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#51 lissiloo

Posted 08 June 2011 - 10:43 PM

Hi girls

Watching pre-recorded Masterchef (from earlier this evening) and will do Glee next too. It's been a busy couple of days, nice to just SIT!

I had kinder duty yesterday, it was foul freezing weather so the kids were a bit stir crazy! We let them out at the end for 15 minutes in the sand pit -- Poppy took her shoes and socks OFF! Eek!

Today Ella had a curriculum day, so at home all day with me and Jack while Poppy was at kinder. Not that we were at home  rolleyes.gif I had a doctor's appt and Jack was getting his needle, so Ella went over to her bestie's house. Jack was pretty good with his needle (chicken pox), cried a bit but cheered up pretty quickly. But he's been miserable this evening -- he's got another cold as well -- so no appetite, bit hot, and generally unhappy. He won't take panadol, so I just let him have a sleep, filled him up with milk, and put him back to bed with baby vicks on his chest (he giggles when I put it on him  wub.gif ). Not expecting a great night.

Luckily Mum came over for dinner so she looked after the girls while I cooked dinner (I made a Maggie Beer chicken pie recipe including the pastry  biggrin.gif  was very yummy) and carted Jack around.

Hmm, Ella lost her first top front tooth yesterday -- she pulled it out herself! The other one is pretty close to coming out too and so is the 3rd one on the bottom. Poor kid is going to find eating and speaking difficult soon.

We're off to Coonawarra on Friday, so have a bit of running around to do tomorrow. Swimming in the morning, although I think I'll keep Jack out as I want him to get over this cold sooner rather than later. Need to go to the shops to get Jack a warm/rain jacket if I can find a little enough one. A few other bits and then home to do laundry before we go.

Mandy -- I get questions like that too, it's so exhausting sometimes! And they seem to know when you are tired/unwell/grumpy and target you then! When do you leave on your trip and how long are you going for?

Celia -- Had to LOL at Alex reading to his daycare class. I'm glad they are so on the ball.

OK, must finish this as I have other stuff to do. Hopefully will get on tomorrow.


#52 azalia

Posted 08 June 2011 - 10:50 PM

Liss - sounds yummy!! Hope your night is not too bad, and Jack gives you some sleep! Dont forget tooth fairy duty!!

Mandy - I get those EXACT questions all day too, especially the bones one, I got the human body books out of the library the other day.

Have had a utterly exhausting day today. After 2 hourly feeds all night, then up for school run, to Subi for Indis hearing test apppointment at KEMH, IKEA for frames, food shopping, 3 loads of washing, emails, invoices, school pick up, to the beach for a maternity shoot, then home cook dinner, bath all kids and now doing an album design. I am going to fall into bed tonight... only to be woken 2 hours later rolleyes.gif  happy.gif Oh well. Im doing ok considering how much Im doing.

Better get cracking on this album.  wink.gif

#53 codex

Posted 09 June 2011 - 01:11 AM

Alinta, I'm sure I don't need to remind you of the link between stress/exhaustion and PND.  Don't make me come over there and steal your babies for a few hours and send you to bed.
Actually, that doesn't seem like such a bad idea...
What are you doing tomorrow  biggrin.gif  ?

#54 mokeydoke

Posted 09 June 2011 - 09:59 AM

Ugh bad coffee just when I need a goón (laughing2.gif I meant to write good'n but I have some sticky keys - a goon might do?  unsure.gif )

Very busy Alinta! You do seem to thrive on busy-ness though, are you still dreaming of another baby? wink.gif

Liss - we still have all of our teeth in this house. I learned last time we were home that a nephew didn't lose a single tooth until year 4 and was still losing them in year 7  huh.gif

Olivia has all of her teeth at almost 7, but a shockingly bad attitude. When are they supposed to get easier?! Attitude is such a hard area, I find, to do anything about because how I'm feeling myself determines how much it affects me. Like this morning, bad night with Curtis, feeling like I have manflu myself, and she doesn't want to wear this particular pair of socks. But she wouldn't look for any. I didn't care if she didn't wear any at all laughing2.gif but the constant wah wah I hate these socks! nearly did my head in. In the end she wore yesterdáy's acceptable socks. I dunno. Kimbal is good though. Lu is ok too, apart from the endless questions. Curtis is trouble.

School holidays start 2nd July I think, and we are leaving sometime after that. Peter has 4 weeks long service off, plus the 2 weeks of holidays and we don't really know where or when we will get to places but we are heading to NT, Uluru is the first primary destination and depending on how things are travelling we will keep heading up to Alice Springs, Mataranka and Darwin then back through QLD probably. I don't know how far we will go, I love the idea of going all the way but not all the way back laughing2.gif

Gee this is bad coffee!

#55 azalia

Posted 09 June 2011 - 10:25 AM

Im always typing with a baby on my arm, so excuse typos for a few months.  wink.gif  This little lady doesnt like to be put down. Lucky shes cute happy.gif

Mandy - I hear you on the attitude and mood, though I have to remind you, that attitude aint going to drop until about say 24!!!!!  wink.gif Dont you remember your own? Nows a good time though to try to get on top of it though, to develop a good level of mutual respect. Hard at the time though when you just feel like putting a flannel in their mouth to shush them. My response to that situation (have it all the time with Byron and Mason) is 'ok either put them on or go to school with no shoes on, and then you wont be able to leave the classroom and go outisde to play'. And I walk away. The whining usually ceases, if it doesnt I ask them to whine in their bedroom or outside where its not hurting my head. They usually stop, though Im not sure Im dealing with it the best way. Your trip sounds great, we are looking at doing a big up north trip next year once Ive changed over cars. And yes, definatly one more baby, and I think I can say I now have G on board too. Ive overheard him a few times now roll his eyes, but say 'yes there will be one more', when his mates ask. Not until 2013/14 though end of 2012 Im bridesmaid 2013 is my 30th and I want a big party/trip to New York childless and I think now baby needs to be timed if possible for off peak wedding season, so winter again. Im thinking out loud here.!! Pregnant in Oct/November would give me a August baby.  Ages away though! Just enjoying this little one for now.

Beautiful day here today, its been good using Skype to chat to Gareth each night, he talks to the boys while I make dinner. Its nice for them to have that contact and he can see Indiana grow. Meeting Mel today down at the river,  tomorrow a friend is calling over, then Sat I have a newborn session and friends visiting in the afternoon.

#56 azalia

Posted 09 June 2011 - 10:30 AM

Right now though I feel like throwing them both out on the front lawn, cause they are arguing loudly because Mason has broken the train track I built this morning and Byron is yelling at him.  rolleyes.gif

#57 mokeydoke

Posted 09 June 2011 - 10:41 AM

Is it cold there Alinta? Maybe the front lawn is an option? wink.gif
I don't remember much about being 7 but I'm sure I just did what I was told, my sisters and I always talk about how we were scared to step a foot out of line in fear of getting smack.

I'm bridesmaid in November, my dress arrived yesterday and surprisingly it fits laughing2.gif I think I've now gained 7kg or so since Christmas, that I am hoping to lose again by November. I've never been an adult bridesmaid before, I was for Karri but I was only 15 then so didn't have to do much, and this is all new to me. And exciting! My wedding was so quickly put together and casual I didn't really get to do any of the planning (no regrets there, but this is fun too). The dress is white with pink ribbon bits, knee length. The other bridesmaids have teal and purple detailing. I think she got them made in China, but they were also only very cheap ($60/dress or so) and came within a fortnight.

You and G seem to be in a good place. The latest photos of him and the kids are gorgeous.

#58 azalia

Posted 09 June 2011 - 11:13 AM

Its cold in the mornings and evenings about 7, but beautiful by 11. Yes they went outside and rode their bikes.  I had attitude at 7, but I was an only child and I know I had only child syndrome.

Yes its fun being bridesmaid, this is for my friend who Ive been close with since we were 12.  We havent dress shoped yet, I have 16kgs to loose to get back to the weight I was at 17 weeks pregnant with Indiana!! Insane! I have no idea where Im going to fit exercize in with our current scedules.  We are likely going to do what your friend did and order online or get them made in Bali when we go for the hens weekend.  Yes G and I are the best weve ever been, all that hard work last year has paid off, hes an amazing father and husband now I feel very lucky.

Any get rid of dummy tricks? I havent had to do it because we removed Byrons at 4 months. Mason loves his though and uses it way to much. He has a rash all around his mouth because he bites them and then the plastic is cerrated and rubs on his skin. Im not buying anymore and handed him his last new one last night.  I dont know how to succesfully wean him off it though without loads of screaming.

Edited by azalia, 09 June 2011 - 11:15 AM.

#59 mamaknits

Posted 09 June 2011 - 11:31 AM

sorry, no experience with getting rid of a dummy myself. Alex wouldn't take one despite our best efforts. I am convinced eh would have been a quieter baby had he taken a dummy :S That said, I am also glad I didn't have to wean him off a dummy! I know traditionally, parents/grandparents/nannies used to lace the dummies with chilli so that the child will reject the dummy. Cruel, or desperate?

attitude - not sure I ever had an attitude till I was well into my teens. I was a pretty compliant child in terms of attitude, but mischievous. I was the one hiding stuff and playing tricks,but I don't recall having much of an attitude problem. Alex does have a bit of an attitude though, and gets told off for it. He gets to go sit on the stairs and think about his attitude and come back when he is ready to talk about it and apologise.

Edited by mamaknits, 09 June 2011 - 01:03 PM.

#60 mokeydoke

Posted 09 June 2011 - 11:49 AM

Can you tell I'm sick and online all day?
Curtis just made a potion in the kitchen of homemade bubble mix, an entire bottle of caesar dressing and ripped up shallots while I sat here. He was quiet though!
Dummy - I'd start with just limiting his access to it and reliance on it. Leave it in his bed or something. Mime gave them up between 2.5-3.5. Lu just left hers at home once on a trip to echuca and never had it again! She gave up her dummy and blanky that day. Kimbal was on restricted access wink.gif then when mum was babysitting he told her he didn't need it anymore because he was big. Olivia was good old fashioned bribed! We need to get Curtis off his bottle because he's chewing the teats - we've had 3 broken in 3 days - but that's his way of getting to sleep at night and at nap time if we are home, just a habit.
Last night he was cute in our bed - after an hour of squirming he cried 'I hate daddy's bed, I want my baby bed, I wuv my cot!' so I took him there and sure enough he went back to sleep.

#61 mokeydoke

Posted 09 June 2011 - 11:50 AM

And yeh, if he was any of my other children he would've been in his own bed for a year by now!

#62 Onemorebub

Posted 09 June 2011 - 02:05 PM

Thought I better stick  head in here HI!

Not much happening here went to the library today and T had croup last night so am keeping him home out of the cold.

I also hurt my back lifting B up above my head as a game! Take my word for it - DUMB! I was in tears last night but it seems better today thank goodness!

Supposed to be camping this weekend  rolleyes.gif  crazy I know!

Our architect has finished a design on a house for us to look at so that is exciting will see that hopefully Sunday!!

Thats it really, have put Little Red riding hood on as B LOVES it! and generally nods off to it, so fingers crossed, his other fave show is Rudolf the rednose reindeer the only 2 musical/non character licence shows we own! funny kid have I told you he looks and acts like Dennis the Menace! will have to try and put up a pic!

#63 Naz32

Posted 09 June 2011 - 07:35 PM

Hello Hello Hello original.gif

Feels like ages since I posted but I dont think its been that long.  The problem is that everytime I want to get on the PC Simon or Sarah wont stop climbing all over me and so I just crack it and shut it down before I can do anything lol.

So we are all semi settled here in Forster.  The girls started daycare this week.  Lily is settling in OK.  She wont eat the food and has had a few meltdowns but it is very very different from her preivous preschool so she will hopefully adjust over the next few weeks and start eating and being abit calmer.  Sarah on the otherhand is like "bye mum" and off she goes.  Makes it easier that they are both in the same centre and get to spend the morning together so Sarah has settled in nicely.  Sarah has lovely lovely teachers.  Lilys are very different to what she had previously so Im trying to be open minded about a different approach as I agree and understand their philosophies and being positive for Lilys sake so I guess we just see how she settles in over the next few weeks.  Yes I can even see that I am a worried mum from what Im writing here lol.  SImon is just being simon.  Geez - teething, whinge, eat, sleep, wiggles, teething, eating lol etc etc.  He is into everything, climbing on everything, destroying everything - it is exausting.  My mum has been here this week helping me and honestly I dont know how I am going to cope on my own - things are just so frantic here in the morning esp after being up half the night with Simon crying and Lily having nightmares.  I will be hanging for Gavs days off!!  Also looks like we are staying a Priceline Pharmacy and Gav will be taking over around the 21st of June - crazy times ahead lol.

Bon, I cant wait to hear about your designs for your new house.  I love the pic of the boys you put on FB.  They are gorgeous.

Alinta - you definietly get the bussiest person award.  Dont wear yourself out.  I am wanting to ditch Simons dummy too - im wondering if now is the right time though since he is teething so badly.  He is drenched in saliva its so gross but its the only thing that is his as the girls take every thing else off him so he is quite attached.  Good Luck.  Maybe do the toy and dummy swap and get him to throw them out in the shopping centre bin so he knows he cant get it back??  Or hang on the tree in the bag for the dummy fairy and then have a present for it in the morning (I saw that on super nanny lol)

Mandy I hope you are feeling better and get some rest.  Im so envious of your holiday - its such a great part of the country

Happy Birthday Anna original.gif  I hope you had a great day and then kids took it easy on you.

Cass I was cringing reading about K and A.  That is really scary.  I hope you can come up with something to keep her safe.  Its hard to watch them get knocked around even if it is an accident.  I hope you had better weightloss results this week.  Its hard work but keep going its worth it.

Mel how are your visitors going? I hope its not too cold to BBQ - you might have to do that instead of cooking in the kitchen.  your amazing for having such a large busy family and then welcoming more people into your house to take care of.  I hope I can one day have your patience and a touch of your get up and go wink.gif

Liss enjoy your time in Coonawarra it sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned.  I would love to head to VIC/SA and do a month of just touring around the vineyards.  One day.......

OK Masterchef is on so time to fly.  Take care everyone and Hi to all those I missed. waves.gif

#64 casspice

Posted 09 June 2011 - 09:13 PM

Naz - Thanks, I did have a much better result this week. 3.1kg in the first week, nothing last week, then 2.4kg this week. I'm thrilled!

As for Kelton/Aliyah - we haven't had any more nasty accidents since last Thursday. Dh has had 2 accidents with her though. One time she was sitting on the floor and he was holding her hands. Anyway, she pulled back (like babies do) and SMACK, right on the back of the head on the floor. Oh the screaming! The other one, he was holding her in bed while on the laptop. Not sure what happened there but she banged her head on the laptop. Poor chicken. So Mummy has been keeping an extra close watch on her ever since and she's been much better/safer/happier. Thanks for the ideas everyone. She loves the sling too.
I was talking to my sister about all this and she said her 2 girls (5 & 3) do the same to her 9 month old son. He was in the hi-chair in the kitchen the other day and she turned to put the empty bowl in the sink. 3 y/o toppled the hi-chair with baby in it while she was doing that. He hit his head on the cupboards and then the floor. Thank goodness he was strapped in. I hate to think!!!! Apparently he's ok albeit a bit banged up... While I'm glad it's not just my kids that do dumb things, it's still sad.

#65 codex

Posted 09 June 2011 - 10:38 PM

Hey Mel, have things calmed down at all with your schedule?  Perhaps if we can't fit in a coffee we could just meet up at Floreat or something and you can do a drive by book hurling through the car window  tongue.gif .

#66 MoonPie

Posted 09 June 2011 - 10:50 PM

Hey good lookers.

Perth girls, can we have a meet up? I would love baby cuddles and big kid giggles and a lovely coffee with you all.

#67 azalia

Posted 09 June 2011 - 11:48 PM

Yes! When suits? Do we want to do an arvo meet or during the day? During the day I can only meet Tuesday's/Thursday's or the weekend. After school any day next week bar tues/wed

#68 MoonPie

Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:22 AM

Tuesday and Thursday are school days here Tounge1.gif After school Thursday?

#69 cuddlymumof4

Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:24 AM

Alinta: No tips on getting rid of the dummy without some screaming. Kaleb just got rid of his a couple of months back but we had a couple of screaming nights then he was fine. Good luck.

Bridesmaid: It is great fun being a bridesmaid, i have been one twice now original.gif.

Attitude: We still get it here sometimes at 8 & 9. I think we just get better in dealing with it over time original.gif.

Bon: Hope the croup goes soon, it is not fun. Camping brrrr to cold for that lol.

Naz: Hope things settle down for Lily soon. Thanks for the birthday wishes, was a great day.

WOW is it cold here today, is also very windy so that is not helping either.

Gtg kids are wanting some food again lol


#70 codex

Posted 10 June 2011 - 01:18 PM

Sounds great, Reb.  We have Tuesday and Thursday school too, but also busy with sports etc after.  I'll make sure we have time Mon, Wed and Fri after school or Sunday afternoon.

#71 Onemorebub

Posted 10 June 2011 - 01:23 PM

Anna happy birthday for yesterday!!

Boring day here, washing basket empty, sink and ironing board clean LOL

Soccor practice tonight and a maccas tea, feeling like everyone is so busy these days I'm left behind baha got to laugh at myself! Can I come to the WA meet.

Mandy was thinking of heading to Wagga next weekend?

#72 codex

Posted 10 June 2011 - 02:07 PM

I, for one, would be very offended if you didn't join us, BLR  biggrin.gif .

#73 thebell

Posted 11 June 2011 - 10:23 AM

Hey chicks
Trying to toilet train Raife this weekend. Brad is supposed to be off for four days but usually gets called in. Will be good to have an extra pair of hands. He is working alot atm.
We got a new rental. We move on the weekend of the 25/26th. THere's a link in our fb group for anyone who wants a peek. It's bigger than this place and hopefully not as cold. I got my gas bill yesterday and it's pretty bad. Still have to work out who is sharing with who. Fun times!
So I've moved Pepper's birthday party back a month so I have time to plan properly.

Cass- That is so scary. How is your nephew going btw?

Mandy-  Feeling better?

Naz- I'm glad you are settling in. It sounds like everything is coming together for you guys. wub.gif

Bonnie- Your guys are gorgeous. He is very Dennis the Menace cheeky! You should have more. wink.gif

Alinta- You are so busy! Don't wear yourself out. I love that you are thinking of having more babies. x

Mel- Can't wait for pics of your new kitchen. Good luck with your visitors.

Liss- Have  a great time.

#74 Mulan

Posted 11 June 2011 - 07:41 PM

Aww little Pep is 1 already soon. That is just so impossible isn't it. I guess I'm in denial that our little one's are 4.5 years old now too.

Sel I'm so excited about your new place. It looks fantastic and I have a great feeling about it being a place you guys will be in for a long time now too.

Alinta I hope you are able to rest a little. You need to remember that growth spurts are coming and rest will help you keep up with it for your supply.

Oh my gosh Bon I wish my washing basket was empty. I'm back from a week away so not only my own washing but it seems my DH who usually does washing decided to strike this week. He also didn't do any other housework other than feeding himself and two children and the usual running around so I can't complain either. I've mopped the floors today which feels like groundhog day as I did it just before I left last week.

I finally got myself sorted to buy a double height self inflating queen size air mattress and a ottoman converts to single mattress. So we have some bedding for some sleepover guests this weekend now. I pulled out the old air mattress and it was covered in mould last week. So now we have some possible bedding for guests. I'm still saving for a trundle with proper innerpsring matthress for DD. The double neight air mattress felt pretty comfortable though and certainly suitable for the grandparents.

Alinta I loved Janet's trade of the dummies for Thomas trains. Do you think it would suit Mason ?

Well it's been a very rough week although with lots of inspiration amongst our multiple crises at home so I'm glad to be home again at least.

#75 mokeydoke

Posted 12 June 2011 - 09:09 AM

Good morning
Sitting here online window shopping. Does anyone have a US address? There's just one or 2 things I want and shipping is $50! I've already done a gymbo order. I saved $10 on the currency conversion wink.gif Let's not mention the credit card fees though!

We had a quick trip to Melbourne yesterday. We didn't get there until 1 or so, then took our time finding parking (hmm in a big car those 2m height restrictions are well, restrictions!), walked along the river, through the casino part then to the boat show, then back through the casino part for dinner then home. It was all pretty good. Curtis was very painful at the end, after a big day and no nap, and Olivia has just had a huge attitude that makes life difficult for all.

I'm wondering if the whole 'horrible teenager' idea doesn't come about from the parents wanting to keep their whinging 7 year old away, and thus they become disengaged from the family when they need them most? So even if she is hard to enjoy atm, I am trying even harder laughing2.gif

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