been on all day and it's still only 17ish deg. The air con would warm it up quickly but costs more to run. Once I've walked down to school to pick up the boys and back, I'm sure I'll think it's toasty warm in here. wink.gif

I'm still very tired after working over the weekend as it was busy at work AND home and I didn't get the chance to rest and recover as much as I need. Ah well, least I only have to work one night this coming long weekend. It'll be nice having everyone at home together for a few days in a row.

#46 mamaknits

Posted 07 June 2011 - 03:07 PM

Cheeks - I wouldn't be surprised if they do let him do it from time to time. He likes to be involved and I guess that is one way of involving him. We are having trouble getting him to sit (I don't care if he is listening really, just sit and not be disruptive) for group time if he already knows the story and it is not a particularly "exciting" one. This lot seem good. They are on the ball and they seem to take a genuine interest in each individual child. I deliverately did not tell him he could read to see how long it took for them to pick up on it. Took the other daycare a long time to work out he was actually reading (not sure how he missed it as he was able to read the stuff on teh walls, from the day book to the programming sheets :S) and took these guys 2 days. Admittedly his reading ability is a lot mroe obvious now, but still, the other lot saw him 5 days a week at the time. Aaaanyway, I hope things continue to be good for the rest of the year. Then we'll tackle school next year. Ah fun and games. As long as he doesn't throw a book at his teacher, he is an improvement on his mother Tounge1.gif

Mulan, how's your dog today? It's always so hard when our puppies have to go. I cried whenever it was time for one of our dogs to go. They're family. I hope your dog improves and you'll have a bit more time to enjoy his companionship.

Anna - oh dear sad.gif I hope your kids escape unscathed. HFM is such a pain and spreads so easily as well. Good luck with the cleaning!

Cass, any luck with trying to keep Kelton from picking Aaliyah up?

Megan, how's the trip so far? Hope you had a pleasant flight to Heathrow and you're now having a ball traipsing around the UK. Keep us posted of your adventures so folks like me can try to live vicariously.

Sam, your own premises! Wow! biggrin.gif Glad teh business has taken off. I need to send you an email about some taxadvice. Will do that later.

#47 Mulan

Posted 07 June 2011 - 09:11 PM

Wow Celia midnight calls do not sound like fun at all. I don't know how you do it.

I'm having a great time training this week. Jill I'm doing the 40 hour training and we start pdi tomorrow. So much I have missed in the previous training I've done.

Our dog is doing very well. He even ran a little on Sunday. He hasn't done that for a long time. I'm missing him tonight though, just a pat and wag while I'm reading, I'm far too accustomed to reading EB while sitting with him.

Bonus this week I am sticking to my diet strictly. It's easy when all the meals are prepared by others and I don't have a sash of snacks.

Cheeks it is mighty cold, I'm so keen to get an outdoor heater ASAP. I was in shock this morning when I jumped in the car and it was 6 degrees. Sydney is just that little bit colder than home.

Our shutters are ready for installation. Can't wait as that will keep the house warmer.

#48 cheekymonkey

Posted 07 June 2011 - 10:53 PM

One big thing I neglected to mention earlier. We turned Miss R's car seat around to FFing today. Sam and Lucas were sad as they can no longer see her. And she can't chat to Adam as easily either as the wings on her seat are huge. I'm still feeling nervous having her that way despite her age. She could have stayed RFing to 16kg in her seat and has only just reached 12kg BUT she was pushing on the seat back enough that the carseat tilted and I was worried that she would end up damaging either the seat, belt or restraint. At least my mum will be happy now.  rolleyes.gif

#49 mokeydoke

Posted 08 June 2011 - 10:35 AM

What seat do you have for rear facing to 16kg? Curtis has really grown up to be just one of the gang these past couple of months, he even climbs into the boosters and thinks he can sit in those like the others instead of his maxirider. He's giving me a headache, he talks nonstop and speaks in full sentences so he really is just like the rest of them.

Thankfully, he had a better night last night with the help of some medi, vicks and saline spray before bed. The past few nights have been hellish. He is the worst child I have ever slept with - but then the others didn't start coming in until they were 3 and didn't have dummies anymore. I still have traumatic feelings associated with him not taking a dummy laughing2.gif it's ongoing!

My fingers are freezing this morning. They just can't warm up. I'm trying to create Olivia's birthday party invite but am finding the wording hard. It's at tenpin bowling, 45 minutes away, and I want to say we have some seats spare in our car, or they could ring around the other girls in Olivia's class to arrange a lift with someone else who is driving over. See, I can't even write it here! And I don't really see any of the mothers so can't just casually mention it. Maybe I could say let me know if they'd like a lift for their child when they RSVP...I dunno.

Alinta - I didn't know G was back home, even briefly, so that's good! It must be a good feeling to be so in demand. Are you considered professional by certain people yet? wink.gif

I'm getting excited about our trip away. Olivia and Kimbal want to go on a camel ride - so they say now laughing2.gif I'm looking into the day spa! I spoke to Olivia's teacher and she's thinking Olivia will just need to do a journal which is easy. Maybe we'll do a blog instead so the class can see it while we are away, I know the preschool is going to integrate it into their program and have asked for photos.

#50 mokeydoke

Posted 08 June 2011 - 02:12 PM

Oh no as the day has progressed I'm feeling worse. I'd love a day just to sit. Without kids fighting and without endless questions. In the past 15 minutes I've had
'Mum do we eat bones?'
'What's this bone in my body called?'
'how do you write spray?'
'how do you draw S? Like a Snake?'
'what day is it today?'
'how do you write snake?'


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